Fireside Chat Transcript 6 Feb 2k21

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I had a lot of interesting questions yesterday about the enemies hit on the E3 constellations
and so we're going to be talking about our op for tomorrow.
We are forming up at 1700 eve and it is going to be wild so I need everybody to know what
the background is, what is even going on, and what we're going to do about it.
So for those of you that have recently joined, I was kind of surprised yesterday when I was
asking people and some people that have joined in the last couple months don't even know
what the hell we're talking about or what the enemy is talking about when they're saying
things about Helm's Deep.
In November and December of 2020, before we did the M2 thing and then took down the E3
gate camp and moved it to M2, we were holed up in three constellations behind E3.
This was referred to as Helm's Deep.
This was our defensive crouch that we were hiding in essentially while we could then
prepare to destroy as many of their titans as we could.
After we executed on that and we nuked their titan fleet and we're now camping 131 of those
titans, on January 3rd we drew down, whereby I say drew down, I mean we took down completely
the E3 camp, we moved it to M2 and we stopped jamming those constellations.
Now here's where things get interesting.
We have not jammed those constellations for a month.
It was January 3rd I guess was when we stopped doing that.
On Thursday of this week we got some intelligence just from seeing the scouting activity that
the enemy was doing.
We noticed that there were a bunch of scouts in those constellations and we thought that
the bad guys were going to make a hit on that and they did.
We put up our jammers in US time zone and then a few hours later, a little bit after
downtime there was a fraternity led group that smashed through our defenses and that
time zone, got into those constellations that used to be Helm's Deep and took down our jammers,
put blockers up on their own.
After that the enemy proceeded to get into those constellations and do a massive wave
of hacking.
Now we must do something about this.
Even though we are holding onto the pigeon in M2 and that will continue, we have been
playing IHUB football with the bad guys all war going all the way back and because they
have hacked everything all at once this is going to be a very interesting op.
When I say interesting I mean usually speaking these Faze Sov ops are in one constellation
battle space, in this case starting from a little bit before 1700 and then going for
several hours there are just a ton of nodes that are going to spawn on top of each other.
So if you guys have been in these Faze Sov ops you see node spam, well this is going
to be node spam like nobody has ever seen.
So we are going to need as many dudes as we can get, one, two we are going to need as
many GSFOE hackers as we can get.
Because all of these things are going to be happening on top of each other there is a
tremendous opportunity for us to save a bunch of that shit.
There will be attrition, we will go back to playing IHUB football, we have been playing
IHUB football this entire fucking game that continues.
So that is what to expect for tomorrow, that is why we are doing this.
The danger, the danger is that because the enemy didn't seem to get the message about
the fact that we, like they have convinced their people, they have told their people
that we have been jamming Helms Deep this entire time, that it is still Helms Deep and
that it is our last redoubt.
So they are looking for ways to surge their participation and they have done a pretty
good job of it by convincing all their people that this was still a thing.
They are attacking November/December's objective but we have a lot of assets there, we have
a lot of IHUBS there, we expect huge numbers from the bad guys.
So even if we are not doing the Helms Deep thing anymore we have to take this very seriously
and we are going to.
So we need everyone on deck tomorrow 1700 onwards, particularly we are going to need
lots of hackers because there is going to be a shitload of work to do.
But because they have attacked everything at all once we have some pretty good chances
I think of mitigating a lot of this damage.
It is still going to be a weird op though, it is going to be chaotic because there will
be so many nodes spawning and I want people to be prepared for that going in.
So get ready, mentally prepare yourselves, we are going to do this thing from 1700 tomorrow
I don't think there is much value in arguing with the PASB guys about like, you know, apparently
they didn't realize that we didn't have the thing jammed for most of the month and that's
fine but if we tell them "hey it wasn't a big deal" or whatever they are going to say
"you jammed the system".
Yes we did jam the system on Thursday because we thought we were going to do this and they
did so here we are.
I have been running my mouth for like three hours now in meetings, sorry I had to take
a sip of water.
So there are things that we can be doing to improve our situation.
I think that we are in a good position here, Siberian Squads has joined us and we know
that Legacy is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy depending upon the entity.
We have, we are going to be talking about that a little bit later.
What I am going to talk about now is improvements.
One of the first improvements that we are going to be implementing is making it easier
for members of the Imperium to get access to our pings.
We have a number of people who are English as a second language speakers, we have a lot
of people who are Chinese or Russian allies, we have a lot of allies in general that are
simply not on our Jabber infrastructure.
When the enemy got together and they consolidated all of their stuff onto one Discord we saw
a huge increase in their collective participation.
Well we are not going to sit on our asses.
So there are going to be a couple of different things going down here.
First of all if I can get somebody to link our existing Discord relay.
We set this thing up, I want to link to the thread that we have put in Elysium here.
So people can see that.
If one of our directors can grab that.
So here is the thing.
We did this several months ago and then we forgot to hurf about it.
Thank you OmegaDragon, that is exactly what I am looking at.
So for those of you that are new or just missed the memo, we are going to be talking about
this on every fucking fireside to go.
There is an existing Jabber pings to Discord relay.
You have to, and this is going to change, but for now I want you to use this if you
haven't been using it.
If you have Jabber up on your main PC you can get phone Discord pings.
So if we start screaming about a breakout or something you can get that.
That is something we implemented a bit ago and we failed to appropriately preach the
gospel about it.
We are also going to be encouraging corporations which currently have, basically all of our
corps have corp Discords, and we are going to say basically while we are setting up this
new Discord system that we are going to be doing, feel free to relay to your corporations
the all pings that come across.
So we used to have a policy where we were saying don't do that.
Our IT guys are currently working on something that is going to be even cooler for this,
but basically for now, because the enemy certainly can get access to our all pings already, we
want to at the corp and at the individual level go the extra mile of making it easier
for people that aren't necessarily on Jabber, if they are in a corporation they just don't
want to sign up on Goons from Jabber or whatever, at least this way we can get those pings out.
And then we are going to be doing something else on top of that.
So this is one of the things that we are going to do to make sure that the word gets out
and that there is better communication across the Imperium.
Jabber will still have the pings.
We are not getting rid of Jabber.
We are not changing Jabber.
We want, we do not feel that it is necessary for us to disguise our all pings because the
entire galaxy is fighting us and we are fighting the entire galaxy.
So I think that we benefit more from reaching those of our members that are not necessarily
on Jabber and make it easier for them to see when we need dudes.
So that is point number one.
Point number two here.
As part of a big consolidation and integration push, sort of in the same pathway, different
team working on this, as the Discord stuff, we now have a bunch of very heroic irregular
groups that are running around and working to burn down the enemy.
When I say irregular forces, I am referring to sometimes it is a Sig or a Squad.
I mean Delta Squad is doing fucking work.
Theta Squad is doing fucking work.
Black Ops essentially has spent the last month preparing the ground for the territory that
Siberian Squads is now going to be in and pushing through Aquarius from.
So we have these groups.
MUC has their thing.
There are a lot of these little groups.
What we have failed to do is appropriately coordinate them.
We don't have to tell these guys what to do, but we do need to consolidate them in a channel
to make sure that everybody knows that they are not operating in the dark.
So what I want is, and we have several people working on this, but if you are a member of
one of these groups, I would like you to get the leadership of each of these groups that
is doing something.
I know Whelp Squad is doing a thing.
I don't want to say what they are doing out here on the fireside, but you guys know what's
You are doing stuff.
Please contact me.
Please get your leadership people to send me a jabber ping with who they are.
I don't know who, actually I do know who the leaders of the Delta Squad Group are, but
as an example.
So we're going to take these people and we're going to do something with them and put them
in a useful channel so that we can consolidate things and say, "Hey, you, you, and you should
be working together in this area."
Again, we don't need to micromanage it, but we do need to have better strategic direction
of our irregular forces.
I got very excited.
Now I'm talking too fast.
My apologies.
All right.
Yeah, Novation, I usually try to, he's commenting about the challenge with tilde spam on Discord
I usually try to keep my tilde spam at the end of my broadcast such that it's not cutting
anything off.
Don't worry, the most you're missing is a happy son.
I am aware of that and I'm glad that you brought it up.
So what else is happening in the war?
One of the things that we're going to be talking about in the meta show, but one of the things
I need you guys to know about is there is a lot of shit that is happening in this war
that is separate from Delve.
That is important because the enemy wants to make it all about Delve and we need to
know while we are holding onto the pigeon and while we are playing defense, defense,
defense all day every day that more things are happening elsewhere.
I invite you to take a look at MNC.
I invite you to take a look at what has been happening in Catch.
We are essentially occupying the main forces of PASB while Legacy's backfield is getting
cleaved through.
They are, I don't want to say which specific alliances, but we know, for example, actually
fuck it, who cares?
We know Brave is in trouble when it comes to ISK.
So if you get an opportunity to shoot Brave more, shoot them more.
We know that these guys are running to a point where in terms of big stack, small stack at
the table, the smaller stacks are starting to run out of chips entirely.
And if they run out of ISK, it's going to be very hard for them to put ships on the
field against us.
So as we are holding in Delve, I'm not going to tell you that PanFam is having terrible
trouble in PanFam land because PanFam is doing okay.
Like we've seen some indications of issues, like I think PL is selling some AT ships or
something like that, but I'm not going to tell you that those guys are broke or in deep
I will say Legacy, you're starting to see some early stage cascade signs from Warped
Intentions, from Rosada Regnum, from FedUp, all of the groups in ImminC that are eating
shit from our backfield forces.
Initiative, Bastion, the Stainruss, we have had a lot of SIGs and squads out there wreaking
havoc and that is bearing fruit.
You can simply look at that on Dotlan or on Evehoo for yourself and you can see the organic
line damage that these guys are taking.
It is true of course that Tess does have access to TTT money, but because of the way that
they work, they don't share that money with Legacy.
So each Legacy alliance is finding out that they can't actually rely upon Vili to defend
Who knew?
These guys are not in full cascade mode yet when we're talking about Warped Intentions
and FedUp and Rosada.
I think Warped is the closest, but you can look at the numbers on those and sort of make
your own decision.
Again, I don't want to promise you that they're about to cascade and then have it not happen,
but you can look at the evidence of the member bleed, you can look at what has happened in
ImminC and let me see if I can get a kill board here.
All right, I've got hookups here from Whelp Squad.
I've got hookups here from the Viet Goon effort.
I am still looking for more PMs from people who are running various groups so I can get
you guys networked with everybody else.
And we will be talking about that privately, getting that spun up.
What happens when they stop paying us TTT?
How depending are we on that?
They're not going to stop paying the TTC, TTT, whatever you want to call it.
It's the Tranquility Trading Tower, Tranquility Trading Consortium.
I often say one or the other.
They're not going to break a treaty.
I don't think they will.
And we are not dependent on that income.
We have income.
We also have war bonds.
Our war bonds did not fail.
We don't have a significant backlog of unreimbursed Titans like our friends in Legacy do.
So yes, let's see here.
Ava Orlon is pointing out here, if you look at the Eve War Report.
Yes, there is a lot of things.
One of the things we're seeing in Catch, one of the things we are seeing in MNC is that
the forces that were attacking the Legacy backfield earlier in the war are now making
tremendous progress because Legacy is their command layer is eating shit and they're not
doing very well.
So Deepwater Hooligans is the group that has been, I think there might be others, but I
can at least say Deepwater Hooligans has been just torching fucking MNC.
And thank you for putting that link there.
Why do we have so many structures that are not cored?
Because we had thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of structures and
not all of them are necessary.
Like that is something that the GSAL guys went through.
Like there is no way that we are going to be spending cores on all of our structure.
There was a system and a process to figure out which ones got cores and which did not.
I don't know how that system and process worked because I don't meddle in how the GSAL guys
Alright, perfect.
Getting some more leadership contacts from dudes who are doing things.
I like it.
On to the poor thing mittens.
If there's no structures in your systems or anything like that and you need one specifically
cored go into forums at the top, click the gira link, go in there, go
to the GSAL requests and just request it.
And we will go ahead and if it's possible and if it's strategically appropriate, we
will go ahead and core them.
But we don't know magically every structure that's important to all of our members.
So just let us know.
Yeah, like we have been slamming cores into things like FC's will request and GSAL has
been like super on the spot with that.
I think I gave black ops a shout out about this, but I want to give them another shout
out anyway in case I didn't, which is Siberian squads is going to be, they're basing out
of W6V and they are living, going to be taking some space that has been cleared out in Quirious.
I probably shouldn't specify which constellations.
But basically that is possible.
It is easy for us to get Siberian squads up and running almost immediately because of
the efforts of black ops doing a bunch of shit that was sort of outside of their comfort
zone and they didn't know that they were doing this in sort of a strategic area because we
couldn't say anything about the sib squad stuff for obvious reason.
But you know, it it's worked out very well.
So shout out to you guys for the campaign that you have been running in Quirious because
it is setting us up for success there now that we have Hanzo and friends coming on board.
And yes, Severance is going to be the target of a whole bunch of hellfire, hopefully.
All right, I want to make sure that I have hit these other points.
We talked about the discord stuff.
We talked about the backfield burning.
We talked about irregular forces coordination.
We talked about, uh, yeah, cool.
All right, so let me take some questions.
Again guys, like all the core stuff, like you're going to have to talk to the GSOL
dudes like that's basically there are large chunks of the alliance that I am kept separate
from because if I try to go in there and do it myself, I will like break an ACL and accidentally
destroy a whole chunk of the alliance or something stupid.
So it's sort of for everybody's protection.
I don't think I can answer core questions, but other people, if you ask, uh, ask GSOL
Discord relay question.
That is a good question that I'm not equipped to answer because, uh, the guys are literally
like working on it right now.
And if you ask me for it help, I'm probably worse at that than even the, even the court.
We are looking, actually the question is, uh, we are looking for a solution that will
not require you to have an active client on your PC.
We are looking at that as like our next step, the existing relay.
We want people to get on and use because we know that we can get some expected value out
of that immediately.
That's also how, you know, telling corporations that they can relay our all pings to their
corp discords is another way that we can get some immediate expected value while our it
guys are working on, uh, the, the next step.
And I can't speak to what the next step is.
Uh, Galactico star.
Stevens has a very good question.
When I said leadership from groups to PME, meaning non-sig groups that are running.
Uh, so basically as an example, like a lot of corporations have corp ops and corp junk
loan deployments and various things that they have done.
You guys have done a really, really, really good job of independently creating these basically
VCBs who are running around and fucking with these dudes where we have failed, I believe
in terms of an organizational perspective is making sure we have an inventory.
We know who all of these groups are.
This is new for us.
When I say it's new for us, I mean, because while we have had SIGs or squads before in
words when we're on offense, as opposed to defense, typically speaking, we're doing sledgehammer
stuff and we have a few six and squads.
In this case, the sort of distributed irregular system of resistance against the invader has
organically grown.
Like you guys have just started doing that shit and that's fucking awesome and is a new
So as part of that, we are now trying to figure out who's doing what, where, who's in charge,
who has what, where, and how can we optimize it.
So yeah, I mean, if you have a corp that has been like hacking shit and doing stuff as
your own, like guerrilla warfare thing, get in touch with me and let me know what's going
Question is test next.
Uh, yeah, test is absolutely next.
So basically the way that this is going to work is test is next and then goons can rest.
The way that this war is going to happen, it's probable that we will see legacy entities
dying before test because that's how this works.
You get rid of the small ones first, you put pressure on the small ones, they crack and
implode and then you gradually wake your way, work your way up the food chain.
This is a war that was started by test and one of the things I want everybody to keep
in mind in a block war where there are, where three blocks enter, two blocks will leave
and goons form is not going anywhere.
We are not leaving Delv.
We are not giving up.
I don't give a shit how many of our I hubs they blow up.
This is our home.
We are going to fucking fight for it.
So as test continues to try to shove their way faster and harder into the fucking woodchipper,
we will run that woodchipper and through that process we will be dealing with test.
If there's anything left over, if they go fully into the woodchipper and try to live
on top of us or something, we kill them and then we keep killing them and we continue
killing them and that is what we do.
So yeah, we're still on track to that.
I'm pretty happy with that.
So I want you all to remember just one final note.
The enemy is desperately trying to get you all to forget the value of M2.
There are 10 trillion is worth of Titans still trapped there.
131 Titans.
I think that value goes up every day because every day that the economy of Eve goes further
into the toilet as we remain one of the only entities that is able to have reliable war
bonds and be fiscally solvent and be able to fund ourselves and our war fleets each
day that goes by.
Oh, also, holy shit.
How the fuck did I forget about this?
Guys, we broke the fucking PR tack record.
We broke the fucking record for longest fucking hell camp in the history of this stupid fucking
We did it.
It was like last week and we were busy and I didn't even notice it.
But like we have gone past the PR record.
We held that we held the hell camp in PR tack for 30 fucking days.
We have done that longer now in M2 and we have way more shit still trapped there.
They we had a couple of faxes.
I think it was like a fax and one other thing logged on and suicided yesterday within 90
I want people to be on guard though.
Yesterday we didn't have a breakout attempt.
The day before that we didn't have a breakout attempt.
For the longest time here, we have had consistent breakout attempts from the enemy and those
have mysteriously stopped.
And instead of me thinking, hey, guys, we're good.
They're not going to do this.
That makes me think, hey, if I was them, I would not hit M2 for a couple of days, try
to get everybody to forget about it and then make a play maybe late Saturday night, late
Sunday night, something like that, because it's got to be weekends.
It's got to be weekends and it's got to be in an off time zone because they already did
like their main US time zone breakout earlier.
So I want you guys to not forget about it, not not forget about the fucking pigeon.
And stay focused.
So there we go.
Oh, one faxed it today, too.
So we are starting to see these guys kind of like losing hope at the individual level
and like logging on.
I do want if we see Titan pilots from the enemy, they're not going to log this on, but
we want to buy them.
We're going to do the silver ticket thing as they gradually realize that Vili is not
coming to rescue them because the leadership of past be already got their Titans out on
the main breakout.
So everybody who is left are not part of whatever their cool kids club is.
They will gradually lose hope.
We have ISK.
We want to offer and we will figure out a way to make a deal here if any of them are
So feel free to tell the puppies this.
We're going to do a silver ticket.
The silver ticket is we will buy their Titans at a discount.
If they make a deal with us, if they will log on their individual Titan, we will.
I'm not going to be an insulting discount, but we know we'll pay, I don't know, 30 to
50 billion ISK or whatever they log on and we will buy their Titan off them and just
directly take it into our forces.
It's real.
I mean, you can bank on the Imperium's word and we will do we are the devil that you know
and the devil that you can make a deal with.
And we will always stick to our word.
We always have.
So there you go.
If we buy a Titan and that player gets kicked.
That's a Cazenir question.
I think the finance team is going to be mediating all of the silver ticket offers.
So basically the way the process is going to work if we can find takers, I don't know
whether we will or not, but we are in a position of financial strength.
So we want to leverage that.
And if they have individual pilots that are willing to sell us their Titan, we will do
a deal.
The mechanics of that will basically be when you find somebody that's interested in that,
we can send them to the finance team.
And there you go.
All right.
Any other questions?
Will we be able to join Siberian Squad fleet?
I hope so.
I mean, we're hoping to get Hanzo set up on our architecture.
They are full members of the Imperium.
I mean, when somebody joins the Imperium, there's a trial period of three months, but
Red Alliance are our allies of the Imperium.
Siberian squads wanted to actually join the fucking coalition.
So like French Connection, they are members of the Imperium.
So that means they currently the Jabber system is working its thing.
Our IT guys and our diplomats have been working on this basically all morning to get it.
So Siberian squads will be able to get on Jabber.
They will be able to send pings.
They will be able to get on our mumble just like any full member of the Imperium wants
All right.
And yes, this is super old school.
It doesn't make me feel very Red Swarm Federation because it's us and our friends and our Russian
friends and our French friends.
And this time, 10 years on, we have a bunch of Chinese friends versus the rest of the
fucking galaxy.
All right.
This is going to be it for the fireside.
1700 tomorrow, 1700 tomorrow, 1700 tomorrow, we are going to have a very busy, interesting
I can't promise you it's going to be a grand fun time.
I can promise you it's going to be something we have never seen before because there's
going to be so many fucking nodes spawning.
It is going to be amazing chaos.
So I want you guys to be there.
The enemy is convinced that they have breached through the heart of Delve because they don't
actually do any scouting, I guess.
And they genuinely believe that we were still doing the Helm's Deep thing, even though we
took the E3 gate camp down and unjammed those constellations January 3rd.
But there you go.
So we're having a fight in those E3 constellations tomorrow.
It's going to be important so we can mitigate the damage.
We are still playing I Hub football.
We will continue to play I Hub football.
And unfortunately for Legacy, just because we are playing I Hub football like we have
for eight months does not magically mean that we are going to give up, stop fighting, or
stop laughing at Legacy as they slowly bleed out financially and in terms of members.
Thank you for coming.
Tomorrow, 1700.
See you there.