Fireside Chat Transcript 31 Oct 2k20

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Alright boys and girls, we're gonna get numbers stabilizing here while I bring up my notes
from earlier today.
We usually plan the firesides in the Elune and Kremlin meetings and when we punt them
until after the meta show due to ops, I've gotta like dig up what was I gonna be hurfing
If you watch the meta show, you've seen some of the stuff involving the guides.
Let me dig this up.
Actually if one of the directors is listening to this, can I get a re-link of our TPS report?
I don't know where mine is.
Alright guys, so we do have some ops out and about and I don't want this to take too
long because as we are getting closer to ops tonight, we need to make sure that we're ready
to go.
We do have some important defenses that we're gonna be doing tonight.
We're gonna be forming up to defend Amok Satio.
It has an armor timer, not a hull timer.
We also have a bunch of Sov stuff to do.
We have set a bunch of the bad guy's space on fire, so in addition to a Satio defense,
we have a bunch of shit to burn down.
So same shit, different day.
But that does mean after I've gone on the meta show and talked a whole bunch about how
you guys have been turning up with bells on, of course we need you to keep turning up with
bells on.
Actually the bells are optional, as long as you turn up and you're down to fuck, we will
continue to grind the bad guy's faces off.
I need...
Oh, people are still coming in.
Okay, hang on.
It's one of those things with a fireside where depending upon time zone...
Oh, looks like we're in break 800, cool.
So as usual, firesides, the way these work is you talk in Elysium at
You can ask questions there, you can troll each other, you can do whatever you want.
If you try to send me a question or something in like mumble chat, I won't see it because
I have mumble on minimal mode, so I literally cannot see it if you try to talk to me in
If you watch the meta show, you've already seen the stuff about the participation strategy.
We had a Kremlin meeting earlier today and we sort of went over it.
One of the things that is very important, we have seen that the enemy strategy relies
upon essentially scaring the Imperium into giving up.
We are not only not going to give up, there's no reason for us to give up, but we can't
give up in the first place because having sounded the horn of Gundor, the enemy's plan
is to go "boo, scary boo" and they expect that we will go to Sarenin.
We literally cannot go to Sarenin or leave Delve under any circumstances because all
of the Great War vets who resubbed to this damn silly game to fight the final fights
will kill us, like there would be a revolution within Gunswarm if we even tried to get out
of this war in any way.
But the enemy's strategy is pretty clear.
They think that we're going to go to Sarenin.
At any day now, goons are going to go to Sarenin.
They're going to give up, they're going to give up.
We took an IHUB, oh my god, it's almost over guys.
They are trying to convince their members that this thing is almost over and they're
trying to do it without going after our keepstars, without really doing anything that requires
serious risk.
So what we have to do is what we have been doing, which is to keep turning up to keep
If we cannot win the strategic objective, we bleed them and we've been doing a damn
good job of that.
And as long as we keep turning up to fight, their narrative is going to continue to break
Their narrative is that if they just keep coming, if we just keep at this, it's going
to be over.
And that at any moment, they'll be able to clean up all these keepstars without having
to do the work.
But that's not the case.
I thought it was really ridiculous when we were on the Meta show and I was watching in
chat these mad nerds bragging about how they're sieging Athenors.
There's more than like a thousand fucking Athenors in Delph.
We are not taking them down.
They are going to have to grind through all of our shit if they want to get rid of us.
And even then, that is not going to work because we're going to be, well, I don't think it'll
get to that point because I think the past PR lazy.
I think that they see that their coalition is starting to melt away.
Their numbers are going down.
Ours are either steady or increasing.
So you know, high fives all around, keep it up.
This is what we must do to win is we must keep fighting and we must mock the enemy relentlessly
and ram it in their faces at every opportunity when their numbers are declining.
Because it's no good if there's numbers decline if we don't say anything about it.
We want to basically help them along, ram it into their faces.
Also just judging from the Meta show reaction, they really hate the whole past P thing like
That drives me crazy.
So keep it up.
Are they mad?
All right.
Herb Blurrf aside, one of the things that we promised you guys is that we are going
to start releasing some guides on various ways to make money in PVE and EVE during wartime.
And I wasn't expecting CCP to continue to nerf NullSec everything the way that they
have, but it's kind of convenient because regardless of war stuff, it seems like these
are going to be kind of topical and relevant.
So let's see, I'm going to try to copy and paste links in Elysium here.
So Cleomate Tian did a really good one here.
This is on AFK orca mining.
So what we're going to do is we're not going to be pushing everybody into one thing.
If we tell everybody do abyssals or do this or do that, then the bad guys will come mess
with it.
So what we're going to be doing is releasing multiple guides and then you guys can basically
take your pick.
We're in an interesting position here because a lot of goons are so rich that they just
don't care or they've already built up their industrial empires and like iskuzen a concern.
But when I do see people on fireside saying, hey, what are we supposed to do?
I want to make sure that goons who are hurting are taken care of.
So there's this one.
I'm bad at copying and pasting.
So let me oh yeah.
And Cleomate is a fucking hero for this and he's in Jabber just enough to see us giving
him a shout out.
So that's good.
And here's another one.
Saren is working on updating this, but it's already pretty accurate as it stands.
This is something that can't really be touched by anything that Pasby does in NullSec.
So credit to Saren on this one.
And then there is a another one.
So he's working on that to get it up to spec as far as the abyssal stuff and dot com is
going to be pinging in broadcasting a guide to being on that real shit and making money
solo in wormhole.
Let's see if there's another one.
We're basically trying to find a whole bunch of different ways that you can either help
your friends or if you need help, find something that you can use to do PBE such that you don't
feel like you're getting screwed or abandoned or anything like that.
I really want to encourage people who are in GSS like if you are struggling or something
like that, I don't want to just assume that everybody in Gunstorm is fucking rich, right?
Like if you are struggling, if you need help or something like that, ask for assistance
in GSS.
The guys will point you in the right direction of a way for you to find a way to have a NullSec
independent or war independent means of income.
And everybody has their own favorite things.
And those are the explorations.
And some people be into the abyssal.
Maybe you're insane and autistic and enjoy planetary interaction like I do.
But there you go.
To be fair, again, like I said in the meta show, I'm now up at the I'm resetting my extractors
to seven days instead of four days because I think the longer you do PI, eventually the
lazier you get about it.
But there you go.
All righty.
But yeah, so the resources are available.
And the main thing is goons helping out other goons.
And you need to know that you do have an end of a place to ask for help.
And that is GSS.
It is your resource for all kinds of how is isk babby formed.
Another thing I want to talk about, and this relates to our hero hackers.
So GSFOE has been doing organized hacking.
And we love GSFOE.
And please do join it.
That's goons from offensive in Tosis.
Now when we founded goons from offensive in Tosis, or I should say when DeClorian founded
it, the hotness at the time was the Bifrost.
And then later the mages or magus.
I don't know how to pronounce it.
I say magus, but sounds a little weird.
Regardless, why am I bringing this up?
The buffs to combat interceptors have rendered the command destroyer T2 hackers absolutely
Do not use them.
If you use them, you will die.
Because previously speaking, the Bifrost and the maguses could boost themselves out and
be safe.
We want you guys to be using either the Drake's or the vexers or whatever next wacky bullshit
we come up with.
But if you try to use a in Tosis Bifrost or magus, you will get tackled and die because
CCP buffed the interceptors, which is cool and good.
But the old school, yeah, the whole command destroyer hacking system utterly obsolete.
Do not use them.
You will die.
All right.
And that is important.
There are lots of other cool things we can do.
And I want to one of the things that we have been seeing here in these big fights and in
general through our optimum is we are working on organizing and Tosis better.
That is, you know, essentially it's one of the harder things to manage in terms of a
battle space in the game.
The edge is working on it.
Big Bill, the boss has been putting some cycles into it.
And we do have a bunch of irregulars, I'm calling them, which is basically random patriotic
goons who are out there hacking bad guy stuff in the middle of ops.
And we'll be like, oh, hey, well, we didn't know that this was happening, but somebody
just killed a hostile I hub or killed a hostile TCU.
And there's been a lot of that.
The bad guys seem to have had an expectation that they could take our I hubs and take our
TCUs and then that magically we would give up, go away, as opposed to doing what we have
been doing in all of the other regions over the course of this war, which is fighting
back and taking their shit back because, you know, it benefits the attacker, regardless
of which side you're on when you're doing a fuzzy self contest.
All right.
Let me take a look.
I am checking my notes.
Bear with me.
We have updated our policy on stain.
Which is this I'm going to drop this here.
The stain Russians are very angry.
Do not piss off the stain Russians.
They don't want standings.
That's part of their thing is they don't want standings.
Don't go in there and piss them off.
Please read that.
There's no real reason for you to be going off individually and like running across.
You do not want to be on the wrong end of an angry Hercules.
It's like, trust me, do do not piss these guys off.
So, you know, the alternative that we have is to set them like soft blue, such that,
you know, if you head out there and you get shot, they would be blue, but they would not
set us blue, but they're not going to, you know, stain Russians do not like to set groups
That's how they are.
That's who they are.
We're not going to change that.
You don't try to change the stain Russians.
You just work with them and be glad that all of our guns are pointing the same direction.
So there's our stain Russian policy there.
Please do obey it.
All right, what else we got?
Is there a guide to C3 farming yet?
I don't think it's been pinged out yet.
Dot is working on that and we're going to have that out ideally within the next 48 hours,
if not sooner.
Let me take some questions here.
What's my favorite ice cream?
I'm not really a big, like I'm not really big on like favorite things.
I don't really like make lists of what my favorites are.
Favorite weed is the weed I can get and smoke.
I hate favorites because I'm lazy, right?
Like it just seems sort of odd to sit down and be like, here's my top 10 list.
I mean, some people are into that kind of thing.
I'm not going to shame it.
That's not really how I roll.
I chose Torridor because I was making a joke about me being a sort of Teehee Flounce Flounce
It's more of a Ventrue or Lysandra in heart if we're being real.
What's the deal with Army of Mangos?
So Army of Mangos are part of kind of like our Imperium Chinese, Army of Mangos, we're
all on the winning side of what happened on Serenity and FRT is on the losing side of
what happened on Serenity and what happened.
It's complicated as far as like all of the Chinese coalition politics from what I understand,
but I believe that the tensions between FRT and AOM pilots reached a point that AOM was
like, screw this, like FRT guys are shooting us or messing with us in some sort of way.
I'm not entirely certain on the details.
I do know that they have pulled out and fucked off though.
Why do I think that TEST is mostly in the background of fights?
Well, one of the reasons why TEST is on the background of fights is because we've been
doing the fucking work, right?
Like, so let's take a look at what happened today.
We went yesterday into TEST space and hacked a bunch of stuff and burned things.
And then today they're down there defending and then they formed up some dudes and chased
us into DELT because they had to do that in order to deal with the shit we've been doing
in their space.
So I think one of the reasons why TEST is showing up less and less is because we're
forcing them to jump on home.
And also they seem to be having, well, we're putting them under pressure, right?
Like they are, you know, one of the things that is an advantage for the guys like Pandemic
Horde is, you know, they don't live next to us, right?
They're staging YZ9 and occasionally they have to jump clone back to Geminate if Darkside
is chewing on their stuff in Geminate or what have you.
But mostly like it's all drone region-y kind of thing.
But TEST lives right next door to us, which is probably why it was a dumb idea to conspire
to backstab us and kick this whole thing off, but that's TEST for you.
So I think one of the reasons why they are under pressure and why they're degrading is
that they're right next door.
And so it's very easy for us to fuck with them.
And we have been.
Do we have any regular gatecamps/standing completes for dealing with the fuckheads with
insta-lockers that keep trying to kill dudes moving to cap standing?
That's a good question that I can't answer just right now.
We do have several corporate gatecamps that are up and active, but I don't know if they're
in position to deal with exactly the thing that you're talking about.
And I will look into it.
Is there a resource where we can read up on CD's stuff?
I think that actually they're on the verge of releasing.
I don't want to commit them to a date, but I've seen chatter about publishing a diplomatic
But that is always a huge amount of effort for our diplomats, and I don't want to put
them on the spot and say, "It's going to be out in two weeks."
Do you think that we'll need a new war to test or to come out of this with a dead test?
Well, I mean, here's how this goes.
Here is our path to victory, right?
We keep turning up, we keep grinding the bad guys down.
And again, I want people to understand, it is the trend over time.
They are going to have spikes for big fights.
And we've seen this already in the last several weeks where some days it's 2.1, sometimes
it's 2.5, sometimes it's 1.8, sometimes it's 1.9, sometimes it's 1.32.
As long as the trend line is headed in the direction of the PASP people passing on fighting,
they will continue, their progress will slow down and eventually slow to a halt, at which
point then the pushback continues on our side, and then test is fucked.
This is one of the other reasons why this is so much fun, is that essentially, the more
that people like Evictus and Army of Mangos and just the line members in PASP choose to
pass, test suffers.
The biggest losers in a scenario where the bad guys continue to fuck off and we're still
standing is test, because they're right next door to us and fuck 'em.
So that's kind of where we are.
And I mean, you know, I think it's certainly something in the mind of like the PanPam guys.
I don't think that you're going to see any like leadership withdrawal from this war.
Like Pandemic Legion, they're not really a part of this, but like NC.Horde, these guys
aren't going to go away in terms of like Gobbins making an announcement, like Elfboy is not
going to fuck off.
But his line members are increasingly going to do that.
And the reason why they're going to do it is because, well, PASP, one.
And two, at a certain level, they know they can go home and that we will turn around and
slit test throat, slit test throat.
So I think it's kind of like a win-win for the guys on the PanPam side.
Can we get a Drake doctrine for nostalgia's sake?
Well, actually, we have a Drake doctrine.
It is for hacking Drake's and it's something that we're going to be using a lot more of
because of the command destroyer hacker nerfs on account of combat scepters.
What are the estimations regarding war length and time?
Here is how long the war takes.
And this is something I want all you guys to know.
The war lasts one day longer than the enemies will.
That's all we have to do.
One day longer, one day longer than the willpower of the foe.
And we've got a lot more willpower than them, but that's what it takes.
That's what everybody needs to understand.
Just one day longer than the bad guys.
What about Red Alliance coming back?
It's awesome.
They are moving into Delve.
Hopefully you'll see them crabbing away in some areas.
And also in terms of offense, they are eager to work, from my understanding, they're eager
to work alongside the Stain Russians to continue to fuck with the bad guys.
They are not joining the Imperium as a coalition member.
They want their own coalition and we are always happy to help our ancient allies.
I mean, it's fucking R.A.
Mikasa Sukasa.
All right, so there are 900, almost 930 of you, which I want to thank you all for turning
We are not done yet.
We, I just got a good word from Asher Elias that there are going to be fleets right after
the fireside.
So we are going to wrap this sucker up and we are going to put all of our angry goons
into fleets and do things.
It's going to be a wild night tonight.
I want you to know that the bad guys are going to start hitting our Citios.
They did hit one of our Citios.
I'm very interested in Citio fights because if the enemy will not attack us on our keepstars,
the Citios are essentially one of the largest platforms that we have for Citadel defense.
We know that we have a tremendous advantage when it comes to fights on Citadels and we
have had a trouble.
We have had trouble getting the bad guys to hit the heavy stuff.
So we're going to be forming up.
We're going to be defending a mock Citio.
It has a armor timer.
We also have a bunch of soft stuff going on.
So shit's going to be hot tonight.
Things were hot yesterday.
I don't want the worst thing that can happen is for everybody to go, okay, we've got this.
We're grinding their numbers down.
I don't need to turn up today.
We need everyone.
We sounded the fucking horn of Gündor and things are heading in the right direction.
We've done a great job of blunting the enemy's momentum, right?
Like they are grinding and they are not happy about it.
And we love grinding.
This is what we do.
This is what we have always done since Goonswarm was fucking born is we grind like motherfuckers.
So we need you.
We need you for the grind.
Fleets are going to be going out shortly.
Look for those pings, join them and get strapped in.
It's going to be a wild one.