Fireside Chat Transcript 22 May 2k22

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Alright boys and girls we're gonna get started here in a few minutes. I know that a bunch of people are in fleets in another channel
Especially if you are a hacker you're a fucking hero
I've got a bunch of things to say about the importance of f2 hacking and how much it has allowed us to accomplish today
Not just today the last couple of regions
Here we are halfway through region number three
It's pretty fucking badass
Just like at the loom meeting this week we actually have a shitload of stuff to go over
But I'm gonna blast through it as quickly as possible because we need to get out to murder murder murder
We're gonna be talking about that murder and what to look forward to in the next couple days
All right
I'm gonna start this out here by showing you if you haven't taken a look at it yet and
Since there's 850 people on mumble. There's 370 in the fireside. We have a bunch of people that are out on ops again
Hopefully you guys can hear this on the recording. I
Checked in with the FCS before the fireside. They told me to just go ahead and hit it and quit
So take a look at fucking tinnitus. Let's go ahead and get in on this
I've often been in the situation where I have wanted to have offensive punitive operations against our enemies and
After a certain number of regions usually one or one and a half people will get tired people will flag
They will stop turning up to fleets. They will stop sending hackers to fleets. That has not been an issue
We always need more hackers and we need more people in fleets and that's great. But I really want to
Hand out just a shitload of gold stars here guys
I am delighted that I am able to begin this fireside with a map of Tenerife's which has already been half-glassed
This is a relentless amount of work. You guys have been out there all day every day
Sometimes the puppies form a lot of times the puppies hide. We know that they have
North of a hundred and seventy dreadknots in around the area. They flash that card at us a couple of weeks ago
They have not used them yet, but we know that they have this dread bomb
We know that the enemy PL and NC dot have deployed against us out of XVV
Which is conveniently one midpoint away from our stager
I want to talk about stagers here because I want to address those of you that have been so willing
to follow the purge fleets and remain
Restage time after time after time we are not going to be restaging
Anytime soon when I say anytime soon, I mean, you know next, you know couple of weeks or something like that
Basically, you guys kicked so much ass and purged so quickly that we had to hop hop hop hop hop and now we are in
Jiy, you know CCP has J I
Not the one with attack on it
There we go. If you have been sitting around being confused as to where we're fucking staging on this Jeff deployment
You are not alone
We have had to stage and stage and stage because the enemy has retreated retreated retreated
And I want to give you guys an overall picture as to where we are what we are doing and why it matters
So first of all if you needed proof that these guys were pappies still the fact that PL and NC dot
Deployed to help them the fact that Horde is here to help them the fact that what was left of test at least showed up
A few times in theory to try to help them as incompetently as they can
That is all the evidence you need to know
These are pappies
These are pappy territory and they want to stop you from getting the vengeance that we are seeking here
Our job is to glass this fucking region
We know that they're gonna come after us again because that's what they always
Inevitably do and this is a huge opportunity while they're on the run to just twist the fucking knife. We've been doing that
It's been fantastic
And especially I want to give a huge shout out to everybody that has hopped in a hacking ship
Under the leadership of some of our new rising stars. I mean, it's not new
He's been with our organization for a long fucking time. But unfortunately, he keeps doing the competence thing
I've got a big shout out here for vex to snipe who has been helping manage hackers on the field
So if you are looking to do anything possible to help out look at that map of tinnitus
Look how much purging we have done. We need more hackers
We need them now if you're in a situation listening to this fair side and you're like gosh
I could get in my fucking f2 hacker and do something useful. Please do we have
Optimized the systems ever better such that it is. Well, and you can see the results for yourself
I mean look at fucking dot lab that is that is a good proper glassing and progress
We do need more though. So vex and everybody who has been doing work in the hacking trenches
This win is because of you guys and we really appreciate it
Got some questions here in Elysium and I'm gonna give away some bingo bait here for my friend BP
This is obviously you ask questions in Elysium at You don't put them in mumble and
We are gonna have doing we are gonna have more shout outs never fear
There's a lot but there is a question of is this gonna be in perium space and no we are just sweeping through here setting
Everything on fire and we will be fucking off once we are done purging burning and killing
Welp squad apparently just went out there and owned some faces high five was high fives boys and girls
Okay, it's always interesting to do these firesides when there's a whole bunch of different things happening
So right now you guys might be thinking. Oh, hey, we're glassing tennerfas. Hey, the bad guys have retreated to 4060p
Oh wait 4060p the fort there has been
Knocked into I don't know which it was gonna be armor whole timer coming up next but we've reinforced that we've got their fucking
I hub in 4060p, which is their latest stager
You might have gotten confused if you're confused about goons form and imperium stagers
Don't worry. The enemy is also confused about their own because they had some stuff in t2
Then they ran to dz6 then we purged that we purged t2 - and now they're in 4060p, which has also been reinforced
So at every opportunity we have to knock these guys's shit into asset safety where due to the joys of retarded
It's harder and harder for people who are not as well off and as well organized as we are to get their shit out
This is every opportunity you have to put them on the run and then hit them again
and again is more shit just fought flying into the void, which is excellent and as
Applepear pointed out they started in tr07 and also had in x5
So there are a lot of stagers changing because the bad guys are getting their asses kicked by you
Glorious motherfuckers that are turning up to twist the knife. So we appreciate that. Okay. I have a bunch of interesting economic stuff
It's actually interesting because it will relate directly to war and murder, but we're gonna be talking about that next week
We've got a bunch of directors who are working hard to analyze some
Things and there's going to be an announcement of what we're going to be doing next week. We're going to get the
Capital production lines churning again and get as many, you know, you guys know how we roll, right?
If we're at war we are killing puppies
And as soon as we have the ability to make the big boy toys again, which is what we're working on
We're testing to see how the new supposedly unfucked CCB system is working
And once our test runs are done, then we're gonna open the floodgates
We'll have a lot more information about that next week, but this is not just a matter of hey guys
We're purging tenerefist and there's nothing else going on
We've got the tenerefist purge and then there's some I think it's gonna be pretty interesting big plays and big projects
We're gonna be talking about it next week's fireside. You guys know me
I always want to talk about things early before they're ready because if I get a bug up my ass
I'm like, oh, here's this cool new thing
But I am being very restrained here because the adj is just waiting in the wings to talk shit about how I can't keep my mouth
Shut see see look
So anyway, I'm gonna I'm gonna go I'm gonna go
I'm gonna go into some of the more more detailed bullet points here for you guys
So there's a bunch of other shit going on. We are collectively on fucking our organization
We've been shaking the dust off. We have been
Just optimizing and on fucking in org after org after org part of that has been the relentless
Nagging you have all received about ES eyes
Nobody likes getting nagged about anything, but it is important and honestly
I'm really happy that rat night decided he wanted to jump on this grenade and chase everybody down you have been
Bombarded with pings you have been bombarded with forum mails. And at this point if you're purged for ESI non-compliance
We don't really have much more we can do we are trying to reach everybody
Check your shit
And if you find yourself purged from the organization and our IT side of things because of that
We did try to warn you. So please check your shit if you've got an alt-corp in goons for we need you to do a
bang bang corp check non-compliant all the corps are gonna start getting removed this week and
This does apply to your friends that are playing other games like particularly people who have taken a break or have wandered off or something
Like that or if you're on a corp discord with them or whatever
Reach out to your friends and let them know that they need to check their ESI stuff
this is a
Consequence of success actually which is kind of a funny thing to be saying our developers have been doing a tremendous
Amount of heroic work right like we are able to talk about hey, we've got our shit, correct
And so now we can bring all of our ESI stuff into compliance. We can get our alt corps figured out
We've sorted out a bunch of the Geiss and manager issues all of this stuff is a credit to the developers that have been busting
Tons of ass and some of them have been doing things on stuff. I can't even talk about on fireside. So high-fives all around
I've got another very specific couple of shout outs here. This is great. I love having specific shout outs
Name us a dear Ian name us a dear Ian has been doing heroic work on caps from fuel contracts along with a bunch of other
Caps from fuelers
It is not easy being a caps from fueler when we are relentlessly chasing the pappies further and further
Well, I guess now they're on the border of dead or it
They're still technically in tennerfus. They're just they're just as far away from us as they possibly can get and
that is
Yeah, again staging systems things been moving around a lot. We're gonna be here where we are for a while
We're gonna let everybody catch up. This campaign is not over. You guys have been kicking tons of ass
look at what is left of tennerfus and
Please do get into you JIY with everybody else and be nice to your fucking caps from fuelers
They do a ton of work to get your fat ass the fuel you need to be where you are
More more shout outs more
Officer cat one cat doing recon and move ops all the time. We also have scouts - it's not just recon the scouts
Look at the fucking Scout channel if you're involved in scouts, you know, what's up? So we've really been
unfucking and I
Say successfully deploying our military and you know, we've obviously we've had some
missteps and oops and whelps along the way because it's goons worm and that's what we do
but the other thing that goons worm does better than
Basically everybody else is when we get our our faces smashed into brick wall at least after a couple of times
We learn from our mistakes and we pivot and we unfuck so there's been a lot of that going along
Going around and I'm very happy with that. I
Want a
When we're talking about hackers one other thing here, it's not just about getting an f2 hacker and go do your thing
Which is wonderful
Gsfoe is a whole hacking organization and they deserve shout outs and membership as well
And yes cat von cat you did in fact get a shout out high fives and you just turned up to to hear that
So, there you go
There are some stuff here that I can't talk about until next week. So I'm not gonna talk about it. Alas, let me check my nudes
All right. Let's go ahead and take some questions here
Believe I've given a whole bunch of shout outs. There's stuff I'm excited about for next week, but I can't talk about it
Now we're also get yelled at even more
Absolutely goon Berlin it is July 9th and 10th
All of us are going to be descending there if you skipped out on fan fest
Even if you attended fan fest, we all want to get a chance to see everybody and I am very excited about the idea
It's gonna be huge. It's gonna be crazy
I have never actually partied in Berlin, which is a huge oversight on my sort of globe-trotting cosmic wretchedly cosmopolitan
You know Club Kid resume, so we're gonna unfuck that
So if everyone if you're holding back on stocking the market and doing the whole supply chain thing into
Ji1, please get with it. We are gonna be serious about this one. We're not going anywhere for at least a little bit
We do understand that it has been very difficult to keep up the supply chains considering the enemy keeps retreating and we keep purging
everything that they know and love but we're feeling pretty good about this stager and
Please do get it stocked properly. Do I have more pings of despair from Constantine about Tenefis?
Yes, I do. Let me take a look at this one and see if it's safe to release. Oh
All right
Well, I'm just gonna go so fuck it dude Apple and my cool to just ping this to everybody then because then I can just
Okay, so this is
News then tomorrow
Tomorrow this is for 4060 P which is the latest stager that they have hidden in and it's the one that's bordering up to deter it
quote max quadra Penta CTA
He's never said this before so, you know, it's super super serious. It was a max quadra Penta four times five CTA. I don't know
1500 Eve tomorrow it's gonna be an early form up, but that kind of makes sense considering the timers
They have they're forming at 1500 Eve tomorrow and he says quote
Potential last fight of this war tomorrow. We are going to fight all day. Try to be early
content from morning is coming unquote and
This is hot off the presses as of seven minutes ago in the middle of this fucking fireside
so I'm literally just gonna copy and paste this bad boy and
Ping the entire fucking Imperium because I love my job. Enjoy. Okay. All right
Get your shit into ji1
Stock that market get shit on contracts and get ready for a fuck fest tomorrow
In fact, if you can participate in the fuck fest today, there is a fuck fest. Look at look at tenerife's
It is burning as we speak
so what I want people to be doing in the immediate aftermath of this fireside if you have not already
Taken one of your alts and put it in one of the hacking fleets. We're gonna sweep this fucking region
We're gonna burn down everything that these people know and love that is not fast enough to get out of our tantrum radius
And the more of you that turn up with bells on today and tomorrow if you can be there early to interdict
Whatever these fucks are up to then it's gonna be great. I am very excited to see what happens here
I'm delighted that this guy made the error of telling us when their
Quadra max of penta CTA is gonna be during the middle of a fucking fireside. So 1500 Eve tomorrow
Onwards that's when they're turning up and we're gonna see what we can fucking do
Boy oh boy a
They done did it now guys. They done did it. So I don't know if this is going to be the last fight
I don't know why he's saying it's the last fight because him saying it's the last fight implies that we are going to be
Stopping fighting this ends when we say it ends not when Constantine the sincere says it is
But if he wants to tell everybody tomorrow that they're gonna have some sort of a last stand
What that tells me and what I can tell you is is that tomorrow the puppies might actually fucking fight
properly against us and
That would be glorious. Remember they brought more than 170 dreads down here. They showed them two weeks ago
Technically they showed 163, but I believe they brought some more into the theater
We may see some action PL and NC daughter here. They're in XVV. It's right there
So 4060 P tomorrow is gonna be fucking hot and we are gonna bring it
We are gonna fucking bring it
Canadians have the day off tomorrow if it's Victoria Day, that's fantastic. Okay. Yeah, so I wasn't
Another shout out for fucking vex to snipe there plus two hubs one during the fireside
Amazing work absolutely amazing work if you've tried out hacking before and gone gosh, this isn't very well organized or gossip
I'm not so sure about that
we've been doing a lot of work and trying to make hacking more efficient and more entertaining for everyone and
The proof is in the pudding
It is a different environment out there and please do get involved doing in coat and toast for the first time today with seven characters
Hail Satan my dude hail Satan. All right
Shout out to rat night for chasing all the space paperwork on out what corpse actually already give him a shout out but he deserves
Another one because he jumped on a grenade that not many people would be willing to do
I know it sucks to get nagged about the ESI stuff
I know it's not entertaining but it is very important organizationally because that is how we keep the fucking spies out or we track the spies
Absolutely, I haven't given much bingo bait today. I suppose I
Asked CSM ballot that would be correct. I'll see SM silly season has begun as you've seen we had a
Teach-in on the fireside yesterday
this economy needs
this economy
Both Kazan air and angry mustache to be there to help teach them how their game actually works to better and fuck it
There's nobody in the organization
There's nobody in the galaxy who has better finance know-how and more detailed gritty in-game know-how about market trends and how everything actually works
Then that tag team of Kazan air and angry mustache and of course our allies in the initiative are running brisk and pando
We will we have a few other candidates as well
I've said before if we get three we're happy if we get four worse
I think and as somebody pointed out on the meta show yesterday and I thought this was very clever if we get five
CCP changes the voting system such that we can't ever do that again. So that's what to expect for CSM stuff guy
All right. I really want you guys to consolidate in J. I'm gonna try to get it, right
It's always weird when CCP has the eyes and the ones together. It's super easy to slip up on its
Ji1 ji1 ji1 ji1 ji1
Stock that market we're gonna be staging for the purge out of there
We're gonna be settling in for a little bit
Which I'm not gonna say the exact dates or times on this obviously because the enemy is listening
But I know we've been moving stagers like every fucking week and we're gonna be here for a hot minute guys
We will attempt to get move ops going for tomorrow's fuck fest
And so I'm gonna say that now for the cord team and everybody involved in Jeff
We are gonna want to do that
We're gonna be pushing goons into this
Remember the leader of the enemy coalition has in the middle of this fireside sent a ping saying that tomorrow is going to be quote
The last fight of this campaign unquote
certainly might be the last fight that they want to have we are going to bring them a present and
If it is actually the last fight we will see because that's up to us it's not up to them as
The unfortunately the ad just spoiled it it is not going to be the last fight
It is not going to be the last much of anything
Except perhaps the last gasp of this dumb motherfuckers credibility in front of the rest of the game, but there you go, okay?
One last question here actually a couple of them. Sorry guys. I again haven't done much bingo bait
As Casa d'or points out we definitely need people to train dread alts as you can see we are using dreads
We are using capital ships
We're even using Titans and supercars and anger on a regular basis because we come to fuck this is who we are
It's what we do. So absolutely trained red are dread alts a
question from Gavin is
Why are we horse trading the puppies versus just going fuck it with the goon ballot as per last year?
We always horse trade with the puppies in some capacity last year
We were in the middle of a gigantic fucking war and this year a lot of the puppies that we were at war with are
Not actually pappies anymore, and I think this is an important thing to highlight as we are at war with the pappies right now
In the aftermath of us winning the Vietnam War so conclusively
Several alliances that were pappies looked around and said you know what I don't have to be a pappy
Brave decided that they didn't want to be pappies fraternity. I haven't really seen them running around with the pappies
There's been a few ops that fraternity has engaged in but there are entities out there that have chosen
To no longer be pappies so when we are shitting on the pappies that we are fighting here
And we're talking about the pappies in general keep in mind
They are no longer the entire galaxy and we want to encourage other people that used to be pappies to get a fucking life and
Stop licking elf boys ass and maybe go try to find a fucking spine because if brave newbies can do it
Nobody else has a fucking excuse all right is PI important. We actually haven't talked about PI yet
We almost always talk about PI. There's a bunch of other stuff to talk about that
We'll be talking about next week
But if we could get the links from home economics dropped here like we always do we are in
Desperate need of all that PI as we are building up the drives within delve to do things you'll hear about more next week
Okay, war and murder must be our priority. We need more hackers out there. We need you guys going on ops
We're being very efficient about this most of Tenerife's has just been set on fire be around tomorrow from 1500 on
I know it's early if you can make it if you can manage to do so in the aftermath of this fireside
We need people to get hackers and fleets we need people going on fleets because there are more iHubs that are gonna go boom
Today and then tomorrow early on from ji1
You're gonna be seeing tons and tons and tons of action so for spin today looking to your war gear getting your shit
Correct getting into the staging system making sure that contracts are stocked making sure that everybody is ready to rock and then
Then keep fucking purging iHubs through the night and then stabby stabby knife twisty tomorrow for quote the last fight of the campaign
If these guys want to bring all of their fucking dudes tomorrow because it's not just Legion of Death
It's not just fire that have pinged us all the fucking pappies that are involved in this fucking thing are gonna be there tomorrow
So fuck them
Let's throw them a party. I will see you next week
We will be around through tonight and tomorrow burning these fucking regions down
I'm very very proud of all of you you purged the faith abolis
You purged Amist and now look at the wreckage of Tenerife's and we are almost there
Almost there for a third region in a row of glassing and that is gonna feel really fucking good
Let's get back out there. I will see you next week