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And we are chilling and waiting for the numbers to stabilize guys. Hopefully everybody can hear me. All right famous last words
I am currently coming to you from
Lovely Lake house in Michigan the same Lake house in Michigan that I was at in
October and back in October
The puppies decided to interrupt my lovely relaxation
My girlfriend's lovely relaxation by dropping what like four fucking cute stars in a row in a PC delve
so it's a very different environment to be back here and
just kind of chilling and smoking some weed and doing nothing in particular and
Yeah, so different vibe than last time once once things stabilize here
We will go ahead and begin for the Michiganders
I'm up in a past Traverse City and Lake Lillana around Sutton's Bay and Lillan
There's a question here right off the bat about are we going to talk about the two in it guys helping?
neutrals attack goons in Pax and no because
In my trip in Michigan, I've not been informed of the two two guys who are doing a thing and fucking Hawkins, but
No, I have no idea. We'll deal with something else. All right, so I'm gonna go ahead and get started here
How do we begin? How do we begin? How do we begin?
the the biggest thing here is
More than a year of getting up on a fireside and screaming at the top of my lungs and having a bunch of war stuff
It is very easy to slide into
Policy discussions and this that the other thing and whether we need to be
You know, when do you mind the Marcox it and it is very easy for everyone to forget that
These people are gonna be coming after us again
It's very easy to just sort of go back to doing the thing for those of you that even remember
peace time before the war
I don't like it. I
Just don't like it
one of the things that I have
about this game from playing it way too long over the years is that
it is much more like a
4x game at the macro level like if you're if you're sitting in the big chair or you're an alliance leader or something like that
And you're doing the macro level Eve
It's less like homeworld and it's a lot more like Master of Orion or galactic civilizations or Stolaris
Which is my current jam or whatever?
The big picture stuff and this matters particularly as we are quote transitioning to peacetime unquote, which we're not
We need to do a shitload of work because right now we are in a situation strategically that is very advantageous to us
But I want people to have the correct mindset as we go through these
You know the next few weeks the next month or so as we're doing this thing
Where we are right now as an entity on dudes on a map
We've got our fucking space Empire the bad guys have their space empires. The bad guys are running the fuck away from us
We are killing them. We're finishing up the last of sweeping our space high fives all around
Now what well the thing is is this now there is a galactic level race to unfuck our
Economists as fast as we possibly can so if you've ever played a 4x game and I got an even remotely good at it
You know that in a situation where you start
You want to snowball as fast as you can right now technically speaking?
you'd say even line has been around for 15 fucking years or 18 years now, whatever times a fucking border and
That it's not a fresh start
but functionally speaking
this is
sort of like the aftermath of World War two all of the
economies of our enemies have been devastated by us and by CCP and by their own incompetence and
When I say their own incompetence one of the reasons why we were able to win this war and why we are about to
Bust even more ass to make sure that we win the next few is that we play every aspect of this video game
We do not turn up our noses at
Various parts of the video game that might result in our people getting more value in better strategy and better anything
And that was revealed in the war where they had more dudes than us and they had more fleets than us
But on every other aspect of the video game Eve online
Besides just pure military power we ran rings around them
And in fact our military guys were better and our troops were better
You were better at f2 wing and so even though we had less forces. They were higher quality because we had devoted our society to
Realizing from the very beginning that every five to ten years the puppies will get together and say there are no goons
Goodbye, blah blah blah and do their thing
So I really want people to understand as we're going into this that this is not this is not the war to end all wars
Like whatever the puppies still fucking hate all of you and they're still mad that you're here listening to this
It's just that we beat the living shit out of them
and so now they're hoping that we're gonna go back to normal and
Everything's gonna be peachy fucking keen and goons will go back to crabbing and blah blah blah blah blah and that ain't happening
Before we can start raining hell at a bigger scale on some of the bad guys
We really have got to focus on something that I don't normally talk about too much on fire sides
But because we are at the early game like essentially there's a massive reset
In terms of the the great powers and we came out the other side stronger than they did
But but essentially what we need to do here is collectively focused not on individual wealth not on individual
Anything because again, it's tribe and fully automated luxury gay space communism. You guys know the deal by now
We have got to get our econ up and running as hard and as fast as possible
Because the bad guys are not now while we're doing this, of course
We have I'm gonna start saying join six and squads a lot
And I'm gonna have to talk about pre-war fire sides a little bit to explain the joke for everyone
So before I go into the strategic crabbing and the necessity of getting our things up
I want to explain to everybody who wasn't around before the war what I mean when I start saying
Hey guys six and squads
It was after the
Doom clock war update that I finally realized that our enemies
Literally get the vast bulk of their intelligence about us
on these fire sides and on the meta show and
So when we went to the north and to the northwest
What is probably 2017 2018 I don't even fucking remember when we got the the tribute for desires from sword dragon and destroyed dead co
We began with six and squads big bill the Boston crew went up to our OIR and there was this long period of harassment
and fucking with puppies
in a very deniable way
Because the way that we like to do things is instead of herping blorps and screaming rooftops and saying we're gonna we're gonna go do
The thing you know at a time like this
some people want to get some blood on their hands and some people want to break rocks and hang out with their friends and smoke
Weed and mine and work on the econ stuff and that's great
So going forward on these firesides
You're gonna hear me say things like nudge nudge wink wink join six and squads and that's your hint that like we're up to something
But we're not gonna say it on a fireside because the bad guys literally like if I put it in a war update
They nearly go. Oh, well, they're doing this doom clock thing, you know, whatever then we'll do this too. It'll focus on it
I should have never posted that fucking thing and
As the war went on and we realized how shit their spy agencies were compared to the the black hand
We did realize that their their network sucked
So when you hear me say like nudge nudge wink wink join six and squads
Essentially what I'm saying is there is PvP available
There are things that we are doing to knife twist the fucking puppies
But I don't necessarily want to say it on a meta show in a fireside particularly the really neat stuff
Like if you were at summer swarm you heard me
flouncing around spurging
About how I was excited about a thing. Well, I'm we're not we're not gonna talk about that
On a fireside, but I will tell you guys join six and squads
We had a lot of interesting things going on if you want to if you want to do some stuff
You're gonna be able to find out from your friends what it is
But that's the that's the deal with this when you hear that nudge nudge wink wink join six and squads thing
I'm gonna take a look at Jabra here for a second. Okay, so questions about leaks
I'm in Michigan and all of my wonderful things that I could leak to you guys are on my PC at home and
I do think we're getting to the point where we can start doing some fun log dumps
But I don't want to commit to a certain date to that and I can't get you guys that until
I get home and look over things one of the other things to keep in mind about once you make a decision to
Leak things is you have to sanitize those logs
Because we have a vast and successful spy agency and you want to make absolutely certain that you don't just accidentally
Reveal some sort of piece of intelligence. So because we're not fucking amateurs when it comes to this stuff
There is a degree of
System that system in process and just sort of icy adulting that we have to go through before we can drop all that stuff
but I we do have a lot of good shit and
I want to get it in front of all of you as soon as is reasonably and intelligently possible
So don't worry that is gonna happen
It's just going to be a question of when and after we've dotted our eyes crossed our tees and made sure that there's nothing that
Would burn our assets in the things we're interested in releasing
So I hope you guys understand after pretty much every major war we have ever had
You guys know that there is a big reveal in the Great War
we were able to
basically snow Deanna Pollock into
Publishing all of the band of brothers forums that we ourselves had not yet scraped
After the casino war we had the bosun dubstep Skype archive, which is actually still
Available to read in and held them to this day. So we do know that you guys want the good stuff
We have the good stuff
We just need to make sure that we don't burn the people that helped get us the good stuff
When we reveal you that to you guys
So the only reason why we haven't dumped that stuff out for you guys is because we have to make sure that our spies
and assets are
Secure so thank you for bearing with I appreciate that
I got a lot of questions about that because you guys know I got the goods. I got the goods
I want to give you the goods, but you know, we just we have to adult about it
When will the Dino war bonds be paid off? Will they ever be paid off? The interesting thing about the test situation is
I don't think anybody really knows exactly how fucked they are
I don't think they know how fucked they are. We don't know how fucked we can make them
They're in a complicated situation because just getting the outer passage
they're only just now starting to turn up there and like this last week and
Join six and squads
This is a great opportunity for me to make a reference about you know
What we've had a long war and some people might not want to do more war
But if in general you are interested in doing military things that might possibly be aimed at fucking the puppies over
I'm not gonna tell you what what exactly is happening or where but you can join some six and fucking squads about it
Because there are things that are happening in six and squads. I invite you to do this
Think that actually it was really kind of funny because if I remember correctly this might not be accurate
But I I think I hearthed the nudge nudge wink wink joined six and squads
stuff right up until
Practically the point that the that dead coat fell apart and had to pay us this faction
This 40 faction for desires that make up the the tribute sphere. So if you respond to the horn of goon door
If you haven't if you don't remember a peacetime fireside where I was I was a peacetime saying that
This is how we massage it
This is how we hint to you that there's stuff going on that we're not gonna be able to tell you about and it is
In six and squads and there's a bunch of them. They're all doing interesting things. So please do get involved
So here's a question here. Is the pandemic horde audit still a thing if yes, how is it going?
I had forgotten about that completely and I'd forgotten about it completely because we were gearing up to audit pen in accord and then
Pro God legend and Elf boy and the rest of them decided to just shit their pants and die in front of the entire galaxy
And then we have actually this is a good segue. Thank you for that question Romeo golf
So one of the things I wanted to say today was I wanted to give a shout out to the Kremlin
Who are our corp directors sub directors corp leaders CEOs stuff like that?
for their
Just being relatively chill in the last couple of weeks
We enjoyed a situation of catastrophic success here because we had plans for about two months more of
The whole Riga and Keesta thing I had a plan for the Riga and Keesta
it was supposed to be like two fucking months of
you know going from the rice fields the Riga and Keesta and
we were probably gonna have we're gonna take our space back under fire and
you know gradually we would grind them down and you know, we had a whole thing and
We knew that as the Riga and Keesta got underway. We were going to have to
Determine a whole bunch of policy shit about once we get to the next phase
We wanted to sort out our military and realize that at any given constellation you have XY and Z setup of optimized
military citadels because one of the challenges we have in this patents work was
Once the bad guys came to town we realized wow
We really shouldn't have let people just put citadels down
Willy-nilly because a lot of the good grids and good placements that we would have wanted to have the whole fortress delve thing
Had you know crab stars or just random ass crap screwed about the place
so our plan from a
You know managing the Empire perspective was that we would
Have time to plan out all of these what goes where where are we doing next like the the sort of the Marshall plan
rebuilding shit
in a month or two
And instead what happened was of course August 3rd August 4th whenever it was
ProGod legend gave the order to start or I think he just did himself started yanking the
test keep stars in the middle of that op and then the entire thing flew apart and
The reason why I wanted to give the Kremlin and crew in everyone a shout out for their being
you know sort of forbearance with us is
essentially we charged out of the trenches expecting to fucking stab these guys and have a fight to the goddamn death and
Then they either gave up ran away imploded killed themselves killed each other tried to sell us their guns some sort of analogy of not
Actually fighting us goes here and ran the fuck away
and then we
Immediately had to force March everybody for a couple weeks to purge our space and heal mother delve and think fuck
All of us got it done because the fact that we were able to clear that out
There's still a few more things to do if you see structure kills off ops
I need you to go on them because this is where we start rebuilding our economy
But we knew we were gonna have a much more efficient centralized system
That was a response to all of the errors that were exposed
When the invasion came and we knew that we wanted to do it, right?
So this is where you're getting things like the goon fleet economic zones
This is where you're getting things like now you're starting to see citadels going down and stuff like that
but essentially the puppies imploded so hard and so fast that we didn't have we knew we had a plan to have a plan and
We had a plan to have a plan on a timeline
But you know
There was no point for us to be figuring out
Tax policy or citadel locations and stuff when we were in a fight to the death and the puppies were next door to us in
So basically what happened here is while we were forced marching everybody to burn all the shit down as fast as possible
We have also been trying to figure out and optimize the next Empire blueprint as fast as possible
Because again think of it like the start of a civilization game think of it like the start of a still ours game
Everybody has been reset or nuked back to the Stone Age is depending upon how badly we fucked up the puppies or they fucked up
Themselves and what we want to do is still what I'm calling the whole awakened the Empire become the crisis thing
The puppies will always come for us. This isn't like oh, we're gonna do this. Whatever
They're pissed that they didn't get to ruin us. They will be back
We are preparing immediately for the next war
We are preparing to become the crisis. We are going to make sure that we can have as much
strategic and military and economic power as a
Collective as we can so that we can strangle these fucks in the crib as they're trying to rebuild to come at us
So our job is to make sure that we can that in this early phase of this this next month is fucking critical
In in terms of getting people crabbing getting people line members corporations everything, you know
Finding a way to make sure that your wallets are getting full help each other out with this because it's not like over
We're going back to peacetime and it's every man for himself
We have got to create a military economy not just because of the war
But because CCP fucking ruined a whole bunch of the normal production system, right?
it didn't really matter for us during the war because we
Planned around using stockpiles because we could kind of be at war for a fucking year
You don't expect to be able to produce new things while you're under fire
So we sort of distributed all of our I actually don't want to go into details about what we did
There's no reason for me to say on the far side. The point is
We need to be able to have our shit together to have the Citadel's where we want them. We need salvage. We need PI
we need
Actually, I'm gonna tag somebody who's more of an adult in about this later in the fire side to talk about what we need
But the point is we got to get this
Engine going as hard and as fast as we can so we can start shitting out capital ships again
But the CCP has made it extremely difficult to make capital ships and from a strategic perspective
It is sort of silly for us to swing them around which I absolutely want to and intend to do as soon as possible
Before we can replace our losses by building right right now
The entire galaxy is basically running off the stockpiles good news. We won the war. We've got big stockpiles
Bad news. Nobody knows how to make new ones yet
I mean you can but the P a P 1 and P I requirements just to do
Basics of cap shit stuff is just ridiculous
So essentially I want to go to war and murder and revenge revenge revenge mode because that's me
And in order to get there
We need to have an organized centralized understanding that we are not simply making personal money here to do
Whatever is that we collectively need to make sure that we have a more powerful economy
A more organized economy a more organized
military footprint in each constellation that we have
Because the the more defensive and the more effective
the the rebuilt sort of
Goons worm and Imperium space Empire 4.0 or whatever the fuck we are at this point is
Is optimized such that we can commence wreaking havoc as soon as possible
And we are already wreaking some havoc. Like I said earlier join six and squads
You're not gonna hear details about that
But you should join some six and squads
Find out from your friends how we are fucking with puppies or find new ways to fuck with puppies there. There's some stuff
Which I can't talk about
Okay, let me talk about some of these other things here and check minutes. It's a reasonable question here
Can we get an update on six and squads page on the forum?
Yeah, we're gonna work on that. One of the things I want everybody to understand and this is why I brought it up before is
Everyone wants to help out
Everyone wants to get stuck in everyone wants to say how can I do more?
How can I help it and when we were at summer storm?
I got a number of questions from corp directors saying things like, you know, what can we do?
And I had to tell them I need you to sit
I need you to just wait for fucking orders because we have you know
Some of the best minds in the galaxy coming up with their schemes and their plans and their policy proposals. I certainly not me
You know who me and his friends designed the fucking G EZ's
The complete economics and by the way, if we could get a link to oh, there's already been a link from Emily a little bit
Earlier ago. Thank you the GZ's now. These are important
We have built more of these they're in the 1dq1 constellation and this is the level of or this is what I'm talking about
Organization and centralization and doing it right this time and like Dell 4.0 or whatever
This is an example of the kind of shit we're doing from an economic perspective
We're having just an absolutely unapologetically
Optimized federalized system of like this is how you do it
This is where you go instead of like, you know
Letting everything go willy-nilly and organic like we had sort of our Zerg creep all through fucking delve before the war
That's all been burned down now
And so when we are rebuilding this we're doing this and it's like this is what the smartest people in the space empire
That know this topic the best have told us is the best way to do it
And that's the way we're gonna fucking do it
And so that's why because the puppies exploded so quickly
It would have been a huge waste of our time and would have been also very bad for us to have come up with
Like future plans for this kind of stuff when we we legitimately
Expected to have another two months of fucking war fighting to take our space back in the region Kista
And and you know, the puppies just disintegrated and so we had to stop everything and that's that's where we are
And I hope you guys understand what we're talking. Apparently the new ones are in
Helms dupe there's only some questions here about PI
PI is actually not that hard and
The proof of the fact that PI is not actually that hard is that yours truly?
Me me of all people who can barely understand the differences and the nuances of moon mining
Managed to build a fucking p4 factory planet or five, right?
So if I can figure out PI you can figure out PI you have no excuse
It's actually not bad at all people in the back in the day
It was a fucking nightmare zone, but there's been a lot of fixes and still has this reputation. It's like, oh, you know
It's a quick fest if you set it up in an appropriate way, you can actually tailor the level of micromanagement now
I am obviously not a micromanager when I try to micromanage things. I usually fuck it up
And so when I did my PI system, I kept it as simple and as effort-free as my little mitten brain could handle
I was diddling with my planets like once every four days
And it was fine. It was perfectly fine. So I
Absolutely. Yeah, actually as somebody saying here in the channel here and again, please say these things in Elysium
But it's an accurate comment in the mumble channel, which is that PI is a pain to set up
But after you get it set up, it's not a big deal
And we had a number of threads on goon fleet comm that I utilized
I can't remember was it was like stretch stretch me stretch me crotch quakes had a really good
Guide, but it might have been one of the other dudes, but you know, there's just really really good
Proper here's how you do to PI and even even I can figure it out
So y'all got no excuse will we have organized work fleet so people can mine on a regular basis?
I think there's a lot of work stuff happening. That's a good question and
I'm not gonna say that we're like we're not planning on doing like locust fleets or anything like that
Like we did before because what happened with locust fleets is they were a tremendous burden on our FCS
What are the things that we've been working on upstairs?
And it's important so like I might not necessarily be like, oh wow
I want to spend hours on like, you know policies about this but like in order to get to the
war and the murder and the power projection we have to have the economic engine at home and
You know the puppies blew up a lot of our stuff. We unanchored a lot of our stuff
We blew up a lot of the puppies stuff
and so essentially whoever is able to lay was after World War two whoever is able to rebuild faster is gonna own the
world economy for
The the first couple of decades and that's the situation that we are in and we need to make sure that we start snowballing
Way beyond the puppies because one of the reasons we were able to win this war is that we were richer beyond the puppies because we
centralized we organized we networked we did this shit and
Now that the the puppies are running from us and we're saying join six and squads
We need to do that again. So that is the thing
I do not want people thinking about crabbing in terms of a peacetime mindset because I hate peace. I
Absolutely hate peace
one of the reasons I want us to become the crisis is that I want to reach out and
Ruin these Fox as soon as we possibly can and maybe that's joined six and squads
But in order to get to the ruining and the revenge we must have
Economic power and assets here as fast as we can and you guys are doing a great job
Like I was one of the things I wanted to say on the far side was that
We can do this
We need to make sure that people bring their sort of crabbing alts back into the fold because during the war we spread our alts
all far afield because
We were getting attacked at Delve
So we all had to adjust to scarcity and the puppies by finding ways to make is all around the game in all sorts of
Different ways and I had a talking point to say hey
We want to bring people back in fold and you'll please help out with this
And then it turns out I don't actually need to do that because you guys have already done it, right?
You could see there's this flood of everybody doing it
But I want you guys thinking of this not in terms of back to normal not in terms of peacetime
Not into that is that we need to build a fucking wartime economy that can shit out
murder and
Doom for our foes as fast as we can and we need to build on that such that we can get more power
Faster than these other guys begin snowballing and begin strangling them in the fucking crib. I
Am NOT done being angry
About this situation because I imagine like a lot of you because technically all wool, you know, it's it's right after the war
You know, you know, we're in under passage words over guns words over where you're at
There's 960 of you on a fucking fireside that I sent a ping about that. He included the words
Strategic crabbing right? So we came out of the trenches. We want more we want blood we want revenge and
In order to do that
We need to build an economy here at home that can shit out as many capships as we want as rapidly as possible
Faster than the other guys and begin like I said salting the earth
Strangling them in the crib just as everyone must rebuild their economies as fast as possible
in order to start getting ahead about the other guys if we can get ours going and I believe we will be able to do
It because I've seen what you guys are doing and everybody's working on it. Then we can begin
Hurting the enemy when they have not developed their economies to a point that they can resist it, right?
Like especially when they're really getting started like this
Some of the things that have been happening out at an outer passage join six and squads
Some of the things that have been happening out an outer passage
Already are going to have a major negative effect on the foe
Why does that matter let me explain this because it's obvious to me
But it's something that it's obvious to me because I play too many of these fucking games
these 4x games
If you are let's say you're brave newbies
you're brave newbies
you move to Gemini and
As you move to Gemini you lose ten fortis ours right out of the gates
Or you go to you go to fucking outer passage in your test
And you're trying to sit down your econ and the first fucking citadels that you put down the first few of them get shot down
That creates a knock-on effect. They're playing catch-up right from the start
So it is super critical to rain hell on these bitches as they are trying to rebuild and get their economy going
such that we
Essentially have like a long-term
Well, it's just stunting their growth right that's that's what it's about
You know, I am realistic about the way that even human beings work. I'm not a villain
I'm not gonna say that we're gonna fucking you know
We're gonna exterminate test because tests gonna be our play thing until we're done with them, which will probably be a few years
But what I will say is that the faster you're able to
Project power after rebuilding your economy
in your if you're able to
Ding the bad guys when they're in that early rebuilding vulnerable state
It has a much greater impact than if we let them rebuild for three months and everything would be fine
Right like that that is the key thing
and so we have to we had to purge delve as fast as we can slam down the new version of the economy and
Get ready to rain hellfire and damnation upon these Fox who have sinned against our tribe
Let me take a look at some of these questions. All right, let's take a look something a question about the TTT
We I actually haven't bothered thinking or looking at that
When I get back from this this trip, I'll take a look and see if there's actually anything left in the TTT wallet
And what have you?
That's amazing
It's interesting because there are a lot of these things that were of great focus for us until the puppies abruptly imploded and then we're like
Shit, we've got to come up with like policies and procedures and actually figure out what the optimization for the space is
So that's where we are. Uh, I keep using the phrase rebuild the economy that but I find that almost vague
What can we do to do besides rat mine and PI? That's a very good question
It is a very vague statement because like I said, I'm more on the word murder side
Casner or Tuzzy or either of you here and interested in being a little bit more specific about what we want the guys to do
Yeah, well, it depends on who you are
So I asked a question earlier about like what is your preferred f2 and that's gonna depend on what you like to do in
The game, right? But if you're if you're out there looking to shoot people you should get involved in home defense, right?
If if you're if you're bored with ratting you can be looking at stuff like exploration or running sites like escalations for people things like this
You can go and look at putting down new POCOs with your alt corp. We're gonna open up alt corp
We haven't even talked about that yet, but that is coming. That's not today
There's gonna be some compliance work because a lot of people have missing ESIs
So there's more of this stuff coming. It just depends on what you are into
So there's a lot more content out there that just like going out and ratting or just going out mining
There's neutrals shitting up our space constantly, right? I try I took the pipe in a shuttle just yesterday and there was neutrals in every system
So there's lots to do out there
The idea is to focus on on making sure that the region is healthy and that
People are not getting shot and that we're making money and it's not just about like oh, I'm ratting so many hours a day
That's not that. All right. Awesome
Question here. What's the deal with pH and NC since they didn't have their backfields burned during the war isn't most of their industry intact
I understand the test is next but wouldn't we get more EV from hitting them since they're further ahead of the ND recon curve
Indy econ curve then test is that's a very good question from the Jackson 5
so one of the things about NC and
Horde that we've seen over the years is that a lot of the old-school
Bob guys and their pets and then their sort of fellow travelers came to play Eve originally from homeworld
And they still in a lot of ways play Eve like it's homeworld and they don't like playing the entire game
They hold their noses in the air about actually doing the whole
Playing anything aspect of any aspect of the game that doesn't make headliner think that he's got a big dick, right?
Basically everything that isn't
Just pure military FC jock ninth grade bully bullshit
they turn their noses on that and we discovered this during the war because as you could see we were a
Smaller group than all of them and we ended up having more strategic assets and a bigger and better economy
Because in many cases the the NC guys have been using renting as their core economy for years
specifically with NC and
Pandemic Horde and pandemic Legion, they would even like
the rent
To themselves that they're just landlords like they their understanding of the economic aspect of the video game
Eve online is very much confined to
great war era
reliance on surfs and
Renters and shit like that. So it's true that the Horde backfields and such and the NC dot backfields were not
like ours were
But at the same time there's just it's not you know
I don't see in C dot abruptly learning how to get past landlord ism
and in fact
I want them to continue to suffer being landlords as we find new and interesting ways to fuck with their renters such as getting their
Renters to rise up. I actually suggest if you have joined a singer squad and you find yourself out there hazing renters in the
Galactic Northeast to remind them people of drones
You have nothing to lose but your chains, right?
like if we want to encourage these guys to stand up and be real fucking alliances with a spine and find a way to
Fight and do something interesting. I'm a little bit slower on the questions today because I'm on my laptop
So I'm like moving back and forth and looking at
Elysian here. There's a question about nationalizing Pocos
there are some Pocos that have been nationalized and that is nitty-gritty details that neither I or I
Actually don't think we need a whole thing about that. We have done some Poco nationalization
I can take 60 seconds
We do it one wave of Poco nationalization if you were contacted there is or your Kremlin rep contacted you
There was a whole list that was like a week or two ago
There's gonna be another round of nationalization sometime late in September early in October
In the meantime, if you see a planet go put a Poco down set up to taxes
There's a threat on how to do that. We will come nationalize them at some point when they get profitable goon speed
Yeah, so here's an example of a a good question here
Which I immediately lost in scroll fuck hold on a second
Okay, so Thomas Daron is saying are you gonna publish on the forums where more focus is needed?
I there's more help for more cleaning up or stuff like that. This is a great example of like I said guys
I just want you to bear with us here
We're coming out with the stuff as fast as as fast and as effectively as we can
but I have been putting the brakes on things personally because I don't want to rush to
Implement a policy that we're then gonna have to back down or say. Oh, okay. Everybody can do whatever again
We the thing about this war is
That it was so long because there are so many fucking puppies and they were all a bunch of crabs in a fucking bucket that
We had phases at least I had phases and names for them
you know the walls of Constantinople and then the defense of Tara and then the
You know battle of the Imperial Palace and those phases were skipped and we got rice fields and we were gonna gear up for the Recon
Kista which was not gonna be televised and then they just fucking blew up on the landing pad
And then it shifted immediately towards the great route and now the purge and the rebuild
So this is all gearing up for becoming a crisis in the Great Crusade, but and I know it's weird
I know I know it's weird because everybody wants to do more. Everybody wants to help out
But this is one of the situations where I appreciate that attitude
We want people helping out and stuff like that
But this is a situation where we are coming out coming, you know with the experts
The the koonies the Kazan ears the weasel ors are coming down from the mountains with their stone tablets telling us that they have optimized
Whatever and I say that's great. We're gonna do what that guy who knows what he's doing says we should do
But we got to wait for some of these guys to come down the mountain with their stone tablets that we can then
Implement as holy rich, so I appreciate the enthusiasm
I appreciate that you guys are asking for ways that you can help out more and that is why I'm coming here and telling you
We're working on it and we're almost there if you want if you want a singular task
like you literally have nothing to do and
None of everything what means has said so far appeals to you and you just want something to do
trigger units
There's a type of t2 salvage called simply trigger unit. I need them as much trigger units as you can get
Give them to us go find them in space go buy them in Mar
Go fly in random places in the high sec find them on the market and buy them. I just need trigger units
Okay. Well that's fucking yeah explain that please guys
Yeah, this actually trigger units are interesting because they come mostly from tech to angel minotaur drone salvage. We can't make him here
So this is sort of to key off what I was saying
It happens to be a situation where if you're a person who knows how to do burners or you're out at NPC space and curse
Suddenly the thing that you are f2 ing on that there's a thing you're an expert in is super valuable, right?
What we want is for everyone to be doing a little more than just going out and ratting just going out and mining figure out
How what you enjoy about the game and then there's gonna come a point where we're gonna need trigger units or whatever it is next
And that's when your thing is gonna come in handy. That's what we're talking about here. Excellent. Thank you
So basically the in big picture terms the there's a mad scramble for citadels across the game, right?
Because everybody needs to do those everybody blew up tons of citadels. And so we've got to produce them
We're gonna get stuff to do that. We gotta get the right places
it's just it's a whole fucking process and kind of like how I forced marched everybody to
Purge our space and heal mother delve
I'm doing the exact same thing when it comes to getting g-saul as much as they possibly can anything anything that Tuzzy needs at this
Point I'm like who you know, who what do I got to do to get these guys what they need because that is like core
Infrastructure we are about 11 days
Before our jump bridges start going online on mass
We have beacons in a bunch of our space now
But we are gonna hit sob three soon and then we're gonna be really able to do some
Cultivation in depth and in order to get all of these things up and running properly
We need citadels. We need trigger units. We need people setting up PI farms. Essentially. We need to create the
Supply chains that CCP is forcing us to create due to the scarcity stuff and that's what we're doing
All right, that's basically it in terms of official notes
I want to take some more questions and then we're gonna call this one good
So let me you've got other questions throw them in Elysium and commerce. I can play calm and we will go from there
Oh, so a renders is reminding me. We have a super cool excuse to use our super traits
and I am a big fan of the rock always have been and
So what we are implementing is a new basically we're going to use an ESS defense fleet doctrine using super trains for that
So that's pretty cool. We also have updates on the bounties so you can go ahead and check the headhunter thread
Go ahead. If you want to find out what the what we're gonna be using rocks for you can click on the super trades fleet
doctrine that are in is posted
Using them to defend attacks on our ESS's
Kazmir I can't speak knowledgeably about the ESS stuff. People are asking me questions about
Are you here? Can you say something about the ESS? Wait, what what's the ESS question?
Sniper Eagle is asking do you want to say something about reserve banks and defending them related to the rocks?
Because I mean that that's the intent of them, right the rocks give us the ability to hit out
At some of these guys specifically we've seen doctrines from incoming enemy that are using like
Like super at range fargers to snipe and things like this
So that it's just a convenient defense fleet. We have a lot of them. It hits hard. It's hard to mess with right
They're gonna have to bring something a little larger
To actually deal with it. So that's we're going with that's all
Yeah, so the the meta currently with the ESS is like big old the boss like nuked an entire
I mean again, this is relatively small-scale
It's not like he nuked an entire fleet is in like a hundred guys
But like there was a funny little bat rep from the other day where a big bill and his Varga
Just zonked, you know five or six nerds that were making around the ESS
so Vargas are like part of the meta and we all have super trains come a lots because we built them all up to get
Ready to kill the puppies and they disintegrated and it turns out they are great for
long range
Cost effective defense against idiots trying to come to Fortress delve and do anything other than die screaming
There's a question here about can we have a war boy doctrine for pinging defense leads for film ending and a pocket and shiny
And chrome none of them will be able to come up. That's actually not true because we if you can film it back out from
Where you go into box then and then bounce to a different place. There's a whole system of that
It's pretty cool. So what join six and squats?
I would say join six and squads if you're interested in any if you're interested in wacky hijinks or something like that
I suggest that you check this out. I'm gonna go ahead and call it for today
I want to thank you all for coming here and listening to us talk about strategic PvE
It is critically important because the sooner we build up our economy here the sooner we can start strangling the economies of our enemies
Yeah, that's it. So thanks for coming guys. I'm gonna go smoke some goddamn weed and enjoy the beautiful Lake, Michigan
I see some like swans or something out there bobbing in the waves
So I'm gonna fuck off and I will catch everybody next week. Thank you for coming