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Alright boys and girls, we're gonna get started here in a few minutes.
We have a lot of people today, so we're gonna make sure that everybody gets done with that op.
Everybody just got back, and give people a chance to file in here today.
I don't want to assume that Cajanas is here and recording.
We did miss one Fireside recording, because you know, Cajanas is awesome and his F2 is usually recording Firesides,
but on holidays like Father's Day and stuff, we can miss out.
So, just in case, please do make sure that somebody is recording this thing.
Oh, he's here. Excellent. Perfect.
Just in case.
Oh, it was Bodberg last time. Okay, I understand. That makes sense.
Alright boys and girls, so this is obviously a wartime Fireside.
We just got done blowing up a Faction Pass just before the Fireside.
You could hear asses clench all across the fucking game when there's a Kunmi Ping saying "Give me 400 bombers."
And it was pretty fucking hilarious, so look for more of that.
One of the things I want you guys to keep in mind is that at this very moment, Elfboy is giving a Town Hall,
which means that we need to be on guard if they want to leverage any of their Town Hall action into doing something
other than pissing and shitting themselves and making excuses.
We need to be on deck.
I want to bring everybody sort of up to speed if you're just tuning in and have missed some of the hurfing of blurfs of the past several days.
We had a bit of bait-and-switch action from our dear enemies here.
On Friday, the Black Hand received intelligence from multiple sources that there was going to be a mercenary sneak attack
that was going to hit around 2300 evetime today.
We announced this on Friday. I made no secret about the fact that we had known about this.
And then I was surprised to see that our enemies did not send any pings saying "Okay guys, everybody be around for Sunday 2300"
because the Imperium had figured it out.
Instead, what happened was they went quiet, and then the next day we found out that the mercenary thing was cancelled.
But I'm not sure if it's actually cancelled, so I sent pings and warned you guys to be around and on deck tonight.
We're going to dot our I's and we're going to cross our T's.
We're going to keep eyes on Director Bot today.
And just because they cancelled the op doesn't mean that they can't uncancel it.
For all we know, Gobbins is up there making some sort of excuse and might be ramming more dudes at us.
I look forward to that. They didn't really get it up on Friday night.
And last night, we're going to be talking about what you guys did last night here in a little bit.
I woke up to a whole bunch of shit on fire, and that's great.
And when I say a whole bunch of shit, I mean a whole bunch of bad shit. Bad guy stuff.
And that's glorious. You guys did a lot of fucking work last night, pursuit Predator style.
But I just want people to be aware that just because the enemy passed doesn't mean they might not unpass.
So we're going to keep our eyes on our UST's vulnerabilities and see what happens tonight.
So one of the things that I want everybody to realize is we are not really going to be spelling out what we're doing in advance on these firesides.
I learned my lesson from the Doom Clock stuff. I don't think I should have talked about the Doom Clock.
I think that by running around and hurfing blurfs about "Hey guys, Doom Clock" and putting on a fucking war update,
it signposted exactly what we're going to be doing to the bad guys.
And as a result, when they don't know what to do, their whole thing is to just listen to what I say on a fireside
and then turn around and say "Hey guys, you don't like the Matani and we're going to stop them from doing that."
And I don't want to make that mistake again. So we have always said no future plans on a fireside.
And I'm basically talking about this. The whole "The Regan-Goon-Kista" thing will not be televised is sort of relating to that.
And... hold on a moment. Dog went in and out of my bed.
Okay, so there's lots of fleets. There are almost 950 of you in this channel right now.
There are fleets going out all day, every day. And I get questions from people saying "Hey, when are we going to do this?"
"Hey, when are we going to do that?" "Hey, when are we going to do this other thing?"
And my answer is always the same, which is "Go on fleets."
Go on fleets. There are fleets going out constantly. Those fleets might be bomber ops.
In fact, they're usually bombers doing hoodrat stuff, or maybe it's SIG and squad stuff.
All sorts of things are happening. And you will find out what those things are happening by going on these fleets.
But I'm not going to spell it out for you, or give you, or more importantly give our enemies,
some sort of a handwritten invitation saying that "hey we're gonna be
sallying forth from 1 to Q1 and we're gonna..." because that's exactly what Elfboy and his crew
of idiots want. They are out of ideas, they are out of options, and right now the only move they have
is either fucking about with stupid ideas like "oh we're gonna have a bush or doctor and our
blarpies that's totally gonna be able to crack 1 to Q1." What they want is for me to get up here in
front of the entire goddamn galaxy and say "we're gonna do X" and then that gives them an opportunity
to get up and say "hey guys the Mitanni said we're gonna do X, we're gonna do not X." So the
Reconquista will not be televised. There will come a point where we eventually announce that we were
doing the thing but that's only long after the thing has already happened. We have been resting
up, we have been softening the bad guys up, we've been ganking their first responders. Some stuff
might have gotten hacked, some stuff might have gotten hit, but we're not gonna make a big deal
about it here because we're chilling and billing, we're doing our thing. We're totally contained.
All the enemies that are listening to this right now, Goon Swarm is completely contained,
here we are totally doing our containment thing as you guys were on those ops just before the
fireside, you know we are totally contained. Nothing to worry about here, nothing to see here.
If you want war, go on ops. Do not expect to be told what the ops are because why the fuck would
we do that? Why the fuck would we spell out what a given ops objective is in advance? They all look
like bomber ops, gosh! So I look forward to our enemies stopping all of the bomber ops,
they don't know what it's gonna be and I like that. The Reconquista will not be televised.
Meanwhile, the enemy has farmed up the biggest numbers they have in a hot minute
because we dropped 400 bombers on a faction pos and that was pretty hilarious. So that's cool.
I want to talk about the doctrine updates and then we're gonna get into some line by line here.
The big change here, can somebody in the fitting team be ready to drop this because I haven't
actually gotten the link, we are replacing Drama Fleet, which was our Ares doctrine,
with a Murder Fleet or a Crow Fleet. I'm not really sure. I would like in general
our doctrine names to have a rational relation to the type of ship and I think it's important
that our doctrine names at least have gimmicks that are related to the ship type, particularly
because there's a lot of people here who are English as a second or a third or a fourth
language because if you're not American like me, you probably speak a whole bunch of languages
unlike me. And so we want to make it as easy as possible for our guys to get in the right
ships at the right time when we need them. So I would generally prefer Super Trains,
for example, Super Trains is a great example of a doctrine name. We all know that the Rock
is a train and we've always called them trains in one form or another over the years.
So Super Trains, Rock Doctrine makes perfect sense. Baltech, everybody knows about that,
and Megathrons, that makes perfect sense. Drama Fleet for Ares, and not so much. So
our new interceptor thing is going to be Crow Fleet or Murder Fleet or whatever. It's crows.
It's a murder of crows. Check it out. We're doing that. That's the thing. That's the new
doctrine. High fives all around. All right, cool. All your dumb crow jokes can be made.
I have to periodically check in here today to see if there's something interesting happening on the
hostile town hall. I really don't know what Gobbins is going to say because his big plan for
Sunday has kind of been exposed by our heroic spies. Thank you, guys. Once the war has reached
a point where we can declassify some of the really awesome things that the Black Hand and crew have
been doing, I am looking forward to it. One of the advantages of going to war against the entire
galaxy, whether you like it or not, because the entire galaxy declared war on us, is that we get
to utilize our entire spy network all the time for the entirety of this war. And you don't really
hear us talking about it very much because why the fuck would we? But there's some really cool
shit that's been happening, and I really appreciate that because one of the most difficult duties,
beside of being on the co-ord team, is being a spy and just having to deal with puppy bullshit
all day, every day. It ain't easy. They delayed their town halls for their four duzards to
repair. Oh, poor babies. Poor babies. The pappy papers. Yeah, yeah, man. Yeah. More than a thousand
on a fireside. All right. That's pretty cool. That is real. Question. Can we smoosh butts?
Can we smoosh butts? Smoosh butts instead of high fives. Yes, you can smoosh as many butts as you
would like. As you can see, I feel very contained because this is a high-stress fireside, obviously.
I'm really stressed out. I'm so contained. Okay, let me get a little bit more practical here, guys.
I want to reiterate something that I've said on firesides before, especially if you've been,
if you took a break and you're coming back and you're looking like, "Hey, what are we doing?"
I'll say this on every fireside until the war is over. We're leaving YZ-9 and T5ZI keepstars for
last. Do not touch them. Do not try to get us to touch them. That is something that the enemy has
been desperately trying to get us to do. You've noticed this on Reddit in the last few weeks.
Mostly right now on RE, they're pissing and shitting themselves because they've rightfully
lost faith in their leaders who don't have a fucking plan or a clue and have lost the damn
thing. And the blame for that mostly goes to Gobbins. And so we're, you know, it is turn of
the barrel. We're flinging shit his way. But at the end of the day, because they want us to declare
something, they're trying to bait us in a situation where we say, "Oh, we're going to attack." And then
we attack their golden bridge of retreat, which would be dumb as hell. You never get rid of the
golden bridge of retreat, which is what they did to us. Like we're here fighting like maniacs.
And I was delighted when they attacked our golden bridge of retreat. So it's like, "Okay, everybody
in the terror coalition is stuck in one constellation with all their shit and one or two
keepstars in one system. And the only way out is through." Excellent. Thank you. That's fantastic.
I love T5ZI Keepstar. It's my favorite special friend. I think it's one of the biggest strategic
fuck-ups that PissBee has made this entire war. And I want it to be the very last thing that dies
because it is such a dumb place for them to be that there is absolutely no reason why we would
attack it, put them on defensive. And then, you know, you don't give the enemy what they want.
They want us to spell out what we're going to do on a fireside. They want us to hurf blurfs about a
doom clock or hitting T5ZI or hitting the golden bridge or some other sort of idiotic puppy move.
And we're just not going to do that. There are fleets. There is a war. You know where to find
the war. It's sort of, you know, it's kind of rolling the dice. Maybe you're going to get a
supercarrier kill. Maybe there's going to be a fucking jump bridge that gets hit. Maybe there's
going to be a faction pass that goes boom. You buy the ticket, you take the ride. It's pretty
fucking baller. "When the war is over, can we put a keepstar in T5ZI and call it the Graveyard of
Legends?" I think we are going to. When we do kill the T5ZI keepstar at the end of the war,
that is probably going to be where we put the fuck palace just to rub salt in the wounds.
I think we already decided that a couple of firesides ago. But yeah, when we are going to
pave over T5ZI, it'll be last. And when we do it, we will put a fuck palace there. Because fuck you.
That's why. All right, let me check my notes here, guys, because again, the bad guys are
either doing town halls or something or other, and so I'm sort of trying to both give a fireside
while keeping an eye on all of the other stuff that's going on. Hoes mad. All right, so did I
do... did I... I... I... sorry, I'm sort of all over the place today. Did I already do the Herf
Warf about Pursuit Predators? Have I done the Pursuit Predator dance here? I don't think I
actually went into that. All right, so I've talked about how the Riegenquist isn't going to be
televised. I've talked about how bomber fleets, bomber fleets, just fleets, fleets, fleets, but
we're not telling you what they are, and I hope you understand why. Now let's talk about Pursuit
Predators. Let's talk about what happened last night. I'm not going to go into detail about the
objectives that were accomplished last night, and they don't really matter, and if they did matter,
I would lie about it on a fireside, right? Because why would we spell it out? But I want to use it
as an example of how we as Pursuit Predators can burn out the pubbies and ruin them. Humans are
Pursuit Predators. The whole deal is we're endurance runners, and we can sweat, and animals
can't sweat, and that you can basically just chase your prey down till they get exhausted to the
point that they stop running away from you, and then you just kill them and eat them. And one of
the things that we are here in the Imperium is we are going to be going after the pubbies like
Pursuit Predators. We will send fleet after fleet after fleet after fleet after fleet after fleet
after fleet as long as we can, whenever we can, whenever we feel like it, and eventually what
happens is they just can't handle it. They form up a couple times because we turned up,
and then their few FCs that are willing to form up to stop us get sick of it. Their first responders
get sick of it. Those guys get burned out because there's more of us than them in terms of us
breaching containment. It's amazing. Technically speaking, there's three to one odds,
but because these guys have been burned out to this point that they can barely get it up.
This whole year-long process here is just exhausting the whole fucking pile of pubbies
to the point that they just lose their will, they lose their spirit, and once they lose the ability
to resist, then we sweep. You are seeing the op tempo pick up. You are seeing lots of ops getting
pinged out. You're not seeing any of the objectives of what they are. Just go on fleets. Even if it
looks like you're not necessarily accomplishing anything on that op, well, on the next op that
goes out, and the third one after that, and the fourth one, and the fifth one, you're burning
these little fucks out to the point that they would prefer to scream and cry about how CCP
should wipe the servers because they can't beat goons. That actually happened. I don't know if
you guys saw that, but there was a couple of threads last night made by angry fucking pubbies
talking about how the entire server needs to band together to beg CCP to wipe the entire game and
start everything over from zero because they can't beat goons, and that's unfair because
reasons. I thought it was one of the wittiest comments I've seen, which was "Pappy is like
the guy that paints himself into a corner and then wants to sue the fucking paint company."
That is exactly what we are seeing. We are seeing some fucking deep hurting meltdowns from these
freaks as they decompensate and lose their shit because they can't imagine that the entire galaxy
together couldn't take us down. I get it. I understand why they thought that they could
beat us because they genuinely believed that in the casino world, they were beating us because
they were better than us or that we couldn't handle it or whatever. But the reality was in
the casino world, they had infinite ISK cheats from these fucking casinos that were banned the
moment that we threw in the towel and went to Saranin, and they don't want you to think about
it. In fact, that's one of the things that Gobbins hates the most. Gobbins hates the fact that we
call the casino world because Gobbins thinks that he was a major part of the casino world and that
he should get credit for it or whatever, and he just doesn't want anybody to know that the reason
why they were able to do what they were able to do is because of a SMA threesome drama went wrong
and it escalated into some sort of sexual grudge match with these nerds hiring mercs on each other
that then escalated into something that got us to throw in the towel in the galactic northwest
because they had an infinite, unattackable source of gambling addiction produced ISK.
They hate hearing about the casino war. They hate hearing about the casino war because,
I mean, hell, think about it. Empires of EVE Volume 3 is getting written right now.
One of the fucked up things about gaming... I'm about to turn 43 years old. My birthday is in
July. And one of the fucked up things about gaming is when I started playing computer games,
it was on my 8086, one of the early compact pluggables before that. Then I got a 286 and a
386 and like Xeon was like $5,000, 386 is, oh my God, then a 486. And when I started doing
video game stuff, I was a fucking turbo nerd. I mean, I am still a fucking turbo nerd.
And what's weird to me is that here we are in the year of our award 2021, and people make millions
of dollars doing video game stuff. And that doesn't surprise me, right? We're not like
streaming Fortnite or something. But it does surprise me that there are fucking history books
and that there are grad students and academics writing papers and doing their theses on the
shit that you and I, us here, are doing because we're bored and we want to have fun in EVE Online.
And it's become a thing where there are literally historians and articles and just all of this
shit. And none of that was the case when I was a little kid. I thought, "This is all deeply nerdy.
People are going to make fun of me for liking Battletech too much or something,
like junior high school nerd stuff." And it's become a really big deal. And especially if you
haven't played in a while and you're coming back and you're looking around, it's gone nuts, man.
It's fucking nuts. There are hardback history books where people have spent thousands of hours
researching the way in which we have been killing puppies for more than a decade. And that's kind of
cool. But one of the things I think is great about this situation is we're winning this war.
We're going to win this war unless we fuck it up and slit our own throats or put a wizard hat on
or do some sort of stupid fly too close to the sun thing. We want to be focused. We want to make
sure that we land this successfully. And once we get to a point where it's like TallSting.jpg,
then we can hoot and holler and act the fool and just do whatever the fuck we want.
We're not there yet. I want focus really in this next month, especially as we are softening them
up long before we declare any kind of Regenkista, which will not be televised. This is really the
next few weeks are critical time. This is where we dot our eyes, where we cross our T's, where we
make absolutely certain that we do not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. And you're not
going to receive an engraved invitation explaining to you everything that's going on. Just get in
fucking fleets. If you want to fight, get in fleets. We got to stick the landing. We have
got to stick the landing. This is the pivot, guys, like you can see because of the deep hurting
meltdowns that are happening. Right. If you're old school and you see some of this stuff, you know
we're at peak hell. We're drama now like it is. The puppies are starting to pop like fucking
popcorn, like they are blowing themselves up because they are so fucking mad at you guys.
They might scream at me. They might scream about Mitani. This is honey. That. But keep in mind,
there are more than a thousand of you here on this fireside. We did not say it was going to
be a particularly special fireside. We didn't say, hey, turn up to this fireside. But there's
a fucking thousand of you here. You can smell the death on them. You can listen to their screams.
You can see the drama meltdowns. If you've been through one of these hell wars, you know, this
thing is it's pivoting. It's pivoting right now. You can feel the fucking ground shifting under
your feet. And it's great because we have invested a year of our lives in bringing this fucking
shit show of puppies to a screeching goddamn halt right at the gates of fucking Gondor.
They are pissing themselves. They are shitting themselves. They are covering themselves in
gasoline and setting themselves on fire and protest against goons and Reddit mods and CCP
and anyone and everyone but accepting their failure. All they can do is produce excuses.
And it is glorious. It is glorious. If you have never been through a hell war before,
if you are one of our summer children, by the way, congratulations, you're now well and truly
blooded. I don't think anybody's a fucking summer child at this point. But now we're finally getting
to the good stuff. Now we're getting to the really fun bit. We're getting to the why we hell were
fired. We're getting to the parts of like, oh, this is what EVE Online is about. Right. When you
watch just this insane stuff start to happen, insane stuff that we didn't even directly have
anything to do with. When you see the old meccas just blowing themselves up, you know, we're not
we're not throwing any shit at Matt or any of that stuff because he's just blowing himself up on his
own. And these guys are just melting down because they just can't conceive of a universe in which
we would beat them in a war in EVE Online because the puppies genuinely believe that if they blew
the entire galaxy, which they fucking did, they actually formed the blue donut for more than a
decade. These hypocritical pieces of shit have been pointing at us and saying that we want to
form the blue donut. But all they know how to do is project and fuck up and whine and form a blue
donut and drop keep stars and lie about it and fail and then cry to the mods and cry to the devs
and cry to anyone. Cry, cry, cry, cry, cry, cry because it's somebody else's fault that elf boy
can't get it up. Right. That's all it is at the end of the day. It's got to be somebody else's
fault. That's the puppies. All right. Let me take a look over here. I got to check the channels to
see if Gobberino has actually or Goblet. Somebody called him Goblet the other day. I thought that
was cute. I really think on the Goblin stuff, I kind of want to like back off screaming about
Elfboy like I'm probably going to keep calling him playground names because it bothers him.
But I want to call out if somebody can link the meta show from yesterday. I want to I want to
brag on my boy, Brisk fucking Rubal. Brisk fucking Rubal. Brisk Lawyer the fuck out of Elfboy on the
meta show. I said, look like Gobbins is not going to come into the spotlight willingly, but he is
responsible for a lot of this bullshit. And we're going to have to make a case. Right. Like, here's
some of the things that he's done. He does. You know, he's not pro God. He's not really. He doesn't
want to come into the spotlight and get attention. But, you know, he is responsible for the failures
in this war and he is responsible for a lot of the bad shit he has claimed credit for bringing
about many of the bad things that the player base as a whole is unhappy with. And Brisk goddamn
Rubal goes through. And this is this is rough duty. This is like one of the reasons why being
in the black hand is rough is Brisk had to listen to these fucking Gobbins town halls. Brisk had to
listen to multiple Gobbins town halls. I haven't done that. I get bullet report reports from my
agents and my directors to tell me this, this, this and like particular clips and things, but
actually getting into the fucking weeds and doing the research and listening to hours of that boring
ass motherfucker blither excuses. And what Brisk then did on the meta show was instead of saying,
you know, Elfboy this Elfboy that that's my job is to just fling mud. Right. If he's bothered by
playground insults, I'll throw playground insults. That's how the game works. But Brisk just
played clips of Gobbins talking Gobbins in his own words, Gobbins talking on a town hall,
saying all these things about how scarcity is good and how he thinks that's great and
all this other shit. So I really think that when it comes to putting pressure on that little bitch,
I think he's trying to he's trying to exterminate you. Like he's trying to do all this stuff. He
just doesn't want to be in the spotlight getting accused of trying to exterminate goons form or
whatever. I drag him out of his fucking cave and then play recordings of things he has said
in front of all the puppies. Let him be hoisted on his own petard because he deserves it. And he's
going to try to hide from the responsibility and the consequences of his bullshit. And we're not
going to let him. In his own words. All right. I call him Elfboy because he looks like a fucking
Kepler elf. That's why that's that's it's not much of a joke. He just looks like a fucking Kepler elf.
So you call him Elfboy. Brisk actually, uh, lawyered the fuck out of him. I just throw shit.
That's that's my job is throwing the poop. All right. I am actually checking in right now my
notes to see if Elfboy is saying anything relevant. Talking about the war. I started doing
Diplo work after this. Okay, here's an official black hand report about the pandemic war town hall
that Elfboy is giving right now. All right, you guys ready? Here's the intercept. I'm gonna
I'm gonna give you here just direct and unfiltered quote, man, I don't know what to type about this.
Sorry. This is from one of our top black hand directors. And you know, this is where we are,
right? If we don't tell them what we're gonna do on the fucking fireside, and if they do a dumbass
sneak attack on our glorious fucking heroes in the black hand, which we don't say much about in
public because they're still infiltrating and doing this stuff, right? You can't praise your
spies too much. But this is a great example of a situation where this dumbass motherfucker
scheduled this town hall, knowing that he had hired these mercenaries. Our spies bring us the
good goods. Hey, guys, Gobbins hired these mercenaries. Be ready on Sunday night. Oh,
gosh, Gobbins has to cancel the mercenary attack. And then lo and behold, he's still
got to say some dumb shit to his demoralized puppy horde. He'll lie to them. That's another
thing. That's another thing I think is a very good angle on this, right? I think it's important
to sort of move away. Again, like I said, I'm going to throw poop at the guy. If he's going
to get rattled because I call him elf boy, I'm going to call him fucking elf boy. It's just like
when the puppies cried about me talking about having sex in the meta show once. So next thing
you know, I'm like, hey, guys, let me tell you about my fuck palace. If it makes them scream
and angry, I'm going to do that because it makes them not log on and try to exterminate us, right?
It's pretty simple, basic playground logic here. But when it comes to this situation, one of the
things that has been exposed to all of us, and most of you have Horde alts and are on their discord,
so you can see their combined pings. Horde hasn't really been put, I don't think they've ever had
to deal with their alliance leader getting shat on in public before at any rate length. We've sort
of kept our powder dry until we realized that now is the time. But one of the things that has been
funny to me is now that Horde is failing and that they are losing and that everybody is exposing
Gobbins's dirty laundry, dirty strategic laundry. We're not saying there's some sort of like a real
life scandal or any nonsense like that. I'm saying that Gobbins has made repeated strategic mistakes
and holds the lion's share of responsibility for why Sappy has failed so utterly. And also,
he may have done some weird shit on the CSM. I think it's very suspect that he's constantly
pushing these EDENCOM doctrines when he knew that they would get buffed by formation stuff
and then buffed later because he's on the fucking CSM. I think Elfboy stinks.
And you know, one of the things about it is in addition to that, as you guys have seen,
those of you that have Horde alts, they doctor their battle reports. They lie in really dumb
ways. And I think it's because they don't really keep, they don't really give a shit about their
line members. Gobbins has at one point referred to Pandemic Horde as a McDonald's franchise. And
as long as the customers are happy, he's happy. But he doesn't give a fuck about them anymore.
Then he gives a shit about them about knockout mice or whatever. He's just. And so the line,
it's basically very transparent. He lied about the CSM in a way that was very easy for us to
contradict. Again, check out the Meta show yesterday. Brisk brought a case. I just I just
screamed insults, right? I didn't really, you know, offer much besides the usual rants. But
Brisk really fucking twisted the knife on on Goblet there. He brought receipts and let Goblet
tell the story in his own words. And then, you know, all the broadcasts where they lie to their
dudes. If you lie to your dudes and your enemies get the catch the lie, then we're going to rub it
in their faces. That's how this works. All right. I've run my mouth for a while here now, and I
haven't really taken that many questions because I'm trying to pay attention to what this dumbass
is doing over in his town hall while Hurf and Muvlurf's here. It's slightly worrying that they
have a small capacity to learn. Well, I hope they keep learning quickly. It's taken them a year to
get to this point. And, you know, we'll we'll see how things go. A pandemic. OK, here's a question
from the town hall. Here's a statement from the town hall. If pandemic Horde pulled out of this
war, the equilibrium would become worse for pandemic Horde. Goons would start to attack
Tess and Legacy and goons will have a pretty quick progress curve stopping them. Yeah,
absolutely. I think that you should expect Horde to be here for the duration, which is why we're
beating on Elfboy. This nerd wants to stick out the war for the duration after ProGodLegend and
Headliner got humiliated in front of the entire Goddamn galaxy with their Blarpee shit and their
Abaddon shit shit for a couple of weeks there. They dropped the torch. Here's the thing. They
have they've got like 12 or 15 people on their side that are in charge of this war. And at any
given time, one of them has to be carrying the torch and leading the charge to burn down one to
one. And last month it was the the the Piggles and Headliner show, and they thought they were
super smart with their amazing doctrines, with their Abaddon and their their their Blarpee.
And they're going to find a way to burn one DQ one without using any capital ships whatsoever
because they're just so clever. And we fucking humiliated them and they dropped the torch.
The torch was lying there on the ground for a couple of weeks where they didn't do fucking much.
And then Gobbins picked the torch up. So Gobbins has the torch. He's leading the charge. And yet
he seems to think that he can lead the charge against us and our people and we will not use
every legal and morally available method. You know, I'm not saying do anything weird to Gobbins,
right? Like, but it's Gobbins seems to think because he's because I think fundamentally he's
an alliance tournament guy because Gobbins is an alliance tournament guy. He thinks this whole
thing is like one big alliance tournament match and that it's just a chess game. And then I'm
going to reach across the aisle and shake his hand and say, you've scored enough alliance tournament
points, Goblet. And now I'm going to acknowledge your victory gracefully because it's just a just
a bigger, complicated tournament match. The reality is a hell where is a fucking internet
knife fight fought with spaceships and hatred. That is what a hell war is. And this dumbass
nerd motherfucker thinks that he can come at us. And Rekka points, if he wants to sit here
in guard tests and wipe tests ass for a year or two or however long it fucking takes, that little
bitch is going to have to find some fucking balls, which he does not have because he is a goddamn
weakling and he is over there on his fucking town hall. And you're going to listen to this
later, Elf boy, you know what's coming. This is your new normal. This is your new normal, Goblet.
All day, every day, as long as you are holding that torch, you're going to get the same treatment
that Piggles got. But unlike Piggles, who loves it because he's a dirty little bitch. I know you
don't like it. I know you don't like it. This is what happens when you fuck with us, Gobbins.
We will go after you using every appropriate means available until you stop fucking with us
because a null sec hell war is a knife fight. It's not a chess match. All right, let me take
some actual questions for us. Let me look at scroll back here. God, it's just so fucking stupid.
The problem with me trying to sorry, guys, I want to apologize to you. I do my best on these firesides
to sort of make a coherent little space sermon, as the case may be. But when in the middle of the
fireside, I'm getting interrupted by him just pissing and shitting himself and covering himself
in excuses like, sorry, bitch, find somebody else to blue. Oh, wait, you can't. What we're seeing
here, this is something that I pinged out yesterday, and it's absolutely true that Kumi pointed out
is like you see horde forming up and defending test stuff because Gobbins fucking knows that we
know that this whole thing began because of Gobbins and Vili and ProGod played a large part
large part of it, too. But Gobbins and Vili at the fucking CSM summit. It's like the fucking
bar barbecue that they came up with this fucking scheme. And Gobbins has seen what has happened to
Vili and ProGod in the reputation deservingly getting shredded by highlighting their failures
in front of an audience of the entire gaming world that is paying attention to this war whenever and
whenever they pay attention to it. And now Gobbins thinks he can just hide from his responsibility.
He just thinks we're going to shake hands like it's a fucking chess match and not a blood feud.
He wants to dodge the spotlight. He wants to dodge responsibility. And meanwhile, he is holding up
tests like they're fucking weekend at Bernie's on life support. He is wiping their asses because
what his ultimate dream is, is to be the biggest landlord in the history of Internet spaceships.
This little bitch wants a completely united galaxy with nothing else happening except for this one
fucking constellation. He wants to brag about how smart he is for pushing scarcity. He wants to be
the CSM guy and he wants everybody to think that he isn't a fucking loser piece of shit who is bad
for Eve. He is hurting this game and yet he dares point at us and think that we are doing anything
wrong. We are in one constellation and this fucking piece of shit loser. This loser is right now,
right now, dribbling his excuses in front of his last diehards who still desperately want to
believe that Gobbins can crush us. Oh no, Elfboy. Oh no. This is only the fucking beginning,
you little bitch. We have fought for a year. We have fought for a year to bring these puppies
to a standstill outside of our front gates. A year of war. And now, and now the Regenquista
will not be televised. We have lots of bomber ops. Things are happening. There's nothing to
worry about, little goblet. I'm sure your next alliance tournament scheme will help you get out
of a hell war. It ain't a chess match, bitch. We're coming for that ass. We're coming for that ass.
That's all I got. That's it. Get back out there. You see some fucking pings for some stuff. We're
not going to tell you what it is. You fucking join the fleets. You want a fucking war, you join your
fleets. You want a fucking war? You see your SIGs and your squads doing stuff? You fucking join
those. Get out there and twist the fucking knife. The Regenquista will not be televised. You will
not receive an invitation. Just get out there. Thank you very much. I will see you next week.
Kill some bitches for me.