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Alright boys and girls, we're gonna get this party started here in a little bit.
I'm trying to dial in exactly all the mean things I'm about to say to make
sure that they are as precise as one can be while being a complete asshole. Yeah,
you can grab a drink, take a piss, do what you got to do, we're gonna get started
here when the numbers stop going up. Real quick here, had a question, did we ever
get a fitting checker thing for supers? I know that we have a fitting checker
thing. I know that it's up and active if somebody here can link it in the chat.
I'm not sure whether it's been upgraded for supers yet, you can ask in the
SuperTits channels, which are no longer SuperTits.
And if it's on duty I will make a note to poke the appropriate people.
Thank you, Magnus. for the superfits. Alright, alright boys and girls,
we're gonna go ahead and get started. If you're confused about why there's a
Fireside Chat on Sundays, it's because we do these on Sundays now. And I'm really
glad that we do, because yesterday was a perfect example of why we're doing these
now. It is an interesting thing to watch the enemy give speeches and talk and say
things and then have a full night to think about it and consider what I'm
gonna say. I'm not necessarily gonna commit to the quality of my Firesides
increasing, but it was interesting and made it very clear to me that we were
sort of giving away free intel and free opportunities to the enemy for years for
me doing these things on Saturdays and then letting them do it on Sundays. So
here we are. I want to make sure before we get started here, somebody has already
linked the... let's take a look at this particular one. I want to get a link to
Gobbins' little town hall in Olysium for people to see. We have a couple of
these. There we go. This is quite relevant to everything, because it shows us a lot
of things, not just about the enemy's plans, which I expected that they would go
this way. It's been clear for a little while. What I did not expect is that they
would say this not just on Gobbins' town hall, but Dunk Dinkle did a similar sort
of video for Brave reiterating that they are eager to disappoint everyone who has
been involved in this war with the most cowardly options that they have
available and that they do not want to have big fights. Well, I have some news. I
don't give a fuck. I don't give a flying fuck what they want. I don't give a
flying fuck what they think, and we're gonna fucking turn this thing into a
hellscape apocalypse when they come into 1DQ1. I don't care if it's with
battleships. I don't care if it's some sort of wacky, you know, what is it,
Thunderchild doctrine that they've gotten their CSMs together about or
whatever bullshit it is that these fucking cowards want to bring to our
house. We're gonna fight. But before we get into the hurf-blurf, there's some
backstory here that I want to touch on for a little bit. So this goes back about
what, fuck, five years now? We're gonna talk about the casino war. At the time of
the casino war, many of these same motherfuckers got together in their
little money badger coalition. The difference between now and then is that
we didn't have Citadels. Nobody had Citadels. They had casino money, which was
banned by CCP the moment the war was over. And we had a very different
coalition structure. There's a lot of things that were different then. But it's
important because one of the things that I had as a takeaway from the casino war
experience was that if these motherfuckers didn't have untouchable,
unattackable, infinite isk, that even if the entire galaxy came at us, we would be
able to survive and thrive, and they wouldn't be able to stand against us.
The biggest issue was we couldn't do a damn thing about their source of isk
because it came from gambling addictions. People were using things like Silmer
Blink. That money was then, and I want isk was funneling that money to buy all the
mercenaries in the galaxy and fund everything that these people who are now
papi, the same motherfuckers, are doing against us. Now why am I talking about
this? Why are we going all the way back to bring up the casino war? Because for
the most of this war, I haven't really talked about it too much. And one of the
reasons I haven't talked about it too much is that up until yesterday, I wasn't
entirely sure whether I was right. Because I thought I was right. I was
pretty sure, like 98% sure I was right. But it's another thing entirely when
your enemy independently confirms in public everything that you were saying.
So now that Gobbins has, I guess, decided to roll around in all of this rope, we
are going to, well, whatever. Watch him hang himself with it. Whatever sort of
reference or analogy you want to use here. I have to be careful in saying mean
things because these people have onion skins and they will cry about how I'm
awful at the slightest opportunity. But we're gonna talk about how awful they
are and what cowards they are and how bereft of their isk it appears that
suddenly these guys don't have their fucking balls. Because suddenly when they
don't have an infinite unattackable source of isk, which was involved in
laundering in RMT and banned by CCB, they hate this. Gobbins specifically
absolutely hates any reference to the casino war. So I encourage you all to
make sure that none of these guys get to live it down. As Merkelchen pointed out
on the Meta Show yesterday, these are the kids who call the cops on the cool
parties because they despise the fact that we have more fun than them and they
envy us. And now at the moment of truth, now we get to talk about the casino war
because these little bitches have publicly cowered it out and it has
finally, finally, finally proved my point after all of these years. After a while I
stopped talking about it because I was afraid that I would sound too crazy or I
was trying to rationalize the loss. But now we have proof. Without their infinite
source of unattackable isk, when push comes to shove and it's time to actually
try to take 1DQ1, these fucking cowards begin the excuses preemptively.
They're already sandbagging themselves talking about how, oh, you know, don't
expect a massive battle. They're gonna try to do something involving battleships
I guess or sub caps. I have no idea. It's just a bunch of squitting excuses to
cover for the fact that they never had a plan for taking 1DQ1. They're trying
to come up with something now but everything that they based their war
plan on since the beginning, and this is what we expected going all the way back
to June of 2020, feels like a long time ago, when we were worried of what was
coming. Unattackable dark money that CCP wasn't doing a fucking thing about. And it
became clear that unless we retreated to Sarinon, and to be fair after CO2
backstabbed us in MO, it was the only option was to retreat to Sarinon. And
then CCP banned the casinos. And then we rebuilt Endelf. And now when it comes
time to storm 1DQ1, these same pathetic motherfuckers from the casino war have
shown their whole asses in front of the entire fucking galaxy for the cowardly
cheating pieces of shit that they are. They want to talk about coming into 1DQ1
and not having a massive battle after putting the entire player base through
this shit for like the last 11 fucking months? Oh well now that it's gonna be
scary that you might have to pay for your Titans, you might lose some more
Titans. Oh gee, gee we were just oh there's a million fucking excuses from
these cowardly pathetic pieces of shit. And now it is proven we were right.
Everything we were saying before was correct. That bereft of an infinite
source of cheetah disc, these bitches go for cowardice because they don't know
what to do as long as Goonstorm and the Imperium keeps fighting. And we refuse to
go away because we know they don't have the unattackable isk, because we know
that they're a bunch of spineless pieces of shit cowards. They need three to one
odds to come at us and they're still hesitating at the gates. They're right
next fucking door. Like what the fuck were they thinking? Well we know what
they were thinking. We know that they were thinking that you would break and
that you would run. And that they would never have to worry about this because
if they just rolled 1dq1 and made goons run away, then all of those mean
things that the goons were saying about the casino war would be proven wrong.
Well thank you Gobbins for proving it fucking right, you pathetic piece of
shit. Now that you are next door after all of this stuff you're telling the
entire player base and your own people that there's don't expect a massive
battle for 1dq1. I have never seen such a public display of weakness and
cowardice as I have from the leadership of Pappy. And it's not just Gobbins.
Fucking Dunk Dinkle is out there saying the same thing. Now I would expect a
fight because I don't expect the guys like Vince or ProGod to just sit on
their asses like pussies like these motherfuckers. So I want you all,
regardless of what these fucking casino war era dark money isk relying
motherfuckers are saying about how there's not gonna be a big battle for
1dq1, you are going to prepare for a major fucking battle for 1dq1. I don't
give a shit what these bitches say. Fuck 'em. So what does that preparation look
like? It's a lot of the same things that we have been saying in the last several
weeks. The difference is these guys have now said the quiet part out loud. They
have said things in public to their own people that I never thought that they
would say in public. It is genuinely a new thing to like in all of my schemes
and all of my plans. I never expected that Gobbins would get up before the
siege of 1dq1 and tell everybody that it was going to be a disappointment. I
don't know how he intends to inspire his troops to fight that they can take any
pride in what they have been doing and blowing up structures. I don't think
they should take pride but they at least were jacking themselves off about how
great they were and all this stuff all this time. But they don't have their
cheetah disc. So suddenly the balance of costs is not something that they are
comfortable with without those casinos. The real piss pee. The true nature of
these people has been revealed. Three to one odds. Don't expect a massive battle.
Just utterly pathetic. I don't know if my microphone is able to communicate the
sheer level of contempt I feel about what I heard yesterday from Gobbins and from
dunked angle. It is just genuinely one of the most pathetic and embarrassing
displays I have seen in this game. Shocking. Shocking. And I feel bad for the
guys in piss pee. Like the line members in piss pee are following their leaders.
Humans are hierarchical creatures. It's a relatively normal thing. Sure at this
point they can be blamed for continuing to follow these fucking idiots. But you
know. But the leadership. But the fucking leadership. Are you kidding me? What the
fuck? Say what you will about Vince Drake and he would never give a speech
like that. Holy shit. So how are we gonna be dealing with these fucking cowards
now that they have revealed to everyone which we already knew but I didn't
expect it to come from their own fucking mouths. Now that they have admitted to
everyone that since they don't have infinite isk and they're afraid of
losing their Titans that they're gonna coward out and shrivel up their tiny
tiny little balls just when things are getting interesting. You need to have a
shitload of battleships ready. And you need to get them ready before the attack
begins. We've been saying this for a couple weeks now but now there's a
little bit more incentive to it I should hope. You're gonna keep hearing about
this because this is the military preparation that is necessary to defend
our capital and make these fuckers burn. Multi-fit will not work in tie-dye.
Multi-fit is disabled in tie-dye. By the time that the attack begins it will be
too late. You need to have multiple rocks. Multiple
multiple Baltics. And have them fit and ready to rock. You need to have them
ready to go such that you're not going to be reshipping or refitting and are
trying to like build something in the middle of what is likely to be one of
the biggest battles in the history of Eve. Now we are going to bring one of the
biggest battles in the history of Eve because that is who we are. We are not
weaklings. We are not cowards. We are not going "oh gee well here's a like the
litany of excuses that I have read from these fucking people on the excuse
thread on reddit where they're trying to just rationalize around the the
cowardice and the weakness that Gobbins is projecting is something that I am
stunned by. If these people want to rationalize themselves into a corner
about how this is perfectly okay and it's all good after they have invested
11 months and counting into trying to exterminate you. I want to remind you. I
want to remind you. Last time they had infinite isk casino money but they
didn't say exterminate all goons, war of extermination. Goons are awful people in
the real world and they need to be driven out of Eve. They did that this
time. They didn't have the casino isk this time but they had the vendetta and
the war of extermination and the language of all of that and I'm sure
that Gobbins and Vince and Norris and all the guys on the PanPam side are
gonna say "oh well that was just Vilian ProGod legend" but those motherfuckers
clapped for that shit. They fucking clapped for that shit and they fucking
cheered for that shit and we will not forget it. Fuck these people. Remember who
your enemies are. Never forget. They want us to treat them in good faith when
these people have been relying upon cheats and ill will and nonsense for
years and spewing this stuff at us and now when it comes to the time when it's
time for them to fuck or walk they choose to slink out. They scarf quit. They
flee from Iceland because that's a Yolo Swagtrot reference. Anyway, scarf quit. Old
school. So why don't we push t5 if they don't want to get a good big fight? I
think that there is going actually I'm not gonna talk about this on a fireside
but it is a good question. This is the situation that they are in and it's a
situation that sort of depends upon the length of time that our enemies choose
to be cowards which is unfortunate. I think that we could speed things along
by constantly reminding them of their cowardice and of their dark history of
dark casino money because we know that they hate it and they deserve to hear it
because it's the truth that has now been revealed by the Gobbins Town Hall, by the
Dunk Town Hall, by all these things that they're saying. Suddenly it turns out
that when they have three to one odds and they're right next door to us they
don't even want to risk their fucking supers and their Titans because they are
cowards and apparently running out of isks so that's cool. So what are we gonna
do? I want to remind you, prep your ships. Another thing I want to remind you of is
no more anchoring of citadels from alt corpse or member corpse or anything in
the 1dq1 constellation. We have secured all of the citadels that are there
because we don't want to end up with any kind of like wacky metagame bullshit so
no dropping of any more citadels that are not from goon waffle or DJs. Basically
if you're not a g-saul person dropping a citadel under official capacity don't
even try. Now even if these people are talking about the coward's way out and
just going for the weakest and least impressive end to the longest war in the
history of internet gaming, right? The Great War technically took three years
but there were breaks in the in that process. This has been going on for
another couple months it'll be almost a year. So if they want to go for this way
we need to talk about what could go wrong. How do we stand? Let's assume that
they come in, let's assume that they actually do find their balls, and let's
prepare for the worst just in case. I don't want for everybody who's listening
to this to just sit back and go "okay Gobbins and Dunk are a bunch of weaklings
that don't know how to bring it and are afraid to even try to bring it proper"
and so it's okay. Because it's not just Gobbins and Dunk out there there's a lot
of leaders within PissBee and some of them will hopefully find their balls. So
we need to assume worst-case scenarios and we need to talk about some things of
"hey let's say that they actually do bring it and that we falter and we fail
and something goes hellishly wrong and everything goes boom." Well what does that
actually mean? Because one of the biggest risks that we have in the face of these
cowards is not actually the cowards next door. One of the biggest risks we have is
overestimating them and people freaking out and not being able to understand the
exact level of risk that we are now facing here. So that means we're
going to be talking about asset safety because I want you guys to understand
how asset safety works and I might have to tag some people in here for some of the
gory details of it, but in particular I need you to not be evacuating
mission-critical things because it is perfectly safe to asset safety that
stuff out and we have enough money to do any kind of... this is actually going to be
one of the plans is if something actually does go hellishly wrong we have
enough ISK in the war bond system the way that asset safety works is that we
can just buy everything we need out. If we end up in a scenario where
everything does go boom and that there are Titans that are in the Imperial
Palace and it does get destroyed, it goes into asset safety, we will as an
organization make sure that we can do the finance to buy everybody that needs
it out of it. So you don't have to worry about that. The Imperium has you
covered when it comes to asset safety for Titans or Supers, so keep your shit
here. We're gonna be fighting. The other thing is if you're like new to this
entire asset safety situation, if you're old-school, it's a 15% haircut
essentially and a time delay to get your shit out. So compared to the Great War or
essentially anything before this asset safety stuff kicked in, it's a
pretty good insurance policy. I personally think it's kind of ridiculous.
I'm not a huge fan of asset safety. I never have been a fan of asset safety,
but it is what it is and it means that when we are contemplating fighting this
thing out, all of our war plans for fighting this thing out, including this
warning about asset safety and talking about it, was something that we wrote
down to talk to you guys about yesterday in the Ellume meeting before Gobbins got
up and revealed how tiny as fucking balls are in front of the entire galaxy.
So this asset safety stuff here on my notes that we're going through is pre
Gobbins, pre Dunk, coward time. But we're still gonna treat this in case
Vince Draken gets the wheel and somebody who has actual balls decides to
try to roll us. So I don't want you guys to go, "Oh my god, we might get our stuff
blown up." Let's go through what that means so you understand because we have a
lot of work ahead of us and if these fucking cowards break and run or we kill
them or we get rolled in any of these different scenarios, what comes after is
vengeance. What comes after is vengeance. None of these people can stop our Titan
fleet. We have crushed them in M2, we have more than them, and no matter how this
goes down in the 1DQ1 thing, we are not going to be stopping. These people
have tried to exterminate Goon Swarm, they've told everyone that you are awful
human beings in the real world, they clap for that shit, you will not let them
forget it, and we are not going to be done. These motherfuckers want to talk
about post-war this, post-war that, they can try to get out of this but they have
well and truly pissed off the Imperium and we are not going anywhere and we
will be visiting them wherever they hide for years, exactly as we did after the
Casino War. We will never let these motherfuckers forget they're cheating in
the Casino War, they're cowardice when they had their infinite ISK cheats taken
away, and the fact that when it came time to fuck or walk, they couldn't get it up.
So, here we are. The risk with the asset safety stuff isn't a military loss. If
you guys freak out and you get a morale loss or something and they then, you know,
"Oh, boo, scary boo!" I don't know, I'm gonna try to tell you guys to not be
scared and to not like worry about this too much. Again, this part of the speech
was planned yesterday when we had these meetings before these guys basically
just curled up into the fetal position and cried pathetic tears through various
leadership outlets and various town halls yesterday. Stunning, absolutely
stunning. How am I supposed to talk to you guys about asset safety when Gobbins
is going, "It's a massive disappointment if you're expecting a big fight because your
fucking cheats were taken away, you little bitch!" Alright, so we talked about
no more anchoring. I'm pissed. I'm just, I'm not gonna hide it. I don't think I am
hiding it. I just, I didn't expect that these guys would just pants themselves
like this yesterday. I did not expect that they would get up there and say,
"Yeah, when it comes to the moment of truth, we planned this." Because they
planned this war for a while. There was a lot that went into this thing. Now, we
called them on it early, right? When we announced that they were gonna be
attacking us back in June, when we retreated from Cloud Ring in the north
and we started doing our thing. We saw that this thing was coming. We started
putting in our preparations, blah blah blah. It's just taken a long-ass time for
us to get to this point. It is clear that they never had a plan to actually storm
1DQ1 because they expected that you would give up and break. And obviously,
we knew that that would not happen. We planned accordingly. I did not anticipate
that they would basically just piss and shit themselves yesterday and do it in a
town hall format in front of the entire goddamn galaxy. It's just genuinely
fucking pathetic. Okay, let me take a look at my notes here. So, I want to talk about,
pardon the distraction, I need to go through a little bit of less hirf and
take some questions from you guys as we go through this. But I warn you, there
might be more hirf because I'm just stung. Never, ever, and this is
important for all of you, in all of your interactions with your enemy, never let
them forget the cheats in the casino war because they hate it. And now they've
proven, they've proven that if they don't have the infinite isk because the cost
has gone up, that suddenly their balls shrink in proportion to their wallets or
their ability to escape consequences. It is stunning, absolutely stunning. Let me
take some questions. How did I get more pissed from the meta show to today? I've
had a chance to process it and at first, that's a good question. So this was from
Liquidium is asking me, "How did I get more pissed off today from yesterday?"
It's not just getting myself riled up for a fireside and having
some time to sleep on it or whatever. Yesterday, this was just a Gobbins town
hall, right? At the time that the meta show had happened, Gobbins had done this
thing. And you know, whatever, it's Gobbins. Then Dunk did the same thing and we have
seen some discussions from the previous test town hall that Priggles did. Looking
back on it, you can actually see the outline of their coward plan. The
difference is that Gobbins and Dunk said the quiet part out loud. If you go
back and look at the ProGod thing, you can see the outlines of this. Let's just
do sub caps only. Let's be pure cowards because the Imperium crushed our Titan
fleet and we're weak and running out of isk and out of balls. So you can see the
outlines of this. It's just what has changed is not just Gobbins saying it out
loud, Dunk saying it out loud. Then we did a little digging and looked back at some
of the things that these piss-pee bitches were saying and go, "Oh hey, this isn't an
outlier. This is actually what their thing is." Because they didn't have an
answer for 1DQ1 because they didn't have an answer for not having an infinite
isk and they didn't have an answer for us not giving up. So here we are and
that's why I am more pissed today than I was yesterday because there's been more
cowardness, more weakness, more spineless little bitches making excuses. And I know
and it makes me happy that when some of them hear this, they'll be very angry
that I mean to them. But I don't treat anything that piss-pee says in good
faith because I know who they are, I know what they've done, I know their excuses
and how can you have respect for an opponent like that? It's just disgusting.
It's pathetic. They should they should either stop wasting their members time
and attack 1DQ1 or fuck off back to their pathetic little holes to
contemplate what happens when they come at the Imperium without infinite isk
sheets. Suddenly, suddenly things are very different. I wonder why. Okay, so one of
the things that I have here from the ad, which is a bit more military and
practical rather than me just being angry, I mean it's just disgusts me that
these people have gone for 11, like 9 months, whatever, times a fucking blur.
It's 20-20 months of that and now we're in 2021 that they have gone all of this
and just schlepping right next door to the fucking, you know, the Imperial Palace
and then this, this is what they have to offer us as they gear up to siege 1DQ1?
Just excuses and weak- it's just pathetic. It is pathetic. I am disgusted by it.
I'm also vindicated and I enjoy being vindicated because it has proven
everything I was saying about the casino war and the infinite isk sheets so, you
know, whatever. I guess I should be handing Gobbins a gold star. But I'm gonna
talk about something practical here. It's very hard for me to not get riled up
again and start just spitting my contempt towards the foe. I do, the red
mist kind of gets in the way sometimes. I get a little feisty. Something that we
don't want to talk about. People who want to be helpful can hang around the
constellation in 1DQ1. 1DQ1 constellation in like an astro or a, you
know, an astro to go after the hostile bombers or a Hecate for the T3 cruisers
that are harassing the jammers. So we actually have seen an uptick in jammer
harassment. I'm sure you've all seen it. The bad guys are sending in bombers,
they're sending in T3 cruisers, they're doing a bunch of rando shit to try to
poke you, to scare you, to make you log off because they don't know how to make
you go to Saren and they got nothing. So to deal with these harassment attacks, if
you want to help out, you want to develop your F2 as an independent PvPer, then
take an astro out there and just keep eyes on these jammers, keep eyes on all
of these other things, and take them out because it'll make it a lot easier for
us. We won't have to expend any real effort if the guys that are trying to do
harassment on jammers are just getting zonked by goon heroes and astros or
Hecates. So we have some other news that's coming next week that we'll be
releasing. The finance team is working on a few interesting topics. So there is
more afoot. We're gonna be going into that next week though. Let me take some
question. Are we on the passive side of our defense? How do we force these guys
to leave? We're posting up on the fucking walls here. They outnumber us
three to one. Just because they are a bunch of cowards doesn't mean that they
don't outnumber us. Now in a lot of these other off time zone battles, the balance
of forces is something that's much more in our favor, particularly when it comes
to US time zone, which is where they need to start hacking this iHub. However, until
that time, until we, you know, I think that the best thing for us to do between now
and then is to have them attack us and for us to beat them. And then once that
has happened, then we'll see where we're going. I'm not gonna be talking on a
fireside about like hitting T5ZI. That is extremely premature. And in terms of
balance of forces and things like that, I'm not going to talk about that either.
We are getting a very much at the fuck or walk phase of things. If these guys
are not attacking one to Q1 inside of this next week, you know, increase like
one of the things that was interesting is some of the guys in the PSP side have
actually seen their leaders for what they are now. Like you're starting to see
this in some places. Now it's only gonna be a tiny minority. Most of these people
will drunk the Kool-Aid. They're completely all in right. Gurgoons, you
know, a goon blew them up years ago or something. They've been butt blasted
about it ever since and they hate us legitimately. Great. That's fine. Whatever.
Eat my ass. But we are seeing a lot of these guys. They were expecting a big
amazing battle. They wanted another M2 and hearing from Gobbins and Dunk and I
guess the rest of them soon that they're all just gonna go for the the pussy way.
I should say that's insulting to women. I should say just the coward way, the weak
way, the pathetic way. You know, pussy can take a pounding. These guys can't.
Alrighty. Delta squads thrash your fleets. Definitely deserve a shout out. Can we
rename PSP to the Karen coalition? They do behave like a bunch of fucking
carrots. No question. Are we gonna see adjustments to SRP because of ship
prices changing mainly for battleships and caps? Yeah. We always are adjusting
our SRP. That's like a thing the reimbursement team does automatically.
Or not automatically. It requires effort on their part but we are always
dynamically updating the reimbursement prices. What's happening with Pappy and
FRT and AOM shooting each other? I think that FRT has been, I think Norris is
playing this in a very savvy way. He managed to sort of half commit to the
war in various ways. After FRT did their breakout along with the rest of them,
they got their Titan, all of their Titans out and the breakout from M2 and then
they want to go shoot AOM and they've always wanted to go shoot AOM because
it's a Serenity grudge match. So I think that is, that's all that is. You know, the
entire, they blew the entire fucking galaxy. The entire galaxy and that's an
attempt to paper over a lot of long-term grudges and animus that, you know, it can
only hold out for so long. Will we reevaluate Delve Defense after Pappy is
evicted? Yeah. I mean we're gonna completely, every time we go through one
of these hell wars we completely adapt and change our empire into a different
and what we believe to be more effective form. Alright. I think that is just about
it. Oh, any updates on the found... Yeah, sorry guys. Actually, good question there
Oshi. No, at this juncture. One of the challenges we had here is Seren
Blackfist, who is our squad leader, had some family stuff come up and he, not our
squad leader, our director of squads, and so he had to be less than available this
last week. So some of that stuff got put on hold and I was focused primarily on
the Gobbins and Dunk town hall stuff. We are going to put another cycle into that
next week but it's not our highest priority right now. So the updates there
are those squads are still alive and are still a thing and we will poke at
proto squads again probably in the next week or two as long as there is time and
space. But right now in terms of time and space I want you guys thinking about 1dq1.
How is the NGSA effort going? Great question. It's working really
fucking well. Can we get some links to join NGSA here? So one of the challenges
that we had in NGSA in the past is that it was a very spread out thing over a
variety of regions and in this case in the reboot NGSA is very concentrated
because we're all here in the last constellation of Delve getting ready for
this gaggle of cowards to find their balls to try to attack us in whatever
method that they're going to use. And we have found that because of the density
of targets and the density of gooniness that we have here in 1dq1 that this
has allowed NGSA to be far more effective and it's really going places.
So please do join it, get involved. If you're wondering what we're talking
about here it's the National Goon Surveillance Agency. It's our automated
system whereby you as a scout can get involved and find targets for our fleet
commanders such that they can get murdered. It is cool and good. Are we
preparing for a situation in which Pappy is full of shit and they do plan to use
supers in 1dq1? Yes, babum, absolutely. And that is what the speech is about. I don't
want any of you to take Gobbins or Dunk or any of these other lying pieces of
shit at their word because why would you do that? Now maybe Gobbins genuinely
believes that the coward's way out is the way to go but Gobbins isn't the only
person who's in charge in Pappy, right? There's also Vince, there's ProGod,
there's Vili, there's all these different people. And my hope is that if we call
them cowards loudly enough and repeatedly enough that they will find
some balls somewhere and bring it. So we are preparing for that as well as
trolling the fuck out of these pieces of shit in a way that they deserve in order
to help them maybe find their balls and bring it. I want their supers in 1dq1
I want to kill these motherfuckers I want to blow up more of their Titans I
want to blow up more of their supers. And clearly they're afraid of that because
again the price of Titans and supers is only going to be going up and we have
more of them than they do so we're more than willing to take the fight and they
brought it to our doorstep so it's time for them to fuck our walk. So that's
again prepare for the worst, prepare for real fights. I don't give a shit if these
guys are cowarding out and saying that they're not going to be using supers or
that you're going to be disappointed because it's not up to Gobbins, it's not
up to Dunk. Assume the worst, prepare for the worst and if these guys go for the
coward's option, well gee, Eve isn't ending at the end of the 1dq1
fight, win or lose. Eve continues and we are never ever ever going to let any of
these piss-pee cowards forget what they clapped for, what they signed up for, what
they participated in. This badge of shame will be hung around their necks until
they quit. We will never let them forget it because now they have finally proven
what we were saying all along in the start of the casino war which was that
if they didn't have the infinite is cheat they would be a bunch of cowardly
bitches and shirk away from real combat and that's exactly what we've seen.
Validation feels good. Thank you all for coming. I will see you next week. In the
meantime we have lots more preparation to do. Let's get to work.