Fireside Chat Transcript 28 Jul 2k22

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All right, let's test this out. Can anybody hear me? Let's make sure you can hear me before I get started
Outstanding. All right. So we we actually made a video for this. So I'm gonna throw this in Elysium. Please take a watch
All right
So please watch this video and now that I have tricked all of you into being pancake cacked the actual Alliance executor is Asher Elias
Take it away Asher and Asher. Nobody can actually hear you talking
Fantastic. See guys it wasn't me this time
How about now now we can't go ahead. Hi friends. I'm gonna come up here to talk to you about a typical Alliance talking points with
Department bullet points to hit
Instead of come to talk to you about Eve online
I think every one of us can think of another game that if you want to have fun for 60 minutes easily blows Eve online
out of the water
But if I asked you about a halo map that you had five years ago, you couldn't tell me a single thing about it
However, if you get some even nerd sitting around the digital fireside
You can bet they will start waxing political about a fight they had that happened five or even ten years ago
They will fondly remember their FC and call out the time that they saved the day by landing the scram
Or the time their Titan died and they reshipped into another Titan and jumped back into the fight
I'm an Eve romantic because of those chats and the fireside. Yeah, I am reading from a prompter
But I wanted to say this speech because it's important
There may be a million other games that are better to play but none are better to experience
Eve is the game we tell stories about Eve is the game that we fondly remember our comrades that we fought with and
Hope that they are doing well
Wherever they are in life, but as time goes by we started getting bitter
It's easy to start building up anger at this game and at our enemies. We've seen how the sausage is made
Everyone here has had an idea on how to improve things and we've all been frustrated when we think the things that should change don't
But we've also been part of the problem
There's a problem in a video game design where if you let a player sit around and build up walls and their weapons
They will do it in such a way that they will never attack until they have no chance of failure
Until they've optimized every last bit of fun out of the game
How many of you here played Age of Empires or Starcraft and can't say you didn't do exactly that?
When the game let you you made your army so big that by the time you finally attacked your CPU foe
They had absolutely no chance and after you did there was a brief tiny moment of happiness as you watched your enemy fall swiftly
But it's like playing Grand Theft Auto with all the cheats on
It's fun for about an hour and then you get bored in our last war World War B
We fought an M2 tack and we did what every player seeks to do. We utterly destroyed the enemy
We had their Titan fleet trapped. We had their morale destroyed
And did we take advantage of that?
No, we decided that instead of threatening their keeps our exit route. We would sit in the same system for months in effectually camping them in
Our Intel after the war told us that our enemies were shocked at this
That when they were ready to crumble and they thought we would surely attack their keep starring NPC delve and they knew once we did
They would have to leave but we didn't do that
We let them rebuild their shattered morale and a war that should have been over in weeks took another six months
I was specifically told I was not allowed to attack that all I could do was camp
Because even though we'd had one of the greatest moments in the history of wars and Eve online
There was still a 5% chance of failure and that 5% chance of failure was too much to risk to lose our merchandising and our subscribers
The goal was not to win. It was never to fail and
That to me was a betrayal the amount of time that everyone had put into the war was immense
People made sacrifices of their friendships their money and their personal lives
I remember friends inviting me to see a movie on Friday night
but I would turn it down because I needed to go within be within sprinting distance of my PC in case the enemy attacked so
I could log in and
When I was told that we couldn't finish the war it spoke volumes to me
About what was more valued the time and lives of the people who run it or the smallest chances of failure of the Empire
It wasn't right
But I stayed on and I finished the war at great personal cost and I didn't say anything negative
I just told people I was taking a break because I didn't want to threaten to tear apart the group that I care about
So I just waited for the right time
And now this is the time. It's our time. It's time to change things
If you join goons because you want to have a totally safe Titan until the day you quit the game of boredom and then no longer
This isn't the place for you anymore
It was easy in the past to sit behind our player erected walls and have our leader insult our enemies based on things they did
Out of the game based on who they were
The policy unspoken but ever present was to make them so angry at us out of the game that they had to attack us in
The game this is corrosive. It's no way to run an alliance from now on
You'll make people dislike us because we evicted them from their space because we made them move three times
They will want revenge because they fought us and they lost not because it made fun of how their leader looks
You'll get the chance to be part of the stories that people tell about this game
You have the chance of incredible victory, but also the chance to experience failure
It's time. We start pushing in the chips. We've gathered you bought a super you built the Titan
It's time you had a chance to use them not to shoot an undefended fort
But to fire the guns and anger to become part of the story
In Eve, you can't vote for an alliance executor
But there's a truly powerful way that you can show your endorsement of a leader you vote with your feet
And I'm going to ask you to vote for me
Eve online is a game that delivers great experiences better than any other game
But it demands more sacrifices and when you're staying up that extra hour late
Even though you'd rather be sleeping because you have work tomorrow
Your alliance leader won't be missing it because he's got other things to do
He'll be right next to you in the fleet. So if this is the future you want for goons future you want the Imperium
I want your endorsement. I want you to reset your capital account. I want you to show up in fleets in greater and greater numbers
Be there next to me. We will create those memories and those stories together
There was a time when every one of you was a romantic about this game
But slowly you and I lost it
You took on the title of bitter vet and you were proudly like armor so that no one could accuse you of loving it and make
You a fool for liking it the way you once did
If you ask me if I'm bitter about Eve online about goons and the Imperium. No, I'm not
I fought with every one of you and all I remember the good memories. How can you not be romantic about Eve online?
So I thank you for the stress you've given me and I ask you to be romantic about goons
Imperium evil and given me I'll see you in fleet