Fireside Chat Transcript 21 Jul 2k22

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All right, I think mumble change when I push the talkie is this working. All right. We'll just use a different key for now
Cool. All right. Thanks so much mumble is probably the
The best worst program that we can use for communications, but there really are no better options
okay, so
Welcome to the fireside. I don't actually have a lot to say about
general direction because I already gave a
Speech a few days ago that really kind of summarized how we feel about
Direction going forward. I want to see the speech that the speech had an incredible response from people I got
At least over a hundred p.m.
For people, you know, and so that was really touching to me
and a lot of people have said hey
Sign up. I'm going to react to my account
I'm going to reactivate accounts that I had I wasn't using so expect to see more people in fleets
I think you're gonna see some old friends back and see some new players
So overall our numbers should be better, which I think is gonna be useful. We are in the middle of a war
We have dropped a keep star a Ford staging keep star if you have not moved there yet
We are doing move ops immediately after this fireside
at 1830
so it is important that you get to the front if you are not at the front because
Like oh this war has been you know, not a big one or it doesn't matter
Now it's time to go to the front
We have a lot to do
And I would like to get this wrapped up
Our enemies have deployed as of yesterday
They deployed sorry, I'm terrible with e time. It's 1930
they deployed
One jump backwards so
they have moved further away in a ring endorsement of
What they believe they can do well, I think it's kind of funny
They are in a keep star. They do have supers Titans dreads all that kind of stuff
Available to them in this keep star and they can come and fight us. So I don't want to say hey
You know mission accomplished because it is most certainly not
If you have not moved forward if you're not move your capitals forward now is the time we definitely need them
We're going to be more aggressive
we're going to
Be more aggressive intelligently and also I don't want us to think like we're going to be
Wasting our assets or throwing them away or anything like that, but we are changing our stance as far as
Taking fights we're changing our stance as far as engagements we get into
And the goal of that is to make the game more fun more enjoyable for our players
There's been a general discussion overall with
With within the organization and
Some people feel hey, this game is not being run very well right now
We need to be careful to protect our social org and
Would say that that's not my view. My view is that the way to protect our
Connections and our bonds is to have fun in the game together. And in the end we are the people who control that so
And having fun inevitably involves risk
I want to ever skydive but there's a good example of something that is somewhat risky, but a lot of people do it, right?
The point is is that I want us to be
Happy I want us to have fun and I'm gonna try to do that the best way that we can
So I want you guys to look forward to coming out and playing this game look forward to hanging out with us
And I want to keep everyone active. Those are my sort of by words and my goals
Let me hit a couple, you know things that people have asked me to hit
planetary interaction as always is super important and
Rat night says that the importance of alt-corp ESI compliance for everyone no matter how space important they are, which is a
Not so veiled attack on me because my old corp is not complying right now. And then
We also have a important timer at 2300. This is like a very important timer if you can be there
we're gonna do 2300 and maybe form a little earlier depending on what the enemy does, but
This will be one of those things where it'll help us go for going forward this whole week
So if you can be here 2300 for a timer, please do so
The move up is after the fireside
All right. I'll take some questions. I don't know if we want to do this in the fireside
I kind of thought it got down before but you guys have some questions. Go ahead. We'll see how it goes
New alt-corp alliance, I think is very close is the changing stance also for your time zone for all time zones
I will be moving everything in the email
And then move up will we see more fleets in the in EU time zone?
We will try as far as you know, it does take to the tango
I'd like to get fleet activity up in all time zones. Yeah, you can move from GTAC for sure
Will there be a podium move up? I don't know. That's a serious question. I don't know where podium is
Are we going to hit fire and dead oroid? I don't know we're gonna go into dead oroid
They are trying to make it seem like we claim that for some reason which we never did
Don't have a huge interest in going in there
We have not determined to invade Lobby yet. She can grow
What's the difference between a sig type for deployment for those who like in-game pew-pew in a hell war?
With reasons to bite puppies and where's the current thing on this scale? It's a pretty good question
It's an alliance wide deployment
So it's important. I wouldn't say it's in-game hell war yet level
But you know a lot of our our regular enemies are involved
You know, we saw move ops from
Everyone in Pam Pam yesterday, so they're looking to get more involved. It looks like
So it could easily escalate into something very serious which is why we want people to get out there now
So we don't get caught with our pants down and in the event of a major thing
And if we get out there now, and they don't fight us too hard. Let me get it done faster
It's sort of a win-win. Are we doing CC cap training anytime soon? We haven't actually done that for a while. It's good idea
I don't want to commit to it without having it set up. But it's something I'll put on my
my mental map
Has Merc ever been destroyed? I don't know. I don't think you could find it on a map if you had I am NOT obligated right now
Sumos form. That's a good question. I really enjoy sumo
Let's see if we can integrate that somehow into the Alliance light monk asked. What's our current objective in the war?
So our current objective is to push back on fire who were attacking airspace
Generally being a very annoying
To destroy their stuff so that you know, it's one of those things where you're in the other space. That's fine
But people were doing it thinking that there would be like no consequence to it. So
We're going to destroy their structures their infrastructure and their ships and
You know if they want him to space again then they know the consequences of doing so are we getting a cheese cave a moat for
Jabber, I hope so. That'd be awesome. Our objective is to steal all the cheese from their caves
Why do you see this watermelon still have seeds because they are a genetically modified plant
They still sometimes grow seeds in them watermelon is a plant not a flavor
Alliance gimmick great question marine, of course, the most probably most important question I've gotten so far
I'll be posting a thread later and we'll be voting on like the top five gimmicks
And that will be our gimmick going forward for the next three months or so
Excited about gimmick of the quarter all I've sees will have to come up with her with her using that gimmick
And our ones who are batted it's gonna be really really cringe. I'm looking forward to it
Oh, the pings will be so bad. They'll be so bad. You're right. Very cheesy. Very cheesy pings. Good job
Apple Ryuk hasn't paid attention the last three or four days and is very confused
What plans are there to keep our industrial fires lit on more continuous shoot shit on deployment mode?
So I haven't really seen any evidence that our industrial fires have been lit
By all our metrics we are
Doing pretty much everything we want to do
The only thing we lack is PI but that's because we have a ton of demand for it much more than we did before
I don't think a problem. I'm not
If you are asking that question because you are interpreting what I'm saying it to mean the Alliance will be an always attack mode
And we'll never have moments of rest. That is not the case
We will have breaks this won't be like a thing where we're like, you know
Some roaming band of could I say space Reavers just flying around killing things all the time
The point here is that
I want to make the game fun and engage engaging for you guys
But I also I'm very aware that sometimes we ask for things that are not sustainable, you know
24/7, you know, hey stay up a little late for this fleet. Hey get a little asleep, you know
So we can get this objective. That's at a weird time. That's not a
That's not a actual like sustainable everyday thing. So
I'm very aware that we need to have breaks, right?
And so there will be times or say hey, we're going home. You guys need to get fat for the winter
It's like that TV show alone, you know, you need to you need to get real fat
so in the lean times you can lose some weight and be still kill the
Bears or whatever
So the point is is that we won't be like on a like a continuous deployment
Will you open up the strategic Kirkland reserves to broader masses of troops or will that be reserved for our secret weapon?
I mean, I think not sharing Kirkland with the broader masses would be the real crime here. That's a gun. I'm very familiar with getting fat
Thank you stretch meet crotch quake
Very insightful and useful comment. Hey, I'm not a big walnut fan
So I guess I don't have a strong feeling about them regarding the push-ups questions
I was actually thinking about it, you know, I stream sometimes I was thinking about doing like workout Wednesday streams
We're basically after some set of objectives. Everyone would be like, hey, let's all do
10 sit-ups or something like that
but I'm like
what I just be doing them myself and everyone else watching would just be like having a cheeto and being like
This idiot's doing a sit-up. I don't know
I guess I'm getting like like p.m. On mumble and I can't even read them. They go by too fast. So just put them in Elysium
Elysium channel on Jabber if you are not in it, right any other important questions?
I don't want to keep us here for that long. I don't like almond milk. That's my opinion. I don't know the muffin man. All right
Think we're pretty much reached the end of it
I want to thank you guys coming. Like I said, it's in most of what I wanted to say during the
During my speech on Thursday
And but I just want to keep communication up I think the fireside is important as of right now
We're gonna keep up a weekly fireside if we go to sort of a more low period like we're saying
hey guys, we're going home and
You know our get fat period
Which is gonna last maybe for a few months when they do during those times. We might go to to bi-weekly firesides
And do them every two weeks, but until then we will be doing weekly firesides. Thank you guys for showing up and
I appreciate you max Mayfield if you want to find my speech it is on the official forums in the war room
Thanks guys. Move up now move up now 2300. That's the important stuff move up now 2300. Love you, too