Fireside Chat Transcript 25 Mar 2k23

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Hello, hello, hello. Just letting people join, stopping people coming.
For all the Euros, like me, next week the fireside is an hour later at the normal time
that we have when we don't have the strange American "let's do daylight savings earlier
than Euro" situation anymore.
Yeah, it'd be nice if that was synced up. Or if everyone just got rid of daylight savings
time entirely. That would also be fine with me, actually.
I totally agree.
Kjærberg, where are you at? It's 2am. Oh, Thailand? Well, yeah. I don't think the fireside's
ever going to be that good at Thailand, I'm sorry.
This is the compromise time for everyone.
Yep, yep. 3am for Aussies. Yep. Sorry, Australians.
That's um...
Hey, you know, it's weird. A lot of people don't know this, but the Earth is a sphere,
and the sun shines on it at different times depending on where you live. So sometimes
it's not ideal.
It's a... Guys, you don't know about... You don't know the Earth is a hollow sphere?
It's... Earth is a hollow sphere. It's not flat, it's a hollow sphere. You guys just
don't know anything.
Did you guys know, this is a fun fact, that if the Earth was smoothed down to the size
of a pool ball, it would be more uniform than a pool ball is? Meaning that, like, if you
blew up a pool ball, the mountains would be taller than Everest.
Here's another fun Earth fact. Do you guys know what the tallest mountain on Earth is?
Earth. Welcome to Earth.
Yeah, Hawaii, that's one. You can say that.
There's three ways to do it. You could say Mount Everest. You could say, what is it,
Mauna Kea in Hawaii? Or there's some random mountain in the Andes that is close to the
equator. It's not even particularly tall, but because it's right on the equator, and
the equator bulges, it's the furthest from the center of the Earth. So there's three
ways you can measure it.
All right, I think we got most people here. No more geography for you. I don't have TikTok
at all, dude.
All right, so how's it going? We've got, you know, we've got, like, a lot of things going
on. I want to say, like, here we're in the grind, and this is where we're going to show
our quality and our character. Like, we have more things to do. The initial, like, oh,
like we're at war high is over, and that's going to hit for everyone. So whoever shows
more willingness, more guts is going to win this one. So that's where we are right now.
We just dropped a fort in X47 off their Keepstar. It comes out in four days, roughly four days
from right now. So if they fight, that would be an EU time zone timer fight. So you guys,
EU people asking for timers, there you go. We had a fight on their Keepstar in WLF yesterday
or the day before, and we ended up passing on that one. You know, it was the call I made,
and it was, I think it was the right call, obviously. I don't like to do it, but we were
just underprepared. That is one thing about fighting in this time zone. It is harder to
get your prep done, and we were definitely poorly prepared. But the next one, we will
be in the appropriate place. I know our enemies, like, made a lot of hay out of that, and I
think it's a lot better to admit when you just haven't done the best you can and not
throw good money after bad, because we weren't going to win that timer, and we weren't going
to accomplish the objective. And obviously, I preach this a lot, but that's what matters.
And if we weren't going to ref the Keep and we were going to lose, there was really no
reason to be there. Yeah, they were super butthurt. I think it was a bit cathartic for
them, because obviously we take almost every timer we do, and we had made fun of them so
much in the previous war that they had just been dying, dying for this moment. And so
they were really feeling themselves, and good for them. I'm glad they have something to
hold on to. All right, so this coming week, we'll be opening up some new avenues of attack.
We've got some new things going on. There are some changes coming. I'm going to be a
little mysterious about that. Overall, we're happy with how things are going, but obviously,
enemy is putting in a lot of roadblocks. That's their job. And our job is to knock them over,
go around them, or destroy them however we can. So we definitely need you guys here,
need you ready. I will ping. I'll let you know when we want an alarm clock, when we
just want you to show up if you can. This is all about a balance. We are playing a game
here. This war is not a life or death situation. So I want you guys to take care of yourselves.
Be good to yourselves. Don't push yourselves too hard. I think we've all seen people who've
done that, and it's not a good thing. So just be good to yourselves. And we'll communicate
when we want you guys to put that extra effort in. And we'll try to be as clear as we can about
what needs to be done and what is just optional. I still haven't found various colored crayons to do
green, red, and other crayon timers. But once I get some red crayons, I'll do red crayon CTAs,
so you guys can really know what's important. I am not going to talk about NFT, Bitcoin,
blockchain, whatever thing CCP is doing. That's their own thing. You guys can make your voices
heard publicly on that, about however you feel about it. I don't think it will really affect
that. I don't think we have anything more on Wartok. I want to put this out there. The
Alliance is looking for an internal recruiter. So this is someone who, actually several people,
just people who are friendly, people who get to know people, and people who are interested in
learning about others. This is a different kind of role than being a space lord. Yeah. See,
John Hartley is sort of the opposite example of this. This is a different kind of role than being
an FC, you know, wacko person. So if you have suggestions, this is for someone who can identify
people in the Alliance who have talents and skills and point them towards us, point us towards them.
So if you are interested, just go ahead and send me a PM. I don't get enough of those yet. So
go ahead and send me one and we'll pass them. Someone is messaging me in Mumble. Can we ask
questions? You need to get on Jabber and be in Elysium. That is on Jabber, join the room Elysium,
and you can ask questions in there. Other than that, yeah, we have guys who want you to do PI.
I have mentioned PI, as I am required to do. And if you guys have any questions, go ahead and
shout them out in the channel and I will answer. Super Titan move-oms, I don't think we're going
to do any. I could be wrong about that. If we do, we'll put them in the calendar.
You guys really want to talk about Storms and shooting rats? They're very good. If Brisk won't
adopt me, will you? We got a lot of serious questions here, so let me answer this very
serious one. If Brisk won't adopt you, it means that something's gone wrong and I don't know why
it would take you on after that, after he's turned you down. Fox Primus says, "Internal Recruiter
means nudging people towards the correct corp for their skills or stags and such." No, it means more
like identify people with skills and talents who can help the Alliance out. Can we ref structures
outside of the conflict zone? Not right now. I have been keeping this conflict contained.
Our enemies are not really doing the same, so we may reevaluate things very soon. Being judicious
doesn't seem to go with the territory with them, so I'm not sure why I'm doing it. But we'll make
an official announcement if we change that. Yeah, Maddy, you basically got it. Alliance level head
hunter. Selron, what kind of talent are we looking for? Specifically, we're always looking for
different things, so that's why it's not going to be a good role if we can have someone who can help
find them. And it would need to be people in different time zones. Obviously, someone in AU
time zone is better at finding AU time zone people. Yeah, I don't have a problem with you
shooting stuff in Venal. I heard the Diablo 4 open beta. I just heard Diablo 4 was not as impressive
as people thought it might be. I have not played myself. I haven't really had the time. But SRP,
I don't know. That's a question for Atrium, who don't like he's here today. Are all fleets going
to tribute in Vale/Strat? I mean, it depends on what they're doing, but if it's just a fun room
in there, then it's probably not Strat. But if they have an objective that someone's assigned
them, then yes, it is. As long as you're killing FRT and Pandemic Horde and just kill their Rattlers.
Yeah, good point. Let's mention our alpha clones. If you guys have not yet, you can just get an
alpha clone for Delve. They have been extremely successful, so much so that several of our
enemies have declared they're not going back to Delve, and they've basically moved on to just
causing a few nuisance timers and grabbing a few easy kills as best they can. But it's been
very unsuccessful for them. They have this whole other front that's not going well.
Oh yeah, I did not mention the 3-Plex Omega. Did someone link that? That's actually a really good
deal CCP's doing, right? It's one Plex for three days. Yeah, there you go. So if you have an
account that you want to get moved up or something, or you need to move a capital that's got stuck and
then unsubbed, or any other reason, you can buy one Plex, which is really inexpensive,
and have three days of Omega time. Yeah, of course it's a one-time purchase. They're not
going to let you just stack them up. Otherwise, everyone would just sort of do that infinitely.
I don't know if it's only... I don't know the details. Boy, Istenar? Estenar? I don't know
the details. But yeah, I bet you it works for anyone. You can also use it for your alphas,
yeah, to get faster training. Exactly. Yeah, what Bjorn said is a good point. You can use them for
Indie. Okay. All right, guys. Seems like we've run out of most of the questions.
Thank you guys for showing up. We'll see you out on the field. Have a good one.