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Alright boys and girls, let's make sure you motherfuckers can hear me.
Alright, alright, alright.
Okay, I'm gonna warn everybody as we go through this today, I have a number of items to go through,
including the obvious gigantic shit that CCB took in the middle of our punchbowl collectively as players.
There's only so much that we can say about that, I'm obviously gonna be talking about anything that you guys have in Q&As about it.
And on top of that, I'm hungover today, we had a bit of a dinner party last night and I had an unknown amount of wine, which I haven't drunk in a long ass time.
So I'm gonna do my best, I've got some green tea, we're gonna hurf some blurfs here and go through the news that we have, but bear with me if I seem a little bit oof today.
Alright, sip the hangover tea here and we'll get started once the numbers stay in play.
Green tea and honey is my favorite hangover cure, FYI.
I think it's called Cintra?
It's from, somebody's asking what type of green tea it comes in, a Haney and Sons little tin I got off Amazon.
It's good stuff.
Now I'm gonna make it a little bit more difficult for everybody, this time Dictator Imperator gave me a cheat sheet of what everything is on bingo, so it's gonna be extra difficult this time around.
Alright, so here's the first thing, let's just go ahead and deal with the fuckin' CCB crap.
If you're concerned from now until they implement something that is satisfying to those of us that use more than one account on the regular, I will be screaming from the rooftops about the necessity for CCB to implement a multi-account discount.
For those of us that run multiple accounts, if Hilmar and Rattati just woke up on the stupid side of the bed, which it appears like as usual they did, and decided that they're going to try to drive their company into the ground by some classic ham-handed CCB bullshit,
I have enough shit on their asses from this little incident on Friday that we have a pretty reasonable advocacy perspective of if you're gonna do this damn silly thing in this damn silly way, the players are entirely within their rights to demand multi-account discounts.
And I intend to hurf-lurfs about that on every meta show going forward until there are multi-account discounts because fuck you, that's why.
Obviously we're all pissed about this, obviously we think it's inexcusable, obviously we think that it is yet another example of CCB's messaging being at worst in the industry level of incompetence, especially coming on the heels of the Netflix thing.
There are many professionals in this organization, many of you have high-ranking office in various real-world corporations and have had to deal with price-changing messaging before.
Usually if a real company is going to be announcing that there's going to be a pricing change, there are weeks and weeks and weeks of preparation and thoughts, messaging, and all of these important things that go into it.
20 bucks a month and we're gonna go out for beers immediately afterwards and then be surprised when suddenly
This blew up in our face, so you know?
I'm not gonna
Not gonna say that all cool and good we are entirely within our rights to them in multi-account
We will be demand account discounts at a bare minimum if they were taught administration is going to continue to deliver
$10 a month service and now beg for $20 a month
Then we're going to make sure that you get some multi-account discounts
This is not the first time we have had this rodeo with the retarded ministration
This is of a different level level of incompetence and stupidity
But I don't think any of us can be too surprised to buy it after all of the NFT bullshit
After the age of chaos bullshit after all of the things that we've seen from the Hilmar and retarded tag team
this is not our first rodeo and so we will be navigating it as
Tactically as we can and as sensibly as we can
And this is one of those situations where it's actually bigger than us
there are many times in this game where there is a situation that
You know the the power of goons from the power of the Imperium if there are gameplay related changes that come down the pipe many
times we were used to
They're taught administration trying specifically to fuck the Imperium over and they made no secret about that
But in this case, this is something that is bigger than us. It's bigger than the Imperium. It's bigger than goons form
And so as a result
We're watching very closely to see what comes down the pipe when the first couple of business days in Rekovic kick in on
Monday or Tuesday if any of them feel like doing some work, maybe
We will see what comes down the pipe
So yeah, I'm not gonna blow smoke up your ass and tell you that this is cool and good or that we are fine with it
I think that at a very least the player base as a whole
Particularly if you use multiple accounts should be loudly demanding multi-account discounts at every single opportunity
so let me take some questions about that because
Obviously like we've done a ton of work on a lot of really important organizational things the developers have put in a ton of work
I mean our developers here in the Imperium and a ton of work recently
Mucking out the stables on fucking guys and fucking the skill checker
Developing new apps. We have had a whole bunch of work happening in the fleet to command department
We organizationally as goons from and as the Imperium have been going out there and playing Eve online
At an era where a lot of people are too scared to actually go deploy and go make war join Jeff joins six and squads
There's a bunch of shit blowing up there. We're gonna be talking about that in a second
So obviously I am disappointed and angered to in an era where I would normally get to come here and come to the table
With good news for you and say look what we've done here. Look what we've done there gold stars all around
I have to talk to you about multi-account discount pricing because Hilmar and retarded are
Continuing to deliver the kind of $10 a month service that we have become so disgusted with
over the past couple of the were taught II administrations and competence a
These motherfuckers would just say roll back the game to where it was three years ago before he was allowed and touch the wheel
I would see that as a huge content expansion
But in the meantime, we do have to keep our powder kind of dry and focused, right?
We don't want torches and pitchforks willy-nilly because we don't yet know
exactly how stupid the CCP pricing decision was or what motivated that stupid decision and
Until we know more from whatever vomit is going to come forth from Rekha Vic early next week
Then we all have more information about what our advocacy what our positions and what we are going to be going after at this juncture
I can't tell you exactly besides the multi-account discount because this is so
unprecedentedly stupid
That it blindsided the entire game and the industry and like I said, this is bigger than goons from it's bigger than the Imperium
it is uniquely dumb and therefore that requires us to
Keep our powder dry for another couple days and figure out
Just exactly what the fuck
right and
In the meantime, there's puppies to kills. There are a lot of puppies to kill
We have one of the reasons why I'm so pissed off tracks from the tremendous success that we have been achieving in
Faith Abla's success that has built into honest join six and squats join Jeff. There is stuff going on
We have fire there in theory in theory. They're defending against us
They're giving us just enough to do to keep murdering them and keep our forces engaged
I've been very happy with the a number of people that have been turning up on Jeff deployments a lot of you been joining
Cat fleets a lot of you've been joining line fleets all around
And I mean I'll just take a look at fucking faith Abla's or what's left of it
Take a look at fucking honest you guys are out there
You're killing the puppies and that's exactly what we want to see more good news there, too
Again, I would have otherwise been giving a hey
Look at all these dead fucking puppies and look at all of them beginning to failure cascade kind of fireside today
Except for the shit that Hilmar and and retarded took in our Cheerios
What are the things?
I'm I'm hoping to be able to report to you
When it becomes public of a few other large corporations that are leaving some of our enemies
We have until from the black hand, which I can't tell you the details about but it's gonna be coming out here soon
It is it is awesome. There is chaos under heaven for our foes and
That and I'm not gonna I'm not gonna leak anything more
The ad has gotten in there correctly because I'm excited about a thing and I can't tell you about it. So we're gonna
Say the thing
There are several
There you go. You can do your best to not change me
Fucking tea and fill this fucking hangover. Well that I was thinking about it
You know look this is tough like, you know
One of the things about evil line that makes it so appealing is that it is a difficult
Complicated game for people that are smart enough to enjoy difficult complicated games, right?
It is not the kind of game that is easy and that is part of the appeal
It just find myself wondering
Whenever these guys step in it as badly as that have as like I would just love to see
Like Hilmar and retarded try to run a fucking high sec corp
Like just try to run a corp in high set or it was like just you know
You just to see you see how you can handle it. It is you know, I
Don't want to give so much voice to so much frustration that people just throw up their hands and walk away because that would be stupid
I believe that this error that they have done
Is so bad that it presents opportunities for advocacy
Like I say, I think now is the time for us to begin hammering CCP at every opportunity to play count discounts
and the fact that this
Just like just less than two weeks before fan fest is is just fucking blowing
You know that after a certain point you're just looking and you're like fuck man. Okay. Well all ears munch
Let's so let's see how this comes down. Let's talk about war
Let's talk about killing puppies
Let's talk about skin it to the pappies because that is what I would normally like to be talking to you about
So we're gonna do that
Like I said a few minutes ago
There's been tremendous progress in both faith fabulous and now in Amist
Those of you that have been joining gsfoe or learning how to practice your f2s by getting out there and hacking have been doing
Fucking jobs. We are pacing ourselves as we have been you guys are making a great pace on glassing
but as we have been
learning over the years there is a
balance between glassing and burnout and I think that the FC team is doing a great fucking job of sort of keeping things paced in
a way that all the puppy shit is burning and
Well, you know, we'll have to see every time you get into a new region
there are new questions and we'll just sort of have to see how things go with Amist and
Watching what our enemies have been doing to prepare a defense has been curious. I'm interested in that
John Hartley wants you to bring more caps out to Jeff
So if you're involved in the Jeff deployment and you are cap curious
This is a wonderful time for me to mention
We are not doing the cap training op after the fireside today that is pushed to next week there
So next week, it's not officially the end of the month. Technically speaking. This is the last set Sunday of the month
We're gonna do cap training next weekend guys
So after the fireside next weekend, there will be cap training not so Kate not the case this time got a question here of
And yes, bring facts bring all of the toys
Fly some DACA's have some fun like for us. We've got some cool doctrines out there
There's never been better time to get stuck in instead of the puppies. Let's see. What else we got
GESOL needs you let's talk about this and we've got a join GS of a wee shout out there earlier and
More a pox and a pox. So here's the thing about the a pox
I mentioned this the last couple firesides when you see a ball tech fleet going out there
We are aiming for a 50/50 balance between megathrons and a pox, right?
If we don't want to just be spitting Ken thermite everything you really need to have that damage spread
GESOL has a
Request actually a number of requests because we have more citadels to build. Please check that out
GESOL will be buying some specific minerals and p4s to build more citadels check that out and help the gang out, please
Do I need to already have a cap to a trip to attend the cap 101 or can I join if I'm just training?
Towards a dread that is an excellent question
If you are even cap curious, please join the capital training up
there is nothing stopping you from just watching it on the test server or listening in on mumble and
The last time we did one of these we also streamed it live for those that were unable to be there
And wanted to get a recording of it. So
you you know, it's on the test server as sniper eagle points out their caps are 100 isk and
Everything's a hundred is what is the most cost-effective way to get into a cap hole?
That is an interesting question. I hope that somebody that can actually say the most modern way of doing it can give that advice
They are carrier as Apple pairs pointing you start with a carrier learn how to wood chipper and go from there
Ccb is
At least in theory making things easier to get into capitals because at least in theory
They're not gonna be requiring tons of water to build caps as much anymore
And you know, it's ridiculous from like a leadership perspective
it is
to have this constant back and forth of good news terrible news and
Usually of course the good news that we get from the retarded
Administration is that they rolled back their dumbest fucks that including this seat warned them were fuck-ups
But we have had some good news there of oh, wow
Maybe this entire scarcity thing blew up on our face and actually we don't know what the fuck we're talking about
And maybe we shouldn't have a dreadnought cost so much and be so full of fucking water
so they are making it more cost-effective to build dreads and carriers and
caps caps caps right the the power of
This organization in many ways
Isation the fact that we are able to deploy caps at scale. It is a lot of fun to do
That's why we have these training ops and wood chippering is very important. So if you're looking for an easy way
Carriers are there and if you can learn how to wood chipper
Then you too can help fit in the realm against the combined forces of the entire fucking galaxy full of puppies
Because inevitably, of course, they will come back there on a timer between
Years, there's like a miniature coming after the goons and every ten years it seems we get a hell or and we are preparing
And have been relentlessly preparing since the moment that we were to conquer delve and healed it
To make sure that it is an even nastier fortress for the next
Meanwhile while we wait for the puppies to blue each other and come after us and insist that we're terrible people need to be exterminated
from the game again
We will continue to deploy
Them when they are not helping each other and punching downward relentlessly
To make sure that they're right. They have less shit to throw at us that they decide to exterminate us or try
So again join Jeff learn how to use those caps and learn how to kill puppies to the front and your friends. Okay
Let me take a look at my notes. I did this on the meta show and I'm gonna I
am still just kind of curious because I
Want to see if anybody actually gets it because it sort of feels like we're all sort of pulling
Grasping at straws here for ideas, but put in Elysium what you personally think CCP's big content announcement is gonna be at fan fest
I'd really just want to get a poll from everybody as what each individual one of you thinks like take a shot in the dark
What do you think is gonna be the big amazing content update that is gonna make us all so fucking happy at?
Fan fest if it's a fucking FPS with NFTs in it Jesus fucking Christ
regime change
regime change is a popular option
All right, I
Want you guys to you know, I don't think anybody has their hopes up, but don't get your hopes up
We're just gonna keep fighting our way through this. We are used to this boys and girls during during wartime
We fight the puppies and right now we're deploying and it's totally six and squads and Jeff
But you know, we fight the puppies and at peacetime we do a rearguard action against CCPs and competence
So we have been here before we've been here before even just a few months back
So not our first fucking rodeo. Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment
All right, there is a link to Jeff
Make sure you're joining it because if you're not in Jeff, you're not getting the pings about Jeff ops
and there's multiple Jeff ops all around the clock and
We're blowing up lots of shit. We got dull roar here on the fireside
Risk is hosting some shows on fan fest will be the meta show for all that content news on that Saturday
Quite possibly I'm not certain about that yet. I will not be in Iceland myself. So I will be around to her for us if need be
We will see how things go goon Berlin. Check that out
And you know the other thing about this that bothers me is like I think it is super super fucking cool
That mind one is getting to DJ at fan fest, right? Like, you know just last week. We're like, oh, hey
things are turning around we've got a
Is here our boy is?
Can great and we love mind one and we wish absolutely the absolute best for him
And then
You know CCB's management has decided to take a shit in everybody's cheerios
So there's mixed feelings all the way the main thing is is that we support mind one
when he is out there doing things we're gonna try dreams we can get of it and
Yeah, okay, let me check my notes join locust fleet
There is a locust city
There's also a blazing. Thank you is a pathwalker from new at a lot of options and like, you know
here's the thing like the CCB has
Started on fucking some of the dumb crap that they did in the retarded ministrations were successes thus far
And so there are certain things that we can do to play the game and have a lot of fun that in all locust
Fluids or joining sigs and squads or the bowie or practicing your f2 in your cap out the the East
There is a lot of shit including PI. Don't yeah, I don't forget about your PI. We need that stuff. Please take a look at
Requirements g-saws asking for one of the things that is nice about this current deployment is that?
It's not like the bad guys have completely given up and run away like you get to see hey
Here's a couple dead facts and there's some nice BRS there, you know a couple weeks back
It was like oh gosh, we're swimming through faith abolis and they aren't even doing anything, but we're actually getting some pretty regular
Engagements and stupidity happening. So that's fun. All right shoutouts
And let me think about this
So first of all, there's the new skill checker app that the ad just linked go ahead and take a look at that
I want to offer some rest in piss for a casa check and sniper eagle who were cruelly promoted with no choice in the matter
Alas gentlemen, I also want to give some shoutouts to the black hand
The black hand has been providing a ton of very valuable Intel as they always do
That's kind of the whole thing of having the best spy org in the galaxy
In times of peace, you know might not necessarily know about what they're doing or why?
Which is sort of the way it's supposed to be but the black hand is the reason why the ad had to ask us all
To do a little impromptu text chain to keep me from
Leaking some of the really cool things that they have found out
So as always it's one of the toughest duties in the Imperium because you got to hang out with puppies and listen to what they're saying
All day, but it is very important work and we appreciate it
Jack dracon actually does indeed get a shout out specifically for
Gsfo wing the fuck out of
Well, it was faith and now Amos joined the black hand
All right
Let me take some more questions and then we are going to get back to burning these regions
One of the things that I want people to keep in mind here is that it is useful an air cover perspective
and this is buried like almost half an hour into the fireside is
When CCP does something really stupid and it completely blots out
The news cycle like you're seeing like all anybody is talking about on our eve is understandably
The fact that this pricing strategy is even dumber than Netflix's and that it's blowing up in their faces
But that also means that nobody is noticing how many throats we get to step on while everybody is yelling at CCP
And again, like I say we should be doing the same we should be pushing for
multi-account discounts
that are actually sensible and reasonable and
Demand that level of customer service that the retarded ministration has thus far been incapable of delivering but simultaneously
While being mad at CCP
I also intend for us to exploit the opportunity of the fog of war to the hilt to fucking crush what's left in faith abolish and
While everybody's screaming at CCP, so, you know, it's kind of like on the one hand
This is terrible and I'm really mad about it and we're all pissed off about it or whatever and on the other hand
Please get your caps join Jeff go east and keep murdering the puppies while everybody is looking over there
All right, that is gonna be it for this week
We will catch you next week. Let's get back out there
There are puppies to kill knives to twist Jeff's to join and yes, I am intending to come to gun Berlin
That is the hope and the dream. We are very excited about it