Fireside Chat Transcript 26 Jul 2k20

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So if you guys did tune in to me trolling all the nerds on the meta show, you've probably
seen a lot of the public facing stuff, but one of the reasons why we do firesides is
between just us chickens here, we have an opportunity to go through some of the brass
tacks of the war.
I will give sort of a broad overview of how I think things are going and some of the things
that we've been doing that I think are important, and then we will have some more specific lore
of Star Harf.
I have had a good day, and yes, I also know that's bingo bait and it's on my bingo card
Alright, so, yeah, overall, we're getting attacked by the entire galaxy.
I am really surprised and really impressed by how well it's gone.
Obviously I haven't had a chance to talk to you guys from a fireside perspective in two
weeks because of my move last weekend, and I was delighted by how well things have gone
through that process.
Obviously, if you're an alliance leader in the middle of a hell war against the entire
goddamn galaxy, it's a little stressful to be like, "I'm going to be moving house and
I don't know whether I'm going to have my internet working and is this going to be okay?"
But it worked out well.
You guys held the fort and high fives all around.
So I'm going to just zoom all the way out and give a macro level summary and things.
If you compare the way that things are going now, particularly during the Euro time zone
and our vulnerability windows to the early days of the war, when we were first tripping
over ourselves of stuff like getting down to TCAG, firstest with the mostest.
We were in the beginning of this process.
Whenever you do something for the first time, whenever you have a new rhythm, mistakes are
made, shit gets fucked up.
We have drastically improved our defense of our space.
We have done very well.
We make fun of legacy about how they're tired and they're not putting in the work, but the
reality is if you've been on the front lines every day, you've seen that these guys are
constantly trying to get into our space.
They are constantly trying to burn all of our shit down.
And the reason why they have not succeeded is because you glorious motherfuckers have
stopped them.
In public, I want us to continue to make fun of TEST for being a bunch of lazy fucks.
But amongst us here on this fireside, I want you guys to understand that the reason why
these guys have not made progress is that you guys stopped them.
You did it.
You have continued to do it and you've been getting better at it every day.
If you compare our ability to coordinate and defend our battle space from like three weeks
ago when the shit kicked off or whenever it was, because time's a blur during war.
But when we were first starting to learn how to defend our battle space and what the key
choke points would be and getting people forming up quickly and dealing with hostiles doing
flash forms and us learning how to counter flash form and all this stuff.
I'm not going to say it's a well-oiled machine at this moment because there are still things
that we can do to improve.
But if you compare our effectiveness of our defense now compared to how it was when we
first started learning how to defend in this war, we have improved significantly.
And as we have improved, it has become less stressful for our FCs because line members
of learning like you need to be ready to go.
You need to be ready to like undock immediately and go.
We've just gotten better at it.
And that is reflected on the battlefield.
The fact is that TEST did succeed in taking XC attack from us and we then ended up burning
them out and kicking them out of our space.
And it's been working pretty well.
So as much as we make fun of TEST for being lazy and not doing the work, the reality is
that ProGodLegend has been getting up every day and flipping his shit and doing flash
forms and doing all this stuff to try to get into our space and ruin our shit.
And we have stopped them.
It's not all hunky-dory.
When you're in a hell war, it's just a battle of dick punches.
So we're going to get punched in the dick.
We're punching them in the dick.
Stuff's happening.
Things are blowing up.
But organizationally speaking, in terms of like the effectiveness and the efficiency
of our defense, I'm really happy with what I've been seeing in terms of people doing
the work.
And when I say people doing the work, what I mean is in a war like this, it's not just
about working hard, right?
You need to work smart.
You need to find more efficient ways to do things.
And that's one of the reasons why we're constantly spinning up new organizations.
So you have things like GSFOE, which I'll be hurfing Glorifus a little bit later.
But that's an example of a completely new organization that we have developed, whereby
we I mean Declorean Pilot and his awesome bunch of heroes, to take something that was
extremely inefficient and difficult for us to handle in terms of the command layer.
Because if you're tripping over yourself trying to figure out which node is where in a battle
space where there's 15 different fleets active, it's hell.
But we have GSFOE now, who has gotten ever better at just handling these things.
So yeah, there's major improvements like that that we're rolling out every day.
Other examples are things like we have better carrier doctrines now.
We had people just using fighters that they had, so that meant a lot of Templars.
And now we are using fighters that are specifically designed to counter our enemies' doctrines.
So that's kind of an important thing when you previously were using fucking Templars
to shoot mutants, right?
That's no bueno.
So in every phase of the first part of a war, we go through this process of optimization,
where we're picking up low-hanging fruit.
We're like, "Okay, well, we can fix this.
We can fix this.
We'll get 5% here.
We'll get 7% here.
We're going to improve this.
We're going to unfuck that."
And it is a process, and it's a process that takes time.
And conveniently, because we have gotten better at defense, we have been able to get that
Partially, that's because our enemies sometimes just declare they're going to do move-ops
all weekend instead of pushing us as hard as they could.
Sometimes that's because they are pushing us as hard as they can, but we're stopping
them because we're better at defense than they are at offense.
And we are getting that time to continuously be improving aspects of our defense, such
that essentially every week you're dealing with a different version of the Imperium,
because we have new capabilities, we have new tactics.
We are, I guess, evolving, I guess you'd say.
And I think that's really cool.
Let me check my notes.
Okay, "Am I learning about the game?"
Yeah, I actually am.
So it's kind of funny, like the bad guys, I started playing the game in client really
hardcore at the Jeff deployment, like a month or two, I guess, before all this shit went
And you know, losing legions, and now I'm up to like losing my ha hacking dread and
running around and doing stuff.
So it has actually been super fun for me because like I have four accounts subscribed with
like real money.
And when they CCB did the whole like 40 bucks, like skill your characters thing, I was like,
I'll throw 40 bucks at getting a Bifrost hacker, we're going to do that.
So if you've been playing, you've probably been seeing me on like recently I've been
digging space trenches all night.
I get together with the guys in Theta and we make sure the new ADM system we're using
is working, which it is.
So yeah, or overly sabering things because I'm too high and don't know how to operate
a saber safely when I'm three edibles in.
Alright, so let me take a look at some of these other things.
So in terms of the overall battle space, you guys are pretty aware of what's going on,
we are going to be trying to do a better job from like the leadership layer of closing
the loop narratively with what's happened each day.
So one of the things that we want to do, we're not perfect at this yet.
But we are doing like sit reps and handoffs between the shifts basically on the coordination
team where it'd be like, okay, here's what happened to EUTC.
Here's what happened in USTZ.
And so what we are going to be doing more of is sending pings at the close of each time
zone such that if you're logging on and you're checking out like, hey, what happened in the
war today, you'll be able to read scroll back and say, here's this ping, this is what happened.
And here's how your efforts fit into the larger narrative.
Because you know, if all you're doing is running around on a drama fleet, and those are super
fucking important, because like blapping the hackers and collecting the headhunter bonus
has been huge for the defense of all of our space.
We want to make sure that the guys who are like running around doing one specific job
very well, understand how their efforts fit into the bigger picture.
This is like task and purpose shit, basically, like we want you to understand why we are
asking you to do the things that we are doing and why your efforts matter, because obviously
they do.
Otherwise, we would have lost all of our shit.
So that's going pretty well.
So yeah, like we want to, you know, these are areas of like pickups and improvements
when the enemy other things you can look forward to.
The first phase of the war, the enemy was doing lots of flash warms, and we had to get
better at doing flash warms.
And we did.
However, increasingly, you're going to start seeing more traditional like optic or posts.
So there'll be things in the optic or that you can look to on good fleet calm, you can
see when there are fracks and when there are ops.
So we're going to try to make sure that ops are posted, even if it's just like our vulnerabilities
open at this hour every day, be there and be ready.
It'll make it easier for us to get more people in fleet with the right ships.
A boulder has a question about are we responding to various?
How are we responding to all these things?
The way that we're responding to the various acts is that when you guys see a drama fleet
ping, we kept them usually at 30.
They're super important because you know, those are the ways that we go off and we headshot
Also we have spec ops, which is a great little group that we've spun up during this process,
kind of like GSF, we, there are things like spec ops that are being created as a response
to our needs in this war.
Bad guys do things to us and we look at what they're doing.
We try to optimize a way around it, break what they're doing and then create a system
that's part of the structure of the space empire such that that problem is consistently
solved or at a higher rate of success than baseline.
And we're going to be talking about active access here in a moment because that is a
pretty cool segue.
Thank you, my flood.
So one of the things is this most of the time for our history when we're using faxes, we've
used buffer fit faxes because most of the time in these big fights, which have not been
happening in that same level in this war, because this is like a fuzzy soft hell war
kind of situation.
So there's lots of sub capital action.
So we are pushing people into active rep faxes.
Please get one if you can.
There is a thread about it in caps form with the facts bits, actually not in caps form
in the fucking fleet doctrines form.
You can go see I pinged it out yesterday.
If somebody can be cool, find that and link the fax rep fittings thread, please.
In Elysium.
Anywho, so we're going to be doing that because one of the reasons we need to use this is
we have a localized cap advantage like within our space, like when we're in TCAG, when we're
on our side of the 49 tech 407 gate gap, I should say, we can throw the heavy hardware
Like not always not 100%, but it is a huge local advantage for us to be able to say like,
okay, here's a Baltic fleet, and it's got 10 faxes, bring it bitch.
And that's just way more effective.
So we do want to do that.
We understand that the active rep faxes have different rigs on them.
So you can't just like tweak your buffer facts.
Ideally, if you have only a buffer facts, if you can get an active rep facts, it is
cool and good.
This is a huge advantage, especially when we're doing citadel defenses, like when the
bad guys get to the point that they are attacking our citadels and we are defending our citadels,
then being able to like park a shitload of faxes on that citadel with a bunch of Baltics
is going to be super useful.
So yeah, there we go.
Where are active faxes best stage?
So that's a good question.
I've been seeing an off time zones.
So one of the things about the big multicultural multi time zone space empire is that certain
time zones have more or less of things that we need.
And so like the picture in your time zone, like we've been needing more recon dudes for
Sino's in UTZ, but in us TZ we have tons of fucking Sino.
So it's that kind of thing.
I've been seeing in the off hours, people asking questions about where their caps should
So if you're in caps form, which you need to be, if you're have a capital and you're
asking questions about it, you can see in the MOTD in the topic of caps form jabber,
you can see where the caps are supposed to be.
But in the off time zones, I've seen lots of questions about like, where are the caps
supposed to be?
Well, that's the answer is go look at the topic of, of caps from Jabber.
And it's right in there.
There's one other thing to say here is if you have spare dreadnoughts, like if you have
a dread where they're supposed to be, and you have an extra dread, extra dread dreads
can be parked in one DQ one, we have random situations where we're like blowing up hostile
like tower spam attempts or whatever.
So your main dread should be where it is told to be in the caps form, Jabber MOTD.
And then beyond that spares, if you have an extra one DQ one is fine.
Let me take a look at my notes.
These are these are pretty gritty things.
So like I didn't make sure I'm not telling you the wrong things here, guys.
Let's talk about pod killers and stuff like that.
Since Matt has brought it up also congratulations to mad cow, mad cows, welcome back and congratulations
on stealing a levy from test, which is hilarious because redline 13 ran around like a little
bitch claiming that it was something that like we totally did stages for morale guys
as if like I don't really think we're having morale problems so that guy can eat my ass.
But it's pretty awesome that we stole I don't know why they fucking left a levy just out
there but whatever fuck it it's ours now.
So one thing that has been coming up in the big heavy tie dye fights I was answering a
question about this in Elysium many hours ago actually in heavy tie dye fights you're
going to hear FCs asking you to not shoot pods.
There's a reason for that if the enemy is in heavy tie dye with our fleets and you shoot
the pod instead of shooting the ship that the FC is asking you for you are enabling
that target to get potted out and then they're in a system that does not have tie dye where
they respond grab another ship and get back into the tie dye fight.
So basically look for your fleet commanders will tell you when it is okay to shoot pods
like if we are at the point where like we have one and they want to clear the field
and shoot pods they'll tell you you can go ahead and shoot the pods and it's fine.
But that is why I want you guys to understand why we've been saying do not shoot pods we're
in the middle of a tie dye fuckfest attrition warfare fight because it just lets the enemy
grab another ship and come back when we would prefer that asshole either they have got a
self-destruct and heavy tie dye which takes a long time or they just have to sit there
impotently which is also hilarious.
So there you go.
Student is awesome and I'm delighted to give him a shout out for helping out with the 49
gate camp.
High fives all around.
All right so yeah and also probably the easiest thing to do if you have a problem with pods
clogging your overview is for fleet fights just remove them from your fucking overviews.
No we're not implementing a fine system we're not going to do some big complicated thing
about it we're going to tell you guys what to do and the vast majority of you will do
the right thing and we're not going to like implement a whole big system policy fine thing
is like police everything just because a few people won't be able to control themselves.
We don't expect perfect compliance like when you have an organization with like 40,000
fucking people you try to get the message across the right way and then you see what
happens and if most of you do the right thing we're good.
All right let's see what we got.
So after pimping active rep faxes I want to pimp GSFOE so offensive entosis again it's
something that maybe even just a handful of guys we have more than a handful who know
what they're doing with these entosis, chrisknife, bifrosts are awesome.
I don't know why puppies I mean I understand why puppies are calling it toasting I hate
it we've always called it hacking these are hacking ships they are chrisknives so proceed
accordingly apparently I need to clear my thought hold on if you run your mouth for
like five or six hours it'll go eventually phlegm builds up exciting let's see what else
we got yeah so GSFOE is huge because we are currently in a situation where obviously we
have to do lots of defensive entosising and GSFOE has optimized how to handle that so
it's like very well organized there's like spreadsheets.
Declorian wrote probably the single most goon proof guide I have ever seen in history so
if you join GSFOE and you get to see the bifrost guide where he literally spells out with MS
paint every single click that you need to make all the way through of how to get to
a hostile target entosis it and then get out of bad guys come it is amazing goon proofing
and is well worth it so if you're interested in doing entosis bifrosts or if you're interested
in getting involved in this we also do haw hackers which is just a ton of fun get involved
with that.
Alright let's see questions about fountain that's a good segue let me make sure I hit
the capstorm stuff and then we're going to talk about mad cows stealing a levy I talk
about test is not being lazy it's that we've stopped them some stuff about moon renting
that can wait okay let's talk about fountain.
Or was that bingo bait?
All right.
So as soon as the bad guys deployed to hopib initiative had a very realistic understanding
of the defensibility of north fountain they have very small lines of interior reinforcement
from hopib into north fountain they being the bad guys and they are pushing in an intelligent
way in there it's sort of an interesting dichotomy because on the one hand test is telling everybody
that we are not helping our allies even though we're sending fleets up there all the time
I mean we literally cannot hack initiative stuff for them because that's how fuzzy sub
works right for people that are new or just haven't dived into the horrors of the fuzzy
sub system basically if you're an attacker anybody can hack but if you're a defender
only the defending alliance can counter hack and do defense which is one of the main reasons
why most of the imperium lives in delve with goons from flagged iHubs because we are the
most numerous and thus we have the most numerous for defense hacking so the announcement that
sister bliss posted about a week ago describing their defensive fallback plan they are fortifying
certain constellations in fountain and they are pulling back I believe over time sort
of the idea is that over several weeks they're going to try to make it as long and as painful
as possible for the bad guys and the bad guys this weekend are restaging in pnqy so they
are moving from hopib into pnqy in fountain often referred to for obvious reasons as pinky
and it's sort of a delay deny destroy sort of scenario I mean I think everybody has like
I'm not going to say the f word on this but let's just say it's not the casino where anymore
and the bad guys don't have an infinite isk so things are working out relatively well
there I mean it sucks to see territory lost in north fountain it is a floodplain for if
you bring up garpa and you take a look at it you can see on the map why certain areas
are floodplains and certain areas are fortresses as much as the public spurg about this kind
of thing I think it's important for our guys to understand and learn how to read a map
from a soft perspective because if those guys are going to be jacking off about like taking
tcus here or like hey if you stage an entire coalition in hopib that you can push into
north fountain you know it's fine if the bad guys don't understand it but since we're on
defense we need to have a better understanding of how what differentiates say north quarries
and north fountain from areas that are more defensible you're fighting the entire galaxy
so we are going to take losses and I do want people to get used to that because like we're
going to be at a point here soon we have done very well in defending you know sort of the
main imperium territory however that also means that like we haven't experienced much
in terms of like serious loss and we are going to be experiencing serious loss just because
it's a dick punch a dick punching contest and so like like I said when this thing started
like we're going to lose keep stars we're going to lose space things are going to get
crazy it's a defensive war against the rest of even we're out number three to one and
I want people to understand that even though we have yet to lose keep stars because it
will inevitably happen and I want you guys to have that baked into your brain such that
if we're like okay we're fighting here and we're falling back we're fighting here we're
falling back that is essentially how this is going to go until the enemy is made to
run out of steam and we are working on that by putting offensive pressure on them by doing
tower drop spam by doing a number of various things but I don't want people to look at
how well we've been doing against legacy and test and just assume that this is going to
be easy and I haven't seen you guys talking about oh this is easy oh it's going to be
essential you know it's no big deal right like we can make fun of the bad guys but the
fact that there are like three of them for every one of us is just an ugly mathematical
reality and I want people to have their eyes on that ground truth because there's going
to be times where we fight on a keep star where we fight on a fortizar or whatever and
then we it gets blown up and we retreat to the next one we have like I was like 66 fucking
keep stars or something stupid like that we have hundreds of fortizar like the amount
of defensible citadels that we have is huge which is why the enemy has primarily been
focused on attacking things that are far away or like blowing up stuff and cluttering and
bragging about it on reddit or whatever.
How are we handling FC burnout?
One of the things that's been really cool about this is that we have a huge bench of
FCs we like one of the things that we did in the Jeff deployment on the Jeff deployment
we spent a lot of time working on developing like new skirmish commanders and like showing
them the rope and ropes and having the backseat system and really sort of establishing that
we do debriefs after and they'd already been doing that but like formalizing a system of
how do we train up and coming skirmish commanders and one of the things that has been really
useful about this war for us is actually those drama fleets I was talking about before because
it is very easy for people who want to try to FC to take a drama fleet out and like worst
case scenario you lose 30 interceptors like nobody gives a shit obviously you want to
stop the hacks you want to do your job but like there are so many opportunities for fleets
for training for people to get their experience that you know knock on wood here I don't want
to ruin this but like we haven't really been hurting for FCs now coordinator burnout is
something that's important we're trying to make sure that we have teams of coordinators
in all time zones because this has become a fully international organization where we
essentially are constantly engaging in some sort of military operation now we are only
defending our vulnerabilities in certain times because of the game mechanics and that's how
it works but like there's shit going on around the clock so if you are interested in getting
stuck in in some capacity there are opportunities for you be that as an FC be that as basically
anything you know but I don't think that's a real problem I'm giving a fireside here
to a thousand of you right now and it's way later than a normal fireside so like on our
side so far I haven't seen engagement issues I haven't seen morale issues like you guys
know that we've been like collecting skrulls and like murdering puppies all day every day
for a couple weeks now and we're getting better at it we're visibly getting better at it so
like it's cool like we just have to keep killing puppies and we have to keep doing it smarter
and better and keep looking for ways that we can optimize the puppy murder process
that's a very long appeal question about SRP that I'm sure Atrium will be delighted to
read about but I'm not going to read those words in the middle of a fireside we will
clean that up later and or Atrium will send a ping making fun of you I'm not sure which
okay let's see what else we got
oh yeah Blackhand has been fucking killing it if there is a Blackhand recruitment thread
if we can link that I see we already have allied scouts is recruiting scouts are huge
in this I mean basically everybody's been fucking kicking ass in terms of like org wise
almost every sig or squad that I've had eyeballs on is really just you know people are you
know this is it this is as serious as it gets and so people are really giving 120% and I
love to see it and we're visibly getting better at you know doing Eve online stuff all day
every day so the Blackhand I can't actually talk about all the cool things the Blackhand
has been doing especially during a hell war but let's just say that we have probably the
best Intel picture that we've ever had and you guys who are involved in the Blackhand
know what I'm talking about like shit is amazing and there's never been a better time to get
involved as a spy
okay um
Nat are you here to talk about like this moon renting thing
he might be muted if he is
oh wait this is a Tuzzy thing I will deal with this later
I lied Nat is here he can deal with this he just has to unmute himself
hello okay um so basically uh you guys uh if you're a moon renter uh if you still have
not gotten the ACL fixed and you want to keep your moons you need to check Tuzzy's post
in the policy forums on how to get that fixed I've been trying to check them daily to get
it updated after today probably the alliance is going to start looking at moons that have
no fracks going and we're going to potentially turn them into more public moons for the alliance
to mine if we do take one of your moons you can have it back later after the war it's
not permanent but the fact that you're not fracking us tells us you probably don't want
it anyway um so to avoid all that get your ACLs fixed start fracking on the moons you
want to keep otherwise um for everybody else expect more public moons to be available soon
with uh possibly getting cover and stuff so people can have some isk making opportunities
get some more T2 stuff being mined yeah we have uh you guys have probably seen we've
been using some of the big boy toys when it comes to PVE that have turned out to have
a very valuable strategic purpose so when you're seeing ADM fleets and stuff like that
uh we have like cover fleets for ADM and uh the space whales are uh bad action let's just
put it like that if you know what's up in terms of roll call stuff you know what's up
and uh it's been pretty fun all right hang on okay let me just answer some fucking questions
i did see that let's just cover this uh i saw that like tridget posted his i made fun
of them on the meta show about this but he like posted some big reddit thread about how
they totally like stole all of our stuff yesterday uh they did have a spy that went through and
like stole a bunch of like ammo and bombs and stuff from our it was like our renter
level ACL so like we did a bunch of ACL work um but that was like two weeks ago and so
he posted this big thread that he was gonna like claim that he did it yesterday or something
but that happened several weeks ago it was a long time ago it was in wartime it feels
like it was fucking forever ago i don't even know it was oh shit because like two weeks
ago was me still packing for the move this was like three or four weeks ago like they
did this yeah i think it was starting the war yeah i think it was late june or maybe
very early july at the latest are they saying it happened yesterday oh i thought he was
saying something or other about uh i only read like the first three words of the thread
and then fucked off it was like something about like what is it uh june 24th 2020 oh
it's july right of course it was a month ago so he was right on the date i guess i
just didn't read it right because i don't know why you'd wait a month to brag about
something on reddit but whatever two days ago so it's very important that if you are
anybody with corporation acl rules you guys are auditing your acl stuff according to the
wiki uh instructions and if you don't know please ask gsol because it happened because
of acl fuck-ups so it's on you guys at this point yeah there was a so like main alliance
sort of stuff we fixed the acls and plugged that hole and apparently they uh they got
like some member corp uh citadel that uh would mess around with its fighters from the fuck
i already forgot the corp it doesn't really matter but yeah like make sure that you guys
uh have your member corp acls unfucked and ask gsol for help if you are confused by that
but it looks like that's already been sorted out by the crumb one so let me take a look
at some of these comments on talking in stations killaby said that they don't want big fights
on weekends because they can't predict numbers what's my take on that uh whatever like what's
he gonna do like yeah that sounds like he just doesn't want to have to dock up his faction
titans again any other entities shown interest in joining the fight on our side uh yeah like
we have had a number of i mean not really since the battle lines were formed like you've
been you've been seeing um penis out like wang's has been giving the bad guys lots of
trouble in their backfield over the last couple weeks uh we've been working with ferra victrix
and good sax on the regular uh you know there are a number of entities that are involved
but in terms of like big block level kind of groups well we're fighting all the other
big blocks right so it's not like uh there's not too many people that are unaligned in
this war so that's one of the reasons why we're working on optimizing all of our shit
because it's like you know i'm not gonna sit there and go like oh wow well if we can get
this random group of puppies to come join us on the other side of the galaxy it'll it'll
flip things around um i have been very impressed with what i've seen from uh wang's like basically
just watching the enemy freak out because wang's has been like doing shit in esoteria
is hilarious
yeah the uh corridon also brings up the uh the lansing whiff which was hilarious apparently
test does not know how to lance
all right let's see
i mean i think it's kind of strange that they're saying that they're trying to not do things
on weekends because our enemies are historically weekend warriors and like they typically herf
more and get more dudes on weekends uh compared to us because actually i guess you know before
the pandemic we would be not really doing as many things on weekends because we would
be off like partying and clubbing and fucking and doing drugs and having fun uh but with
a pandemic you know i suppose maybe his concern is reasonable whatever but we expected them
to be pushing more on weekends instead of doing on fucking doing fucking move ops i'm
happy to fight these guys primarily on weekdays uh but if they're gonna be lazy and not do
things on weekends i mean hell we fought them all day today right like you know whatever
this whole thing really isn't about killaby anyway he just seems to like try to get on
talk shows and like get people to remember his name because who cares
mad cows uh that's actually the secret to my success is i i eat whatever that weird
like bone broth thing is that makes you like four times as smart
all right let's see what we got
that is not true guys by the way if you're a random and don't know what i'm talking about
uh you know if you buy things from info wars you'll probably end up poisoning yourself
do not do that
it is hilarious that people buy that shit though like it is genuinely like you know
as somebody who had a bad nootropics habit back in the day uh like you know all the race
tam drugs and uh the race dams and like new pep and stuff like that when i saw some of
the ads for the like alex jones nootropics i was just like what the fuck is this shit
like you're not even googling the basics
guy games asks villi says that the effort of the grind will blah blah blah blah blah
blah blah villi says some stuff is there any shred of credibility i mean that's up to you
guys right like does villi have credibility over like your morale your effort level your
desire to defend your space and your people against this horde of fucking puppies uh i
don't know you have to decide that you have to decide for yourself whether you are committed
to victory i am committed to victory because this is about the easiest win there is we're
gonna lose some shit but if you think about it they have declared that yet again making
the same mistake that sir molly did there are no goons goodbye and that they are going
to spend their every last breath to kick us out of the game and get us to quit playing
well we know that that is not going to work out very well it also pisses our dudes off
so i haven't really been seeing anything from the test side of the aisle that is even vaguely
victory shaped uh for them uh yeah
credibility also kind of requires a spine which is something that villi lacks let's
just say i've been very disappointed in him i thought we trained him better
all right i'm gonna take a few more questions here guys and also if you're like a euro and
you've been up all night and you want to you know take off uh you're more than welcome
to we need people we need people to be well rested right so this is the thing it is a
marathon it's not a sprint so that does mean it's important to make sure that you are uh
where possible if you are feeling burned out like we have uh we've developed like this
very deep bench of support structures and systems such that we're not relying on any
one person for anything so if you're like hey you know i need to get some sleep tonight
get your fucking sleep because we're going to need you in the days and weeks to come
right you i want people to learn how to manage their effort on this such that we can be reliable
and dependable and consistent when we're making predictions about how we're going to defend
this or that right so like if you flame out and burn out and freak out you're not going
to be any good to anybody so like it is important that you make sure when you are doing this
thing uh that you are thinking of it in terms of a span of months and not in terms of like
i'm just going to stay up for three days and then have a nervous breakdown don't do
all right
people are asking me questions about like diplomatic or meta nuances between uh you
know creating uh tension between groups that are nominally allied which is an entirely
reasonable question and since it is a reasonable question you will also understand precisely
why i'm not going to answer it on a fucking fireside so it's a good question and if you're
smart enough to ask a question that is as good as that you would also understand that
uh why i wouldn't spell it out in front of a thousand people
right like it is a good question it is certainly a reasonable tactic i would never say anything
about it in public but good on you for thinking that way
also i know a bunch of you are uh baiting for future plans bingo square so i'll just
give it to you guys now uh we're not going to talk about future plans like that on the
fireside there you go you can check that off i probably already handled that earlier but
you never know
all right
okay e-vegas uh e-vegas does that's a good question uh it looks like the vegas casinos
have left hyper uh let hyper and them off the hook for their uh uh their funding like
one of the challenges we had there was that basically there's a fucking pandemic and the
vegas casinos were basically saying hyper viper you're going to be on the hook for like
an insane amount of money uh if you don't force people to come there and like go to
vegas during a pandemic so it was i believe over last weekend or maybe it was just three
or four days ago time is a blur uh there was a post from the e-vegas guys basically saying
that like they're canceling and refunding and obviously now that our guys are going
to be whole and that the vegas people are not going to try to ruin everything uh we
don't have to worry about that as much anymore so obviously like going to vegas during a
pandemic would be a terrible idea and now that hyper viper is going to be made whole
we will hope that the pandemic is not there in october but if it is uh we are not going
to die about it
and we have suspicions of a penitential spy who's the best person to contact contact and
nominate he is the director of goon fucker affairs
please say the phrase sino bounty there you go uh also cryo has been a fucking hero when
it comes to art and i really loved that skull collection uh item that he did
if vegas is canceled this year then don't worry when there is no pandemic we will simply
party three times as hard to make up for it we have a reputation to uphold after all
okay uh it looks like that's it in terms of questions uh i think we've hit most of the
big ones um things are going pretty well the main thing is again guys just uh keep doing
the work uh probably one of the biggest things is to make sure your ships are ready to undock
the moment you see a broadcast right like basically at the end of an op when you dock
up instead of just like you know staggering off and passing out make sure that you have
shit ready to go for multiple doctrines such that when we do see progodly at legend like
flash forming for the fifth time today because he thinks he's gonna do good things in tkag
or whatever uh that we're able to just immediately undock and go go go go go and get there because
speed is very important in controlling the battle space in a in a you know in a war like
this and yes there is going to be sns and i will probably end up uh i've talked so much
today i think i'm just gonna like get into orbit high such that i don't really have to
talk too much on sns and just like listen to mine one do his thing uh but yeah we're
gonna have mine one tonight almost certainly please be around for that and usually the
bad guys will do something during our saturday night parties because uh they're lame and
they don't have djs and they don't have fun the way that we have fun uh because they're
frankly losers and uh my good boys or whatever the fuck those fedora wearing nerds are
pubbies yes yes they are so thanks for coming and let's get back to kicking ass keep on
keeping on we're gonna keep doing the work we're gonna keep doing the work and we're
gonna win this thing so let's get back to it i will see you all on sns if you come and
uh if not i will see you all in fleet and we will probably be digging i mean you know
me at like a certain point late us time zone i'm high as balls digging space trenches out
they're in a rock wall somewhere. So I will see you in fleet.