Fireside Chat Transcript 3 Sep 2k22

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I can't hear anything because I haven't spoken yet.
Hey everybody, I already got my drink.
We'll give another minute or so for people to filter in here.
I assume you can hear me now?
Yeah, we're all waiting on Kazanir to show up.
I don't know what's going on with him.
It was worth a try, Mirana.
Mirana is attempting to troll me by telling a bunch of people to say that they can't hear
I just wanted it on the record that that's what's going on here for those confused listening
Okay, the first rule of mumble etiquette is that if somebody asks, "Can you hear me?"
everybody stays silent.
This has been a great introduction to Goon Swarm Federation and the Imperium.
Welcome everyone.
We're happy to have you all back home.
As Apple said, if you're not back home yet, there will be a giant ask move up as soon
as we're done here.
Does anyone have any questions about that?
Feel free to sound off and at least hit me.
Okay, I believe there are no serious questions so far.
So once we get home, a bunch of stuff is going to start happening.
Those who have heard the rumors about the Pachvin Sig, that will be coming next week.
That is not ready yet, but if you're going and trying to push horde shit in and shoot
people in triangle space, that will be happening soon.
Now that we're getting home, we also intend to revamp home defense and really upgrade
what we're doing here and try to protect people who are crapping.
I don't, again, have too much in the way of formal information about that, but be paying
attention to the Delve 9/11 channel and have your stuff ready to go once you're here.
We've been deployed for a long time, right?
But we're going to have fleets here in Delve pretty regularly once we're back.
Have your hack fleets ready to go, have Feroxes sitting around in case those get called by
Scourge Commanders, and most importantly, Flycatcher Fleet.
You'll see a lot of...
We also use Super Trains for ESS defense, right?
So have your stuff ready.
If it hasn't been, if you just suitcased all your crap home and left it sitting there and
none of your clones are together and you don't know where anything is, school's getting started.
Eve is going to start to heat back up here in a little bit, and we want people playing,
working on home defense and get ourselves right with Eve Online.
So Delve 9/11 is a Jabber channel.
It was asked you can join that.
That's where if you have a Roark wall or a capital that's tackled, you can be pinged
there and get attention and try and get a rescue.
That channel has a ton of instructions in it, in the topic, as far as how to do that
and get protection, right?
If you want to be aware of that and try to respond to that sort of stuff, that's where
to be.
Doomlord289 asked, "Is SIP returning?"
I don't have an answer for that yet.
It's very likely that it will return at some point.
I don't want to predict a timeline, right, that relies on us having enough people, having
the right people to use it, and it being the right thing to use.
So there's no harm in having it, but most importantly is to get the less expensive line
ships ready for more standard fleets.
Flycatcher fleet you'll see all the time.
Hack fleets you'll see regularly, right?
And like I said, for ESS defense, which is another thing that happens regularly, we use
Super Trains quite a lot.
Obadista asked, "Will we have an official Imperium standing fleet?"
No future plans.
I don't have specifics yet.
It's being worked on.
I did mention stupid idiot fleet.
There was a question about it.
Sky Enzo asked, "Can we have capital training while we aren't at war?"
I think that's a great idea.
It's something that I guess has at least been discussed, but I don't want to represent any
The FC team is very active in looking for people to join skirmish commanders and in
training the people that we do have.
At some point, you're going to see that extend into capitals, and that will take place within
those groups, right?
So if you're interested in capital stuff, the most important thing is to get into Capital
Storm and have your capital fitted and fueled and ready to go, and then we'll see what happens.
Yes, Weasel350 says, "Join Skirmish Commanders.
They are always looking for people."
Someone dropped the recruitment forum link.
We'll do a general shout out if you're listening, and for whatever reason, this is the first
time you've heard this.
We have a whole recruitment forum of SIGs and squads that you can go look at and join
people that are doing interesting things within the Alliance, some of which are not advertised
here, like a muck.
Wingman4508 asks, "Is it more impressive that ASCII has been in goons for six years or that
they've gone this long without collapsing in general?"
So when I joined, when our member corp joined the Alliance, my own, it was 2010, and we
formally collapsed in 2015.
So I have to just say kick ASCII.
That's what I got.
It never gets old.
That was great.
Thank you everyone for helping me with that.
Oroviraz, "When will Checkbox be announced as WOF CEO?"
That's an interesting one, actually.
We've had some discussion about what to do about that.
I've sort of debated seizing control of GoonWOF as an ex-corporate CEO, but the problem for
me is that I was always the worst member corp CEO.
That's why my corporation collapsed and we all ended up in GoonWOF in the first place.
So it's sort of setting us up for failure, right?
But I have some thoughts.
We'll probably talk about that more in a couple of weeks once we're home.
GoonWOF gets to be on autopilot for a little while and that's going to be okay.
But I have designs on making it into the best retirement home in the galaxy.
I'm telling you guys, though, I was a terrible, terrible member corp CEO.
The only reason I'm still around is because Mittens immediately made me into an Alliance
director instead, right?
So Elchris says, "We have peacetime any war soon?"
So we've had a lot of war.
We've had six months straight of war, right?
Trying to keep people engaged and do something with this game.
There are a lot of people who want a break right now.
That said, we have a lot of people who are playing.
Even if you're interested in PvP, we have a lot of people for you to shoot still.
There's action all over the galaxy.
Like I said, the Pac-Man SIG doesn't open until next week, but the early versions of
that are already very active, right?
We have a lot of opportunities.
Check that recruitment forum.
We will have many, many people for you to shoot.
And indeed, there are hostile fleets visiting us nearly every day.
If you want to get on kill mills, that is very easy.
Someone asked about asset safety move-ups.
I don't have any information on that sort of stuff right now.
At some point, we'll probably repeat an asset safety move-up when we have some time and
logistical capacity.
Right now, we're entirely focused on moving people home from the war front.
"Elchris says, "Will there be more home defense fleets?"
That's very likely, right?
Now that we're all home, Delve is going to be a lot more active.
I guess I can sort of comment on that, even though I wasn't here for much of the heyday,
But we've been on deployment for a long time.
Delve is going to look different, and there's going to be three or four times as many people
logged in, especially now as school has gotten started again.
This is Labor Day weekend, right?
So our numbers are sort of small on the fire side right now, but I anticipate that there's
going to be a lot of people.
And we'll talk more about what's coming for EVE Online in a second.
People are asking about how to make this.
"Crabby can still get money?" is one question.
And we've heard a bunch of concerns about people living in NullSec.
So I will say the situation is, for those who are not paying attention, the situation
of NullSec's income is bad.
The DBS is pretty much a chokehold.
If a system is over-farmed, it's hard to get out from under.
And Moons, Moongoo, that we have been mining, has turned out to sort of have a decline in
value this year, thanks to some mechanical changes they've made.
But so this is a big reason that we intend to focus on upgrading ourselves in terms of
crab tech, right?
We're still running on crab tech and decisions and ways of doing things that are really kind
of outmoded, and it's time to upgrade those.
Pockfun is a small part of that, right?
Pockfun is really about shooting Horde, right, because Horde is paying too much attention
to it.
But there's money there, right?
And so we're going to investigate what can be done.
Similarly with home defense, the point of home defense is really being able to upgrade
our crab and to take advantage of crab beacons, make sure all of our stuff is protected, and
then when capitals can be used, we can use them safely, right?
So that is absolutely stuff we're working on.
At the same time, we can't be oblivious here.
NullSec is not always the best place to make money, right?
If you really want to be farming a ton of money, one of the best places to do it right
now is with a Marauder and a Wormhole.
I'm not saying we should all goon rush that.
We don't have something structured around that.
But maybe that's what we're going to be talking about in a couple weeks if we decide that
really we want to print ISK, right?
So these are things that GoonSwarm has been bad at, right?
But we're going to need to tech up in order to possibly to survive.
At the same time, we live in Delve, and that is not going to change.
So the top A+ focus is going to be home def, right?
So again, I encourage everyone to hit the recruitment forum.
There are a lot of places, like Genesis as a whole corporation and/or squad.
I don't want to tie them down, but you can get in and work with them.
They know how to do goons and holes, right?
We don't need to say more about it here, right?
Good luck.
So these options are there.
They require a little bit more effort than has previously been true sometimes in NullSec.
And we wish that NullSec itself were better, right?
And because it has been the endgame of EVE for most of EVE's existence, right?
And the fact that things are out of whack is just a huge, huge part of the numbers decline
that we're seeing is it's not attractive enough to fight over NullSec at space, right?
That's what's going on.
And a lot of the accounts that are missing are the capital alts or the logistics alts
or whatever of NullSec players who aren't interested anymore.
So it is a giant problem.
At the same time, there are solutions if you're still playing EVE online.
All right, I'm looking for more questions.
Several people have asked how Asher is.
We've spoken to him.
I think he's about as well as can be expected under the circumstances.
We hope to be able to see him soon.
I don't want to give a timeline, you know, specifically.
We have a lot of also questions about structure policy and other things.
There's a lot of things.
The focus now is getting back to Delve.
And as soon as we are back in Delve, we have time to look into other things.
And so that's why it's very important that everybody gets home this weekend.
So next week we can look into other things and start talking about that.
Someone also asked after Mittens.
He's fine.
I spoke to him a couple of days ago about something totally not EVE related.
He's retired.
That's it.
So someone is asking about Corp mates who are stuck out in the deployment zone still
in ZMB or elsewhere.
We have been working with corporate leadership to speak to those people.
They should know who to talk to.
Beyond that, talk to your capital groups and your Corp reps from the Kremlin and re-release
The Keepstar will die tomorrow around 1645, 1700, something like that.
So the ZMB Keepstar in the deployment zone dies tomorrow.
That means if you are in a ship there, if you are in the ship, you will be undocked
afterwards within the ship.
If all the other stuff will end up in the asset safety configuration at that point.
We intend to try to defend GE Tech if it comes under threat.
We'll see how that goes.
That ZMB is the one that is going to get blown up.
We are way out of the deployment zone.
We are not going to attempt ZMB.
All right, move up time.
I will probably take a little bit of a break and then later be around in Elysium and answer
questions about CCP's stuff since there has been some drama online lately.
But for now, we are done here.
Thank you everyone for coming.
Look for broadcasts and get to the move up so you can get home.
My mood is sanguine.
Thanks, everyone.