Fireside Chat Transcript 29 Oct 2k22

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All right. Hello. Hello. People still Jordan. I'm going to wait a minute before I start
talking. You guys can hear me, right? See, no is pretty good, but I'm going to train
you guys eventually. Eventually one day you will all know when the FC says, Hey, Mike
check instead of saying hi Mike or yeah, it works. Just say nothing. If the entire fleet
says nothing and the FC starts, you know, tapping his headset and fiddling with his
wires that is when you have ascended. That is the moment you will have node that you
are you as a fleet, you came together and you did something that matters, something
that will be remembered in life. All right. So we stabilized. I'm going to start talking.
So this is the Eve is good edition of the fireside. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm
going to do some housekeeping first. We'll talk about wait, what are the, what are those
are is Terry L. What kind of are is that with the little accent over it? How did you do
that? Sorry. I got really distracted by that are. All right. So let's do some, let's do
some housekeeping while everyone copies and pastes. This is the weird are in Elysium.
Did you guys know that the BRM, the bounty risk modifier is now stuck at a hundred. They
have made it. You guys are blowing my mind. I'm going to have to look away from Elysium.
The hours are distracting me. Do you guys know what a pirate's favorite sock is? Anyone
know that would are guile. All right. So did you know that we offer SRP on Merms, Mermin's
procures and purposes. So you can actually rat in good SRP. Each room is doing a program.
It has not actually been turned off, but we haven't really been talking about it because
no one's been ratting. But with the BRM now at a hundred, you can rat and get SRP. There
you go. Ranger linked it. Thank you so much. We don't do SRP, but some, some corps do.
So you can talk to your corp and see if they want to do it. All right. This is a concern
that people came to me with that some of the new season squads have been doing their own
CI. They were asking you to introduce, you know, your ESI and have them run it. We've
talked to them. They'll no longer be asking for your keys and tokens. If they need a counter
intelligence, they can come through us. So I know that was a concern for some of you
and that's been handled. You know, we want to respect everyone's everyone's privacy as
best we can. So I'm going to be talking about these new, these new season squads later on,
but that's something that we handled for. And I wanted to get to out to you guys who
were concerned about it. All right. And the last bit of bookkeeping that we need to do
is I need to tell you guys that capitals should not be on public contracts in Delve, not even
one to hue, no capitals on public contracts. There's been a rule for a long time. Our enforcement
may have slacked a bit in the past, but is, is going it's going to be coming down pretty
hard on your corpse. They can be fined if you list a capital. So, and then you might
be kicked. So please do not list capitals on public contracts, all capitals, no supers,
no carriers, no treads, no nothing. All right. Let us talk about Eve being good. There've
been a lot of people like coming back, a lot of people showing up who are excited about
Eve. And I also am excited. CCP is making good changes. Dude, you guys are wicking me
out. I'm just closing Elysium for now. I'm going to look away. I have been really pleased
to see what CCP has done in the last few weeks. They have shown that they are still making
important changes to the game, that they're going to address concerns. Obviously, this
has not been the case for the last year or two. And I'm happy to see that it is now.
We have had a, you know, there's been some people like, well, they haven't fixed everything.
Yes, I agree. They have not fixed everything, but that's not what I'm asking for. I'm asking
that they do well and they attempt to do things and that's what they're doing. There is new
hacks. Did you guys see this yet? Have you seen like what's happening? I'm clicking back
in Elysium. They better bought me a bunch of weird shit. OK, there's a bunch of weird
shit. OK, so they're changing hacks entirely. Mutants are being totally changed. Mutants
are a missile ship now. They're not artillery ships anymore. This is a rework of a hacks.
The CERB has been killed as an alliance ship. The CERB is totally dead. So if you have CERBs,
you can turn them into a solo boat once the actual patch hits. But they are dead as an
alliance ship right now. Jirai, we have an Alpha fleet, it's called Leet. So it's basically
the same thing. So does this mean that we are getting rid of hacks? No. Keep training
Heavy Assault Cruiser 5. That was probably the best train in the world for the last three
years and we are not getting rid of hacks. Although the hulls may change, there are some
new viable hulls and some hulls have stayed good. Like the Eagle is still good. I doubt
we'll be leaving that. But we could see Sacrilegious. We could see Zealots. We could see Ishtars
and we could see Deimos. Those are all options that we'll be considering. And right now we
have two hacks. We could go up to carrying three if we wanted to. Also, there's a lot
more likely that we bring a command ship fleet in. Those are options. So we're looking at
a new command ship fleet. We're looking at new hack fleets. And right now we'll probably
stick with tech fleet for our battleships. A lot of you have invested in that. But with
the price of faction battleships going down, we might go to all TFIs. Like we might go
straight TFIs instead of regular Tempests as well. So there are a lot of options. And
I'm really excited. I know a lot of you kind of, what do we call them, fit heads, people
who like to go into PyFA and build things. I've been talking to a bunch of you about
like, oh, this new build, this new build. What about this kind of build for a ship?
If you go to the PyFA website, there are, yeah, nerds is a good thing. PyFA has a new
build with all the new updated things. So you can go play and look at the updated hacks
in the dev PyFA build, even before the patch is released. So basically look for new ships
on the horizon, new doctrines. I talked to Atrium earlier and we're having a lot more
people show up on Goonwaffa Paps. That's when we track overall alliance participation. It
seems like Goonwaffa almost always tracks the alliance as far as participation. And
our Paps are way up in Goonwaffa right now, which indicates to us that people are getting
involved. And then on top of that, we have a lot of people routing. I think you guys
have been, if you've been involved, you've heard me talk about home defense. There've
been a lot of fun home defense stuff going on. Here's something I want to talk about.
This is important. Please, please, please, please do not get your pride involved in like
a perfect home defense roster. There are 770 people in Elysium right now. And I mean, let's
just say a quarter of you are just idiots, just absolute morons. So X up in Elysium if
you are a moron. There you go. There's a lot of you Xing. And guess what? The people who
aren't Xing are actually probably the real morons. So with this many dumb people, there
are going to be people who lose their ships because they have the wrong fit. They don't
speak on comms. They say the wrong thing. They don't notice the Sino and Hib. Or they
just get nervous. Like remember, a lot of us have a lot of experience. Some of you people
have had no experience, right? They don't like, they get really nervous. Like, oh, oh
no, there's a bunch of bombers on me. Like they tighten up, right? You can hear their
voice. They're like, uh, like, like there's bombers on me. How many? Uh, I don't know
a lot. Right. Is there a Sino and Hib? Uh, no, but it is like when we're doing home defense,
please, please do not get like your pride hurt because we lose a Wyvern. That's going
to happen. I've been doing home defense for 10 years and I have seen a lot of, a lot of
people die. Um, and, um, if you start taking pride in the fact that a group of how do we,
how many thousands of people do we have here? Many thousands of people never loses a ship.
You will quickly lose your pride. It's not, it's not something to worry about. Have your
fun, go out there, shoot whatever people have. If someone loses a Wyvern, um, and you're
going to kill bombers, you didn't lose anything. You got to kill bombers. That's kills for
you. So I just want to talk about that because we are not in the elite PVP group. Um, we
let anyone in the door really, as long as they can check some tick boxes and aren't,
you know, very obvious spies. So, um, it's something I've been talking to some newer
leadership types about recently is that, you know, they want to run it super well and they
do, they do that very well. Um, but you know, you're only as strong as your weakest link.
There's always going to be dumb people. We save way more people than we lose, but don't
get your, don't get your pride hooked up in, uh, in like these kinds of results. Take,
take pride in how well you execute things. If, um, if you want to get involved, the kind
of things we can use, especially from defense or just people being there, but we really
love to have people who are set up with their own Sinos who are ready to go at a moment's
notice that get in system that are proactive. Like if you could be that kind of person,
then we want you. That's very good stuff. All right. So I've talked about new hacks.
I've talked about our participation, participation being way up. I'm going to talk about new
six and squads. I got three that I want to highlight. We got a cracking cruisers who,
um, their main focus right now, they're in NPC delve. They're fighting Mohist. Um, I'm
told they're having a lot of fun over there. Um, so that's one new group. You can check
them out. Another new group is SWAT. SWAT is a, uh, they've been focusing on black ops,
drops, uh, home defense, um, and having a, not a very good name. Um, and then the third
group is an oldie, but it's under new leadership. That is bomber Wafaa. If you, uh, like to
bomb a bomb, Wafaa is getting kicked, uh, kickstarted. So please look into joining them.
Those are three groups that if you want to get involved with, if you want to work harder,
uh, and you want to work smarter, then check them out and see what you like. And like I
mentioned earlier, they have stopped doing their own CI, so they will not be asking you
for ESI or anything like that. So, um, I know that was holding a couple of people back and,
uh, that's been taken care of. All right. Um, I've got a few minutes for questions and
that's what I wanted to talk about. Uh, so if you guys have questions, throw them in
Elysium and I will answer them. And also we have 420 people on the fire side. That is
the weed number. So, uh, you know, congratulations. What are you guys talking about orcas for?
Uh, scouts. Yeah, that's a great point, Heidi. Uh, scouts is something that's really important.
It's extremely important in wartime. If you want to be helpful, being a scout is one of
the most helpful things you can do. Uh, yes, you can bring your, uh, Drake Vladislav. Contracts
from PH Bandwright, probably. Ooh, they had 69 and local. That's the sex number. Oh man,
we are so cool with our number. Uh, yeah, I'm watching this right now and it is very
painful. I'm actually taking questions when I normally would be back to watching the game
because, uh, I just don't want to watch this terrible game. If we change tech fleet, would
we keep napalx? I don't know, Gag Games. Um, right now we're looking to change the battleship
fleet. So I don't think there will be any big changes there. Uh, so you can hold the
two nape, your napalx battle orca fleet. I just don't know about the battle orca fleet.
Um, I've watched the first two episodes of the House of the Dragon, Mifune. I'm going
to finish it. I watched all of Rings of Power. I would highly recommend you don't watch it
if you are a Lord of the Rings fan. It is pretty fucking terrible. Rings of Power is
so bad. Did Aerith quit Eve? Yeah, like three years ago. Um, did Kostashek rage quit? I
wouldn't say rage quit. Um, I would say that he, uh, uh, he did step down. He, um, I'm
going to talk to him later, so I don't want to, I don't want to characterize it too much,
but you know, I think that some of my discussion about, you know, not letting, uh, home defense
upset you might've generated from that. So, um, I'm going to talk to him and we'll, and
have a, have a discussion about, you know, all that stuff a little later. What are we
going to trade for TFIs? Uh, just regular Tempests. I'm a Lord of the Rings fan, and
I love Rings of Power. Hey, if you enjoyed it, good for you. I don't, uh, I don't actually,
you know, does it hurt me if you liked it? That's good. My, uh, my mom is one of those
people. Like I have like really expensive audio video equipment, like mostly, mostly
audio. Uh, I got some relatively expensive speakers and amplifiers and that kind of thing.
And I'm pretty picky about the kind of sound I listen to. My mom can listen to like a $5
boom box and she thinks it sounds exactly the same and that's better. It's better that
she can have a $5 boom box and have to hear no difference to a $5,000 sound system. That's,
that's the actual better thing. So if you're enjoying it, good. Uh, "Logan, you might have
missed me at Eve Vegas, but I did miss getting COVID." So, sort of a win-win. Uh, "Guy Games,
love Battlestar Galactica." Yeah. All right, I'm checking for anything else. I don't think
my mom was a breakdancer in the 80s. She was an archaeologist, if that's helpful. Uh, BP,
no, no, we haven't chosen, excuse me, we haven't chosen any new hacks. So, um, uh, trade in
Heavy Assault Cruisers 5 and then get your, get your Cruiser skills up to 5, but we don't
have one yet. Will Dominix Navies? Probably not, Vernon. I don't think that they're good
in a fleet role, but it depends on the cost. If these, if these faction Navy ships get
put down to a relatively low price, then we can consider all of them. All right, well,
that was pretty good. That was pretty good. Farger Paladin Doctrine? Um, right now we're
not looking at Marauders, uh, maybe Command Ships. I don't think, I don't think, uh, Marauder
Doctrines can work out of Alliance scale, if any. Like, um, you have to, you have to
have total cap superiority and like, you know, so could we use them for a home defense doctrine?
We could, um, but the people who use the, those doctrines now, they only bring them
out when they know they have utter cap superiority and they have no chance of failing. And the
few times they have brought them out where they didn't have that, they got absolutely
smacked. You'll note that you haven't seen any Paladins being used since they were all,
uh, lost, not all of them, but since many of them were lost unceremoniously, uh, in
X-TAC 70. It's just such a, it's such a, um, finicky doctrine and we prefer to have a little
bit more, um, generalist overall wide usage. Uh, Teriel, what happened to the quarterly
propaganda gimmick? Um, so yeah, I started that Teriel and then I had a bunch of stuff
go, uh, go south in my personal life, uh, in not a good way that's still affecting me
currently. Um, and basically I was the only one pushing that. And since I wasn't here,
it didn't happen. Um, it's something I want to do again. I did think it was a fun idea,
but it hasn't been high on my priority list. There's been a lot of stuff going on in the
Alliance and in EVE, um, and personally for me as well. So I haven't had the time for
that kind of more fun stuff that I would like to have. Um, I don't know what anything about
Fozzie is right. I think Fozzie is actually a pretty fine developer now. I think like
when he started, he, maybe his head wasn't exactly attuned to the right wavelength for
the average player, but I think he's figured it out. You know, he's been doing this now
for, um, what, eight years? Um, I know Fozziesoft sucks, but, um, I like don't hold one thing
the guy did right when he started working, uh, eight years ago against him to this day.
I'm pretty sure that, um, if he could redo it, he would too.
I was around a long time ago and like Fozziesoft hit in 2015, right. But like, there's this
rumor that he just made it up all on his own, but that's not really correct. Right. Ideas
that played into how Fozziesoft eventually went down. That stuff was getting debated
out on Kugutsuman as early as, as 2011, right. People were talking about how much Dominion
Sov sucked very early. Right. So he, he definitely like got the name, right. And got a lot of
the blame, but it certainly is not the full story.
Yeah. I think that's a good point. You get, he got too much of the blame and probably
too much of the credit. It had it gone the other way. Right. Um, yeah, I think cereal.
Okay. Uh, anything else? I'm at me right now. If you got something, otherwise I'm going
to tip out of here. I think we've covered a lot of stuff. I'm pretty excited about Eve.
I'm glad to see that you guys are too. We've had a lot, we had more people on the fire
side this week than last week by about almost a hundred people. And our participation has
been way up. Alpha clones are still a thing. Good question BP. Please join the Alpha Clone
Corp. My favorite anime is DuckTales. Life is like a hurricane, my friend. SRP for Lost
Riding Supers? No sir. All right, cool. Looks like those are the end of the questions. Thank
you guys so much. Um, it is a very, very exciting time in Eve. Uh, first time I can say that
in the last few years since the war, really. So, um, I'm glad you guys are here and I will
We'll talk to you all next week, if not before then.