Fireside Chat Transcript 25 Jul 2k21

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There's one or two people coming to listen to this speech, so we're gonna wait for people to get here.
I can see mumble just left up to north of 1200 people online, so let's give folks a moment to find their way to the channel
and then we're gonna be diving into some pretty gritty Warprep shit.
When the numbers stabilize, we're gonna go ahead and get started, but...
We're not quite there yet.
Get your bingo squares ready, boys and girls.
Alright, let's get into it.
For many of us, we were expecting a little bit more yesterday.
We were expecting big announcements, we were expecting announcements about announcements.
It seems, I think, that our enemies didn't really know what they were going to announce.
That's why they did it in so many different channels.
And I kind of have the feeling that they just listened to the Fountain Frank segment on the Meta Show the night before
and cribbed from the top ten list that Fountain Frank did and just decided to do literally all of them.
So to catch everybody up, if somebody could please link in Elysium, the SoundCloud that I linked yesterday of Piggles' "7 Minutes of Shame".
This is an important speech. It doesn't take very much of your time.
It will still potentially kill your brain cells, but thankfully there's only seven minutes of it.
They all did... I'm just going to bring everybody up to speed as to where we stand before we go into what we're going to do about it.
So if you've missed the last week of excitement where you've just heard through the grapevine,
all the bad guys got together yesterday and they did separate town halls for the big announcement.
Yes, last week, last weekend, last Saturday specifically, we went into T5ZI.
And we were pushing these nerds around to see how far we could push them.
And we pushed them so hard that we ended up reinforcing a bunch of T5ZI.
And then on Sunday, last Sunday, ProGodLegend woke up.
And ProGodLegend proceeded to ping to all PAPME that there was going to be a big announcement.
And as it happens, I'm pretty sure that Piggles had no idea what he was going to announce.
This is a classic play from somebody who is fucked and has no good options.
And in this case, it's not just Piggles, it's all PAPME.
PAPME leadership woke up to see their staging system, which they, strategic geniuses that they are,
put right next to fucking 1DQ1.
And they felt that they had to get out in front of the situation, because they can see just as well as we can that their numbers are going down.
Their line members are finally... even Marcus Murphy has kind of understood that the rot is coming from the top with PAPME.
And they don't have a plan.
And they spent all week getting ready for their big announcement yesterday.
And when I heard the big announcement, it sounded like they hadn't figured it out yet.
It was a grub bag of plans we have heard many times before.
They announced that they are going to use T3 Cruisers to attack 1DQ1.
They've done that.
You might have forgotten, but there used to be NC.T3C gangs running around the 1DQ1 constellation.
It didn't make a difference.
They talked about how they were going to get all their numbers back.
Good luck with that.
You could hear the confidence or the lack of confidence in Piggles' voice.
This is a dude who loves an audience.
He loves getting up in front of a whole bunch of people and having them pay attention to a ProGod legend.
It was extraordinarily notable that he fled his speech as fast as he could.
It was also notable to me that they had no preparations.
It was obvious from his distraction and how rapidly he called the speech off.
They had no plans whatsoever for us doing things during their speech.
If you're going to give people an announcement, then you've got to wonder what the enemy did.
What we did was we set off a hack wave down here.
ProGod was all over the place, looking for guns and bombs.
Meanwhile, DarkShines and the Initiative rammed 200 Enit dudes up Elfboy's ass up north.
They reinforced six jump bridges and another structure.
We'll see what comes of that.
They have told everybody to jump clone down to T5ZI and really recommit to T5ZI.
That's the perfect time to set Elfboy's hollow tree on fire in hopes that he will finally give us some fudgestorms.
Hope springs eternal.
So that's the situation we find ourselves in.
In the lead up to this big announcement, our enemies have given every indication that they themselves did not have any clue what they were going to be announcing or what they were going to say.
They had just promised that they had a plan and answers.
Now, we can be of two minds about this.
Naturally, I would like to point and laugh at them, and I'm sure that all of us have been doing so and we should continue to do so.
However, essentially, our enemies are giving us a tremendous strategic opportunity, and I want everyone to pay attention to this and listen closely.
These next several weeks, as long as they are willing to remain in T5ZI, are a tremendous strategic opportunity for the Imperium.
Because regardless of whether Elfboy says the war is over or not, this war ends when we decide the war is over.
They don't get a choice.
The war ends when we end the war.
And even if we say the war ends at a given time, keep in mind that this is EVE Online.
EVE Online continues.
Organizations that are our enemies continue.
Our enemies continue. We continue.
And in between the shooting phases of these wars, there are the build-up phases or the rebuilding or the whatever the fuck, the brush wars, the proxy wars, the little fights, the intermissions between the hell wars.
And as long as these dumb, pubby motherfuckers are going to sit and roll around in their own shit next door to us in T5ZI, that is an opportunity for us to punish all of our enemies who are conveniently gathered together in one system right next door to us.
Such that in that next intermission phase, when we are in a post-victory, post-war scenario, that we have chunked these motherfuckers down.
If they're going to stay here at this table and they're not going to make the hard fold, they're not going to rip the bandage off and admit that they have fucked up and they've lost the war, then we're going to say, "Great. We're going to hurt these motherfuckers. We're going to chunk down their stacks. We're going to take everything that we can from them."
Because they are giving us further opportunities to punish them.
And since we were planning on getting vengeance anyway, it's just kind of like, "Okay, cool. Let's work on our woodchipper."
So, the next part of this fireside, having... I want you to understand that these guys, they're pot committed, they are deep in a sunk cost fallacy, they don't have good plans, they don't have good ideas.
Great. Strategically speaking, this is our opportunity to punish them in ways that will impact them for years to come.
Strategically, politically, they are ruining what little credibility their leadership layer has had.
I don't know how many people are going to want to listen to ProGodLegend or Gobbins after this war. If they do still want to listen to them, that's great.
Okay. Big strategic opportunity for us to punish the foe. Very good news for us. What are we going to do about it?
There are essentially two scenarios here, given this.
They have promised that they're going to be doing move-ops, and they're promising that they're going to come at us, and they're going to make one real play for the 1DQ1 constellation at some point after doing move-ops, blah, blah, blah.
It would be easy for us to roll our eyes. It would be easy to ignore their threats. It would be easy to say, "Okay, whatever."
On the other hand, that is not the right move. Here is the right move. We are going to take them at their word.
We are going to plan and prepare for them to turbofeed into us.
And even though they haven't really committed to doing what they promised they would do so far for the last 13 months, there is a historical precedent for this situation.
And that is, if you will turn your hymnals to Empires of Eve Volume 2, the Fountain War segment, about 6 VGT,
look at 6 VGT. We know that at least for some of these enemies, when they have been in a situation like this before, that they have made suicidal moves.
And they have attempted to spin the 6 VGT thing in Empires of Eve Volume 2 as being some sort of noble, heroic last stand to prove test culture, blah, blah, blah.
The reality was that 6 VGT was one of the biggest strategic mistakes that has happened yet in Eve Online with the exceptions of BR5 or M2 or this whole goddamn war or anybody listening to Man V. Insidious ever about anything.
It's one of the biggies. And what happened in 6 VGT, this is back in 2014 thereabouts, is Test and Crew, which is basically all these fucking shitbags together, same shit, different decade, were at their wits end.
We were on offense at this point. We were crushing them down to their last thing. And they gave us days of notice and they said that they were going to do a heroic last stand.
So what did we do? Well, we did something that the enemy did not do in 6 VGT. We prepared. We took them at their word.
They said they were going to do a noble last stand. So one of the first things that we did was we recognized in 6 VGT that the dumb motherfuckers had not towered any of their moons.
So they didn't have any safe places to hide. This is before Citadel's guys. This was post-warfare era. It was Dominion. Wasn't quite post-warfare, but you need staging towers to hide your fleets in if you're going to do a noble last stand.
They didn't have a single one. So, jeez, all heroes that they were went in and burnt the candle at both ends.
6 VGT was at the end of a long, not nearly as long as this one, but it seemed long at the time, hell war. Everybody was tired, but they said they were going to do a noble suicidal charge and we took them at their word and we prepared.
We locked down every single moon and then we camped all of the gates. We put a thousand fucking megathrons on top of them and then they died.
They died, they died, they died. It was a battle that lasted many hours because we had had enough advanced notice. We had more than 2400 people on mumble.
I remember that day. I had no idea how many we would get and it was just frantic organizing. I think it was like 17 different fleets had to be organized because you need FCs, you need spy relays, you need logic anchors, you need people to pop Sinos.
You need a lot of things for every single fleet. 2400 people turned up on our mumble. We had to get our shit together and we did and then we just fucking murdered them and it was great. It was great.
So we must prepare as if they are going to 6vdt into us and we must prepare to take them at their word such that if they give us the opportunity, it is the opportunity to do as much damage to all of our enemies in the history of EVE Online, all of our enemies all at once.
Hopefully, please, I hope the Welp gods will answer my prayer that they will follow ProGovLegend and Elfboy off of this fucking cliff into the Sarlaac pit under which is our dear old woodchipper.
Because there is an opportunity that will not come along for many, many years. All of our enemies, all of the enemies, all of them all at once potentially being guilted, trolled, baited, terrified into jumping to save their pride into the 1DQ1 constellation.
We are going to fucking hurt these guys. If they are going to jump in, we are going to do them dirty. No mercy. We are going to fucking get medieval. Why would we have mercy? Remember guys, they started this.
You are going to be seeing a lot of things in the coming weeks from the puppies that have been talking about how you individually are horrible shitty people.
How you are a bad person, how I am a bad person, how we are all bad people. A lot of these motherfuckers are going to lose their tune. They are going to go, "Oh, I am the civility guy now. Gosh, why can't we all get along?
Why can't, why, you are being so mean to us now that we are losing. We never meant any of those things that we said about a war of extermination and toxicity about goons.
We never really meant all these things that we said." I have already seen several of these cowards on Reddit turn their tune. They are going to fucking take to their feigning couches and they are going to civility it up.
The irony of all of this stuff about these people accusing me of being alt-right or whatever is that, well, there are so many different layers of irony on it. It is hard to figure out what.
But basically, I am sorry, I don't do civility in space. It is not going to work. You guys didn't do the civility before. You are not getting civility from us and you will never get civility from us.
If you were a shitbag to us, garbage in, garbage out.
Best possible friend, worst possible enemy. That is the rules. We clearly posted those rules. They have had more than a year. They have had, in some cases, more than a decade to understand what we have explicitly stated.
Best possible friend, worst possible enemy.
And that is why there are now almost 1,200 people in this fucking fireside channel alone while those motherfuckers over there, well, they are having some trouble getting it up again.
But if they want to stick their dicks into our capital constellation, we will chop that shit off. Small as it is, we will chop that shit off.
So now we are going to talk about some practical preparations for the scenarios where they do 6VDT into us.
And this is going to be a lot of work. And I understand that some of you do not believe. I understand that some of you do not believe that they will actually find their balls to do this.
But we must prepare for this anyway. Because if they do, if they do 6VDT into us, it is a tremendous, tremendous opportunity.
6VDT took Test Alliance off of the table for a couple of years. It was so dumb and bad and wrong.
And in this case, Test Alliance, I should send these fuckers a Hallmark card or something. I should send Piggles some fucking roses.
He is going to like buffalo stampede every enemy of the Imperium, collected together over 13+ funds. And he is going to buffalo stampede these guys off of a fucking cliff into the maw of the woodchipper.
Spod bless! Thank you, Piggles! Couldn't have done it without you, man. Couldn't have done it without you.
Alright, so let's get nitty gritty here. And we're going to break out some bullet points here, so let's put some of the hurf blurf down here. We need to actually talk about this.
You've heard me say this before about we need multiple reships for all Doctrines, but this is where it gets real.
If they do 6VDT into us, we are looking at north of a 16-hour battle. If they come into us, it's basically just clear your fucking schedules, get ready to strap in.
If they start giving off prep information, like if they give us a date and a time, we will obviously let everybody fucking know because they will have to let everybody fucking know.
So, some of these things you might have heard before, I'm going to refresh your memory. This is important. We've got to dot our I's, cross our T's.
No not believing, no hubris. Here we are at the no hubris part. Multi-fit does not work in tie-dye. Multi-fit does not work in tie-dye. Multi-fit does not work in tie-dye.
What does that mean? You need to have multiple reships ready to rock long before this. I understand that most of you already are sitting on 10 fucking Baltics and 10 fucking rocks, if not way more than that.
That's great. We need the following. Eagles, we need munins, we need logistics for all of these. We need your rocks, we need your Baltics, we need interdictors, zillions with bubbles and bubbles and everything ready to go.
Again, this is the thing. Your stockpiles are useless if they are not immediately combat ready in a 10% tie-dye situation. If you're sitting there and you're like, "Well, I have seven unfit sabers in my hangar." That's not a fucking dictor stockpile.
If you've got at least 20 of the fucking things ready to rock immediately, fitted, ready to go, ammo, fueled up, everything is understood where you can just immediately die, get it, and reship.
These are going to be the meat grinders of the ages. We will not stop if they jump in. We will not stop until they are out of ships, and it is on us to make certain that we are not out of ships first.
Especially when it comes to things like logistics ships. I want to talk about logistics ships specifically here because this is the advice from Merindis himself. Here are our priorities.
First of all, when we're talking about having a stockpile of ospreys and scythes, when we're talking about T1 logistics, what does a stockpile of ospreys and scythes look like?
It looks like a minimum of 50 ospreys or 50 scythes. They are 5-0, 50, 5-0, T1 logi. They're fucking ospreys. They're fucking scythes. Make sure if you're a logistics pilot, have 50 of the fucking T1 logi. 5-0, ready to rock.
For the T2 stuff, obviously it's a little bit different. It's T2. So the priorities are ospreys and scythes, make sure you've got that shit stockpiled. Then scimitars, and then finally, in the last order, an aeres and guardians.
But I want the logi people to understand that when it comes to the T1 logi, when we say stockpile, we don't mean 10. We are saying 50 a pop.
We are also, at an alliance and coalition level, doing our best to prepare this in terms of G-ship procurement, all of the wheels of our military-industrial complex.
The important thing to know, though, is you cannot assume that everything is going to go right. We must assume that our enemies are competent, especially when they are not. No hubris.
I want you guys to have excessive numbers of ships. You guys are the first line of resupply. If you can, please import shit from Jita to conserve 1DQ1 stockpiles. Bring this shit in, let's get ready. We have at least a week, we are not going to waste our time.
I want to speak specifically to the importers and builders right now. If you are an importer or a builder, I want you to build and import excessive numbers of ships.
As individuals are the first line of resupply, builders and importers are the second line of resupply. It's true that procurement has tons of ships of all types, and we've been preparing for this for some time now.
But procurement and the alliance stockpiles are, by definition, the last line of defense. They are there. We have done the work.
But if you are an importer or a builder and you can build and import excessive ships, don't just assume that things are going to be fine. Because again, shit happens. We must always prepare for the worst.
If we are going to be given an opportunity of more than a week, potentially, of preparation for these dumb motherfuckers to 6VDT headfirst into the fucking woodchipper, we are going to dot our I's and cross our T's and make sure that we have more than enough war material to go around.
And if they don't turn up and they don't woodchipper into us, well then, gee, we have more war material than we know what to do with to go around. It'll be great. We'll use it for something. Don't worry.
I want to speak now about our F2s.
We have said, ever since AlitaSops left Goonswarm, in good standing, and PinofSmash took me under his wing and told me what he had learned about his experiences in Goonswarm versus his experiences out in the wider galaxy.
And he taught me about the concept of an F2. Can we get the Cultural Revolution thread linked yet again, please, in Elysium?
It's been working great. I fucking love the F2 thing. You guys have shown that you are far beyond just F1 monkeys. You are F1 gorillas. And now we have the F2s.
So what does that mean? I'm going to go through the fucking list.
Booshers. Very, very important. Great F2.
Entosis ECM. What does that mean? That means Griffons on an alt. That is a fantastic F2.
Combat E-War thing. So we're talking about fuck you fleet ships on an alt during fights.
Like if you're out there, you're able to jam the bad guys, you're able to damp the bad guys, you're able to do whatever the fuck that you want.
Combat E-War alts. Fantastic F2s.
Entosis F2s. Always good.
We've got a lot of hacking to do. Defensively, offensively, who knows?
If you have an alt, another example of a good F2 role is blue pod killer alts.
In these brine fights, as you guys know, the situation where it's like in heavy tie-dye, the most efficient thing to do is have somebody on your own fleet who is there to blow up your own pods so that everybody dies and reships faster.
This is why we try not to kill enemy pods, why we try to kill our own pods.
A useful F2. Wubble alts. Again, in general, Dictors are a great F2, but being able to spit Wubbles from your F2, fantastic.
And also just FYI, this list has come from our military command and Kunmi himself.
This is not like, you know, I am reading a list of things that we need that the adults in the room have decided that I am to communicate to you.
I am obviously not a fleet commander, but we know the guys that are. And if Kunmi says that he wants X, Y, and Z, then by God, we're going to get him X, Y, and Z.
So continuing on that. So this is a list of F2 roles that have been specifically highlighted as things that will be useful for us in these final battles.
Hecate provers.
Like if you are able to solo PvP on your F2 and probe bitches out with your little T3 destroyer and gank them, which is something that a bunch of you have gotten really good at, we love that.
It is fantastic. The FCs love it. It is ideal. Keep on keeping on.
You can use that to kill hostile AFKs, stragglers, Dicodects. It's just a really useful thing.
And as through the process of doing that, you will learn a lot about solo PvP and probing. So high fives all around. Keep it up.
Thus concludes the F2 section. I told you guys we're going to get nitty gritty today. This is all important war preparation.
Next topic, we're going to talk about carriers and supercarriers.
If you are a carrier or a supercarrier pilot, which is most of us at this point, we need to have carriers and/or supercarriers in both 3D and in 1DQ1.
You need a massive number, a massive number of spare fighters in the correct locations lined up.
That means space superiority, that means anti-cap fighters, and light fighters.
For these big grind things, T1 is fine. We're anticipating a hell grind, meat grinder, 6BDT scenario.
We're going to crunch through lots of fighters. So please just stick to T1. It's fine.
And make sure that you are updating your fighter loadouts.
Actually, for all of this stuff, guys, what I'm telling you is to look to your war gear.
Open up your fucking spaceships, go through, check the fits are right, make sure you didn't get scammed, make sure that you weren't a fucking idiot about something.
Dot your I's, cross your T's, dust them off, make sure that everything is ready to rock.
Make sure that your fits are collectively updated.
For capitals and supercapitals in general, we have made changes in things.
Use the opportunity to prepare, to go to the appropriate forum, to look at the appropriate fits, to max out your fuel base.
Make sure that you are completely fueled up.
Make sure your capitals are in the correct locations.
And if you can, if you can, get spare capital hulls.
If you can't get spare capital hulls, or if you have a whole bunch lying around and you don't want to fit out,
for some reason, if you're sitting on five fucking dreadnoughts, but you don't want to actually have them fit out for yourself,
then put them up on contract to other people.
Give them to your buddies, figure it out, sell it.
Let's put everything ready to rock and to use.
I don't want to be like, "Oh, well, we had this extra 50 dreadnought cash over here, but some guy just didn't want to bother with it,
and he didn't want to sell them to anybody else in the Imperium, so they just sat there and rusted."
Fuck all that noise.
This is "We're at smoke it if you got it" territory, guys.
If they're going to come in a 6VDT, if they're going to 6VDT us, we are going to hit them with fucking everything,
because these opportunities only come around once every, I mean, fuck, 2014, so north of five years.
I've already told you to be prepared for a 12-hour fuckfest, right?
Maybe longer.
When they come in, it's 10% tie-dye, we're going to put our boots on, and we're just going to crush throats and stab puppies
until the server turns off for the day, and then we're going to get up, and if there's anything left over, we're going to do it again.
We are going to use the opportunity to can-I these motherfuckers.
That's what we're going to do.
One last point here is if you see something, say something.
The enemy, if they have remaining spies, if they have alt-corps, if they have any sort of suspicious opportunity,
anything that they can do, just as it is use it or lose it for us now, if you see some suspicious behavior, report it.
I'm not saying be like the fucking Stasi.
You guys know the drill by now, but just have eyes on for any kind of sabotage, any sort of misbehavior,
and report it to the appropriate channels.
That means tell your Kerman representatives.
If you see something really fucking freaky, like holy shit, like whatever, you can just ping me or ping other people on Jabber.
If you see something, say something.
There's no reason to just let things slide here, especially as we are reaching the business end of this war, finally.
You are going to have people that are returning to the game.
Many people have taken breaks, right?
We've been doing this for 13 plus months, so another thing that's going to be happening here is I want you to help each other.
If you have a friend that took a break after M2 and is like, oh shit, I'm charged up and I'm ready to rock.
I want to come back, help me out.
Everything that I just said in terms of bullet points about helping make sure that your fits are correct,
getting everything fueled and topped up, making sure everybody has the right fighters and stuff like that.
I want you to mentor your returning friends, right?
Try to make it easy for them.
They're coming back from a break to help defend our shit and to destroy our foes.
So if somebody's back and they're like, yo man, I haven't done this in a couple of months.
I got a carrier. Where do I go? Where do I do this?
Help your brothers and sisters out, right?
The more that you help each other to get to combat readiness, the more collective combat readiness we all have.
And thus, the more we can screw our enemies over when they make the biggest strategic mistake yet, which would be 6BTD into us.
I am hungry for that opportunity and I hope that you are also hungry for that opportunity.
I'm going to go ahead and take some questions now.
That is the summary of all of the preparation bullet points thus far.
And I haven't had a chance to look at a least in yet.
Sorry guys, because I've been going through all of the war prep stuff.
So this is going to be kind of gritty. Let's go through this.
Aqorns has a request for the FRT town hall transcript.
If there is, that's right, I think that happened today.
As soon as I get a good translation.
We'll post it out soon.
Yep, cool.
Here's a question.
Excuse me, Mitani, did PGL sound broken to me?
Yes, I think that one of the reasons why this is such a best case scenario for us is that I believe that the enemy can be socially pressured.
Ideally speaking, they can be peer pressured into jumping directly into the fucking Sarlaac pit and then getting wood chipper.
So, you know, if you listen to the pro God speech, you can see that he does not believe.
And in fact, if you listen to the horde thing, Elf boy is spending more time jacking himself off about the fucking alliance tournament, which is nice because, you know, I was saying that Gobbins is an alliance tournament nerd.
And that's why we're all these dumb fitting ideas are coming through.
And then all of CCB announces the alliance tournament. And what does Gobbins want to talk about?
He wants to talk about the fucking alliance tournament. So it's an ideal scenario.
Our belief is unshaken. Obviously, there's twelve hundred ten of you listening to me.
Bloviate, we are preparing. We are going to kill these guys if they jump into us.
And meanwhile, they are thinking about the alliance trend or spending only seven minutes on a speech and making excuses and around or in town hall.
Our best case scenario, boys and girls, is that these guys, when they do not believe, when they know that they are doomed, feel pressured anyway to six VDT in to us.
And then we will take from them everything that they give us an opportunity to take from them, after which point we will punish them.
And it will be fun. If you are trying to build up your subcap stockpiles, try to avoid sucking down all the contracts.
If you can import your own shit, do it while we have time here.
The earliest that they are going to attack us is next weekend. We don't know if that's going to be the thing.
Like I said, I'll get you the dates as soon as the black hand gets them. As soon as we find real planning for this, I will be letting everybody know.
But this is a perfect example of what I was saying that individual importers and then importers and shipbuilders.
Individuals are our first importing line of defense. Individual shipbuilders and actual importers are the second line.
The alliance can only be the third line. So this is an example. I've told you guys to all stockpile up.
And the risk is our contracts get wiped out. Now that's good. I want you guys stockpiling things.
But I want you hoovering things in from Jita and bringing them here because we've got a week for this.
So it's not just like get your stockpiles out of 1 to Q1. Use the fucking importing mechanisms and get that shit in, please.
Looking at some of these other questions. This another point here. Multi-fit contracts.
Multi-contracts can either make sure you have your contracts up before things happen.
What should players do that don't have a lot of ISK? Ask your court mate for help.
Also, if we can get the home economics how to make ISK thread linked in here again, that is always appropriate.
Thank you, Sitali. That's fantastic. Good question. Are we going to use T3Cs at some point?
Future plans. Yeah, that's your future plans. Bingo square right there.
How's my toe? Thankfully because I stayed horizontal for the first three days and my girlfriend is very good at nursing me back to health.
I've been ambulatory and everything is just fine. So it's fantastic. Hopefully not going to injure it in that way again.
JDC4 cat pilots are fine. If you've got JDC4. But luckily enough we haven't really got much space to jump to.
So it doesn't really matter what your JDC level is.
All right, let me check my notes here, guys. Is there training for new capital pilots?
We used to do capital training, but now we just have 13 plus months of endless hell war.
So the capital training for cat pilots is ask your friends who already are cat pilots and basically do just fucking your carrier and your super carriers into one of the wood chippers and hang out with the crew and you will learn how to wood chipper.
It is cool and good. I highly encourage you to do it. We're all learning in the trenches.
We've all been learning in the trenches for the last 13 months. It is what it is. In peacetime we have training. In war we have war.
Our enemies are saying, says Mars Bar Terkelson, that our Titan stockpiles are down. So are theirs. Do we have bigger stocks?
Well, I think that they should jump into 1DQ1 and find out. Bring it, bitches.
I look forward to them trying to figure out who has a bigger Titan deck. I would. I believe it's us.
It was us before M2 and we blew up a whole bunch of their Titans.
While we're sitting here and enjoying, again, no hubris, no hubris, do the work, go through the bullet points, be prepared for battle.
But I still want to talk a little shit here. It wouldn't be a fireside unless I shat on Piggles a little bit.
I want you all to remember many months ago, many months ago, when Piggles threatened us and he said that he was going to bring a thousand whole Titans to Delve.
One thousand Titans. It was like Dr. Evil trying to threaten the world for one million dollars.
Oh, a thousand Titans. I remember my first beer. We rammed that up Vince's ass in 2019, except it wasn't a thousand Titans.
It was eleven hundred Titans we sent north to burn down Vince's shit in 2019.
These dumb motherfuckers thought that they could threaten us with a thousand Titans.
And now Piggles is giving a speech so bad that he's trying not to cry during it because he knows in his heart that he has done fucked up.
And he knows in his heart that he's never going to hear the end of it.
And he knows that he has been humiliated and shamed in front of the entire goddamn galaxy, which is just and correct.
I want to remind all of you as this gets a little ugly for the bad guys, because they will cry.
They will play victim. They will take to their fainting couches and they will clutch at their pearls and they will point at you and shriek, "Metani Man bad!"
I want to remind you, they started this.
Whenever they cry, whenever they try to hide behind civility, I want you to remind them and remind yourself, they started this.
We're just going to be the ones to finish it.
We have a lot of work to do. Let's get back out there. Go through the list. Prepare yourselves.
Let's see what happens next weekend.
I'll get back out there. Thank you for coming.
Winning is fun, let's keep winning, guys.