Fireside Chat Transcript 22 Aug 2k21

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Hello, I'm doing the fireside today because
Cool guys are outside playing with each other
So we'll give a few minutes for everyone to get in here. We can announce the upcoming invasion of Tino
JK we're not doing that. Does my microphone sound good?
Because last time I keyed up on a fireside everyone started yelling at me because it was terrible. Okay, cool. All right
Well a minute then we'll get started there
There won't be any long winding speech like men's normally does so don't worry about that. I'm not one for speeches
So mostly the topics we have to discuss this week
Will be crab related topics, which is obviously isn't the most interesting of things
But there is some other shooty business we can get on with
First thing is the new Delve standing fleet. We are
Committee's been pinging out over the last couple days that um
A JU standing will no longer be a thing. It will be moved to a standing fleet called Delve standing
This will be for all Delve and fake Aquarius crab defense. So anything
Anytime ESS gangs come up and show up
Any camp riders that get attacked with that sort of stuff will be handled in that fleet
The fleet needs to be up 24/7 and you need to be in the Java channel Delve 911
So if you want in that you should go ahead and join it the locust moons
Coming back. We have set up fracks for them. So in the next
Three four weeks. We should be popping big fracks and delve
or high value moons that anyone in the Imperium is able to mine and
Moon rentables will be coming back as well
we have
Just announced to the Kremlin that member corps can start applying to rent moons
slightly higher
value wise and
After Kremlin has Arthur sorry member corps have gone there
Then it's on the moons then we can open up to all corpse and stuff and we can do with taxes that way
Well, I'll press as they didn't okay. I don't know what maybe I just announced it. Maybe everyone's now knowing that we're really doing moons
For a member corpse, so
They said we're going to do moons for member course, but not that you can sign up yet and how it all
That's going to take a few weeks to a month at least and what they announced is that the military?
structures and that corpse can help the lines now with dropping military structures so those and they can apply to a list and
to get that done, but for the rest nothing with mining structures or any industrial structures yet and
You should get coming to talk about the GC zones
Yeah, where we're going over the G's these stuff afterwards
The shooting business we have this week will be the
SVM keep star. I think it has like a day or two left on the bottom a force or it's dead. I don't know
Let me just check actually I was muted it's the whole time originally two days two days
So we'll be finishing off the that's the last keep starting to help the happy end and we have
three inquiries for inquiries
Two inquiries one in less sec. We'll need to move capital staging and a certain point up to deal with those
We're gonna kill us see them first before we do that. So yeah, so expect that to be
The order of business for next week in terms of cap movements and fleets. That's all thing if you are
someone that
Does all corp industry?
So if you have an old corp in the Alliance and you do a lot of industry you might be willing you might be wanting
to drop your own structures
We're gonna ask you to hold off on that for the minute. You have a new
Thing called cheesy which can be designed
Which is all about optimizing
locations for industry to be done so that
You don't fuck the indexes up and we don't also have you know, 30 40
maybe even 50 so to use that we don't need because
Caps and super caps aren't gonna be built as much currently so there's no reason for everyone to have a so to evil
well, there was still no reason for us to may have as many as we did before either but
Let's see. They're here or there
So I'm gonna I'll Kimmy's on muted. Can you go for the
cheesy stuff
Yeah, I can't remember if it was ever actually brought up on the fireside before
You know, I call them Oh someone posted already, okay, so basically
No member of clerks are allowed to drop industrial structures yet
In the meantime, we're setting up these
Kind of well men's called it like a Roman Legion
Clone stamp Photoshop tool kind of thing. We've got an optimized setup for
You know tech - and super is not that you can right now
And for building Citadel stuff like that and we're basically going around delve and clone stamping them in various systems
These are gonna be like kind of behind the 1d cue ball and behind the helms that deep wall
So the most offensive systems in delve, but the idea is it's all gonna be well documented
It's set up
and it's kind of like an all-in-one system with refinery and components and
You know advanced production tech - rigs like you name it everything you need to build
Any particular thing is all going to be in one spot
And very conveniently placed and it's all that stuff
So there's a thread that's set up
We kind of set up a couple of them behind one DQ while the war was still going
But everything was jammed so you weren't really able to use it
So that's all unjam now and open for business
If you keep refreshing the thread over the next week or so, there's going to be multiple more
GZ's set up
including one in the next 12 hours
That will actually be the first proper one with everything all built in these are open to everyone
Gonna be watching the indexes very carefully. And if the indexes get too crazy, we'll simply buy a new GZ even set up another one
So it's up to you to pick where you want to build your stuff
But they're all gonna be the same what else I mean, I think that's pretty much it the thread tells you everything you need to know
You've got any questions about it. You can PM Asher. I suppose you are someone who is
Industrially minded then you can you can deal with reading a thread. It's some pretty
Pretty simple. The actual says do not drop structures at the moment because they will be blown up unless they're sanctioned
Don't test him is a is a madman he'll do it on top of doing it
I want to get the biggest dread fleet we can to blow it up and whoever dropped it is paying for the fuel for it
So, please don't drop them
I mean, I really want you to so I can shoot one, but please don't do it
Request from angry mustache is the anti cherry-picking rule, which is something that cast me on the finance team. We've been working on this week
Yes. Hello, so
Everyone remembers the dark ochre rule, right?
Unfortunately things have changed they're no longer so easy now the valuable stuff in a NOMS is Merc
So we have updated the rule is as follows
There's no cherry-picking you must mine out all the crap in a NOM arc and our bis top whatever before getting to the merc oxide
If you want to mine the merc oxide you must contribute to the enoms
Can't sneak in and mine the merc after the rest of the crap is gone either
So this expands the cherry-picking rule to be like a bookend. There's two halves to it now
Yes times have changed
So keep an eye on this we've updated the official post which will now be linked
Great stuff. Does anyone have any questions?
Well, stop pushing your questions if you have any we can answer them
Like I said, this wasn't gonna be a particularly long fireside. Most of the people that aren't out partying are the weird
introverts so
This is why this fireside is like super fucking awkward, I guess
It's chill. It's minion day
To make it feel more like a mittens fireside eat my ass
There we go. Okay. Oh
And I want to give a shout out to G soul. Um
We ran a freighter fleet. I think that may have been one of the biggest Florida freighter fleets ever ran Friday night
We had to 50 some freighters 53 freighters
I think it fleet and over the course of 90 minutes we moved 550 million m3 worth of hardware
I thought it would take us like a day or two and we did it in an hour and a half
I have no that we've with you saw has done this week is they have dropped a keep star in
SKR so we have a keep start in SKR and a keep start in nol
So if you are someone with a super cap that is just returning to the game and your super is in
asset safety in our Marlin if
You have fuel and you want an idiot
You can undock from a Marlin and jump to a sign up in SKR and move your super back to Delphi
Would like to be super clear
Your super needs to be in a fleet with your son of all hope and you need to have your son
Haul in SKR with the Sun a lit already when you undock don't undock and then go. Oh wait. There's not a beacon there
if you
Have to actually think about what does he just said please wait and we will be doing some move ops to get stuff
I'm asking safety for everybody in the future once we have some Citadel stuff sorted
So if you know that you were dumb, please just wait
To be like redundantly clear here if you hit the undock button in our Marlin
You cannot re-dock and you can be hick pointed and shot
And there's a hostile keep star sitting off of the undock with 20 to 40 hostiles in it all the time
You will die within five minutes of them noticing that there's a avatar sitting on the station and not not going anywhere
Caps regular caps and anything else can just read ox you're perfectly safe. Well, I mean
Good always sighs but you know, I mean if you're in regular cap, you should be able to just undock and jump. No problem
like dress gears if you have a jump freighter or
Oracle you can undock and hit no or several other places and then jump to one to get one from there
if you're in a if you need to do like a
Titan super carrier dread facts capital or a carrier you can jump to SKR and then the whole in that one BQ
So I see a question asking for I infer I think we're a threat on PI. Someone can find it in the home ec forums
one thing that
rat night and the wiki guys have been working on this week is
Getting ready to post it probably won't be out today probably next week is a an updated
Writing guide thread since the what last one was posted nearly five years ago a lot has changed
In terms of the writing meta Adele and the game in general
It looks like marauders might be kind of a thing. So
You aren't scaling towards that and you you want thing to crap then maybe you should look into that
But the threat will cover, you know all the way up from burden riding to
Paladin riding or whatever
supers aren't really recommended at the moment just because
number one people are looking for easy kills and
Number two the rewards the risk to reward ratio is isn't there anymore
CCP do something with maybe super a norms with these at one point, you know
Also, keep in mind all the hostiles just left off and a lot of them didn't take their dreads with them
so I
Mean it's always been the case, but particularly now just keep in mind
There's a very large number of hostile dreadknots and looking for targets
If you have asset safety in off it you have to wait maybe about two or three weeks for a route to get placed for that
Then just just just leave them there for now
Yeah, leave your stuff and hoppy that came from fountain asset safety
There will be a chain in low sec from there back to Delphi to get stuff without you having to take gates and shit
Please just wait on it. What's there a medicine? I'm not sure. I don't think there was not
Everyone was busy. You got a good one today. That's pretty cool. What air of your body is this on? It's relatively safe
It's it's no dragon tattoo. Okay, but it's close
That's pretty badass
Once it's healed you should post another picture
It looks real cool. I will jump bridges be equal to the pre-war roots. Probably not. No
intradels temperatures will be
Familiar but maybe a little different will make some minor changes based on
Military needs and stuff so to get fleets and responses into the pockets and areas of Delphi need to quicker
So fountain the fountain highway, I'm assuming your meaning going from Y2 to J5a very quickly
I think that is a plan because that is logical way to set up fountain
Is to get from one end to the other as quickly as possible
Keep in mind guys. We have to have an I hub in a system for 36 days before we can put up jump bridges
So we're still a few weeks away before we'll be able to start doing that. We'll have the map now down before then
and ready to go
No, Matt the official announcement on my couch return is not in in the 70 yet
But yes, my council pretend to consume this garb is still work
It should do it probably tell you that your jump bridges are outdated and needs to be updated
But there there's a new testing release that was released just after the end of the war for people who want to download a new GTS
Yes, and the old version crashed like shit for me and the new version doesn't crash like shit for me
So everyone should get the new version
Okay, so I could make that that'd be cool. I was hitting other like burning questions for anyone. So
This is like a quick 20-minute version of a fireside. Oh, yeah
You can I could probably get out of here then if everyone's done with their questions. Make sure you join the delve
911 one word the LVE
911 on Java, I'll be where home defense stuff happens. So if you are
Someone who's an idiot and I get tackled
Just gonna join up
there's also still the
the join if you're a tackled mumble channel is still at the top and it still links to
Data comms which is still to hang out for the people doing home defense stuff
I'm trying to push so like home defense is gonna look a lot different
Don't be dropping supers and Titans on everything like we used to there's many reasons for that
If you don't get what the reasons are you shouldn't be doing it anyway?
But we're gonna have to be more proactive with sub cap defense
hunting down roaming gangs ESS
Whatever that thing I've I haven't actually been in any SS. I don't know what's going on there, but I'm sure we'll figure it out
Filament stuff like that. All that's gonna be done in the standing fleet
If you want to get in on the things you can join data squad, I'm gonna ban Ragnar from hanging it anymore
You quit because of that reason
Yeah, so hopefully we get some
Small gang stuff going on there. Okay. Well, so we're pretty much done. So thank you all coming. I know there's
I've been all as peppy as some mittens fireside
Nice relaxed. I hope you have a good weekend and
SBM keep stock in my own two days