Fireside Chat Transcript 25 Feb 2k23

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Everyone? Yeah, I guess it's always a roulette. So my AC repair guy is here. So if I like
start talking about like quarterly reports or something in the middle, it's because he's
walking through and I like I don't want to be like, yes, we're waging intergalactic space
war. Yeah, he's currently testing my AC. Hmm. No, I didn't tell him about the trims. What
up, Mike? All right. So I've got two, counted two new doctrines to announce today. You guys
want the exciting one or the more boring one first? Good, good, good. You guys are smart.
You guys are very smart. Boring one first. All right. So the boring one, it's still good.
It's just something we've done before. We're bringing back Moshmash Masters. That's the
hurricane doctrine. So that's our boring one out of the way. Same fit, same everything.
You probably have some still hurricanes are coming back. People like hurricanes. Well,
if that's the boring one, Rio, then maybe you'll like the next one a little more. All
right. I'm going to talk about something else for a second, though. Did you guys know there's
a skirmish commander's underdome? Armor utility cruisers versus shield cruisers being immediately
after the fireside. It's basically a war for some of our skirmish commanders to get some
good practice. So you should go check that out and have fun. I don't know what they picked.
I was just I just they gave me a blurb. I say it. That's really I'm the Ron Burgundy
of announcements. Did you guys know that we need more people in our Alpha Corp? Pretty
good. Oh, wait, you want me to tell you the new doctrine? No, the Alpha Corp. We need
people making Alpha get a Fair Oaks. Join. Yeah, with the hurricanes. All right. Are
you guys ready for the exciting doctrine? All right. Yes. We have been preparing this
for the last four months. We have stock. They are on sale now. A post will go up as I'm
speaking. We are bringing in a new battleship doctrine. Sing for the first time in Nolsek
of combat LeShak fleet. This will be the first time LeShaks have been flown to combat fleet
Nolsek. We have many of them. We've been preparing them for months. They're built. They're ready
to go. You can buy them on contract right now. They're going to be awesome. I've been
telling you to get your skill points saved. I know a lot of you probably already have
this trained, but some of you don't. Hopefully you save some skill points. Someone asked,
are we getting rid of the other battleships? No, we are keeping TFIs. Sort of an ideal
world. We might have a TFI fleet and a LeShak fleet at the same time on a max form. That's
something we would like to be able to do. Stormbringers are here. We've used them a
few times. We've just been waiting for people to train them. Unlike the LeShak, very few
people had Stormbringer skills. So we've been seeing more and more uptake. We went from
50 to 100 on fleets and I expect to see more. Undershield Doctrine, never. They're terrible.
Unfortunately, they're awful. Like, they're extremely bad. They're a terrible hull. The
LeShak Doctrine has gone up. We even have a pretty cool experimental Logi LeShak for
a few people to fly. The fleet will have regular Logi, but there might be a few Logi LeShaks
sprinkled in there. We wish our enemies good luck in finding them. They do not use the
same boosters and Logi as Tech Fleet because they are too slow on Tech Fleet. I would have
liked to have done that. The fits are different, but we have made it so that you can refit
as easily as possible. No Zarms. Zarms are not great. Alright, I want to tell you guys,
C2B is doing a Plex sale. You can basically Plex your accounts for like half the price
that they normally go. So if you need to get some accounts up and going and you want to
pay half off, you are welcome to do that. Sure, I left a little cargo space. You know,
there's stuff to add on later. Alright, last important thing I want you guys to know. This
is sort of an announcement of an announcement, but it's important. Next week, Saturday, a
State of the Gunion. I want you to tell all your friends to be there. Everyone be there.
Get everyone here available. You can get your accounts Plexed for half cost. State of the
Gunion, Saturday. I expect this room to have double the amount of people in it. Everyone
is here next Saturday, ready to go. Fully prepared. State of the Gunion. I told you
it would be a pretty exciting week. Next week will be even more exciting. Get your ships
ready, including our new ships. Get everything ready to go. If there's an incursion, fill
your wallets. You can Plex your accounts for half the cost. That works out real nice. Thank
you all for coming. See you next week.