Fireside Chat Transcript 6 Dec 2k21

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Alright boys and girls, we're gonna get started here in a couple minutes and I know that some of you guys are just coming back from
Shouting web at that Asbel
Bad guys pussied out after we stomped their faces in a bit earlier
Oh no
Got some interesting news across the board
Tess just had a town hall
I'm sort of reading
Digests from our agents about what's been going on
I've got the stuff in Cloud Ring
So yeah, actually I'd sort of been worried that I wouldn't have much to go over this week
But actually in just the last couple of days a bunch of things have come together and
Atrium made me a very happy man
About an hour ago with those most recent November statistics
Alright and we do have bingo up
Hell yeah
Yeah congratulations to Sundering for being the benchmark for
That is unironically impressive
Alright I've just been given the good word by Kord so I'm gonna launch into this
And everybody else who gets here late can thank Cajanas for being awesome and doing his usual F2 thing I hope
And recording this, he is a hero for doing that and making sure that these get posted to the wiki every week and we appreciate that
Most of what you've seen on the Meta Show for the last couple weeks
And most of what we're seeing out in public has been an understandable hue and cry about the fact that the PCU of EVE is flatlining
Because Rattati is a dumbass and is ramming things into the ground
This was something of concern to me, obviously
I don't want to have us ruling over a dead galaxy
But more importantly, I think for all of us we care more about the community
Of the Imperium and of Gwyn's Worm
Of what we have built up for all of these years
And the nightmare for those of us in leadership positions is always that Hilmar or one of his dumbasses is gonna wake up one day
And ruin the game in such a way that it interferes with our community
The good news is, based upon these statistics
We have not lost any of our fighting strength through November
We have seen some people either unsub or stop engaging with crab stuff
I don't mean the crab sites, but I mean
Essentially I just got told that not only do we have a clean bill of health as an org
But we are still stomping on faces just as hard as we were a couple months back
And that we, Gwyn's Worm, and I believe the Imperium as a whole
Is weathering this storm of incompetence
In a way that is not impacting our ability to stomp on the faces and the throats of our despised foes
And that makes me a very happy man
Because if we do not have puppies, and we do not have an us, we don't have a them
We need a safeguarding for our community
And I was worried, I was concerned, I had hoped
I had hoped that the strong community ties that I see in person events like Vegas
Y'all motherfuckers fighting together, dying together, doing our thing together
Getting stupid together
I'm not gonna lie, I'm not gonna lie
Until I saw the numbers, because numbers are all that really matters in my world
I need to have the facts
I was a little worried, I was talking about how we might take a haircut
The whole game might take a haircut because of this incompetence
But I am a very happy man to see that
In practice, when it came to the bottom line
We are still stomping just as hard as we were previously
And that means I feel a little bit more free to point a laugh at the dumbasses
And be a little bit less "ooh, scary boo"
So great news there, check out Atrium's thread if you haven't yet
And yeah, people are talking about a Jeff deployment of course
Which could very well be bingo bait
But one of the things that is very fascinating to me about our Jumpbridge system
The modern, revised, post-war Jumpbridge system
Is how fucking good it is
And right now the front line of many of these combats that we are having are in Cloud Ring
We just were winning fights there in Owning Face just a couple hours back
And you can get there very rapidly and get back very rapidly
As you guys just literally did before the fireside
Actually deploying GEF isn't necessarily as much of a requirement
Where we are currently having these fights
But if it was, I would lie about it
I mean, literally guys, in order to have a war in Cloud Ring
I wouldn't move us out of 1DQ1 because we literally just have a Jumpbridge network
You literally just hop, skip, and a jump out there
You don't have to like, "deploy" to J5A or something to hit Cloud Ring
It would be like deploying to Quarious, which is also Delta Zone
Anyway, so what I wanted to talk about is some of this other stuff
Let's go over this
A few weeks back we started seeing big hack fights
We're fighting against fire, things are happening
Occasionally we're getting kicked in the dick
Occasionally we're slipping over or falling or tripping
Things are happening, shaking the dust off post-war
Getting used to fighting the puppies again
Getting used to seeing Pappy Pappy Pappy everywhere
I was very happy to see ProGodLegend handing out rocks and typhoons yesterday
And then losing them to us
That was...
I had missed it, I had missed it, I had missed it so much
I ended up declassifying those Black Hand leaks way early
Just because hearing the anger and the frustration in that "Pieces of Shit" voice
It brought me back
And I hope you guys enjoyed the Piggles leaks
TEST has had their town hall
And they have not really said anything that we didn't expect them to
Hope always springs eternal that our enemies would do something unexpected
But they are predictable creatures
And we're here to be content to rot in outer passage for the near term
Which is sort of unfortunate
We had a whole thing kind of cooked up for
If they moved to a place that we thought they were
We had schemes, man, we had schemes
But now we've got more indifference schemes
And more importantly we have a clean bill of health and a military report card
So we get to have some fun
So, in general, CCB has raised the ladder of access for most people in the game
To be able to get Dreadnoughts and Carriers and Supercaps and Titans and all the fun stuff
We have argued, in a sustained way, we've argued against this
In many ways we have been saying "Don't do this, don't do that, don't do the other thing"
Even though the dumbass shit that they are doing is differentially buffing us
By running a lawnmower over the less coherent orgs in the game
Driving small and medium alliances into the fucking ditch
That incentivizes consolidation
People want to flee to a place of competence and order and sanity
So, great, the net effect of this is
If they are going to raise the ladder on the rest of the game
And we have a clean bill of health when it comes to military activity
And stomping on pubs
What that tells me is
"Hey guys, make sure you are fucking Carriers"
I love this, I haven't had a chance to get up here
In front of 800 people and say
"Hey, let's dust off some fucking heavy ordnance"
Because we are going to be using them in Delve more
We've got some things going on
Not all the things that we are going to be going on here
Are going to be things you are going to hear about on the fireside
They might get nudge nudge, wink wink
You know, who knows?
But what I do know is
It is time for us to dust off our Carriers
And make sure that our woodchippers are still working
Because we've got some stuff going on
It's not like enemy fleets are going to be coming into Delve
And diving into a woodchipper war style
More, we want a portable woodchipper to drop on things
And I won't go into any further details
But when the Adj tells me
Ask for people to dust off their Carriers
And get them ready on the fireside
It was like hearing the fucking angels of war, murder and death sing
And it makes me a happy man
Carriers, boys and girls, Carriers
Now, I haven't been given specific instructions beyond that
So I'm not going to tell you which particular Carrier we are using for what
I think that Delve Defense is something that we are going to
Keep our eyes on as things heat up across the galaxy
We are seeing more fights, we are headed into the holiday season
If Rattati wasn't running the game into the ground
We would expect to see an uptick in behavior
Across the game in the holiday season
As it stands for now
Sorry, I just got distracted by some Black Hand stuff
But basically, if the rest of the game is having less people log in
And doing things instead of me going
"Oh gosh, that's tragic"
Now that I see that we have our people
And the sort of Iron Fist of the state is ready to rock
It's time to just start kicking people in the face and the balls
It'll be fun, it'll be fun
We'll have fun, I hate fucking peace
I just hate peace, it just bores the hell out of me
It's necessary, it's important
But just finally seeing, you know
Conflict at scale on the horizon
Makes me a happy Space Emperor
So, conflict against the foe will take many forms
It's not just going to be like "Hey, what we're doing in Cloud Ring
I want you guys to expect that"
It's going to be defending against incursions into our space
From people using filaments or otherwise roaming around
We've had action in NPC Delve pretty much every night
Like Clockwork
And I have personally been very happy
Because I don't give a shit about fighting fair against puppies
Because puppies never give a shit about actually fighting fair
I love watching these motherfuckers get sledgehammered
Gallagher with a watermelon
That reference really just dated me as a 40-something
Like the fact that I'm seeing groups of goons and marshals
And black ops just doing these completely ridiculous
Unfair shit stompings of minor incursions into our space
By well-meaning idiot puppies
It warms my heart
It tells me that Delve is healing
When I see a really just, you know
There was a guy whining on our eve a couple weeks ago
And I think this is actually a link to like an Innit shit stomping
Where it dropped like 15 titans on 4 dudes
And I'm like "Yeah! Get some!"
That's how we do it around here
And so that makes me happy
Really, you can hear my voice
I'm very, very happy
I was worried
I was worried
I mean honestly
Like the Rattati thing is freaky
The things they're saying about what they're going to do in the game
Is freaky
But from my perspective
All I give a shit is us
All I care about is us
Fuck puppies
The community is what matters
Our people in the state
And what we have built here together
Over the last however many goddamn years
That's what matters
And so I am just so happy to see
That, you know
Our risks are mitigated
And anyway, whatever
Fuck Rattati
There are a couple other things I want to promote here
We have Secret Santa
It is the holiday season
Every year we do a Secret Santa
And I'm going to try to link this
I'm not going to try but hopefully I can manage to copy and paste
Thank you
So I am going to authorize
I'll do this live
The hand I'm going to authorize
Releasing this test, Town Hall
If they don't release it themselves
There is, you know, you guys deserve some chat porn
You really do
And whatever, fuck it
Okay, when I have it I will release it
Apple Pear is a fucking hero
As are all of the
Like guys, we talk about how difficult it is
Doing duty in the Black Hand
Like it is one of the rougher postings
In the org
And it's because you are face to face
With some of the most awful, boring, hypocritical
Puppy drivel day in and day out
And so yet again
An opportunity to give a shout out
To everyone out there who is doing the Imperium's work
In the shadows, not just in the hand
But of course obviously in Serpent Squad
Okay, cool
I like it
Yeah, so basically I think TEST has decided
That they are going to rot in Outer Passage
Earlier. I am disappointed
But it is what it is. We are going to find ways to reach out
And keep fucking them
And yeah
Let me take some questions here
If I make sure for everybody
I didn't listen to this meeting yet
We had agents listening to this meeting
So like you should
You can be happy for me, but you should be more
Thankful for all the agents doing all the work
And listening to PGL talking
And all those kind of things
So just for everybody to know
Like, they deserve all the credits
They uh
Oh my
This is going to be a fun one
When it gets out
I have a feeling
Alright, let me take some general questions
From folks. The main news is
Hey, we got a clean bill of health
Hey, we've been winning fights, let's keep doing that
And keep fighting to shake the dust off
Because war is a force that gives us meaning
The thing is that there's a thing
That I'm excited about that I never thought I'd be excited about
That I can't talk about on the fireside
And it's not like some sort of big amazing
Like whatever
And if our enemies were actually good at firesides
They would be like, "Ooh, let's investigate this in some way"
And maybe, you know, whatever
Wheels are moving, right?
I'm happy about being able to
Get some sense of what's going on
Being able to get some
Statistics on the
Ground truth of what is happening
In our organization
That makes me able to make
Much more aggressive plans about
Some of my schemes
And if you guys keep your ears to the ground
And participate in daily and nightly
Life in the organization
You will see some of the things that we're up to
And I'm very happy about it
I'm happy about the carriers, I'm happy about the
Fighting strength, I'm happy about
The screams and cries
Of weak hypocritical
Failures like ProGod
And, uh, yeah
Life is pretty good
Let's take some questions
Somebody's got a reference to
Let me click that
Yeah, that's the kind of shit I like
Every time a puppy comes to Delve expecting a fair fight
And we give them the kind of
Treatment that they tried to give to us
During all of the wars
And reminding them that we don't play
By their rules, I think it really enforces
The fucker-fuckie relationship
And that's good
Any update on AOM
And FRT friction? Great questions
AOM and FRT friction that simmer down
Because of- and become nothing in the end
Uh, I don't think it's ever gonna
Become nothing, it hasn't actually
Resulted in active
Combat, not because I don't
Think that Norris wants to kill
Fulcrum, but more because
FRT seems to be having a
Big series of fights
With Snuffed Out currently, so
I think that that's kind of a distraction
From any kind of
Chinese Civil War
Oh boy, we've got questions
About sports
Unfortunately that's not my thing, I like to get
My hands dirty if I've never been good at
Spectator or anything
Fish update? Uh, the fish have
Been doing alright, like the fact that there haven't actually
Been fish updates is a good thing
We have some mollies that are
Popping out other little mollies
And we haven't had like a
Explosive, unexpected
Fish death in a hot minute
Is it true that there are three titans not
SRP'd for M2 on the Pappy side?
Uh, that's a good question
I don't know, I think that
There are probably a number of titans that
Haven't ever actually been SRP'd
Because I don't think that these guys are gonna
Be able to either find titans or pull
350 billion-esque out of their ass to build them
So, you know, I'm not sure how much
We'll ever know about that, but certainly
Financial mismanagement has been the order of the day
Amongst our enemies and we love them for it
Let's see, court mail Mondays
And the lack of them being turned on, they stopped getting
Turned on because it stopped being fun
After we said it was allowed on a certain day
People lost interest in it
What about furniture making and dick bots?
That's a good one, uh, we are
Actually working on, um
A bunch of Madfern stuff, I don't wanna like
Type my furniture store too much
Because it is very much a work in progress, but shout out
To Sopleb and
Cassador and several other goons
Who have been very, very
Helpful in reaching out to me and
Letting me know stuff like, "Hey, this is busted"
Or "Hey, this needs fixing" or "Hey, here's an idea
About how to make it better" so I really appreciate the outreach
Of that, it has been kind of funny
To take a turn from like Space Emperor
To, you know, mad about the live-laugh-love
Section and sells furniture
Uh, but, uh, why can't we
Do both at the same time? Fuck it
I'm gonna work on making my pitches a little bit more
Entertaining when I do it on the Meta Show
This guy keeps asking questions about
Dreadbomb and some sort of standings
Issue and I'm not really sure why
You're insisting on that on the far side
Like, whatever the answer is, it's not significant
Enough that it's reached my desk that I have a
Thing to give you, dude. I mean
Basically the policy is
Uh, if you see some weird stuff
From people that have access
To things that they seem to have access
To, uh, you know, you
Can raise it with a Corp Director or a Diplo
If something seems out of sorts
Um, and then beyond that
Fountain of Frank Fireside. Yeah, one of the things
About general lowsec entities is that
They tend to have a constant amount of recycling
So somebody's talking about, like, uh,
Is there, like, a status change after their
Predictable internal collapse? Like, you
Know, the
I don't, like, keep track of
You know, I mean, hell, if you guys
Remember before Snuffed Out was, like, the big thing
There was a whole Shadow Cartel Snuffed Out thing
And, like, there's just sort of an endless cycle
Of, uh, schisms
And new names and drama and stuff like that
So, like, hey
A mid-sized lowsec org
Had an org implosion
And, uh, whatever is sort of
Like a, uh, a Tuesday
So, I'm sorry I can't answer the question, it just hasn't
Risen to the level of us knowing or giving a
Fuck at, from my desk anyway
Do we have to worry about Snuff and
Cloud Ring? Uh, good question
Well, we do have to worry about Snuff and Cloud Ring
If my dumb ass tries to get us to invade
Lowsec again for the eighth time
Because I just can't leave well enough
Alone and accept the fact
That Imperial models have
Difficulties invading the geographical
Equivalent of, like, mountainous territory
Right? It's like a classic, you know
Conquest-obsessed asshole
Mistake, 'cause you conquer all sorts of stuff
And then you're like, "Let's invade the mountains!
What could possibly go wrong? Oh, it was a terrible idea
Then it was a terrible idea, and it's a terrible idea now!"
So, you know, you do need
To be on guard. Cloud Ring is gonna
Be fun, it's always fun, that's sort of our
Uh, you know, our little
Playground in between the big block wars
Uh, and that's
Cool, but I am
Kinda done trying to
Stick our dick in
Lowsec just because
You know, fire bad
I'll learn eventually, guys. Alright
Shoutout for EUTZ
Saturday Night Swarm fleet
From Zul Eto, which is gonna be forming
Next Saturday in Windicu
'Cause it's Sunday right now
But EUTZ Saturday Night Swarm
Is a thing now, people need to know about it
And we're delighted by that. "Where is
Testisnext would like to destroy their arrogance?"
Okay, that's a good question
So here's how the whole Test thing is working
There are some times
In some situations where the most damage you can do
To an organization is to leave them
Alone to piss and shit themselves
And shed all of their talent
And be confronted by their failure and
Impotence. I think that that is
Sort of the pathway that Test is on
We are very well prepared
To reach out and fuck them more
At a time when
I think that we can do more minus EV
Damage to them than what we're already doing
I think that we've been seeing
Corporations leave both Test and Brave
Sort of in this box. So I want people to understand
That in the aftermath of the Vietnam
War, we walked away with three
Big strategic threats/blood enemies
One of those was Brave newbies
Who earned it because Shattered Armor
And all those motherfuckers worked so hard
To own us. And then there
Brave is sort of degrading and
Sort of that falling down
ISS emote
Pathway here
So in certain circumstances
It actually can be bad to
Do a full formal invasion or something
Especially if it's overreach and they're busy
Rotting away. If they get out of
Outer Passage, and what my hope, like I said earlier
In the fireside, we had plans
For them to leave Outer Passage. We hope
They leave Outer Passage. I pray for
The day that they decide to
Stick their noses and their dicks out in a
Place that they are within our tantrum radius
And in the meantime
We have other things going on that we're not going to be talking about
But I want people to understand
That when it comes to destroying an enemy
There is a difference between just
Subtle application of power, right?
Especially when you're looking at dealing with
Organizations that have
Longer histories
You need to have a bunch of different vectors
To get what you want
Our goal with TES ultimately is not to destroy TES
To annihilate TES. It is
Exactly what I said
Fuck, Jesus, this was like
Almost two years ago, not a full two years
Ago, but a year and a half ago
When I announced that we were dumping
NCDOT as our big grudge and that TES
Is next, and TES will always be next
As long as there is a TES
They are the red-headed sub-child
That we're going to be kicking around now
So it's not like we're going to be
Destroying every, like we're not
Getting rid of TES. We want to haze
The nerds
It's a nuanced question, it's a
Nuanced answer
There you go
But Brave is continuing to lose corpse
And TES is too
And I am pretty happy with that, I'm not going to lie
If Gobbins wants to poach his allies
To the point that his allies lose combat effectiveness
Meanwhile, ProGodLegend is going to
Turn up and feed us battleship fleets
And chat porn
I'm pretty happy with it
A council of wardens, oh boy
Yeah, there have been
An awful lot of, like one of the things that I do like
Is that we have been getting out there
And hunting down rorquals, and if we
Find the bad guys doing crab sites, we're going to try
To gank those as much as we can too
In a scenario where it's very hard
For anybody to build capitals and supercapitals
Every opportunity we have to take out
Bad guy capitals is fantastic
Be that in fights when they are used
Or us continually
Harassing the foe and going after them
You guys have been troopers for
Staying up a little bit later to listen to this
I appreciate you hanging around for the
Delayed fireside, that's going to be it for this week
Thank you all for coming, and yeah
Get your carriers ready to rock
There is blood in the
Winds and I am
Here for it, see you next week