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Alright boys and girls, we're gonna get started here in a couple moments once the numbers
And I'm hearing that some Raven Ubies caps are tackled, so that's tragic.
What a pity.
Alright, I'm gonna take an eyeball at this trainwreck real fast before I get started
I wanna see what sort of dumbassery these guys have gotten themselves stuck in.
It's funny because one of the things I had a point of talking about here today involved
Pappys killing Pappys and how we like to see it.
Alright, so as soon as we have some idea if somebody actually knows the numbers, I'm gonna
put them in the list to him, of how many dreads Brave has on the field there and stands to
lose, I think we're all interested in the gossip of what the Butcher's Bill there might
At least, uh, how much is an intro, or however the fuck you say that, even worth in the year
of our lord 2021 with the cap prices being what they were?
One of the reasons why I went on that fucking rant on the Meta Show about CCB what the fuck
capitals is because in one of my space meetings prior to the Meta Show, I was informed that
the build cost of a Wyvern is 95 billion isk at the moment.
So, you know, things have changed and CCB has kind of fucked up a lot of this stuff,
so yeah, seriously guys, no shit, because like one of the things CCB doesn't take into
account is the actual price of building at each step along the way and these additive
costs stacking up.
So apparently, according to GoonMe, the price of a Wyvern to build it in the year of our
lord 2021 as of yesterday is fucking 95B and that ain't right.
So yeah, shit's pretty crazy.
Shit is pretty crazy.
So if somebody can like count napkin math the, yeah, it's like 20 bill isk for that.
All right.
One of the topics, like I said, one of the topics I had listed the fireside today involved
Pappy still being Pappy under the table and how we want to encourage Pappy's killing Pappy's
because they're all still Pappy under the table and here they are showing it for us.
I didn't expect the fireside to begin with us all just kind of, you know, like watching
football game commenting on Brave getting their asses kicked across the galaxy, but
we'll get into some some herp and blerp here in a second.
The carnival ride is finished crashing.
Does anybody know who PL is shooting?
There is people looking with brave or shooting them.
All right.
Who fucking knows anymore?
All right, let's go ahead and get started on the line by line and we can we can pick
up the pieces of the pointing and the laughing at the dumb asses of the consequences of their
actions come back to haunt them and a little bit.
So first thing I want to start with abrupt gear shift, but there's this is something
that we have been waiting to be able to turn back on for a year and a half now.
I'm going to talk about alt corpse and it's going to be brief and I could actually make
it interesting because if you guys remember one of the reasons why we've turned off letting
people have alt corpse was at the early part of the war back in July of 2020.
The bad guys had a alt corp.
It was one of Pittsburgh's old alt corpse and they decided that they were going to be
cool kids and try to drop like 20 fucking structures.
I don't even remember their as Bells or retirees or whatever the fuck they were, but they tried
to drop 20 structures.
We caught it in time.
Only two of them actually managed to anchor and then we destroyed them.
So a huge opportunity to put citadels in our space and really fuck us over was neutralized
and that is the danger of an uncontrolled alt corpse system.
And that is why we have now taken the time both through the war and now after the war
to do some policy stuff and figure out what the fuck is the best way to handle this.
And I'm pleased to report that we can finally close this loop and that you guys are going
to be able to do alt corp things again that we are announcing and that's been reviewed
by everybody that needs to review these things.
So let's make sure I got the right link here.
Sorry guys.
Yep, that's the right link.
How do you change the join part messages?
If you're using Pigeon, you want to use the plugin settings.
You can alter or remove that in plugins under Pigeon.
Okay, alt corp stuff is handled.
Now we're going to move on to something involving dead pappies.
So one of the things I'd like people to do is let's just go ahead and take a look at
I have another link to awkwardly try to show everybody.
I'm a big fan of this page and I'm a big fan of similar pages that also show lost mails
for capital ships.
One of the things that we have learned and now have proof for it's not just me saying
it her style because it sounds like a good demagogic style.
It's the literal goddamn truth.
And most of you who were on the op the other day, killing that's a TTO saw it with your
own fucking eyes.
You blow up a fire CTO and what pops out a hard work wall that steals the core and scampers
off because pappy is going to pappy.
These guys are all around the galaxy and they might not think of themselves as being pappy.
They might not rationally recognize that they are still pappy, but then their actions, which
is what we pay attention to and not their words because their words are usually lies
and don't fucking matter.
The time these guys are lying to themselves, so they believe they're telling the truth,
but whatever the fuck, that's a very common human problem.
We all fall foul of it.
The point is they still have ACL access to each other.
They are still working together strategically.
The rest of the fucking galaxy is still the enemy of the Imperium.
When I see the fact that, uh, you know, it costs 95 fucking billion is now to build a
Wyvern and I know in my heart, even though the enemy may not acknowledge it in theirs,
that given the slightest opportunity, they're all going to do what they do every few years
and drop what they're doing and blew up and come at us again, but bigger somehow, I don't
know how they're going to get more puppies next time, but you know, they take the thing
and they scale it up, but you know, we're in a world now where a Wyvern cost 95 billion
is and people are sitting around and going, Jesus Christ, like when is he going to unfuck
Maybe things are going to be fine and like whatever.
Surely, surely these people will will unfuck things.
And I don't really want to depend on that.
I have never depended upon CCB doing the right thing in a timely fashion.
I have always depended upon them taking about six months to finally getting around to doing
the thing that everybody agreed needed to be fixed six months prior.
So instead of going like, Oh, CCB is totally going to fix scarcity.
I'm looking at a universe, the big Galax board here where nobody's making capital ships because
CCB fucked it.
And so all of the shit that's happening, like right now, brave newbies, capital ships are
eating shit and that makes me happy because those are fucking pappy ships getting blown
up and they can't make more and they can't make more.
I debated talking about this with you guys, but I think it's really like, Oh my God, big
secret or anything is you have to remember the rest of the game is still your fucking
They didn't choose to lose.
They tried their hardest to fucking annihilate us, to exterminate us from Eve.
And now we're in a scenario where CCB has fucked the supply chain for a while now.
And I trust in CCB keeping it fucked up for a while because that's CCB.
That's how they do.
And so I'm looking at this, I'm going, okay, cool.
Every time we see pappies fighting pappies, we should fucking break out the popcorn and
cheer them.
The more that these people kill each other, the better, because at the end of the day,
there is now a limit, at least until CCB fixes it.
There are a finite, a finite number of bad guy capital ships in this internet spaceship
galaxy, a finite number.
And as long as we, you know, we're still going to be using ours because we're not little
dick bitches, but really like to see lots more bad guy caps dying than ours.
And we want to encourage that wherever possible.
We want to cheer on enemies.
Like if we have a clap for two sides that are killing each other and good fight, good
fights, puppies, like whatever, like just, just fucking rile them up, get them killing
each other.
It's good for the game.
The PCU is going up.
And also there's still all of our fucking enemies and nobody can build capital ships
So the more that these fucks kill each other, we should, we should just do whatever we can,
I think to encourage these motherfuckers to get their hands dirty with each other's
blood because it might be two years, it might be five years at the end of the day, they're
all still fucking pappy.
And so let us encourage them to shed some pappy blood as much as we can, you know, just,
just keep that in mind.
Maybe we don't have to encourage it too much.
I mean, what are they going to do?
Are they going to, are they going to band together in her galaxy and come attack us
for saying that they should play the video game and maybe shoot each other instead of
being a blue donut?
Maybe some of them will even stop being pappies.
Maybe some of them will genuinely learn how to hate each other and play the game in a
way that doesn't involve trying to be elf boy is landlord, easy mode, paradise idea,
whatever that was almost killing Eve.
I just want us all to end from a strategic perspective, looking at the grand chessboard.
Whatever time a pappy cap dies, it is good for us when pappy caps shoot other pappy gaps.
That is the best for us.
And when you see lose losses across the board, keep in mind that right now nobody can build
a capital ships because nobody's going to fucking build a Wyvern for 95 billion.
So until CCP on Fox things, because it's CCP probably might be six months or more, right?
We just need to keep this in mind that it's great when pappy shed pappy blood.
So I don't know how we would encourage that.
We should have, we should try to cheer these guys on.
We should try to try to make them feel like they're cool guys for killing each other because
they, I want them to kill each other.
Fuck them.
They're the bad guys.
Fuck them.
All right.
So speaking of the bad guys and fucking the bad guys over, we have another keep starting
kill gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen.
I've been very happy about the power projection we've been doing because it is important for
us to reach out across the galaxy and punish those that have sinned against mother Delve.
We are going to be destroying a test key star on Tuesday.
It's going to be a little bit after a little bit after midnight Eve time, closer to like
one o'clock Eve time on Tuesday.
So I should say on Wednesday, but it's Tuesday somewhere in the 2300 to midnight Eve Tuesday,
we're going to form up and we're going to go blow this thing up and we're going to see
if any dumb motherfuckers want to get in our way, right?
This is a whole timer.
We are destroying a test keep star in.
Oh shit.
Be there.
I've appreciated the turnout that we've gotten on the studio kills.
I appreciate the turnout we've gotten on the reinforcement ops, the kill.
I should say there's only one city to kill yet.
And broadly speaking, this is going to be part of our deterrence policy.
I talked about this on the show yesterday.
We've mentioned this actually before.
This is just a going forward thing is when the Imperium deploys to fuck over test because
test is next, we're going to blow up a test keep star.
The rest of the galaxy has a choice.
They do not have to turn up to defend test.
They if they choose to turn up to defend test, we're going to go, okay, this group of fucking
pappies decided to take time out of their schedule to come defend a test alliance.
Please ignore our keep star when we are seeking justice for their sins against Mother Delph.
So what do we do about that?
What we do about it is we basically make a note in their file and then we find an XL
structure of theirs to fucking destroy that's within our tantrum radius.
And then we go out and we make a we make a statement.
We make a statement by destroying their shit.
I don't give a fuck what the pappies say.
It's just content.
I want to turn it up and you know, we're just looking for good fights.
They're fucking pappies.
Anyone that turns up to defend a fucking test keep star is a fucking pap.
All right, and there must be consequences for that or they're just going to do the same
shit they've always done.
You are not actually a blue donut.
Oh no, we were.
We just like good fights.
Why are you so mean goons?
Why do you always have to be mean?
Why are you so mean goons?
Why do you take things so seriously?
Why are you me me me just insert nerd sniveling here?
Fuck these people in you know, if I was going to be too her fee, you know, one of the challenges
of quote peacetime unquote is, you know, you got to keep people interested in playing the
video game.
You got to you got to shoot some shit.
You got to do some stuff.
You need to become the crisis and become an awakened Empire.
That's my jam.
I'm into that.
But I didn't expect this fucking set to have a horde fucking rock wall pop out of it and
steal the corn piece out.
It was like, you know, it's one thing to say that, you know, look, guys, in five years,
these guys are all going to be back at us and they're still the same group and all still
working together.
It's another thing to you know, it's one thing to say that it's another thing to have them
fucking do that right in front of God man and the entire goddamn Imperium super capital
It kind of kind of makes this bit easy because it does what it says on the tin.
They're still all a sealed up.
They still want to help each other out and they still want all of you to not be playing
the game with your friends.
It's just that they fucking lost and they're hoping that we forget it while being so fucking
stupid that they're going to remind us of the whole thing by doing shit like what they
did on that Satio the stay mad.
But keep the mad I think to ourselves because at this point we want to encourage these people
to kill each other.
The ones that turn up on the keep star ops or anything if we're prosecuting a purge against
test or something will fucking mark them will put a note on their file.
We will find something of theirs to purge in retaliation for that.
Every time that they turn up to one of our ops when we're trying to go after test, we
will slate something there for destruction.
And if this turns in the all just immediately blobbing up again and picking another war
what will own them again?
Fuck these people.
Remember they are your enemies.
They will never stop being your enemies.
It's great when your enemies kill each other and we should fucking encourage that.
But at the end, either against test or against somebody that decided that want to be a proud
little fucking papi consequences are important.
These are not just structure ops.
These are a statement of this is what happens when you fuck with the Imperium and this is
what happens when you ally with people that fuck with the Imperium.
We are delivering consequences and sending a message.
And so it is on us on Tuesday to make sure that we don't fuck this shit up.
Because we're not Billy.
We're not happy.
We are sending a huge fucking blob of go fuck yourself across the galaxy to offensively
blow up keep stars.
Ooh, scary.
We're not we're not we're not going to be weak about this.
We're doing it the right way.
But that means we need people to turn up.
And when we call a reprisal up and we say we are delivering consequences, I need you
guys to turn up so we can make sure we deliver those consequences.
So Tuesday, see you there.
Fuck this.
Oh shit thing.
Excuse me.
All right.
I want to take some questions.
That's it in terms of the big bullet point things.
When is the timer on Tuesday?
The timer is a little bit after it's like 0040 or 040 Eve on like 929 Wednesday.
So we're going to be forming depending on what you guys do.
I don't want to like nail us down on a specific form up time because if we start seeing signs
that all the pappies want to maybe flash form together and be pappy together again, then
we're going to help form earlier and we are going to skull fuck these people.
But if it looks like they're going to stay quiet like they should, then you know, whatever.
So somewhere after the 2300 range on Tuesday, look for pings eyes on.
But we're going to we're going to blow up this fucking star and anything dumb enough
to try to defend it.
Questions about it or Mullen move up.
I actually didn't talk to the S.E.S. before the fireside.
It might be possibility.
Let me confer with people about that.
It's been a bit since we did an asset safety op because I think we had a form up right
after last week's fireside.
But I'm saying this live out loud.
If somebody in the FC team can get to me, we will know before I'm done perving my blurs.
Let's see.
Let me take some questions here.
Are we getting updates on FC for ISK with regard to payouts?
I believe that the finance team had come to a like God, the after victory bureaucracy
stuff is rough, guys.
Like we've this Saturday's meeting was wonderful because it was one of the first times that
we had pretty much cleared out like the moon stuff.
The all court policy is decided.
And I did see a note from angry that there have been discussions and figuring out the
FC thing and various other payouts.
So I know that there has been a loop that has been closed.
Don't know what that is for you yet, but there has been progress made on that specific issue.
Thank you for asking the question.
Is there an area of industry that needs attention from you guys as members?
There's a bunch of different stuff.
Probably one of the biggest ones again is trigger units.
We can't really produce them locally because they're a I think angel rats give the thing
that we need.
There was another one, the broadcast notes from last week.
There's a P for PI that we really need.
Yes, it was broadcast notes.
Thank you.
I'm glad I remembered that correctly.
There are some guides about PI that are getting linked.
Please do that.
Also another thing, a shout out here, the GEZ program has been a tremendous success.
I want to give Kunmi and everyone who was involved in that, like I saw Kazanir dropping
It's one of those things where I want to give shout outs for the GEZ system.
But so many people have touched that that are not just Kunmi that I'm afraid I don't
know everybody who I want to give.
But basically everyone who has touched the GEZ system and project and implemented it
as rapidly, as efficiently and as successfully as I'm blown away by it.
It's great.
Thank you guys so much.
That shit rules.
That is some big level empire shit.
Another question.
Let's see a couple questions about like industry or things that people can do.
I think those have mostly been answered.
If it isn't a specific thing, the main thing is for you to just find your groove.
One of the things that I'm a big believer in when it comes to trying to sort out who
should do what job where is if you find something that somebody truly loves and they're doing
their thing because they're into it and they're basically like if you find yourself regularly
in a flow state doing a particular type of industry like we will probably benefit more
as an organization if you find your groove and then just become good at that and then
offer the benefits of you finding your groove to the greater good.
So I don't like to get too specific about it because especially this is a process that
a lot of people when they're asking questions like that, they're starting from a point of
I can I get some direction on it and I understand that throwing it back in your face and saying
like you're going to have to find what you want to do.
That's actually an important part of the process.
I would suggest if you where to start go through the recruitment center and just look around
go through the the forums and in the PVE sections read the guides and see if something naturally
interests you see just try stuff until you find something that you blank in three hours
go by that's always the side of being in a flow state.
If you're like I lost track of time doing the thing it's still ours or civilization
and just one more turn the sun is rising and that's a flow state.
You're all gamers.
You know how this works.
So what I would suggest in general for finding ways to help the tribe with industry or other
things if you don't know where to start explore the forums see what other people are doing
and find what naturally puts you in a flow state and that is most likely to be something
that is worth exploring as a interest and if you're having somebody who is doing industry
and they go into a flow state because they really love doing industry that's going to
be a much more effective industrialist than me who does not want to do that trying to
fight through to do the process because it's for greater good.
I'm just not going to be as good at it and my talents are going to be better spent you
know hurf and blurfs on a fireside than trying to build a forza.
So you just got to find your group basically what I'm saying.
Okay so not today on our mall and we will be doing next week.
That is the answer on the asset safety up so next week we'll be doing a mall and asset
safety up after the fireside.
Thank you for getting back to me on that sniper.
Yeah and fundamentally speaking that is really the truth in general is if you find if you
find your groove in life in space in whatever if you find the thing that you really enjoy
doing and you systematize it you're like okay well I'm just going to have to here's a new
area of non expertise.
There's an area of ignorance.
Here's all the different stuff that people do.
We'll just start going through the list of things that people do and see what grabs you
and give it a go and that's really just all there is to it and pretty much every aspect
of life.
All right I'm going to go ahead and not take us into preacher territory or life advice
territory because what I really want you guys to keep in mind at the end of the fireside
here is I want this fucking test keepstar dead.
It's in curse.
We're going to have to travel.
It's the whole timer.
It's Tuesday night.
We're going to go there.
We're going to blow it up.
I'll see you guys there and I'm really curious to see how many dumb motherfuckers how many
dumb eager puppies want to turn up and tell them tell us that they ain't puppies and that
they're just doing it for content and that we shouldn't take it seriously and we shouldn't
be mad and gay we're living in free bread says people that are renting out our passage.
I think this is just hilarious on a whole number of levels and I'm excited for the purges
and the consequences that we will be delivering in the future.
Thank you all for coming today.
We will be having another firetide at the exact same time next Sunday and let's get