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Alrighty, I've been given official permission to start the fireside because Jeremy Joringer has his beer.
Which is excellent. So now that he's got his beer we're gonna go ahead and get started.
So here's the deal. First and foremost, I want people to recognize that we have been doing this now
officially for a little bit more than a year.
I think that this is the year anniversary of our idiot enemies getting together and
announcing the thing that we've told everyone they would be announcing.
Last year. If you rejoined because you heard the sound of the horn, a little bit of a story time here for context.
Of course, we knew that the enemy was gonna get together and form the largest blue donut in the history of gaming
because ProGodLegend can't keep his mouth shut and thus we were able to
hear through the grapevine and through our spy network that this was coming.
As you guys recall,
we withdrew from Cloud Ring and we lost a couple Titans because we have so many Titans that you're always
gonna lose a couple Titans. We need to do a move up and
then nevertheless a little bit later the treaty with Legacy expired and they attacked us exactly as we said that they were going to do.
Apparently despite the fact that we had this move up with all of those Titans coming back from Cloud Ring,
they genuinely believed that they had more than us and that they would have almost a
thousand Titans to bring against us.
Well, fast forward a year and here we are.
It's pretty fucking insane when you look at the entire scope of this shitshow.
And one of the things that I want to talk about today is that it's important to keep that perspective in mind. Right now
we're in a very good place because we're in a position where we are contained
and things are generally heading in a direction that we're happy with.
You know, I can say everything is sunshine and roses, but it's pretty close to sunshine and roses here.
Like I'm very pleased with the way in which we've degraded the enemy's forces and I'm very pleased with the way in which
things have gone relatively according to plan.
But as we are in this situation and as we are in the containment phase,
it's important to step back and look at this and recognize that this thing that we have been involved in
for a year now or in the cases of those Black Hand agents and people who are preparing for this
before we announced the withdrawal from Cloud Ring a little bit more than a year now, that this is
one of the most unique fuckfests in the history of online gaming. Right? There's good days,
there's bad days, things go right, things go wrong.
But let us never forget that here we are a year into this fuckfest fighting the entire
goddamn galaxy all at the same time.
Right? And I want you guys to remind yourselves of that. If you ever forget in between ganking Roarquals, having them jump into our beacons,
hunting every other brave fucking supercarrier that comes through, that we've been doing this for a year fighting the entire
galaxy all at the same
time. And I think that you guys should feel free to jack yourselves off a little
about that because holy fucking shit, if you zoom all the way back and look how long it's been, if you look at the start
of this war when the enemy was putting
800 pilots or more on the field against us op after op after op and
then you see what they're doing today.
They are in that position because you fought them. They are in that position because you went on the line.
They are in that position because you refused to give up. Even if the entire galaxy came at you, you said fuck you, no.
I'm gonna find my friends,
I'm gonna find anybody that was part of this thing
That might be missing out and get them here so that they can man the fucking walls with us and you did that and that's
Why we are here, so the accomplishment all this discussion on reddit all this discussion on talk shows
It's always about personalities. It's like though the Italian are really your pro
Right at the end of the day the only reason why we are here and that we have survived and thrived
Is because of you glorious motherfuckers a year I think the entire galaxy
There has never been anything like this in the history of video games
There's been never anything like this in the history of the internet what you motherfuckers have pulled off thus far cuz it ain't over
Thus far is something that is going to be studied for years
Possibly decades at this rate because eve online
It's a game where you get written up in history books and
Academics and grad students will write their theses on stuff that you guys have done
This is only possible because of you and your willingness to fight in your refusal
To bend the knee to these fucking blue donut puppies
So I want to thank you all and remember credit where it's due
The only reason why we are here is because you motherfuckers have managed to do this and held the fucking line for more than a
Year, and that's that's kind of a big deal
I think that you know
It's an aspect of this war that gets lost in it is the sheer scale the scope of it and where things were
12 months ago
versus where things are today, so
We want to talk about in terms of practicalities as it stands right now
I'm pretty happy with the situation that we're looking at we are contained in the 1dq1 constellation
If I had to pick a place for the enemy to lose this war the gates of Gundor is the place, right?
I think one of the reasons why we're seeing such a drop-off in the PCU isn't just the fact that
CCP is dumb and bad and fuck things up with a scarcity thing though. That is a huge part of it
Or that they are dumb and bad and it fuck things up with the the cloaking nerf though
That is also part of it, but I think a real chunk of this is the fact that
You know the blue donut has broken at the gates of Gundor. I'm kind of surprised that we stopped them at 3d
You know in terms of like war planning I expected to stop them
I expected to win this or I wouldn't have banked everything we had on this motherfucker
But I expected they would have at least gotten through maybe 3d or in 8 or you know something like they would have nibbled on
the fucking
constellation a little bit as opposed to getting cock blocked so hard at the fucking gates of 3d that they had to make themselves
another fucking
excuse keepstar
If you look through the history of the war again zooming all the way back for a year that there have been a number
of situations where our august foes
Have run out of ideas and the only thing that they know how to do is to just drop an excuse keepstar to make themselves
feel good, I'm delighted that they did that with t5 and
for all of the reasons why
Initiative putting a keepstar in 3 tech D was bad and dumb and wrong and they talked about how dumb and wrong it was for
us to put a keepstar in 3d for a
Couple weeks then they put a mirror one on the exact other side and that was smart and good play
and you know very good on them amazing big brain strategic thought as
If we would be so dumb as to begin our fucking counter-attack into 3d I?
Mean into ev it's it's it's it is so
Hilarious I'm delighted that they're still doing it I invite them to put down more crab stars that we can then blow up later
Things are going really well. I only have good things to say to people here, and then well
You know we'll take some questions one of the things that I want to
Just continue to encourage is ganking the shit out of the puppies
Join in Gsa you guys have seen all of these fucking hood rat fleets that cache and the gang have been sending out on stop
And if you total up the amount of losses that the enemy has experienced again remember
This is the scarcity era right so suddenly when they're losing a supercarrier or some brave guy losing a supercarrier brave guy losing a fucking
Rorqual or something
Good luck getting that back. I mean some of them are rich. I guess but regardless
I want to give some specific gold shot gold stars here
Case of course obviously Polish pistol kimchi love vex to snipe
I don't know if I should say vex t sniper vex sniper what pipe and
Dear old our dear sweet boy Luke look to her
But you guys have been doing a fantastic job of ganking things and we really want to encourage that and
I'm being informed by the ads that we are killing a rorqual literally right now FYI
So for those of you that are gonna be listening to the fireside later because you're busy killing one of these fucking rorquals high-fives
all around
Delva safe Delva safe if you're one of the hostiles listening to this remember delve is safe all right
So that's going great
Essentially what I'm sure you've seen over the last little bit is is that we're in a position where our enemies are now those of
Us that are not in fighting or accepting the fact that they have lost this war
They are busy talking about how either we're contained or they're talking about how
We should be attacking t5zi
Excuse me. I was stuffing my face with breakfast here in a second second ago, and that just almost went down the wrong hole
har har har the
Where was I containment and oh?
So I've talked about this on previous firesides
And you can see that the enemy is screaming about how we should be attacking t5zi
You can see that the enemy is talking about how we should be attacking them in a way that they want
In a way that they approve of we are never going to dance to the enemy's tune
That's one of the reasons why we're winning this thing and they're losing it
And I have said this before in firesides. I'm just gonna keep repeating it the
morale keepstar situation and t5zi
And in yz9 that's the enemy's golden bridge of retreat
We are not going to be attacking those things until last
Just so everybody knows because I think that t5zi is the best thing that has ever happened to us in this war with the possible
Exception of m2 and some of the other greatest hits it's a huge overreach
And I think it does really bad things to the enemy
So we want t5zi keepstar to stay as long as the enemy is here that thing is gonna die dead last
And I've said this on firesides before I just want to reiterate this to you guys
Because unlike our enemy who blew up our golden bridge of retreat we are not complete and total dumbasses
So that's cool. I am delighted by the way in which we have been getting the shit out of them
I'm delighted by the way in which Eve excuse me delve is perfectly safe
And they don't know what to do at a fundamental level
They don't know what to do because the only thing that our enemy really realizes what to do when shit's wrong is
drop a morale keepstar
maybe invent some sort of stupid doctrine like
harpies or
Do something with Abaddon's?
And then what they like to do is they like to play against whatever I say on a fireside and we noticed this a while
Back, it's something I should have noticed years and years ago
But the truth is is that it was only really
Skull-fucking Lee obvious to my poor simple little mitten brain that after we published the whole thing about the doom clock that if I just
Don't tell the enemy what our big plan is
They don't know what the fuck to do if it's not spelled out on a fireside
They can't play against it if I say hey guys
We're gonna do blah blah blah blah blah on a fireside
They will go oh that gives us something to do that gives us something to respond to the Mitani said we're gonna do that
And so we're gonna we're gonna stop him. We're gonna stop goons so after the doom clock situation
We simply stopped publishing what our plans were gonna be so we're not gonna be saying oh god
We're gonna start a counteroffensive. We're not gonna say we're gonna do this
We're not gonna say we're gonna do that. We're gonna do our thing
We're not gonna give them any sort of free intel about what we're gonna be playing against
what they're gonna be playing against and
In the meantime just keep murdering these guys just gank the living shit out of them every week. I rate that they're going
Their morale loss is significant enough that I think it is valuable for us to essentially just keep harassing them keep ganking them keep making
Them suffer outside of the gates of fortress del they finally got to fortress delve congratulations dumbasses
And then they immediately shout and piss themselves and are looking for excuses and crying for the mods and the devs to save them
Great high fives all around keep murdering them
Gank the puppies join in GSA and keep helping out when you see these fleets going out with
Bombers and kikis and other fun things get in on that shit because it is scarcity Eve the puppies are running out of ISK
I believe and that they also are running out of the capacity to replenish these kinds of capital losses
Just because CCP is nerfed cap production into the fucking ground congratulations. I'm killing that work by the way
Hail Satan, that's exactly what I'm talking about obviously delve is safe, and we are contained I
Do want to give a brief shout out for everybody to for voting on the CSM. We're gonna find out tomorrow
I believe when who won what on the CSM silly season election and
Then there's one other thing that I want to apparently that guy died twice today. It's pretty fucking ridiculous
One of the other things that I was asked to hearth about by dear old angry mustache
Let me bring this up one of the things that the enemy is busy telling each other is that we are contained and that
As part of us being contained that they're gonna try to starve us out of making ISK now. I don't know
How or why or how viable that is it's what they're talking about doing and in about 10 minutes
I think that there's gonna be a legacy town hall
So we're gonna get the latest her from them as to whatever their excuses are
But if you are concerned about ISK or if it's is an issue for some reason. I don't know you know again
This is a situation. We've been in functionally speaking for a year now, but do check out the thread that I linked
There's a bunch of resources. We don't want anybody worried about is we want to make sure that people are helping each other out
Same shit different month in terms of grinding the puppies into a fucking fine paste and making sure that our own people are taken care
of so
check that out and
If you need help, please ask for help if you have questions, please ask questions
Speaking of asking questions
I'm gonna go ahead and take some fireside questions because
That we are so contained that I can just do Q&A without any sort of big
You know the certainly I guess
It's just guys
It's just it's a fucking joke that they got here and they gave up so easily
Like they just they believed in their bullshit to the very fucking last and was only at this very end that they just
you know
They just lost the fucking plot I mean their strategy sucked to begin with thank God
I'm glad their strategy sucked because if you're fighting the entire galaxy all at once goddamn year
You want them to fuck up? You know, let's say let's not make it even
Even more difficult for us, but goddamn. Alrighty, what we got? How many times did our enemies do this shit?
I don't know. What should you're talking about? There's been a variety of different
History repeating itself situations here
one of those that we have learned ever since
Old school story time since we do have so many people that rejoined from the the Great War era
In the very early days of goon fleet. We of course wanted to be good galactic citizens
We wanted to be good little boys and girls. We had like gotten ourselves
It was a big accomplishment to be on the ascendant frontier like diplomatic standings list and we were like blue with Askin and we were
Like finally gonna be taken seriously as like real people in the galaxy and then the moment that we touched
cloud ring and actually started
getting a seat at the table then suddenly it became time for Bob to be offended about Tetsujin signature and
You know, there are no goons. Goodbye and all that shit sort of came from there
so one of the things we have learned over the history of the last ever since 2006 is
That every four to five years all of the puppies will drop what they're doing to do exactly this now in the Fountain War
They talked they didn't use the extermination language
Though they would have if they wanted to I think or if they thought that they could actually get rid of us
The casino or they didn't use extermination language
But the actions were always the same and this time around they just went full pro-god and here we are. So
You know, this is just something that we have always baked into our Empire plans
We know that the puppies will always try to get rid of us no matter what we do fair or unfair
They will always try to purge us. And so we are always baking that into our plans. So as we go about
When we do start official counter offensive things, which is not going to be officially declared on it on a fireside. That's for fucking sure
I am excited about
baking improved defenses into our
Our plans but we will burn that bridge when we come to it
One of the things that I have found highly entertaining is watching Vili try to make excuses for things that he said
And things that pro-god said it has been pretty much all over our eve instead of actually trying to purge 1dq1
Or deliver on all the promises that he made
He is busy trying to act like oh
You just need to listen to the context of the what the what the games
Journalists said after my direct quote what the games journalist wrote in the polygon article that wasn't a direct quote
But him editorializing is what was actually going on
Vili being a thin-skinned little dick bitch is
Desperate to get away from the failures and the consequences of the things that he said he wrote a lot of fucking checks with his
Mouth that his ass can't cash and here we are
So I find that particularly interesting just I've noticed that in the last couple weeks that little bitch is just desperate to get away from
Quotes of things that he himself said on town halls and to games journalists
So if you want to keep stabbing him with that go do it because he's a little bitch and we're never gonna let him forget
It and I think it's just funny. He could have just said yeah, I said that but nope. He's a bitch
There's a question here from tripping Ted tripping
Which is a pretty good question about using small gangs relative number of shifts blah blah blah with preventing them from driving or mining in peace
join in GSA and
Join the when you see a fleet pinged out for bombers join it because you're gonna get a cap or super cap kill
Any comment on the subtle differences between extermination and war of extermination explained by Vili in the between two keep stars stream?
You know, the funny thing is I don't even know if that's a joke or not because it sounds so fucking dumb
It's exactly the kind of thing that Billy would do look
Here's one of the things when you're dealing with a like a line by a line
One of the biggest little dick bitch moves that mr.
Fourth place likes to make is he will try to drag people into arguments
Why don't you prove when I said that and you see this over and over again
Hope that's his his default state just attack him. He's a little bitch
He knows he's a little bitch and he wants to drag you into some sort of dumb line-by-line argument
When the reality is you just give the little bitch the finger and say it doesn't matter what excuses you make we don't care
We know what you said
We know what you tried to do and we will never let anybody in this stupid fucking game. Forget it
Eat shit. That's how you deal with it. I'm a love by Jordan Peterson impression. Thank you
Happy Father's Day. That's a good point. Let me see what else we got here
There are several questions about are we gonna strike jump gates? Are we gonna do this?
Are we gonna do that in terms of attack?
I'm sure you guys know the drill by now, but I'm gonna give you your free bingo bait
That would be a future plans question
All of these things about what we're gonna be attacking or not attacking
Are things that we're not gonna be revealing on a fireside
Your questions seem like they are all coming from a good place in terms of like hey, that's a good idea
But it's a good idea to the point that we might already be doing it one and two
If we were we would lie about it or deny it on the fireside. All right, let's see what we got
Shout out to the ADM boys. Yeah, so this is something that's super important
I'm really glad that I'm gonna try to say your name, but you know, I'm gonna fuck it up Lorraine de Tila
Till Moran day
Anyway, I tried
ADM fleets are super important
Things that we have and I'm gonna hearth about this a little bit because
Since the enemy is spinning their wheels like they are just pissing and shitting themselves at the gates of fortress delve
They don't know what to do. Their leaders don't know what to do. It is right now a crabs-in-a-bucket blame game
That's one of the reasons why Vili is trying so hard to spin and whine and make excuses
For his the shit that he said repeatedly when he thought he was gonna win this bitch
Is that while these guys piss and shit of themselves at the front of fortress delve?
We need to make absolutely certain that the 1dq1 constellation which they are currently failing to do anything with stays at max ADM at all
times so as the
Transitions to a phase where we are ganking the shit out of the puppies at every opportunity and they are pissing and shitting themselves of
The walls of fortress delve we do need to make sure that the walls of fortress delve are as secure as possible
So, please please please please please do join in and participate in the ADM fleets in these more quiet phases of the war quiet in
Terms of the enemy pissing and shitting themselves and making excuses instead of attacking us
Well, we gank the shit out of them that kind of phase of the war
We don't want to lose track of the ADM's and suddenly whoops
We had the hubris and we didn't do what was necessary and then oh gee we pissed away victory
You know snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Let's not do that. So please do join the ADM fleets
It's also a great way if you're like interested if you're FC curious and like you want to just see what it's like to get
Out there and try to do something and not necessarily super combat situation. It's a great introduction
I cannot emphasize that enough. So I appreciate you bringing that up such that I can hearf a little bit about ADM fleets
Let's see questions. I'm guessing that test is next is a bingo card because I've got a question here about is frat next
We're not going to talk about who is next next who is next next next next next or what have you?
We're here in delve. Obviously test is next
there is I
Think that it is
unwise to describe the priorities on our
Vengeance list right? Everybody knows we have a vengeance list. It's something we have always had and done
Test is number one on that vengeance list
And then who goes where and the priority order is something that I don't want to disclose on a fireside
But I mean if you guys have been with us for any length of time, you know how we roll
We don't fuck around
if these people decide that they want to be blood enemies of us and say that they're gonna
Exterminate goons for him and all of our friends and how dare we be friends with each other and how dare you know?
Maybe the leader of the Imperium like gosh
It's so awful
the puppies are going to make demands of us and we are going to remember those demands and then we will hold them accountable when
Their time on the the list is next so it should be fun
Would I say that this stage of the war is a cold war? I would say no
I mean it's interesting because I'm so I'm generally happy with the like
I just in terms of narratives and hearse like I'm gonna put this out here. So that's a really good question here
Obviously, it's not a cold war because we're shooting each other obviously, it's not a cold war because they're losing morale
They're losing people and we're still here after fighting the entire galaxy for a goddamn year all at once
So that's cool. It's obviously not a cold war
Obviously we are not contained
But I think it's actually really good for us
To have Vili and Piggles and Marcus Murphy and all of these people saying cold war saying containment all this other sort of stuff
I think it's a dangerous narrative for them to use and it's a dangerous narrative to the point that I'm
Confident saying this on a fireside because they're not gonna listen to me and change their tune
the reason why it's dumb and bad is that it
implies to their members that delve is safe and this is all under control and that they don't have to worry about anything and then
when they actually log on and get in fleets and then they have the op after op after op that forms out of t5zi is
Diverted to go like shoot an athanor in 8rq
Which is just like
Wibbles Wibbles athanors in 8rq have become like the snooze button of this war
essentially what happens every single time is that they have kept a couple of structures around and available such that when they form up a
Strat off and they realize that they can't actually do what they had maybe wanted to do to begin with or that they're just going
Through the motions that they can then go hit the snooze button and go. Oh, well, hey guys, we're gonna go do this
We're gonna go shoot here. We're clearing out delve or you know, clearing out delve. Delve is safe. Da da da
And they never actually blow the damn thing up because they don't want the damn thing to actually get blown up because then that removes their
excuses from slamming into 3d or 1dq1
So if they want to keep doing excuse structure shots
While telling their members that we are contained and that thus delve is safe
Which allows us to gank their carriers
It allows us to gank their super carriers allows us to gank their work walls and in the scarcity area era when these guys are like
We're starting to run on empty like I can't say which specific specific one of the the the sappy alliances are gonna run out of
Isk first but it seems pretty clear that they are beginning to run out of is there's a really interesting piece of intelligence that
Came out on I think it was trash talk Tuesday this week and Sandra and stone
Admitted that and I don't know how many of them were sold, but I think this is significant
Sandra and stone admitted to big bill the boss that test had sold
faction forts
Their faction forts were not blown up right because the when a faction for it is blown up
We used all the ones that we had as speed bumps to you know win the war against the entire goddamn galaxy all at once
They unanchored a bunch of them ruining their priceless rigs in the process
And since their war bond drive failed and we know it failed because they were unable to reimburse 15 plus of the m2 Titan
We now have some confirmation in public that tests old at least some of their faction for desires
In order to try to pay off their debts, which they still failed to pay off because not all those Titans got reimbursed
so this is a very interesting situation for us strategically because
While the enemy is still insisting that we are contained and it's a cold war and they're all a bunch of winners and goons or losers
And you know da da da da da all of their squitting excuses. We keep seeing evidence of genuine bleed-out now
I don't think that Vili or ProGod give a shit about anybody. I know
Absolutely for a fact that Vili and ProGod only care about Vili and ProGod. They don't care about each other
They only care about themselves who they are as people and they don't give a shit about tests
They sort of were floating
block level FC's who sort of attached themselves to test because you know
They want to be big fish in a small pond
And I think that this is fantastic for us because essentially what you're seeing now is is that Vili and ProGod are going to be
Delighted to basically sell off tests inheritance their crown jewels
Getting rid of their bankroll whatever analogy you want to you know, they're gonna get test to
You know sell off their 401k
They're gonna get a second and a third mortgage or whatever Vili and ProGod don't give a shit about test Alliance and that's great
I love it. I love t5zi
I I love them selling test faction for desires like these guys are going to drink every last drop of tests milkshake
Trying to get rid of us. They're gonna fail to get rid of us and then
ProGod and Vili will just find themselves in another Alliance. Maybe they'll join pan fam
Who knows cares the important thing is that they don't give a shit about test Alliance, please ignore
They don't give a shit about their line members and that is evidenced by the fact that they are willing to sell
Regions worth of faction for desires while they just slam themselves into the woodchipper and that's kind of the beauty of this situation here
While they are waiting for us to announce a counteroffensive or something such that they can then hurt people and say oh the baton
He says they're going on a counteroffensive. So we're gonna stop that which so we're not gonna announce it
We're just gonna do it at some point. Maybe it's already started who even knows but I'm not gonna say it on a fireside
What while they're doing that these guys are just you know
Stripping the copper wiring out of the walls to sell it for a chance to do something or other, you know, they're they I
Love it. I
Love the fact that they're at a point where they dropped another keepstar the other day
The EV keepstar thing is just so amazing. It like it encapsulates the level of leadership
We're seeing on the other side so well
I think because after like two weeks of saying oh was so dumb for goons and the initiative put to put down another keep
star the game in 3d they mirror exactly what we did on the other side and
Gobbins is making these excuses about how a strategic genius like they are spinning their wheels while we gank the shit out of them and
We shove all the things that they said about us down their throats and
I'm loving it. I'm perfectly happy to keep here doing this for as long as
As long as it takes as X up points out it's a it's it's the - this is this is genius
Especially because I talk about this shit all the time
So I'm biased it might not just be genius. It's not genius necessarily, but it
Makes my my dumb ass think it's clever is the the monkey keep star
It really is they drop a lot of - he keep stars, but it doesn't get as as
Explicit as a - e V keep star in in eevee questions here
Did the test line members get brainwashed?
I mean, I think that up until last month all the puppies had a reasonable expectation that we would fold and break
They don't really understand us and that's fine. I don't want them to understand us
I don't want to like be like here's a manual to explain how the Imperium actually works sociologically speaking
I'm delighted that they don't understand us and I'm fucking delighted that they were brainwashed
They believed just like their leadership did that we would give up that we would run for sarin and that we wouldn't stand and fight
Because they never believed it when I said in the casino or that the only reason why we withdrew a sarin and is
Obvious that we would never be able to attack their source of cheated
Unattackable income and that the only way out of that solution was to essentially throw in the towel to and then CCB banned the casinos
They thought that was just excuses
But unfortunately for them that was the reality is that I saw that we could not win
In a scenario where the enemy had an unattackable infinite source of isk due to people's gambling addictions
The casinos got banned and I've been delighted with this war because it's an opportunity to show what I believe to be true from the beginning
Which is is that we could fight the entire fucking galaxy all at once that we could do this and that we could win it
against all of them if they didn't have their fucking casino cheats and
Lo and behold here we are and they haven't even cracked three tech D yet. So
This war is not over by any means
I'm happy to keep ganking their carriers and super carriers and watching them bleed out financially and morale wise
For as long as it takes like if they are want to complain about how they don't like the course of the war
They want to complain about the lack of you know activities on their side
Then maybe they shouldn't have blue to the entire galaxy to try to make the game serenity 2.0
And we should never let him forget it and we will never let him forget it
Our guys are entertained because we're murdering these guys all day every day and the guys that wanted it
This is the other thing that's great
Is the guys of those of us who like really burn the candle at both ends that needed kind of a break to like go
Off to our fuck palaces or take little vacations or stuff
While the enemy is talking about containment in Cold War that's giving the defenders a chance to recharge, right? Okay, great
High-fives all around so the bad guys are doing their town hall now. We're gonna get some intel on that
I'm sure everything is fine that goons are contained. But yeah back to my original point
I got slightly distracted by making fun of them
Which is very a challenge for me my ADHD gets set off and then I start talking shit about Ville and making funny voices
But to the original question was the containment Cold War narrative
I think that that is a good narrative for us
I want to encourage the sappy posters to keep talking about the Cold War and how we're contained
because it is directly at odds with the lived experience of their pilots that log on and
Get murdered by us all day every day like their line pilots and t5zi who are still joining these fleets
Understand it is not a Cold War. They understand that we are not contained
So when they then see on these talk shows their supposed leaders
parroting obvious lies
That's great
and I think we've seen the effect that's had on their morale because their numbers keep going down because their leaders keep publicly lying about the
situation and refusing to acknowledge it because their leaders are more interested in trying to
convince the rest of Eve that they have actually won when they're busy losing the thing and they're busy the losing the thing when they had
Every single advantage that they could possibly had they had the entire galaxy
all together
For a year now and here they are and the best they can do is containment and Cold War. Good luck. God bless
Please talking about please keep talking about how we're contained. Please keep talking about how it's a cold war. I love it
I love it. Their line members hate it. It's great. It's fantastic for us
We're totally contained
Delva safe and in fact
Maybe we should talk about how we're contained and how Delva safe because if we talk about how we're contained in Delva safe
Maybe more of them will undock their fucking supercarriers and work walls for us to gank
I don't know. I mean you guys just roll with it. However, you feel but remember Delve is perfectly safe
There's no reason for them not to undock because gosh, we're we're just so contained. I feel so contained
It's not really how I roll but
You know, I can see the appeal for some people
Some people like to get tied up I'm not gonna kink shame
internally if I had to describe this phase of the war the reality of this phase of the war the ground truth of this phase
Of the war is we have fortress delve and it's fucking great with our sort of last
Constellation here at the gates of the Imperial Palace. They're in front of the gates pissing and shitting themselves and
Outside of that it's welcome to the rice fields motherfucker
Like that's that's literally like this is the rice fields phase of the war. It ain't the Cold War phase
It is the VC bees phase if you're old-school, you remember give missile or bump
We are in some serious VCB territory here, except that now
Our VC bees are not flying frigates. They're flying bombers and Kiki Morris
So, yeah the the floodplains, you know, what's a floodplain if you think about it
It's a rice patty and those are our rice patties and they're in them. So they should get the fuck out
Alrighty. Let me take a look for questions in general before I stop ranting and making silly voices in front of you all and
Question for dragon zero. Did they ever have the super cap advantage?
and they knew they didn't have the super cap advantage because one of the reasons in 2019 we sent 1100 Titans north to burn tribute and
They immediately
Uprooted and left to a deeper phase of the part of the drone regions and see dot did so, you know
Vince Draykin and the NC dot guys knew exactly that they that we had 1100 Titans
Pro God and Vili and Gobbins
I guess just assumed that that number was bullshit or that maybe that would have gone away because we're all just crabs and
We always had the super cab advantage. That's why from the beginning guys
If you remember I said we're gonna do this
We're gonna be grinding grinding grinding grinding to sort of get their numbers down get their numbers close to parity
And then there's gonna be a couple of big super cap fights
You know, we tried the inho thing that didn't work
then we did the m2 thing twice and it did work and then there would be some camping and
We did exactly what I said. We were gonna do there were some camping and then
You know bit more thrashing they did a bit more thrashing and now we're here we are
Really kind of happy with it all the way around but no we always had the super capital advantage
Which is another one of the other reasons why their strategy was so fucking dumb
Alrighty, I think that is going to be it for me today. I want to appreciate I want to thank you all for coming and listening
I will be here again next week same time same channel and we will have met a show and things like that normal next week
yeah, keep on keeping on keep ganging these bitches and
high-fives all around
Let's get back out there