Fireside Chat Transcript 29 May 2k22

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All right boys and girls, I hope everyone if you have a three-day weekend, I hope you are enjoying it
We're gonna get started here. This is a business fireside
We've got a lot of shit to go over and things to do in the immediate aftermath. So
Some news to be going over as well. We're gonna get started here in a second space meetings are relentless, unfortunately
In a given weekend, let's see if we have bingo cards, I don't know if we've got bingo cards today
Dictator Imperator may be on break and enjoying a holiday. We will see. Four-day weekend even better
unfortunately, I'm gonna have to start today's fireside on a
Somewhat somber note
Am still processing the passing of VuaxDeath
as someone who was a
extremely important part of the early history of goons form
One of the reasons why we are allied and
have so many both Russian speaking and French speaking members in our community is because the early days of
Goon swarms involvement in null sec came about because of a deal that was brokered with the leaders of red alliance
death and MacTap and Nink and
Actually, this has been written up in the Empires of Eve history book, which is kind of a fucked up thing
But here we are where we went to a little bar in DC
called Fido and me and Valrad and
Darius Johnson and death were there and that was what secured the okay
Goons and red alliance are gonna work together and then we went up to ends mother
To help them out and then Tau Ceti Federation our French allies and friends came on board and we formed red swarm Federation. So
It has been many years since he played actively, but especially in those early days if you're old school, you remember death
he was a part of
Our old school party crew a lot of the crazy stories that you've heard about
Yvonne line balls to the wall involve death in some capacity
He was the one that asked me to find where the enslaver lived such that he could have the power cut to his house
Obviously I refused but then this became one of those mythical stories about evil mind. That wasn't mythical death did one to
Find a way to cut the power to the enslavers house so they could kill a lot of Volterra Titan
And so it's one of those things where even if you did not know death
he was involved in a lot of the things that were significant in the early formations of
Goon swarm and red swarm Federation and of the history of the galaxy
So it's very strange
It's very sad to find out about this and it has impacted a lot of us, especially if you fought in the Great War
many of us in the leadership of
Goon swarm that are old school
New death drank with death hung out with him have lots of stories party stories from back in the day with him
so I appreciate everybody that attended the sign of vigil and
I think that this is
Sort of a nice
This is a sort of an awkward transition, right?
Because here's the thing what I'm about to tell you about is something that we had already decided going into 4060p yesterday
I found out during the loom meeting
yesterday afternoon
about deaths passing
Here is space business
We are done fighting against fire in Tenerife's we've gotten half of that region
We blew up faith ablis. We blew up Amist two regions glassed
We got about half of Tenerife's and we ended it on a high note. We went into 4060p
I was very very happy with our early morning strike yesterday the fact well for some of you
it wasn't early morning, but being able to go in and
surprise the enemy at
1550 when they had all their eyes on us and we still managed to ram our
Titans into their staging system wave our dicks around
Lance things and then the unfortunate reality is is that a couple of our hack fleets got mulched and you need hack support to be
able to see I have fuzzy soft contest through so we knew going into this that we were gonna take our shot at 4060p and
Go big dick baller mode and if it didn't work out great. We were gonna be headed home
Anyway, there was never any plan for us to go into detrit because as you can see, it's all it's already sort of at the
Extent of our tantrum rate. So I want you guys to know that I asked you I asked the Kremlin and I asked you on
Firesides as well to please give us that little bit of extra
oomph that we need and to go beyond just two regions and the fact that we fragged two and a half regions and
We got all the pappies together to come and stop us
That is a tremendous achievement, but it is also time for us to begin heading home because while we were fighting in 4060p
Fraternity decided that they were gonna take a crack at Dracarys who are members of the Imperium
I don't know why fraternity has decided to do this
but we went today to defend the HY keep star which is a Dracarys keep star and catch in a critical system and
We did great. We turned up and fraternity decided that they didn't want it
I'm not sure
I'm not sure whether that was just sort of testing our response time and you know to see whether we in the Imperium take our
Version of article 5 seriously that if you fuck with one of us you fuck with all of us
But that is how it works. So because he posted a big thing saying that he may be
Prosecuting a grudge against Dracarys. It's time for us to pivot homeward
That we are able to defend our allies against this attack as well as we've reached the limit of our tantrum radius pushing as far east
As we can after glassing two and a half regions and it's time to head back towards the center of our gravity our great
Goonie Cheeto stained bulk and make sure that our allies and our shit are correct
We have been campaigning since early March on this Sigson squads
Jeff deployment with our allies in initiative and we have done great great things as you guys know
It's always a sign of a good campaign going well when you're having to move staging systems every week and a half because you've purged
Everything and it's time to move on so I'm very happy about this
But it's also time for us to discuss the flip side of that. So, okay, great. We're gonna be headed home
In fact, there's gonna be move-ups starting after this fireside and we're gonna do it in an orderly fashion. What does that mean?
There's a couple things that you're gonna be hearing me yelling about
And you're gonna hear your corp directors yell about because it is important
The first step is for us to get all of our shit back to 3l, right?
It's not just we're gonna goon rush back to 1d q1. No, we're gonna get our shit back to 3l. That's gonna be our
undeployment stager
There's gonna be ops beginning immediately after the fireside to do this and the single most important thing because this is gonna be a we're
gonna point and laugh at you if you do the dumb thing and die is
Use the Titan bridges we are providing to get your shit moved from point A to point B back to 3l
Do not jump the regional gate. Do not jump the regional gate. Do not jump the regional gate you fucking moron
Do not jump the regional gate get a Titan bridge to 3l and follow the instructions
If you go off on your own jump the regional by yourself
You will die and then we will simply use your stupidity as a teachable moment to hopefully reach those
Who can follow instructions so do not jump the regional gate use a Titan bridge
Thank you
so I
I'm glad you guys got that. Okay, great
So one of the things that we like to say is we are here to fuck
That's one of my favorite lines from the war and it's generally my attitude about life in
even life in general and one of the reasons why I am happy with this timing of this undeployment is
We did get to ram our Titans into the enemy staging system and that also shows you
What they could have potentially done to us in Vietnam if they had the balls
One of the things about our enemies is that in many cases?
They are not willing to take isk losses to achieve strategic objectives if they had actually gated their shit into us
They could have gotten a lot closer into 1d q1
But they didn't have the balls
They didn't have the willingness but you guys did you actually did it you got to see what happened?
And so when you see us doing some sort of a surprising like hey
It's 1350 and wise mittens sending three screaming all-caps pings and you get in on that
Then you get to see some beautiful shit happen like watching a puppy
McCarville fleet get lanced real-time like the visuals are great. So we use our Titans in anger
We use our Titans in anger whenever we have the opportunity
Even if it's risky as shit because that is who we are we try not to be stupid about it
But there are times where you've got to go hard. That was one of the times that we went hard
We went in at 1350 we looked around we destroyed as much as we can then we lost a hack fleet and we were like gosh
Okay. Well, we're not gonna be able to do a fuzzy slog for hours starting at 1811 considering they keep over reinforcing and credit to the enemy
They were defending it appropriately enough. I suppose and it was time to go. And so that is where we are
I am very very pleased and I hope you all had fun because if you haven't had a chance to see the screenshots
There's some beautiful stuff there of us using the big boy toys the way they were meant to be used. Okay
Now I've got a bit of a pivot here in terms of the fireside because we're gonna be talking about
I wouldn't necessarily call it peacetime as much as time to get rich my goons and help each other
Get rich because when we are not at war in the formal, excuse me
We weren't at war we were six and squads Jeff deployment nudge nudge wink wink
Between between six and squads and the initiative and our collective allies
glassing two and a half regions in a little bit less than two months is a
Wonderful fucking scorecard and I'm very happy about that. But
When we are not at six and squads Jeff deployment nudge nudge wink wink for those of you that are new to goon swarm
Or new to the Imperium what we do is we try to maximize our productivity and maximize each other's productivity in terms of
Developing the tools of war and murder namely capital ships capital ships capital ships capital ships
Reds dreads dreads Titans super carriers all of the good toys
Let's not forget carriers and faxes while we're just laundry listing a whole bunch of fucking capitals for some reason
But that's where we are
He has made it very difficult for us to make capitals because they fucked with the core infrastructure of how is
capital ship formed
But I am pleased to report that not only do we have a functional super cap and cap building
Gez that our greatest minds have come together to try to figure out ways to
unfuck the production the production chain of caps in death and
That is going to require something that I think is near and dear to every goons heart
Which is abusing drugs we are going to need to huff some fucking gas
My friends and some of that gas is in wormholes. We're talking wormhole day tripping. We're talking a locust fleets huffing a little gas
We're talking about corpse her huffing gas. We are talking about a thing gas there
This is one of the biggest blockers that we have as an organization in terms of shitting out as many capitals is
How much gas can we huff and bring back to 1d q1 and we have set up the finance team is all over this
We're setting up by order such that you can just dump it in 1d q1
We are also having training operations Kathy iron is on deck to be running regular training ops
So if you're like what the fuck is gas, how do you do a wormhole day trip J trip?
What do you mean? I'm just gonna get in a
Venture and go do this
It's not that hard
Please look at the threads be kind of like with PI when CCP fucked with the way that citadels were built
We began pounding the drums on every fireside about the necessity of doing PI
Which incidentally we still fucking need and that's going to continue
but now we are adding gas into the mix because they have changed the way the caps are built and we believe that now it
Is possible a bit to build them as long as we have gas
But it gets better
Because this is one of those things that CCP is trying to like, you know
They try to force our hands in modern gameplay, right? Oh, the roar qual is bad this way
You need to use it this way. You need to be mining with a Hulk. You need to do this
You need to do that. One of the things is gosh, you need to get the gas
It is a good moneymaker it is a good way to make isk
It is a good way to get other rich in the same way as joining the locust sig and doing what they are doing with
Cricket fleets as well as the locust fleets has been very profitable
So when we are coming home from war in the east
We are presenting you with new opportunities not just to get rich
But also to help the cause and the cause is preparing for the next war
Always preparing for the next war because the enemy still fucking hates us
They are still gonna band together and do what they always do at the first opportunity
You can see them coalescing sort of shuffling their feet around our Jeff deployment with the initiative and going gosh, are we papping?
We're kind of papping. We're feeling pappy ish. Are they gonna go full pappy time?
We'll tell but we know they will go full pappy at some point in the future. So it is on us to prepare and
that preparing that preparation that means as
Many capital ships as we can and you and your corporations and your friends getting rich if you are rich
Already, maybe you're a regular in GS isk and you know the ropes
Find somebody who doesn't know how to get money and teach them your weirding ways because as we learned in the Vietnam War
It doesn't matter if the entire galaxy attacks us for 18 months as long as we are making sure
That the boys and girls in the trenches are well capitalized
Then we're gonna have the best toys and that's kind of that's an advantage that we desperately need when you're fighting
The rest of Eve so get rich my goons
This is what we do in quote peacetime unquote as we prepare for and that means caps caps caps
Which means gas gas gas also citadels
Which means P I P I P I a question about when are you space rich? When are you space?
Well often when are you rich?
I would say that someone has achieved the true summit of space wealth
When they have and if you've been if you were with us before the Vietnam War you remember this and I understand that they were
Right now still a little too expensive and difficult to build
I'm sure CSV is gonna change some things and we're gonna dial the shit in but the ultimate test of like have you made it?
Have you reached the top is?
Not just one Titan
Not just one Titan. No, no
no, if you have one Titan, you've got a shield Titan you get an armor Titan if you got an armor Titan you get a
shield Titan and
Presumably before you got to that point
You were working your way up. You had your dreads
You had your carriers if you were a space priest you had your facts
You've got the heavy hardware because it's that heavy or the the money is worthless unless it is turned into
Violence, right and that is how we transform the money into violence. That is capital ships
super capital ships
Titans come a lots and as John Hartley says faxes make everything being able to be able to undock in the first place
So let's not just sort of throw that away casually, right?
All of those are critically important and the reason why it's critically important if it wasn't really important
I wouldn't be getting up here on a fireside and telling
650 people we all need to really huff a lot of gas and bring it back to Delph. So there you go as
Part of this again readiness is the thing guys
talking about our capital ships we live in Delph and
What comes out of NPC Delph? What do the blood Raiders give us?
Amulets amulets amulets. This is not a requirement, but you are going to begin to be encouraged
nudged repeatedly
Whatever euphemism you'd like to at least have mid-grade amulets on your armor
Capitals right like there's no reason not to they're not that expensive. They're like 900 million isk
I think for a set of mid grades right now could be wrong on that, but it is a
Extremely big buff to your EHP. Please make sure that if you have a armor capital that you've got a set of amulets
They don't have to be high grades unless you're gonna tighten your supercarrier than they'd better damn
Well be a fucking set of high grades
But at the least we would love to see everybody who's got armor carriers and armor dreads
Using mid-grade amulets on those fuckers under 50 not bad. Are the amulets included in the caps from fittings thread? I'm not so sure
I can't answer that question because I'm not looking at the thread
But I will tell you this is not like a formal requirement like you must have amulets or you can't be in caps for him
But it's one of those nudge nudge like please for the fuck's sake get a set of mid-grade amulets
Like just search the market you can find them
Loud noises. All right checking my nudes. Keep your eyes open for exploration gas mining classes. Those are happening
There are exploration and gas ship contracts available in 1dq1 right now
There are buy orders for the exploration items that we want as well as the gas
We want you to huff in 1dq1 right now, and we need you to get amulets for your armor caps, but the big thing
The biggest thing is that we're gonna be moving to 3l that is where we are going
We're gonna be heading out right after this fireside and get everybody into 3l and you are not going to jump the regional gate
You will take Titan bridges like a fucking adult or you will die like an example and be laughed at which is fine as long
As people learn from your example, let me take some questions before we get to work
Does that mean that the Alliance will produce capitals as there are buy orders?
The Alliance does all sorts of capital production stuff. Everybody else does capital production stuff. It's not like a fixed system
There is a capital specific GEZ in delve
Check it out
That'll make it easy for you to build if you want to be a builder
Delve time unit, but I explained it for some of the new people new people
So during the era where Eve you could build things
Easily and make money easily before the retarded ministration decided that they wanted to fuck over the economy for a couple years
We described the delve time unit, which is how much money you could make in delve in an hour
Working backwards from the MER to calculate it and it was a very very hefty sum
And then this just became our shorthand for hey
We're going into the mode of heavy production and that means again. We do everything in a networked sort of way here in goons form
It's not just like oh we're gonna I mean you can run off on your own
You can go be a mushroom be in the dark and you know, just not be plugged in
But if you're listening to this fireside, you're not one of those people
So this is a broad push not only for wealth for our organization
But for individual skill development for you to learn how to do this the game has changed some of it is better
Some of it is worse, but we are
Dialing in how to fucking build the big boy toys again
And that's where we're headed train dreads train dread all its dreads dreads dreads dreads dreads, okay
We have work to do guys and I really appreciate all the effort that we have put in into the campaign since the start of
March two and a half regions is great. We were gonna leave anyway
It has nothing to do with the fact that death passed
But we went in last night and we had we went a lot yesterday morning
I should say we had a grand time. We land some puppies. We waved our dicks around then we welped a hack fleet
And it was time to head home anyway
But I am I am really glad that you guys were able to attend the sign a memorial for death
In ends mother you had a tremendous impact on this game. He had a tremendous impact on a lot of our lives
in here in goons form and it is a
stunning loss so
Love one another hug one another but get your shit ready get it packed because we are going to 3l
The fireside is now over. We will be back here next week. But right now you're gonna be seeing pings for move ops
We're gonna do this in an orderly withdrawal guys
We're gonna get from our current staging system J 1 why or however the fuck I constantly get it wrong
every time I say it back to 3l and
Then we're gonna start heading home and if return it again if fraternity decides that they want to chew on Dracarys
That's a block level war
Because they're attacking a member of the Imperium so we need to be prepared for that as well
I don't know how hard they're gonna go, but we will fucking deal with it. It comes. Thank you for coming
Now let's get our shit headed back towards delve where it belongs