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online where you get ganged and it's not because you're weak and stupid right but you know you
guys know what i mean like the people who are out there with the shit fits and just being utter
dumbasses for in some cases their only value is to die as an example to everybody else to not be
that guy so we want an element of risk in depth because that keeps us hard and angry and focused
upon our enemies who are still there the same people who are involved in losing things before
are all eager to blew up or work together oh you know oh don't shoot you know you know don't shoot
anything that's neutral only shoot the titan same motherfuckers same motherfuckers same discords
same people same attitudes same landlords same fucking pappy puppies they're there
they're hunting you and you need to never forget that when we are in a situation where it looks
like things are going well for us in terms of grand strategy keep in mind these people are
actively still there they are watching you they are hunting you and i look forward to humiliating
more of them we want to see more of that just i want you guys to keep in mind they are still there
anytime they're like oh well you know we're all shooting each other when it comes to the
imperium these motherfuckers are always going to blew each other in a heartbeat to fuck us because
that's what they do never forget it never believe the puppies lies so on the other hand it's pretty
fucking hilarious and i'm delighted that it happened and that we end them i just wanted to
point to the evidence of the thing that i've been saying when i you know when we run across the
galaxy and we blow up a keep star and we say anybody that turns up to defend this keep stars
on a fucking list because they're helping test when we blow up a setio that fire had because
they were helping test and fuck them as a result okay cool clearly delineated policy
is that necessary yes it is necessary because look at what happened last night they're still there
they're still happy they're still doing the same shit that has not changed keep it in mind you are
being hunted your friends your corporation your alliance the coalition are actively being hunted
by people who are still your bitter bitter enemies never believe their lies always look at their
actions and their actions are a bunch of pissed off landlords who are mad that they can't do the
shit that they did 15 years ago and in some cases i mean literally that because when you lady scarlet
popping up to comment on an op what does it tell us it tells us that she you know at the highest
level of nc. they were involved okay okay cool it's good to see where everybody is standing
on the chessboard now there's no speculation required okay now beyond that i have a couple
of other housekeeping things to talk about on this fireside uh involving move-ups so after this
fireside there's going to be a big ass move up if you have big ass things you know what sort of big
ass moves we're making and then about an hour after that move up completes we are going to do
an asset safety op out of our mollens so instead of doing at the end of the fireside immediately
we're not going to do the asset safety op but an hour after uh the other post fire sessions we will
be doing an asset safety or mullin op so when you guys like that we're going to try to keep thinking
that a regular thing just to make it as easy as possible for everyone to get their shit and that
is what to expect i have a couple of other items i'm going to blast through real quick and then
we're going to get to q a because it's always kind of an interesting transition to go from like her
flurf purge burn kill to hey guys corpse diplo is recruiting but corpse diplo is recruiting and
corpse diplo is something that only recruits once in a blue moon uh if you are interested in being a
blueberry which is the term we have for uh aspirational diplomats uh check it out it is
probably one of the most difficult organizations to get into in the imperium because it is a higher
security uh thing than just being in the directorate itself actually so we do run people
through the ringer being a diplomat for goon swarm is an extremely significant post uh and there's an
extremely high attrition ratio of people who apply uh it's sort of like the the special forces of
the silver tongue part of the world like you know i mean look at fucking hyper viper right look at
fucking merkel chin like merkel chin is running cd now you got hyper viper in there too do you
have what it takes to have a silver tongue on that level we hope to find out we hope to find out and
you don't just have to be silver tongued you can be silver tongue in typing like you just got to be
able to do the thing so the cd applications are open there should be links to that thread getting
posted i saw it was pinged before the fireside thank you there you go we're gonna have some
updates for everybody on alt corpse and moons next week are almost finalized with that policy
we have finished up the uh sort of moon nation stuff at the corp level we just had a kremlin
meeting about that billy bop and the guys in gsol and finance have been heroes through that entire
process and everybody in the criminal level has been working very well with them it's actually
been a very smooth and lovely process and that's great because it means i don't have to think too
detailed about you know things that don't involve war murder and grand strategy which is really
my jam so the system works i'm pleased with uh i also have a request here uh we are you know look
i am sympathetic towards ccb on a lot of things because eve is a complicated game but i could
figure out pi and the fact that capital production is bottlenecked around a fucking p1 is something
that even i understand enough to be butt-blasted about it so if you can't make broadcast nodes we
still need broadcast nodes at the p4 level but we need water because ccp bottlenecked cap production
around a fucking p1 so if you can you know if you're if you don't want to set up like p4 like
broadcast nodes thing shitting out as many p1s as you can is something that's going to be very
important we have essentially a bottomless need for water uh the p1 planetary interaction product
just water and you know that's one of the reasons why there have been so few new capital ships built
across the galaxy is is that ccb's genius system bottlenecked cap production around fucking
p1 like i i got nothing what about citadels here's a question what about stills when will
normal so people can drop their own uh in structures around same for corporations we're
well after the war now we could go back to normal well a couple different things here well almost
there too there's no such thing as normal whatever you thought of normal before the war no longer
exists and will never exist again uh but we're close to having that like we are uh like we're on
the verge of having thread i would say probably next week we're going to have the alt corp thread
that is something that is actively being worked on now that at the corporation level
uh that has been handled so that's sort of um i i want to i want to i thank the kremlin for this
a few minutes ago in the criminal meeting and i just want to thank you guys for bearing with us
i believe that we are nearly done with the after victory bureaucracy phase one of my sort of
sayings is after victory bureaucracy because when you are fighting a 14 month long war and then your
enemy just blows up one day on august 3rd because pro god's a fucking idiot then as i've said before
we had to move up all of these policy things that we had to do because we expected to continue to
be fighting and we didn't think that we would need to have these policies ready in fact it
would have been foolish for us to to divert efforts into setting up a moon policy when we had
a war to fight that is exactly what pappy did is they they colonized our space because they were
more interested in setting up policies than thinking about war but now now after months of
busting ass uh i'm pretty confident that we are nearing the end of the after victory bureaucracy
phase and when we're able to show off the alt court policy such that you guys can start doing
exactly what cynthia gray said and being able to put all corpse in and get some moon mining going
on oh we're almost there so look to that next week and much credit to g sole and crimlin and
kazanir in the finance scene for busting ass on the shit all right let me take some questions
apparently we had a war bond payout the system works this might be a quick one guys because i
do want to move some of our strategic forces around the chessboard i've been very pleased
with some of our moves uh just in terms of fleet and being area denial stuff uh we have had um
things are going in a way that i am pleased by uh basically denying huge chunks of the chessboard
from dinner of it and forcing enemies to make difficult choices but i'm not going to go into
any more detail about that on fireside even though i'm very enthusiastic about it well i i did get to
get to uh let my freak flag fly and go into more detail in the criminal meeting but whatever i have
terror into pure blind to farm brave that's a good question so obviously i received a number of
questions brave said that they were going to go to pure blind uh basically everybody sat up took
notice and was like when are we going to go up there and fucking these guys now the answer is
probably already uh we are not deploying six and squads to pure blind uh but i have a feeling that
goons are going to be up there shooting them and probably already have been shooting them i haven't
i haven't checked the kill boards today but uh what we're going to do is this guys uh i want
everybody else to play their cards first i'm a simple creature unless we are forced to do so i
want to see what the bad guys are going to do so uh brave said hey we're going to go over here and
we're going to invade a russian alliance which i think is a dumb idea i don't think you should
telegraph who you're invading before you've even moved but papi's gonna papi uh and we need to to
watch them put something down because if we immediately deploy up or hover a bunch of blurfs
about it then the puppies are going to immediately um start probably defending brave and be again
which is fine because they're all still a bunch of pappies i just want them to put some of their
cards on the table first so we can choose who we're going to fuck over in a more cold clinical
and cruel way question about who is next i mean if you have a bingo square i'm guessing this is
bingo bait but obviously test is next and test continues to be next our third biggest war
criminals from the vietnam war were test horde and uh brave and so it's an interesting situation
brave is pretty much falling down a cliff on their own without necessarily helping them
uh we will probably begin helping them but i'm not going to be saying that out of the fucking
fireside uh but there is no lack of war and murder and don't worry as soon as i can find a way to
most effectively uh stab these guys we'll be doing it we have already been i mean we blew up tests oh
shit keep star that was pretty cool nobody came for that which was great because we said if you
turn up for that we'll fuck you and so i think people are starting to kind of get the message
as to our clear bright line diplomacy of don't help these fucking people or there will be a
reprisal any limitations expected towards hunting in nearby regions i mean nope nope like we're
we're not actively going next door to attack pivc from a strategic perspective uh i like having
neighbors that are uh not blue that we can shoot i do not want any pivc space we have our stuff
in the galactic southwest there is no like an invasion pact or anything like that it's just
we have our thing we fought for our thing here in the galactic southwest for almost a year and a
fucking half and i just don't want any of their shit started that war we didn't start that war
we love our space in the southwest that hasn't changed but you can go across the street and
shoot those people up if you feel like it don't expect an invasion fleet backing you up but just
you know absolutely like the entire galaxy was hostile to us and is still hostile to us fuck
all these people fuck fuck them like there's not a distinction really between who's hostile and
who's not there's imperium and there's not imperium and not imperium spent a lot of time and
effort in the last year and a half trying to keep us from hanging out together and talking to each
other in situations like this so uh i'm not interested in like non-invasion packs i'm not
interested in invading their space but you know i'm fuck them like you know the the natural state
of the galaxy is not me going gosh i can't wait to be friends with these people that just spent
the last year and a half howling for our fucking blood and trying to destroy everything that we've
worked for fuck these people does mittens like to play blue and magic the gathering i haven't played
magic since high school i got out at around the ice age expansion in the 10th grade but i was a
blue blood control deck kind of guy uh here's a question about locust fleet tax after bonds are
paid and debtors are paid so questions about taxation essentially the way that tax works is
we have a whole bunch of finance people and there is a dialed in number where the interests of the
people being taxed and the interest of the state which has to repay debts and also make sure that
we have the infrastructure is all in alignment if the taxes are too high people will not engage in
the activity and that will show up in the data and then we will dial that number down as needed
um so you know i'm obviously not the the pve tax policy guy we have a bunch of very smart people
that are into that kind of thing and they're good at it in a way that i am not but from a big picture
you know space empire leader guy perspective uh if the tax system is not fair and does not add value
to both the line and to the state then the system is not working and we will optimize it until
it shits out as much value for all uh and everybody's as happy about as reasonably possible
there's always a few people that will never be happy but we don't listen to those people
so you know whatever but in general for almost all of these things that we are implementing
things like the upcoming alt core policy for dropping moons the system we have now with uh
the the corp moon auction that billy bop and finance and all those heroes have been working
on and implementing uh these are new policies cynthia gray brought up earlier and i do want
to hammer on this not but cynthia gray brought up something wrong but it's just a clarification i
want people to get um it's kind of like thinking about the before times whatever you thought of
eve online whatever you thought about reality uh before 2020 uh we ain't going back to that
the game is different quality is different systems are different so do not assume that
there was this you know sort of uh nostalgic nostalgia is also very dangerous because one
of the things about pre-war delve is that we could have done a better job building a better fortress
stealth we could have done a better job and we learned that the hard way we learned a lot of
things in this war about shit that we could have done god fuck why didn't we do this or oh shit
and in many cases in many cases the fuck-ups were because we could not have anticipated something
that had not happened yet in other cases they were fuck-ups because we're goons and we're humans and
failures happen and it's not about failing it's about how do you learn from the failure and then
alter things the next time so all of the systems that we are implementing here are evolving systems
that are in many cases based upon lessons learned of shit that went wrong during the war or things
that we wish we had done pre-war and now we're testing the shit out so please do bear with us
because these systems as we are implementing them are not fully set in stone inside of like three
months they probably mostly will be right if something breaks we fix it and we iterate on it
that's just how we do things we optimize things because we're not idiots apparently that's not a
normal human behavior but for us optimizing things is what we do i remember years ago ccp after one
of their things was like doing this big we're all about iterating on systems guys we're all
about iterating on systems and we actually kind of do that here in goon swarm ccp you know we'll see
i am excited about the crab beacon stuff i want to talk about the crab beacons a little bit
i think that there is a lot of potential here and if there is a lot of potential here we need
to make sure that we are focusing on it and analyzing it and attempting to beat the puppies
at getting the value that we can from these sites they're still on the test server they're still
being optimized but it's something that we are very much paying attention to because that is
exactly our jam potentially if it works if it's worth it if it depends but most of our eyes are
on that as the snudge wink wink ccp isn't going to say ccp is not going to say in a blog guys
now maybe they will maybe somebody in ccp will hear this fireside i doubt it um but if they do
they might hear me saying this and maybe i'll be wrong whatever it's not about me i don't think
we're gonna get like a dev blog going hey guys sorry about that whole scarcity thing and here's
how we're gonna do this to fix it and blah blah blah blah like they don't like to admit when
things did not go well i don't i don't even know if they're aware yet about the fucking water
bottleneck to capital production i never thought i'd see a eve online where the build cost of
wyvern is fucking 95 billion and that was last week it might actually be even more now because
you know i haven't looked at the numbers i'm not a numbers guy but that was fucking scandalous to
build a wyvern for 95 billion in a world where water is the bottleneck to making caps and then
they're introduced against her for capital content so i think the crab beacons are going to be uh
sort of our way out of scarcity do not expect ccp to come over the top and be like hey guys we've
acknowledged that no whatever like when they screw something they try to memory hole it it acts like
it never happened if you remember the blackout i remember the age of chaos if you remember the
extremely goon targeted drifter invasion shit back in 2019 so like just just set your expectations
accordingly goon storm in the imperium is going to do our thing and we're going to find our way
through the scarcity shit because the way through the scarcity shit is not some sort of magical
absolute value number of isk or assets keep in mind everything in eve continues war or no war
as a strategic organizational competition our goal because remember pappy is still an npc delve
they're still working together they are still functionally blue to the entire fucking galaxy
when it comes to us we are going to find our way out of this our way out of this is by doing better
than the other guys day after day hour after hour month after month year after year it is about
organizational competition getting more resources differentially than the other guys over time and
those advantages over those advantages accrue and the the proof of that is is that we're still here
and we won the fucking organs in our galaxy over a year and a half so that's why i want these things
on people's radar i'm also very excited about them because right now they're tuned towards
hod reds i don't know if they're still going to be tuned towards hot reds but a pve site that
advantages dreadnoughts is basically my wet dream not so much because i give a fuck about pve but i
want all the fucking dreadnoughts i want all the fucking dreadnoughts i want so many fucking
hod reds oh my god that would be the dream because you know carriers super carriers amazing for the
wood chip so not talking shit about that fighter blobs critically important on defense but man
if we have as many fucking you know if there's if there's dreadnought pve and it's just
infinite hot dreads across the entire imperium that is that that is that makes me a very very
happy space emperor so i'm very excited about that and i hope ccb doesn't fuck it up so so that's
where that's why i you're hearing me get excited about crap site it's not because i'm like hey i'm
like i want you guys to get rich i want you guys to get more fucking dreadnoughts and i want ccb
to fuck it the dreadnought production process so that we can get more dreadnoughts and do this
and then use them to skull fuck the puppies because god damn that would be awesome
i'm just imagining you know pre-war again you know normal this is an example of normal like
bat pre-war you have people running around with 40 fucking rock walls and obviously you can't put 40
dreadnoughts in one of these sites but you know just we think it's scale and the opportunities
of being able to earn income using a ship that is one of the best anti-titan weapons currently in
the game is something that makes me very happy from a vengeance against all who oppose us
perspective god that's a lot of dreads if you can find a way to get 40 dreads and run as many
fucking dreads as we had roar quality god bless uh when these things come in we'll see if it's
even possible we'll see what is possible you guys will figure it out you guys are the experts at the
ship not me uh this is very much you know the the the line members need to succeed and the rising
tides lifts all strategic boats because if you guys are rich and loaded with fucking dreadnoughts
it's really easy for us in the directorate to you know point at a puppy organization and just drown
it in capital ships and murder everything and that's what gets me all hot and bothered because
we've had um we've had like uh in in in fat uh no it's head gp and head gp we've had north of like
700 dreads and that was super cool it was us and our allies we've put 1100 battleships on the field
before we've put 1100 titans on the field before i just you know i i just want a couple thousand
dreads guys i i just want a couple thousand dreads if you remember in peacetime long before
we got to the war and we had maximum delve time unit and roar qualls everywhere and i came to you
on firesides and i said i don't want you guys to just have a titan i want you to have a shield
titan and an armor titan i don't just want those two titans i want to make sure you have faxes to
go with them i want to make sure that you have everything if you get one of these assets i want
you to get more because as it turned out gosh surprise surprise eventually the entire fucking
galaxy is going to blow up and come attack us and so we're going to need everybody to not just have
one capital ship or just one titan but a shield titan and an armor titan and a bunch of dreads
and a partridge and a pear tree and four fucking roar qualls and whatever it takes to murder the
fucking puppies that's what it is when you are at peace they are hunting you you are not at peace
this is not peace all of our enemies are still here they are just hoping we forget that they
are still here and scheming against us and so the path to victory and the path to vengeance
and justice is in these times of peace to not think that it is peace to continue to strive for
more military allow us to project power strategically and build your personal economic
engine one of the reasons why we were able to succeed during the war is is that we have a
culture of trying to teach each other how to succeed on your own or with groups we want you
to know how to make money in the game we want you to know multiple avenues of ways to produce isk
to fuel your own economic empire such that empire can produce titans dreads or whatever the fuck
that we need because everybody finds different ways to contribute but the end result of a healthy
line member economy the end result of a healthy corporate economy and a healthy imperial economy
is shit loads of heavy strategic assets that we can drop on the faces of these pieces of shit
because i have not had enough justice let's call it and i'm sure that you guys haven't either
so thank you all for coming that's it for this week uh we're get back out there let's think
about this let's scheme about this let's work on ways to get rich corpse diplo is recruiting
move ops are about to be here into the fireside move ops pings are going out we're going to be
moving some stuff and then in about an hour when this first move up we're doing here is home there
will be pings for a asset safety op from irmalin thank you for coming let's get out there