Fireside Chat Transcript 26 Jun 2k22

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All right, everyone. Thank you for coming. We're gonna get started here in a few minutes. I appreciate actually it's not gonna be a few minutes
We've already delayed this an hour in order to purge the enemy and I was delighted by the form up
We have a lot of things to talk about. I'm gonna give you a status update on the war
What we're seeing and what's good. What's bad where we're going. There's a few other things to do. It is
Very interesting to me that I'm having this conversation with you guys
Only one week since the state of the gunion because in those seven days
we have already accomplished a shitload of our early strategic objectives for this war and
It's been kind of a stunning and wonderful ride. So if you are new to our sites
Obviously Elysium and conference site is where to ask questions. We may have some Q&A time today
I'm gonna try to keep it relatively short
I also want you guys to be aware that as we sit here and speak the enemy who had more than
300 dreadnoughts in the t2 fortis are which we just refed into armor is now waking up and beginning to ping and
Start doing things. So who knows maybe they will interrupt the fireside with a sudden
Appearance of a backbone or a spine. I don't know. We will see how things come Wow
Okay, interesting
Very interesting. So what was the original plan for this war now, of course as you guys know
Plans are only good until you have contact with the enemy planning is everything plans themselves are useless. You've heard these kind of things before
Initially speaking. I was a little concerned about setting off to war
It has been a while since we deployed the entire Imperium and always there are toes that are stubbed and fuck-ups that happen
But very rapidly we were able to pivot to unfuck those in several organizations
Many of you have been busting a tremendous amount of ass and so to everyone who has dropped what they're doing in this last week
To enable what we are doing right now. I really appreciate it
It has not been easy
But increasingly it is a shitload of fucking fun because we are sweeping the pappies
Before us and they will have to fight and we will purge them until such a time that they do
Stand and fight they believe that perhaps perhaps who knows maybe this maybe this cap fleet we're seeing
Run from t2 that could be fighting us will turn around and engage
Maybe they're just going one mid out such that tomorrow
Tomorrow at 2100 when we form to take out what we'll be taking out will be the armor timer, which will severely fuck them
Tomorrow we are bringing
Everything and we will be sieging yet another
Pappy staging for desire
They have a bunch of caps there or at least they used to and if they don't get them out in time
They are going to go screaming into asset safety where they fucking belong
The enemy did not expect that last night when they seeded the field to us that there would be
Consequences they thought that they would just go. Oh, well, you know, it's a horde for it. It doesn't really matter
Did it uh that there would be nothing after that and instead what happened was you all turned up with bells on?
We had a bunch of euros
We had a bunch of US TZ regulars the entire gang got together and stayed up late and as it went in through West Coast
We saw CN TZ and a UTZ turn up with bells on as well. We twisted the knife last night like
Motherfuckers not only did a long-term horde and fam staging for bizarre where during the Jeff deployment for months
They had assets in XV and I'm sure of course
Oh everything got out fine asset safety doesn't count when it happens to pappy
But I was delighted to see it screaming into the void
We blew up a whole bunch of other citadels and nuked like seven fucking hubs last night to the point that the worst and dumbest
hypocrites of our enemies in pandemic horde fleet commanders began crying about how we are the
Blobbers. Oh gosh pandemic horde getting blobbed. We had a one almost even numbers fight on Thursday in ualx
Almost even numbers was pretty much 700 versus 700 maybe 600 versus 600. I forget the details
It was a very tie-dye kind of haze and they bragged they bragged we ran out of ships because we fought so hard and
now for some reason
Now we are evil blobbers
Because amongst their 152 thousand friends that they had a couple years ago
Apparently they don't have any balls or any courage or any kind of stones regardless of whatever
Stones you have they ain't got him. So what happens?
We will accelerate
we will continue to accelerate and
To do that. I need more from you as
individuals, I
Don't typically crack the whip
When it comes to line members because we haven't been in a situation like this before in many years
We have not gone to a full offensive deployment
We have a lot of practice and a lot of experience with defensive deployment
Well, it's not really deployment when the entire galaxy is coming to attack you
But you guys know what I mean
What I mean is is this at an individual level if you have random dumbasses who fuck everything up and don't do their job
If you snooze if you snooze we all can lose right
Offenses is about preparation. That's about getting their firstest with the mostest. It's about undocking faster
It's about pivoting
Unfucking the problems as they come up and not being a poopy pants little bitch when something goes wrong
If you are in a situation where you are on an offensive operation and you fuck things up
Many of these organizations that we are part of like caps worm are a privilege
They are not a right and if we find somebody who is consistently fucking things up slowing things down and worse
Like mistakes don't really matter. It's about the attitude that comes when a mistake is made then
Well, we will make changes
We will remove people from groups that cannot handle it while we are asking everyone else
to step up and be ready to get out there because the bad fucking guys are
Hoping that you'll just sit on your ass and hold your hold your junk and that'll be that
Here we are. So
Offensive war is different than defensive war. We need to be firstest with the mostest
We need to do the planning the preparation dot the I's and cross the T's
LBJ was a famous shithead. I have a bunch of
biographies of Lyndon Baines Johnson American president many years ago, and he was known for
His ambition and his desire to do the impossible and a bunch of other shit like well, whatever
LBJ doesn't matter. What does matter is this? This is the quote if you want to win
If you want to win
All you have to do is everything
That's it. If you want to win all you have to do is everything and we saw that we saw that
over this week on the ops where we
Dotted the eyes cross the T's made sure that the details were handled planning wise and we got out there and we did the needful
We had victory and now the foe flees before us as is good and just
But if we are slow if we are lazy if we don't look to our war gear in advance if we don't make sure
Our shit is correct
Then the enemy has a defenders advantage, which we know very well can be a very significant advantage
So on offense we must do more and we are doing more and I'm very very very proud of the fact that we are here
today at this current
Strategic orientation on the chessboard
Well, I thought that this weekend we would be taking out head GP
I thought that head GP was gonna be the thing for this weekend and I thought that the enemy was gonna be resisting us at
every step of the way and
Instead we purge head GP
We also purge XVV which was next on the agenda after that the enemy resisted in UALX
We fought with every ship we had and then in a matter of days you glorious motherfuckers shout out to procurement
Procurement are the kind of guys that don't like personal shout outs
They actually don't want to be even say anything about this but like Apple parrot one of these previous firesides
I don't care if they don't want to shout out. They're getting a fucking shout out
Everyone who contributed to getting the war material that we need to the frontline and GE tech is a goddamn hero and enabled
What we are doing now, so
So the enemy still has
300 dreadknots, maybe they're not a t2 anymore. Maybe they're gonna move them somewhere. Maybe they're gonna panic me or do whatever
They're gonna look for opportunities to screw us over
They're also hoping that we will slow down that we will see them running and we will say oh, well, okay
They're gonna run away. We have fucking plans if these guys will not fight us
We will twist the knife until they are forced to do so we have well actually I'm not gonna tell you what they are in
The fireside I'm getting excited about it and the edge is gonna yell at me and nobody likes that but we do have
Schemes that I'm quite excited about what I told you that offense is fast last night and that we need to accelerate
This is what I'm talking about because yesterday we destroyed XV and today we are sieging and have already sieged their stager in
T2 tomorrow we will knock it into armor
which is gonna make it impossible for them to do any cloning nonsense and we will be bringing everything and
Everyone if the enemy wants to have a fucking throwdown
We are turning up with bills on like we always do well
They hide in the drone regions and send pings about this Imperium this Imperium
and then
Like the weaklings that they are canceling it
They could have sent fleets
They could have done something but they chose the option of weakness and pointing the finger and blaming us and blaming each other
We know they could fight they fought in UALX when they choose not to fight
Punish them and you have punished them if they seed us the chessboard
We will twist the knife and that's what we did in Euro time today again. So tomorrow 2100 Eve
Everyone everything we are gonna knock their fucking staging fort into armor
And then we are made the things on top of that. This will be the pattern
We want them to begin to route and flee before us. We will punish them at every opportunity
And that means work that means preparation and that means focus across the entire Imperium. We're doing a great fucking job of that
Let's just keep this up and see how far we can take it. Oh
My god, I can't believe the restating there. Okay, so cute cute cute cute one of the things
That I saw yesterday and one of the reasons I want you to unend if you're new to the Imperium and if you're seeing
You know, we've had a lot of people join us and you know, they hear me her flurfs on firesides
You might see me her flurfs on a meta show
You might see me sending pings telling elf boy my dick because he's a little bitch
across the entire
organization and that's quite deliberate one of the things that I don't think that the horde Ling's have understood is
That they are going to be deliberately rubbished through all of this
This is our opportunity to rub in their faces all of the things that they said towards us in the Vietnam War
And we are not playing nice
We are going for the fucking throat here. And if some dumb bitch like Devron or the zero musky
person is gonna go
period this superior bet all day they pinged all day yesterday for the op
We pinged because they pinged we turned up and they
Wimped out we will punish this weakness
We will punish this weakness and I encourage you to do so because during the war we had such more charismatic
Enemies we had the villas they will but you did mr. Fourth place wasn't terribly charismatic, but it was a
Better than fucking zero musky and Devron of these other shitheads, right?
Like just a totally different animal is more entertaining with piggles and mr
Fourth place and then but that meant that these dumb pieces of shit didn't get the flack that they begged for you spend all day
Begging and crying for a fight and calling us the sympirium and you immediately bitch out when we say, okay, you called the fight
Let's do this
We will not let them forget it and that is also something that you can participate in
And no mercy for the puppies. No mercy. They asked for this. They begged for this
This is the consequences of their action and they scatter before us and it is cool and good
All right
So we are now you can all see eyes on glorious pan fam Alliance our dear old friends from Bob
NC dot running for the fucking hills like the little bitches that they are
Ain't so fun when the shoes, you know, we don't we don't have three to one odds here. We haven't brought the entire galaxy
We don't we didn't have a hundred fifty two thousand allies a couple years ago. Oh, no. Oh, no
In fact, we're kind of you know, we're out there. We're out there
We have put our caps on the field. We put our super caps on the field without a jammer
Gosh, so dangerous. It's so vulnerable and here we are
No excuses. No mercy
So let me talk about practical things
The hurfing of the blurfs and the venting of the spleens is always fun. But let's let's talk shop here
So the first part of this war of course is clearing the enemy staging systems that they have placed in our space
We swept head GP fraternity retreated and appeared to be mainly focused on Volta and brave
Volta and brave are cool because they are not part of happy
Always remembered is a choice to be a pappy and the enemy who are in pappy have chosen to stay in pappy and should never
Ever be allowed to forget that shame
So FRT up in the the galactic northwest doing their thing fighting Raven Volta
We now have NC dot running like the bitches and weaklings that they are even though they're supposed to be or we're so strong
Away from our wrath and t2. You'll be turning up tomorrow to knock it into armor
We will then obviously turning up with everything to destroy it and structure and there is going to be more
We're not going to tell you what it is
But when we go out on these ops and the enemy seeds the field I want you to know that we are going to have
a bunch of other targets lined up and it's a lot more efficient to ref get those targets in our system because
Hey, there's no more damage cap on shield timers for citadels. So especially when it comes to M structures
It's way more efficient to do the purging that we're doing
The irony of course is that this is all sort of a consequence of many of the things the pappy
CSMs were so desperate to get changed into the game because they believed that they could do this to us and I enjoy the
Justice aspect of hoisting elf boy and his wankers by their own petard as we sweep them before us. It's good stuff
I have several fireside requests here. We're gonna go through some of those
Hacker f2s hacker f2s hacker f2s hacker f2s hacker f2s procurement is getting tons of extra hacking ships stocked in general
Ge8 is in a great place. We need to have more though. There is always a need for more war material
But one of the reasons we were able to sweep like eight hubs last night is because people were stepping up and helping out with
Hacking we are improving these systems guys
One of the things that I'm very happy with organizationally is the fact that during the Jeff deployment it exposed some of the errors in our
Orgs, hey, we need to fix this. We need to fix this. We need to tweak this system
We need to adjust that we need to stop doing this damn silly thing this damn silly way and we are improving our methodology
For hacking across the board
We are gonna make sure it's a more pleasant and a more efficient experience and those results are on the field already for you to
See if you open a map of Tenerife's more battleships more battleships more battleships more battleships more battleships more battleships
Proper tech fleet should have 200 battleships in it last night
We had about 180 to start with was when our first big USTZ tech fleets
We want more we had a good battleship fleet today
But what I consider to be an ideal tech fleet begins with 200 battleship holes
So if you have less than that clearly that fleet needs more
Battleships, this is a wonderful opportunity to use some fancy blingy doctrines. We've got napalm
We've got a tempest fleet issues
We've got all sorts of fun stuff for you to use and that is available in GE tech
Please make sure for your armor caps as well as all of these armor battleships. You're rocking some mid-grade amulet sets
That's not a requirement for SRP, but it makes everyone's lives easier and better. They're not too expensive
People are asking for move ops. We are going to get you more move ops
We understand and here's the thing. Here's the thing. I
Know when I got up last week here and I gave a state of the Union
I said we're going to fucking full-scale war that a lot of people thought oh, you know, nothing's gonna happen
No, you know there won't be fights and sure right now
Some of them are running from us, but there have been fights
There has been around-the-clock action and we have ways to force them to defend which we are going to increasingly do
The more that they run like bitches the more we were gonna rub it in their face and do the things that the Agile yell
At me if I talk about on the fireside, but I want you to know that we've got stuff in the wings
Cool stuff that's gonna make the puppies scream. I'm looking forward to it
There is a bunch of stuff involving making money how to supply GE 8
not getting scammed on contracts and
of course for stuff at home
The guides for exploration and gas huffing now you guys can walk and chew gum at the same time at least those of you that
Actually, we're good. So we're trying to learn how to walk and chew gum at the same time
So all of our needs for gas and stuff at home
And on fucking the supply chain continues
I assume that those of you who know what you're doing can do that and again
People who don't know how war work how war works in the Imperium are finding out that yeah
If you're in Delvin you're doing PvE thing dirt things during a strat op
you will probably just get pointed and laughed at when your work all gets tackled because
We're fucking war get with the program read the room and those that can't understand it can't learn will die as a sample for everybody
Else. Okay, we are going to
Do a few shoutouts and then we're gonna have a naming contest
I want to give a shout out to
Zintage who has been burning the candle at both ends and running lots of fleets in a variety of time zones
He was holding down our tech fleet last night in USTC high fives there
We had a couple of new GSAL sub directors of Rora as well as a Katie's both of whom have difficult to pronounce on a
Fireside names, but thank you guys for stepping up as we go to war and we find things in our organizations that need improvement
This is what I'm talking about. You're seeing improvement across the board and that matters. So yes, there's a question here
What are we doing tomorrow again?
2100 but possibly earlier tomorrow again
This is offense. You need to be able to be ready
We saw this last night in US time zone the enemy started putting up a jammer in dy tack at around
I think it was 2340 we decided to ping we've been telling everybody to be ready between
Midnight even one o'clock even you guys turned up with bells on and that is why we won and that was one of the reasons
Why they are being scattered before us. All right tomorrow
Actually, no, let's hold off on this. This is a little bit of space paperwork
We are closing a hole in our organizational defenses. This is something we probably should have done years ago
We are going to begin moving the goons from alt corpse out of goons form and into a alt corp alliance
Of course, what does that mean? That means that we need to have a name for the alt corp
Oh, it'll be a relatively slow process. We're not going to be doing this in a disruptive way
We need to pick a cool name for a alt corp
Alliance that all of the alt corpse going forward and in the past are going to end up shoved into
This is very important for security reasons
It can be kind of annoying to deal with but it's now's the time for us to deal with it
So I want to have you guys have cool name ideas
It was something that we're all gonna have to stare at probably for years. So I'm gonna make sure that is
Legit and if the hive mind seizes upon something
Usually this is where Estevan Dragonovic pops up and comes up with the right name because he usually does that on all these fucking
Contests the directors have come up with some names and I think that they are not as good as usually what Elysium comes up
with so while you guys are
Doing this I'm gonna embarrass the director by reading off of the example names
We have alt swarm Federation the Matani the Matani the Matani the Matani the Matani the Matani
Southern coalition dot wizard hat and joyers sons of Jeffrey. I don't get it control alt delve
Not goons from Federation bad posters anonymous the lands rad gun Federation
I like that one rainbow donut coalition spice from Federation
No pants operation fish tank enthusiasts Disney princesses get there by Christmas guild
Bunch but conglomerate these are these are terrible. These are these are terrible short dragons all Alliance
Engaging game design victims Association with the ticker fussy
Okay, that one's cute. But let's see what Elysium can come up with having it be a reddit storm joke actually might be useful
That'd probably make them very angry. Where should people be posting these absolutely not bingo bait
Of course, we're talking about Elysium and conference on conflict calm
Which was a bingo square at the very start of the fireside. I did throw that out there guys. You could have got it. Oh
Boy all right so far
I'm not why I know reddit swarm drives the puppies crazy because they don't have our decoder rings
Does that seem a reasonable one for you guys? I'm looking for other alternatives that are popular
Obviously we need references to the critical
Arse system that we use to coordinate these things reddit swarm dates itself. Yes. That is a concern
All right. So here's the thing guys. We are gonna think about this. We will look at what you have
I'm gonna answer some questions on the fireside and then we're gonna get back out there and get to work
If something does click and we're all like ooh, hey, this is the thing then we can go from there
So, let me take some questions Eve Vegas plug before flights keep going up. Yes, please. Absolutely
We have good Berlin coming up here on July 9th and 10th. We have Eve Vegas coming up in October and
unfortunately, the price of air travel is skyrocketing at least if you are in freedom land and
Do try to make your flight arrangements as early as possible
So you don't end up going Jesus Christ is gonna take me two grand a pop to get a person to Berlin and back
Womp womp. I will be going to Vegas. Yes, it is easy enough for me to get to Vegas
Apparently it's a lot harder for me to get to Berlin that I expected. Can we get a death swarm shout out?
We need more relays. Yes, absolutely in fleets during wartime. We always need death swarm relays
You guys do a great job and it is an important and necessary part of our organization
There are requests for an ur Malin move up. That is something that we should probably do. Let me check with the cords
we know that a lot of you guys have resolved and gotten involved once the
Dinner bells started ringing and the Titans deployed and the puppy started dying and screaming
And so we are aware of the need for more moves from what you won as well as probably some get our shit out of acid
Safety and Malin ops. Will there be more new move ops to the front? Yes, absolutely
So keep in mind tomorrow 2100 Eve. There might be a Titan fight, right?
They have a fort that had 300 dreads in it
NC dot has already moved some of them out, which means that hey, you know, they could jump them back in
They could jump that back in they could hot drop in the other direction instead of running like the little bitches that they are
And so we are gonna prepare tomorrow
We have filed reinforcement petitions such that the tie-dye will not be too awful of CCP does their job and feeds the hamsters a little bit
And we're gonna go there
that's that's where we go and
We're gonna bring it and we'll see if they sit there posting about the sympyrium or whether they actually are
Going to be down to fuck like we are now. I want those of you again
I'm gonna repeat myself because we're talking about getting move ops from our Malin. We're talking about doing more move ops from 1dq1
We're talking about a huge fucking form up to hit this. Why do we care about these stagers?
We care about these stagers because of the enemy lives in them for months
And then we hit them quickly before they are able to react and evac a bunch of their shit goes screaming into asset safety
Where they have to pay as you're all familiar with now a 15% tax on all of their shit if they are low in isk liquidity
It's a big fuck you and the enemy did not expect that we would do this because in their world
It would take 18 months to get to the gates of delve and over here
We say okay one staging system down hit the next one next staging system down
Hit the next one this will continue the more that they shirk and they flee the more we will turn up the pressure and the aggression
If they cede the chessboard and this is what I want you guys to understand
the papi's think because of their experience at Vietnam that when they are on offense and
Things don't work out. They can just wander off like oh, it didn't work out. We'll come back later, and that's fine
When we turn up and the papi's do not fight we twist the knife
We are in the heart of a bunch of their space
We have brought our super cap fleet because we are not weak and whimpering bitches like they are and we will utilize
That so when you get out there and we hear that the papi's are running away and screaming
We're gonna do what we did today. We're gonna do what we did last night
We're gonna run up the fucking score and twist the goddamn knife
And then that sets up all sorts of interesting options for us of the kind that I'm not gonna talk about here
But you'll get to see if you keep turning up on fleets. There is a GE tech war supply thread and sheet that BP is linking
Thank you very much. I believe that I have covered
Most of everything there is a request for more puppy tears, and I want to promise you
Every time we see these people cry and bitch
If it's good enough to show around we will do that. We enjoy
Humiliating them particularly the dumbass horde FCS they go Oh superior superior superior where they've spent years
Hiding behind the coattails of pan fam who are now also running away, so that's fun
What happens if whore just completely eats out of the cash belly buffer zone is the war over?
Absolutely not like I said
Many times during this fireside we have schemes that I cannot tell you about or the agile yell at me
But we definitely came into this
Expecting that we were gonna have some fights that they would have to fight for the stagers
But at some point they might start running and what happens if they run
Not gonna tell you on the far side except keep doing what we have been doing which is be ready to twist the knife
It's setting up more timers. It's setting up more opportunities
We are sweeping in the before us if they end up routing so hard as they did in the war
Where they create a fuel crisis out of their fear and terror so much the better
I want maximum oppression these people deserve nothing less they have begged for nothing less
This is what they get this is full-scale war boys and girls. This is what it is like
2100 tomorrow 2100 tomorrow 2100 tomorrow we're gonna knock this fucking port in armor
We're gonna fuck these guys over. It's gonna be a blast. It will see you there. Thank you for coming
Let's get back out there. We have a shitload of work to do