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Alright boys and girls, we're gonna get started here in a couple minutes.
I expect less on the fair side today because of the daylight savings time switch.
As you guys know, we run a lot of Alliance stuff is run on Wisconsin time, and the US
and Europe are trying to sync up their daylight savings or whatever it is.
So times have changed, we're doing this now.
And once the numbers stabilize, we're gonna be going over the big news, which is obviously
this whole scarcity thing and general war updates related to that.
And we're gonna be talking about the second founding squads who have picked their names
and what is going to go on with that, answer some questions, blah blah blah.
There are some of these things that we need to go through that are going to be covered
very much under future plans, and I need to make sure that I do not say too much on this
because we have...
Well, actually, I don't think I really care.
I think I can just talk about this just fine.
So here's the deal.
In the middle of Legacy trying to move into our space and colonize our shit and convince
us that we should be scared when they can't break 1DQ1, I would invite them to try.
I'm surprised that they haven't tried to hit 1DQ1 yet.
Maybe they will.
We still have to prepare for it like motherfuckers.
But into this very interesting mix of Legacy losing their home regions and consolidating
their remaining pets into Esoteria as Faith Abolis is half fallen and Kach has essentially
been glassed, Impasse, MNC, almost all of their shit outside of Esoteria has been thoroughly
So it's not just that they're like, "Hey, they're losing Citadels."
That shit has been pretty well burned down.
There's Esoteria, there's half of Faith Abolis, they had some pets flip on them.
There's this group called IGC that was in Faith Abolis and I didn't expect much of them,
but they said, "Fuck Legacy, fuck all this noise," and they have now done a lot of work
in torching things in Faith Abolis.
So that is cool and good.
I want to give a shout out again to Cypher Lionheart who has been doing a really good
job of updating the Legacy burning thread.
I always start off with this because it's important when we are here in Belve and we
are losing Keepstars and we are taking our lumps like adults that people realize that
the other offensive forces of the Imperium, our allies, are out there putting our enemies
to the sword and making sure that there's no home for them to come back to, such that
they have to fully commit into the Woodchipper.
And then this becomes a question of, "Okay, who wins and who dies?
Do we survive?
Do we stay in Delve and fight and then displace Legacy after they have lost all of their shit
in what used to be their home?
Or do we break and we run and what have you?"
We are not breaking, we're not running.
I believe that 1DQ1 is safe.
Some people are wibbling about this because people in Euro Time Zone, you might not realize
this, but our US Time Zone has recovered quite significantly.
We're seeing very good numbers from our dudes in US Time Zone and the enemy does not have
that many people in US Time Zone.
They can match us one to one, one and a half to one, sometimes two to one, but it's not
like the scenario in Euro Time Zone where they can do a state of the piss-pee coalition
or whatever and get 4,000 dudes and then try to ram them into 1DQ1.
I think that at this point, an assault on 1DQ1 would be to our advantage, especially
with all the scarcity stuff that's happening.
I kind of do hope they take a swing at it.
Hope springs eternal, you never know.
But if they do, I think we're in a very good position there.
So what is happening in terms of the big picture?
Legacy is losing their shit.
PanFam is here and is blowing up Citadels in Delve, but not taking swings at the big
ones where we can really fight back effectively.
They're always going for the most cowardly way possible to blow up structures.
And into this mix, right, into this mix of blowing up structures in Delve, Imperium counter-offensive
forces are burning down Legacy's home regions, Legacy is running out of cash, but they're
colonizing our territory and they're hoping that we're going to leave.
In the middle of this whole mix, CCB comes and drops a gigantic shit on the table and
it looks from our early analysis.
And this may change.
This is not something that we are completely committed to because we cannot predict what
CCB is going to do.
In the middle of this scenario where we know that Est's war bonds failed, that their test
did not cover five trillion isk worth of Titan reimbursements.
We know that because we have spies.
This is something we got in February.
In the middle of the scenario where they're financially bankrupt, we know Brave is in
deep shit, all of this stuff.
CCB comes over the top with an announcement of something that looks like it is going to
make the price of a Titan be higher than that of a Keepstar.
This math can change, but from the looks of things initially, we're looking at 210 billion
isk or more Titans and the things that go into building Citadels are scalable.
There's not a supply chain bottleneck there.
So Citadels, people are talking about the price is going to rise on that, but they haven't
changed it such that Citadels will require other things.
So it's like it's PI based and that's not a bottleneck.
So we are in a very interesting position where the enemy is focusing, from the beginning
we have said we are focusing on killing the enemy strategic forces.
So our job is to kill as many hostile Titans as we can, because when the music stops, whoever
has the most shit in terms of strategic forces wins and the music is stopping.
And yeah, that's cool because we won the last couple of really big Titan fights and the
bad guys didn't.
So that's interesting.
So this is the overall big picture here.
Now, what does that mean?
Number one, that means you should not sell your supers or your Titans.
If you insist on selling your supers and Titans, we'll buy them.
We will totally buy them.
But I would hang on to the fucking thing, because if you have a Titan, it looks like
it's going to the moon.
And that's great for us because we started this war with the most Titans and supers and
stuff in the game.
And as it stands right now, we still have the most Titans and stuff in the game.
And we've blown up a lot of the bad guys, Titans and supers and stuff.
So that's cool.
It does suck that we're losing keep stars, I guess, but oh, well.
We dreadnoughts are looking to go north of 10, maybe 15.
We're not sure.
Again, one of the things in the analysis of the numbers is that there's a bunch of shit
that is in what CCB has released that we don't necessarily have prices for.
So we have all of our best finance people, all the GSS guys, the collective brain trust
of the Imperium is bashing their heads into this thing.
And what we are seeing is, you know, things go way more expensive all the way around.
So that's cool.
I mean, I guess it's bad for everybody else if they were poor, but we are not poor.
We are doing just fine in terms of risk.
And during the casino war, our enemies wallet tanked all the damage that we did to them.
And so I think it's only fair that we get to wallet tank all the shit that they're trying
to do to us while their shit just gets torched.
So that's cool.
So I want to talk about some of the other things here.
What does this mean as far as us and the war?
Well, it doesn't actually change things for us.
It's good for us.
But I don't want us to hear too many blurts about it.
I don't want us to be like running around on Reddit and on talk shows and things going
like, "Yay, this patch is good," or "Yay, this patch is bad."
And one of the reasons for that is we don't know what it is, because there are some of
the like, these are the early indications as to where it's going to go.
These are the things that people are factoring in more scarcity.
We don't know all the exact details, and we know that CCP will listen to what we say and
potentially change things if we say, "This is good.
This is bad."
So I want you guys to know, and I know seeing it on a fireside means that it gets broadcasted
to our enemies, but at least as far as public statements and things like that go, I want
us to keep our powder dry.
I want us to like, wait and see how this thing plays out, because what looks good or bad
right now might not be good or bad next week.
Generally speaking, I think that scarcity has always favored us because we have more
stuff than the bad guys.
But yeah, exactly.
As Alexia is saying, if we say that it's going to be good for us, they'll absolutely change
So essentially, I want you guys to know what's going on in terms of the big picture strategy
shit and why I'm like, "Hey man, whatever.
It's cool."
But I don't want us like, running through the streets cheerleading and going, "Yay, this
thing is awesome," or "Yay, this thing is awful," or "No, this is bad," or whatever.
Let's just wait and see what the puppies do.
If they start a fucking Gita riot over this shit, once they actually do the numbers and
the math, that's great.
But our position is going to be, play our cards relatively close to our chest, not huff
too many bluffs, and see how things fall.
All right.
And if you had a future plans...
I guess this is all sort of in a future plans territory, if you're looking for that, for
Bingo Square.
Okay, so let's talk about some of the other stuff.
The big thing is, obviously, scarcity shit.
Some of the other things I want to talk about here today.
And if you have questions about the...
Let me actually take some questions about this now.
If you have questions about the scarcity stuff, or things that you're freaked out about, or
whatever, I want to hear from you, at least him, and we'll touch on that.
And then I'm going to touch on the...
Actually, Robin Hood, I got that ping from you.
I would like you to show that off, if you haven't linked it already.
So one of the things...
This is just kind of a funny thing that wasn't going to be officially a Fireside topic, but
Robin Hood reminded me that he did a bunch of really good analytical work.
One of the things that was interesting, looking at the legacy burning thread, is, again, a
very good way to see that, "Hey, while we're taking our lumps here in Delve, useful things
are happening overseas, and that our allies are getting closer and closer to home, as
legacy's home regions are torched, and legacy tries to colonize and live on top of us."
If you remember the Quantum Core stuff, this is kind of funny.
In the lead-up to the Quantum Core shit, the bad guys were saying that the Imperium is
going to core all their stuff, and then legacy and PanFam is going to take our cores, and
then use that to live in Delve.
As it happened, we did not, because we're not idiots.
Our alliance structures, the vast majority of our alliance structures, were either quietly
taken down or just never cored in the first place.
What is hilarious about the analysis that Robin Hood has done is he took a look at all
the stuff that legacy has lost recently, and it turned out, because their leadership told
them that they were going to be able to keep all of their regions and that they wouldn't
suffer any losses and everything was going to be fine because Goonswarm and the Imperium
was going to run to Sarenin or whatever, almost all of Brave's shit that got burnt down was
It's not just that their home regions are getting torched, it's that Imperium members
like you have the Initiative, you have Bashing, you have dudes who are living in Fountain
who at the start of the war had their stuff blown up, are now out there taking down legacy
shit, legacy-cored almost all their stuff, and our guys are taking that.
So that's pretty cool.
That's a nice little payback for all the Fountain stuff.
So that is essentially what's happening there, and Robin Hood then took that and went through
and did some math to show that this was actually the case.
So I want you guys to all see these pieces of the chessboard because if you're scared
of 1DQ1 getting attacked, I think 1DQ1 is relatively safe.
I hope that the bad guys do try to make a go at it because we will murder-fuck them.
But yeah, these are the big pieces of the chessboard into which CCB has thrown this
So it's hilarious that Legacy is going to be attempting to colonize us and live on top
of us and what have you when we knew even before this that they were broke and now they're
going to be broker and we're getting to take their core.
So that's cool.
I think it was like 620 billion isk worth of Legacy cores have been stolen since they
were implemented.
So that's cool.
624 billion isk in cores.
So that's going into not necessarily all Imperium hands.
Some of them are going into our non-coalition member allies that are also anti-Legacy forces.
But yeah, guys, we're here taking our lumps and delve, and it would suck if it wasn't
for the fact that Legacy is losing their home regions, losing their cores to our forces
and our friends, and that after Faith Avalos is done, it's pretty much just crunching through
Esoteria and we see what happens after that.
So that's basically the big overall where we stand.
So I'm going to move on to talk about some of the second founding squads and where that
stands and where we're going with that.
If you guys missed last week, we announced that we are going to be experimenting with
recreating squads like we had in the early days of Goon Swarm, where we randomly select
people and we put them in groups.
And these initial things were given placeholder names, and then we didn't mess with them for
most of the week.
And we told people that we wanted them to pick names.
What we are going to do next, these squads have picked names and they are properly Goony.
I talked to Saren about this earlier.
We have Fart Squad, Mosquito Squad, and Humiliation Squad.
And if you guys decide that you want to change the names of your squads, you can do that
too later on.
But what the next step is going to be is this.
Each of these groups is going to be getting their own subforum, their own muck-locked
Jabber channel, all of the trappings of a proper squad, and a budget.
And so the next step for this next week after having picked your names will be to do something.
And I would also suggest that you pick leaders.
These are sort of obvious things.
We have not told people exactly what we want them to do because this is an experiment to
learn how to do this better.
We are getting a lot of lessons learned from what seems to be working and what seems to
not be working.
But they have picked their names, so I'm not purging any of these groups today, and I don't
think we'll need to.
So we're going to get those forum groups set up for you and get budgets attached to each
of these groups so you can make mistakes or what have you.
The goal for this project in general, if you're looking for what should your squad be doing
or what should your squad not be doing, try to have fun and try to do something that benefits
the coalition.
You don't have to be, like it doesn't have to be all like public service, but we would
prefer, it's not that we prefer, we want you to do things, we're providing these budgets
and this structure and this isk and this support such that you can find a way to move the dial
in a way that helps the Imperium as a whole.
So figure out what it is, make sure that it's not just like, "Hey, we're all going to go
like mine and Hisec and do nothing and furiously masturbate and just ignore the rest of the
The idea is squads should be helping move the dial collectively for the common good.
And yeah, so we'll see what happens with it.
Figure out who your leaders are.
We'll be getting the system spun up for you and we'll go from there.
We are not going to be launching new ones until probably next week because there's a
lot of shit going on and we want to see how this works.
So the next group of founding squads will probably be next weekend for those of you
that are interested in the project and want to see where it goes.
There you go.
Okay, let me see some of these other things we need to talk about.
I want to take questions in general from people.
The main thing is I want to make sure that people aren't like, wibbling because random
keepstars are getting blown up.
We have lots of keepstars just like we had lots of setios and we are, I expect that there's
going to be a point here soon where the Euros are going to have an opportunity to take another
whack at the hostile super fleet.
If you guys remember before M2, our strategy was try to line up opportunities to kill the
enemy's strategic forces because again, from the very beginning of this war, our whole
thing has been to make sure that at the end of the war, we have more strategic forces
to swing around.
Strategic forces of course being Titans, super carriers, dreadnoughts, carriers, all that,
but mainly Titans and supers to win the big, big battles.
That is especially the case now where if it looks like a Titan is going to be worth 210
misc, we want to make sure we don't crash ours into trees and we want to make sure that
we can kill as many of the bad guys as we can.
So I don't know if we're going to get another attempt like that.
That has always been our thing.
These keepstars exist to set up opportunities for us when the bad guys make mistakes and
when we can see these windows like with M2, we can get in there and kill their Titans
because now it turns out our Titans are going to probably be worth more than keepstars,
even on a one-to-one basis, which is ridiculous, but that is CCP.
How to buy capitals now.
Contracts are gone.
So don't sell your caps.
We are obviously, if you are trying to get a capital, it's probably a difficult time.
Everyone I think in the game is going to be trying to shit out as many as they can and
sit on them for obvious reasons.
Questions about joining whole squad and things like that.
We're not going to be talking about the wormhole strategy because future plan is something
that is very much on our mind.
One of the things for people that don't know what I'm talking about here is CCP has, and
this is one of the reasons why it's important to not overcommit.
And it's also important not to hear too many blurbs about this in public is that there
are a bunch of unknown unknowns about the CCP scarcity patch.
There are a number of items that could potentially be bottlenecks that we don't have prices for.
This is all what the finance guys tell me.
I have no idea how any of this shit works, but essentially the predictions we have about
the super capital, the Titan prices increasing is reasonable.
I don't think that we should try to play the market and go, "Oh, hey, well, we think that
battleships are going to be up and this thing is going to be down."
Because again, CCP listens to what we say, our enemies listen to what we say.
And if we make too many moves or commit to too many different things, it's entirely possible
to go, "Well, we're trying to get rid of stockpiles and the players took this and they decided
to build whatever.
And so we're going to nerf that thing.
Ha ha, fuck you for trying to anticipate us."
So that's why we're holding our cards relatively close to our chest and we are adopting a way
and see approach.
And we have the luxury of being able to do that compared to our enemies because we are
sitting on a pile of fucking ISK because we are richer than everybody else.
That means that we have the opportunity of not needing to commit to catch up strategies.
The enemy needs to engage in catch up strategies because they've got less Titans, less supers,
less stuff than us, less ISK than us, less assets than us.
And we have the luxury of being able to wait and play our cards last.
So that's what we're going to do.
So some of these questions are ones that we can't answer.
Will moons be important again?
We don't know.
Presumably, maybe not.
Who knows?
Preliminary prices on capitals and supers, like I said earlier, and again, this is stuff
a lot of this, this is public.
There've been some analysis posted on REV.
Looks like Titans north of 200.
Supers, I'm not sure, but I think supers are getting a huge cost increase as well.
We're looking at dreadnoughts north of 10, 12, 15.
It's fucking crazy.
Questions about whether people are tracking super sales or people trying to flip.
We have an entire administration designed to track things like that, that has long pre-existed
So good question, Dungeon Storm, and yes.
Am I proud of Delta Squad?
Yes, I am very, very proud.
That's why we are doing this whole second founding thing.
No more dread bombs, I guess.
I don't think that's going to be the case.
I mean, basically, we have a potential advantage here.
Every time we can catch the bad guys out and nuke their capitals or get them to put their
capitals out on the field and vice versa, we have a much bigger hand to play with here
because we have more stuff and we have more risk.
Obviously the M2 breakout where they spent 411 dreadnoughts looks very different now,
doesn't it?
I am really, really glad that we wiped out that dread fleet.
All righty, let me see some other questions and then we can...
It feels like me as a player is being pushed out of the game.
I mean, it is a very good...
It is scary to watch CCP nerf industry.
It is scary to watch CCP touch things that you can see from the way that they're doing
it does not inspire confidence.
It is...
It's always freaky when this kind of thing happens.
On the other hand, I am pretty jaded by it by now because I have been doing this for
15, 16 years for who knows, for whatever reason.
But after so many times of seeing CCP swing a nerf bat at it, like, yeah, dude, it fucking
But we also know strategically how to handle these kind of things is that in situations
like this, it is better to play your cards close to your chest and wait and see what
happens and accept that like, yeah, it looks like scary and bad, I guess, but is it actually
going to be scary and bad in a couple of weeks?
We do not know.
You never want to play your cards because you're scared and reactive.
You always want to be as ice in your veins cold about this stuff because, yeah.
Nina, that's a question you were asking earlier, and I think we even did some of that.
That would be a thing where you would talk to the edge about it.
I also think we might have even had something like that.
I don't want to subvert that process.
How long can we last in an environment of total siege?
Yes, we're in a situation where we can sustain this indefinitely.
I don't really feel like we're at risk.
Are we going to lose keep stars?
Are we going to lose assets?
Are we going to lose stuff?
Yeah, yeah, we are.
I believe that in the end of it, legacy stands to lose absolutely everything that they have
if we do it right.
They're trying to colonize on top of us, and either we fail to stay alive and we break
and run and whatever, which is not going to happen.
We will not.
And again, I keep repeating this.
If anybody, we are not leaving.
We are not evacuating.
We are fighting this out to the bitter end and then some.
And I think that we're going to win.
If I thought that we wouldn't, we would be making different moves.
So yeah, just base your plans around that.
If you're worried about your stuff, put in one DQ on as we've been saying forever.
If you're worried about your stuff, put in one DQ on.
I mean, like if we really, really, really, really get into trouble, isk-wise, which isn't
going to be happening anytime soon, I will ask or authorize another issue of war bonds.
But I don't think that's going to be necessary as the way that things currently stand.
Like we're Gucci.
Any idea how long scarcity will last?
Oh man.
It is so hard to predict CCP.
I would expect more scarcity bullshit to last for a while.
I would not expect this to be changing anytime soon.
I think we will learn more when we get the, so the meta show today is one of the reasons
why I'm happy to sit around and talk and not like run off to prepare for the meta show
is I will hopefully, famous last words, not be talking too much on the meta show today
because it's going to be like a big app CSM panel.
We're going to have a bunch of CSM people on there to talk about the patch and what
people think about it and I, my eyes will almost certainly glaze over because we're
going to be talking about numbers and production and very important things that my simple little
bit brain can't quite handle.
Villy is not going to be on the fucking meta show.
Jesus Christ.
Oh no, you're sorry.
I misread your email.
Funny dry.
I like it.
I think we're going to have Kenneth Feld on there and Merkel chin and nominate and and
brisk of course.
So we're going to be analyzing that and if you're really like one gory detail discussion
of scarcity and where is it going and what are the people who've been talking to CCP
think it's going to be there.
I would anticipate this as being the new normal.
It has been the new normal for a while that CCP keeps turning the dials on scarcity.
What's up with Siberian squads?
They seem to be very happy.
They are in faith.
Abolish helping burn down faith.
Abolish the faith.
Abolish thing is interesting.
So a good question is Jacksify and I'm glad that people ask that because again, one of
the challenges in a stressful period of war or whatever is like people like rumors like
one of the things that we were dealing with earlier in the Kremlin meeting is our euros
were like our US time zone has been recovering and is doing way way way better like for about
four months there US time zone was handling Citadel's and it was in euros had soft and
then when we did the big swap Peru euros ended up with Citadel timers now and this was all
that hit mid-March and US times and was on soft and one of the things I've had to do
is point to battle reports to because you know, euros are asleep.
They don't know if us time zone is burned out or doing well.
We're doing really well in US time zone like the enemy the balance of forces there are
something that I feel quite confident about.
It's roughly even on big forums.
We're seeing some battles where we end up outnumbering the bad guys.
It's not an everyday kind of thing balance of forces are extremely favorable for doing
what they need to do, which is to defend our remaining solve in our little pocket in one
to key one and I'm quite confident about that because of all the things I just said, right?
Like I bet the farm on that and it's working.
So maybe it won't work.
Maybe who knows everything's going to burn down or whatever, but I don't think that's
the case.
So if you're a euro and you're going gosh, wow, the the sob is in US time zone.
Is that really a good idea?
It is a good idea because look how things have gone since we swapped it like more things
have not the the one to Q1 hub is still there.
Things are not burning down.
Oh my God, if there was going to be a crisis, the crisis would have happened already.
So euros need to calm the fuck down about us time zone.
So defense us time zone.
So defense, I believe is okay.
Maybe they'll listen to this fireside and then it'll be a whole big thing and then we'll
hear worse about it.
But that's where we stand.
All right, let me take some more questions.
Basically we're rich.
We're in a very good position.
Sob wise, we're in a very good position in terms of our Titan fleet.
We're in a very good position as far as our enemies losing their home regions and our
counter offensive forces as the enemies home regions are torched.
Those further consolidate and now it looks like the fighting is in half of half of faith
abolis and then everybody consolidates into esoteria and then some other fun stuff happens
or it doesn't happen.
We don't want to go too much into that.
I just need to make sure that people don't act like crying little bitches or wimp out
or coward out or freak out or whatever when at this point literally Vili is shoving legacy
into a fucking wood chipper into a way where they cannot recover from it because they can't
just go back and retake all this stuff because it's all getting torched and their members
are bankrupt.
Their Alliance wallets are bankrupt.
It's a hot mess over there.
And so their pot committed to this like they can't they can't go.
We decided we're going to not do this.
They can't back out of it because they flew too close to the sun by putting T5 ZI down.
So we're going to take them for everything that they will feed us.
All right.
Let me check my notes here.
I think that there's going to be a balance here.
Like what I should what people should expect is keep stars will get attacked.
Some of them are going to get blown up when we have an opportunity to do something like
we did in M2 to punish the enemy and take out their capitals take out their supers and
make those big fights.
We're going to do it.
Our goal through this entire war has been to kill the enemies Titans to kill the enemy
super carriers to kill the enemies dreadnoughts to destroy their strategic forces such that
when the music stops we are the ones left standing with the biggest strategic hegemonic
force which is where we currently stand.
So that's cool.
All right.
So that is what people should expect.
I don't really see too many questions like people are asking questions about like CZB
things like is work planning coming back.
I have no fucking idea like I being such a high profile person in this game.
I have to like explicitly keep my nose clean about any kind of contacts with the CSM or
I have no idea what the fuck is coming down the pipe except for what they say in the dev
blogs and what we can glean from hobo leaks.
Best pizza in Madison.
I would say Falbo's the chicken bacon and ranch pizza at Falbo's is fantastic.
Are there squads aimed at harassing the radders in our space.
Yes there are.
You should join the irregulars group.
There's Afghanistan there's curious Georges.
There are a whole bunch of people who are involved in a regular project and I encourage
you to get involved with that.
Glass nickel is pretty good like Falbo's is something that's mainly Eastside and I order
from Glass nickel a lot when I'm over here but I don't really order that much pizza these
Did really keep his nose clean on CSM information though.
I think that in general if there was malfeasance from scarcity preparation.
I mean if I was really and thank God I'm not but if they knew that things were going to
come down the way that they had I don't think they would have committed to kamikaze suicide
swan diving into trying to colonize Delve the way that they are like this is this is
super ultra mega bad for them in their position but they don't have a choice but to keep going
with it like they're they're pocketed into this like they have they have the sunk cost
for legacy in this war is all of their home regions are burning at a time that they are
bankrupt and now more scarcity is on the way so they don't really have a choice except
to keep committing further into trying to live on top of us and hoping that we give
up cry like little bitches and run for the hills which we're not going to do and if you
know anybody who is like wibbling or upset or things like that you need to quietly explain
to them in small words why one to Q1 is safe or the safest place to be we believe and to
not to not freak out all right there's nothing to freak out about the situation is excellent
our enemies think that the situation is not excellent and that's fine too we want them
to think that we're in a terrible situation and it's awful and then they should keep feeding
us all of legacy coalition somebody's asking something about asset safety I have no idea
where your shit is if your stuff is in I would put your stuff in one to Q1 that's where we've
been telling everybody this entire fucking war one to Q1 is where you put your stuff
if you are worried about your stuff I am not worried about our stuff you I can't control
your emotions I mean I think it's hilarious 200 billion disc plus Titans are you fucking
kidding me while legacy is losing all of their production ability as they try to like dive
bomb into delve this is fantastic they are screwed questions about beacons obviously
we have idiots bugs having themselves jumping to beacons the old school like one of the
reasons why I don't really talk about it much is because my attitude is kind of like atriums
old school syndicate goons will remember OG straight out of syndicate su-84 su-84 represent
baby old school goons know that the way that we handle people being idiots as we point
and laugh at them if you do dumb fucking things and we have tried to meet you halfway and
teach you to not do dumb fucking things and you still do those dumb fucking things we
do I don't believe that you can teach people not be stupid some people you cannot reach
also shit happens mistakes are made maybe somebody wasn't being dumb but at a certain
level the only purpose they serve is an example to everybody else and it's a Darwinian process
of they bug themselves okay well that person's not going to do that again or if they do it
again who gives a shit fuck them right if you feel like your dick is shrinking if you
feel like your dick or your tits I guess are shrinking when you see somebody else losing
something that wasn't yours that you had nothing to do with you need to be less insecure like
my dick doesn't shrink every time I see an idiot crash a titan into the tree my reaction
is yeah right you know it just because somebody's a fucking like idiot about it doesn't mean
that we need to cry ourselves to sleep about it you can't control every person in a coalition
as large as this there are going to be a certain percentage of people that are stupid that
can't be reached they're going to lose things in dumb ways try to learn the lesson from
it rather than getting frustrated by trying to teach every Tom Dick and Harry how to not
be stupid humiliation squad joke goes here all righty caracals on the open market joke
back in the day when we had escrow all right boys and girls uh thanks for coming today
uh I was sort of nice to do mostly just a question answer session here about some of
the big picture strategic shit uh are there any oh here's another one last one are there
any plans to act on the release of ESS keys currently there's trillion stored on the reserve
banks so here KG uh so this is a really good question one of the reasons why I think that
there is more scarcity to come and that there is more bullshit to come is that when I see
CCP posting things in dev blogs that are designed to be sweeteners and promises towards a better
future like little hints like hey guys we're going to make player created stargates or
hey guys we're going to put alliance logos on your on your ships as part of skins uh
or in this most recent scarcity blog what they did and I thought it was kind of clever
from a manipulative media strategy way which made me angry when I was reading it but whatever
the patches broadly currently plus EV for us uh is they were like hey maybe we're going
to do something about cloaky camping hey maybe we're going to do something uh about the ESS
reserve bank thing hey maybe we're going to do something like this those are all future
plans future promises and you I don't really believe anything I see from CCP until it shows
up in the release notes because shit changes randomly all the time and when they're talking
about future plans and things like that you we can't put a timeline on it you don't can't
really rely on it so I would advise all of you to have this sort of realistically pessimistic
view about where CCB stands when they promise things it doesn't mean it's the end of the
world it doesn't mean it's the end of the game but don't go hey they had included one
line about ESS stuff in a dev blog with a bunch of other one-liner future promises that
aren't backed up by any like obvious plans or preparation those things are designed to
make sure that the player base doesn't riot or freak out when they see the fact that their
titans are going to go from costing 80 billion or whatever to 210 billion or whatever right
like the whole idea there was if you guys didn't figure this out the reason why CCP
didn't really put any details about what these changes were going to be except in a fucking
downloadable file for everybody to then put in a spreadsheet and try to process independently
that was very explicitly a tactic to try to keep people from figuring things out and immediately
rioting so basically when ESS related things start happening or any of these other CCP
future promises will burn that bridge when we come to it.
All right boys and girls well thank you all for coming and let's keep on keeping on and
I will see you those of you that want to hear about this stuff more the meta show is going
to start in 15 minutes and we're going to have the CSM panel where I will hopefully
not run my mouth and let all of the player representatives talk about their glorious
communications with CCP which I'm sure are lovely and fun and everybody loves scarcity.
So thank you all for coming we'll meet together next week and let's get back out there let's
see if we can kill some hostile capital ships while we're out there it'll be good see you