Fireside Chat Transcript 22 Apr 2k23

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Hello, hello, hello.
I am here, Abnar.
I have not learned German yet.
I will keep on trying.
Dude, learning Hungarian sounds awful, I'm gonna be honest.
Isn't it not a Romance language?
It's a Uralic language, right, Hungarian?
Ergo finish, that's Uralic, right?
All right, just letting people filter in.
We got a few more coming in still.
Still people coming in, I'm still gonna wait a few more minutes, guys,
just letting people.
Fireside keeps filling up.
Well, Conrad, you can't order a pizza in Latin cuz Latin doesn't have a word for
pizza, it's just that simple.
Trust me, I was Publius.
Put in Elysium what you're, have you assume a name of the culture of
the language you're learning?
I was Publius Dublius, that was my Latin name.
What was yours for, I was also Humberto Ramos for Spanish, so
what was your assumed name?
I think some of you are not taking this very seriously.
I don't think all these names are real, guys.
I think some of you have made up fake names for some reason.
You were not Tabula Rasa.
[LAUGH] If your teacher named you that, yes, it was an insult, blank slate.
Stoltis, that sounds fake too, but I don't know enough to say it's not.
All right, seems like we're just gonna keep adding people, but
I'm gonna go ahead and start anyway.
Don't wanna make you guys wait forever.
So I'm not gonna bury the lead, I'm gonna lead off with the big news.
We are switching to a Jump Clone deployment,
means we are going to match Pandemic Horde's arrangement.
Which means that roughly 40 minutes after this fireside,
we will start move ops back to Delve.
We will be leaving behind Tech Fleet, Moshmasters, and Dreadnaughts.
So this is mandatory, everyone needs to have a Jump Clone in DO6H.
Leave those doctrines behind, do not take Dreadnaughts home,
do not take Tech Fleet home, do not take Moshmasters.
We are not ending the war, but we are matching the arrangement of Pandemic Horde.
The reason we're doing this is because we've come and done what we said we were going to do.
We killed four Keepstars, and in doing so we did a lot of things they said we couldn't do.
They said you can't take down a Keepstar under a jammer.
You have to hold the system for 35 days and jam it out and do it in complete "safety".
They said it was impossible, we did that.
They said you can't gate supers into the system, we did that too.
They said you can't take down a Keepstar in Chinese time zone.
We did that four times, and we outformed Frat.
So we've done a lot of things they said that they couldn't do.
I'm excited to see what new kind of spin they come up with to say how they are winning when they aren't.
But I guarantee you there'll be something.
They keep saying what we can't do, we keep doing it, and that's the difference between us and them.
Before I go hard into them, I do want to give some credit to some of them.
I want to shout out Fraternity. I think they fought very hard.
They've shown the kind of grit that real quality alliances have.
And surprisingly to me, I want to shout out NCDOT.
Especially at the start of the campaign, they were really surprisingly strong and willing to commit to objectives.
That's something that I respect in all alliances that do it, and they showed that.
So I don't want to go out and say that these people didn't show something when they did.
So credit to them. Both of them fought very hard.
Who I give no credit to is PandemicHorde.
Here's what I want to do.
In Elysium, go ahead and write out wars that PandemicHorde has won. I'll just wait.
I was thinking about this. The only wars that Horde has won have been just absolute dunks, with no chance of losing.
And even the ones that were supposed to be dunks, they lost some of them.
How did they get their current space? They took renter space. That's what they lived in.
When they took Tribute, they used PL, NC, and Horde to gang up on Tess and kick them out.
Those are the feathers in your cap, that you took renter space and you kicked Tess out with overwhelming force.
Even this "war in the South," the one where Fyro was kicked out, they went around behind closed doors asking everyone,
and making deals so that they could do it. I thought that was a really dumb move.
It was a really dumb move to backstab the people they had just been allied with.
But they weren't even willing to backstab them without making a deal with a bunch of people.
Which just shows what they stand for, which is the easiest wins or nothing at all.
That's why you see losing like they do.
They fought us twice in X-47 in 2018. They lost twice.
They tried to evict us in Delve. They lost.
And then they tried to repeat history, fight us in X-47 again, and they lost again.
And by the way, that last fight, you guys were there, we had two Typhoon fleets tied behind our backs.
You look at the BR on that fight, where we were darn near even, and see the numbers even?
We had two Typhoon fleets shooting the Keepstar the whole time, and we still killed the Keepstar,
and basically came even on the BR. I know we don't care about that, but it's worth pointing out
that even when they have all these advantages, they can't do it.
So, I want to go ahead, after that, I want to go ahead and thank some people.
I want to thank a lot of people from our side who have contributed.
So, if your name is called, you're here, X up for cheers or jeers, people.
Give them the credits. Off the top of my head, I wanted to thank Brodog from Recon,
Officer Cat Von Cat, and Dabashti. Those three Recon guys, for me, have been amazing.
So, if you guys are here, X up, and people can boo you or cheer you.
There we go. I wanted to shout out Kontan. Kontan, are you here?
He did a Secret Scroll project. I'm not going to say what he did, but he was really instrumental
in helping out during this war. On the FC side, I wanted to shout out Zintage.
Zintage was putting in a huge amount of effort. I wanted to shout out ProGodLegend.
I know that's the weirdest shout out we've probably ever had, but ProGodLegend,
doing a great job for goons, was amazing. Sonreer, he really stepped up, really appreciated him.
Jason Yuse, from Helped Us and Dracaries. From Sigma, DeathRosen, he was doing a great job.
Sigma itself really stepped up. Obviously, from Initiative, Darkshines is a huge ally
and a big help to me personally, so I always appreciate working with him.
From Cored, we had a lot of help, but AdmireMiri, I remember in Chinese time zone,
he's been a huge help. Collectively, I want to say thanks to the Cored team.
Blackhand, we can't credit people individually, but Blackhand's huge.
I want to thank all of you. Alpha Fleets, everyone who showed up for Alpha Fleets,
you guys saw the result of that. They tried to come into Dellspace,
and I think they ended up killing two Athedors, something like that. Alpha Fleets were huge.
If you have an Alpha, X up. If you did an Alpha, X up.
Now I crashed the server. Excellent.
Another group I wanted to thank was Procurement. Imagine a group getting me a thousand LeShaks,
and then I say, "Hey, I want 500 Typhoons. Can I have those in a couple days?"
And then they deliver. It's really impressive and awesome to have something like that.
Mr. Ranger, bombing and coordination. He was awesome.
We've had awesome scouts. We say joint scouts. Some people I can think of off the top of my head.
Dakota Holtgard. I don't know how to say his name. Jebatee? I think he just made his name hard for me to say.
Ice Killer, Abe Raven. Those guys were awesome.
Gooniversity, Ms. Tira. Black Ops did a lot of work during this war.
And GSOL. I love those dudes. Always appreciate them. Thank you, GSOL, for your hard work.
So there's a lot of people I want to thank. That's just a list I can come up with right now.
There's a lot more people who put a lot of effort into this war. So we are not done, obviously.
There are a lot of options. We're going to a Jump Clone deployment.
If Horde does a full deploy, then we're happy to match that.
Maybe we won't go to the same place we deployed before, but we will be willing to do just that if we need to.
We can go full deploy wherever we decide to go.
Blackhand, I already did shout out, so there you go.
And then, I'll answer the question, "Demon, what ships stay behind?"
We're leaving Tech Fleet, we're leaving Moshmasters, the Hurricanes, and we're leaving Dreadnaughts.
Supers and Titans will come home. Carriers can come home, too.
Guys, I do have one...
Everything else I just listed comes home. If I didn't list them, you can bring them home.
Okay, guys, I have one thing. It's sad news.
I know we've just been shouting at people, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention this.
Some of you guys may know Ektor. He passed away. He was only 49 years old.
We're going to miss him. We're doing a Sinovigil directly after this on the DO-6H Keepstar.
We'll be doing that, and then afterwards, we'll be doing a move-up home.
Immediately after this, we're going to say, "Rest in peace, Ektor. We're going to do a Sinovigil right now."
And then, about 30 minutes after that, we will start a move-up home.
Thank you guys for coming. I will see you outside of the DO-6H Keepstar in a few minutes.
And yes, if a non-blue comes to the Keepstar, please do not shoot them.
Let them make their Sino. I mean, if they shoot you, that's fine, but please do not shoot any non-blues who come to help remember him.
That's all for now, guys. If you want to come hang out on Op 1 while we do our vigil, you're welcome to.
And please undock now, and I will talk to you all next week.