Fireside Chat Transcript 29 Apr 2k23

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All right, everybody, how long do you think it's going to be before Kaz realizes that he forgot to actually unmute himself in here?
I was just about to key up and say that as well.
Forgetting is such a strong word. I was just being patient.
Hello, goonswarm.
Honorable gentlegoons, lovely goonettes, and other loyal Imperium citizens in the sound of my voice,
how have you all been?
Welcome back to Delve! How is everyone doing?
You all settled back in, making money?
Beyond, I know you're making money. One of my directors who's been stealing from our ESS banks has been stealing money.
Of course he's making money.
BP has noticed. I am not Asher. Asher is not here today.
So he received word he had to go lasso a tornado before it fell on his house.
We expect that he'll be back soon. Everything is fine.
I am not the real Asher. It's true.
We have a number of announcements today. Let me quickly look at the agenda and see if I can just turn it over to the people with actual information.
For those who have not kept up, we're back home. We started moving home.
We finished our full deployment last weekend.
We moved a lot of the big toys and there will be more move-ops coming up.
We achieved our main war objectives. We blew up four keepstars, minus four.
Shortly after we left, FRT put up another one, plus one.
We'll see how the war evolves.
What has happened is we have left jump clones up there with a set of doctrines for main fleet as well as dreads and some support carriers.
We'll have more info coming up about move-ops, but we intend to contest timers up there if they're available,
but are trying to be restrained about how we handle that and are sizing things up depending on what our enemies do.
Sniper, do you want to talk more about that?
I'm just going to let Ray do it.
I'm going to jump in and talk about boring money stuff, and then Sniper is going to talk about pew-pew stuff.
The Alpha Delve defense was fantastic. You all did a great job with that.
If you weren't on there, thank God. How are you, man?
If you guys don't have your Alpha Alt in there, please do get those. We used them quite a bit.
We lost a couple during the war, and then we're ignoring the few of them that they hit during a move-op because those guys suck.
But fantastic job all around. We were thrilled with them. That program is going to continue.
The ESS robbing that we had, we put in a new bounty of 50% of the recovered tags that would drop, the actual bounty pieces themselves.
If you go out and kill one of the bad guys robbing one of our ESSs, that 50% goes to you, 50% comes to us.
We put that program in place a few weeks ago. Fantastic success. We are going to keep doing that.
If you're interested in hunting hostiles doing that, we are going to keep that bounty in place.
Contacts will go to DJs with those.
Please don't hunt the finance guys who are robbing them for ourselves.
Sniper, that is all I've got. I will turn it over to you.
Cool. Hope everybody's having a good Saturday.
Yeah, so a handful of things. Carrying on what Kaz was saying, we do have a timer tomorrow in CNTZ.
There's a Frat Fortizar anchoring in Declan. We're going to form up big in probably about 16 or so hours to go kill that.
If that's a time zone you're awake in, make sure you're here for it. Thank you people for spamming that in the chat for me.
Cool. So there's that. We knew we'd have a Factual Warfare question, so we'll go ahead and hit that as well.
No news. Conversations are in progress. We're figuring out where we're going.
It's not just our decision. We're coordinating with all of the Imperium alliances to make a decision there.
There will be news for you, but I am sorry to give you a future plans answer for another week.
Yep. Fact War is still a future plan.
Yeah. I'll hit move-ups first. We've got a move-up from DO6 to 1DQ at 19.30, which is 22 minutes from now.
So if you need to move back, definitely join us for that.
Just as a reminder, we are leaving Dreadnaughts, we are leaving Tech Fleet, we are leaving Moshmasters, Hurricanes up there.
Everything else can come home. On that note, we are also doing a move-up in the opposite direction tomorrow at 18.30,
realizing that some people only have one Dread. They needed to bring ships back with it.
So we'll be doing a move-up up to DO6 tomorrow at 18.30. That is also on the calendar.
Cool. And as far as how we're handling the Jump Clone deployments,
so most of the time when you see a ping go out for an op, you'll see like, "Hey, get in comms, join this fleet, and just hang out."
We know that you can burn people out really hard by just making them jump clone, and they sit in fleet for five minutes,
and it's like, "Oh, there's actually nothing to do, so you can go back to Delve."
And now we've burned that person's ability to join for 18 to 24 hours.
So we're trying to be mindful of that. Jump clones are a resource.
Yeah, so anytime you see those DO6 pings out, get in comms, get in fleet, be ready to jump clone with characters that can join up there.
But wait until the FC or the ping says, "Hey, go ahead and jump clone," to actually go ahead and hit your clone.
Cool. And with that, I'm going to hand it over to Zintage to talk about plans for Beehive now that we're back in Delve.
You guys thought you were only getting three voices.
There is another.
All right, so basically, guys, well, first off, after tonight's move up, back will be when we're finally restarting Beehive.
I know a couple of people have asked. Past that, we are getting a new/old doctrine for Beehive.
We are remaking Sith Fleet.
Sith Fleet is now Redeemers.
100% less sinful.
100% less sinful.
And this is why we don't let Sniper talk on comms.
Basically, guys, this doctrine is going to give us a lot more flexibility in defending people, and it's going to give us the ability to escalate safely.
As you guys probably saw a couple weeks ago, Horde's Pancrab got hit by 25 Dreads, they weren't ready for it, and they lost two faction supers.
This will give us a step where we can start with the Redeemers and then form an actual super fleet if we need to escalate.
So, save us from dying horribly.
I'll also say on Beehive, while we've been deployed, I've been purging the invites.
So if you do have people that want to join, or you are one of those, go ahead and apply up and we'll get through those invites.
Yeah, any invites. Like, any requests to join that happened while we were deployed were just denied.
Zyn, did you guys have the fit for the new Redeemer? Is that public yet?
Yeah, I posted the link in Elysium for the thread.
Seven of them, yes.
P.I. update. Always do P.I.
Yes, I would like to announce that in the past seven days, I personally have ascended 61 of the steps to Dynex Charger Ziggurat.
You are all on notice.
Never not P.I.
We always need P.I. for everything. It's in everything now, guys.
So if you fly a T2 ship, there's P.I. in there.
I don't mean the cargo hold, you weirdos. It's used to build it.
All of the steps.
The Ziggurat has as many steps as we decide.
For those of you who have not done P.I., Kaz's complete nerd statement there is that the maximum is six planets per pilot.
All right, I think that's all of our agenda items.
We'll make Kaz and you do some Q&A for a little bit.
Bring it on. Let's see. Have we missed anything so far?
We're actually working on Webway.
We had to work some on the code to update a little bit and make sure it can work.
But we think that that may roll out within like a week here. No promises.
Prisoner Helgen asked about Dreads. Beehive will attempt to rescue Dreads.
If the enemy does everything right, they will probably kill the Dread anyway.
It depends on exactly what you're flying. It depends on what they do, the implants you have, and so on.
But we will try. If Beehive is up, it will try to save a capital.
Another question is, "Is Pathfinder SIG dead?"
Currently, the Pathfinder SIG is kind of dead.
We realize at some point over the course of the past few months, we have never done a great job of providing leadership to Pathfinders
in terms of what is actually useful when various pieces of the Alliance's organization need a wormhole.
So this is an open topic. We would love to work on this.
It's sort of known that it's not functional right now, but that is the answer.
It's pretty much not functional right now.
Pineapple on pizza, definitely no.
Let's see.
I just posted the public Beehive thread. It's been posted a couple times.
But some people linked the private ones.
There are a bunch of recruitment threads. BomberWaff in particular is near and dear to my heart. Click on that.
Let me see. Oh, can I find him fast enough?
Yeah, what about apple pears on pizza?
Go for it, Styx. Let's talk crab qualls.
Crab qualls are really easy, guys. It's very safe.
Do the crab qualls. It's really, really safe. Please.
Don't do them. You can do them in dreads. We will try to save you in dreads.
But dreads are the second worst thing you can do crabs with.
Yeah, so that's exactly right.
This is connected to the dread question, right?
We'll try and save you in a dread, but we will save you in a crab quall.
If you have that rock locked and you hit the panic button, you will not die.
Learn it. Drones are amazing still.
Okay, what else did we miss?
Kaz, there's an IT question there from Soviet.
We do not, I think, have an update on corpse stats for allies yet.
We know that is a problem. I don't have an answer to hand, but we should agenda that.
Someone write that down.
We did. I put it in there.
Ah, Styx, I don't know what you're talking about. Nobody ever talks to people.
Someone asked about ISK per planet.
The planets I was installing are just P1 extractor.
So in any given week, figure they're worth about $25 million a piece.
That's the sort of baseline.
Rose, I promise you, when the CRA comes back, your taxes have not gone away, man.
That is not the way that federal governments work with money.
All right. I'm looking before I take Kleksos as the last one.
Are there any questions I missed?
Okay. Someone is asking about PI taxes.
We have tried to change all of our taxes to 5%.
We didn't, I think, technically set that as a maximum.
The maximum policy is still 10%, but as we nationalize, everything should go down.
So if you see a LogiCorp-owned planet with a 10%, we'll change that.
Faction Warfare's future plans, we covered that earlier.
Oh, we didn't cover Lemmings. Should we talk about that, or did we?
We did, but we should.
Someone drop the thread link for that, if there is one.
I don't know if there's a thread for it.
Oh, my heck. Okay. So Lemmings is a SIG. It's open application.
You can apply, get in.
All it is is a room that you can get into in Jabber, and you can ping everyone there
if you want to take a fleet of morons around to do something in our space.
And if, in fact, someone else needs a fleet of morons, they may ping there.
You can turn your pings on or off if you don't want to get the ping.
Or they might put intel there about, "Hey, here's this other moron,
and you should take a gaggle of idiots to go kill him."
That's what it's for. Don't have high expectations.
It's the least organized possible thing.
If we need someone organized, it's just a way to get attention.
That's all. It is,
but you get, I believe, invited to it by joining this SIG.
There we go. There's a news post. Look at that.
I can't wait for the site to be goon rushed.
My push-to-talkie is caps lock. It's doing fine.
You use bping, which is a director bot command,
and that's why people use ping on and ping off
to turn that on and off when they're active.
All right. Last one. Cheesecake. Cake or pie.
Going to have to go with pie. Thanks for coming, everybody.
Wow. Mic drop and walks away without leaving Cheesecake.
What the hell, man?
Ten minutes until move-ups.
Yep. Thanks for coming, everybody. Move-up pings will be out shortly.
Asher, we'll be back next week, guys. You just had some IRL stuff today.
We pray to God.
Yeah, you don't want to listen to us. We're horrible.
Have a good day, guys.