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Alright boys and girls, we're gonna get started here in a couple minutes. Let me get my shit together. There are a
Lot of entertaining things happening in EVE Online these days. It's it's been a wild a couple of weeks
Unfortunately due to future plans those of you that are here early and get your bingo cards early
You already get to have a future plans bingo square. I'd be very careful about what I say
Otherwise the black hand and the Diplo's will have aneurysms
hopefully not as bad as terminal insanity in our tech a local the other day, but
You know
One can only hope all right. There's a fleet coming back and they want a few minutes
Where by a few I mean three that is cool. I will wait
That's how long me to get my shit together here. Anyway, all right
People want stories and they want to hear how the fish are doing. We had a hangout
I actually have a fish nonsense story. This is a complete time waster
but as novice fish enthusiasts, usually you begin with hanging back filters and
Eventually enough of the fucking things break that I was glad I had some sponge filters on on hand in our bar tank
We've got this big ass
Gobi and a gourami and barbs
This used to be the Mad Max tank. It's not anymore
we've shifted to a sponge filter and it's great because it's so fucking quiet because
Bob's suck. So we're sort of at that one and a half year fish enthusiasm mark where we're finally coming around
But the elder statesman had said that we would naturally do after we've gone through three or four filters and had various adventures
So that's cool. All right, so
Actually, I'm just gonna wait for that plate to get here train stories, okay
I got train stories actually we opened up our porch with a fireplace. The the stove out there was busted
we got that fixed and
The entire porch is a hobby area
I got I started out with model railroading when I was a little kid in America and that means American trains and then as I got
older decided that I wanted to get something into something really snobby and hard to get into and
Expensive because I make terrible life decisions
That's not actually true, but I really like the look of early British trains
And so I've been importing double-o gauge things from like Hatton
Battlefield and watching like trainsburg videos about early British railways and they call them railways and not railroads and
Here you go
And actually this details it - does miss Mitani have hobbies? It's been the train stuff is accelerated because
I've gotten a bunch of structures that were cardstock
I gotta make paper models of goods yard at a station and all the stuff and they looked very very
Time-consuming and over the Christmas break
She broke out the superglue and just built all the structures to a much more perfect level of quality than I would have done
So I was like, well, okay, I guess I'm gonna make a fucking railroad now
So that's pretty cool. It's a lot easier to get something together
If you have help did did you guys I want to talk about partials and stupid if we do we need to where is that?
Fleet I see the numbers have gone up here. I don't know guys hanging
Alter already just a scream in Olesya on your
Got your guys back one jump out. Excellent. Yeah, I want to get like ultra nerdy and
It needs to be relatively flexible
So I'm using like kato unit rack in HO because moving around stuff like that
so we just have a bunch of really nice structures and snap track on the floor, but I'm like getting into like
Trains are expensive now, by the way
Like essentially put computers in the fucking things like back in the day when I was a kid there
You know, I just went back for work, but it
They're they're they're chipped and you can program them and they do all this like amazing autistic stuff
but unfortunately the effect that is that like get a new high-quality loco with good sound and it's like this thing costs 200 pounds Oh
You know what 300 bucks out of fire for a loco. I
Do love a Bachman 1p. It's like a
Midland one-peat thing if people want to get what that is, but it's like
Nice engine. Alrighty, the fleet is done guys are
The but to answer the bigger questions the main three hobbies here recently that haven't been everly to have an accommodation of me assembling
Gundams train nonsense and fish nonsense. I
Do like old trains I've been fascinated by broad gauge stuff, but you can't get them in production
There is like a super maker crafty like this group of people that are there's a broad gauge rail society
That's doing all the way really early shit, but I am kind of lazy and I would prefer to have the beautiful model
Just sort of hand to me to play with it
Rather than actually trying to develop the skill to like play track by hand or anything like that effort to profit
Okay, I will post some pics of the train crap once we have something worth showing but that'll probably be soon
okay enough about my hobby crap, there's been a whole bunch of interesting things putting an eve online and
That means that we are very much in the join six and squads future plans zone
Where the entire directorate watches the fireside and hopes that I don't say the quiet part out loud about what's going on
So interesting times I hope that you guys do have your your blood up
I can't promise anything like a big deployment and I would be stupid for me to do because there's no reason to do that
Right now I want us making money. I want us doing our thing
But what I want you to see from a big picture perspective is that there is going to be more opportunities for us to punish the pappies
just like we did to a whim and our tack a and
the situation in the Galactic East is sort of
Chaotic and where there is chaos there is opportunity and at any opportunity where we see the bad guys
You know, let's say that there's a test fleet that's overextended. Let's say that there's a fight over in esoteria
There's some sort of weird shit happening or whatever and we find that there's an engagement
We can get stuck in and we can delete a test fleet. We can delete a fire fleet
We can bring the pain to those that attempted to exterminate us. We're gonna do it
It's sort of like an ambush predator kind of strategy. I'm very happy to have
The rest of the game play cards make mistakes play the game. That is good
But remember all again at the first opportunity they believe that they can't write
Maybe that's in a few months from now. That would be stupid for them to do but maybe it isn't a few months from now
There's discussions about how CCP is finally seeing the light and maybe they're gonna actually change things for citadels in some sort of way
And since citadels are probably going to be nerfed at some point
It wouldn't surprise me if the pappies, you know, maybe pickles is off snowboarding, right?
So maybe this isn't happening
But we do have to assume that if CCB changes something to citadels that maybe pappy will assemble again
And so in the meantime, I want to try to
Irk as many of them as we can and so far you guys have been doing that
I was just examining the numbers of active characters between various alliances. I'm not normally a kill board guy
This was related to something completely, you know separate from war related stuff
But it was interesting to see that there are north of 3,000 active characters in a goon swarm right now
there are like 2,500 characters active in like FRT and horde and
There's only like 760 characters that are active in test
so you can see that the
The system is working the zone of rot thing is working and we are just gonna keep punching downward on these people
Whenever we have an opportunity to because we will never forget that they are enemies and that given an opportunity
They will all blob up together and come at us again. And we are
we don't have our heads up our asses about that, so I
believe that Eve online is headed into a
Interesting time in the next six months over the next six months now
That doesn't mean six months of nothing
That means that any time there could be some precipitating events that kick off some wildly unpredictable things
For example, number one, of course is the Artak AR keepstar incident now
We didn't necessarily do that though credit to fucking hyper viper for getting involved with this
And helping deal with that
Obviously, there's a pancake wolf joke to be made about that too in a good way
but that is an example of a
Pappy going along and making a critical error and us being in a position to strategically
Capitalize upon it and punish them to reduce their forces or take them off the chessboard completely
So we're in a place here where again my fit one of my favorite quotes
Never interrupt your enemy when they're making a mistake. Our enemies are making mistakes
We are on the lookout for opportunities and now you guys have seen I have proof of what I have been saying
I've been telling you that we're gonna look for opportunities that we're gonna do these things. We're gonna try it
We're always gonna remember Pappy's gonna come after us
And now you have seen that we are not just gonna sit on our asses and delve and make isk
We are gonna sit on our asses and delve and make isk, but also
But also whenever we have an opportunity to punish those that vowed to exterminate us
We will take opportunity and we will twist that knife as hard as we possibly fucking can and then we will wait for the next
Opportunity while arranging in the shadows to line up said opportunities because if you're fighting fair, you're not fighting at all
But that's the quiet part. We're trying to say that out loud
What else is going on the elephant in the room, which is the downfall meme in the room?
Is that in c-dot NPL have deployed to venal?
Clear venal they are doing it for eight weeks
Potentially it could change right just because they said they're gonna be there for eight weeks doesn't mean that they will
Maybe they'll come and whatever I had kind of thought that they were gonna I said this on the meta show yesterday
I had kind of thought that they were going to blob up with horde and test and fire
And attempt to do something on the eastern front, which is very much in chaos and that's good
It's in chaos because a woman has ceased to exist and the initiative has a keep star and DTP
So join six and squads and look to the future for opportunities
This is not going to be a scenario where we are sitting here and nothing is going to be happening in eve online
There's a scenario where we are very very much looking for opportunities wherever they may be and conveniently
We have the largest and most effective spy network in the history of online gaming looking for those opportunities
And we will pounce on them
You will get about as much notice on the pouncing as we did with a whim thing, right?
Like that happened and we launched into attack mode and holy crap. Did we get a lot of stuff?
Holy holy fucking shit. Did we get a lot of stuff a lot of stuff?
In none of our estimations did we
Expect that we would get it
We didn't allow ourselves to dream that would be would be able to do that
There will be more pinatas in the future. There will be more blood orgies in the future
We won't necessarily have the same situation with hostiles fucking with us during that
Because not every pinata is going to have a hostile for czar on the same grid. However
Despite some people having meltdowns in local
I was very proud about how we pivoted and changed our plan planning is everything plans are useless
We had a whole plan about how we're gonna manage this
And how we were gonna like scout the loot and do this and do that and when all the bad guys turned up to is
Like okay ditch that everybody just got stuck in and make mistakes and then pretty rapidly over the course of an hour and a half
Two hours we dialed it in we went from what the fuck are we doing - oh, okay
We can coordinate our target locks to ensure that we can hold all the shit on the field
Nuke the bad guys and then we figured out how to extract from a hot grid
I was very proud of us as an organization that we were able to be out there in a
Emergent gameplay scenario and get fucking paid and then it was fucking hilarious when as we were still engaging in the largest
salvage operation in the history of online games
I'm reading posts from test guys going like test got a supercharger in 60 billion is and we're just fucking
Laughing our way to the bank here. So
It is definitely one of the scenarios where not everybody got a big payout. Not everybody got the lucky can I went out there myself
I tried to open a few cans and I didn't find shit besides fireworks and storage containers
But the important thing is is that by and large our organization just drank their fucking milkshake and that doesn't typically happen
As you guys know in these wars in nullsec
We blow up Alliance assets and Alliance assets are paid for with Alliance SRP
so essentially hit people at that layer, but you don't typically get a chance to just really the other guys and
Added it to your line members hangers and we have more stront than we know what to do with which is excellent
The entire scenario was all looking forward to more we got
For what we had. Let's see
We got between 16 and 19 super isn't sure exactly what the the number on that was because it's actually been hard to keep track
Of how much we thought because there's been so much of it the Alliance
Most of those have been sold now. We slower split them all
surge wars in space
We got a setio we got four for his ours. We got a jump gates. We got a Tatar for Astor houses for
400,000 fuel blocks
3 million sort of
well fittings 45 noctuses 10 years
Know why the state collected those but I think muscle the gears must have been the hangers are
to jump freighters probably 30 capitals
And then for what the jump freighter services have been to now we are estimating what you guys to come
we can only estimate what you guys took home based off of the collateral of the contracts and the jump freighter services from ITL and
we've got
I said this on that show at least half a
Trillion s or as we're all doing move ops or the stuff that you moved yourself from our tack a back to delve
We don't have that as part of the statistics. So high fives all around
We made out like bandits
fucking bandits
I'm getting for jump freighters. That's that's even better
so obviously we're gonna look for opportunities like that in the future and we're gonna do a better job of it because we have now been
Blooded and done some emergent gameplay and come up with some systems
How much stront did we get I am curious on an actual like statistic on that?
There's rumors about this like mega strong can I know that we got a ton?
But I'm gonna wait for Billy or G Saul any of the G Saul guys who know what the fuck to get the real number
All right. So there's a few things I want to talk about here that are economic
But they're economic in the context of war because that's all I care about
The goal for us I've said this before and we've been in the situation before guys
we were in this situation right after the casino war where it was our job to
figure out how to make at the maximum value out of our territory and
Do so competitively beat the other guys about making sure the other guys are not getting as much value from their territory as we are
And lapping the puppies because we know that they're gonna come after us because that's all they know how to do. So
We are expanding the GZs there's going to be some more work done on that
There are also I continue to be impressed and I think we should all be impressed when we see the hypothetically fixed in the our report
From CCP showing that of anybody in null sec
It's delve and then a few more regions down you get to some veil the silent fraternity action
But most of our enemies have not managed to rebuild their economies in the same way that we are already all over it
and I want you guys to continue to get rich because
Getting rich turns into war strength, which we then use to murder the pappies. So that is cool and good
we are able to rip through our moons because the locust sig has been expanded to include barges and exhumers and
Everybody over there Ragnar Don and I could give more shout outs
But I need more names to give shout outs to but very happy with how the locust sig thing has been working because you guys
have been kicking ass and mining like motherfuckers and
Nobody else is doing it at the scale that we are so that makes me very happy
Some of the other things that are going on
Yeah, the CCP thing let me take a look at this as far as I can tell
The doctor who event is working the ESI is on the fritz
So I actually can't get a current number of concurrence and somebody see how many people are playing the fucking game right now
Please because that is one thing CCP is not doing right is that the fucking
Nations have been shorting out across everybody's empires. Thank you. We're above 30k
That's what I wanted to see because we were at 33 yesterday and it was great. So
If people in high sec like the doctor who event that's wonderful. That's fantastic
We want people playing the game if CCP realizes that maybe they should
listen to the players about stuff and are talking on podcasts about how they're gonna
Actually do something about the Citadel situation and start actually improving things in the game
That is also cool and good
Our policy has always been just like during the incarnate crisis
Our policy has always been if they play ball
We will play ball beatings will continue until morale improves if we're taught he turns around and starts hurting blurfs like he did on this
Podcast I want you guys to be aware of this
I don't want to be screaming about it from the rooftops, but I want you to be aware about this
This guy goes on the declarations of war podcast and he's all blah blah blah
Well, you know, I don't really think jump freighters are good and you know hinted that like grayscale
They want to get rid of jump freighters. Now. That is something that I am NOT happy about that
I think anybody who understands how Eve online works is not happy about that and
We will make that known
If they continue to misbehave, but I believe right now
CCB has maybe seen
their q4 numbers from 2021 and
Maybe they're listening. So I just want you guys to be aware that we are monitoring that situation
But we want people to be playing Eve online
We want CCB to be responsive and obviously we don't want we're talking removing jump freighters or anything like that
So hopefully they have learned that people playing the game is good sandbox is good
Put some fucking sand in sandbox. Give us some better spaceships you dumbass
That is the grayscale heresy if you're old school and you remember CCB grades grayscale
That was literally like his whole thing is get rid of jump bridges get rid of jump freighters and make people do further ops for fun
Which nobody wanted to do and he tried to force it down Eve's throat
And that was back in the era of CSM 5 and CSM 6. So when we're talking about the grayscale heresy
Apparently they're just back to old bad ideas that have long been rejected
But again, he just said this on some random podcast. So I don't want riots in the streets or anything like that
I just want people to know we are monitoring the situation game number go up good
CCP listening and maybe fixing things in an all sec good, but you know, we're not out of the woods yet
we're obviously not out of the woods yet because
Why the fuck would you talk about removing jump freighters if you're just just what?
Anyway, so we're we are monitoring that we are all over it. Our CSMs are working on CSM stuff. Uh,
You know, what the fuck right? Okay, let me go ahead and take some questions here guys
Uh, I also want to see no, I think that's it. I need some questions. We will go through that
Can we twist the knife on manto over on serenity? Uh, I don't really see a reason to do that
Uh, he can go be the big boss on serenity and I don't really give a shit as far as i'm concerned. We pretty much
His entire organization here
And took all of their shit. There's not really much else do and we have bigger fish, uh bigger fish to fry out in the east
Were chat porn when guys i've told you so many times matter all was right. I am pappy snowden
I've already given you so much chat porn. Are you are you not entertained palatine keep star?
That's a question for billy obviously as the leader of g stall
He gets to have all of your palatine keep star questions
Did we get many corpse or players fleeing from aom some people from aom did join the imperium?
Uh, there were a few corporations, but it wasn't like a big transfer because most of them are crap
And we only took the ones that seemed like they would have value
Value, can we get an iq test attached to capital purchasing rights? Um, potentially, but then we would have no fun, right? I I
This is something that many of you have heard before but it's a good rant in case we've got some people that are new
To the imperium and new to goons from is I think that certain people cannot be reached because human stupidity if I could conquer
human stupidity
I would have already taken over the world by now or maybe I wouldn't because I wouldn't necessarily want to take over the world
because it's full of so many fucking stupid people, but the point is
uh in some cases when people are going to drive a capital ship into a tree the only value you can get from that is
The opportunity for everyone else to learn from their failures. The essence of wisdom is learning from the mistakes of other people
It's you can learn from your own mistakes if you can but it's even better to learn from somebody else's fuck up. So
Uh, there's never going to be a time where there isn't some dumbass crashing a capital into a tree and resulting in embarrassing
Lost mail one of the things that differentiates goon swarm and the imperium from the rest of eve
Is that we will point and laugh at stupid people because we realize that if they're going to be that dumb
The only value that they can provide is as an object lesson of what not to do for those that can learn
So don't be fussed if you see somebody being stupid. I mean mock them
Try to get them to not be stupid, I guess but like just because somebody turns into a flashy kill mail
On z kill board because they were dumb our penises and our boobs or whatever sort of gender
Appropriate analogy my dick isn't gonna shrink
Just because some idiot with a goon swarm take our last snacks because I don't care that guy or ha ha ha
I hope he learns in the future
You don't have to be mean about it
It's just like stupidity and people losing ship ships at peacetime is just a fact of life and either they are going to die out
And learn their lesson or they will become a lesson for the rest of us. Uh any news on
Battleship buffs. Um, no at least not that I have let's see what else we got fan fest is something that is on our radar
I believe uh, you know, whatever the the pandemic might turn around and fuck more things up
But I personally am under the impression that as omicron goes through the universe. Everybody's gonna either
Have an immunity wave and that's going to be cool or whatever, but i'm thinking that by may life will be
More normal, uh, we see life is returning to normal in cape town
Uh life is returning to normal in ireland potentially and we're not out of the woods yet
But I do believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and as a result a lot of fun travel with space
Space nerds. We've got like fan fest is coming up. We have the berlin meet
There's a whole bunch of shit that i'm really excited about traveling to and seeing the world and not having my plans
Repeatedly interrupted by this bullshit. All righty our question any news on progod and villi. Are they even playing eve?
Progod is off snowboarding
Okay, great. Uh, villi hasn't been too active. Okay, great. Um
You know test is occasionally putting like 200 people on the field pretty rarely. They did come to our artech ar party
Uh, and I look forward to them continuing to continuing to continuing
That's not even a word continuing to how about how we are not
Uh attacking them in a way that they are happy with because I I get off on that
Join sigs and squads and yes, happy birthday to karma fleet. They turned seven
Man i'm old
Uh chill back is back that is actually super super awesome news glad to see you dude
Many high fives to the black order in general really cool group of dudes fun to smoke weed with high fives all around
Uh ranger gamma has a new nickname by the way he is now, uh, I mean he was already botulism gamma now
He's botulism nine toes gamma. Yes
Uh, he he is uh on the mend and out of the hospital after his or will be soon out of after his latest
Misadventure, he's got another nickname
It's good. All right. Let me see if there's any last questions and then we're going to call it
Oh, wow rest in piss sarin for being promoted to a karma fleet director any chance of a move up from our tech a uh,
It's possible if people x up if you actually let's this is a great time. There's 780 people here still
Uh x up and elisea if you still have shit in our tech a that you would like to get moved from our tech a
In like a move op we took so much shit from these guys
I am so proud like the fact that it is days and days and days
All right. So i'm gonna i'm gonna ask the cord to uh,
Lay in some plans to get another artak ar uh move up gun
I I am so happy that you glorious motherfucker mother motherfuckers took this much shit that we are still
Having a baggage train of fucking collecting this loot high fives all around
All right, so that is going to be it for this week. We will see you next week. Keep eyes on
If another crazy opportunity presents itself, we will jump on it in the meantime get rich join sigs and squads
There is combat afoot six and squad six and squad six and we're not yet at a jeff deployment level, but uh, there is
There's the scent of blood in the air and that's very
Otherwise i'd have to talk about moon taxes rather than the doom of our foe and you guys know how I roll
Thank you for coming. Let's get back out there. We'll see you next week.