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are new or confused we do fireside chats and Elysium at so if you
have questions this is sort of like the PM's question time except that I am not an elected
official and I have better hair than Boris Johnson. I hope we can make bojo jokes about his hair still
I don't know if that counts as politics in Elysium regardless whatever. If you have questions you can
ask them in Elysium at as we go through our notes. Now today has been sort of
like a weird paradox because we have had lots of meetings. We had a Kremlin meeting, we had a loo
meeting, blah blah blah. The usual space empire stuff and we had a lot of things to go over but when it
comes to actually like hey what are we going to talk about in public when we're scheming and we're
up to stuff we don't really come to you guys and say here are our schemes because that would be dumb
but we're obviously we've got some things going on it should be fun
so what are we going to talk about right now? I've been asked a few orders of business I've
been asked to remind you guys about a hostile alts policy i.e. how to not have alts in hostile
alliances so you don't get purged for being an idiot spy when our guys catch you. I don't like this here
don't be that guy
so in terms of PVEX I want to talk about the super carrier situation as you guys know last
week we docked our supers for a week to say hey like we're dealing with all of the nerf bullshit
we're docking them up and it has become pretty clear that ccb has made super carrier ratting
essentially useless. We just talked about this in the Kremlin meeting and just as a matter of
policy you are welcome to super carrier rat in the off delve colony of period basis not in
querious not in fountain if you insist and you know I know that there are some people that are
just going to be like fuck you dad like I want to go rat in my super carrier no matter what.
I also understand that there's people that are legitimately pissed off about the whole situation
because especially if you had trained and trained and trained and wanted to get a super carrier to
engage and to engage in like all the the super carrier ratting fun and games
and you just get it and then ccb nerfs it it fucking sucks but they have basically made
them shitty and awful for ratting so if you insist on doing it please do it in period basis
where you will be further away from hunters and you will not get help the state will not
help you at all but you're welcome to do it down there not in querious not in fountain
because that makes it more of a draw for hostiles into delve
are we allowed to move supers uh yeah like you can always move your supers we've never
told people that you can't like move supers around good question
okay so um we have some stuff here about blazing which I
essentially I
so if you are interested in blazing but you're not doing it because you don't actually have
an alt that can run the missions uh you can't do it because you're not doing it
because you don't actually have an alt that can run the missions uh you can just find the bookmarks
for the stain burner missions and then sell them to the people who are doing it already
and we have a thread for that uh which I will link here
and there you go
this is actually really kind of weird because I guess I am cutting off sorry about that guys
because I'm wrestling with the linking threads and things like that
and then finally we have uh Jay is asking everybody to
make mine flood because we need more of that and if you have the questions about how to do
any of the uh the blazing stuff you can ask it in the main blazing thread
and then we'll get back to you
we do not have like a locust fleet or anything really all that uh exciting uh in terms of other
announcements it's sort of like a grab bag so yeah again guys sort of a thing to have uh a bunch of
long meetings where we're scheming and planning and thinking about all these things and we come
here for a fireside and it's like hey here's some stuff going on so this is mostly going to be a
question and answer one we're not having a meta show today we are uh there's uh we were looking at
the topics for a meta show and brisk and I made the call to punt for this week
there is going to be a meta show next week was going to be a special on CSM stuff I will actually
be on vacation next week I'm going sort of crazy from being cooped up here and uh my girlfriend
and I have rented a little cabin in bumfuck Wisconsin so next weekend I will be off the
table and Merkelchen will be giving the fireside I will probably be smoking tons of weed while
spending time outside which suddenly has a great deal of novelty uh so no talk about the third
state of Citadels uh okay that's a good question so uh May 26th CTP is implementing a patch which
in some form is going to result in Citadels having an abandoned mode I think this is a good thing I
think it's good for the game but in terms of what are we going to do about it um it doesn't really
require some sort of massive bureaucracy like if a stir is abandoned we actually talked about this
at the Kremlin meeting so if there's an abandoned structure that is a problem uh corp people will be
reaching out to GSOL to try to fix it so for example if you are living in a Citadel and a
corp director who is the only person that had keys to it went afk and you're worried that it's going
to go abandoned there is a system that we have just set up such that uh you know they can get
in touch with GSOL and then we can try to work out some sort of accommodation or replacement or get
in touch with a person there is not going to be some sort of grand blue shooting nonsense related
to it if a structure is abandoned the structure is abandoned but it is still a blue structure if
it has been kicked out of the alliance it is no longer a blue structure in in BSI
Will we change Athenor policy?
um I'm afraid that I I just got my brain just turned to sludge even trying to read that
it's a reasonable question but keep in mind guys this is something that's going to come down the
pipe on May 26th and the usual policy for CCP patches applies people will like to say that
this is going to happen and that's going to happen but I don't believe shit until it's on CC
and then we can actually look at the mechanics I understand what CCP is saying that they want
with the abandoned structure stuff but when we get closer to that and we actually see mechanically
how it's going to be implemented then you can expect me to have opinions or be able to tap in
like tuzzy about like what our policy is going to be regarding Athenors but we typically uh and if
you've been to Varsad's before you've heard me say this we typically do not dive into uh really
gritty proactive policy making when we don't see mechanically what's actually hitting the game
right because if we we try to base proactive policy on crap that CCP said that they were
going to do but have like regulations and policy for like constructing your own stargates to
unknown space right like so we wait until something is actually going to happen and then
we come up with solutions based upon you know things that are real
and tuzzy has already answered it which is uh if something happens uh with the Athenors and
Delve the GSAL will unanchor them and there will be no policy change so there you go
there are lots of interesting questions about us blowing our own stuff
and uh the answer is no comment we would not discuss future plans in that regard
what are we going to do about our afk ratting ishars that lure all the hot droppers to all
of our systems and give them easy kills uh we are going to do nothing
we're going to do nothing at all it's going to be great uh as usual this is the thing like we've
had a sort of this period of relative safety when we're using the super umbrella and when
supercarrier ratting was a thing that worked um but the policy of goonswarm has pretty much always
been uh born out of our early days of living together in syndicate so when this is you know
late 2005 early 2006 but this is where the culture comes from uh which essentially is uh hey and also
i have no idea when i'm telling the story whether i just got bingo baited or not which is entirely
possible this is why bingo is fun for parasites because i'm listening myself give a long answer
to a question that could have just been dinko bait but anyway the idea is that uh if we let
everybody be perfectly safe everyone will become fat and weak and stupid and in the early days when
we were in su-8a4 the birthplace of goonswarm we had 500 fucking goons jammed together in this
shitty little system in the jqb constellation in syndicate and that's where we come from way back
in the day uh not counting goon fleet target practice if somebody wants to like reg date jam
me or something like that but there you go and people would be out there ratting in their ravens
and going you know oh help i'm tackled in a belt and uh then they wouldn't tell us where they were
and things like that and we would make fun of them because they would die stupidly because they
weren't paying attention they weren't listening to the rules they weren't doing anything and their
death became an example to everybody else either they died and then they learned from their death
and then got better uh which is good or their idiocy was an example to other people and then
people were able to learn from the mistakes of other people which is in many ways is the essence
of wisdom so uh when it comes to our policies involving safety and delve in general i don't
want delve to ever be perfectly safe because at that point you will all become weak flaccid and
stupid right like that's that's the thing is there needs to be a degree of pressure puppies might say
that we are only into crabbing puppies might say that we are only doing things to get isk and all
this other shit but the reality is is that we have created delve in most of our other territories as
kind of this crucible like a pressure chamber that forces us to work together and forces us to
organize to coordinate and to get better and to become harder and to become more effective
and so that's why you know one of the reasons i like delve so much is because of npc delve because
it is a place where we will always have to be on our guard because it is easy for people to come
and to hunt in delve and to keep us on our toes to you know to catch the weak and the stupid and
purge them um it is kind of darwinian but that's goonswarm
okay so there's questions here about
this is kind of funny because it's like an argument are we scared of
rectal supremacy and good x uh
no are we going to have a competitive nirvana market or will the price be state regulated
it's going to be a competitive market because the goal is for us to do what we're already doing
which is to basically have a flood of supply and then the next issue in the sort of supply
chain blockage there is having enough pi materials
what are my thoughts on uh one of the sma brothers playing the game again because he
says he knows me oh yeah i mean he was a one of the three sma brothers who were running sma
back during the start of the casino war beyond that i don't really have any thoughts
can we keep a subcap fleet near titan all the time to protect orcs
no i think it is really important for people to have the appropriate attitude when it comes to
safety is that there is a balance of safety because we've seen through the history of
eve online this is like story time shit here but um during the great war in the first phase of great
war so band of brothers comes and they invade us in syndicate in july of 2006 and we're all mad
about it in our our little hellhole of uh of syndicate the crucible of our people this is
su-8a4 there are no goons goodbye all that horse shit uh and then we buddied up with the russians
and uh the french and it was red storm federation we're killing our way from cj6 south through
la caldera and all this stuff uh but at the time in the galactic southeast there was a peaceable
empire of self-professed povets the uh people in the senate frontier and some old school people may
even remember uh cyborg and askin and the whole deal with askin was sort of like a mutated uh you
know providence exists like they're sort of like rp fishbowl and the official purpose of askin
was to have a perfectly safe going to bring high sec to null sec like hobbit economic empire and
they wanted safety they wanted security they wanted to have uh you know a sort of a defense
force and whatever such that people could uh you know rad and mine and do the thing and complete
safety i do not want that i do not want you guys to ever be completely safe because again you'll
get fat and stupid and then our empire will be crushed because we will have weakness because
we will be lax we will not be on our guard so there's always a balance is that we want to try
to defend people as reasonably as possible for those that are taking steps to meet us halfway
but the idea that the goal of delve is 100 perfect defense is a proven path towards destruction the
reason i'm making the reference of ascendant frontier is of course uh bob crushed them
because they were all they had successfully set up in the southeast which is very boring so like
if you're through like faith abilist and amos and stuff like that like it's it's really relatively
safe space uh because it's just a pain in the ass to get through and gang people there's not
enough npc space for basing in uh except for stain things are a little bit different these
days because we've got citadels back but back in the day that wasn't the case uh and it was fun
when the guys in askin did come begging baby goons for him for help at this point because we were
in the galactic northeast and headed down towards askin and of course we laughed in their faces and
told them to go fuck themselves and ask them cybuck where's my fucking battleship fleet not that i'm
still mad about this 10 years on or anything 15 years on something or other it's awful great war
was very sick very insane but that's why we don't like to have people uh expecting total safety
because it is a proven empire killer so essentially when i was making fun of almeca gold on the meta
show a bit ago said uh you know if you didn't exist on mecca we'd have to invent you that's true
right one of the reasons we like delve is because there is this npc delve and it does make it
difficult for us to live normally because we don't want to you know peace and security is boring
war and murder and conquest is the point of this game
yeah where's my battleship fleet is because when we were in uh cloud ring at the very start of the
great war we were fighting dusk and dawn this is uh july of 2006 and uh askin had promised us that
they were going to send us a battleship to fly to uh help fight the germans and uh then sir moly
said there are no goons goodbye and all that other sort of uh bloody shirt bullshit about uh tedson
and uh askin refused to send the battleship fleet that they promised for a big op
i think we were fighting around xeh at the time
so yeah all right let me take a look at questions here instead of just telling stories
has it been relayed to imperium csm members how long the period of resource shortage will last
still that sort of implies that my csm people are telling me things that ccb will bump which they're
not so i uh i hope not how long am i on today um well i guess i'm actually sort of off the clock
now i mean we started the fireside late but uh there's no meta show today so uh
you know just don't know what the fuck i feel like on saturday
i'm not going to promise that i'm going to join sns tonight but uh unlike a lot of
saturdays i'm actually going to be around tonight so i might stop in and say hello
uh doing things to bring more people to delve uh no because like there's a balance like we
already have gankers in delve like there's no reason for us to actually try to bring more
hostiles in because the joy of the filaments like one of the things i'm really happy about with the
the whole filament system is that it brings a steady supply of puppies to delve with no effort
on our part that we can then put into the woodchipper because here's the thing like
the woodchipper like having puppies come and us grinding them into paste uh is hilarious fun
and it's also hilarious fun if it's set up right where the puppies that come to delve
uh before we would chipper them uh if they end up like ganking idiots that didn't learn the lesson
didn't do what they were supposed to do that fucked up then that's just like bonus hilarity
but there's no reason why we should like try to go out of our way to like i'm pretty happy with
the level of darwinism that we have here in delve like things have been working out pretty well for
a few years and we have you know you do defense ops to try to train your people on how to do
defense ops right and to get over the hump of using ships in combat in a controlled environment
like it's good for our pilots to have targets that you know we try to drop on it's good to have
uh idiots get killed and then have the puppies that kill the idiots get mulched by our defense
fleets like it's cool and fun and i'm glad you guys uh got some bingos in there
all right i'm gonna take a look at my notes
all righty
it's really nice to have the chinese with us but can we make english default for safety's sake in
intel please uh no reason why the answer is no is because having some sort of like a top-down
language regulation would be a nightmare in a multi-ethnic multi-language empire like the
imperium because it's not just like there's english players in chinese your companions
are a bunch of like english as a second language at best players like we've got a ton of russians
a ton of french maybe everybody speaks english great maybe a bunch of people don't but uh
especially when it comes to independent operation in the chinese time zone there's no reason to do
something like that we actually have like this entire system set up such that there is which is
one of the things i'm very proud of in the imperium is that we do have uh something we
have developed that our enemies have not uh i think that we are probably one of the more uh
sort of pluralistic multinational empires in the game and so we do actually have an entire system
of people uh translating into a number of different languages on ops and on posts and things like that
and it's one of the reasons why we've been able to win as much as we have is that you know humans
are an asset people are an asset and the more effectively that you are able to organize and
coordinate things with humans the more good stuff and fun and good shit in general is available for
all of us right that's how we run this thing so it's important to find and devise new ways to
coordinate people across time zone barriers across language barriers and try to meet people at least
halfway because then you become the most basically the most badass empire in the history of at least
internet spaceships and of possibly of internet gaming like we're the biggest thing out there
we're the most badass thing out there and that's partially because we do have uh well we stole it
from cyrus the great like this is all just like satrapies that we stole from fucking cyrus the
great and the cayman empire but there you go i am kind of rambling guys because uh it's a relatively
quiet fireside so i get to talk about what the hell i feel like so it gets very assyrian or
persian randomly there and that's what you get i'm gonna see if there's any other questions that
i can uh answer here for folks if period basis gets more action in terms of people utilizing
space and anchoring structures will we see the native faction fortizars moving up uh to the
dyson sphere i don't know that's an interesting question
uh why are we disliked so much by other players um you can't conquer the galaxy repeatedly without
making a few hundred thousand if not millions of enemies like one of the things that's fascinating
about eve online is that right now at any time let's say uh ballpark there's 250 000 unique human
beings between 250 000 unique human beings and half a million unique human beings who play um
i was on the csm uh six so a zillion years ago and i'm not under nda so i could say things like
back then they showed that more than like between nine and ten million people had like logged into
eve and played a little bit and like you know given the game ago so like at any given moment
there's like a quarter of a million to half a million people playing the game but in practice
millions of people have cycled through this galaxy at some point or another and a lot of times people
even when they're not playing eve and you know we all sort of cycle in and out of the e in and out
of eve depending on our interest level unless you're a fucking psycho like me uh and uh i also
have like the coolest fucking job in the universe literally like i do this so much because it's a
shitload of fun like it's being a space tyrant it's just like a fucking dream job like who wouldn't
want to be a fucking space tyrant i guess normal well-adjusted people but i'm not normal or well
adjusted and i i think it's tremendous fun but um but the net effect of that is is that when people
are not really playing eve as much actively they're still following their alliances and like
their football teams right they're saying you know they're backing horde or they're backing
guns or they're backing uh you know pandemic legion or something and the reality is is that
for most of the since 2006 since july of 2006 uh goons form in one form or another has rampaged
around the galaxy crushing absolutely everything or getting our asses kicked and we have pissed off
a lot of people along the way so uh yeah and we don't really do things like the puppies do like
we have a very different structure internally uh the way that we handle things uh we are uh you
know i don't you know sort of space room and barbarians analogy or whatever sort of thing you
want to whatever analogy you want to go with their uh puppies hate our guts because we're powerful
and we have a nasty habit of sticking our boot on their throats and then making stupid dick jokes
about it so that's a long answer to a relatively simple question and i hope i didn't bore with that
a new kiki doctrine not baiting uh i think that we already have been promoting the abyssal program
to get people to shut out kiki bpcs for our kiki doctrine if somebody could link the
abyssal information in a leasing for me please
all righty uh do we have any le shack doctrine or sig uh we actually had a doctrine that we're
using to purge structures in highsec but that might have been cut during the most recent doctrine
purge i can't answer that immediately i know that we use them for structure kills and we
might be needing to dust them off depending upon may 26th thing that comes down
uh just getting back to the game was in several lines a decade ago never saw the
organization of the fleet doctrines anywhere else is that something you need to get us from
uh fleet doctrines have always been a thing and eve we were the first ones to come up with a
reimbursement program so we actually had contingent reimbursement during uh the great war and it was
very controversial the idea of actually reimbursing ships uh everybody else copied it and calls it srp
but we still kind of call it re-m because it was contingent reimbursement and then just a
reimbursement program but that was one of our uh our first social programs and uh worked out pretty
well helped us win a bunch of wars um but having fleet doctrines and things being more structured
it's not really all that unique to guns from anywhere
yeah the forums have been having some crashing issues recently we are our it people are working
on it okay hold on a moment and then i think we're gonna wrap things up
uh eta on updated fax super and titan fits
i think we actually were having a conversation about that during the kremlin meeting
do we plan on using our space superiority to take out structures
what the asset safety from uh abandoned structures no comment uh well actually yeah i mean obviously
like they're gonna be like a huge fucking party of chaos and nonsense uh if the patch comes in
in a way that it is uh going to be cool and interesting like again we're waiting to see
ccb's patch notes to see what they're actually gonna do uh but i mean if they're gonna surround
us with a whole bunch of loot pinatas of course we're gonna run around and try to pop as many of
the things as we fucking can
all right boys and girls so i'm gonna call things off for now um thanks for coming i will not be
here next weekend uh merkel chen will be doing the fireside and then i will be back after my
vacation as normal so thanks for coming keep on keeping on and we will see you next week
and just to reiterate there's no meta show this week uh my show was canceled this week there will
be a meta show csm spectacular special uh while i'm on vacation with brisk and january valentine
and a cast of csm nary wells