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Alright boys and girls, we're gonna get started here in a couple moments once the numbers
I'm not expecting a thousand people to be here because it's the day after fucking Christmas.
Just because we were busting our asses upstairs does not mean that we want people to neglect
their family or whatever your Christmas plans were.
So probably gonna be a shorter fireside, but I want people to know what is up.
Probably go through the news as we get ready for what's coming in January.
Really quick at the start of the fireside, I want to give Zintar a shoutout for donating
enough tritanium to the alliance to build like 420+ fucking battleships and a bunch
of other shit.
Smoke battleship fleets every day.
Yeah, that's pretty badass dude, thank you.
Kaznir, I don't know if you want to, Kaz did you have anything you wanted to talk about
on the plan side, fireside wise or is that all gonna be Kremlin?
Let me unmute myself three different places.
Well just briefly, yeah, I wanted to reiterate the thanks.
We have been working on the overall donation and super cap insurance program in the background.
Things are going well.
A lot of those donations like we just mentioned have been stuff that turns out to be like
I was saying a few weeks back, part of the bulk of our couch cushion and ends up being
We're making battleships and dreads out of that stuff.
Really a lot of the materials that are being donated have been used.
So we are planning to do the war bond coming up to cover the cost of cores like we've been
I'm planning to send out a broadcast later, probably right after the fireside or a little
later today to GSISC and we'll have a discussion in the GSISC Jabber channel about potential
mechanisms for the war bond on how we want to calculate interest rates and what people
are interested in.
I think that is pretty much it.
Those are just if you're interested in that and you have money you want to invest and
get a return on, be aware of that.
That discussion will be happening.
You should see a broadcast.
Other than that, that's pretty much it.
We're in fairly good shape.
Hey everybody.
So I kind of want to give people a general overview.
I mentioned last week on the fireside, we mentioned the fraternity had had a fireside
and said this or that about it.
The important thing there is that they made it known that there is going to be, and we
have to, again guys, keep in mind, I know, I know, and we had to look this up in the
Kremlin meeting to figure it out because my God, I get that the enemy put T5ZI down six
weeks ago.
I get that they posted up next to 1DQ1 a month and a half ago promising that they're going
to burn all of our shit down.
I know.
We have to assume that the enemy is competent, that the enemy is aggressive.
We have to assume the worst case scenario when it comes to our enemy, even when we call
them pasty.
So when FRT last week, I got up before you guys and we're talking about that fireside
the Norris gave and stuff.
When the enemy is saying that there is going to be a big push in January, even as Braves
combat forces are collapsing, even as legacy is visibly under stress, even as the Watchmen
alliance in legacy, which you might not have known existed until you saw a bunch of their
Sov drop and catch, even as that alliance no longer exists and is totally rejoining
other legacy alliances, even as the enemy falters, we must assume the worst and we must
be prepared for a January push from the foe.
So we, I know that it can be a bit weird to get here in all these firesides and hear me
say dig the fuck in, get ready to defend, but it is a defensive war.
Even as the enemy is faltering, that in many ways is when they're at their most dangerous.
What we're seeing now amongst our enemies is that they are going to need someone to
blame for this thing not working.
And I think we all kind of know that the blame is going to end up on Vili and Progods heads,
Like they kind of kick the whole thing off.
Legacy are very much the disorganized cowards in this whole scenario.
Panfam has been doing a very respectable job of attempting to burn our shit down.
In many cases, burning a bunch of our shit down, not enough to really make an impact
to us as like our survival or holding delve or living in delve.
But you know, credit to Panfam, the legacy situation is pretty fucking hilarious.
But this also means as they are watching victory slip from their grasp, recognizing the fact
that goons are still in delve, that we're not going anywhere, that the Imperium is actually
stronger than it was at the start of the war because nothing again, it's basic sociology.
If they really wanted us to like wander off, you know, if they wanted to really fuck us
over, they could have just like not attacked us and let us stagnate for years.
But Oh no, now to put the entire Imperium in a trench together against the rest of the
fucking galaxy.
So no surprises there are sort of intra coalition bonds are stronger than they've ever been.
And they really fucked it up and by really fucking it up.
That means that now as we are getting closer to this big January counter offensive, which
is going to totally turn things.
Actually, they're on offense.
We're doing the counter offensive, but you know, it seems a little weird.
It's kind of hard to describe what the enemy is doing.
I want you guys to dig in and assume the worst and assume that they're going to come at us
fucking hard through this next month.
Like they're going to be doing some big final push and we cannot assume that they will be
past be we have to assume the worst and worst case scenario.
If they do not actually deliver a big January counter offensive, then we will take all of
this preparation that we are doing for a big January counter offensive and we will make
good on our promises to the galaxy to pass be to anybody who's watching this shit that
will be to go after fucking test like the we're continuing.
We are cleaving through brave into test.
That is our organizational direction.
That is not changing.
So yes, test is fucking next.
Like I said, one of the interesting things about this war has been through all of its
ups and downs.
How broadly the chessboard is as we predicted it would be months ago.
We said that the enemy was going to run out of energy.
They were going to falter that they were, you know, they're going to they're going to
deploy keep stars at us and hope that we go away.
And now one of the things I want you guys to understand, we are on the verge of winning
the single most difficult war in the history of fucking online video games, period.
The Great War was three years long, but involved less people than this.
And we were actively campaigning for only like three months at a go in the Great War.
The Imperium has been actively campaigning since May when we deployed the Jeff North.
And then the enemy started responding to our deployment, revealing that they were planning
We have been at war for going up to eight months.
No one has pulled that off.
And the credit to that is to you, motherfuckers.
All everybody else in this game has when confronted with the level of pressure that you guys have
dealt with has broken inside of three months.
So the enemy is going, why aren't they going to Sierna?
Goons are going to leave at any time.
And then they're holding their dicks in T5ZI.
And I don't really blame them for that, because if I was on the Panfam side, I wouldn't want
to be storming the gates of 1DQ1 if I had to trust Vili and ProGod.
I think that if Panfam was cloned and we were fighting two Panfams instead of Panfam and
Legacy, we would be in a very different situation.
So again, the messaging on this is important.
We don't want to throw too much shit Panfam's way.
We want to acknowledge that they have been doing damage.
And we want to make sure that Tess gets blamed for this whole thing, because we are going
to go cleave through Tess.
Panfam just continues to be the group that we are going to be punishing and focusing
on and all of their quizlings.
And that, unfortunately for Brave, includes Brave currently.
So sucks to be them.
All right, so why am I hurfing all these blurfs?
We have had this Christmas Truce.
That's great.
That's all well and good.
Some of our enemies, like that red line dude, was hurfing all these blurfs, but I was a
big metagame thing.
That was not the case, but whatever.
The reality is, though, that the enemy will have to.
They are on offense.
I know it can be a little weird at times to remember that they are on offense.
We are on defense.
But they have to start this thing up from a cold start now, in the aftermath of the
Christmas Truce.
And us, as the defenders, we must make that as difficult as fucking possible.
We must demonstrate to the entire fucking galaxy that we are not going anywhere.
We have not gone anywhere anytime soon.
We are not going anywhere anytime soon.
We are digging the fuck in and we are getting ready for this shit.
And again, the line is simply, bring it.
Now if they don't bring it, if they point out that it would be foolish to attack 1DQ1
in any serious way when Test and Brave are as breathtakingly incompetent as they are,
I'm not going to throw stones at PanPanBoard.
I wouldn't be storming the gates of 1DQ1 if I was in their position, if they were relying
on Vili and Perlgod to be able to pull it off.
I think their hesitation is something that is entirely respectable in that regard.
But that hesitation on the part of the enemy will only exist if we keep putting in the
hours, if we keep doing the work.
Victory is in sight.
This war is ours to lose.
And one of the things I just got done telling the Kremlin guys, like, you know, once we
get to the other side of this thing, the entire galaxy, and you know, I want people to think
through the implications, because it's not just about survival.
It's not just about winning a defensive war.
It's not just about Test is next and getting revenge for this.
I want you guys to think the entire galaxy came at us because we were the 900 pound gorilla.
And they have failed.
They will fail.
And then they did all this work to come at us.
And again, credit to PanPan, their victory condition is a little bit different.
If Horde wants to say that they just wanted to get us back in terms of asset damage, that's
fine, like whatever.
Give them a gold star.
But for the Test guys and all the people that really drank the Gurr-Goon Kool-Aid, they
fucking came at the kings of this galaxy and they missed.
And what is that going to look like for us?
It's going to be fun for us.
It's going to be a really, really entertaining place for us to be at when we get to the other
side of this.
It won't necessarily be so entertaining for Legacy and their leftovers, but it'll be fun
for us.
What happens when the entire galaxy comes at the 900 pound gorilla and fails?
It becomes a 1200 pound gorilla.
So keep that in mind when you are digging into these trenches and getting ready, because
as Asher will often make reference to, he's much better at sports analogies.
And I've learned a lot about boxing from Asher secondhand, as he always says, when a fighter
is exhausted and is on the ropes, they're going to start taking wild swings.
They're going to get desperate.
They're going to say, maybe if we just slam into 1DQ1.
Maybe we just slam into Helms Deep.
You know, let's get something going.
Maybe goons will break.
And it's our job to be ready for that such that we don't break so that we continue to
see them off and do what you glorious motherfuckers have been doing again.
Every time it gets tiring, every time it gets dark.
Remember, no one has ever done this before in the history of EVE Online.
No one has held out against impossible odds for so long.
Victory is in sight.
And we will.
And this is an important thing.
If we pull it off, it's going to be fucking amazing.
It is going to be fucking amazing.
And I think I think we're headed to that.
But it's our war to lose.
It's our war to just assume is going to be OK.
We have a lot of puppies to put to the sword.
So that's where we stand overall in terms of like the big picture shit.
Now I'm going to dive into some of the details here.
All right, so let's see.
We already talked about Brave having issues.
There's lots of evidence of our counteroffensive working.
I mean, just take a look at the fucking map of Catch.
That's working out super well.
Pretty pleased with that.
Very pleased about the activity levels.
What's up?
We popped MNC.
Also, we popped one of the test important to keep a star and Jump Ridge.
I hope it was popped a couple of days ago.
So like it's spreading outside of Catch now, too.
Yeah, the situation is excellent.
So that's going well.
We have the finance team is doing their thing.
So we're like we're not particularly worried about like, oh, my God, what are we going
to do about it?
It is a concern, obviously.
It's just that we have a bunch of very smart people and a better organization than our
We are going to have an announcement about like war bond shit like that next week.
We had Cazenier had a whole bunch of finance things that I barely understand that he was
talking to the criminal about earlier.
So one of the things this is just like, let's see, action item here.
Oh, OK.
One other thing.
So in times like this, we if you if you have a super cap and if you're selling a super
cap and you get contacted by somebody who seems a little weird that wants to buy the
super cap and you like you're like, huh, I'm wondering that this person might be trying
to smuggle it out if they look a little suspicious.
I wanted to reiterate what our policy on that is.
If you are contacted by an ally, if you were involved in a super cap sale or transaction
or something, and if it looks fishy or there's something odd, like this person has been in
the imperium for like three days and they want to buy a Titan, they're basically a couple
things you could do.
If it is a ally within the imperium, you can report that to Corpse Diplo.
If it is a member of Goon Swarm and you're like, this person looks like a spy or they
look shady, you report that to a nominate and the director of Goon Fucker Affairs Group.
And if you're like, who the hell are these people?
How do I find out who's who?
You can find out who's in Corpse Diplo just by putting it in the Wiki or looking at the
in-game description of Goon Swarm.
Or this is another thing we're talking with the Kremlin about, or you can skip all that
and just scream for help to your Kremlin representative.
You don't know who's in the Kremlin.
Anybody who's like a corp, a full director, CEO, and subdirectors of various entities
are all in the Kremlin.
And so basically you can scream for help in that way if you are confused about how to
navigate who to get in touch with.
So it's basically just if you see something, say something, and that's how.
If it's an allied situation, yell for help for Corpse Diplo.
If it's an internal thing, yell for help at a nominate.
And if you are confused about who to yell for help to, just ask in your corp and the
Kremlin will point you in the right direction.
Alright, I did also contract a Falcon to Mad Cows yesterday for Christmas.
It was pretty awesome.
And that was actually a gift from Jay.
It didn't really come from me, but I was happy to help.
There's going to be no meta show today because it is Christmas.
I was, you know, initially speaking, I was kind of like, well, we're not going to do
meetings today because it's the day after Christmas.
And we ended up doing a bunch of meetings because the enemy is saying that they're going
to attack on January.
So the whole Kremlin got together.
You know, we got everybody who was around on December 26 to plan and do things.
Turns out there was a lot of people, so it's pretty cool.
It's good shit.
But we have to assume that the enemy is going to play optimally and that they are going
to come at us as hard as possible.
And the best way that we can make sure that we are prepared for that and also to better
incentivize them to leave and let us kill brave and test without any interference is
by digging the fuck in like the glorious bunch of psychopaths that you are and getting ready
for the shit.
Here's a question from Arps Z kill activity graph.
So goons and 12% or less three weeks and test 16% is the downward trend of concern or is
the case of people not logging in so much because the enemy are doing basically fuck
all so there's no point.
We actually have.
Yeah, actually go for it.
OK, so that Z kill activity graph is useful in the sense that it's data, but the data
it shows is not particularly accurate.
Zerious thing is not showing logic.
That's not really like that's true for everyone.
What it shows is that they are using capitals a lot.
And in the last few weeks we have not.
And so when you when you look at the numbers, their numbers are including capitals and ours.
Like how many of you seen a capital fleet like be on our side be used in the last three
weeks like it's it's they've only formed a few unless you've been camping in the E3 gate.
That's the only way you'll probably have gotten a capital come out, which the only way you'll
show up in that graph.
But they've been using theirs to kill structures.
So our numbers are roughly the same as theirs without our capitals being used in with theirs.
So they're getting a big boost from from having capital.
So I think what you're actually seeing there is you're seeing their numbers are actually
much lower than they think they are.
I don't think this is something we should like.
I know this is a fireside, so some people listen to it, but I don't think we should
be like trumpeting all over Reddit and whatever.
I don't think there's like a benefit to saying all that, but their numbers are down.
And ours are actually like ours are steady.
So I think that we are in like a much better place, but I think that they're going to look
at those numbers and not realize it.
I'm thinking that at the end of in our glorious victory, one of the things I'm looking forward
to most is to promote Asher to in addition to being overall military head honcho.
But maybe maybe if he keeps this up to be the twenty first best FC in the Imperium.
I'm very impressed with with all of this.
Here's the mice.
Twenty first.
It's a good skip a couple steps.
All right.
Anyway, jokes aside, no, it's been absolutely amazing seeing what our military as a whole
has been pulling off again.
I want you guys, you know, I'm not just saying the stuff about the greatest war in the history
of online gaming to try to like jack everybody off and make you feel good or whatever.
It's like this is like one of the thing it's important to step back and look at the actual
accomplishments that we have already pulled off here, because that will give us will and
strength and resilience for the tests to come.
And for, of course, that wasn't intended to be a test is next reference.
But we are also going to have to use the opportunity of legacy cascading the moment that the pan
fan people take the sort of continue to reduce their forces or whatever they end up doing
in incapacity.
We're not just going to let test sit next door to us and get away with this shit.
So I need you guys not just in the trenches ready to defend.
I need you hungry for fucking blood because there's a lot of killing work to be done just
in the aftermath of defending Dell.
We have got to make sure that there are consequences for what test has attempted to do.
We need to make an example of them.
Otherwise, the rest of the galaxy is just going to come and try this thing again.
We need to show people that when people come after the Imperium, things happen in the same
way that things happen to see it.
Now, maybe it won't be a disband.
Maybe it won't be this or the other thing.
I mean, I personally would just want to go over there and do what we've been doing to
brave and just sort of stomp the shit out of all of them, burn down their crap and humiliate
their leaders repeatedly in public forever.
But yeah, I think it's going to be fun.
I think it's going to be the last.
All right.
Let me see if there's so yeah, I haven't taken questions yet.
Let's take some questions.
Let's see what I got going on.
What I got for what did I get for Christmas?
A really nice bong and my girlfriend and I got a couple of fancy aquariums.
We are turning into fish keeping nerds.
Well, she's always been into aquarium stuff.
And so we got a 29 gallon, a fancy 10 gallon.
And we're basically building a penthouse for this beta fish that we were particularly enthused
Also, it's a black leaf six perk bong.
It's pretty nice.
Getting pretty blasted on it.
If there was a meta show, what color shirt would be?
I would probably wear a red shirt, but it would turn into a black shirt show.
Let's put it like that, because I came up here today to show people the chessboard and
try to whatever.
But I didn't expect to be cackling with my like evil smug laugh.
But the chessboard is excellent for us currently.
And again, currently, that means we've got to do more work.
We have to secure that victory.
We can't jack ourselves off and assume that everything is going to be fine.
There is a ton of work to do, but that ton of work to do is particularly bound by this
hypothetical, but we have to take it as real hypothetical huge January push that the enemy
is talking about publicly.
So you guys need to be ready.
We got to be prepared.
I am confident that we are ready.
I am confident that we will be ready if we keep working as we have been.
This is ours to lose.
Did the bad guys hold up the piece over Christmas?
I mean, there was a couple of minor a couple of structures randomly got shot on both sides.
But by and large, there was no diplomatic issues of like, oh, my God, Christmas trees
were mad at each other.
I think that I mean, fuck.
One of the things that we're finding here is that the Pan Fam guys are far more in general
respectable and reasonable as puppies go than the legacy side.
A bunch of you guys played fucking Griffin ball with Horde yesterday.
So that's cool.
Is it possible to build an empire economy strong enough that we don't need to use war
bonds to avoid direct offensive impact in future?
All those questions about like using like there's nothing wrong with using war bonds,
We have done these kind of things before, not in my administration, but it's something
we've done in the far past.
And one of the great advantages that we have like here's the thing about war bonds, guys.
One of the reasons why we can do that.
And when I say we, I mean, Boonswarm and the Imperium is that we have built up such good
will with our members over in the case of Goonswarm since it's been around since fucking
2005 that our dudes know that we're good for it.
And so one of the advantages that we have that we are leveraging at a strategic level
is the fact that we are able to essentially securitize the finance of our organization.
Now I don't think they're actually going to be securities, but if you know, securitization,
blah, blah, basically we can raise capital to do these kinds of things because we have
an organization based upon the rule of law that has lots of credibility and goons.
We have a bunch, we have created an environment where you have a bunch of extremely wealthy
individual goons because we created a system and a society where everybody can benefit.
Like, yeah, there you go.
So that's an advantage that I intend to leverage.
We could, I mean, in theory we could try to not do it, but like if you basically think
about it like this, if you could do an IPO and your enemies couldn't do an IPO, you'd
do a fucking IPO and then leverage all that shit to turn it into war material to crush
the foe.
That's exactly what I intend to do.
Like that's, uh, you know, I can't finance my way out of a paper bag, but Kaznier and
the, uh, uh, the new blood in the finance team collectively absolutely can do that.
Let me give clarity on that.
The question about, we're not doing an IPO or securities or whatever.
Kaznier, don't look to me for the actual like facts of the finance stuff.
Uh, just my broad intent.
Kaznier explain.
How much of Goofslayer Federation can I own is what I want to know.
Oh my God.
I want to do coin.
Is this thing on?
Be coins.
I have no fucking idea.
I'm just, I'm just being shitty about this.
I'm not a crypto guy.
I have no idea how any of that shit works.
I'm a fucking boomer at this point.
Did Kaznier's Mike tie?
They were saying, you can hear me.
I wanted to answer the economic question.
Like the economy in delve was strong.
Like our economy was good.
We're going to make it good in whatever the next iteration is when there is one, really
what, while that is going on here is that we very deliberately spent a large amount
of blood and treasure to stall the enemy's progress during the war.
We killed all those keep stars.
We reimbursed all of that stuff.
We staged the end whole fight and that had a real, real impact just in terms of delaying
And we've all, we've continued to invest in that.
We're spending as much money as we can on reimbursements and on military fleets to stall
them now and to mess with them in T5Z.
And meanwhile, we're essentially pretending to be broke everywhere else.
We can't not because we are broke, but because we know that there's a lot of unexpected possibilities
and we need the money and the material we do have to be able to respond to those.
So like Mittens was saying, the war bond is an opportunity for us to say, there's all
this other risk sitting out there.
We can get access to it by paying a small return.
We want to talk about doing that because it's an opportunity for us to have more flexibility
and opportunity to do more stuff to shit on these guys.
I mean, a best case scenario is one of the things that we've seen throughout this war
is that the enemy doesn't understand us, right?
They don't understand what they were attacking.
You know, you can get all Sun Tzu about it if you want.
But it is a tremendous advantage that we have that they take anything that I say at a fireside
as being like insane spin, and they don't really engage with any of this stuff because
they think that I'm a cult leader and I'm just like lying repeatedly to you guys.
So like when we talk about these things on a fireside, it's kind of nice because, you
know, and I'm not just pulling this out of my ass when I say that the bad guys don't
understand us.
There's evidence of this and the fact that they thought we would go to Sarinam.
They thought we would break in three months.
They genuinely believe that we are basically the organization that like all Mecca accuses
us of being that we're only interested in crabbing and that we don't really care about
each other and like, you know, oh, goons will break and run because blah blah.
Well, we didn't and all of their theories of the case regarding us have been failures.
However, one of the things that I think is really interesting as an opportunity for us
with the war bonds and the general fact that we have been able to debt finance or donation
finance aspects of this war.
It is very significant that after sounding the horn of Gundor, we've had so many old
school goons come back and just shove war material at us because they want us to win
and they know that we must win.
And so we're all in it together and this is what we're doing.
But the enemy doesn't really have that kind of credibility built up in my mind, at least
and I could be wrong and you know, we'll find out whether I'll be proven wrong and that's
I don't think that the enemy has strong enough cultures and organizations to be able to do
what we are going to do.
So an ideal scenario, if we're going to win this thing is to make sure that it is going
to be as utterly painful to the enemy financially as possible.
If they think that we are on our financial last legs, which we're not, but if they want
to believe that we are and then they start their big January counter offensive and because
we're all fucking fired up and hot to trot and we keep kicking their fucking asses and
they say, "Oh, January 12th, you're going to run out of money."
And we basically just snort lines out of the fucking mini love cash and then Kazimir and
the finance team get up and work whatever magic it is that they're going to magic.
And then we just hoover up a whole bunch of fucking capital and then we are well capitalized
and then the enemy is not and is not going to be able to do that.
And then every is that we have gets basically just gets turned around and dumped back to
you guys in the form of SRP.
That's basically where the money goes, is fuel costs, SRP and the general order of business.
So in modern Eve, especially as CCP is busy trying to do the whole famine thing, there
is a direct relation between military capacity and finance.
And that is something that we have been very good at and I want us to keep being good at
So that's sort of like where we're going with this.
And if the bad guys are at the verge of bankruptcy, in many cases they are.
Like they are going to have to, like when January 12th happens, they're going to have
to do something too.
They are also facing the core situation as we are.
In many cases, they have bankrupted themselves or gotten close to bankrupt as we've seen
evidence of within Brave, evidence of within Legacy, alliances like when we stole all of
the Requiem internal wallet and their total liquid assets when we disbanded Requiem was
like 91 billion isk liquid for an entire mid-sized Legacy alliance.
It's like a rounding error for us.
So in a situation where we win this thing, I want us to win this thing and have way more
money than the enemy and have the enemy be running on fumes because it will make the
revenge rampage more entertaining.
Can we force PanPan back home if we deploy a squad in their space, intosising and destroying
Well, that would probably count as future plans for bingo.
And so that's your future plan square guys.
If there is a future plans bingo square.
It's a good question.
It's a reasonable question, but obviously I couldn't answer that.
We do have a bunch of forces in Legacy's backfield that are very active, not just a bunch of
We have a fire fucking initiative as well as various six and squads that shall not be
named doing some really incredible work out there, which is something that Asher was touching
on earlier.
So we are definitely doing the counter offensive thing, but it's aimed more at brave and test
than at PanPan.
All righty.
I'm gonna take another couple questions and then I'm going to wander off and actually
go fish shopping with my girlfriend because this is very exciting.
Actually, I've never really been into the whole aquarium thing until we got a beta fish
that was very, very, very cute and I didn't realize that fish could have personalities
and now we have fish tanks.
So there you go.
Like unironically, like the zero irony, that's not a metaphor for anything or like actually
like getting into fish stuff.
All right.
Also my girlfriend just brought me a fucking hamburger, so I am going to fuck off, eat
this thing and then go go fish shopping.
I think it's going to be pretty exciting.
We're looking to populate a community tank and a 29 gallon community tank and a fucking
it'll be freshwater to begin with.
We're thinking about saltwater later.
We're not getting a flower horn.
I don't even know what a flower horn is.
That's a flower horn actually sounds like a type of weed delivery device because it's
like a volcano.
Everything sounds like a weed delivery device to you.
That's true.
They were like they look like they've got a tumor and they're super aggressive.
They'll like bite you and shit.
It's amazing.
They look them up.
I'll send you up with some links.
Oh yeah.
All right.
Well, thanks for coming, guys.
I really appreciate it.
Again, keep on keeping on.
The enemy is going to do this big push in January.
We just need to keep at it.
Keep fighting.
Keep being bastards.
Never give up.
Never give in.
One day longer than the enemy.
One op longer than me.
Let's fucking do this.
I will see you all next week and then I will tell you what is in my aquariums next week.
So turn up.