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Alright, bugs and girls, no ARPs, nobody has said anything yet until me just now.
I'll wait for people to get here a second before we get started.
Okay, so as you guys may or may not realize if you're not in Freedomland or Canada, it
is July 4th today, so it is Freedom Day, and I expect some people are going to be out there
shooting fireworks.
Some of you guys are just filtering in back from owning that Stormbringer.
It wasn't quite a Stormbringer fleet, but it's hard to not see them all, like they're
bringing more Stormbringers, which I think is great and we should continue to gank the
shit out of them because Gobbins is giving us a fucking gift there.
So yeah, we'll get into it in a little bit here when the numbers stabilize.
Deep voice this morning.
Have I had any water to drink lately?
I'm sipping on my morning for me coffee here.
We're going to do a lot more Q&A this time because last week was super hervity blurf
and after making many loud noises, I sent everybody off to go do things, which is great,
but we're going to make sure to do some Q&A stuff.
Alright, so last week, one of the recurring themes was that the Regoon Quista will not
be televised, and I said it over and over and over again, and that's still true.
The Regoon Quista will not be televised, and that's important for everybody to understand
If you are waiting for a personal handwritten invitation on a fireside chat to get out there
and fight the bad guys, you're not going to receive it.
You're not going to be sending broadcasts or pings or anything that says, "Here's what
our offensive plans are," or even acknowledging an offensive.
There will come a point in this war where we are screaming from the rooftops about the
Regoon Quista and all that other kind of stuff, but that is not this time.
If there is anything like that, it will not be televised.
So you guys have already kind of gotten the memo.
There's a wide variety of fleets out there.
It's just that we are not necessarily putting the labels on the broadcasts of what those
fleets are doing at any given time, and that's important.
We know that our enemies have pretty bad intel, and we want to keep it that way, so we're
not going to be spelling out what we're doing, especially as we are in what I would describe
as the Ricefields phase of the war, as in, "Welcome to the Ricefields, motherfucker."
So when we're talking about war phases and stuff like that, I think it's important for
everybody to understand, especially if you've been doing this for more than, you know, what,
an hour.
I guess this is the official one-year anniversary of the war, but the unofficial war, the real
war actually began in late May and all through June in the leading up to this, but we had
the official July 5th nip slip last year on this day.
It's pretty fucking cool, because we're still here, and for some reason it seems like the
bad guys aren't having too much fun.
I don't really understand.
I was pretty sure a year ago, Villian Crew said that we would be fucked sideways by now,
but here we are.
So I want to talk about phases in general in the war.
From the beginning, and this is sort of important historical context, I think.
And let me make sure I'm not getting yelled at on another channel before I get going.
Got a question here from John Spaceman saying, "Tell us about equilibriums."
I'm not going to tell you about containment or equilibriums or influence or anything like
that, but since we have been here for a year now, and some of you are skipping holiday
festivities to be here on this fireside, let me take us back a year ago.
So one of the biggest things that I've noticed about this war is that our enemies are the
entire rest of the game.
And that sucks, but on the other hand, it means that they are relatively predictable
just due to mass and hubris and things like that.
And if you go all the way back, before we sounded the horn of Gündor, right when we
were announcing our withdrawal from Cloud Ring and sort of getting ready for this whole
thing, my descriptions, my predictions of where this war would go and what would happen
haven't changed too much, which is kind of weird from my perspective, because I'm sort
of sitting here in like the metagame hot seat and you expect a little bit more bobbing and
But essentially what we said a year ago has come to pass.
We would withdraw and go into siege mode and start trying to make sure that our fortresses
and our floodplains were ready to rock.
We would drag this out because there were 3,300 enemies turning up every fucking weekend
in fleets trying to ruin us.
We would drag them through the mud of our Citadel creep.
We would get to a point where we could have a decisive super cap battle or two, then we
would hell camp them, and then we would see what happens after that.
Then maybe we see them out of our region or in this case, after our decisive super cap
battle, it's taken about six months for them to kind of peter out here finally at the gates
of Fortress Stealth.
So what are those phases now that we're here?
The phase that we have been in for the last couple of months is what I would call the
walls of Constantinople phase.
And this is not the when Constantinople falls part, but for all those bits for hundreds
of years where you have these amazing fucking walls around the Eternal City and it stands
up to basically everything.
And the phase after the walls of Constantinople, that's the 1DQ1 constellation, where I really
thought that they would have gotten 3D or innate.
All of our internal plans thought that we would floodplain them until we got them to
this point.
Then we'd do really, really hard defense, just be absolutely psychopathic about posting
up the walls and our bones.
And I figured shit happens.
It's Eve online.
So you have to plan for multiple layers of things going horrifically fucking wrong.
And as a result, our plans included after the walls of Constantinople phase, if they
broke into 3D or into innate or whatever, we would then be at the defensive Terra phase.
We're into old school 40k nerd territory here.
So after walls of Constantinople would be defensive Terra, which is when they've broken
through the walls and we're retreating towards 1DQ1 and doing further defense in the constellation.
And then of course, the phase after that would have been the defense of the Imperial Palace.
But they never got that.
They never got to that part.
So our glorious predictions and our schemes relating to the defensive Terra and the assault
on the Imperial Palace didn't happen.
Who knows?
Maybe that'll happen yet and we will falter and we will fail and blah, blah, blah.
But who am I kidding here?
So where do you go after the walls of Constantinople phase if the bad guys are setting themselves
on fire, pissing and shitting themselves and crying about CCP right in front of the gates
of Gondor?
Because the next phase after walls of Constantinople, like doing the pivot is not the Reconquista.
That would be way too premature.
And one of the things that I've seen in the last month plus, and I've said this on Fireside,
so you guys have heard this before, is that I told you that the enemy would scream and
cry and insist that we proceed to Sally forth from one IQ and attack them and burn T5 CI.
And I've told you week after week that T5 CI Keepstar will die last because it's my
special friend.
I love the T5 CI Keepstar.
It just shits out value for us every day because it's one of the biggest strategic overreaches
that they've ever done.
And the fact that they're begging us to Sally forth and attack it tells you everything,
They are desperate for us to get out there, overreach, fuck up, attack their Golden Bridge,
and then give them an opportunity to have a surge in their participation because that's
exactly what would happen.
And that's precisely why I've told you guys from the beginning, we are not going to be
doing this.
Our enemies were fools and they decided to attack our Golden Bridge retreat and blow
it up, which I was perfectly fine with because then we're all committed to the walls of Constantinople.
There's no Golden Bridge, there's no retreat, but we're not going to be dumbasses like Vili
and do Vili plans.
We're not going to blow up their Golden Bridge of retreat.
So T5 CI will die last.
And it's been kind of fun to just sort of see these predictions play out.
But where are we if we're not really, you know, we're still in walls of Constantinople
in the sense that like in the US times and we have to keep eyes on.
I'm not too worried about these fucking jacked off leads or retribution fleets that they're
trying to send at us or Gobbins is latest like Alliance tournament, micromanagement,
Piper masturbation nonsense, right?
Which is fucking Stormbringers.
They just chucked at us that Elo and you guys just hazed.
So that's cool.
But what comes next is what I'm calling the rice fields phase.
Welcome to the rice fields.
Motherfucker is the old school meme and we want to get real old school about it.
This is what I would describe as some VCB shit.
What we are doing right now is some VCB stuff here in Vietnam.
And that means that again, the Riga and Kista will not be televised.
Like we're doing things and doing stuff, but we are firmly in the rice fields phase.
I'm not going to say why there is evidence to point to about how we are in the rice fields
phase and we know it.
We have talked about it amongst ourselves.
You guys have seen it with your own eye, but I'm not going to spell it out on a fucking
I chat because this is what this turns out to be one of the main sources that the enemy
gets of Intel from us because their spy network sucks so many balls that in many cases, unless
I tell them exactly what we're going to be doing, they only get the firesides and what
I say on the firesides and they get the descriptions in our pings.
But you can kind of figure it out.
I mean, do the math.
You guys have been here before.
You know what this kind of pivot looks like.
If you've been through a hell war before and you can see the tide turning, the tide is
I'm delighted about it.
Welcome to the rice fields, motherfucker.
So that's why I want to encourage people to get out there and join fleets whenever they
see them.
We're in a phase here where if you are burned out and you need to rest up, right?
If you have been like, oh my God, I can't, I'm sick of you online.
We haven't been pushing this too hard because we haven't needed to because by now after
a year of war, I think everybody's gotten into the rhythm of like, there are times where
you can burn the candle at both ends and there's times where if you need to relax and get some
sleep, you can do it.
And we've been doing that for the last couple of weeks and people have naturally, I found
myself just getting excited to rush to my battle station to see if Piggles or Gobbins
was going to feed us some dumb ass fleet for us to fire up the wood chipper.
After a while when you don't get to fire up the wood chipper, you're like, where are they?
Are we not doing fighter swarms anymore or whatever?
And then thankfully, you know, Gobbins has his Alliance tournament kind of ideas and
is going to give us some magi and some storm bringers and who knows what else.
So I'm happy with that.
And I've been happy with the way in which we've been pacing themselves, the way in which
our people have been pacing themselves.
And that's cool and good.
So I want to take a chance here and pause to talk about the rice fields thing and answer
any questions about this before I move on to the next bullet point.
Bear with me for a second, guys.
We're making dead puppies with the rice.
We're going to grab them by the fucking belt and make dead puppies.
So one of the things that I have noticed is, I mean, actually, there's really not too much
to say about rice fields.
Like there's pings go on them.
There's never been a better time to practice your F2, right?
Like we are we are developing a whole bunch of interesting capabilities that we're not
going to be talking about here.
And a lot of that involves opportunities for you as an individual line pilot to work on
your F2 to get some ganking skills, to get some traps in Internet space skills, to do
all sorts of interesting things that are happening on these various fleets, which I encourage
everyone to go on if you're charged up.
If you're exhausted, now's the time for you to get a rest.
I don't think any of us are exhausted because even though it's fucking July 4th here, there's
eight hundred fourteen of you on this fireside.
So that's super fucking cool.
And I appreciate that.
I think that because the enemy backed off their op tempo, we have had a chance to rest
and recharge our guys.
And that's why it's like, oh, hey, major.
Oh, hey, Stormbringers are there.
They're sending stuff our way.
And so we can play against it when the enemy sort of like ran out of gas and stopped kind
of chucking stuff our way.
At first it was like, yeah, I can read some books and rest up.
And now I'm like, come on, fucking Gobbins.
Come on, boy.
Come on.
Give me some major.
Give me some fucking give me some fucking Stormbringers.
Give us something that we can fire up the fucking wood chipper.
Let's make sure that this thing is still sharpened and properly lubricated.
Let's fucking do it.
But here we are.
On a scale of one to ten, how much of a dirty little bitch is Piggles?
I'd say that he's probably an eight out of ten.
One of the reasons why I think that people found what people have started going after
Gobbins is not just because I'm talking shit about Elfboy or what have you, is that it's
too easy an explanation as to how the entire galaxy has fucked this war up so badly as
to just blame Piggles.
Piggles is a dirty little bitch.
He enjoys getting blamed for things.
But once we started digging into what was resulting in the strategic delays we see from
our enemies, it turns out that Gobbins is legitimately responsible for this.
It's not just that we're talking shit about Gobbins because he is the leader of our biggest
current org in terms of bodies on the field, but because he has repeatedly project-managed
this thing into the ground.
And I'm delighted by that because if our enemies were not idiots and Gobbins had not done this,
we would be in much deeper shit.
We're not really in deep shit unless we fuck it up and just say, "Hey, we've won."
Because we haven't won yet.
We still have a shitload of work to do.
We've got the Rigu and Kista in the future, but right now we're in the rice fields.
And we have all sorts of things to do.
And I'm delighted that at every opportunity Gobbins would pull Pappy off of the field
to go off to Aridia or go off to Fountain or go off to Esoteria or anywhere but Delve.
And I'm delighted by that.
I'm glad that he was there and that.
But it's kind of funny because when you're looking for the true picture of the chessboard
and why are things today the way that they were, how did Sappy get here when they had
the entire galaxy against us?
How did they fuck it up so badly that now we are regularly outnumbering them?
Not always.
We were just outnumbered in that fight where you guys zonked all their fucking Stormbringers
and we came out on top.
But that was one of the first situations in a hot minute that I've seen them actually
outnumber us on Battle Report.
And that's funny.
A year ago today, these motherfuckers were putting 3,000 plus people on the field and
now here they are.
And I think a lot of that is thanks to Gobbins just wasting so much of their time.
Most of the Sappy line members joined this because their leaders got them into it or
because they legitimately were like gurgoons and hated our guts.
And they were promised the assault on the Imperial Palace.
They were promised the Siege of Terra.
They were promised all sorts of things.
And at every single opportunity, Gobbins has taken them to go anywhere, anywhere, anywhere
but Delve.
It's very strange because it does sort of imply that they never really had a good plan
to truly take Delve or to burn 1DQ1.
And we are sort of exploring in that direction to figure out what was really going on.
And hopefully I'll have something for you guys that I can release later when it gets
to the leaks phase of the war.
All right.
And yeah, they did hope that we were to run.
There are some rumors that originally they had intended us to attack them.
You know, when they came after us in Cloud Ring during the Jeff deployment, that they
had hoped that we would just turn around and attack them or something.
I don't know if that's true or not, but it's very interesting.
The history of this war is a wild one.
So what I really want to just reinforce for you guys as we're having this conversation
about the state of play here and the Ricefields thing is if you are looking for some EVE Online
PvP, please do join fleets.
You know, as usual on those situations where we need to fire up the wood chipper, because
if they're doing something in our vulnerability window, you see a carrier ping, you see an
eagle ping.
It is incredibly important that you get into those quickly.
Speed is really everything in terms of getting the wood chipper up and running.
Like if we get it before they drag their apps into 3D, we get easy kills.
We get to fire up the wood chipper and it's hilarious fun.
And then they cry and bitch about it.
If we slack, if we falter, if we are slow, then they can get past the wood chipper and
life gets a little bit more complicated.
I don't want us to get the hubris.
I don't want us to get to the point where like, well, we're talking about the Ricefields
now and going and joining bomber fleets and things like that.
The wood chipper must remain critically important all through the rest of this war.
You see an eagle ping, you see a carrier ping, you see a super ping.
Get in there.
And the joy is this.
If you see us doing this 90% of the time, you're going to get some fucking killmails
about it because these dumbasses are going to jump into the wood chipper and high five
us all around.
I just, as we talk about bomber fleets and things, I want to continually reemphasize
the critical importance of actually keeping the walls defended.
It would be really lame if we're like, hey guys, we're running around and doing all the
things we're not talking about on a fireside.
And then, oops, they just rammed a fleet into 3D or 1DQ1 because we got the hubris and we're
too slow and fat.
When it came time to log in our fucking carriers and supers and our eagles.
So that is still super, super, super key.
Please do not forget that.
Marcus is on his first fireside.
Welcome to the good guys, dude.
I don't know if you're on the bad guys.
You're probably in UB and had nothing to do with that.
But out of high sec.
So that's actually a pretty good segue into making fun of some of the bad things that
the bad guys are doing.
One of the things that we are seeing here is as part of Gobbins' anything but delve
campaign is that they have fired up.
I can't believe I like having to even say this out loud is so it's just like the lamest
oldest coldest dumbest puppy bullshit.
Pickle Rick, they have named the high sec ganking project to hunt down goon alts pickle
Rick, which is just about the most puppy fucking thing I can imagine.
You know, I guess pickle Rick jokes were cool several years ago.
And then Rick and Morty people, Rick and Morty fans, which were awful, like our enemies,
kind of ruined it for everyone by being such lame ass puppies that I cringe to even admit
that I like really like the most recent season five, episode one of Rick and Morty.
I think Rick and Morty is a cool show, but I don't like to talk about it because of dumb
ass fucking puppies who do things like this.
So anywhere but delve geniuses over there have decided that they have figured out who
all of your high sec alts are and have are they're trying to divert, you know, 100 people
or more away from T5ZI who scamper off to high sec and gank goon alts, which are totally
real and karma fleet university is getting attacked by this, but not too effectively.
We are monitoring the situation.
One of the things that I love about our enemies being idiots is that if they hear me complaining
about something like this, like if I'm talking shit about Rick and saying, you know, Jesus,
how dumb and awful can you be?
Because our enemies are predictable idiots.
They will take the bitching about this on the meta show and here on the fireside as
evidence that pickle Rick is actually a cool and good thing, right?
If the Mitani says it's dumb and bad, therefore it must be something that he is scared about.
After a certain point, I've become comfortable talking about these parts of things because
I can even say those aren't our high sec alts.
Like they are harassing completely random people.
We are tracking this operation.
And I hope to have statistics I can reveal to you on the meta show next week or brisk
will probably be revealing it.
Just you know, we're monitoring or we're keeping track of who they're going after.
Are they actually going off because we know who's who.
And so I hope that when they hear the recording of me bitching about the pickle Rick thing
that they decide that they should focus more on it because it must be getting things.
But this is kind of what we're dealing with here because remember, our enemies desperately
want us to attack T5CI.
But the people who are running the show over there, namely Elfboy, don't want to be attacking
DQ1 anywhere but Delph and therefore mining moons in Aridia, trying to set up some sort
of like a locust fleet system and diverting their forces to high sec to chase, you know,
goon alts.
This is the other thing that's really dumb because like seriously, I don't know if this
is like an official like you guys have been here for a year.
We've been doing this.
There's still 843 of you now on this fucking fireside on July 4th.
And obviously making money at a Latin member level has not been a huge problem for us because
we've had to adapt for the last year getting attacked by everyone.
If I could get somebody to link the money making thread from, you know, the one I always
ask for and then I have to dig for things.
But if somebody can help me out here and drop that in Elysium.
The dumbest thing about this is that if anybody is really desperate to make money in null
sec compared to more optimal places to do it and the year of our Lord 2021, you want
to look for where like the goon goon alts might be.
Well, they're probably just hiding in Horde, right?
Anybody can join or you can just put a fucking Alden Horde and hey, you're blue to the entire
galaxy and yet instead these guys have decided that, you know, they have a list of no less
than, you know, 500 goon spies or goon high cycles and they're going to run around burning
villages and high sec and pissing off the rest of the game that isn't already pissed
off at sappy for being a shitty blue donut.
Like if they want to run around burning hooches, they're just going to create more goons out
of it.
They're creating a little baby VCBs.
It's fantastic.
All righty.
And, you know, one of the things Dark Crux brings up an interesting point, which is
they shot a boss in 319 with five dreads last night and we killed them.
That was another like 90 plus percent efficiency battle report in the last week or so, thanks
to a combination of goblins and heroes.
And on the one hand, it doesn't make any sense, right?
Why on earth would they be so dumb as to put unsupportive dreads on the field in 319?
On the other hand, it makes perfect sense and it makes perfect sense because of this,
the people who we are fighting that are still out there day after day being led by the atomic
pancake is the latest dude or whatever, whichever poor bastard FC is left to kind of clean up
the mess.
The guys that we are fighting are most likely to be not all of them, but most likely to
be their true believers in their Kool-Aid drinkers.
They don't believe a damn thing I say.
And if anything, I say something, they're going to think the exact opposite of it.
So logically, if they believe that the Imperium is conquered and that Delve is safe, then
we will see things like that.
We will see the people that are still here thinking that they have beaten the Goonie
Menace are going to go out there and do that kind of shit, which provides lots of opportunities
for us.
I mean, I think it's fantastic.
I think that we should continue maintaining that Delve is absolutely safe because if these
people can be lulled into drinking the Kool-Aid and believing their dumbass leaders with their
pickle Rick's and their Iridia Moon mining, hopefully that'll set up a lot more unsupported
dread things because they don't believe that we're a danger because either we're contained
or we have no influence or something about Librium or I don't know what the latest excuses.
The important thing is, is this as long as our enemies are maintaining the lie that we
are contained and that we have no influence or that it is a Cold War or that they have
to maintain an equilibrium, the excuse changes each week and each week that goes by, they
will scream more desperately for us to attack T5ZI.
The reason behind this is if we don't give them a big official reason like announcing
that we're going to attack T5ZI or doing it or some sort of dumbass thing like that, they
have to maintain the lie to their line members that still believe this, that everything is
If they have to admit that things are not fine, that goons aren't contained or it isn't
an equilibrium or it isn't a Cold War and we haven't announced some sort of big, you
know, we're going to attack T5ZI, then that's a really bad thing for their members.
Because their members have been spoon fed.
Oh, we're winning.
We're winning.
Everything's fine.
Everything's fine.
Oh, they're contained.
The thing is great.
And it's difficult for our enemies to pivot to fixing their shit or admitting that they
even need to be in a anything other than burning one to one down offensive posture is something
that's going to be difficult for them.
So so cool.
I am.
I'm happy if they want to tell everybody that we're in equilibrium and keep feeding us dreads
and stupid Gobbins doctrines and strong ringers and whatever.
You know, welcome to the rice fields, motherfucker.
Like shit's going on, but we're not going to tell them what's going on.
We're doing things out there and practice your fucking F2s.
There's lots of opportunities there to fuck with puppies.
OK, let me talk about a couple of other random little things here.
This is this is sort of important, especially if you're new.
And using pigeon.
So pigeon for Jabber is one of the most awkward kind of programs.
Even though I've been doing this for however long we've been using fucking Jabber, which
is like north of past a decade now, you still learn certain things.
So for example, if you didn't know, if you're in a whole bunch of different like Jabber
rooms, you can tile your Jabber windows, your Jabber rooms like vertically.
They don't have to go across the very top.
There's a setting for that.
So you don't have to have your Jabber windows going all the way across the top, which is
important if you have like 30 fucking Jabber channels.
And I was complaining about this.
Yeah, I know.
Mind fucking blown.
There's a there's a dark mode where there's a goons from dark mode.
There is you can set vertical tabs for this.
And then there's something else that I myself only realized thanks to one of our directors
yesterday on the loom meeting.
I was bitching about this.
You can set it such that when Jabber boots up, it will actually maintain the order that
you had set for your Jabber windows.
And here is a little image.
Yeah, I know.
Seriously, dude, I have been doing this for fucking decades.
And every time Jabber reboots, I have to manually reorder my channels, my channels because I'm
terrible at computer.
Check this shit out.
I just dropped a link there and I forgot it was a Robin Hood or Rat Night or one of the
boys in No Luma made this.
Whichever one of you actually did this.
I love you and you're fantastic.
But I mixed up the our names.
But anyway, so this is just to make life a little bit easier this way.
If you do this and you change the settings such that you're moving things to manually
set on that, then you can do it with us in your buddy list.
And then when you reboot your fucking Jabber, you will no longer have to diddle with getting
the order you want.
Robin Hood or Ranger, I forget who.
Thank you.
It was one of the our names.
So that's one of the things is keep in mind, we are one of the only organizations that
uses Jabber at this scale.
And there are definitely a bunch of arcane things about it.
So I just wanted to share the love with everybody such that your lives can be a little bit easier
and a little bit less frustrating.
So high fives all around.
All right.
So a couple of other things.
NGSA, we haven't talked about NGSA in a hot minute.
Can we get a link to the NGSA thread?
Part of the Rice Fields phase, of course, is welcoming people who are motherfuckers
to the Rice Fields.
And as part of that, I'm sure you've noticed that we've been ganking a lot of super carriers
and carriers and dreadknots yesterday.
And just it's a fucking slaughter out there.
So get out there and grab them by the belt.
Practice your F2s.
It's never been a better time to learn how to like hunt around in a fucking heckate.
Hey, Kate.
Yeah, heckate.
How do you fucking pronounce that?
Everybody was wrong, including me.
Anyway, you get back out there, you do this, you learn some interesting skills and you
kill some fucking puppies.
And while you're doing it, make sure that you're involved with NGSA because that way
you can line up targets for all of our boys and bombers.
So make everybody happy, including our hood rats.
Make sure you're involved with NGSA and you scout the bad guys to help line up these kills.
We want to take advantage of the enemy's refusal to alert their people to the danger.
As long as our enemy is willing to say that, you know, they can go mine in Aridia, that
they can go gank goons in high sec who are totally actually goons and that goons are
contained and have no influence and there's an equilibrium here at home.
As long as they are preaching to their line members that still believe them that Delve
is safe, we want to repeat to them that Delve is safe because we're out there in the rice
fields grabbing these motherfuckers by the belt.
And that's what we're going to keep doing because until the enemy says, hey, we have
a problem here, guys.
If their line is there is no problem, if their line is pure denial, that means that they're
going to keep putting expensive shit that they can't replace on the field.
And the people who are going to be losing these things are their dead enders.
Our true believers, the guys that moved all of their stuff into Delve, Quirious and Period
Basis, guys that drank all of the Kool-Aid, the guys that do not listen to a thing that
any of us say and in fact will blindly believe the opposite.
You know, when those guys lose fucking supercarriers to us because Delve is safe, you know, I want
to keep that shit going for as long as possible because they're not going to be able to replace
that stuff.
So yeah, I'm pretty happy with this.
No complaints there.
And yeah, as Heidi's pointing out here, their Heartliners are in for a root surprise.
Like it's not that they're going to be in for a root surprise.
They are in for a root, like they are having a root surprise right now.
But most of them are not realizing that, you know, their leader's relying to them until
it's too late.
Like when their Dreadnaught fleets get blown up, when their supercarriers get blown up,
when their Citadels go abandoned and we steal all of their shit.
And meanwhile, it's taking them, you know, three weeks to get SRP.
The important thing is this, guys.
It's like that classic old quote about how you can fool some of the people all the time,
blah, blah, blah, is the people who are still here that are fighting us day after day and
losing things stupidly to us.
Those are the people that have bought in fully to the Goblin stuff and bought in fully to
the rest of it.
And I think that we should exploit the hell out of their ignorance and blind faith for
as long as they will allow us to exploit their ignorance and blind faith because they're
our enemies.
Those true believers, the people that are here that are putting their stuff out on the
field, everybody else who was smart and realized that this thing was horseshit has fucked off
a long time ago.
Most of them fucked off in mid-April into May when we were defending the walls of Constantinople.
And those that are here are the dead enders.
And I believe that they should be punished as much as possible.
Like if they truly believe that we are dead and gone and contained and all that stuff,
those are either bitter enemies because they're dumb and blind and still hate us, or they're
just targets of opportunity.
Either way, they should go.
So keep killing them.
Let me go ahead and take some questions here in general.
Again, the last couple of firesides have been super herpety-blurf and I haven't had a chance
to really do a proper Q&A, so if you've got questions, throw them in chat and I will see
what I see.
Ron, PGL, and Vili all started playing Star Citizen again.
I believe that with Ron.
I'm not so sure about PGL and Vili because I haven't checked it, but I don't know whether
this guy is joking about that or if he's telling the truth because it could well be.
Do I think that they're taking this opportunity?
Good question here from Gene Man.
He asked me, "Do I think that they're taking this opportunity to try and scrounge together
materials and resources to help fund their shitty worm machine?"
I don't think that's necessarily the case.
I mean, it would be in theory, but mostly what I'm seeing is like, you know when a little
kid doesn't want to eat their vegetables and they are told they can't leave the table until
they do or whatever and they just end up like pushing the food around the plate just sort
of playing for time and just sort of magically hoping that eventually they'll be able to
wait out and go away.
I think that's what they're doing.
They're just moving their food around the fucking plate.
None of them want to admit that the war is fucked up or that they whiffed it and because
they're going to refuse to admit that for as long as possible and there's no one really
in charge, there's nobody over there that's got to be able to pull the plug on the thing.
And in the absence of leadership, especially when you see these council systems, the enemy
isn't officially a council system, but practically speaking, SAPI's org structure is very reminiscent
of council systems we've seen and fought over the years in EVE Online.
And as you know, anytime that there's a council system, you know, that's how Gobbins ended
up in charge of this thing by accident, basically, because anytime a difficult decision has to
get made, everybody who wants to dodge responsibility and we're talking about people like ProGod
Legend and Vili, like they are responsibility dodgers par excellence.
Those guys scamper.
And then Gobbins is sitting there going, well, I guess we can go to Aridia.
Well, I guess we can make some bushers.
Well, I guess we can do some stuff with Edencom.
Well, I guess we can do some stuff in HiSec.
And that is why the war has taken as long as it has.
And that is how Gobbins is responsible for pissing away all of their participation and
their effectiveness is that he is left to pick up the mess when the responsibility dodgers
run away from the responsibility.
And then Gobbins steers the campaign at every opportunity away from Delve.
And that's great.
That's great.
We should we should send him a fucking thank you card.
Like I think it's fantastic.
I love it.
I want to pinch his little boy cheeks.
I used to be mad at him, but I think that I've gotten a better understanding of what's
going on.
And I'm pretty pleased with it.
I'm delighted for him to talk about how important it is to go mind things in fucking Aridia.
Anything but Delve.
Anything but Delve.
Here's a question.
Do I think that they're feeling the shit?
Do I think that they are feeling the shit situation that they're in?
Or are they trying to deny it?
I mean, if somebody is trying to deny the situation, they are inherently feeling the
situation that they're trying to deny.
I mean, just look at their look at their numbers.
Does this look like a force that is going to successfully burn 1DQ1?
It might be if we fuck up.
It might be if we give them free boosts in participation by like charging into T5CI and
attacking the Keepstar, which we're not going to do.
And that's why they want us to do it right.
Like that is their way of getting their people back and having hope and stuff like that is
us overreaching loudly and publicly and trying to do something that would be strategically
dumb like attacking their Golden Bridge of Retreat.
But yeah, I mean, I think that the adults in the room are aware of what's going on.
And it's like it's like a musical chairs game in reverse.
They're all wanting to dodge the bar tab of, oh, shit, we fucked it up.
You know, if you guys heard the clips that Brisk played yesterday from Vince's town hall,
Vince was basically like, yeah, you know, credit to goons.
Like they adapted to our strategies and they've done a very good job of defending things.
And you know, if you want to go outside, you can go outside.
So Vince is an adult.
NC DOT's involvement in the war has plummeted over the last couple of months because he's
a fucking adult.
But none of them and I don't blame them for this.
I want to make it very clear what I'm about to say.
I do not blame the SAPI leadership for making decisions that they are making here because
it makes perfectly rational sense.
None of them want to get stuck with the bill of fucking the war up, which is why we're
pointing out to everybody everywhere all the time that the bill should be left with.
Like he is the guy that is actually responsible for driving their momentum into the ground
by diverting their forces at every obstacle anywhere but Delphi.
So that's what's happening.
I don't think that you're going to see these guys throw in the towel and say, you know,
there's no one person in charge to go, OK, guys, we fucked up or sorry, we'll try it
again in a few years.
There is nobody on their side that is going to do that.
So they're all just kind of quietly doing the Irish goodbye thing as best they can.
If that were super not full of T5Z, I run out of fuel and go abandoned.
Would we kill then that might happen?
I mean, I don't think it's going to go out of fuel and go abandoned.
But the intention is, is that the very last hostile keep star and delve to die will be
And then we will plan to the fuck palace right where it used to be just to put some salt
in the fucking wound.
Eve Vegas, Isomar points out.
Can we get some links to Vegas?
So this is this is I'm fucking pumped for this.
Vegas this year is going to be awesome.
Can we get a link to the Vegas thread, please?
I don't care if it's being a bait or not.
Like we need to talk about Vegas.
So that shit is coming up in October.
October, I believe, 22nd to 24th.
If we got the date right, the dates right.
And this year we're going to be staying on Fremont Street in a pretty bad ass new setup
We have never we've always stayed on the strip before and we've always visited Fremont Street.
And I think that actually staying in a hotel slash casino that is like right there in the
thick of things is going to be a shitload of fun because instead of like going to visit
Fremont Street, it will just always be there.
So we are going to get super fucked up.
We're going to have a goddamn blast.
And I expect it's going to be just a fantastic party because I remember what FanFest was
like after we won the Great War.
So yeah, I will see y'all there and I am really looking forward to it.
Thank fuck.
I have missed Vegas so badly.
Can I talk about mining in the face of enemy aggression in our constellations?
I want to help more besides ADM fleets.
I'm not qualified to talk about mining.
I think that if I don't really know how to answer that question.
Like if you if you want to mine, do it on ADM fleets and beyond that, you could talk
to your other like I would recommend not doing it in Delve.
If you know what you're doing, you know what you're doing.
Most people have like high tech mining alts at this point.
This is really like not my not my territory.
There's better qualified people to answer that question in Elysium.
I just want to sorry, I'll point out what Logan Wolf said.
The Electric Daisy Carnival, a big ADM concert was rescheduled to the same weekend as Vegas
a couple months ago.
It's still a delayed one from 2020.
So there's going to be a ton of people in town.
If you have not booked and you're coming, you really want to book ASAP.
Thank you.
All right, let's see what else we got.
Yeah, there's no problem about asking the question, Charlie, like, you know, the mining
thing like I just try to stay in my lane.
I don't necessarily know enough about like the I think most of our guys are like mining
in high tech or in other places or on their whole herd also, they want to do it because
NullSec mining is mainly useful for ADM generation now or on moons like I guess the best answer
is we have Athenor timers.
Sniper Eagle already answered this for me, which is if you look on our forums, there's
like we have moon timers on that will show you when those moons will pop.
And those are the ops that you would want to join for actual mining.
Do we know what the chances are for FanFest 2022?
I'm going to operate under the assumption that FanFest 2022 is probably going to happen
because I expect that most of the developed world will have been vaccinated by the time
we get around there.
That's usually in April.
I can't speak officially on that.
There's been like no official anything, but I expect that by the time that we get to next
year, the world will have opened up a bit more.
All righty.
Could I announce that all goons will invade the Theraworm hole?
It would be a shame for all of us if Sappy were waiting for us in Thera.
The funny thing about this is that they are very much chasing shadows, right?
Like I like I'm sorry, like I don't even think that most of our guys need Horde alts to do
this, but just hypothetically, just hypothetically, if you wanted to do traditional NullSec ratting
and mining, whatever, anybody can join Horde on an alt, right?
So like they're sitting around and going, hey, we're going to chase goons in HighSec
and gank them in HighSec, and they're not actually getting actual goons thus far.
I think so far our losses because I think Eizo got caught in like a fucking badger or
I think we've lost 19 million isk to Pickle Rick so far, and they've blown up like 52
million isk worth of unaffiliated puppy things.
It's just amazing to me.
I love it.
I want them to keep doing it.
I love this Pickle Rick thing.
I hate saying Pickle Rick.
I think it's lame as fuck.
But if they want to pull people away from T5ZI to chase ghosts and misinterpret what
I'm saying here on the fireside as an indication that I'm lying about it and they should redouble
and triple their efforts, good luck.
God bless, guys, right?
If you want to find goon alts, they're all in fucking Horde already, dumbasses.
But we want to encourage this.
This is great.
It's great.
It's like I said, I want to pinch Elfboy's little cheeks now.
I'm mad at him now that I have a better understanding of what's going on.
Go to Aridia.
Go to Aridia and mine.
Do Locust Fleets in Aridia.
Anything but Delve is Goblin's line.
Anywhere but Delve.
Anything but Delve.
As far away as possible.
Go to Highsec.
Go to Aridia.
Chase the goon anywhere but where the goon is.
High fives all around.
Yeah, good time to plug in Surgeant Squad if you want to know more about joining Horde.
I'm going to actually include the hostile alt policy.
So this is very important.
Since I am joking here on the fireside about how you could just join Horde if you wanted
to do this, we do have systems of identifying people who are agents and people who are hostile
So make sure if you do put alts into Horde, please, please, please, please, please, for
fuck's sake, don't just listen to me on the fireside talking about how you could do it.
Make sure that if you infiltrate a hostile organization to take advantage of the fact
that the entire galaxy is blue, not that it's necessary.
Like this was necessary for us to make ISK.
We would have been pushing it thus far.
But we do have a hostile alt policy that I just linked here in Jabber and you must register
your hostile alts because otherwise our counterintelligence guys will pick you up and we will red flag
you and start investigating because we will, you know, if we find your alt in Horde through
our means, we will go, oh, is this person a Horde spy or whatever?
So make sure you register your hostile alt so the black hand doesn't come for you in
the night.
And beyond that, once you do it, it's all smiles and roses.
Also maybe you can do a little spying as an F2.
It's a tough duty, but it's honest work.
And yes, join the black hand.
It is difficult to describe how much brain damage you can suffer being in these puppy
organizations, right?
Like reading long puppy chat logs is just like bottom of the barrel in cell twitch chat
It's all like poggers and like no kissing girls and it's bad.
It's it's it's real bad.
So we can't say who they are.
But I mean, my God, the guys in the black hand who've been doing this for this entire
fucking year is they they deserve all of the the love and the hugs we can give them.
But we can't tell anybody who they are or what they've done.
But just know, I understand your pain and I appreciate your sacrifices to all of your
dead brain cells from reading the shit over the last year.
Is there a safe word if you get grabbed by the black hand?
I'm into it, but I do have some hard limits.
You know, I don't think you need to make it fancy.
I've always been a fan of yellow and red, right?
Just yellow and red gets the job done as far as gradations there.
I think that if you're starting out with that kind of thing, you know, people tend
to overcomplicate it.
Yellow and red just gets the job done.
There's a good question from Overever.
Can we get the fit validator updated with the new fits and ships?
I don't know what's not on there, and I'm really glad that you brought that up.
Let me make a note of that.
Can somebody who has their fingers on the controls that is listening to this?
Do that.
Which ones are missing or do you know offhand?
So while I'm doing this, I've got like a notepad plus plus up here on my screen.
And like when people ask questions or bring up org things that I'm like, oh shit, I need
to look at that.
Then I just copy and paste it, try to make a note to follow up with it later.
The jackdaw isn't updated.
Okay, see, there you go.
Arendis is saying that there's some dev stuff and they're working on it.
The system works.
Even when the system is broken, the system works in the process of fixing it.
So that is cool and good.
Well, I want to I want to thank you all for coming here today.
Again, like I said, sort of a chill Q and a fireside to give everybody a recap.
Remember the Reconquista will not be televised.
Join fleets.
If you see bomber ops, get in there, do some things.
We're not going to be saying what they are.
Just get in there.
If you see a ping for Eagles, you get in your Eagle ASAP.
If you see a ping for carriers and supercarriers, you get in there ASAP.
I do not want us to be slacking on turning on the fucking wood chipper just because things
are heading in a direction that we like.
Join in GSA.
Develop your F2s while you're out there in the rice fields.
This is a perfect opportunity for you to get out there, to make mistakes, to figure things
And it's all under the table.
It's it's a fantastic opportunity.
We are surrounded by enemies.
This situation is excellent.
And if we are attacking, we're going to lie about it because, again, the Reconquista will
not be televised.
So thank you all for coming.
I will see you guys back out there.
Let's keep on keeping on.
And we'll see you next week.
Fuck all puppies forever.