Fireside Chat Transcript 27 Aug 2k22

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Start in one minute. All right. Good afternoon, everybody. Thanks a million for making yourselves available here today. I super appreciate that
We have a lot of information to cover
This is all critically important stuff I
Would ask if you have members in your corporations your group of friends, whatever that do not make it today
You at least pass the sentiment of what we are going to be discussing together
Along to them so that everybody is in the loop first and foremost
There been a lot of questions lately about where where's Asher Asher's the new executor. Where's Asher? What's going on with Asher?
This one is super difficult to discuss
But you know having spoken to him recently
This is something that he did want me to pass along to you guys
So shortly after Asher took over
His father wasn't feeling very well. They took him, you know to the doctor to see if they could get him straightened out
he ended up in the hospital and
Three days later. He passed away
It is a godsend that Asher was able to be there for him and his family
Needless to say those folks are dealing with
Unspeakable and immeasurable tragedy and I
think we all understand and
He's our boy and our heart goes out to them. We are
Hearing this I I just I can't even imagine there's really no words for a time like this
I know a lot of you are already thinking. What can we do to help?
We may have some more details
related to those arrangements in the coming days and
We'll make sure to get that stuff passed along
In the meantime, he's aware of what we're doing as a group. I will pass these plans along to you in just a moment
But we're gonna do what we always do when shit gets gnarly we get shoulder-to-shoulder
we take care of each other and we make sure that the humans are okay, and I
Sincerely hope that him and his family find peace
Sooner rather than later. It is gutting and it is terrible and it's just one of the most awful things that can happen to a person
But you know, he'll get through it and we will see him again
and the next time you see him you tell him you love him tell him you appreciate what he does for us and
You know, we'll make sure to give him
you know all of our
All of our best as soon as he gets back
onto the deployment which in the context of our conversation seems like the most irrelevant and unimportant thing ever but
We do have some work to do. So let's get to it
We started this deployment back in March
It was originally a Jeff deployment and thanks a million for all those nice words. You're saying in in in
Ellison I appreciate that. I know he would appreciate it when when he gets back to check it out
He would be happy and like I said, let's give him some space for now
But when you when you do bump into him out there, you know when he decides to to come back to us
You know, just make sure to give him your best. I think that would be really important for him. So
We've been deployed since March. We were kind of torching around, you know, the catch MNC
Regions originally that was a Jeff deployment. Not everybody was there for that part
but you know, we sort of we have been deployed for an extended point of time I
Think most of you would remember somewhere in the middle of all of that the 68 FT keep star came under threat. We saw
Fraternity deploy down. I think they were in a head GP or something like that
We started thinking oh shit, you know our critical infrastructure that is behind the lines of where we find ourselves
Deployed is starting to be challenged. So we need to take this very very seriously
Goons are really really good at overreacting to hostilities
So we did precisely that we created a full-on Alliance and coalition level deployment
with the help and
cooperation of our allies we started to create a war plan what we were going to do to take care of things the
Threatening of those structures began to abate. So we went back to the task of
Finding out the answer to how far can we reach before we go too far?
We have found that the limit of that reach lies somewhere around the ZV
If you've been keeping up with the war, I thought you know two or three stagers ago
this is about as far as we're going to possibly get and yet we continued to make progress and
Continued to push and had a whole lot of fun along the way. We blew up lots of stuff
We got you know plenty of our stuff blown up, too
But in a game that may not be doing the greatest at this very moment
that kind of activity with your friends and with your space tribe is very very important as it's
You know, it's fun that you don't have to worry about CCP providing for us
Things in the document went great until they didn't I think maybe I don't know
If anybody really thought we were going to like start dropping keep stars in debt or ID of all places
I think that may have been sort of an unrealistic expectation
but what ended up actually happening in the last several weeks as we started to see bigger and bigger foremost on the
Part of our enemies and you know, congratulations to them for that
So being outnumbered, you know two times or maybe three times in sub capitals
I still I think many of us still believe that we carry a super advantage, which is great
But if you know anything about getting in super fights number one
It's probably not the best idea to do one out in the you know ass end of him and see in space that you don't give
it shit about
Number two, you're not going to be doing that without your Alliance executor there to make those calls for the group
So that came off the table real fast and we ended up just in a situation where?
Without the ability to control the grid with sub capitals
It becomes very very dangerous and sketchy to put the big ships out there. You know that
You've been around super fleets for a while
You realize that it's it's very scary to not have sub capital control when you have large ships
Out and undocked and we felt like we had lost that critical mass now more recently in the last several days
You've started to see Norris and fraternity showing up to some of these timers that really
Just tilts things further out of our control and in such a way that we cannot out form them
Did we have some some nice victories in the last week or two where we held the line and and provided some nice cover for ourselves
we absolutely did especially in like the
Chinese time zone we did great
But you know as I was talking to the directors or the Kremlin a little while ago, we cannot
persecute an entire war in that time zone
You know 80% of our membership can't touch that time zone. So that's that's no way to fight a war. So we just can't do that
What are we going to be doing?
We're going to do a few things. Let me start with the important part number one
Do not move yourself. Do not attempt to move yourself
If you try to move yourself in a capital the chances are you could die if you try to move yourself in a sub capital
The chances are that you will die do not do that
Number two time is a factor
I think that anybody who's ever been through one of these where you leave a forward deploying stager
You would expect it to come under threat very very quickly
So what does that mean? That means we will almost instantaneously after we're done talking today begin forming move ops
supers Titans capitals sub capitals all of it
Keep your munins on standby and available if we have any hijinks that we need to put down in the zone
We will do so with munins. Most likely they are quick. They get the job done
It's like the ak-47 of Eve online
We will do two stages of this move up the first very very simple
It's a one midpoint jump to GE tech 8 where we will be going first with the capital ships
Many of the subs may run it all the way back to
To delve I think it's only four jumps or so so long as the jump gates continue to exist
or jump bridges I
Would expect that to change very very quickly. That's why I say make sure you're
You're paying attention and and you communicate to your friends and your your fellow court members, etc
That we've got work to do and we need people to get logged in
Very very quickly because you do not want to get left behind
If the keep star and ZMV comes under threat
That means the time horizon gets shortened, but we have planned for all of this
We are going to you know, do what we have to do to make sure we get as many of our ships
Safe as possible the asset safety for ZMV
Podium I think we determined that was it would be better not to end up there
But your folks that cannot get themselves to their to their ships in time or get themselves moved in time
They have that backstop of protection. I would not want to end up in podium with like five Titans or something like that, but
At least they will be alive when they get there if that happens. You really don't want to do that though
Let's let's try to avoid that as much as humanly possible
We will do what we always do try to run reports all the while to make an accurate
Census of our ships and where people are and we will be as proactive as we possibly can
The first big move ops are going to be coordinated. There's going to be subs
There's going to be everything above that all together moving together moving in coordination to make sure that there is no hijinks
After that, I think it's very likely that in the next few days
You will start to see those kind of capital move ops that we've all grown accustomed to where it's just join, you know
Join this fleet. This is the sign. Oh jump yourself and dock up when you get there, etc, etc, etc
So if you can't make these first round of pinged fleet ops, there will be further opportunity
But that opportunity as I mentioned has a backstop of a time horizon of several days about four starting now
To get done so we will do that. We will hold Torv in
GE tech 8 with the capitals just for a couple days and
Then we will begin moving them the rest of the way back. We would like to see what happens
You know as far as the bad guys, I know they're looking to us to see what we're doing
We are looking to them to see what they're doing. I had a lot of people ask me if I thought they would try to
Exploit what's happening with our boy and right now and his absence, etc
I don't like to even think about that or like that
We will just have to see and we will be prepared for anything
One way or another we've planned for it all GE tech 8 long term. We don't know what's gonna happen there
It's safe for now. It's safe until it's not safe. I wouldn't plan on living there. I think it's really really important that we
Take into considerations the lessons that we learned
The last big war and that's you need to be very cognizant of your footprint in Eve online
So things that are in our four core regions fountain delve
Period basis and querious. Those are the places we are going to live right now
So we'll see what happens in catch if we can hang on but we hang on to it if we can't we can't
I certainly like to having grown up around there, but you know, it is what it is
we will just play it by ear and see what happens as
We get ourselves back into one to you. You're probably asking yourselves. What's going to happen?
We're at a point where after a six-month deployment certain parts of your organization
Begin to be incredibly strained whether that's the FC's whether that's the coordinators whether it's the logisticians
We are at a part where when I'm talking to the directors of those groups
They are telling me we are burnt to a crisp and need a break
So that's completely understandable
I've been in that situation myself plenty of times as I'm sure some of you have and I
Think we owe it to those folks who've done such a good job for us
Over the years that when they need a break we give them a break
So this will be an opportunity back in delve to recharge your batteries if you would like to do some crabbing believe it or not
There's still ways in this game to make money and we can talk more about those on the forums or in the chat channels if you're
curious and interested
We've already had sig and squad leaders reach out to the Alliance about what's next you have to consider for most sigs and squads
Their activity becomes secondary when we do a war deployment we
Sort of take all the oxygen out of the room when we move this big hog of a you know coalition somewhere
So those folks are still eager, you know to go out and and do their things
You know, whether that's a group like whelp squad or black ops or whomever
There will be plenty of activity to do and I know much to the chagrin of our poor coordinators
Those questions are already being asked about where can we go now?
Believe it or not
We're going to take a peek at Pock fin. I know that's a dirty word
We'll see what's happening in there what those people are up to
If you've ever had any interest in doing that you certainly have an opportunity to dive into that as we start to
figure out our place in the grand scheme of the
Triangle region home defense is always a thing. I know when we're deployed you expect more
Problems in your home region. I it's not really entirely common to see like 200 demos bouncing around your region unopposed
that's sort of a deployment thing only we will have to get that stuff all back in order and
Get the standing fleets fired up and going again
I know they really never stopped but we're gonna add a whole lot more
People to them such that we can get the region locked down. Make sure we're back making money
Recharge the battery for what has been a pretty long summer
The organization is easily still in many ways
reeling from several things, you know, whether that is a
transition of power
From you know a larger-than-life CEO person who occupied that job for a decade a lot
Has to happen even when you have a great person to fill in that position in the future
now the fact that
You know Asher has had personal tragedy pop up out of nowhere is completely out of everyone's control
of course, but
It does create some knock-on effects to you know
Our little space group of friends because we are you know without our guy right now. Does that mean the organization is?
vulnerable or is
In some way idle or you know, the the stunned carp thing. No, absolutely not. Of course not. I
Would like nothing more for us all to do a really really good job
Until Asher gets back such that he says, you know what glad I had this time
I'm glad you you all took care of business for me and
you know on to
Whatever it is that will be next once that's all done
We sort of
Have been in this perpetual war thing for a really really long time in my mind. It's difficult for me to even ascertain
When did the big war in Delve end and these next couple conflicts?
begin I
Don't even remember it's kind of been a blur one way or another so we will take a break until we're not taking a break
We will get those capital move up fleets ping to you a apple if you want to go ahead and start getting a rolling get
it rolling
Get those ping to you. We expect a lot of people. Let's be patient with our
Fleet commanders and our coordinators today. They've got a lot of moving parts and this is about as stressful a situation as
You can ever find yourself in with a backstop of us all just being
Ill at what happened to our friend, you know, that's just
It's hard to even talk about all the space stuff, but we've got work to do one way or another
So we will be brokenhearted, but we will get it done
so if you get yourself into one of the capital or super capital fleets and you trust yourself not to forget what you're doing once
You are in one of those fleets
You can get your ship undocked in preparation for the grid and the system getting real real nasty
This is one of those times where we're going to have to juke and jive a little bit to get people out of the system
Is sort of in waves such that we don't destroy anything on our way out and put ourselves in a vulnerable position
I said if you trust yourself and I know many of you do not
So leave yourself docked if you know how to use a bookmark on an undock and stay put
You're more than welcome to do so, but come on. Let's do this with no mistakes
I know that's a joke when you say it to goons because when we move somebody's gotta gotta
Get blown up, but let's see if we can let's see if we can hold it together today
And just have very very clean move ops to get us pushed out
Somebody just linked that there are shipping services available that I thank you. I can't believe I forgot to mention that
Utilize those shipping services for you and your members if you don't have the infrastructure or the ability or the time right now
To get your stuff done. It's better to pay a little bit to save the stuff then have it end up in the ass end of
Nowhere in such a way that it can't be easily accessed or
Does anybody have any critical questions put type them in LSE?
Um, we'll take questions for a few minutes and then we're gonna start getting our butts
Rolling because we've got work to do when will goon off have a new CEO. Well, I mean as soon as you guys
As soon as you guys give me the job, yeah, I've already said I'll take it
You don't have to be in the corp to be the CEO
Everybody knows that
How long will the temporary aging be in GE? It will be just a few day, but if you're a
Subcapital pilot the odds are you're not gonna have to stay there
We'll just push you along but for the capital pilots. We're gonna leave you there
For a bit. Okay, perfect
Keep in mind if you're wearing what the hell is wrong with your battleship. Someone mentioned this earlier
I have driven myself crazy doing this before thinking that my exotic dancer comma male was breaking my fucking carriers
Ship maintenance. Hey, you have to take the frigates out of the escape Bay of a battleship before you can pack it
So I hope I save people a lot of time and frustration wondering what the hell is going on there
You should have time to move several capitals in the coming days. We have time. This is one of those situations where
This is not the ideal end to the war. I think most of you probably are
Understanding of why we're doing what we're doing
You know often in these situations you only need one good reason to do it and we've got three or four of them
Here that just makes sense and we have to do what we were we have to do
I wish we could have ended it, you know on a high note with a big slugfest or something like that
But you play the game you've got not the one that you want. So I
Appreciate everybody bearing with us, you know a lot of our organization
Was reeling after you know
the cultural changes we had gone through a few months ago and we never really got to get our balance back and
Get our head on straight. So we are gonna make sure that we do that such that we are providing the best experience
We possibly can you know for you who all deserve the world?
There will be a meta show today and I'm told you'll see fountain Frank. All right, everybody with that
I am going to hand the rest of the day off to our coordinators
We have a goon meet happening right now that I came home from to come have this chat with you
It is an honor and a privilege to be able to do so as I said, you know
We're gonna get this right for our boy. He's hurting which means we're hurting. He wants us to do a good job
We're going to do a good job
We you know, we always take care of each other. That is our thing. I love you guys. I hope you're safe
I hope you're healthy. I hope you're enjoying the the end of this summer
Please take advantage get outside touch some grass do your thing
But for right now get yourselves logged in let's get ready to do a fucking move up. Have a great day