Fireside Chat Transcript 22 Feb 2k20

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little bit quicker today because of the delay, and we do have a fleet that is on the way home
because unfortunately our enemies decided to run away and not engage rather than fight our glorious
Jeff warriors. So as usual for Firesides we do questions and answers in Elysium at So I will talk about some stuff and you guys can give me feedback or yell at
me and ask questions and maybe I answer them. And that's all in Elysium not in mobile.
So the very first thing I want to talk about here is about Jeff or Jif or Yif or whatever
we're calling it at the moment. And one of the challenges that we have is actually just
communicating to the line what a huge success it's been. Like at the Kremlin level and above
everybody is like "holy fucking shit this thing has gone off like a bomb, it's amazing, it's fantastic,
we love it." But because it's not a traditional war and we're fighting in the northwest where
like Sword Dragon stuff is on fire and collapsing and there's all this sort of chaos and stuff like
that, you know there's not necessarily any real indication for you guys like are we happy with
the Jif deployment? Like is Jeff doing well? Where are we going with this? Well it's
fucking fantastic. Like it's seriously this thing is one of the most successful
new projects that we have had in a while. The way that I am measuring the success of this is
uh fuck you Kakoyaki. Well done, you got me. It's gonna happen, it's gonna happen boys.
You gotta take your owns on the chin like a man and I just got owned. Anyway, but no seriously
like the Jif thing has been fantastic and I want to tell you a little bit about how we're measuring
it. We measure the success of Jif purely based upon how much you guys are having fun and how
much fighting you're doing. So when we started this project I got up and hurfed all these blurbs
about how I want to see Typhoon Fleet a day at minimum. Like I want FCs getting out there and
learning and potentially losing Typhoon Fleets and just you know get stuck the fuck in and see
what happens. The uptake level has been fantastic. Like it's genuinely been one of the most effective
and exciting new projects we've had in a while. We try new stuff all the time. You guys see this
if you've been with our organization. And when you try lots of things a lot of times the things
that you try fail. You have to learn from failure. You have to assume that things will not work,
learn from the mistakes and build from there. And I think a lot of the lessons learned went into
Jif in order to make the whole Jif thing into the success that it is today. So high fives all
around. We're really delighted by it and we hope you guys continue to be delighted by it. We know
you like it because the numbers on these fleets are crazy good and we're still seeing constant
combat and we're also seeing you Skirmish Commanders stepping up and our existing Skirmish
Commanders getting ever more levels of experience from it. And we've changed the fleet meta in EVE
Online with this deployment guys. Like that doesn't happen often. Like when you deploy some stuff a
lot of times the enemy will fight you but it doesn't really change. But it turns out that Typhoons and
Sackaliches are really really good and a lot of fun and so our enemies have had to adapt after
Moon and Fleet has been dumpstered.
So speaking on this, I am really excited about the Frigate Base ship. It is rare that we see a
genuinely new EVE come to EVE Online. If you aren't aware of this, CCP listed a dev blog just the
other day announcing that battleships will be able to put certain types of Frigates inside of them
and when you essentially instead of going to your pod when your battleship gets blown up you go to
your Frigate. And one of the reasons why I'm so excited about this is that we as an organization
historically are like the Imperium is the only group in the game that has ever put a thousand
battleships on a field. Like a lot you know pro legend a great indication of how cool the Frigate
Base thing is was I was spurring out on Twitter and talking about how great it was and ProGodLegend
popped up and said that he didn't think it was really going to be a big deal and it wouldn't
really matter and you know don't get too excited about it. So you know when ProGodLegend says it's
not going to be a big deal that we shouldn't care about it that I take that as evidence that my
excitement is entirely warranted and that it's going to be awesome. So there are already a lot
of opportunities there. We are going to be optimizing various Frigate roles for the best
possible types of Frigate to put inside of your Typhoon and basically I think it will help us
with participation a lot because you know we already have great participation with Typhoons
and stuff like that but we love Battleship Doctrines here in Goonstorm. We've always been
total like Battleship Doctrine horrors going all the way back to Baltic Fleets and putting a
thousand Megathrons on the field in 6VDT. It's kind of our thing and I think that the biggest
challenge with Battleship Fleets historically is always to convince people to be in a ship of the
line right like if you could get 200 Battleships and like 30 Lodgy and additional support vessels
you've got a tight comp that's going to smash everything especially if you stack a couple of
these fleets together. The challenge is how do you convince you know your line members to get
in a Battleship and give it a go. Now obviously with Typhoons that's not hard or with Megathrons
that's not hard because we love Battleships but what I'm excited about with the Frigate-based
stuff is that it will allow a degree of personalization for your Battleship so you'll
have a Typhoon but if you're like if your second ranked choice of what you want to do in a fleet
fight is to you know be E-War you put a Crucifier in there and if you your second ranked choice after
your Typhoon blows up is to help out with Lodgy you've got a T2 Lodgy Frigate in there or if you
want to like face f*ck and tackle the guy that blew you up and got you know the final blow if you know
who it was you have an Inyo in there and Heavy Tackle and you can go after them so I think that
people will want to bring Battleships more once the Frigate-based thing goes in and we are here
for exactly that kind of sh*t so there's a lot of cool sort of second layer doctrinal attrition
kind of stuff adding a fleet inside another fleet.
Okay so a few other items of business to go through. One of the things I want to talk about
is Space Coffins. The Jeff deployment has been so successful that we have noticed that there has been
some challenges. It hasn't been like a real issue in our Supercap Umbrella which incidentally we're
renaming. Kunmi came up with this originally we are going to start referring to what had been the
Supercap Umbrella as the Rihanna Sphere and if you are unaware of the why that there is a pretty
awesome video so it's the Rihanna Sphere we've just decided it's cooler to call it that instead
of Supercap Umbrella and Kunmi came up with that all credit to him. So other Empires may have
Supercap Umbrellas but only in the Imperium do you have the Rihanna Sphere.
And sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains do in fact excite me so I like Rihanna.
So where are we going with that? Why was I talking about Space Coffins? Why was I talking about the
Rihanna Sphere? One of the things that has happened because we have so many keep stars
in the Year of Our Lord 2020 is that our Supercapital pilots are not used to seeing
their Supercapitals as Space Coffins. Like back in the day before Keep Stars when you had a
Supercarrier or Titan that character was trapped we called them Space Coffins because they couldn't
dock in anything and you couldn't put the character into anything else and this was
bad gameplay design on a lot of levels but that was just a fact of life at EVE for many years.
And what we've realized with the success of G.E.F. is that a lot of people now no longer
have dedicated Supercap alts and if everybody's having so much fun doing the whole G.E.F. thing
then it's really getting hard for us to say "Hey come back to the Rihanna Sphere and work on that"
because we just sort of assumed for a long time that people had dedicated Supercap and Titan
alts and it turns out that the Year of Our Lord 2020 that is not the case. So I want to encourage
everybody if you are deployed on G.E.F. that while you are working on that just inject one of your
alts to make sure that it can run your Supercaps or your Titans or whatever you got back at home
in Delve while you are off working with El Jefe. Alts being all to cats I should say. Thank you
Robin Hood for clearing that up. Yeah back in the day EVE was much less civilized and you had to
have a dedicated character just to use a Supercap but could not dock it. It was a big pain in the
ass and so we have built up this huge Supercapital fleet but one of the things that the G.E.F.
deployment has revealed is that a lot of people are no longer bothering with G.E.F. alts and we
would like to encourage that while you're doing the G.E.F. thing that you have a Supercap alt that
can help manage the Rihanna Sphere back in Delve. And yeah essentially just inject an alt.
So yeah let's talk about some other things. I want to give I want to link this video here again. I
sent this broadcast out a couple days ago but I think it's very important for people to see
that who are our new allies that have been the first group that we have allowed to join the
Imperium in years. I think the last group that we let to join the Imperium was snuffed out that was
like three years back. And so Ranger Regiment, Iron Crown, Dracarys they have a Chinese language
talk show which is basically just the meta show in Chinese. And one of the things that really
resonated with me and I sent this broadcast around a couple days ago when we made the big announcement
is that these guys are so fucking proud to be part of the Imperium because and you can hear it in
their own words the link that I have has subtitles on it so you can just listen to these Chinese
EVE leaders talk about how they feel about the Imperium and how proud they are to be one of the
first entities in years to be allowed into the arms of our coalition and we are really proud to
have them on board. There is a we really haven't had any real troubles or teething problems with
it and I have been informed reliably by a leader in the Chinese community that I need to actually
watch Crazy Rich Asians the movie to understand what we're dealing with here because in a lot of
ways we're not dealing with just like regular old gamers there are actually some like fucking
Chinese like Crazy Rich Asians are involved with our allies which I think is really cool.
So I'll be watching that movie tonight with my girlfriend even though I hate romantic comedies
and shes too. But yeah it should be fun. So yeah our new allies are awesome things are going really
well we're very proud to have them on board and we're delighted to hear that they are proud of
joining us. So be cool or I shoot you. You guys know how this works. It is a technocratic autocracy
over here so there shouldn't be any issues and if there are issues we will shoot the issues.
I want to move on to the next thing which is a reminder that a new moon awaits for you in the
off delve colonies. We've talked about the off delve colonies in Quirious and in Period Basis
before and last week Tuzzy announced that we were opening up a ton of moons for rental in
Period Basis and that again you are outside of the beauty that is the Rihanna sphere when you
are in the off delve colonies. So you can expect no support, no umbrella, no Rihanna but you might
strike it rich so check that out if you're into that. Yeah and I've been repeatedly told that
Crazy Rich Asians is actually just legitimately really fucking funny independent of the whole
romantic comedy stuff but I have been told by an official honest to god Crazy Rich Asian who is
really fucking rich and I think he's based in Singapore that unironically if you want to
understand the Chinese community in EVE Online and at least some of the politics that are taking
place in the Chinese community in EVE Online to unironically watch Crazy Rich Asians and I think
you know I'll watch tonight and we'll fucking find out right? It should be fun.
Anyway let's see where we're going.
We talked about space coffins, we talked about a new moon awaiting you in the off delve colonies,
we talked about the Rihanna sphere, we talked about welcoming ranger regiments and friends and
taking a look at their version of the meta show, we talked about the frigate bays,
ah locus fleets, there are locus fleets tomorrow so be there if you want to make tons of money with
your roar qualls. If you are not going to be mining with a locus fleet remember that a locus
fleet is a huge target for our enemies now so I would ask you kindly to please bring your
super capital class vessel and we will temporarily move the Rihanna sphere to guard our locus fleet.
I think that being part of a super capital umbrella is sort of a boring and standard thing
now in EVE Online but that being part of a Rihanna sphere, awesome and sexy and badass.
So there you go.
Okay let's see let me take some questions. I think that's it in terms of bullet points
of shit that we're going through. Yes like the singer, that Rihanna.
Do I miss Nazal Ghul? No because I spend a bunch of time now on Twitter and we were chatting a
little bit back and forth on Discord before I got drafted meetings talking about you know
Bernie Burr stuff. So he and I like tag team together on Twitter and run around and okay
we're people and it's a lot of fun.
Other question.
Metagro tonight. Yes we will have Drone1 is going to be joining us and he is one of the leaders of
our new Chinese coalition members and he's also hilarious fun to talk to on Jabber. He uses all
these like really funny face emojis and he's just I've actually started referring to him and I hope
he understands that this is a very high compliment but he is very enthusiastic and I've started
referring to him as like a Chinese Enkosis and I love Enkosis and if you don't there's something
wrong with you. So basically like Drone1 is just incredibly chauvin and I love him and so he is
going to be on the Meta Show and I'm really happy to you know Brisk and I have a bunch of questions.
We're basically just going to try to dive into the culture. I think that learning about cultures
internationally is one of the fun sort of almost mini games of the EVE Online political meta game
which is like periodically there's these things where it's like okay well from my position as like
you know space emperor or whatever I'm like I'm gonna have to learn how Chinese culture works on
the mainland and how that's contrasted to the various other types of that culture and I need
to watch these movies and I learn these things and I gotta talk to people and it's it's just fun to
learn about stuff but you know whatever I'm a big f*cking nerd obviously I'm a big f*cking nerd
because I run an EVE Alliance so there you go.
All right boys and girls so I need to I actually have like one of those fancy
talking head earpiece microphones that or earpiece speakers that that Brisk uses on the Meta Show
and apparently this means that I'm gonna have to run like six feet of cable up underneath my shirt
in order to get ready for the f*cking Meta Show to use this thing so I don't have airpods sticking
out of my ears so I'm gonna take one more question and then we're gonna call it for today and then
it'll be you can see a broadcast if you're part of the INN broadcast group we'll send
a ping about the Meta Show. I'm gonna take one last question.
What's my favorite color red or black? Basically it's a toss-up.
My favorite color is really a combination of red and black.
Arendas asks if we're using the Rihanna sphere does this mean those moon b*tches better have our money?
Yes very much. How is my Necromunda gang going? Oh god the problem is I said I was gonna answer
one question and these questions that I'm getting asked are things that I really enjoy talking about
so after the Meta Show today I will be completing my conversion. This is turbo nerd sh*t guys you
do not need to listen to this you can just go off and live your lives but you know
Kairos asked and so brace yourself. I spent yesterday and today I'll be completing adding
a Vulkite Culverin of conversions from Forge World onto some Subjugators from Necromunda
along with like gas mask helmets and basically like it's just some turbo nerd sh*t but it's
f*cking awesome and I've won every single game I've played four games of Necromunda one all four
top of the league high fives all around and that is that. I have a bunch more questions I appreciate
that you guys are asking me a whole bunch more questions but I have to shut up and get ready for
the Meta Show so I'm not really going to apologize for delaying the fireside we will usually delay
firesides if we think our fleets are going to have a fight because the fights matter more than me
talking so thank you guys so much for coming we will be here again next week and yeah keep on
keeping on with the Jeff and keep on kicking ass and think about what you want to put inside your
Typhoon. Thanks for coming.