Fireside Chat Transcript 5 Nov 2k22

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All right.
Hello, space friends.
Can you hear me?
There we go.
If you want to know what's funny, Juan, is I actually accidentally unmuted Pithos.
You know, when everyone's joining in and scrolling, I was trying to unmute myself, but I unmuted
So he could technically talk in this fireside too.
But I said, "Hey, can you guys hear me?"
And no one said anything.
I'm like, "Did they finally learn?
Have they become that powerful?"
It's not that my mic sounds better than Brisk Dynics.
It's that my voice sounds better than Brisk.
And you can tell him I said that.
Dude, how many cigars do you think Brisk has smoked in his lifetime?
Over under 250.
Would you guys go over or under on that one?
Everyone taking the over on 250.
All right.
Well, let's get into this.
I'm pretty happy right now.
I'm going to just let you guys inside of our very boring space meetings.
Normally, our agenda item, we have like, I'd say 15 to 20 agendum.
But today we had 45 agendum.
So we were looking at really, really high activity.
And that's what I like to see.
I'm telling you guys that Eve is looking up.
I think you guys are seeing it from CCP now.
And we're seeing the activity.
You guys are in space more.
You guys are doing a lot more activity.
And it's in leadership, too.
One thing we're looking to do is we are hiring new directors.
We've promoted two people already to ILM this week.
And we have a couple more slated.
And we're actively exploring more people.
So as far as this week, what have we got?
Rest in Pits, Zintage, and Donraya.
Those are our two rest in pits this week.
And we've got more coming.
So if you guys are active and have good ideas --
or actually, it doesn't really need to be good ideas.
It just needs to be ideas.
Then we might be tapping you soon for an involuntary promotion to a space meeting job.
So we're on the lookout.
Definitely been telling our guys to be on the lookout.
Since I took over, we've had about 50% turnover.
That means about 50% new people.
We aren't actively, like, firing old people.
I think that, you know, as long as they're doing something, we want people to be doing their jobs.
But I think that what is important for us is to have people who are out in space,
out there, understanding the issues that are, you know, that are happening right now.
There's a lot to be said for, like, the wisdom of leadership, of people who have been around for a long time.
And having that is important.
Having that person who's been here 10 years, 15 years, who has seen everything happen 10 times and can give you, yeah, this is how it works.
But that person generally isn't out in space every day anymore.
That is sort of the Eve lifecycle.
So we are definitely looking to improve and hire people who are more active.
And we've been doing that.
So I'm really happy with the pace that we're going on right now.
And I'm actually very happy with what the developers are doing in Eve.
I've heard some, like, behind-the-scenes stuff as well.
That is really encouraging.
Unfortunately, our CSM doesn't leak anything to me.
But there are other ways to hear behind-the-scenes stuff.
So I have really good expectations for what CCP is doing right now.
And for what we're doing as the Imperium.
All right.
So I do want to talk about some specific topics.
One thing I want to talk about is routing.
We have a lot of people out there routing after the -- was it DBM, DBR, whatever, after the money change.
It's a lot easier to get yourself routing and make some money.
Yes, DBRB, DDR4, Dance Dance Revolution, one of those things.
So I see some of you spamming about ISHTARS.
And one thing I want to talk about is you should be in ISHTARS.
We have a lot of people routing in Paladins.
And I don't really understand why people are pacing here.
A Paladin gets about 80% of -- sorry, an ISHTAR gets about 80% of a Paladin.
But about 10% of the effort, right?
And we've been seeing that there's a lot of hunting going on.
And we're thankful for that because it gives us lots of home defense targets.
But Paladins are super common targets.
I would highly recommend that you guys, if you're in a Paladin, if you're in a Marauder, look to go to an ISHTAR.
You'll make almost as much ISK for a lot less effort.
It's also a bit more scalable.
So consider ISHTAR routing.
We've been watching the hunters.
They don't drop on ISHTARs.
They drop on Paladins.
They drop on carriers.
They drop on Dreads, sometimes on Suvers.
But ISHTARs sort of generally are not paid attention to.
You can make about $25 million a tick on an ISHTAR.
So that would be $75 an hour.
So if you're in a Marauder right now, if that's what you've been doing, consider an ISHTAR.
That's all I'm saying.
We're not going to tell you that you can't do it, at least at the moment.
But you'll probably end up making more overall than when you have to eventually replace that Paladin.
One thing I did want to talk about is I have seen -- this hasn't been super common -- but I have seen some people sort of complaining about super losses.
And to put it in perspective, during the Delve miracle, we were losing anywhere from two to five supers a day.
You're just going to have that happen.
First off, they target people who they think are less likely to be able to respond.
And you might have seen that if you -- you might have seen that if you, like, watched, you know, Home Defense for any amount of time.
It's not an accident that the people targeted are also the people, like, least equipped to defend themselves.
But what I'm just saying is if a super dies, like, it doesn't reflect negatively on you.
So let's get back in that mindset.
If that was a problem for you, just remember that these things are paying for themselves.
Here's the thing that I'm pretty excited to tell you guys about.
This is just an idea, but it is something that we are working on and something we're looking to get people involved in.
We are going to start up a daily news update.
So what that will be is right now, say, we want to say, hey, here's a change to the Lyft.
This was a suggestion.
Or cohorts recruiting.
Or here's a cool BR.
We really can ping them out, but only people who see them are the people who are on right when it happens.
So we're going to be starting a site that will contain sort of daily news.
This is not like an eve news thing.
This is news about us.
You know, these are fleets that went out.
This is some battle reports.
Here's stuff that's going on so that you guys can stay connected.
So we're looking for someone who wants to run sort of, we'll call it the news agency, and people who want to write for it.
We're talking about blurbs more than articles here, you know, paragraph to paragraphs.
And we're going to ping out this site a couple times a day.
You guys can check it whenever you want to.
And so if you missed a couple days, you want to know what's going on in Goonz, you can just check this site out.
So that's the -- that's like a pretty exciting thing.
We're looking for eight to ten people who are interested in working on that, including someone who can lead that group.
It'll be Imperium News, but it won't be Imperium News Re6.
I don't know if that was the joke.
All right.
I wanted to talk to you guys.
Yeah, it's sort of an alliance blog is a good way to describe it, BP.
That's not a bad way to describe it.
All right.
I do want to talk to you guys about some sad news.
And, you know, I hate to be the one to bring this up, but I want to talk about -- we've had two people pass away.
So JB is -- or Jabby, I'm not sure.
I think it's Jabby.
He is a long member who passed away from COVID about a week ago.
And there will be a sign-off vigil tomorrow for him.
And then in Karma Fleet, this is more recent, Piercing has passed away.
And so tonight at Saturday Night Swarm, we will be having a sign-off vigil for Piercing.
It's -- having two sign-off vigils in one weekend is not something I was hoping or wanting to do.
But we do want to remember these guys.
We have added their names to the memorial in 1DQ.
And so we just say goodbye to our friends tonight and tomorrow.
If you can be there, please do.
All right.
SuppLeb, I just wanted to give you the worst lead-in ever.
So here's something we're going to be doing pretty frequently.
I want you guys to get to know the directorate better.
And every week I'm going to be bringing in a director who's going to tell you a little bit about what they do,
just give you 60 seconds about their job, how they do it, what they do it,
and then I'll give them 15 seconds to shout out whatever they want.
So you're up, my friend.
Hey, everyone.
Hope you can hear me.
So I'm SuppLeb.
I'm the new head of GSOL.
If you don't know what GSOL does, we mainly fuel all the structures that are reliance-owned.
We also do all the construction for the infrastructure, all the iHubs, the TCUs, iHub grades, Citadels, et cetera.
Like, we build it all.
So during offensive deployments, we also salvage structures, loot wrecks, scoop loot.
I mean, that's what we do.
Doing all this, like, we need tons of PI.
So if you don't have your PI set up, go do it.
I mean, I'm still buying PI monthly, and, you know, sometimes even, like, last month when I was trying to finish a Keepstar build,
I even bought over what my budget was allocated for for PI.
So if you have extra PI and you don't want to, like, don't want it just sitting in a hangar, just contract with DJs,
I can use it to build Keepstars.
I don't really have anything else to ask you.
All right. Thanks for that.
And to ask you the inevitable question, when are we building the Palatine Keepstar?
I'll get back to that after I talk to Tazi.
Yeah, all right.
Also, I want to tell you guys, at 2000, Kudmi is doing a Q&A for the Goon Economic Zone, the Jez, and Industrial.
So it's called the Jez and Industrial Fireside.
That would be in about 45 minutes from now.
So if that's something you want to get into or you have questions about or you just want to listen to Kudmi talk about something,
which I like to do, you can go ahead and join that in about 45 minutes.
That's about all I wanted to talk about.
I'll open the floor to questions right now.
Go ahead and shoot them in the list if you got them.
Any idea when the new Jump Bridge page on the Wiki will be updated to get it into Carpa?
Is it not being updated?
That should be.
I don't know. I'll figure that out.
New doctrines.
Now you're talking about what I want to talk about.
I didn't mention anything about new doctrines.
We are in the lab.
We are working hard at it.
So you can expect there shall be some new doctrines.
But there is no announcement this week.
This is sort of in my wheelhouse, stuff I really enjoy.
So I've definitely been in my secret lab, crashing my Pytho because I have too many fits, which is a true story.
I have my own bug for too many fits in Pytho.
But it is something that we will be doing.
Let's say short to midterm.
I wouldn't expect anything necessarily next week.
So I will tell you, Aboban, Zealots probably not.
Only because Initiative will probably do those.
So we don't want to be doubling up.
Like if we're both in Zealots, then it's kind of easy to take against us.
So you can knock out Zealots, but no other previews other than that.
I also have a wild doctrine idea, but that might be midterm.
Maybe around December.
I can tell you guys about that one.
Ham Serbs are pretty much done creating.
If you have a Serb, you might want to find something else to do with it.
What else have we got other than doctrine questions?
Any ideas about how we can use faction dreads when they arrive?
I do not know, Fist.
They look like they're going to be pretty cool, but they'll obviously be big targets as well.
Will your faction dreads get reimbursed fully?
Will Jeff ride again anytime soon?
So probably not through the end of the year.
I don't want to say anything for sure.
Obviously future plans, blah, blah, blah.
But I wouldn't expect a Jeff deployment in the next two months.
Barring changes to the Galaxy, though, this is the big question.
What's going to happen with the rest of the Galaxy?
So I certainly wouldn't say there's no chance, but I would say that right now,
get involved in home defense, get involved in roaming fleets,
and watch closely the politics of the Galaxy, because that's going to be a big issue for us.
Will the Alliance creators take the farm BPC for faction dreads?
It'll be up if someone wants to do that, Cynthia.
If you want to run that, then you could.
That's the kind of thing where it needs more of a leader than anything else.
We often have good ideas, but we need the person to implement them.
Everyone who works in the Alliance is a volunteer.
So it's something where I try to show that the job is appreciated,
that we thank them for their time and effort to make the game more fun for the line member.
But it is also hard to find a person who wants to do that.
So that is a big part of our recruitment is finding the right people and treating them well.
That's sort of something I'm trying to emphasize a lot.
Co-war team applications, that should be pretty soon, Crack.
I don't know the exact date.
Where are we going to stand for faction warfare?
Good question, but not an answer that we have read to the public.
That's something that our Diplo guys will be putting out feelers and all that kind of good stuff.
So if we need to side with someone, we will, but I don't know when we'll be able to announce that.
Oh, yeah, Secret Santa stuff should be coming out pretty soon.
Those are always fun.
Do we have an Ishtar fit for routing? Someone link the thread, please.
Okay, Miss Moses, what's the news?
The Alliance does not do routing Ishtar SRP.
Some corps do. I don't know, but it's not an Alliance thing.
All right. Any other questions, guys?
Apparently Miss Moses is having a buoy.
Oh, that's so nice. You're having a buoy.
Are you going to put it in the ocean or a river? That is so sweet.
I mean, at least you had a buoy and not a gooey. That could be a little worse.
Were you naming your boy Asher?
Dude, I'm high-fiving the air right now.
This is my favorite buoy I've ever seen.
Congrats, you two. That's awesome.
Good for you guys. Good for you guys.
I'm really happy to hear that.
You know, that's some good news.
Obviously, we had some really bad news to share today.
So thank you guys for giving us some good news.
All right. With that, I'm going to wrap up the fireside.
I appreciate you guys so much for coming,
and I'm happy to be able to share some of the important Alliance news with you.