Fireside Chat Transcript 28 Jan 2k23

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There's some really confused new person in here who just like, wait, there's talking
going on.
They're like checking their head.
So they're tapping it, you know, hello?
Anyone there?
Yeah, we actually can't hear you this time.
I can see you micing up.
Oh, cool.
All right.
Yeah, I think we've, I think we've gotten this ground well enough.
There's nothing like goons and running a joke into the ground though.
I like to describe whenever I send out a poll and there's no checkbox and everyone yells
no checkbox.
They're like, uh huh.
Can you explain the origins of that?
It's like, it's like that story about the monkeys and the ladder where eventually none
of the monkeys know why they're, they're keeping the other monkeys off the ladder.
Like goons just yelled no checkbox, but they have no idea why they do it.
It's just cause they've seen it happen before.
All right, well, let's get into it.
We have, I have a lot to talk about.
Sort of an interesting week.
We, uh, we started a lending bee last week and we've really succeeded our wildest expectations.
We had our first person cycle through a loan that is that they took out a loan, uh, after
we announced it last week and they've already paid it back and made it quite a bit of money
according to them.
So, um, that was sort of the first, uh, interesting thing.
So if someone's linked lending bee, you can, but that was, that's, but that was announced
last week and it's been, it's been really successful.
So we're happy to give money out to you guys.
And if you're looking for a loan, that's the, that's the way to do it.
Um, just a quick announcement as far as there was a scheduled or Mullen move, uh, post fireside,
but it has been delayed a week, um, for various reasons.
So it'll be next week after the, after the fireside.
All right.
Um, Kaz, do you want to talk about this, uh, this web back or you want me to do it?
I know you love to pontificate.
Uh, yeah, I just had managed to unmute myself in time.
Hey everybody.
So if you didn't hear yet, there've been a couple of broadcasts.
We sort of tease this last week, the Alliance is beginning wide scale war bond repurchases.
If you are one of the lucky people who owns exactly one or two shares of either of the
war bond corpse, you are now getting bought out.
So there is a channel that you can join to coordinate with finance director.
I'll look it for you.
Yeah, there you go.
Um, ignore beyond knocks.
That's the wrong one.
You need conference.
So this is, you just joined the channel.
It acts like a line, like a queue.
One of the finance directors will hit you up in a DM.
You can make the share trade and we'll buy you out.
So what's going to happen is this number is currently a two and you're going to see this
go up over the coming weeks, months, dot, dot, dot, as we buy out more and more of the
original bond.
That's all.
Thank you all.
Thanks guys.
Um, all right.
So next thing we're talking about is, uh, if you remember the ministry of truth, uh,
carneros has taken over rest in piss carneros and they're doing a meeting next Saturday
to reorganize.
So he wanted to just let you guys know that if you want to get involved in that again,
we are, we're going back, uh, and pushing that because I think you're keyed up accidentally.
Um, so yeah, next Saturday, first ministry of truth meeting under a carneros is able
and capable leadership.
I've got, uh, I've got some stuff to talk about that.
Um, basically I want to talk about some things that maybe haven't been brought up for a little
while and that you guys may or may not know about, uh, do you know about goons with jobs?
We have a forum where if you are looking for a job or offering a job, and this is obviously
in real life, uh, you can post in there and we've got a lot of people who have found employment
or found excellent goon employees, uh, there.
So if someone wants to link to that thread for us, uh, it is on the forums and you may
not know about it, but it's a good place to, uh, uh, find work.
If you're looking for it, if you have skills, you can list your skills in there.
If you need a vote, you can put it in there.
And then a lot of people have found, uh, valuable employees who, uh, through that forum.
Um, I'm going to give you guys a, uh, I'm going to give you guys a rundown of sort of
the situation in space at the end.
So I'm going to go through the rest of like the little updates I got to talk about, and
then I'll give you a read on sort of what's going on in the galaxy.
Um, I want to talk about F2s.
That's, uh, people you bring in fleet, you know, your, your alts in fleet.
Um, it's, it's certainly looking like, uh, the galaxy is heating up.
It has definitely been turned to simmer recently.
Uh, it was pretty cold in the last six months, but, um, if you've been watching it at all,
you can see that there's a lot going on.
And usually, uh, when stuff starts moving, stuff starts getting hot, stuff starts happening.
So, uh, F2s are, uh, alts you bring in fleet, Dictaralts, uh, Hecatase, bring in extra Sino,
all that kind of stuff that is being useful for fleets.
It's time to start getting those ready to go.
Um, so if you are, uh, if you're interested in helping out more, start getting your F2s
Um, speaking of which, this is not something we're doing, but CCP is doing a sale.
If you have Plex bought or stored already, um, you can basically get a 12 month subscription
for more than half off a six month subscription for about half off and a three month subscription
for about 45% off.
You also get a pretty cool skin, a Bargust of Indie or a Nightmare skin with it.
Um, so, uh, if you have Plex, just a good notice that this weekend is the time you can
turn it in.
I Plexed some of my accounts in quite a while, so, um, it's pretty cool.
All right, so we'll link our Alpha Delve Defense Doctrine.
Once again, with things simmering and heating up, it's simmering and heating up.
You need to have an Alpha ready.
This is something for everyone who needs to do.
Ranger, do not call them zappy boys.
Uh, this is something that everyone needs to do, uh, is get a Delve Defense Alt.
It is a, it is an Alpha.
You do not need to pay for the account.
It needs to be a separate account that you're ready to defend Delve in.
That way, if we deploy away from home, we do not have to be like, have a dinner bell
they can ring to make us come back home with, you know, 10 or 15 or 20 people.
Um, skills.
Uh, if you have not started training Stormbringers, it's a good time to.
We've had several fleets.
They've been a lot of fun.
A lot of people have been low skilled and that is not surprising.
Um, I think as we get more people into it, it'll be even more, uh, electric.
So it'll be a pretty exciting.
Uh, and also one other thing I do want to say is keep saving SP.
Uh, obviously after you go training, uh, doctrines, um, the things we're seeing right now that
we probably need more training on our missile skills for the second fleet, uh, second fleet
is very much to come.
Um, if you have those skills, uh, support skills, there are several that make a big
difference, uh, in range and application, get those to the fives, get your Stormbringers
trained and then, uh, keep saving SP for future exciting doctrines.
Bullet master, someone linked the thread a little earlier, the Eve Jobs thread.
Did you guys know that, uh, university gives out free routing mermidons?
Um, it's really easy to make money in a routing mermidon and you can get them for free.
We subsidize that and you can make a ton of money doing just that.
Those are now linked in the thread.
Um, I have had a few accounts running on routing mermidons.
I wanted to see if you could use a merm to fix it is, uh, it's not hard.
You do have to do it for a while, but you can certainly afford a plex on a merm.
Um, if you have, uh, the, like the time to let the, let it just spin.
Um, but if you're not using it that way, you can, you can still make a good amount of money
to just stock it away.
All right.
Um, I'm going to give you guys an update on what's going on galaxy wide.
So, uh, we had initiative, uh, deploy and, um, hoard and pan fam deployed against fire
Fire coalition is a coalition we are not particularly aligned with.
We're not very enamored with them.
Um, they, we would not call them the greatest of our friends, but it was a very interesting
situation in that you may recall that some six months ago, we deployed to attack them
for shooting some of our stuff.
And, um, and then hoard came to defend them.
So when I heard that hoard was going to attack them, I started sort of cackling gleefully.
I was really, I was really surprised that they would do that because it's a real, it's
a real own goal, a real own goal, a real mistake.
You know, it's not a, it's not a good move on, on their part.
Um, you should not, this is, this has been pretty basic and I know that most of you guys
know this, but you shouldn't attack your erstwhile allies.
Um, even if they annoy you, it's just a bad look.
Um, you know, if they had afforded just sort of abandoned them to the wolves, that would
probably be another thing.
But to actively attack someone that you had just saved, uh, is a terrible look.
And you wonder like if anyone in the game would ally with and fam again, after seeing
how they were treated, um, you know, being saved and then becoming, you know, the, the
people who are attacked, it was pretty, it was pretty wild.
So what we've done is FIRE is moving to join B2.
B2 is the coalition that lives up in, uh, in Declan, in Pureblind, in Fade.
Uh, and the members you would probably recognize the most would be Volta, Boss Alliance, and
Um, and we have fought with them.
We've been allied with, and, um, we've worked with them.
We have good relations with them.
So FIRE is moving through our space.
They are currently in our space.
They will be leaving in the next few days.
Um, I expect that they will have some troubles along the way.
They already have had some troubles along the way.
They've lost, uh, they lost the Molok, I believe, right?
And some, several other Titans and Supers, but we have graciously granted them the right
to use our space.
Um, and the reason being is because they're going to B2, and we thought that was an admirable
place for them to go.
And, um, um, I think by showing this small modicum of kindness to them, uh, after PanFam
has betrayed them and backstabbed them, it really sets, uh, sort of, it's sort of like
a interesting case notice for everyone in the galaxy to see how you treat people, uh,
and what you do.
And, um, so that's, so that's the, that's what's happened so far.
Now what happens in the future is going to be the real interesting part.
Like I said, things are in the move of the galaxy.
There's all this space open in the Southwest.
New groups have allied.
There are going to be simmering hatreds over various betrayals and various moves.
Um, the people who talk, um, talk all that smack are going to talk all that smack.
They're going to get at it again.
And so it certainly feels like the galaxy is heating up, which is good.
Um, I feel like everyone here is probably ready for some action and it looks like we
may be seeing that sometime in the near future.
So just prepare yourselves.
Um, that's sort of the political situation.
Um, and that's, that's about all the updates on that.
Um, Maldez says, what happens if Horde, uh, tries to add the Southwest to its Slumlord
Um, it's a good question.
The Horde already has an incredible amount of rental systems.
My guess is that they will not publicly add any more rental systems, but it will be done
in a private fashion is what I'm going to guess is what will happen.
I don't have like any Intel on this, but, um, uh, just knowing what I know about their
leadership, I think that's, that's sort of the, the level of cunning they will, they
will give themselves to.
So, um, uh, yeah, and it's the Southeast, not the Southwest.
Um, we have no intentions on that space.
We have no designs on that space.
Uh, we do not want to sprawl.
Um, and we, uh, um, so we will leave it open.
Um, we'll see what happens there.
There, there is something being said about opening up space and the reason when I've
talked to people, you know, about what to do with it, you know, should we go into that
and people said, Hey, do we want to take any of that?
Said, no, not really.
You know, this is a game about war.
And that, that's, that is my, like, that is my most basic, my most basic precept is this
game is about fighting and all the other stuff are done in service of that.
And I know that's not the attitude of every Alliance executor, but it is my attitude,
um, is that all, everything we do in this game is about war.
So if we leave that space open, the people who move in there are going to be the people
who in, you know, two years we're fighting or we're allying with or whatever there needs
to be churn.
There needs to be the, the, uh, the galaxy cannot be static.
So we won't touch that space and we'll, we'll let, we'll see what happens.
As you recall, we went up, we glass tribute, um, a few years back and that space ended
up becoming really interesting space for a period of years where a lot of stuff happened.
Um, and now it is back to just being rental space.
So the galaxy needs to shake up.
It needs to be cleansed to some degree.
Um, but we will not be taking that space.
All right.
Um, I am open for questions.
If you've got questions, go ahead and ask them.
Uh, Soviet, um, believe because of the way the system is set up, it is not possible to
have corp CEOs do tracking of, uh, court paps.
Um, I've done some research on that.
And as far as I know, as of right now, uh, because of the way it's coded, it's not possible,
but I will see if there are any workarounds that we can do, um, and ask our coding guys
if it's possible.
Uh, did I know that Don X wrote about PI?
Yeah, I know he writes a lot about PI.
Do I attempt to the Gobbins will attempt to be the kids on the playground in order to
not take the Southlands, but for smaller groups to give hoard a highway to catch.
Um, yeah, I mean, that's always a concern is that basically you have, you have groups
that are essentially just public groups, um, and that is, that was our problem with fires
that they were allowing a jumpers right up to our borders for, uh, pan fam.
And it's, oh, it still remains a concern.
It's something we'll watch.
Um, I do believe Gobbins when he says that he has some intention to allow that space
to be left fallow.
I don't think it is entirely cynical.
Um, but I don't believe that none of that space will be taken and turned into rental
I'd be surprised if that happens.
Can we start bombing pH structures to open their space?
But if you want to see their structures, I don't care, but we're not going to like follow
up with a fleet to shoot them.
Is there a plan and pathfinders?
Yeah, we're working to York that like the old org.
Um, basically it ran well as far as people would put in the effort, but it wasn't, it
didn't end up being like the times it was useful militarily were extremely slim.
So when you're thinking about all the effort people are putting in, um, and getting very
little out of it, it didn't make sense to ask people to spend their time to do that
for very few results.
And that's the thing I've been trying to like research.
I've been doing, obviously you guys don't see it behind the scenes, but behind the scenes
I've been doing a lot of research with every group on what is working and what isn't.
And with pathfinders, we had a system where people were putting in effort, but that effort
wasn't actually ever rewarding anyone with, you know, good roots, good, you know, and
so why, why keep that up and waste people's time.
So we're looking at a way to reorg it to a more effective way where, uh, we're not wasting
people's time and we're, we're not asking you to do something that's not actually, you
know, yielding fruit for us.
Is the war between B2 and Frat still going or has it ended?
Um, they had a timer today, B2 formed up 1200 people.
So, um, I think that timer went off without a hitch, but, uh, Frat won a timer in X47,
um, two or three days ago.
So it's very much still going.
Um, the channel crab buddies is the channel to find people, uh, to, uh, crab together
in a crab quill.
We were definitely trying to push people into crab quills.
They are a great way to make money and particularly safe compared to any other option.
Uh, so, you know, I understand that you really, really want Papstats and I'm doing what I
can there, but like, I only have so many programmers, like so many programmers and so much time
to do.
This is one of those things where like, we get a lot of suggestions that involve like,
Hey, could we code this?
And like, I would love to code everything people say, but we don't like we can't pay
So it's, it's something that, um, uh, is really, um, you know, up to coding time that we can
get on a volunteer basis.
Um, speaking of which you pay for our own servers.
Obviously you guys probably know that some of you have been donating to the, uh, server
And if we could get that linked, um, we are opening a new server fund, basically the old
Patreon is, is deprecated.
It can't be transferred, um, to the new one.
So if you were donating to it, it is no longer collecting.
Uh, we would love for people to sign up to help fund our servers and our hardware.
That's what runs mumble.
It's one runs Jabber.
It runs all of our stuff behind the scenes.
It runs the forums and we have to pay cash for that monthly.
We've already got, uh, some excellent donations for that.
And we would just like a little bit more to put us over the top and we'll be in a really
good position.
What we're asking for is we're asking for a monthly donation.
We don't want a one-time donation.
If you can do a dollar a month, if you do five a month, if you could do 10 a month,
whatever number is appropriate for you and your circumstances, uh, we would really appreciate
that kind of money to help keep the server fund going.
Um, that would be a huge help as far as keeping these columns up and keeping like the anti,
um, can't remember the name.
What's the like, oh yeah, anti DDoS attack, stuff like that.
There's all kinds of stuff that we have to pay for.
Um, and it's part of the reason why our comms are so good is that we are a bit overspec.
We pay for a DDoS protection and that's why it's very rare that our stuff goes down to
malicious forces and malicious forces try more than you would think to take our stuff
So that's something we're looking to increase right now is the Patreon for our server fund.
Hiroshima says if we can't run two accounts, crap goals are sort of the table.
So first off we have that channel crab buddies here at trauma.
Hope I say your name right.
And that's for you to find someone who also has one workable and you guys can crab together.
Um, but yeah, if you have a, uh, if you have like a dread in a workable, you can, you can
do that.
You can slave the workable to the dread.
I do not like ding-dongs or ho-ho's.
Thanks for the donation.
Much appreciated.
Uh, now that we had a merch store, it wasn't run by us.
I don't think it was ever particularly fruitful, but, um, I mean, as far as what was made,
um, but it was nice to get merged to people.
I think that's more of a, it's just a nice thing for people to have rather than a thing
like this, particularly for making money.
Dominoes or Papa John's.
It really depends how much have you drunk.
Like I think, I think if you're the more sober, you are the more appealing Papa John's is,
but like dominoes, if you drank a lot and you want just a lot of food to just shove
down your gullet, I would go with dominoes.
McDonald's or Burger King.
I would say neither.
I don't really fast food that much anymore.
Uh, we do indeed have a new corp.
Does someone want to link them?
I have their Eve who here somewhere on my tabs.
Let me look through my 40 open tab.
I believe it is flying dangerous.
Is that correct?
Is it cosmic collective?
What is this called?
Who is this?
Oh, no, that's the wrong thing.
I'm not reading this entirely.
They, Oh, they were in flying dangerous.
Ah, perfect.
Welcome to them.
Will there be Alliance potion to fashion warfare?
When they open it up, we will have a plan.
I'm not really super interested in it personally.
Malindra, I did.
I did an alt there and I found it relatively boring.
Um, but that doesn't mean other people enjoy it.
So we'll offer it and we'll, we'll find a way to have a way to do it.
And yeah, isn't Dan Dingle, the guy in charge, I heard that name and that stuck in the mind.
Dan Dingle.
What a name.
Are we still allowing a six and squad to try to form, try to form for what?
Like new six and squads?
If you have an idea, Phoenix, um, you can approach us.
Is Dan Dingle a dunk Dingle?
I would love that.
What if dunk Dingle just snuck in on his Dan Dingle?
That is, that's my headcanon.
I don't know.
I don't know what happened, but that's, that's headcanon now.
Test now owns no soft.
All right.
Good for them.
I'm just like, I'm not even talking about testing anymore because they are literally
We need more midweek Euro time zone, beehive FCs.
I mean, if you want to volunteer, that's a job we need people to volunteer for.
The squad TCUs and period business, we're not in a rush to replace them.
They really don't do anything.
It's just like, they're just there on the map.
They don't matter in any way.
So we'll, we'll, we'll pop them eventually, but it's just the thing, like it's going to
take a lot of time and really offers no benefit.
So we're not interested in like in doing it immediately.
Also they have to pay for it.
It costs money to run those and doesn't do anything.
Um, Malaysia, would Jeff be reforming that would have to do with what happens up, up
North and in the Southeast.
And so we'll see.
Shadow is running some tackle fleets.
I don't know if you could teach a good inside of tackle, but you know, if you want to push
that rock up the mountain, please do.
All right.
It looks like we've hit most of the questions.
You guys for showing up much appreciated.