Fireside Chat Transcript 3 Jul 2k22

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All right boys and girls that fleet is docking up and arriving we're gonna get started here in a couple minutes
I really appreciate everybody that just went on that op
We did a couple of important cool things and scared the bad guys off
We're gonna be talking about that here in a second. All right, boys and girls
Let's go ahead and get started as usual. We do these in a lease in the conference at goon fleet calm
If you're new to the organization, that's where you can ask questions or just talk mad shit to each other. Whatever floats your boat
I appreciate you guys turning up even though we had to delay this one
We are in an offensive war and that means that we have to deal with the enemy trying to stop us from doing the things
We are doing and I like the quick reaction that we had there in general for a couple of weeks of war now
I'm feeling pretty good about things. We know that there is more to do because we are on offense
That means that everything is on us to actually move the dial
That means when the enemy gives us an opening we stay up late to twist the knife and we don't just sort of expect these
Things to be handed to us on a platter and I've been really happy with the way that people have been going on these ops
Particularly when we're coming to some of these dead zone ops, right when it's later for euros or earlier for the Americans to have to
Go out there
there are traditionally some time periods that it's very difficult to form an op on and
We have seen a lot of people doing the needful to get this done. I'm quite happy about that
So before we get into this, I'm going to talk about a little bit of amusing news involving shitting on the bad guys
Which is my favorite thing to do
Checking my notes. Yep. Sure. No at the start of this campaign
I spent a lot of time talking about how the enemy are
Landlords and slumlords in space and when I say the enemy, of course, I'm referring to the remnants of happy
You don't have to be a pappy and the year of our Lord 2022
There are options
There's lots of options. Look at brave
Look at Volta
There's lots of groups that are not part of happy but as we speak here today
right now
for some reason all of the pappies are dropping what they're doing and
running to the galactic Northwest fraternity
Against brave Volta and the other non pappies there because you see but here is this
What holds these people together and I say the pappies is?
Ultimately, they are all landlords. They are all slumlords. They're all dedicated to an economic system based upon renting out empty space in
many case to botters and our interiors
This is open. This is notorious and I didn't realize that at the very start of this fireside
I would get to point to that and say look
They're doing it again
They're showing you and the entire galaxy their whole ass of who they are what they stand for and what they believe in
and what that is is
Crushing the life out of any organization that does not rent like the pappies do
So brave and Volta are up there in the galactic Northwest
There's a Fortizar that's online and lo and behold PL and NC dot and hoarder just rushing over there to help fraternity
Because God forbid one of these fucking slumlords
Actually is held accountable for owning all of this empty space that they are otherwise going to be renting out
I'd say that our thoughts and our prayers are with brave and with Volta
But the reality is is that when NC dot and PL went into venal several months ago?
You guys may remember this they spent eight weeks plus just pissing and shitting themselves
Because they assumed that they would be able to turn up and roll everything
I believe that brave under a brave that has decided and chosen to not be a pappy
Is inherently a far more motivated and engaged group of people?
Then the boot and sub the space slumlords and I think it's really interesting to see the propaganda that we're seeing over this weekend
Yesterday I went out for to see the Blue Angels at local air show at the Cherry Festival in Michigan
not the one with the jet truck that exploded but
much more
Safer sort of event and while I was gone I came back to the keys this morning
I was looking around but there's all sorts of screaming about brave and fraternity and Volta and fraternity and all this and I think it's just
Choice it sums up that we fight against when you see in the teeth of this
Underdog story that's happening in the galactic Northwest. What do we see today in Euro prime?
We see NC and PL and hoard
Rushing to lick the boots of Norris not because they love Norris but because they love being
They love being slumlords
It is not just propaganda when I get up here on a fire side. Sometimes it is propaganda, you know, I
Everybody does hyperbole I hurt worse. I
Lean into the gimmick of the whole space Emperor thing. It's just an internet spaceship game
But what do they do in this internet spaceship game? They waste region after region after region
only in service of their wallets helping
RMT ears
Making excuses for them and of course at any moment that the pappies are threatened
They drop what they're doing and show their entire ass as the cowardly
Slumlords that we have been fighting for years now. So fuck those nerds and we wish brave the very best of luck in their fight
against these fuckers
So what else is going on? We have our own war and in fact many of the people that we have been fighting here
Who are rushing up to the northwest?
Well part of the reason why they're doing that is not just because they're slumlords for seeing a fellow slumlord and his system
Getting threatened but it is because they are afraid of you
This is particularly the case because we have been
Leveraging our euro time zone advantages and our u.s. Time zone is going from strength to strength
We know that before this war started our u.s. Time zone was having some trouble
But here in the Imperium we are open and honest when we run into troubles and we actually work
Collectively and so our u.s. Time zone has been getting lots of fights
Our euro time zone has been getting lots of fights and what do the slumlords want? Oh, no, they want easy dunks
They don't want the one-on-ones. They don't want to have anything that's less than a three-on-one. And so oh gosh
It's a shot at these same people who have had weeks
Get together and muster a coordinated defense against us have only produces more excuses and an opportunity to go off to the northwest
This is just for one op
I do continue to expect to see the bad guys particularly fire
Who live in the area that we are purging to continue to fight us?
But I want really highlight the slumlord behavior and shit upon it from a great height
Because the pappies insisted when I gave my state of the goon you in a few weeks back that this was just me
Hurfing blurfs. Oh, whatever. Oh, he doesn't really believe that. Well renting is banned in the Imperium. It's one of the reasons
I fundamentally bad for the game and I believe that we have seen that proven as the
Shaky and weak economic system that our enemies have been relying upon for years and years and years
Continues to show that it doesn't matter what you want to do
These same motherfuckers are gonna blob up together and insist that they're not doing the thing they're doing in order to continue
Their slumlord so fuck those nerds and I highly encourage all of you to repeatedly shit on them
People who are in C people who are in PL they are fully committed to the slumlord bit
They've been doing it for years, but I think it's hilarious that you have these hordelings are going like, oh, yeah
No, actually you're in Panama Corp. Okay, great
Your job is just to lick boots get over there and help shore up Norris's missing EU TZ
Go on go on go do it get to work
And I think that they should be reminded of this fact
I think that they should be shat upon from a great height rub it in their faces
Never let forget who they are and what they're doing, but we have our own war
We have a war that began when fire and all these fucking slumlords including fire
Started attacking us. We sent the Jeff deployment as a reprisal
We're like, okay. Well Norris is attacking us in HY. We need to come back here and deal with this. The pyramid is under attack
Okay, we're ready for a war. We're gonna go to war call all and we did and then what and then what?
They have had weeks of opportunity to muster a defense of a sort that they have tried to defend
I guess these people up in the northwest whatever
getting his excuses
But when I see excuses I see opportunity because what we have already seen is that we are able to
Charge at their staging systems and make them flee before us
We've been doing great work in the last few days last night
We went into ua LX and we just wrecked the place and we're gonna continue doing that guys at every opportunity
Where the enemy says oh, we're gonna seed the field to the Imperium
We are going to just shit the place up as much as possible. We'll set everything on fire. We will twist the knife
we will do as much damage as we can and
That matters because it's like the stratop tomorrow at 2130
2130 Eve tomorrow. We are gonna have a big fucking form up. We have cut a pretty nasty swath through the bad guys
That particular constellation where you LX is in the metaphor just left me there for a moment
I apologize, but the point is we did a bunch of fucking not twisting work and tomorrow at 2130
We will be capitalizing on it. I know it is July 4th
I know that it is a holiday in freedom land
That means some of you are gonna be out there shooting firecrackers
I mean some of you are not in freedom land will be around to be there for it and some of you will be chilling
Out after a long weekend if you can be there tomorrow
We are gonna be really moving the dial and while the enemy is
Trying to talk about what's happening in the galactic Northwest. We know why we were at this war
We know we were under attack
Then we have to purge these motherfuckers and pivot to deal with whatever comes next
The enemy has gone north for an op. They are not leaving the theater
We are seeing combat on pretty much a daily basis in multiple time zones
One of the things that is really nice about this war is is that there is combat. There is a fight
There's a lot of whining
But we need more troops. We need more ops
We need more dudes and to that effect many of you have been asking about move ops and asset safety move ops
And I understand I understand for the first couple weeks. I give a big speech
I call these people fucking slam wards and it just sounds like I'm her from blurfs and then
The battle reports are flowing in and you realize there's fights in every time zone and this is kicking up and interesting things are happening
And so people naturally come back to the game and want to get in on it
So what are we gonna do to make that easier for you? We know that randomly scheduled move ops are not easy for people
We can't just send a ping and say hey
It's a move up because people need planning to be able to pack their shit. So you're gonna start seeing on the op ticker
You're gonna start seeing planned preformed pre ping move ops. We're gonna get some more done
They are not going to be a random flash for a move up thing
But we're gonna get those they're gonna be posted on the op ticker on
If you don't know what the op ticker is, I suggest that you look at the top of
And you will see the fucking op ticker. There's more. It's not just move ops from 1dq to ge8
We know you want asset safety move ops from air Malin and point and we're gonna get those
There's gonna be next week not after this week's fireside
But next week there will be asset safety move ops and we're gonna have those posted on the op ticker - this is what we mean
We put what we mean about organization preparation
It's coming. There's a move up from Poiton. I move up from or Malin that will be next weekend and it will be posted
So you'll get a chance to plan and I'm generally the hearth here is not just screaming about some words and the bad guys
And whatever it's I want people to continue to be looking at the op ticker for not just move ops asset safety move ops
General strata ups because sometimes I'm up here saying hey guys 2130 tomorrow be there with bells on we're twisting the knife
That is true. That is what we're doing, but you will also see particularly in your time zone
Sometimes we'll do a medium her fop
sometimes we'll do a low her fop where if you get in the habit of just seeing what is the tempo of the war each
Day by beginning by looking at the op ticker
You will see some of the strat ops that we have not every strat op has a screaming all-caps mittens her ping and it shouldn't
Be that way because when I do that, it's making a very big her sign that the puppies can see so it's not just the stuff
I'm screaming about there's lots of ops move ops asset safety ops and general important strat ops if it's in the op ticker
It's important somebody had to put it there the cord team planned it. It is a scheme as needed. So do look to that place
Okay, I have a few other things that we need to go over procurement
Procurement has a list of things that we need
I believe centaur has already linked to actually three of those threads if you're looking for ways that you can contribute to the war effort
This is that if PL and NC dot
Want to run away if Horde wants to focus on what's happening in the northwest
For more than just one op we still have all of fucking fire and we have a lot of their space to set on fire
And that's on us. So again 2130 ops are gonna continue the pace of things is gonna continue if you're sitting there going
Gosh is the enemy fighting back?
Well, we had to interrupt the fireside time and delay it because the enemy had a flash form to shoot some of our shit
So it's a real war water is warm. Come on in. Okay, there's a few other big projects in the background
But these are Kremlin related things. We talked to the Kremlin about this earlier today
Let's go ahead and take some questions here and make sure I haven't missed anything the bad guys
There's this usual the constant stabber fleet that they send they should come here
They shoot the G attack jump bridge and then we form something and kill them
So if we're gonna have something there look for pings goon Berlin is next weekend
Oh another good question an update on the alt alliance name. We have picked the name
We're not gonna reveal it until the Alliance has been created. Your suggestions were very helpful. We picked something that is not
Exactly the same as what was an Elysium because if we said hey, that's gonna be the one then one of the bad guys
Would just cock block it
But we have it picked it's finalized and Jay is gonna make that Alliance and we're getting that process started
Any plan for getting rid of the FRT mission runner in Korean NPC Delph? Nope. Nope, not at all
I have no plans involving that fact
It's the first thing I've heard of it because I'm mainly interested in burning our enemies in the east because we're at war
It's a reasonable question because then I get to heart about the importance of the fact that we are at
Offensive war and progress in that offensive war is entirely dependent upon all of us turning up when it's necessary
To move the dial and that's why you're seeing things like if random crabs are getting killed during strat ops
And oh, do I give a shit? Uh-uh. No, not at all
This is not that kind of Alliance when we are at war we focus on war and we're at war. It's glorious
I love war. I hate peace. Ooh
Bounty threads sign a bounty thread. I like that center
Berlin is in a few days. I hope that there aren't going to be any travel issues
That's July 9th and 10th if you can manage to get there with very little notice
As well as burner bounty. So apparently actually we do have a
possible solution to the
Bad guys running burner missions in an NPC death
Which is if you hunt them down and kill them the state will pay you a bounty for the head hunting
That is really awesome. I love it high fives. Will you ever see a Mitanni lead fleet you can join?
Well, there are occasionally meat lead fleets
But they're always ones where it's just assumed that some guy who is a blowhard that doesn't really know too much is gonna crash
The thing into a tree I can handle not actually cap fleets. I can handle that but we don't like talking about dreads. Yeah
the fact that I am
unable to lead fleets and don't play Eve online is part of the mythology that we like to promulgate such that they never learned about
Like the ninja sieges or the other things we do back in the day
It is all good. Another question about the alt corp. Yes. We do in fact have a name for the alt corp Alliance future plans
That's a great way to get a future plans bingo square there the fish are doing pretty well
We have ten more Buenos Aires Tetras that were growing out in a secondary tank before we add them to the main tank
And again our nice big school going how sad are we about Eve Valkyrie shutting down? I
Did find that out earlier today. We're not particularly sad
I'm actually kind of surprised that it took them that long
Is there a point to SIGs and squads now that we're at war now, that's a that's a pretty subtle question
Now just because we are at war with main fleet and main fleet takes priority in many things SIGs and squads are actually
Extremely active doing SIG and squad things now that sounds like a non-answer. What does that mean? We're doing SIG and squad things
Well, if you're new to the organization
We have so many different SIGs and squads that have so many different
Objectives that they do just because we're at war those SIGs and squads don't stop and some of them are actively
participating under the auspices of our military
Chain of command, right? So there's a whole process there just and I think that in general when people join goons warm
It's one of the best ways to find like you're you're sort of tribe within the tribe
It's a great way for you to work on your f2 which is doing more than just being an f1 monkey
Developing a skill that is unique to you. Does that be unique unique but something that you're like
Hey, this is the thing that I can groove with I can bring in a dictar alt on fleets
I can start learning how to hack there's all these things that you can do to help out and their SIGs and squads for them
So we are always pushing people towards them because it's a great way to just make friends and have people to play the video game
Personally, I think the f3 question is I have that on my bingo card, too
So when I'm talking about f2s, I think that that actually counts for the f3 bingo square
Can we get a continual war update thread similar to the one that was in the war room during the last war?
That is a very good question
Jason and it is entirely dependent on what their kumi out of the kindness of his heart wants to do that
You have both f2 and f3 Wow
Okay, I would like to get a continual war update thread because it is one of those things where hey
Especially if there's a higher visibility thing happening in the northwest and people are shitposting about that. What's actually happening?
well, most of what we've been doing has been clearing out territory and Tenerife's and
Actually, I'm not gonna be talking about what we're gonna be doing next because that's an honest-to-god future plans that I caught myself from leaking
Something fuck. Yeah getting slightly better boys and girls slightly better
All right has the enemy made a statement about our war girls
The enemy has mostly said that they don't know why we're doing this
They are ignoring everything that I said in the state of the Union and acting like oh
It's crazy that we call them a bunch of space slumlords, even though they openly rent and have for years and defend renting as a practice
I believe that will require more knife twisting to get to the point that they
Actually acknowledge our demands and then we can't have those conversations though more stomping on enemy faces
Results in more reasonable diplomatic conversations, but I'm not too interested in diplomacy right now
Like I'm not really like if Constantine the sincere reach out to me today and it was like, okay
We're not gonna let the pavis stay on your border, you know, that's great, but they can't just say, okay
We agree and then we'll go away because there needs to be consideration to the contract
IE something to show that they're gonna stick to it and we will burn that bridge when we come to it
But mainly we were here because they pissed us the fuck off and they told everybody that they won the war against us or whatever
And so we will continue
with the burning and the maiming and the purging
Until you know, thanks clarify a little if push comes to shove will there be any appetite or plan to help brave?
That is definitely a future plans question. I'll tell you this actually though right now
I am NOT gonna drop what we are doing here when we have made so much progress where we have made the enemy
Abandoned their stagers and flee before our wrath drop what we're doing and go to the galactic Northwest
The reason why PL and NC are doing that is because one they need to defend other
Landlords and two because you have been kicking their asses in every time zone where they've been fighting against us
The reason they're doing this is that as always these slumlord bitches are like, oh
We're gonna go beat on brave - or the fetal guys to try to make ourselves feel better about it
We have work to do here and the mere fact that a good chunk of papi is going on this one-up
They're still gonna be back and in taxi
They're still gonna be fighting us until you see fights dry up
Which isn't gonna happen anytime soon because again, we're here having a late fireside because the enemy formed to come fight us
So the water is warm with the blood of puppies and we will stay here purging and burning and killing until such time as our
Objectives are complete before we start thinking about chasing after you know, oh a squirrel. It's up there in the Northwest
Let's go do that. No, fuck that if these guys want to divert their focus
We are going to punish them for it because the more that they divert their focus the more they leave their allies vulnerable
and we focus on the bottom line and
That means that we're not going to get distracted by things like that
I'm sure that Duncan Volta can actually handle themselves for a while and
Regardless, I wouldn't be making any kind of strategic commitments on a fireside because future plans
So if you want to get to a point where the chessboard is more more shaken up and I love the way that things are
Shaking up right now
Continue to go on ops 2130 tomorrow is gonna be a big one. There is a boat Eagle fleet that is forming right now
There is an op at 2130 tomorrow
Be there with bells on get on the fleet kill those bad guys. Let's get back out there
This is war guys. That means it's on us to move the dial. I will see you next week
But I mean how it's where I'll be here every fucking day
So ending all caps screaming pings about twisting the fucking knife as that is what we do when we're at war
Thank you for coming. Let's get back out there