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All right. Hello everyone. Can you guys hear me guys guys? Can you hear me? Hello getting better?
The training is slow, but it's going my dream
My one dream is that someone in the giant fleet says Mike check and no one says anything
It hasn't happened yet, but one day it will all right. Yeah
Alan Mercant says more people in storm ringers. And yes, we had a lot of fun in it the other day
It was very exciting. We definitely would like to get some more people on those
And and definitely continue scaling that up. It was you'll once you join you'll have a lot of fun
Kachiko storm bringers in EU when that's a good question. And the answer is when fights go on
So I do want to talk about just in general
You know, I had several people come up to me and say and Asher
Why aren't we deploying to this war, you know, don't we want to fight blah blah blah and I was just English
Let's be patient. Calm down be patient be patient because I knew I knew this war was going to be boring
And that I was gonna hit like, you know, nothing and it has been very boring
I didn't want to have us do a whole deploy which is a real pain in the ass and then you know
have to fly all the way out there grind some structures and some solve and then come back and
That's all that's happening is grinding suck structures grinding solve there have been essentially no fights
And there will be no fights. It's going to be a very boring war
So we are forming up fleets to go just like whore on the keep stars that are dying
So you guys can get keep star kills if you want
but it's a lot easier to do that in scepters from Wendy Hugh than it then to move the whole alliance for the
Sort of a war that has already been decided. I don't really like wars that have no no purpose and
And no potential for fights, you know, sometimes you have to do them
But certainly this one was one that we did not have to do and so that's why I was
Very hesitant to get us involved and I think the way it's playing out has proved me. Correct there
It's been it's been like a wet fart really. I see the thing J is that it was not the point of this war
So anyway
We are I'm gonna move on from the war
We can we can go kill keeps whenever we want to but something that is really interesting is we have been
trying to run the Alliance more effectively and
Especially considering the way it was run in the past and we are treating goon swarm more and more like a bank and using our
Assets putting them to good use
So we're announcing a new program today called lending B, which is being linked lending B is a
essentially a
We are the golden bank we want to introduce liquidity to the economy so
We are going to be offering collateralized loans of essentially any value and non collateralized loans up to 5 billion
And we're gonna put our money to work right right now
The loan economy used to be pretty pretty active but a series of hucksters and scammers
ruined it and so but we do think that the letting people get ahead of
Ahead of the game as far as setting up a reaction farm getting a crab cool
Whatever it is they need to do is really important. And so that we're missing a lot of liquidity
So we wanted to have the Alliance back these loans so the people do that they could trust them
Can you talk about that for a little bit especially what we're looking at it? Yeah. Can you hear me? Yes, you're awful
Yeah, so it's a new program
If you're familiar with the loan contract system
We're just following exactly what the system's been like for years
the only difference is is going to be the Alliance that's providing the ISK and the people you're dealing with will be
Brokers that are delegated by our finance team
But otherwise, it's the same system. So if you're familiar with the loans that are on the forms today that are you know?
Not going anywhere. They're still there. It's the same thing
So one of the big questions is like, you know, what do I want to loan for? Why do I want to be paying interest?
It's a very simple answer
Liquidity is something that's really hard to come by if you're a producer, you know
This especially in the past year few years with ratting taxes kind of going away
Or sorry routing income going away and writing taxes along with it
There's just less is to play with so if you're a producer, it's just a constant struggle to have enough is
To do what you want to do
So I just thought I'd give an example of what you could do and the potential of this kind of system
for you to make money in
if you're in GS isk, there is a
MOTD and there's a link to a spreadsheet
That has the master reactions sheet. If you look at that sheet and you you update all the settings
It's it's wrong by default. So you have to update it. But if you actually update it
Reactions right now are around I'm looking at it 20 to 30 percent as high as
You know for nights 84 percent margin right now, which is crazy, right? That's per cycle
So that cycle can be as long as you want
So we're talking, you know, typically 20 to 30 percent margins and you can do a cycle in a week
Which means you can do that four times a month, which means you're making 20 30 percent margins four times a month, right?
No, I'm not leading that for me trap. I said for a night not for me
What was I saying? Yeah, so
With those kind of margins that kind of profit margin as long as you can flip things really quickly paying
You know 10 percent seven point five percent whatever your rate is a month is a very small price to pay and you can make
a fortune doing this
And some people just don't have the S to get started. So if that's something interested in yeah, the post is up
I believe so have a look at it
And everything we'll be doing is so that that'll be like a collateralized loan
Like if you have a Titan sitting around that you're not using right now
It's a really good piece of collateral to get yourself making more money
If you are looking at a smaller scale, they say hey
I want to get into a crap cool and mine and I don't want to have to ishtar rat
You know for three or four months to do it. We're offering
Non-collateralized loans up to five billion. It's the members in good standing so you can't get them on day one
But in general we will be pretty generous with those
The idea is what I'm pushing is to is to push liquidity into the market allow people to get ahead of the game
Is the whole point if you can get ahead of the game then you?
You accelerate your experience and you get yourself more money and in Eve more money makes you more money
So that's the idea behind lending me a good commute. Yeah, I forgot one thing
This also ties into everything else we've been doing so like the GZS system that we have established nine systems
With some sort of reaction strutter about half of them are fully blinged out tech to reaction to Taurus
Which is the best in the game?
29 different systems you can use
And it's it's all there for you to use like you don't have to invest anything there
It's probably underutilized at moment because we drop so many of them so everything ties together. Yeah
Once again introducing we've invested a lot of money into the market into building a market building the economic zones
So this is sort of another step towards utilizing them fully and getting our members rich. We're trying to springboard people
To making more money and to be in a better place, you know in the past probably like you could say
Oh the best way to make
You know money would be to have like eight more goals mining and you can't really do that anymore
So this is a this is a good way to get people started on doing that
Yes prisoner. Yes. That is a good use for it
If you want to get into a crabbing and tread, although I would like you to get into a crab cool if possible
That is a more important thing or sorry. I should say a better way to do it. But yeah, that's a what's what a
Collateralized loan is good for yeah, just to be clear reactions was just an example. There's plenty of things you can use
Loaned as capital construction. Yeah. Yeah dreads are starting to become profitable lifts starting to become profitable
You know, it's someday supers will be tight profitable
Any all kinds of production delve has all the GZ set up for anything
You could possibly want to build is set up ready to go for you
And if it's something you've been limited in capital, then this is your answer
All right. Thanks. Can we appreciate that? Um, we have a timer tomorrow in
US time zone. So if you're gonna be around for that just let you know to prepare your calendar
Show up if you can it should be a fight
Yeah, Dynex wants me to talk about PI remember we need PI there we go. Check the box
Dawn are you here and unmuted? I'll unmute you. Hang on try now. Oh, there we go. All right
I am NOT in a museum this time. So, um
So locust has been making a lot of money doing a lot of various things
So I encourage everybody to join up to mine. However you like
we are branching out into the
Triangle space we've been testing it out out there if you would like to make a lot of money
But or if you like to PvP or both
Please join with locust to check it out because we are getting fights every night at some point practically and
I'm also making hand-over-fist cash with mining minerals that you can't get anywhere else in the game
It's also incredibly important to try and do it. So that way
We can help fund and cheapen the ships that we need
Because if you want isogen the only place to really get it is poshman. So we are we are
Collecting it up like crazy. So the cool thing about
Poshman is that it is making a lot of money in mining and it also
They're getting fights
So if you want to show up and you know
You have a pretty good amount of money and then punctuated by fights here and there
It's a good place to go and do that, which is I think pretty exciting
All right. Um
Kaz you want me to make that announcement? Would you like to do it? Let me unmute him - everybody. I was almost there
Okay, can you hear me? All right, so I am I am happy to announce that
effective today
anyone who owns exactly one share of the original war bond is
Eligible for the Alliance to repurchase it. This only applies if you have exactly one share
We're going to increase this number later in the year
But this is starting at the very beginning at the people who only have a single share
You can now redeem that single share for face value with the Alliance
So this is obviously very crappy to do with how Eve shares work
We're gonna have to do a lot of work exchanging shares
We'll handle that in in DMs on Jabber with a variety of finance directors. We don't even have a thread for that yet
But we are ready to begin
Official share repurchases and we will see that number increase over the course of time. We're committed to that
So a couple yeah that that's all for now. No spoilers. All right, cool. That's good news
Okay, I'm gonna open up to questions. If you got a question go ahead and throw it out
Conrad asked can we keep the shares you can keep the share, but we will be the Alliance can
Buy a share at any point and and you know, we'll be buying up
Shares sooner as well. So only in this is how to become a loan broker. I think you get approached
I don't know if that's something you're interested. Maybe someone can check you out, but I think we're approaching people
Yes raging. It's both issuances. Could we increase the cheat the
Cheat stack like a cruiser Navy 15 million is
Don't know. I don't know. That's an atrium question fire said bingo when I'm not making it
Terry also one else has to make it you keep asking me like I'm not gonna make a bingo for my own fire
Side if I did it would just be like ashes really good-looking. It would be really self-indulgent
So let's let's have someone else who will be meaner to me do it
Can you talk a minute for a state of the game good or bad and how our CSM members see things going this year?
That's a good question
State of the game. It's better than it was a year ago. That's pretty I'm sure a year ago. Things are pretty bad
It's improving
It seems like CCP sort of had their come-to-Jesus moment about four months ago
And they realized that the the road they were taking was leading the game to ruin. So
They've improved a lot of things and there are more stuff coming down the pipe our CSM's I think are
Caught guarded but cautiously optimistic I would say would be the attitude
You know, they see the sausage factory and it's honestly if you love this game
It's probably better not to get involved with the actual sausage factory part of it
Yeah, I would say guarded optimism is sort of the attitude of the CSM
There there are a lot of people CCP who like this game and a lot of people love it
And there are a lot of people trying their best to make the game better part of the problem
I would say is that they didn't understand a lot about the game
The people making the game knew less about it than the players in some cases a lot less
They've been working hard to address that
important part is that they've been working hard to
Sorry, it's like to get up to speed and understand the game better and understand how the players play it which to me
You know, it's showing understanding is the first part of any relationship and this is a relationship
And improving it so I am optimistic and I think as far as for the Imperium
We are in sort of a quiet time now
There's a war going on but it's been a boring war, but I think the next three months will lead us to more interesting things
So that's the one minute update any chance the pap system
We fix allies at the moment corpse CEOs and directors cannot extract corp pap statistics. It's very frustrating
Jay, I will look into that. I do not know the answer, but I will try to find out
Remy you're asking me about a policy. We have new policies coming out next week. We've written everything
So it should be they should be debuting next week. We they're already written. They're already done
We're just spending a week to review everything and make sure that it comes out correctly like that's important
It's Jeff gonna be revived for shenanigans. Malinger. It is very possible facts
I don't mind one advertisement, but please stop spamming them if you're gonna do one per Elysium per fireside go for it
All right, anyone else have any other questions?
Mac yeah, that's already happening when war in TM material structure deployment
I think our policy is basically
Where it is Don Pietro, but I will check and see what the update on that is
Is it is the a on makes your butt look about half fat two of them would do better?
You sure SRP not something we're looking to offer to the Lions level. I assume you're talking about ratting your stores
It's it's essentially impossible not to like to lose an instar
Like I'm ratting an instar and I know people specifically hunt like the ash relies character and my star has survived
I like thing I died at the beginning of December and I've lived since then and I think it's made me two billion is maybe
Three billion at this point. It's really not hard to rat in the star and make your money back
Arcanist that's sorry this future plans not going to discuss that
Audit and run crabs of Wendy here because it's the only thing that gives me a rush just like a drug
I shouldn't be doing it, but I can't help myself
General apathy. I think you can already just have it in the channel pre-typed
Terry oh, yes, but the meta show the meta show is not
You know an Imperium thing. It is its own thing. I guess previously it had its status, but it's not now
It's just an independent show. All right, looks like the questions are mostly ceased
Um, I think that's all we have to talk about. Thank you guys for showing up much appreciated. See y'all next week