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I have a little bit of a slow start today here guys my
Kremlin meeting plans before this were slightly interrupted by all of the Pappystone and stuff
So I think we're all at fiving here on Labor Day week and enjoying
Leaks and chaos and all of these things so we'll get started with numbers stabilized
Grab your beer grab your coffee grab whatever makes you happy even if it's your dick or whatever
Holy shit for a god legend is actually posting in that thread. Of course. He has to he's compulsive. He can't help himself
Alrighty, okay, so I had a plan for the fireside and it was going to be a relatively
Normal, which is still abnormal, you know, the whole peacetime thing is a little new
I'm I was surprised to see the dung dinkle stuff. I
Don't know why he thought it would be a good idea to post that
he should have expected like an adult that that would be immediately leaked everywhere and
Then after basically saying I didn't know anything and I wasn't a part of it and blah blah blah
I guess Pappystone decided to come out of the woodwork and
Like one of the one of the things that was particularly interesting about that log wasn't just the program being a fuck-up
Doesn't really surprise me right like pro god has always been a catastrophic fuck-up
I think it's a bit biblical that we heard about the war because pro god legend talked to everybody in the
game about the idea that they were gonna blew 103 alliances and come at us and
we heard about the war first from pro god and were able to start making plans and preparations in advance because of it and
It turns out per God blew up the whole thing and he ended the war
Ahead of schedule they had planned in the war
They were telling everybody that they were you know internally that leak proves that they knew that they were going to fail that day
They had plans for weeks of evacuations and all of these other things. So
It's an unusual feeling
because instead of being like
Yay, I was right, you know, whatever. I mean I knew guys right because
and matter all somewhere is busy insisting that I am happy snowden, but
Yeah, it's it's it's hilarious how bad they are
Basically, like I just it's a it's a stunning display of catastrophic stupidity across a whole number of levels
And that is what we were fighting for 14 fucking months
I want to hit some of the peacetime stuff out of the way real quick here for you guys because it's not gonna be a
Wartime style fireside where I scream at the top of my lungs for an hour
Pointing and laughing and giggling about the whole
Dunk and shattered and pickles and vents and all that stuff. That is pretty fucking funny, but
We are gonna be making some doctrine changes. We're not gonna be I don't think announcing a new specific doctrine
We're gonna be clearing out some of the doctrines that are old
And not gonna be used in in modern times
So I think that means we're gonna be ditching sacrilegious and there's a couple of other changes coming down the pipe
So I just want people to be aware of that
I don't know if horrendous wants to actually say anything about it right now in terms of
Do not sell off your doctrine ships if you do not need to
Do not sell off your doctrine ships if you do not need to thank you. Sorry
I rindez is stopping me with an all-caps thing here
But we are getting ready
You guys know how this works in peace time. We start heading toward peace time start heading towards join six and squads
I said this last week join six and squads join six and squads join six and squads
because we're not gonna telegraph exactly where we're going and who we're shooting and why on a fucking fireside, but
We we hunger for vengeance and that whole awakened Empire become the crisis shit is absolutely happening
one of the things that I've been happy to see is that we are
Finally being able to implement some of the policies that we have been working on to the last couple weeks whereby we I mean some
Of our best galaxy brain goons have been coming up with new systems because fundamentally speaking
Eve online is now a very different game than it was before the war before the war
We had a system of doing things now after the war CCB has altered so much that functionally speaking
We have to have completely new systems that are better integrated and generally on Fox on the mistakes on the previous systems
So as we are coming down the the mountain with the stone tablets that you know
Kun me and Kazimir and we slower and very smart people who are way smarter than me are holding and we implement these things
Please do keep in mind that
essentially approach modern peacetime as if it is a game you've never seen before because
The the fundamentals of the video game from the economic perspective are very different
So that is cool and good shouldn't we wait until the scarcity ending announcements before making crazy changes?
So first of all, I'm gonna pick that that one apart Christ Jesus. I want to thank you for giving me an easy lay up there
first of all
We're not making any crazy changes, right?
We are we are making new systems that we believe through the best and brightest and the most sensible of our people are
The way to go and we're running everything that we're doing through the Kremlin because we need to make sure that we have buy-in at all
Levels of the organization so the things that we are doing are not really all that wild and crazy
But I want people to know that if they're to expect to change
Right to not flip out about it because these are things that have been worked with worked on and talked about
Upstairs and at the Kremlin lair for weeks now
There has been a lot of meetings involving things like moons and tax policy and locust fleets and just all of this stuff
That is now
Getting close to being shove it already and I'm happy with it
You know, yeah, so we're not doing crazy stupid shit
But the whole idea here is is that we have an empire that gets everybody rich and helps us kill the puppies all the better
So that hasn't changed and the other part of the Christ Jesus softball is a good one, too
because it brings up the scarcity thing so I
Don't necessarily
Ever make any plans around waiting for CCP to do a good goddamn thing. There's a few reasons for that
Yes, lots of meetings have made the Mitani fall asleep as a response out
I don't like waiting for CCP to do a good goddamn thing
And again Christ Jesus, I think is just giving me a softball here. This isn't me like dunking on him
This is just like two wonderful easy layups. One is never rely on CCP for anything, right?
It's sort of like if you're if you're just hoping that they're gonna do a thing and they're gonna announce the thing
Then you're sort of planning for disappointment. So we plan around the game as it is
We don't expect that CCP is gonna magically change things. And also we are expecting that there will be
Some adjustments in the plans that we have are flexible, right? Like we're not fucking idiots. Oh
Sometimes it seems like we're idiots, but so it's a reasonable question
But like I just don't want people waiting around and going gosh like at some point here
we're gonna we're gonna get the the
Scarcity stuff is gonna be solved and we're gonna wait for CCP to do it do it because I think that's just
Planning for failure. All right. Let me look at some of these questions
Questions about all corpse. So yes, actually we are going to be opening up the alt corpse stuff once more
That is something that is being planned and will be handled
I don't know if that is shovel ready right now, but it's something that we
Know what we're doing
It's going to be managed by the finance team and they are doing a lot of work along a whole bunch of different things
but the whole alt corp approval process and all of that compliance is being bolted on to the finance team because all corpse are a
Core part of some of the things that we're gonna be doing as we rebuild and continue to rake it in
That's a that's a very good question
And I want to thank everybody for bearing with when during the war we turned off alt corpse
If you were unaware as to why we didn't let all the corpse in in the war
There was a guy who's been hanging out on something awful calm thread
masquerading as as one of us who is actually this dude who had an alt corp and he gave away access to the alt corp to
the enemy and
Back in July of 2020 you might have remembered one day. This feels like it was five years ago
But there was a day where the pappy men came together and they tried to drop 20 fucking
Citadels in our space using this alt corp that was within goons worm that this traitor had given away and then this traitor
besides to act like he is a
cool guy goon on the SA thread
But anyway, so that is why we turned off all corpse because they are in an unregulated system a security threat and now we're new
Oh, thank you. Don. I reminded me the court mail holiday thing
We're not gonna be talking about this on the it's actually it's a good waffle thing only
Goon waffle only is gonna have court mail Mondays
That's not something that the rest of the fucking Alliance has to do. But if you are if you are a WAF guy
We are going to have a court mail Mondays every Monday
We're gonna turn it on let people get it out of their systems and then we'll see how things go free speech zones
All right. Let's see what else you got
XY ZZ why whatever not gonna say the rest of it is a new director of
University he is taking over from Robbie Kastrick
and I don't think we've sent a rest and piss ping for a ZZ because
We're all trying to figure out how to say his name and not say titties like we say for XTZ, but there you go
So rest in piss my dude. Here's a question about are we planning to chase after papi in some campaign soon?
Join six and squads. There are a lot of avenues that get us from delve to where the papi men are in a
Variety of interesting regions some of them be outer passage some of them being Jiminate some of them being wherever
Do not be fooled
there are a lot of happy men out there who are posting away trying to make it clear that they were the good papi's and
That they were just following piggle the rest of them off of a cliff and that's good
I like to see that behavior the bad guys because they are attempting to feed the slower of the
Papi's to the the bear right like they don't have to be the fastest. They just have to be faster than whoever were
Hazing at the moment. So there are a variety of vectors for us to get steel on target
I think that you should join six and squads in the meantime and
Anything like there are definitely things in the future like Jeff deployments and just us back to our normal bullshit
Like we were doing before the war so I would expect that
I do not want these people to get away unscathed. They have not they have very much not
Gotten away unscathed and I see no reason for us to
Stop fucking with them
There's a balance of interests here because some people are
Exhausted or they just need time off and whatever they want to chill or they need to do some PvE to rebuild their personal
Wealth funds or what have you?
But as always in peacetime
We want to make certain that there are ways to get across the galaxy and twist the knife on these fuck
I'm gonna casually call it peacetime just because it's easier that way in delve things are much more peace oriented
But as you guys saw again in previous wars
We can be at peace while saying nudge nudge wink wink join six and squads and stuff happens on the other side of the galaxy
And you know high fives all around is salvage still needed also shoutouts for TNT for winning their fucking Alliance tournament match
That that has also happened. Well, all of the hilarity has taken place today
Okay. Sorry guys. I thought I was gonna have a more like not necessarily a together first side
But I a lot of times I'll get up on a Sunday and I'll have a few notes about the things that I want to say
We were gonna have a criminal meeting today to talk about some of these very important PvE
Policies that make my brain turn into goo and I spent the entire time at fiving the Pappy Snowden thread
Which it's unfortunate because I think if matter all has well and truly wandered away from the game. I won't get to enjoy him
his his hilarious take on it or on this fair on this fireside, but I
Hope he's I hope he's having fun. When will corporations be able to deploy their own structures?
Well, we just had a big-ass criminal meeting about things like that
So I'm not gonna say that on a fireside
but we are actively communicating with the Kremlin about when corpse are gonna be allowed to drop structures and
there is a system and a process and I
I know it's a workable system in a process because it just instantly lets me just
It's yeah, so
It's it's it's there
It's real. Are you worried about post-war Eve fatigue in the Imperium? No
Not at all
I mean, it's a reasonable enough question
But you know, some people are gonna take breaks and cycling and cycle out but look there's how many there's fucking
900 of you on a Labor Day weekend fireside listening to me run my mouth, right?
So we haven't really seen a kind of peacetime sort of drop-off. In fact, if anything a
Great question killer code because this has given me a bit to riff on about the PCU crisis
While we are rubbing
their own words in
The faces of our enemies as they piss and shit themselves all over every channel where they attempt to call home
It's important to remember
They essentially made the PCU crisis
Like one of the things that has happened in the aftermath of the blue donut disintegrating is that people are playing Eve
Across the board words are starting in various places
And so as you are out there shitting on our enemies for being a bunch of hypocritical puppy Fox
Please do remind them that in addition to following pro-god legend at all off of a fucking cliff that elf boy and crew
all of those motherfuckers that were holding the blue donut together for 14 months as
You know
Insert insult here
It's just it's difficult to describe the scale of how bad they were for Eve online itself
And I think that the leadership of papi needs to be held accountable for it
I don't think that there's ever a reason why Gobbins or piggles or
Vili or any of these motherfuckers should ever be able to post or talk anywhere without having everyone
Instantly remind them what a bunch of hypocritical shits
They are much they suck and how much their hypocritical shittery resulted in the entire game except for us being set blue and
in a testable obvious way
nearly actually, I think they did like worse than blackout like
The bad guys managed to do more damage to Eve online in terms of number of people playing the video game and enjoying themselves
Then even CCP has normally speaking in these situations where there's a PCU crisis
We're sitting around here going Ger Hillmark or CCP Ger Ger chaos Ger scarcity or something like this
But the reality is is that papi told everybody to blew up stop playing the game go AFK
Exploded on impact in 1d q1 and now they're sitting around going. Oh, well, you know, it's a pro-legends fault
And yeah, sure part of it is pro-legends fault
but don't let these motherfuckers forget that the reason why people are now playing the video game more and the PCU is
Beginning to go up again in any kind of capacity is because they did it
They're at fault and they're not able to do it anymore. So fuck them. So that's one of the other reasons
Why I'm not too worried about
Activity and content in peacetime because not only can we reach across the galaxy to get at these guys join six and squads
But just the nature of the thing was they formed they tried to make serenity on on tranquility
They really did it all of the things they were saying about us for straight-up projection
They're like, oh guns are trying to be serenity
They literally wanted the entire game to be blue and hold blue such that motherfuckers like Vili
Can stick his champions jewel right up his fourth place ass now that the war is over our FRT the new superpower
We are the superpower. We are the hegemons. We are the thousand-pound gorilla that all must accommodate or else
That's just how it fucking works. The entire galaxy came at us and they all failed
It is us and then there is everybody else and we're gonna make sure it stays that way because fuck all puppies forever
They will come after you again. Just as they say
Oh, you know, I was I was a horde guy and you know
I I never really believed in pro god legend and all that stuff like no they fucking hate your guts
They're just trying to convince you that they don't hate your guts because they're scared of you, which is good
But don't forget
Who your enemies are Wow a rendis fucking dropping some facts here. Check that graph out
That is ugly. That is ugly. All right, boys and girls a few more questions here
I need to make sure that I'm not missing anything do changes to the
That's a question for a rendis there he's got a question about unified ships. Yeah, Haruda
I'm not even gonna try to dive into that that is very much the arena zone and he will answer your question
How are my fishies the fish you seem to be doing relatively well some people are confused about the leaks
There is a pappy Snowden thread on our Eve
It shows what happened when in the middle of their final push off against us
Pro Bob legend started on anchoring the keep stars and so you get to see everything explode
What's interesting is that shattered armor is in there after dunk tingle?
I told everybody that brave and nothing to do with their command channels or anything like that
Which came out yesterday?
It's just you know, it's essentially just proving all the stuff that we said all war so like I'm not really like oh my god
Here's this thing. It's it's great that the leaks are out there. It's great
People are pointing and laughing
But essentially it's just further evidence that everything that we have been telling
Everybody the entire war has been the gods honest truth the entire time and the bad guys were just projecting and insisting that
That that the words were wrong or whatever fuck them
Armor has what exact role in the brave leadership shattered armor has the role of being apparently
And you know this dude would not last
Last a fucking microsecond in the Imperium his bitch ass would be blacklisted and purged the moment he had a tantrum
But you know donks a grown-ass man, and if he can't stand up to fucking shattered armor, then that's his problem, right?
That's a problem for all of the brave leadership if you can't stand up to a guy who's a cutrate wannabe pro
God legend what business do you have in the big chair?
Being in the big chair is not about being a likeable guy being in the big chair is not about making sure that everybody thinks
You're classy in fact many times if you're in the big chair
People are howling for your blood because you don't give a fuck about what anybody who's outside of your people really thinks
You know they're either on our side or not and if you're on the outside
Then they get the eat my ass Diana fire twist the knife version and dunk
wants to lead but you can't lead without being willing to get some fucking blood on your hands and
if you
Only are the nice guy you'll get walked all over by some teenage dumbass
wannabe like sharded armor who thinks that pro
God legend is a somebody to like emulate it was amazing hearing recordings of sharded armor
I'm the black hand because he sounded almost
Distinguishable from pro God legend because he hero worships pro God legend so much that he literally imitates the fucking guy and I cannot imagine
being a grown-ass man and
Letting a little dick bitch like sharded armor push anybody
Around there. There's there is no excuse for it so fuck them all more leaks, please
Unfortunately I
Really wish matter all hadn't wandered off. It was a kind of fun like that every time I've happy snowden happened
I can't really do that joke anymore if he's not around to do it
I mean the the most likely theories have seen banded around is that it's either
Redline or it's one of the original sinners guys. Did we ever get the audit done on Horde at all?
I think I saw this question asked at the previous fireside and the answer is no we were going to audit them
We were going to unleash the auditors on them and then well you can read for yourself
What happened on on August 2nd or August 3rd or whatever it was and the whole thing blew up because of well
Just go read the fucking leaks. I
And then all of our people in our finance team that would be doing the audit stuff
have been hard at work doing whatever they can to
Get these new policies and moon stuff and tax all the peacetime stuff that is incredibly necessary
Those people that would have been doing an audit on Horde finances have been working on our shit and implementing those things
Is it a funny idea and would I be interested in us doing it when our financial boffins have finished doing their thing?
I think that it would be hilarious because fuck elf boy and fuck Horde and no we're not gonna forgive and forget any of these
People screw them, but the you know, our people deserve the best and that therefore as soon as the the war
Exploded at the start of August at that point. We had to shift all of our
white paper generating
policymakers to
Create policies for us. We had anticipated like my plan was that we would have probably about two months of the rice fields phase
You know two months of the Regan Kista. We would go Regan Kista rice rice fields Regan Kista Regan Kista
I figured would take about two months
We would be taking our space back under fire as we were gradually
Leveraging that numbers advantage we had because we crushed their participation down to fuck all
but I did expect that we would have to take our space back under fire and that would be the fucking Regan Regan Kista and
The plan was as we were doing that and once we had gotten traction with the Regan Kista
Then we would know it we would have probably like a month or two as we ground through all of our stuff
To implement and come up with these plans and these policies. So essentially when pro god legend pulled the piggles
At the start of August we were still fighting the war and expecting to continue to fight the war for a while
Yet and then abruptly was like, oh fuck
So we've got to burn down every fucking structure and all of as fast as we possibly can so these fucks can't get away
One and two while we're doing that
We also have to come up with a completely new a post-war system
Which we knew was going to be complicated because the game mechanics have changed
So that's that's where we are and I'm very happy that we're sort of through that process now and getting to the implementation phase
All right, boys and girls that is going to be it. I'm gonna call it for you
Please turn up next week
one last thing before we go is
We are going to be doing some ops right after the fireside and in a little bit to get some people to and from
Ermalin, we know that we've got people that have asset safety stuff in our mall and and the state provides
So we're gonna see some things for ops going out to make sure that people can get their stuff
Escorted out effectively
also a question about brisk brisk has a
Double ear infection it sucks and we hope that he gets over it soon
So we can I mean I would expect that next week meta show we're gonna be making tons of fun of these nerds over
All of this dunk dinkle and pavis node and stuff
Thank you all for coming
And if you've got shit in our pollen you want to be at escort back look for ops coming out
That's it. That's the fireside.