Fireside Chat Transcript 22 Oct 2k22

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Alright, can you guys hear me?
Okay, get your stopwatches ready.
Okay, let's go.
Vegas is happening. A lot of people are there.
Hope you guys are having fun.
Co-ord is doing recruitment for the EU times zone.
I'll drop a link after I talk about this.
We want you to build PI. Get lots of PI.
It helps us build things, including crab beacons.
Speaking of crab beacons, home defense is going super well.
We're getting, like, lots of fights.
I was in a fight yesterday. We killed, like, 100 stabbers.
It was really fun. CCP announced four new faction treads.
Those are gonna be pretty awesome. Maybe we'll see.
Maybe they're gonna come snipers. I'm pretty happy about that.
University is doing a Thunderdome.
It's gonna be right after the fire, sir.
That should be fun.
100 people on the watch list. This is a new thing you can do.
That's gonna be an addition. They're actually changing faction warfare.
Lots of other changes are happening.
I hope you enjoyed my 60-second fireside. Goodbye.