Fireside Chat Transcript 28 Oct 2k23

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Asher Elias:

Alright, so if you're on Mumble X up in Elysium if you can't join Jabber. Go ahead and throw an X in Elysium if you can't join Jabber. Okay, I suppose there are, there's probably a couple people who are on Mumble who can't get on Jabber right now because of the certificate issue. We, we renewed our certificate, but like the new certificates...

It's not compatible with like really old versions of Pidgin, the Jabber client. So you can just go to and update your client if you want. And that will fix it. I did do that myself. But I am also an advocate for the lazy. And so we're going to have a new certificate tomorrow that will be compatible with the old version.

So if you are listening to the sound of my voice and you really don't like upgrading your software and you're super lazy. You can wait till tomorrow and Jabber should be back by then. Yeah, we promise it won't break anything. Our certificate expired. Like four warnings and they just didn't go up either.

So we're I think we're acquiring a five year certificate now. So we don't have to worry about it for the next five years. But yeah, I did update Pidgin. I really do hate updating software. I am not keen on it. I updated it. It kept all my, like, my Pidgin still is dark mode. Everything's, all my windows are the same.

It's actually. Actually went way better than I expected it. It has a dark mode, you have to do, it's a little more complicated than clicking dark mode, but you can have, you can have dark mode. I'll screen cap it so you guys can see. Alright. See if this works. I just took a picture. Yeah, there we go. I just had to block out the, the rooms.

There you go. That's what dark mode looks like. At least for me. And yeah, there is a dark mode post. Someone has linked it. There you go. It is much better, much easier on the eyes. Of course I use discord dark mode, who doesn't? The white box on the left, I put that over there to cover the channels. I don't know if that was a serious question, or like you were just joking.

It's hard to tell in text sometimes. How do you move channels to the side instead of the top? Yeah, that one you can just do. Someone show them how to do that. That is pretty easy to do.

Alrighty. Let's get rolling. So, first off, I wanted to welcome some new people who have joined us. We have 2 new corps who have joined us.

We've got Brothers of Tyr and SovNarKom. Which is about, a total between the two of them, about 750 new characters joining the Alliance. So, they have they've come and joined us in the last week. Welcome to them. Welcome aboard. Hopefully some of them have found their way in here, but I bet you it's still, they're probably a little confused as of right now.

Someone can link the the Dotlans if you want to drop them in there. Welcome to you guys, welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy and have fun. So, there was some talk about Keepstar, the Imperial Palace, what should be auctioned off the color again, and then all this stuff, and I just said no, because while I don't care about a pink Keepstar.

I was tired of hearing like five people whine about it like it was the worst thing on earth. So I am so I made an executive decision. If you're wondering, this is this is what Sopleb suggested to me. And this is the color theme for our Keepstar right now. So if you click that picture, you can see what inspired our color theme and and what the Keepstar is based on right now.

It looks good though. It do be looking good. Kirkland knows how to choose a good color scheme. What can you say? Koahi, you can talk to me afterwards for your $1.50 hot dog. Okay, so let's see, what do I normally talk about? I talk about Dreads right now. I talk about PI. I'm not gonna talk about either of those.

Just trying to think of what I normally talk about. I can talk about Dreads in a roundabout way. If you are a European or around in the European time zone we are looking for more guard bees to join. Guard bees are people who are important for leading. Hey, there you go. There's some spam. Guard Bees: babysitters with guns.

That's a that's a pretty good. That's a pretty good description. Actually. They are babysitters with guns. As you know oppressing euros is one of my favorite things to do but we are looking to expand our European coverage and help out with that. One guy says it's waiting to be at six months. Yes That is a that is a requirement once you're in your six months though, you should definitely apply.

If you are a European person, you are, you've been oppressed now is the time to apply and un-oppress yourself. Speaking of Europe do our meetings, and we do the fireside based on U. S. time zone. Like it's 3 p. m. Eastern is when we do the fireside. For Euros, to your daily savings, I believe for most of you, is tonight.

And for the U. S., I believe it is next week. So for one week, Europe will be an hour different. And then we will sync back up. So the next weekend's fireside will be an hour earlier, I think? I think an hour earlier. Yes. Yeah. So yeah, next week only will be an hour earlier for the fireside. So don't be surprised if you make it appointment viewing.

Eve time stays the same, that is correct, but people can't operate their real lives around eve time as much as some people would like that. And yes, we would be really happy over here to just fix our time and not change an hour twice a year. Pretty much everyone, yeah, we would like to stay on daylight savings time and just leave it as is.

Until that happens, we have to deal with time zones and daylight savings time and all that stuff. So for the next week, it will be one hour earlier and then it will go back to the normal time slot. Iceland is lucky to not have daylight savings time because they don't have any daylight to save. And then lastly, we have Faction Warfare Sig.

If someone wants to spam this. So coming in about two weeks, in about two weeks, we have the update which will have the new pirate faction warfare six we will be supporting the angels. So if you want a croissant shaped Titan, you can work towards that. And obviously we will be doing Caldari as well.

So if you want to be an Angel or a Caldari role player, you want to shoot people in faction warfare, that is the SIG and in two weeks you can join the pirate faction as well. And does mean we are, we are abandoning Amarr, but it turned out no one wanted to do Amarr anyway, so, for the one guy who might be doing it, unfortunately, sorry, but we are...

There was really no take up on it. None of our people seemed to want to do it, and Caldari was infinitely more popular, and we think Angel would be much more popular than Amarr is. Sorry, Amarr. If your standings are messed up I think Dawn Rhea has a service she sells where she fixes stuff, but you can find people who help you fix them.

Don't apologize to the slavers. Verdugo, are we roleplaying right now? X, X in Elysium if you like the roleplay. Not that way, not, I know what you're, I know what you're thinking, not that way. Dammit, this is my fault. Didn't think that one fully ahead. Alright, well on that positive note, I'm gonna go watch the Miami Hurricanes win a football game.

You guys have a lovely rest of your afternoon.

Apple Pear:

You're forgetting something.

Asher Elias:

What am I forgetting, Apple? Tell me.

Apple Pear:

It's a Stratop.

Asher Elias:

Oh, jeez, yeah, you are 100 percent right.


Heaven's suburbia trite.

Asher Elias:

Yeah, I know, in about 30 minutes. 30 minutes. Well, I got so excited about the role playing thing, it just, it just slipped my mind.

I was thinking about other things. What can I say?


It's natural. But, stratop.

Asher Elias:

30 minutes, we're forming and Apple rightly reminds me, before I dip out of here, that I forgot it.

Apple Pear:

And, and, and, and, forgetting is indeed Frisian, because that we say in Fijeter, so that's just a Frisian way of trying to make it in English, so, yeah.

Asher Elias:

Oh no, Apple's giving me a Frisian lesson. This is such a good fireside until right now.

Apple Pear:

You're welcome.

Asher Elias:

Now you can leave. Did you guys know Frisian is the closest related language to English? So, if you speak English and you want to learn, apparently, the closest related language, it should be Frisian.

There you go.

Apple Pear:

See you all in 30 minutes.

Asher Elias:

See you in 30 minutes. Next week we're looking to have a pretty exciting fireside, so I'll see you then. And go on the stratop, and I will catch y'all later. Have a wonderful evening, afternoon, day, whatever time it is for you. And then of course, mandatory clap starts now.