Fireside Chat Transcript 30 Nov 2k19

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We, as a reminder, we talked about this last week,
but we have the Secret Santa thread.
We need that to be RSVP'd by December 8th.
The Secret Santa for our organization
is something that is enforced like a loan
or contract law within our organization.
So if you sign up for the Secret Santa
and then you do not get a present for your Santy,
you are counted as a goon fucker
and will be punished accordingly.
So sign up for it, it is pretty cool.
But if you vanish and are a bad Santa,
the state will be disappointed.
Thankfully, this rarely happens
because we enforce this so religiously.
So next couple of things.
Once again, I mentioned this last week,
and this is something you're just gonna be hearing about
over and over again, because it's something
that as a community, and when I say community in this case,
I mean the EVE community, not just us,
is the EVE Vegas 2020 Twitter account.
That's where they're gonna be posting updates.
And that is something that Crayon and crew
are making happen.
So that's cool.
The other thing that I need to remind people about
before we start talking about war and murder
is that there has been a overview change
regarding war allies.
We have pinged this out a bunch,
and please make sure that you and all of your friends
are on board with it.
Let me see if I can get this image right here for everybody.
Hold on a moment.
There we go.
Okay, so the main thing that we're gonna be talking about
today is the wormhole stuff.
We have talked about this a lot last week,
and we are going to be initiating this campaign this week.
This is not a full alliance or Imperium deployment.
This is an optional thing.
We are testing the waters of wormhole space
now that we have the ACL bookmark system in place
to allow us to do this.
This does not mean that we are going to be
charging into every wormhole
and doing full evictions over and over again.
We need to educate ourselves about how this shit works.
This is a system that is going to be run and managed
by Kathy Iron and his crew in Pathfinders.
So the big updates and what you can expect
in the next few days,
there is going to be a forum group, a jabber group,
that you can automatically get accepted to if you apply.
So it's kind of like university,
like you don't have to be offed formally for it.
Smoke 'em if you got 'em, if you're interested.
And we're going to be posting a war room thread,
which is going to go in great detail
as to what the deployment is going to be like,
the things we're going to have to learn,
baby's first wormhole space, what to expect, all that.
And so now hopefully,
if my speakers are working and everything else,
unlike last week,
I'm going to try to turn things over to Kathy Iron
and then not talk over.
- Can you hear?
- I guess.
So basically our wormhole setup is almost complete.
Liberty Squad's moving in at very short notice.
I guess you call it the SIG,
that's going to be the auto accept SIG thing
is going to be set up so that everybody
will be able to get pings.
There will be the forum post.
This is as much a content deployment
as it is a learning deployment.
When you guys come on in,
it's going to be kind of like a bunch of different FCs,
scrimmage commanders.
You guys can get on this if you'd like.
We're just going to go have fun.
I'm not trying to do evictions, evictions are cancer.
I don't really want to upset the ecosystem of wormhole space.
We're just going to go ahead
and do whatever we can to get content.
So whether it's the null set content
or whether it's C5 chain stuff, finding things,
ganking stuff, whatever the heck we can do, even PVD.
There's definitely one space, obviously.
We are not going to be using capitals,
externals of the hole.
We won't be able to transit capitals through our hole.
So it's going to just be a lot of null set content,
C5 chain content,
and the wormhole space is aware that we're coming.
And I guess because spines always exist,
I hope to have a lot of good fights
and hopefully our FCs get to experience
how wormholers fight and do their things.
That's going to be a lot of fun.
And you guys should be seeing something
probably in the warm room no later than two
or three days from now at max.
I already have a post made up.
I just got to tweak it a little bit
and you guys will see that.
And then we got to get the backend side stuff done
and you guys will be able to start applying.
You'll see a ping go out for that as well.
That's all I got.
- Thanks, man.
Yeah, so this is going to be super cool.
I think this is something that for the ground people
who have been playing too long or whatever,
the reason why big organizations rarely go into wormholes
is that because you can't share bookmarks easily
to really dedicate an org to wormhole stuff.
Previously, you would have to have everybody
within one corporation.
And now with the ACL bookmark change,
we're able to have functionally alliance bookmarks
and thus everybody can fuck around
as a unit in wormhole space
without being required mechanically
to be part of the same corporation,
which also reduces the risk of schismatic nonsense
or drama or bullshit.
So this is going to be pretty cool.
And this is intended to be kind of like
how we do SIG and squad deployments
during times of relative peace,
where it's going to be like,
okay, well, the people that want to shoot
some fucking space lasers,
they can go over here and fuck around with SIGs and squads.
We want to open up wormhole space to that too.
So this is not like a full blown
you carry it from wormhole space
where you go take out the big powers.
We will probably have to make an example
out of somebody who decides to step to us.
But right now we're sort of getting
into the shallow end of the pool.
We're going to mess around.
And then somebody is inevitably going to
do something really dumb and piss us off.
And then we will overreact with just extraordinary violence.
And that'll be fun.
And then there'll be screams and it'll be a party.
And then we'll go back to just derping around normally.
So that's kind of how I see things.
We'll go down and I could be wrong
and we don't really know
because we haven't done something like this before
which is what I like.
I enjoy the novelty.
I think it's cool that it's going to be something
that a lot of us are going to have to learn
a whole bunch of different things
that we haven't had to learn before
and hopefully actually get our asses kicked a few times.
Like I do expect us to lose some fights here and there.
And I think that's going to be kind of neat
after a period of crushing dominance
when it comes to NullSec itself.
And speaking of shout outs and preparing for this,
if you are interested in this,
Gooniversity is running a bunch
more wormhole related classes.
So if you want to know about this,
as the Jabberping there says,
the wormhole training courses
are going to be in the op calendar
and there is a details thread for you to look at.
I need to, I haven't seen too many questions.
Those are the big points
of what we're going to be talking about today.
The focus on the meta show today,
we're going to be talking a lot
about the whole HyperNet Relay thing.
I haven't seen people putting too much
in the way of questions yet.
So if you happen to have random questions,
please toss them down and I may or may not answer them.
But yeah, that's the big news is
we're going to go fuck around wormholes.
It's going to be cool.
We're going to make some mistakes
and some spaceships are going to fucking blow up.
And I think that's a beautiful thing.
Actually, good question here, Keller Co.
I think we do have a locust fleet tomorrow.
It's been two weeks,
so we should have a locust fleet tomorrow.
Why does Wisconsin have to be so damn cold?
I would actually really prefer it be snowing,
but apparently it's just rainy and shitty out and cold.
So bad combination.
The best thing that I ate this week
was a mushroom and shrimp pesto pasta dish
that my lady friend cooked up
that was just absolutely fantastic.
It was like fucking legit.
And then I put the leftovers over like sushi rice.
So it was like almost like a risotto, not with pasta.
You don't mix the pasta and rice.
That would be weird, but it was fantastic.
It was really fucking good.
Will the Scars the Casino War dictate as an alliance
that we should be opposed to the Hypernet Relay?
That's a good question.
I was kind of surprised
that I didn't get a Hypernet Relay question earlier.
The Hypernet Relay is kind of interesting.
We ourselves ran a casino for a while
because we were forced to compete
with the bad guys having casinos.
So we can't exactly take a big moral high ground position
of like, "Grrr, casino's bad."
We think that they were bad
and that they shouldn't have been allowed in the first place
but we ourselves got into the business
to try to force CCP to ban everybody involved.
Kind of like how we said Century Drones
were bad for the game.
And then we forced CCP to take action
by adopting Century Drones in all of our doctrines.
I think that the Hypernet Relay is something
that a lot of people don't care about at all.
I think that there are some people
that feel very strongly against it.
Most of the people that I've seen
who are hurfing blurts about it on Reddit
being a bad thing were oddly enough,
the same people that were saying
that casinos were good when they were used against us
during the casino war.
And I think it might have some good effects on the economy.
I will have to see how it goes
that's on the slack on the Plex market.
If people use it a lot,
I think you should see Plex prices probably rise
because people are gonna be using Plexes
to buy Hypercores.
And it shouldn't be an ISK sink as well
because there's a 5% transaction tax
affiliated with every blink that they're putting up.
So I'd like to see the economic fundamentals of the game
get tightened up a bit in terms of slack,
in terms of ISK and Plex.
But yeah.
There's a question about super sales and stuff like that,
about people trying to skeece around super sales
or things like that.
If we find you trying to sell supers to puppies
outside of the rules and regulations that we have,
we'll purge you.
And we'll purge everyone that is found affiliated with it.
That is the way that we handle all questions
regarding super caps going to people
who are not within the year.
And I'm glad you brought it up
because every time that there is a new opportunity
to try and skeece around the rules.
One of the things that's important to understand
about rules lawyering is that if people rules lawyer
and we then investigate the person who was rules lawyering
and it turns out that they were trying to cut corners
and generally if we find that their intention
was to not look out for the best interests
of the tribe as a whole,
sometimes it's just an intuition thing.
It's not necessarily like a due process rule law thing.
We try to have due process rule law
when it comes to strict behaviors
that are easily regulated.
But when we do look into people
who are really trying to skirt the gray areas,
eventually I just say this person's, their intention
is not aligned with the good of the space tribe
and we just get rid of them.
- There is a fleet under Habush.
We need eagles so you can stay here in the fireside mumble
but John Harley just posted that information there
so please obey.
Oh man, if you guys can actually hear the radio,
I'm so sorry.
All right, well, I need to go prep for the meta show
and it doesn't seem like we have too many other questions.
You guys have been pretty focused.
We've got a fleet to go on and we have shit to do guys,
which is pretty cool.
I'm delighted that we actually are able
to offer new content.
I know for a while, guys, it's been tough.
It's been kind of a drought.
We didn't want to get another tribute style null sec war.
We haven't had much new to do
and I'm really happy that I can finally come up here
in front of you guys at this fireside and say,
"Hey guys, we're gonna do some new shit.
"We're gonna do some new shit starting this week
"and it's gonna be cool and novel
"and like nothing you've ever done before."
So really proud of Pat the Iron
and the guys that have been working so hard
to bring this to fruition.
And I hope everybody enjoys it.
It's a lot of fun.
So I will see everybody here next week,
same time for the fireside
and the meta show will begin in 40 minutes
and it will be all about the Hypernet relay stuff
if you have strong opinions about that.