Fireside Chat Transcript 25 Nov 2k23

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Asher Elias:

So it's been, it's been an interesting few weeks. I've seen our enemies say, especially, particularly Gobbins made a post about how they're, they're having a multi front offensive and some of you guys have been fighting against that offensive where we've been winning pretty consistently. I know Gobbins is a little worried because he's been going into their channels and linking BRs and talking about how amazing they are for fights that they lost, but you know, they have the ISK win.

And usually you only do that when you're feeling the rah rah stuff, when you're feeling a little, a little concerned. So Catch, we have taken back all, all the I-Hubs but one that we we lost while we were up north. So that's been pretty good. Some of you were there as we blew up a fort FRT dropped in Catch.

That was a pretty exciting fight. But we blew that up, so we eliminated that one as well. And then there's, there's literally just one I have left. The rest have been taken back. We've seen, we've seen their progress on this multi front invasion slow a bit. So, we'll see what happens. We're ready for it. I know you guys are ready for it.

Speaking of which, I would like you guys to make sure that you have Leshaks, make sure that you have Stormbringers Leshaks, and especially, I would like to make sure that we have we, a couple fleets where people come on them because they said, you know, Leshaks are only reffing doctrines, so then we used Leshaks for reffing stuff, and people said, see, they're only reffing doctrines, but the reason, you know, we wouldn't have used them was because we didn't have enough to field the fleet effectively, so get into, get into Leshaks, please, we're deployed in Delve if you have a set of baby amulets for Tech Fleet and Leshaks, remember you can use those in the beehive and your redeemers. So that is a, that's something you can do that work. Now that we're back and we don't have to have them in a jump clone.

We are updating some fits. I think I told you last week we updated the stormbringer that, that's been updated. We're updating carriers. Their fits have been updated mostly due to the prop mod changing. Not much else. The capital booster fit has been updated. You can check on the forums if you want to see that.

And then we removed the rapier fit from stupid idiot fleet because, we, goons being goons, we, we, we smart bombed too many of our own rapiers to death, so we have removed it, so it is no longer an option to smart bomb our own rapiers to death. Smart bomb blues, tell Vile Rat, is a famous saying.

Alright Toaster, are you in comms? Do you wanna, do you wanna talk about Scannerbees? Can you unmute yourself, or do you need me to?

Apple Pear:

Should be possible to do it himself, but if he knows how to do it, it's question two, of course.

Asher Elias:

Can you find it and unmute him? And then I'll go ahead and just talk about Secret Santa while you're getting him. So we're doing the Secret Santa. Heck, are you around? You want to link that there?

We're doing Secret Santa. You need to join the group. Remember, if you want to do this, you need to join up to the SIG. There you go, Heck. Thank you so much. You need to join up to the SIG. You can't just post. You should just post. That is always a good idea. But to be part of Secret Santa, you need to join the SIG. That's how we assign people is through the SIG. So, make sure you apply to the group. Join the SIG if you want to be a gift giver this year.

Also just, this is just a pet peeve of mine. I know there's like the Zungan Rich thing. Can you guys please not ask for like a Komodo? No one's giving you a Komodo. I don't want to ruin it for you, but no one, no one's going to give you a Komodo. So just put something. A little more reasonable.


Not with that attitude.

Asher Elias:

Yeah, Molok, yeah, there you go. There you go. Alright Toaster, you want to go on and talk about Scanner Bees for a minute here?

Toaster Jane:

Yeah, for sure. So, CCP has given a lot of tools to allow us to get fleets around New Eden efficiently and quickly. One of these are drifter holes, and we're making a new sig that will essentially make it a lot easier for us to find routes to whatever region we need to get to.

So this new sig is going to be tasked with that. Part of it down the line will be somewhat what Pathfinder did before, where we try and get, like, very large wormholes to certain hotspots. But yeah, so it's basically Pathfinder's 2. 0, but different.

Asher Elias:

More useful. Like, this is actually... Right now, it's way more useful to have a pathfinders-like SIG. So, if this is something you're interested in, we, we could really use you. These kind of holes are used all the time. This was kind of the problem with pathfinders, is that sometimes it was very important, but most of the time, they weren't used at all. Now, it can be used every day, you know, every few hours, actually.

BladeWielder says, use my holes. And, if, if you have holes that are usable, we want to use them. So, please join the Scanner SIG if that is something that appeals to you.

We have a couple other stuff. First off, a little, little housekeeping. The 23rd and the 30th of December, so that's around Christmas and New Year's we won't be doing a fireside. We talked about maybe we'll be doing a degen fireside on the 30th. That's because you know. Anyone who's around can basically show up and talk is sort of what we were talking about, maybe for the 30th. And it'll be just for all the degens who are playing video games around the New Year's and aren't out doing something with their family or whatever. So, we're thinking about that, but the 23rd basically don't plan on, on there being a fireside.

Alright and, we have a couple other SIGs and Squads I wanted to tell you guys about. Pochven is doing really good right now. I heard that you guys fought an alligator fleet recently, is that correct? Did I hear that correctly? That sounds pretty cool, but I'm hearing yes. Alright, cool.

And then Faction Bees are going on as well.

What's up, Sniper?


I said there's a BR, I'll link it, cause I'm sure people laugh.

Asher Elias:

Oh, nice. Cool. Yeah, I want to see it too. That sounds good. And then Faction Bees as you guys have probably seen with the new Havoc expansion, Faction is so hot right now. And so we're looking to get involved. If you're looking to get involved, we have a lot of people out there doing it. They're having a lot of fun.

Oh, that BR is really, really crazy. Wow. Those alligators are expensive. I've been watching the price on them. I think, I think when they came out they were like 1.3 billion and now they're around 800 million. So they have dropped like 500 million since they came out, but they're still very expensive. They're cool ships, but I don't, they're not 800 million cool for the whole right now. Like it needs to be a little better than that.

All right I think that's everything I was planning to talk about until a director says you forgot to say something. So if you guys have some questions, go ahead and throw them in there. I will answer them for you. And if you have anything directors, if I'm missing anything, pipe up.

Pi. We have not talked about Pi. It is very useful. Go ahead and do PI.

New Doctrine when? That's a good question. So we're retiring Eagles and we're announcing the new Doctrine next week. We're building them right now, so. Just gonna announce it next week.

Will you get me a Komodo for Christmas? I will not. If I got a Komodo, I would be happy. But I definitely don't have two Komodos.

When will we get Fireside Bingo back? I know there's an Illum Bingo. I don't actually look at it because I don't want to ruin it, so if someone wants to make it, you can.

War when? So they have said they're going to attack us right now, and they're not doing a great job, but I expect they're going to try.

Asher, how was your Thanksgiving? It was really good, thank you. I made turkey and ham. We're sort of a double meat family over here.

Lancers, yay or nay? I mean, get one if you want, they're not the most useful thing ever. They do have some uses, but it probably won't ever be like a fleet doctrine ship, but we'll have a bunch.

Are you worried about fighting a war on two fronts? I am not.

Turkey or ham, which is better? Man, I'm gonna go, this is gonna be controversial, at least to the Americans, I'm gonna go ham. I have a little bit of turkey, but I go big on the ham. I go ham on that ham.


Would you say you go ham on that ham?

Asher Elias:



Aww, you beat me to it.

Asher Elias:

Sorry. Sorry about that. We've added a lot of FCs. We're bringing new ones up, and we've had other ones join us. So our FC roster is pretty, pretty well stacked right now. I'm not worried about it from the FC's perspective. And then from the fleet perspective the numbers we've been getting in the last month or so have been pretty crazy. Really good. So any kind of two front war concern or whatever, especially in different time zones, it's just not a concern to me.

Asher, not EU FCs? We are suppressing them still, right? We basically, in the directorate, wake up every day and try to think of our best way to suppress Europeans and oppress them. But somehow they still find a way to become useful and we have to just deal with that.

Do I expect a new World War Bee over the next 12 months? No, probably not. It could happen, but I don't think the game really is set up for it right now.

1DQ can't be taken? I don't, anything, anyone can die, Bugstown. Anyone can die. I would not, like those kind of attitudes worry me because it certainly can. And it's up to us to defend it if it ever was.

Brave did indeed achieve 1DQ by Christmas. No hubris.

In the words of Justin Bieber, never say never. I'm really unhappy that I read that.


I too avoid reading Ragnar's posts.

Asher Elias:

Concern about the massive amount of dreads in NPC Delve. So, Rhang, basically there have always been a massive amount of dreads in NPC Delve. We have systems to deal with it. You know, it's, that's just part of living in Delve, is that you have to deal with massive amounts of dreads. There are other parts of space that there are no dreads at all because they have been blessed by CCP. But it's something that we have to deal with and it's something I think we deal with very effectively. You know, those dreads are, have always been there, they've been there for years and you'll notice that. They generally don't get a lot of kills with their dreads anyway, so I think we're doing something right.

Does that mean that it'll never happen? It definitely does not mean it'll never happen. They generally target people who aren't on comms, who aren't signed in to Jabber, you know, they check these things with, with, you know, spy characters first. So you know, that's who's going to get dropped is someone who is not on comms, someone who's not in Jabber, someone who's not connected.

Small micro gang gate campers. We have a small, a poor response time to these suggestions. So Zentron, I'd say that's probably a thing that is often been an issue because it's not super rewarding to go after those dudes since they just run away. The best thing to do is to oppress them, is to just, if they're sitting on a gate, just follow them around and ruin their time. But you have to be pretty dedicated to do that. You're basically taking away their fun. That, but that's really the only way to respond to them. If people want to do that, I would be really happy. It's, it's something that's useful. I try to do it every now and again, but I get why people don't want to do it.

Yeah, wasn't, wasn't that wasn't that super that was killed by the Keepstar? Wasn't that Musky's super?

Nice. That's a really professional move right there. Top quality FC.

Nightmare and Zealot scout doctrine. When you're in a scout with your Nightmares, we're probably not going to adopt Nightmares. I think, like, some groups really like them. I don't think that we have the same esteem of them. It's not that they're... Bad ships, we just don't really value them as much as other groups do, at least at the moment. Things can always change.


We like our allies too much to run a doctrine where when you get tackled, you just tell everybody else to feed so you can get out.

Asher Elias:

Yeah, that was sort of what I was thinking. I was like, do I want to verbalize that? But basically, that is essentially it. Is that, you know, it's a doctrine that you have to run like in a special group, and we generally don't like that for the same reason that we don't have, you know, blues shoot blues first in faction warfare is that we like to treat our blues evenly and with respect. So, you know, it's, it's, it's something that we be taking into consideration with our doctrine designs is that we're all in this together.

Apple Pear:

Of course, you can always do Russian squad, and they do the language flip, they have my ... [voice breaks up].

Asher Elias:

There you go.

More small E-War doctrines coming? I love that question. That's a great question. Yeah, we, we have been using them to big effect. Some of the enemy FCs have been absolutely leaking about them, just, just crying, which I find hilarious. Like, I, I think it's... It's really funny the degree to which these people who will, you know, drop dreads whenever they have the advantage cry about, Oh no, the E War frigates are so unfair!

That one was, I, I got joy out of that for about a whole week. So yeah F-2s and F-3s and these E-War doctrines is definitely something we'll be pushing more.

Please more F-2 fleets, we hear you, we want you to do it. Yep.

F-17? Yeah, F-17 feeds are good if you can do 17 of them.

Bring back old ECMs. Yeah, they're probably not coming back.

Asher, how are you doing in real life, buddy? I'm fine, thank you for asking. I'm doing pretty well. I had a nice Thanksgiving with the family.

Alright, we got any other, other questions about Eve?

With Brave bolstering our numbers, will we be claiming more space to work out of? Or is what we have now fine? That's a great question, Zentron. So, we really believe in keeping our space compact. Not only from a perspective of it's good for us, but also a perspective of it's good for the game. You've heard me talking about how rental empires are very bad for the game. And how... You know, it's, it's, it's an unnatural and really terrible overall for NullSec to have these groups spread out over 15 regions. So if we take more space, it would be because we want to use it, but we aren't going to take more space just for the sake of having more space on the map. That's something we want to avoid, not only from a perspective of like, oh, that's good for the Imperium, but also a perspective of it is good for this game for groups in NullSec to have places to come and exist in. And when you see the bad guys trying to take over the whole map and rent it it, it just draws a really sharp contrast between the two of us.

Brave is indeed in Querious.

White knight, I'm rooting for Michigan, I don't like Ohio State, I have the game on right now.

Why are PI planets in 1DQ at 5 percent tax? I do not know the answer to that, I don't really know about PI tax policy. Our finance directors are listening, so if it's an issue they will check. You can answer that if you want Beyond.

Alright guys, any other big questions we got going on here?

Does the directorate have a policy regarding updog? What's updog?


Not much man.

Beyondnoxx Unp:

Let's see if this works.

Asher Elias:

Yeah, you're good Beyond.

Beyondnoxx Unp:

1DQ is set as a factory system, meaning every planet that can be a factory planet, every barren and temperate, is set at 1%. The rest remains 5, as any other factory system we have.

Asher Elias:

Okay, so there's your answer on tax policy. If you guys want to become a director and spend hours of your day talking about space tax policy, that is an option for you. So just so you know, if you think our meetings are really cool and sexy, we mostly, we mostly talk about space tax policy. That's about it. Generally, what our meetings are about.

Apple Pear:

The question. Are we going to do more move ops? Yes, we're going to do more move ops, but probably not this weekend, but probably next weekend because that last week I lost so many years of my life doing move ops. So I just needs a break.


We'll schedule one next weekend after the fireside so we can cancel it because of a big op, and then crash the server when I ping for it again.

Apple Pear:


Asher Elias:

Are these meetings open to the public? You guys can keep pasting bring back helldump, but ever since Jay used it as a false flag for his profidity, like I'm definitely not going to bring it back. I was going to, that was the plan, but now, now it's just giving it to terrorists if you bring it back, so you can thank Jay for killing it. Helldump 2? Yeah, maybe. Heaven dump. Heaven dump is actually something I can get behind. We might, we might do heaven dump. That's a good point. Heaven dump would be quite good. Nothing is stopping you from posting. I mean, I already know this.

Alright, we got any other questions?

If you've got members who had stuff moved from Asset Safety after the war and came back, just a reminder that we do have Jump Freighter services from... To move from Irmalin, please don't paste that in while I'm trying to read something.


Rip everyone's Jabber client.

Asher Elias:

Yeah, dude. I mean, I know I say just post, but maybe don't just post that.

If only good posts are allowed, does that mean no more posts on All posts are good posts. That is the rule. Anyway, yeah, we have we have freight services from Irmalin to 1DQ for people who use Asset Safety.

Previously, we used SISI for capital practice, but CCP took that away. Any ideas about new forms of capital training? We have plenty of folks that still make basic mistakes. Symbiotes, that's a great question. And it's not something we've really addressed, so I'm actually going to put that on our agenda, and we will discuss it in between space tax policy, because that's a good question, and something we should think about.

Apple Pear:

Also talking about CAPS, there is a good chance there will be more capital ops the coming time, especially with what's happening in Catch. So we take our time there as much as possible to help people with questions, etc. So if you are one of those ops that is not going crazy, feel free to ask your questions then.

Asher Elias:

Alrighty. Well, I will let you guys go. Thank you for showing up this week. I appreciate you very much and I'll see you all next week.

If someone asked about LendingBee, I'll just say, if you're still here, that it's doing very well, it's going on just fine and you know, we're still issuing loans. So LendingBee has been really huge for us. Really something we're happy we started.

See y'all next week.