Fireside Chat Transcript 30 Mar 2k20

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So since I only do have a couple of action items while we're waiting for everybody else
to get here, if you have any questions, we'll do Q&As at the start this time, because otherwise
there might not be much opportunity for them.
We have a CSM-oriented metashow today.
So we're going to have Merkletren and Anominate and JanuaryValentine and Brisk, who are all
running for CSM, and Merkletren has promised that he's got some new cool way of talking
about it, so tune into that, and maybe if Merkletren does not entertain, we will be
disappointed, but I'm sure he will entertain, because he is actually always fucking hilarious
and I love the dude.
So we have questions, and this is actually quite an interesting one, and I'm glad you
brought it up, Midori.
So there's a couple questions involving the whole Triglavian EDENCOM-like scenario that
the game is in right now, and which side would we take, how are we going to get involved
or not get involved.
Right now, we don't have a policy, because our policy is to wait until it stabilizes.
Right now, the implementation is weird and CCP and whatever, and once we have a solid
idea of what is optimal for us, we will tell you guys what we're going to do with it.
But as it stands right now, we were discussing this in the Kremlin meeting, as it stands
right now, it's too CCP to really make a call on yet, so next week we'll probably have something
for you guys about it.
Is there actually going to be a big war?
Have you been on any of the Jeff deployment ops?
Because when I am staring at a Fortizar that has Snuff and Incidot and Pandemic Horde and
all of our favorite ITs that we like to shoot on it staring at us, that looks like a war
to me.
Horde looks to be setting up a trade hub in Domain.
I assume you're talking about the Tranquility Trading Corporation in Ignaten, which is a
thing that we all share a part and profit from.
We like that, because it pays us.
Can we get them to stop blueballing us?
Alright, let me see, is the op done?
Not yet, we still have 200 people on our channel.
Basically, as soon as the op clears out, I'll tell you guys the big news and then we
can get to work.
Will I be using my main in a fleet and force them to primary me?
Yeah, I actually have Mittens and F7C and a Kitted Out Revelation precisely for face
tanking and my hope is that they will not be able to resist shooting the Mittani on
the field and thus I will be able to face tank for one of our Dread Bombs.
We've been plugging the Real Life Spaceships this entire time, we usually will send broadcasts
and I think we already have sent broadcasts about the SpaceX launches.
We're all a bunch of spaceship nerds, we all want to watch spaceships.
So I think we've sent the ping.
Yep, it's T-12.
Alright, people are coming in here now, which is cool.
It's going to be a very short fireside here as soon as those ops get up here because we've
got work to do.
Space fleets happen on Sundays, not on Saturdays, good question.
It's not your bad, it's all good.
I'm glad you asked.
I have directors and a whole bunch of people telling me the launch is happening and we're
all talking about the fact and we're all linking it around.
I don't know if we have not launched, like, we've sent a broadcast about the fucking SpaceX
launch haven't we?
Well Asher, or if one of the other directors can do it while I'm trying to do this.
You are assumed to know about the fucking SpaceX launch because we're all talking about
We've sent a ping about it already.
Okay, thank you.
John, are we clear to the op?
Are we good to?
Yeah, we should be in.
Okay, so here's the deal guys, Jeff Deployment's been going really well.
I've got, as some of you have seen, I've been playing a lot of EVE the last couple weeks
on my various alts.
So if you were catching the big structure grind yesterday, it was, I enjoyed it, but
I'm weird and I enjoy smoking weed, listening to music and shotting POS.
So there you go.
It's been a blast.
It's going great.
And I think it will go even better if we do something with our supercarriers.
For some reason, CCP keeps nerfing our supercarriers.
We can't use them for PVE.
We might as well use these things for PVP because that's the only thing they're good
So maybe we should take all of our supercarriers and ram them up the asses of our enemies because
fuck it, why not?
They're just collecting dust.
I mean, you know, is it cost effective?
Will we necessarily use them in every single op?
I don't know, but it'll be a big ass fleet and being we have literally nothing better
to do with the damn things.
So yeah, we are not deploying Titans yet.
We are deploying supercarriers and that's what we're doing now.
Actually, the theme of the fireside is we're having a move up.
And obviously a lot of you people have unsubbed or sold or otherwise gotten rid of your supercarriers.
If you are not ready to rock with them right now, I know our combat carrier pilots have
been having a shitload of fun because combat carriers are hilarious.
And so hopefully the same with supercarriers.
So if you miss this move up, it is very easy for us to get to F7C and there will be more
move ups.
So if you're like, oh shit, I'm not ready.
You know, fix your shit, take your time and we'll get you on another move up.
But supercarriers to F7C.
This is still officially a Jeff deployment.
And yeah, we're doing a pretty good job of shooting the bad guys.
And I've also realized that explaining to the bad guys exactly what we're doing, I don't
tell them what we're doing.
They don't seem to figure out what we're doing.
So I'm not going to talk about like future plans or like big grand objectives.
It's a Jeff deployment.
We're sending supercarriers up there.
Let's have some fun.
That's it.
So now we're going to send some broadcasts and get the fucking move up going.
And while we're doing the move up, the other thing is that once we get to the other end
of the move up, we do have some more strat ops and things to blow up today.
We are not bringing Titans.
We are not bringing Titans.
We are not bringing Titans.
We are not bringing Titans.
We are only bringing supercarriers.
We are only bringing supercarriers.
And faxes.
Can't forget faxes.
We always need more faxes.
This has been a fun campaign.
I think it's going to be even more fun.
It is not stopping anytime soon.
So let's get that shit to the front.
If you are not in Jeff, you are doing it wrong because this is where the fun's at.
You know, you just have to repeat things over and over and over again.
But I think it's going to be a lot of fun.
I think it's going to be a lot of fun.
I think it's going to be a lot of fun.
I think it's going to be a lot of fun.
I think it's going to be a lot of fun.
I think it's going to be a lot of fun.
I think it's going to be a lot of fun.
Dreads are always welcome.
Like if you want to bring dreads to the front, bring dreads, bring carriers, bring faxes,
bring supercarriers.
Do not bring your titans.
This is a really fun campaign.
It's getting even more fun.
Also mad props to the dudes that have been hunting Pandemic Horde in their staging system.
It has been hilarious that we've been getting titan kills on a regular basis and that it
took them like 45 minutes to respond to our dread bomb the other night.
I have almost never seen a response to a dread bomb that weak and I really think that those
dudes who are working on that have gotten inside of the bad guys' head, which I love.
And yeah, high fives all around.
That's it.
Let's get on the move up.
Let's get our fucking super heroes up there.