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I'm gonna refill my coffee and we'll get going once the number is stabilized.
Alrighty, whittling girls. So as usual for a fireside chat,
we do these in Elysium at
It's a very strange thing for me because after our alarm clock adventures the other day,
I keep waking up before my alarm.
As you guys know, I'm sort of traditionally more of a schedule-free vampire type person.
And for days now, I've gotten up in the morning, which is weird,
and then done a whole bunch of what I call org work,
which is a nice way of saying being an asshole alliance leader
and meddling in the way that we handle our various organizations.
So I've been very, very productive.
And then it gets to be about noon and then I'm confused because,
well, life is weird. Anyway.
So we have a few things to go over today.
The situation strategically hasn't changed much from last week
in terms of where we stand versus our enemies.
We've had a little bit more practice with handling things in US time zone,
which is, you know, our vulnerabilities are set to midnight eve.
It's not quite US time zone.
It's more, you know, the midpoint, the dead zone, stuff like that.
Obviously, the bad guys have a Keepstar and AQT, but they have not moved into it.
We do expect them to try to put down probably one more before the big nerf patch hits.
There's a few things involving the big nerfs that we're going to be talking about on the fireside.
Just as reminders, if you are confused about what the whole big nerf thing was,
CCB is, I think, on the very same patch day that they're going to be implementing
the next phase of the quantum core changes, where you will need to install a quantum core
with any new citadel that you're putting down, is going to happen like October 13th.
And I think on that same day is the day that who knows what the fuck.
I have no idea, right?
If CCB decides to change what they were posting about in their big resource redistribution dev blog,
we really have no idea what they're going to do.
Like we're going to operate under the assumption that they are going to nerf the living fuck out of all of the resources around the game.
And that's going to happen on the same day as citadels need to have a core put in them when you're dropping a new one.
And it's just going to be really interesting.
So one of the things that the directorate wanted me to remind you guys about is,
and again, I am the least qualified possible person to talk about what to do with reprocessing your stuff before the patch hits.
So if you have rocks, I guess, that need to be reprocessed before the patch happens and nerfs all of the base mineral outputs of the rocks,
you guys can hear the gears like slowing down in my brain.
This is the topic like on the meta show last week where I was just fucking struggling,
but use your best judgment when it comes to, you know,
if you have a stockpile of unreprocessed or somewhere and CCB is nerfing everything to fucking back,
make sure that you're doing the right thing before CCB nerfs the fuck out of everything.
I understand my I'm not going to I'm not turning my nose up at PVE and it's just an area of the game that I haven't really gotten into yet
because for me, I'm still my PVE activity is smoking lots of weed and at 2 in the morning when I'm blasted off my ass,
I play with my little gearbox garden, which is what I think of as my PI is just gearbox garden and you know,
the little circles go around and gears turn and stuff happens.
But anyway, if you so be wary, there is this big ass nerf coming.
It's going to it's going to we don't know what it's going to do to the game.
We expect chaos, but we are well capitalized and we hope to be well prepared.
One of the big advantages that we do have compared to the rest of the galaxy is after sounding the horn of Gundor,
the first bank of Pocaina came around and really bailed us out.
So compared to rest of Eve.jpg, hopefully we'll be in good shape compared to everybody else.
But I want you guys to be aware. This is coming. It is coming imminently.
I am a little bit more than a week and a half from now.
Okay. That was the first bit of PVE related discussion we are going to have on today's fireside.
And in order to make my brain not shut off, I'm going to talk about some PVP first.
So I want to remind people about NGSA. We when we last moved NGSA,
and if you don't know what NGSA is, it is a system that we use to organize cloaky campers
and to then let you report into the system,
which is managed through Discord report what the bad guys are doing and then get that in touch with,
you know, fleet commanders and other people that can take advantage of it.
So you've got a bunch of cloaky campers network together.
It's optimized with ways that we're not going to go into and then it gets target data to the fleet commanders to do bad things with.
We sent NGSA into like catch and impasse for a while and then Brave and those guys like really got hardcore on being the new Quirious Fight Club.
And they're like super into the Quirious Fight Club and they aren't really doing as much ratting and mining and stuff in their backfield
because they haven't realized yet that Quirious blows ass.
So we have also seen some you can see life is getting back into my soul because I'm talking about war and murder again.
Meanwhile, Bastion and our Stainruss allies and Ferovictrix and several other entities across the Imperium have been doing lots of bad things to test in Esoteria.
They've been regularly like attacking their IHUBS and stuff and we've been seeing Legacy basically every single day jump cloning home in order to deal with hacks on their HUBS and angry Russians killing them for sport.
This is Ferovictrix for old school goons that answered to the horn.
Herculates took over AAA after Evil Thug wandered off and it turns out that he leads Ferovictrix.
So some of our like old school Russian allies from the Halloween war and before have been in Stainruss and are in Ferovictrix.
So like Kristos and Herculates and the boys are out there.
They have been giving Vili a lot of trouble and we're a big fan of that.
So what does that mean?
We having seen all the bleeding that's taking place in Esoteria and the amount of spazzing out that the bad guys are doing.
We're like, oh my god, why didn't we move in GSA?
So we're moving in GSA.
We are going to be moving them to Esoteria and hopefully Boris will post something in Elysium here to show people how to get involved with in GSA.
If you haven't yet, the basic idea is like if you have a cloaking alt, you can sign it up in the system.
Boris has just linked the Discord sign up.
Thank you, dude.
And we are going to be pivoting this.
It'll probably take us a couple days to do it.
We're going to be pivoting this to Esoteria.
And on top of that, this is linked up with our friendly Stainruss allies who I'm sure will totally not go on a rampage of war crimes based upon the information that in GSA provides.
So since Test is having some trouble in Esoteria, we are going to say, okay, brave as in querious.
So we'll and again, guys, I should remind everybody, please another thing while I'm asking people to reeling things again, the spirit is returning to me.
We're talking about war and murder.
Don't forget our bounty system.
The headhunters thread, we are continuing to offer bounties on any bad guys that are trying to rat and mine in our space in addition to bad guys that are trying to hack in our space or do anything involving Sinos.
So the headhunters thread, I will go diving for it myself.
It's pinned at the top.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
That means I get to be lazy.
So yeah, that is a thing.
There has been a tremendous amount of activity in terms of both our Black Ops group and Theta has been doing Black Ops things and it has been reaching my ears.
Our Russian squads have been doing a lot of independent like Russian squad things in general with the enemy at our gates.
There are lots of opportunities for aggressive PVP and fuckery.
And I encourage everyone to get involved because if you don't get involved during a hell or when do you get involved?
Okay, let me make sure I have said all the things I need to say about this before I dive back into something that is important, but it is also PV related.
Yeah, the brave guys like they moved into queries.
I don't know why they moved in like they legitimately bottom to their own bullshit that queries is like a valuable region and are trying to make it into something.
So just keep killing them and you will get paid.
Thanks to the headhunter thread.
And yes, insurgent squad is awesome.
The one of the things about the black hand in this war and the insurgent squad is a division of the black hand.
We don't really get a chance to praise the hand that often because what they do is secret.
We can only say that they are doing amazing things and we can't really talk about any new innovations or cool stuff that they've done because it's a hot war and you don't time stay to Sam your agents unless they're in amateur hour mode.
But the black hand has really been doing a lot of cool new things and you guys were in the black hand know the cool new things that you've been doing and we really do appreciate it.
It is making a huge difference.
So please keep on keeping on the espionage.
Meta game has been pretty awesome from our side.
This war.
I really can't complain there.
All right.
So what was the other TV thing I want to talk about?
This is something we have not emphasized in a while because it hasn't really been a huge issue, but it is something that we now have the time space and bandwidth to focus on, which is a DM's and Delver getting to be a bit of a problem.
And I want to remind everybody about writing a DM's up using myrmidons.
We will SRP your losses for writing myrmidons.
I don't know if people realize this, but writing myrmidons are incredibly inexpensive.
They make their money back in four ticks.
If you lose one while you are writing up our ADM's, these are the military indexes in Delph.
We want people.
We're going to basically be trying to do an ADM push for the next several days and implement some new systems to get them maintained.
One of the consequences of swapping our vulnerabilities from Euro time zone to the dead zone is that previously speaking in US time zone, the dead zone, we would be doing a lot of ADM work and we have shifted that group to fighting.
And so we now have the situation where in certain areas and delve ADM's are going down and we need to go.
Okay, this is a thing we need to like pitch in and make sure that this shit gets done.
So we actually have a couple of more systems that we're going to be implementing in the next week to week and a half, depending on this.
But for now, I do encourage you to go on ADM fleets.
I also encourage you to individually just go out there and rat in a myrmidon, right?
Like if you get if somebody tries to gank you in a myrmidon, you will probably be able to kill a lot of them just because they're tough little ships.
You can gank most interceptors that go after you pretty easily or assault frigates.
And if you get blown up, you will almost certainly make your money back and then you can file for SRP for it.
So delve ADM's are looking a little gross.
Please do remember one of the things we need to do for the ADM's command is we do have that in Elysium for the bot.
One of the challenges is there's a lot of query systems in the ADM's as well.
So like right now, basically just like look at delve, look at a system that has a lower ADM and go out there and myrmidon rat it up if you can.
There's also going to be ADM fleets and several other things I'm not going to talk about on the fair side that we are up to.
But it's a thing. Can we look at an NGSA like program for ADM's?
Yes. Great idea. I guess we're talking about it now.
That's that that that is what what our heroes in in Garba are working on developing next is a exactly that an NGSA system for ADM's.
So it's useful for people to be able to figure out how to use NGSA to camp our enemies.
And we just had a big ass meeting about how we're going to be doing that.
And I think it's a brilliant idea. And yes, Heidi, you figured it out.
But that's not ready yet. But that is going to be the next step.
The sort of the way that we work, guys, is we iterate and we optimize how CCB is always talking about how they iterate on things.
But we actually do it. So like we start with something. We're like, OK, we've got our ADM bond.
OK, how could we do a better job of that? Oh, hey, let's try to tweak our NGSA system to do it for ADM's.
And, you know, we just sort of turn these things onward. So that is kind of the next step.
But until we get to that point, we do need people to do ADM work, especially as the enemy is so close to us.
This is going to get more dangerous. It's not going to be easy.
It's not going to be simple, but we are going to do it.
Now, conveniently, the bad guys increasingly are jump cloning home to defend their own shit,
because it turns out that if you spend we're coming up on now in two days,
the three month anniversary of the official start of the war from July 5th to, I guess, October 5th.
Maybe it's not the exact three months, depending on how you count the 30s and the 31s or what have you.
But we're about to be at the official three month mark.
And there is a lot of blood in the water back home for our enemies.
Esoterio looks increasingly ugly. Geminate has been attacked by a bunch of Russians,
which is awesome, like Darkseid and a bunch of the old Solar Fleet guys have been doing bad things in Geminate.
Horde has set their ADM. Horde has set their vulnerabilities to 11 o'clock Eve,
which opens them up in the Australian and Chinese and Russian time zones.
And Tess had moved their Vaulns to Euro time zone, because they're brain geniuses.
So, it's good. It's good. I can't really complain about that.
It's considered rude to interrupt your enemy when they're making a mistake.
OK, what else we got? We talked about reprocessing.
We talked about ADM stuff, the NGSA stuff.
And Heidi already figured out that we're going to be coming up with a NGSA ADM system as well.
One thing that I would really ask, if you are bilingual or multilingual and you are in a non-English speaking corporation of some kind,
we have mostly reminded everybody successfully to make sure that your ESI stuff is good for your characters.
Right. Like, remember a couple of weeks ago, CCP fucked everything up or changed something about their SSO or whatever.
Beep boops, whiz gigs. My tiny mitten brain is not required to understand exactly what CCP did to bork ESI.
But we essentially had to re-register all of our characters, myself included, in our systems to get stuff to work.
And, you know, when we're given an English language fireside, it's all well and good for me to say, hey, like I reminded the guys.
But please, if you can, reach out to make sure that people in your various corporations have actually done this,
because if people aren't registered on our ESI system, bad things happen.
A lot of a lot of useful data comes from that, that we're able to do things with and also catch spies, mainly catch spies.
So make sure that people get it done, please.
OK. So test switch with us. That's a question from Ronald Coss.
Yes, we shifted to zero zero zero midpoint and test switch to, I think, a seventeen hundred midpoint.
I'll have to go take a look at it again. But yeah, they moved to your time after we moved to to dead zone time.
OK, one other thing I want to hit on here before I'm going to take some questions is we talked about this last week and we actually got a couple of suspicious people appropriately shot for it.
We. Keep hearing these reports from our enemies, our enemies like to brag about the idea that they're totally smuggling tons of super caps out of Delft,
but in practice, we've only found a couple of instances of it.
So instead of like implementing a big grand coalition level policy of like every in the past, when it came to super capital sales,
we would have regulations like you had to be in the alliance for X amount of time and have some sort of kill board activity and all this sort of bureaucracy to jump through.
But what we tried last week and it's worked out pretty well is just if you see something, say something.
So if you are looking on as part of your finding things involving public contracts or other weird shit that doesn't add up, please contact and nominate and Faud, F-A-U-D, Judge Faud.
And they will investigate things. Ramasi, whose name I'm mangling, I don't know how to pronounce a lot of space names because that's how how it is.
Ramasi, whatever he personally got us like two suspicious looking potential spy slash smuggler type people who got shot.
So that was awesome. Keep it up. I don't think it's actually that bad because we've had goons like looking at this and inspecting things for a week now.
And there were only a handful of instances that we did investigate and then deal with.
But I want to encourage people, if you see something, say something. We don't need to have a big fancy regulation about this.
And yeah, so keep on keeping on. If you see fraud, call Faud. That is actually really good.
All right, so let's take some questions here. I'll take the first one here from Newton said,
When I was called, I was hoping to lose big toys and blaze of glory, but apparently Swords was fought exclusively with frigates and destroyers. That is absolutely not the case.
We have been having lots of big fights with packs and battleships and super caps and stuff.
So if your impression is that you have only seen fights with frigates and destroyers, I would suggest that you look harder at the broadcasts.
If you happen to be in a time zone, and I don't mean to be like shitty to you about this. If you're in a time zone where that is all you're seeing or you've only just resubbed,
we are we are doing something pretty cool with frigates and destroyers, actually, that I want to talk about why you might have seen an uptick in the use of Cormorants and drama fleets working together with gunners is we have come up with something that I think is super cool.
This came out of the cord team. We often goons don't snipe much, right?
There are certain activities that goons are known to not be very good at, right?
Like, we're not known for being tacklers.
And over the years, we have gone through and fixed various things that goons are bad at.
So, for example, I expect that we're going to get pretty good at understanding how access lists work, because, you know, when we fuck something up, we try to learn from our mistakes, right?
So, like, access lists are going to be like the next thing, kind of like after the great whelp of Delve, where we didn't do enough finance and New York forgot to pay our solve bills and we lost Delve because of our own idiocy.
And in back in 2010, we overcompensated for that by creating, like, you know, the finance team and have become an economic superpower because of that.
So we got stung pretty bad about the whole access list thing.
And that's going to be one of the things that we're working on.
But in terms of developing capabilities and bringing it back to Frigate and Destroyer Fleets, we realized when we have this really cool tornado doctrine called Windrunners that we only have a few FCs that actually really know how to snipe with them.
And we were farting around, and somebody had the brilliant idea in the core team that, "Wait a second.
Why don't we just do this with Cormorants that are basically like little baby things, and it's pretty much impossible for the enemy to win an ISK or fight against Cormorants."
And then somebody else had another bright idea, which is like, "Well, you know, Drama Fleets can be a little lonely if all you're doing is going out there in a Drama Fleet and you're the only guys in Interceptors and you don't have, like, friends on the field.
And then Gunning can be a little lonely, too, if you're the only guy who's, like, gunning in Astrohoose and there's no Fleets."
"Hey, why don't we start throwing Drama Fleets and Cormorant Fleets with Skirmish Commanders that want to learn and with Gunners and teach them how to work together to snipe the crap out of the bad guys, ECM burst the bad guys simultaneously while working in sync with a Gunner?"
And this is just a fantastic training opportunity. It's way more effective. The barrier to entry to being a Skirmish Commander, if you want to try, like, Interceptor Fleets or Cormorant Fleets, goons love sniping.
So one of the things that we've been seeing, we're just not very, like, practiced at it, but it's cool when we get to, you know, do it.
What we've seen, Schadenfreude has been running a bunch of these Fleets, Dodd has been running them, a bunch of guys have been running them in the last few days.
So if you're going, "Why are there all these frigate and destroyer Fleets?" It's because we've come up with a new gimmick and we're messing with it.
And it's a great Skirmish Commander training opportunity because nobody cares if you lose a Cormorant Fleet.
And if you kill one bad guy, you're ISK positive and the bad guys are ISK negative.
So if you guys look at the OP ticker on, you'll see that there are now a bunch of in advance plan, because I don't care about OPSEC when it comes to Cormorants and Drama Fleets, right?
Like, it's a thing. So we're going to be doing more of that and it's been pretty effective, it's been pretty fun.
So that is why you're seeing suddenly an uptick in Interceptor plus Cormorant going out to these little timers, because it's just a great training opportunity in goons learning how to snipe and it's fun.
Speaking of Windrunners, if you're in the Fireside, you can just stay there and read Fleet Chat, because Havish is forming up a Tornado Fleet.
So yeah, that's kind of where we stand and that's why we're doing that, right?
So our plan is... actually I'm not going to talk about what our plan is.
As you guys saw from the battle on 49, we are eager and willing and looking for opportunities to fuck using our big boy toys.
We want to do this at the first opportunity. The bad guys are trying to avoid giving us opportunities to drop all of our super caps on them.
But hope springs eternal.
One of the reasons why it's still a weird thing is the bad guys seem to think that if they just drop more Keepstars at us that we will implode as an organization, because I think that they believe that we're like space monkeys at heart.
They seem to think that we're like Razor or Space Monkeys or Askin, or insert any like Crabb/Renter alliance sort of dynamic here.
And their theory, which they've conveniently spelled out on talk shows, is that, quoting Dunk Dingle, that they don't need to attack our Keepstars because they will put Keepstars down.
And then some stuff happens and Goonswarm implodes and then they blow up our Keepstars after we have been... somethinged.
But they're not going to attack our Keepstars until after we... whatever.
So that's kind of what's going on, right?
Psylex says they'll win this offensive war defensively. That does seem to be their desire, is they want us to attack their Keepstars while refusing to attack our Keepstars.
If you responded to the horn, the reason why this is happening, I believe, is that when we were defending our Keepstars in Fountain and figuring out our Keepstar defense doctrine, we were doing that only with subcaps because it was in Fountain, which if you bring up GTS you'll see the geography of things.
Again, I always tell people, if you don't understand what's going on in the war, you really need to look at GTS. You need to learn how maps work.
It's not that hard to understand capital jump ranges and how that has a strategic impact on fights.
But they got stung so badly on the Keepstar fights in Fountain that they basically just started throwing Keepstars down in this big chain and saying we don't need to fight Goons on their Keepstars even though 99% of our member assets are in our Keepstars.
So... I... I... It is rude to interrupt your enemy when they're making a mistake.
But who knows? Maybe they're right. Maybe if they drop a Keepstar in NPC Delve and move everybody into NPC Delve and bang pots and pans together, we will disintegrate.
Maybe I am the one who is deluded in thinking that Goons are about more than that, and maybe they're right. They're not right. I'm right. Fuck them.
But that's what they're thinking, right? That's what they're thinking is that if they just do another move up deeper into actually getting into Delve, presumably NPC Delve, then Magic and Rainbows, you all give up and go away.
My theory is that we want to kill their Supercat fleet and that they will have to put it somewhere in a place that we can try to kill it if they want to make any progress.
But we'll find out soon.
"Want to buy Merms at non-Fuckgoons prices in 1DQ1."
So, since I just hyped for everybody to put Merms up in 1DQ1, I don't know what the price situation there is. Please do make sure that gets stocked.
We haven't talked a lot about Mermodons in a hot minute, so yeah, guys, please, let's get on that.
If you see a big, crazy Fuckgoons price, then if it's a relister, we can deal with it.
But, yeah.
Alright, let me take some other questions here.
"When will John Hartley make some fleets?"
That's a good question. So, here's the thing, guys. The Euro timezone guys, all of you and your leaders, for months bore the brunt of fighting the entire goddamn galaxy.
And when we shifted our vulnerabilities to Midnight Eve, I shouldn't keep calling it US timezone, I wanted the Euros to take a fucking break.
Especially the fleet commanders who have been doing fleet after fleet after fleet after fleet.
So, the guys kind of took some time off to play Among Us and to play Path of Exile and stuff like that, and that's good.
One of the biggest things when you're doing large-scale strategic warfare is you can't burn out the top people on your team, right?
And so you have to push for a time, and then when people have a chance to take a break, you need to let them take a break and stuff like that.
So, I think a lot of the fleet commanders who are doing constant fleets for months, keeping us alive, when we did shift the funds, they started taking a break.
And I encourage them to do that, so please don't go like, "Oh my god, don't guilt them into running fleets."
They will engage when they want to engage, and right now I feel like we're doing pretty good.
But, meh.
I mean, Jon has been around and making crabby noises about various things happening today, so, you know, I think he's--
If he's being crabby about stuff, there'll probably be fleets and he will call you a melon.
It seems Mr. V is back, when can I join a Mr. V fleet?
Similarly, I don't like to force people to FC.
It's a really bad management thing to arm-twist or guilt people to do that.
So yeah, Mr. V has been around and doing things with black ops, and if you hump his leg and annoy him about FCing, it's less likely that he's going to FC because it'll seem like it's a chore and an obligation as to something fun.
So, let Mr. V do whatever the fuck Mr. V wants to do, because that is how you get people to engage.
You don't pressure them, you don't arm-twist them, you don't guilt them.
"Have I seen the new no-graphics UI overlay-- UI-only feature on CC? What's my opinion?"
That's a really good question, HerutisGosh.
That is the most amazing thing ever, and I hope that CCB gets it implemented before we get a chance to go after their supers.
Because my dream scenario is that the UI mode, the new UI mode, which basically allows you to go ultra-potato, where you don't even have any 3D rendering, you're literally playing a spreadsheet, you're playing Eve through your overview.
Ultra-potato mode is the fucking dream for another BR5.
Like, I would-- I would-- oh my god, please, I hope that CCB gets that involved soon, because that would make our lives a lot easier in the whole "us murdering the fuck out of their supercat fleet" thing.
Like, it's huge. It is fantastic.
For a 5,000-person fuckfest fight, the last thing you need is your 3D card rendering something.
You want ultra-potato so you can kill their titans. That's the thing.
It's not something you would necessarily be doing, except in a BR5.
When it comes to a BR5 fight, you want all of your shit to work as best as possible, and pretty graphics.
We're all playing in heavy potato mode anyway.
So yeah, things are happening.
I'm gonna shut up, because if I talk too long about things, I have a nasty habit of giving away too much free intel and stuff like that.
But keep on keeping on, let's work on those ADMs, please do utilize your mermodons, move your NGSA alts, join NGSA if you haven't yet.
We are going to cover Esoteria in Cloaky Campers, because fuck them, that's why, and feed them to-- feed the test guys to a bunch of angry Russians.
Thank you all for coming, we will see you next week.
And again, if we have a chance, guys, if we have a chance to go after their supercap fleet, we are absolutely going to do that.
So make sure that you have your caps and supers moved to the place that they're supposed to be in, and that continues to be our thing.
The enemy has just been very cagey about actually putting their supers out in a place that we can take a whack at them.
So there you go.
Hopefully they'll listen to this Fireside and react by saying, "We're gonna show off our supers, the Batania's lying, here are our supers."
hope springs eternal. Thanks for coming and let's keep on keeping on.