Fireside Chat Transcript 23 May 2k21

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Alright boys and girls, we're gonna get started here in a couple minutes.
I know many of you are coming in from those fleets that are just standing down.
Great fucking work today.
Any Sunday when you have almost 1300 people in our mumble is a good day.
Mm mm mm.
Goons are totally gonna go to Saren in any moment now.
I'm sure that's the bedtime story Vili and crew are whispering on theirs.
They're doing a legacy town hall at about the same time.
Should be funny.
Alright boys and girls, I'm gonna go ahead and get started here.
This is not gonna be a super her fire side.
Last week we got together and I heard many blurbs and I heard so many blurbs I didn't
really get a chance to take questions or anything like that.
In broad strokes, I want to let people know that I'm just really happy with the way that
we have all been performing this last week.
We've shut the bad guys down hard.
We shut him down hard even though they threw everything at us.
They threw everything at us on Monday.
They threw everything at us on Friday.
It has been a odyssey.
And one of the things that I really am super, super, super happy with, which is critical,
like if there's one thing that you got to take away from this fireside and in general
is when you see all capital pings or saying that, hey, the bad guys were doing a flash
form surprise attack, get the fucking fleet, especially with the carriers and super carriers
ready to rock.
And then when you're out of fleet, we need to get everybody in the habit of looking to
their war gear.
What does that mean outside of Warhammer 40 K terms?
It means making sure that you are ready to get in another like 10 ship grind fight at
the drop of a hat, that you're not fiddling with making sure that everything is correct.
You're just ready to rock and ready to lose.
If it takes losing 15 ships in a row, it takes losing 15 ships in a row.
It takes losing 30 ships in a row.
That's what it takes.
There is no one in the history of EVE Online who can do a full blown meat grinder grind
fight like we can.
This is our thing.
It's been our thing going all the way back to the Great War 15 years back.
And I think that that has been proven in this last week's combat.
There is nothing quite like a meat grinder and that's sort of our whole thing.
So this is this is the counter to a surprise attack.
Fundamentally speaking, the counter to a surprise attack is to tell everybody to be on guard
and on deck and looking for a surprise attack.
I don't expect that the enemy is going to be changing their tactics much because quite
frankly, it is their best way to get in and fuck us over.
They are using a sensible strategy in terms of flash forming to attack us because if they
get in and they get into 3D or they get into 1DQ1, if we are unprepared and we don't have
our fleets and our carriers and our supercarriers ready to rock, then we're fighting from the
back foot and things get way more complicated and it's an uphill battle from there.
We had some issues with that on last Monday.
And then even in that fight, we were able to recover from that and win anyway.
And then again on Friday, I don't give a fuck about especially for these vulnerability period
attacks that they're doing.
What they're doing is they're doing a surprise attack before our vulnerabilities open.
They're hoping to overmatch us and then pack our shit.
That was what happened Monday.
That was what happened on Friday.
And that's that's reasonable.
They're too complacent to not use their supers.
And so if they get in before we're ready and prepared, things get more difficult for us.
So I want to thank all of you who have been going the extra mile to get into fleets to
stay up late to make sure that this happens, because I think that if we can keep these
guys shut down for another week or two, they're going to be in even deeper shit.
One of the things that we are seeing is that the enemy is losing momentum in Delve and
that as a result, things are heating up in the other theaters in this war.
So initiative is running around, burning down horde shit.
There are more attacks up there.
There appears to be some sort of I don't want to call it a full blown split, but it's like
there's something as weird as happening with what fraternity is doing.
Fraternity is off going and attacking pure blind and doing their own thing.
And there is chaos is beginning to emerge.
And I think that's very good because the pubbies are finding out that if you blew the entire
galaxy for almost a year, well, that's just not so sustainable.
And as we hold the line here in Delve that allows our allies and initiative and in Bastion
and all of our friends across the galaxy that are standing against this, let's turn tranquility
into serenity, you know, 103 alliances, blue circle jerk nonsense.
The more that we're able to hold here and stop these motherfuckers in their tracks by
being just absolutely maniacally willing to lose however many ships it takes to hold Delve,
then we're going to be in good shape.
So I want to hand out a bunch of gold stars here in this fireside.
We've done a fantastic week.
It is really good vibes all around, but it's good vibes in that sense of we need to be
doing more of this.
We need to be doing it better.
We need to be putting in the work between these ops because as you found out, it's because
that the enemy does a meat grinder and we win one day, they'll be back in another day.
They could be back tomorrow.
We have to always be prepared.
The particular danger zone strategically, the one that everybody needs to be aware of
is in that hour before our vulnerabilities open.
So anywhere from like 2230 onwards is like the flash form zone for piggles in them.
So obviously for a lot of our Europeans, that's not necessarily possible for them to stay
up late and be eyes on.
But really, I just want people to get into the habit if they can get into the habit of
just keeping your eyes on director bot.
So if you see a screaming all caps ping, you know that they're doing a flash form attack
and that stuff is up.
That has worked out really well for us because we've been warning you guys to be on deck
to be ready this week.
And lo and behold, our responses have been far more effective and our ability to defend
our shit has been far more effective.
So please keep doing what you're doing more of that.
Lots of gold stars to hand out in that direction.
If they can't successfully do the sneak attack thing, then they're going to have to come
up with some other tactics that might involve using their supers or doing something.
I don't know.
But for now, that's their thing.
Sneak attacks and us being on guard, guarding the gates and being willing to lose whatever
it takes to keep our vulnerabilities secure.
All right.
Let me check my notes.
So I'm going to be bouncing around a lot again.
Last week it was hurfity-blurf-blurf-blurf and I didn't really get through some of our
more Imperium news and just sort of general updates about things involving the CSM stuff.
So I want to talk about that now.
CSM's silly season is upon us.
If you have been with us for the last zillion years, as long as there's been a CSM, usually
there is some degree of political horse trading across the NullSec lines, right?
Like we would put the judge or even Gobbins or Vili or whatever on some of our ballots
and in return they would put our guys on their ballots.
The winds of our whims have changed.
I'm very much in fuck-all-puppies-forever mode and we have a bunch of very interesting
Gunstorm candidates and I'm going to take a big risk, politically speaking.
It's not really a big risk because fuck puppies.
And we're just not going to be doing any fucking CSM deals with any of our enemies this year
because they should eat shit.
That means that we are going to have a ticket of pure Gooniness and it's not just Gooniness,
obviously it's everybody in the Imperium that is running.
We are going to try to optimize that ballot.
I'm not going to get you that ballot right now because our math nerds are going to math
And the risk that we're taking here is that I am willing to see if all of you motherfuckers
are going to get out and vote more to try to clog the CSM with as many goons as possible
and brisk.
You know, who knows?
Maybe you guys will be more inspired to vote the way the state tells you to.
But we're going to have all of our dudes there.
We're going to have Bruton on there.
We're going to have Bacchulus.
We're going to have Angry Mustache.
We're just going to fill up all the slots with our people and everybody else can eat
a dick.
Fuck 'em.
So we will have that ballot out for you and basically we're going to math nerd on the
order of that.
If you are coming back and haven't been playing since the last CSM elections, Goon Swarm and
our friends have managed to win the CSM election so hard over the past however many years that
CCB has repeatedly changed the way that the voting system works to prevent us from owning
everything and we still do pretty good.
So the way that CSM elections work is you will be given a list of people to vote for
and we expect you to exercise your right to free speech and democracy by doing exactly
what the state tells you to do and voting exactly in the way that the state asks you
to vote.
And that shouldn't be too hard because it's just going to be a bunch of our dudes and
fuck all puppies forever.
So I'm really I'm interested in seeing this because this is kind of a big real time sociological
Maybe it'll fuck us over because maybe if we don't do the deals with the puppies or
whatever, maybe we won't have enough votes to get more than like two or three of our
guys there.
But my hope is that you glorious motherfuckers will realize that we're sort of going out
on a limb here and pure fucking gooniness us in the Imperium we're just going to do
our fucking people and that's going to be the full slate of the ballot.
And my hope is that you will vote like maniacs because if we are able to get more than just
a couple CSMs on this thing without relying on any puppy votes or any like backroom deals
or something they will scream like bitches for the next year plus.
So I want you to be thinking about the CSM elections.
It's going to be one of the biggest fuck you's possible to the rest of the galaxy and my
God we might even pull it off despite the single transferable vote systems that they've
put in place to try to hold us back, you know, just maximum fucking effort.
And yeah, we're just going to roll with it.
I mean, I'm sorry.
Kimmy G did a fucking CSM video for us.
Yes, it was a cameo Delta squad is on that.
I am so happy with that fucking Delta squad has been doing lately.
It's just it's it's super old school and it just makes me so happy and I in my heart.
I cannot deny all of our guys that are running for the CSM a chance on the ballot like angry
mustache has been out there like doing battle reports to siphon some puppy votes off like
I think that we got a real thing going on here.
So fuck it.
Let's just see what happens.
We're going to go I pick it up pure goons and friends and fuck everybody else and we'll
see how many seats we get.
So that's the plan for the CSM election.
You will not have to choose what order they are in.
You will not have to think the state will tell you exactly what to think and the state
is going to tell you to vote for all just goons and friends and fuck all puppies forever.
Question here is what's a minimum for me to be happy in terms of seats.
It just kind of depends.
I'm we're never done this before.
We have usually in past years some elections.
There's been favor trading across null sec to organize the block votes, which is fine.
But the rest of the game has banded together to talk about how we're all awful people and
how we shouldn't be friends with each other and we should listen to just wretches like
piggles and fuck that noise.
I have no interest in doing deals with these people, you know, fuck them.
I just don't care.
Maybe it costs us some seats.
I don't give a shit.
We're just going to do it and everybody else can eat our ass.
So I hope that that inspires you to fucking vote.
I think the voting is going to be in two weeks from now and we're going to try to get, you
know, we'll have the ballot finalized in the last, you know, the last week or just before
whatever doesn't really matter.
You just have to know going in, you're not going to have to vote for any fucking puppies.
The state is not going to ask you to do that.
It's just going to be our dudes and our friends.
Okay, I want to talk in general about F2s.
We have had some tremendous success with you guys doing your F2s and I want to give some
shout outs for that.
The bushers and the dictors, those of you who for your F2 have been doing bushing and
dictors like you've seen in these fights, how fantastic that has been and I want to
encourage people to develop your F2.
If you've forgotten what that is, the third great cultural revolution in goonsworm is
that it is no longer enough for us all to just be F1 monkeys.
Each of us need to contribute two things in fleets and two things outside of fleets.
So it's not enough to just turn up.
You got to go that extra mile of developing your skills.
The reason that's important is your FCs and your directors are busting their asses every
fucking day making sacrifices to keep your homeland here safe and they deserve you meeting
them halfway by doing at least two things, not just one thing.
And we're going to help you there.
There's a fucking thread in the war room.
Actually can somebody link the cultural revolution thread here in case anybody's missed it please?
With advice on ways that you can get involved and learn skills to help out beyond just turning
up as an F1 monkey.
One of the most important things is stockpile, stockpile, stockpile, stockpiles.
You develop your F2 by developing these other skills.
But in addition on your main fleet account, you are ready to fucking grind.
And grinding means you have a big stockpile of ships that are ready to rock of our main
doctrines and that just like you've seen in these grind fights this last week.
Shout out to our fucking SRP team.
Like holy fuck.
As you guys noticed, people were getting potted and the instant that they were bounced back
to 1DQ1 to get in the next ship, their wallet blinked because our reimbursers were on fucking
They're the turnaround time between blowing up and getting your payout was pretty much
the lowest I've ever seen it across the board.
And that is the kind of hero shit we want.
So we in this alliance and in this coalition are standing behind you as long as you are
willing to get out there and grind and fucking fight, we are going to try to arm you.
We're going to make sure you get paid because all that matters is fuck all puppies forever.
We've been doing great with this shit this week and I really, really proud.
We need more of that meat grinder attitude.
We need more of that willingness to say, damn the fucking torpedoes.
All that matters is the stratop.
I do not give a flying fuck if we lose 30 billion is more than the bad guys on a Friday
when we shut down a full constellation hack attack, which is what that was.
Once we shut it down, they immediately said, Hey guys, it's Friday night fights.
We're just here to brawl because we nuked their hackers and we then kept them grinding
all the way through our vulnerabilities until they closed so they couldn't get shit done.
All that matters is the bottom line in these fights.
If the strategic objective, which is the defensive delve is secured, I don't give a fuck about
losing however many fighters we do what it takes.
And that means you need to be prepared.
That preparation means stockpiles ships fit, ready to go.
And an attitude of kill, die, reship, repeat, kill, die, kill, die, just do it, get it done.
And everybody has been doing it.
I'm very, very happy.
The reason why we are still here and the reason why the puppies have not gotten a foothold
in 3d is because you glorious motherfuckers have been doing the needful.
You've been keeping guard, you've been keeping watch and you've been preparing.
That's what we need.
Let me talk about a couple other things here.
So yeah, I mean, it's not just the F2 stuff.
It's also for those of you on your F1s, your F1s, your main fleet ships, you've got those
You guys have been reshipping like motherfuckers.
Our reimbursers have been reimbursing you like motherfuckers.
It's part of the reason I'm not so herpy this week is I'm just, I'm really, I'm really proud
of the org.
Like the, the, the, the people are knitting together.
We're getting in the habit of manning the walls and guarding, guarding our vulnerable
We're getting better at responding to these platforms.
It's working, it's working.
I don't know what they're going to do if we keep this up for another couple of weeks,
the way that we have been.
And we need to make sure we are keeping it up for another couple of weeks, the way that
we have been.
Because if we keep shutting these fuckers down, this whole thing is going to blow back
in their face ugly.
And it's starting to do that.
All right.
I think I've got a note here to give Delta Squad a shout out, but I think I was just
talking about how much I love them and I love the cultural output.
And it's like some old school, great work, greeniness shit.
And I just love to see it.
Other cool things that are important that you guys should get involved in NGSA.
NGSA has, and let's get that linked, please, here in Elysium.
We hearf NGSA every week.
And one of the reasons we do it is that it is getting kills and Delve is not safe for
the enemy.
They think that they can live and love in Delve, but Delve hates them.
And you can be a part of that.
The system works.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, NGSA is a system where you have scouts that
are plugged into the system.
And then this system, you report what is happening, what you see, where there are puppies to kill,
if they have a roar call or whatever.
And then our fleet commanders go and murder them.
So please do that.
Sorry, excuse me.
Delve is perfectly safe.
If you are one of the puppies listening to this, Delve is perfectly safe.
Please keep ratting and mining everywhere.
There is nothing to see here.
There are no goons.
Goons are about to go to Serenin.
Undock your roar calls, please.
I want to specifically, I don't actually know his name and if I can get his name.
I've got a specific request to shout out.
Here's an example of a goon hero.
Kumi, if you could link him in fucking Elysium.
One of our glorious motherfuckers reshipped a drake seven times in that fight on Friday,
when we had most recently.
Seven drake reships.
That is exactly the kind of attitude we need to bring.
That's the kind of realness we're going to bring on these F1 meat grinder fights.
And that is, yeah, he brought his fucking drake and that is some hero, hero shit.
If you are going to be like, we want you to develop your F2 skills.
But when it comes to the F1 monkey stuff, we want you to F1 monkey like a motherfucker.
We want you to bring those seven drakes.
We want you to just be remember ships are ammo.
Just clog the fucking puppies guns with your halls, whatever it takes.
Yeah, actually, that's a really good one.
Moose thing points out here.
Don't be an F1 monkey.
Be an F1 gorilla.
Be a fucking great ape.
No more monkey mode.
F1 gorilla, develop your F2.
That's how we go.
The guy's name is actually F1 monkey.
Are you kidding me?
I love it.
I love it.
What a fucking girl.
Be like that guy.
Be an F1 gorilla.
What a motherfucker.
What a glorious motherfucker.
That is exactly the kind of space chat attitude we need to bring to this shit.
Silverback Chad.
Love it.
Love it.
Let's get the guy a fucking forum title.
Okay, I got another couple shout outs here, guys.
Like I said last week, I didn't take many questions, but man, I have so many gold stars
to hand out to you guys.
I am so fucking proud that they did everything they could to sneak attack us and grind us
down these big grind fights and we're still here and they didn't get shit for their trouble.
It's just, it's beautiful.
G Sol.
Oh man, G Sol's been doing a lot of work.
G Sol's been doing so much work.
Specifically, I want to point out that Robin Hood and Sopleb have been going above and
Those two guys have been doing so much shit.
They are good people.
Give them hugs.
On top of the other things, I want to say as part of the grinding and the reshipping
and all that other good shit, we need to keep the markets and contracts stocked, right?
We need to make sure that ships are constantly coming in as we get them blown up and that
our people are always ready to rock.
That is critically important.
I also want to underline the importance of there's going to be times where I will just
lose fighters.
We will sacrifice fighters to hold down fleets and if that's what it takes, that's what it
If you have a carrier in a super carrier jock, make sure that you have your stockpiles
of fighters.
Make sure you are getting your fighter bays restocked as soon as you can if there's any
This is critically important because since the enemy keeps downshipping, carriers are
going to just be a huge part of our defense.
They're already a huge part of our defense.
That is not going to change.
And in fact, we're just going to optimize and dial that in better and better.
We know that the enemy is trying to counter our fighters and that is fine.
We are just going to make sure we're doing what we're doing.
If you lose fighters, get them restocked.
If you need help getting them restocked, if you're dry for some reason, ask for help in
caps form.
We will get you the help you need.
The fighters, the carriers and super carriers are one of our first line of defenses for
the rapid response and defense when we're dealing with an enemy flash form.
So keep it up and just make sure you're never dry on fighters.
Fighters should be stocked.
A very good point here.
Fighters should be stocked in the Theta Star, not in the Imperial Palace.
So that is where all the fighter carrier nonsense is happening in 1DQ.
It is in the Theta Star.
I'm not going to comment specifically on the enemy's doctrine shifts or our plan counters
or our hypothetical plan counters because that would be bingo square future plans, guys.
Future plans.
No Casino World reference today yet.
That is bingo bait.
I know bingo bait when I see it.
I want to pitch you guys on Eagles.
We've had really good uptake on these Eagle fleets and in the past, you know, goons were
kind of on Eagles, but you guys have been jumping in Eagle fleets more and more.
And one of the reasons why the Eagles are so cool and so important is that they are
the anvil.
They are incredibly tanky.
And the purpose of the Eagle fleet is to be the anvil, which are other DPS fleets are
able to become the hammer and slam the puppies down on.
So whenever you see an Eagle fleet is very important.
Those are our tanks.
Their job is to do stuff.
And if they have to die, they die very slowly.
And that is one of the reasons why, particularly for Eagle fleets, reshipping is super, super,
super important because your job is to just hold the fucking line and do what it takes
that those sub cap fleets, those Eagle fleets are the fucking shield.
So when you join an Eagle fleet, know what you're signing up for and understand how important
it is.
Your job is to hold things down, to take fire and to do it well while the rest of us can
mulch puppies.
You can mulch some puppies too, but it is critically important to have a very solid,
a tank fleet with good logic, good support and dedication to reship as long as it takes.
When you're able to join multiple fleets, is there any priority of what fleet is more
That is a very good question, Doom Lord.
So one of the things that you're starting to see me do during these big grind fights
is that I will send a ping that says priority reinforcements to whatever.
So in a big grind flight.
So initially speaking, when a big fight starts, join the first fleet you see a ping for that
will usually be an Eagle fleet, but I don't want to make any promises on that that might
restrict things.
But if you see a ping that goes all caps or the bad guys are doing something and we need
to respond to it, fill that fleet first, right?
Because job number one is to fill a fucking fleet before anything else happens.
You fill the first fleet.
And then to answer your question more specifically, certain fleets will get depleted.
Certain fleets will need lodges.
Certain fleets will need boosters.
And I will this is Kossachek has been doing this and it's been very helpful.
He'll tell me priority reinforcements are X, Y, and Z to a given fleet.
And I will ping that say priority reinforcements needed.
We need blah and blah, and then just follow the pings because, you know, fights are dynamic
things and stuff happens and we have to be, you know, I can't give you a specific universal
answer that would be foolish.
Best new bro lodgy who deserves a shout out for just jumping straight in completely fearless.
So a shout out to Tanner Mon.
Good man.
Yeah, in general, first fleet is critical guys, because the first line of defense, the
strategy that Piggles has been using the entire war is flash from platform and that means
that we need to be on deck beforehand to expect that we know where our vulnerabilities are.
They're in the, you know, after around 2230, you need to be eyes on for potential screaming
pings for enemies or flash forming go.
And then what we really need people to do carriers and super carriers, you got to get
in those fleets ASAP.
And that first fleet you see pinged in a flash from response is the most important one, because
the matter is speed and getting to the places that we need to get within the constellation
to lock shit down as soon as possible.
So if you see a screaming all caps ping about something, don't sit around and go, well,
maybe I'll join a later fleet because the whole point is to man the walls such that
they can't breach the fucking gates as soon as possible.
And then we post up and then everything kicks off.
But firstest with the mostest is always the basic rule of warfare.
So when you see pings go out, you just get in the fucking fleet and go and then we can
we can figure out flexibility later.
OK, let me see some of these other things.
I'm going to go ahead and take some questions here.
Let me look and scroll back.
I think I've hit all of my her for the blur of bullet points.
And we'll sort of hang out here and answer your questions regarding the I don't understand
the question.
Astro, what's a block level FC?
I mean, if you're running fleets in a block like our FCs are, they're a block level FC.
Metro hot tub stream when that is on brisk to get his hot tub up and running, but hopefully
soon I think that would be hilarious.
Is there going to be a replacement for drama fleets?
We're not going to be talking about doctrine changes at this time.
There's not going to be any like doctrine shift announcement like we will tell you when
we're going to do a doctrine shift and we're not usually going to telegraph that.
It's a reasonable question.
I've seen a couple of questions about doctrines, and so I'm going to tell you why I'm not going
to tell you when we announce a doctrine.
There's a thread and usually our producers have been working to stock and prepare for
that doctrine in advance.
And that means that when we announce it, we want to have things in place that it's ready
to go.
We also don't want to announce doctrine changes prematurely because then that gives the enemy
an eye into what we're using to counter their counters and then et cetera, et cetera.
So usually speaking, I don't talk about doctrine changes on a fireside until they are ready
to rock.
And that's why it's a very good question.
And there's also a very good reason why I'm not going to answer it.
Do we ever plan on letting a Vili walk back the war of extermination comments?
No, no.
I mean, Vili is not the kind of person who wants to walk back anything because he's the
kind of person who can never be wrong about anything because he's an onion skin bitch.
But you know, no, we're going to let these we're going to hoist these fuckers on their
own petard and we never let Bob live that shit down.
Why would we let Piss-P live any of this shit down?
They clapped for it.
They cheered for it.
They're like, you know, we'll hang it around their fucking next to the end of time.
Fuck them.
Test is next and test is increasingly now because if they're going to be colonizing
us here and think that we're going to go to Saranon, it makes it very easy for us to take
them out when they are right next door.
So I'm glad that they increasingly are willing to cede all their territory and live in Delph
because it makes it easier for us to take them out.
Test is next is not really bingo bait.
It is our it is it is our strategic policy.
So there you go.
For people that joined earlier on in the war, the very start, actually, fuck, almost a year
ago now, I know that as part of a deployment sort of speech, I think it was in the State
of the Union.
I said that, you know, the NC dot thing is boring, like our old grudge with NC dot and
We kick those guys around the galaxy.
And they just don't really shriek and scream the same way that the test guys do.
And the test guys are far more annoying and worse on every level.
So essentially, we dropped our blood feud with the Bob remnants and NC dot.
I mean, to be fair, I'd love seeing people with evolution tickers screaming.
That still gets me.
You know, when I see an evil guy on our Eve whining about something that does still juice
me a little bit, but it just got boring after a while.
But test is new and shiny.
And they're not really new or shiny.
They're fat and greasy and tiny, but where the test is next stuff comes from.
OK, I have a shout out here for what we see here.
Aldani has like a swole sort of thing as near once to plug in.
I don't know, Casimir, if you want to talk about it out loud or what?
Hello, can you hear me?
It's summertime.
We're doing a contest.
Aldani wisely hit me up to provide prizes.
So we're going to attach some capital holes to this baby.
There's also a Jabber channel that hasn't seen used in a long time.
I'm going to type it up.
Feel free to join.
But yeah, hit up that thread.
It's summertime.
Please work out.
That's pretty much it.
Fan Fest in three months.
Not Fan Fest, Vegas, whatever we call it.
OK, let me take a look at some of these questions.
Any plans to evac supers from asset safety?
I mean, we don't have our super cap fleet trapped or anything, so no.
We do have a plan if there is like a worst case scenario.
I think we mentioned that a couple of weeks ago that, you know, we have like finance and
such that if there is a situation where there is trouble or we really need to bail people
out, we have the ability to do it and we will.
But basically, like I'm not too worried about supers and asset safety after the last three
weeks of these dumb motherfuckers trying to pound their way into 3D and then getting sent
off covered in shit and misery the way that you've all been kicking the crap out of them.
Let me take some more.
Best F2 to fly well in a carrier fleet?
Oh, that's an interesting question.
I think I'm actually not qualified to answer that one tactically.
So Thanos Underlord has a good question, which is what is the best F2 to fly well in a carrier
I mean, a Dictor or a Booster is always a good one.
Something that you can it kind of probably depends upon your personal ability to micromanage
things, right?
Like you need to find something that you can do and practice that works for you.
And everybody's going to be different on that.
Like some people are just naturally gifted multi boxers and they can run stuff like Kun
Mi does.
The thing about F2 stuff is that we're not telling you to imitate somebody else's skill
We're telling you to find a thing for your skill set, ideally like Dictors, Boosters
and things that are referenced in the cultural revolution thread.
But find something that you can do that you can develop that skill that contributes to
the cause.
And that's going to be a little different for everybody.
So find what interests you, find what contributes, find what you can get good at and do comfortably.
And that'll be different for everyone.
Yeah, wobbling Dictors, especially for carriers is probably a good idea.
All right.
I think I've covered most of the main questions here.
I want to thank you all for owning so much face this last week.
Again, it's nice to be able to get up here and do a fireside where I'm like, yeah, dudes,
like you're doing fantastic.
Keep doing what you're doing.
Keep responding rapidly to the fleets.
Like I just it's wonderful.
I've got a fireside that's full of gold stars.
And I really just want people to get in mind of the CSM election this year is going to
be different.
That's going to be the note I'm going to leave you with.
The CSM election is going to be different this year.
And we're going to fucking stack that council with as many guns as we can get on there.
And so plan around that.
It'll be interesting.
And we're going to have to work four times as hard to make the CSM work this year because
we're not doing any deals with puppies.
But fuck all puppies forever.
And I think we can do it.
We've got enough people here that are engaged in in this war that we can rock that.
In the meantime, just keep manning the fucking walls again, guys, an hour before our vulnerabilities
open, just be watching fucking director bot expect flash forms.
That's what the enemy is going to do.
And we need to be ready to rock.
Thank you all for coming.
And let's keep it up another couple weeks of this and their fucking necks are going
to be broken.
And I am eagerly looking forward to that.
And I'm sure you all to see it.