Fireside Chat Transcript 6 Jun 2k21

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A little bit of internet spaceship gossip here, I'm just getting the news as I stumble up to the microphone that
dear old Vili has
moved Tests traditional time for their town hall to an hour and a half later than it used to be so today
this is as Angry Mustache points out here pretty much the reverse of the US
primary season where
all of our enemies are mysteriously pushing back their town halls because they want to hear what
We're gonna be talking about first. It's good. I like it. I
Like how shook they are. There's been a lot of shook recently and it's it's delightful to see
So as we wait for people to get here Sunday Sunday Sunday as you guys know, we'll you see my conference at
That is where we do our firesides
We're not gonna be moving ours around like if these guys want to be a bunch of little dick bitches and
Do their stuff later and later because mean man Mitanni or whatever it is that they're calling me at the moment is doing something
That's fine. We spent most of the war with these guys
doing their fireside firesides and shit a full day after ours and
Originally, we moved this thing to Sunday just because
Doing two hours of meetings then a fireside then doing a meta show was just kind of ridiculous and overwhelming for
My little mitten brain and so splitting things up into two days is kind of cool and good
all right today, we're gonna do more of a Q&A style because
All our news is pretty good
I hear that the Sino vigil has gone very well, and I'm pleased by that
Questions about have I fit my badger? Yes. All right
So let me try to get the shit under control here because if I don't get my ADHD under control
I'm just gonna sort of blither around and waste everybody's time
Let me go ahead and start with the obvious if you tuned in to the meta show yesterday
We had a big CSM special where we had our Brady Bunch episode
We published the official Imperium ballot yesterday as well, which is
Pretty cool. We're doing the ballot of pure uniqueness
I don't really know if you guys want to listen to another 10 minutes of her for about the CSM because it's not necessary what?
You need to do is just press the button when we post the thread that has all the automated voted things
Voting things and we'll make it as easy as possible for you to vote your conscience cleanly in the way that the state tells you to
if for some reason
You are buying external votes
if for some reason you have
Puppy friends that you can get access to having them vote the way that you would like
If you must misbehave, please misbehave responsibly right like we don't like having goons campaigning
Against other goons in any way because it's just not the way it's done
And if you do find yourself in a situation where you're like, oh, I've bought a bunch of votes elsewhere
And I'm gonna put somebody else at number one. Please try as much as possible
If you've got to be a special snowflake
Please try as much as possible to make sure that the ballot order otherwise is always going to be in the state's order. So
Don't mess around with the substitution
But if you have to substitute something because you're special snowflake make sure that everything else that you're doing it is following into the order
The reason why that matters is under STV with a waterfall system
As long as the priority order is sorted the way that we asked you things will work out
All right, so I'm pretty excited about that. I'm also excited to have the voting begin
I think that's gonna be on Tuesday or something like that and then we can just see what the fuck happened. All right
It's really interesting because as this war gets to the pivot and I believe that we are
If we haven't already hit the pivot we're near it like I think we can all smell the fear on the puppies
I think we can all see that they are shook
I think we can all see that something's changed. I I don't think that this is anywhere close to over
but if they
Didn't have a response to us getting three to keep star online
And if they you know, maybe they'll hire some more mercenaries at us. That's a possibility
That's probably fine mercenaries if they want to take money out of pro-god pro gods like SRP budget for tests line members. That's fine
But I'm really really happy with the way that the war has been going
I'm very proud of everyone like you glorious motherfuckers and posting up on the walls every fucking night and you know
It is work. It is work to block that out every single day in every vulnerability window to make sure okay
We need to be here. We need to be watching the walls
we need to be getting in fleets, but you guys have been doing like I have a very chill fireside today because
You guys have been fucking doing the needful and the results speak for themselves. It's fantastic. I love it. All right
We do have a couple more as bells coming out. They are not in 3d. They have been scanned. They have been sort of splattered around
So, please as usual check to the optic or on good fleet comm
It'll have all of our
Assbell ops on there and we'll just keep clearing these guys out and I think that the next ops for these are going to be
In about 17 hours from now. Yep
So that is going to be a Chinese time zone or Australian time zone. It's a 12 o'clock Eve form of op for these then that will
Tomorrow at 12 o'clock Eve. So please be around for that. There are two of them that we need to kill
These are leftovers from when
FRT came into our space about five six days ago or whatever and put those up
So we're gonna get rid of those last two and that will be in an op that begins in 17
16 hours 45 minutes from now. All right
What do you I'm I can like give you guys a big war over you but you've been kicking their asses
And so that's cool and good. There's really not too much to say about that. This is like I say guys
it's kind of a weird farce that it was is actually strange this week with the meetings that we were having because
You know, I don't want to speak too soon and jinx for selves
Things are headed in the direction that I like to see
People are doing what they need to do
We are promoting talented people that deserve to be promoted whether they like it or not people like Robin Hood is now a g-salt director
Rest in piss on him
And I really have no complaints. I don't actually have you know again as Vizia is pointing out here and chat here
Let's not underestimate them as we've said since the beginning of the war
you know victory exists on a continuum between no not believe in zero and belief and
No hubris on the high end of that
So I want us to be giving ourselves pats on the back and recognizing that we are doing well
I think that it is very significant that we are seeing Vili publicly changes tune
Vili as of yesterday is running around and saying that he never said any of the word
extermination things that he told polygon about and that and I know this is very important because
Apparently what really mattered in the universe of Eve online is the permission of mr
fourth place Rex Chancellor Vili who is
If you're a great war vet
The best analog to describe Vili if you're wondering who the fuck is this guy and why is he the way he is is?
He's a DB preacher like if you're old school and you remember the whole 14th degree short tanto DBP shit
That that's who Vili is. He's a DB preacher. So
When you see a motherfucker like that
Trying to walk back what he's been saying for a year and has told media outlets about how oh, you know
It's oh even Mitani has a right to play Eve online. Well, thank you. You spineless puppy fuck
I didn't know that I needed your permission to play Eve online with my friends. Oh wait, I don't so go fuck yourself
So that's kind of where we are
That's again. No hubris. No hubris. I mean Vili is not schizophrenic. He's just a spineless liar, right?
There's nothing too fancy about it
He's a spineless insecure liar and the fact that things are going to a place where he doesn't control things where he isn't happy about
The outcome like spineless insecure liars do he's gonna run around and lie lie lie lie lie
Because that is all he has got right and I'm not mad. I'm not mad about it all. I think it is delightful
I am so happy that this onion skin bitch is so insecure that he can see the way that the war is currently going again
No humor, no humorous guys. No humorous
when when the guy who doesn't have a spine and
Is gonna lie at the drop of a hat to try to see which way the wind is going it is it is like a little
Wind vane you can say oh, okay things are headed in the direction of Vili trying to deny
What he spent the last year telling all of you and I want you I won't just sort of put this out here guys
We're not gonna let these guys forget this. We're gonna let these guys walk away from this
We're not gonna let these guys walk back their comments because if I have had to eat shit forever
About things that I have said and done then I don't see why these guys shouldn't also have to deal with the consequences of their actions
Accordingly right there is no reason why
There's ever gonna be a time just just like Bob just like Bob saying there are no goons
the whole
Vili and Piggles were extermination thing is
Not something that's going away
Anyway, anytime soon
All right. I apologize guys. Sometimes you get a farsight where I'm all her for people or for I'm very smooth
But last night I was fitting out a badger for my badger run and just really really ripped
So tonight US time zone there might be late US times
And there might be a kind of random op depending upon where where we can fit it into the schedule
there might be a really weird all ping for
Doing a thing
I'm gonna make a pilgrimage to a certain system with some
Hookers blowing antibiotics in my old and should be fun. So let me take some questions guys
First one here. That is a good one to answer Subaru Mazina asked any comments on matter all's recent outburst
I'm not gonna touch the poop on that and we got you know, it's a couple people asking questions about that on the meta show, too
that was
That situation happened on a day like my girlfriend sprained her back, right?
It turned out to be not a big deal
But on that day that matter all set his entire everything on fire
Was a day where I was taking my girlfriend to the the clinic to get x-rays and make sure that everything was fine and turned
out everything was fine, but that was that was just crazy because
you know sitting there gonna read books about UFOs while waiting for my girlfriend to get out of the clinic and whatever and
Well, there was just a lot of poop and
I don't want us to touch that poop because it's
Something that we didn't really have anything to do with right like he's mad at us and he blew all that stuff up
But we had nothing to do with that if they want to just destroy their entire media operation in a fit of pique
that's not really I
Don't see any advantage or value in us getting our fingerprints on it because if we if we get involved in that
You know fuck fest then they'll just say well the goons did it and must be the goons
and so a lot of times like with situations with an Olmeca or a matter all or I
Like a lot guys. I've been son one of the biggest news news things
We've been seeing in this last week is just our enemies melting the fuck down one after the other after the other
In in the last week and a half and
You don't necessarily know who's gonna go next. I'll tell you we're in a weird place here in this war
I'm delighted with the way that we are doing
As you guys know over the course of this war through many many firesides now from the beginning
I said that certain things would take place, you know, we would be
ceding time and territory in order to get them the boy where we're gonna win a big super capital battle and then we would hell camp
Them and then we would reinforce and then at some point their numbers would get down to a point where we could then sweep them
Out of our regions, right?
This is this is quite predictable because Billy has a very pretty war strategy and you know
It's taken a while get us to this point
But those predictions that I made weren't really like, oh, you know what a profit, you know
It's pretty obvious to all of us how this was gonna go
Given that however, assuming we didn't fuck up. So we didn't lose like the winning scenario. That's that
I had nowhere nowhere in my wildest predictions that I have like matter all in a mecca gold like take themselves off the chessboard one day
within like the same week and then
Start talking about how I'm an alt-right guy. Like this is this is just the the I
Expect let's go like this guys
I expected that piss be and sappy and whatever were whatever playground nickname. We're gonna throw at them today that makes him cry
I expected them to
Freak out when they started losing the war, but I didn't expect this level of
screeching or meltdowns or or anything really until we started actually taking our space back right like I and
I certainly didn't expect like old Mecca and matter all to set themselves on fire. So
That's that's why I think we should just let it be right
I'm addressing it on the fire side because I'm not gonna act like it didn't happen, but I don't think you know
They're doing a damn fine job basically
Blowing themselves up. So I mean check my notes
How do we get for how do we keep from being complacent giving sappy a window of opportunity? That's a good question
Join fleets join fleets join fleets join fleets. One of the things that is important is as
things shift in space
You're not also you're not necessarily gonna get a telegraphed, you know written out
Invitation to join the things that are happening, right? So stuff's gonna happen in fleets
You need to be in those fleets to see the stuff happening
And that's basically it like we're not gonna sit here with our thumbs up our asses
You guys were on a fucking crazy-ass kill frenzy last night
Like I was blasted off my ass trying to remember how to fit out a badger
In a way that wouldn't get it fucking nuked until whatever last night
In that process I
Just you know, it was just you guys were op after op, you know
Just kill frenzy after kill frenzy
Like it's really good like the way that we not don't get the hubris is when you have them starting to falter when they are
Shook this is where we you guys know what I'm gonna say
This is where we twist the knife if they are down we keep punching downward
They got the entire galaxy together to come and kill us and this is very important guys
They got the entire galaxy to come and kill us and what they are doing right now
Is that they're doing their best to try to say gosh
now that goons and friends are
Not losing. I mean, I don't want to say that we're winning
But I want to say that we're currently not losing this thing
Which is great in a defensive war for our survival itself, right?
Like not losing is pretty much fantastic as it stands and I'm confident saying that right now at this moment. We are not losing
But what these guys want is for us to go. Oh gosh
Now that you guys have posted up to the gates of fucking mortar with it more door with your like a grand army of puppy
Like these these all of these nerds
Instead of actually storming the gates of the the the fucking final defense or whatever
They basically just sat down outside of our walls
Set themselves on fire while crying to the mods or crying to the devs or crying to somebody
Instead of storming the fucking castle
We're here. This is our final line of defense, right? Like this is it
This was the whole thing of fortress delve is to bleed them out to get rid of their participation down to a manageable level
Win a big-ass super cat fight
put for time by hell camping them for as long as we could blow up as much as we could and then get them here it
Is the fucking defensive Tara?
There's the Imperial Palace. There are the walls. This is it and we are posted up against those walls for fighting for survival itself and
Increasingly we are seeing these guys just blow up and cry, you know mods or devs or somebody about gosh
Somebody won't make the so will somebody make the means mean goons like go away
The answer is no nobody is gonna make the mean goons go away
And as we have them at our mercy currently or when we do because we don't always have them at our mercy
But in those circumstances where these guys are vulnerable, we are not going to pull our punches
We're not gonna pull our punches because they could still rally like if we have a big fuck-up if we screw something up in some
Sort of catastrophic and goony way, which is something that we periodically do through our history shit happens. The game is Eve online
So stuff could go wrong and one of the reasons why we have to take this shit
So seriously, even if Vili is saying well, even the Mitanni has a right to play Eve online
Is that the moment that things turn in their favor again?
They are gonna go right back to talking a war of extermination
You are all awful people and you should not be allowed to play with each other
Apparently the new line is is that we are supposed to keep playing Eve online
Just not with each other because each other is toxic and bad
But if we just break up and distribute into a whole bunch of random puppy renter corpse
Then that will be okay to the Council of Wardens
So, you know
We always look at the actions of the puppies not their words and their actions are always kill the goon kill the goon kill the goon
kill the goon so when we have an opportunity to
Punch downward and twist the knife. We should be doing it at every opportunity
So it's not just join the join the ops when you see screaming all caps ping man the walls
Join the ops when it seems like hey, there's a jacked-off fleet going somewhere. Hey, there's a
Some sort of fleet going somewhere
Get in those fleets some stuff might happen. It'll be interesting at the very least
We're killing the shit out of these guys
So keep on doing that
I do have an estimate from finance team of the total number of clicks played to read it from posters
Red swarm is a critical part of our infrastructure. I
Want to let red swarm know that I'm very very happy with the work that you have been doing
Of course, we cannot officially acknowledge the existence of reddit swarm in any capacity
but I
Understand through some of our black programs that the technology has advanced significantly
Can you not talk about this a couple of place? Oh
Yeah, I'm sorry. I've already said too much my apologies
But I think your most recent payments should be caught up guys. Alrighty
There are questions about I fed that is a big drama. We're not going to be talking about it right now because some of that is classified
there one of the things I've noticed involving every situation where
corporation leaves test
the first thing that happens from test is
Everyone who was involved in that corporation is publicly declared to be a terrible human being and they go
They really weren't in very many fleets yesterday because they were apparently all on our Eve
Talking about how awful I fed is and how awful this kilo alpha guy is and how terrible terrible terrible
That they all are as people and how dare you sir, how dare you?
It's pretty much more purple pearl clutching as far as I'm concerned
There are some aspects about that whole situation that we're not gonna be talking about in this phase of the word. Maybe we will later
So that just goes on to the it's classified category
But it is interesting to me that every time someone leaves test they I mean look what happened when Siberian squads joined us
Right. It's the same pattern and especially when you see people
some of the usual suspects on the test side getting up there and just
clutching their pearls and pointing their fingers and on their feigning couch and
And it's the same shit every time like these guys our enemies are desperate to play the fucking martyr
Their favorite position is on their fucking fanning couch
And it's funny because they're constantly calling me like some sort of alt-right guy when everybody knows if you ever looked at my Twitter back
In the day that I'm like a screaming Bernie Sanders psycho, or at least I was whatever these days
I'm mainly high and thinking about war and alien
But anyway, you know if these guys want to
you know every opportunity that they have to be able to nail themselves up on a cross and
Be snowflakes right again. I'm not an alt-right guy you guys know me
But it's really funny getting up here
And you know the only thing I can say is look at these thin-skinned
Snowflakes that when things will are going their way
They want to talk about how you guys shouldn't be allowed to have each other as friends, right?
Like I'm the figurehead guy, so they're all her for the earth the Montani
But what's really going on here is that they're mad that you're having more fun than they are and that you're hanging out with people
that they didn't approve for you to hang out with because apparently in
The extremely addled and weak mind of a failure like a Vili
The puppies genuinely believe that they are entitled to tell all of us how we play Eve online
And so now Vili backing off his whole war of extermination thing or trying to we're not gonna
Let him becomes oh well
It's okay Vili and the Council of Wardens have
Determined that now that we have been kicking their asses that maybe we have permission to play Eve online together
It's a bunch of fucking snowflakes like the thing is that these people they genuinely feel entitled to dictate
How we play Eve online and the whole reason why they're here at the gates of our final fortress
is because they're butt-blasted that we refuse to play by their rules and
Fuck them. We're never gonna do that the whole point of goonswarm is
Not dealing with this puppy bullshit like fuck all that noise. All righty. I'm just kind of riffing guys
like I said, I have been like
Stand up really late and making piss coach jokes a lot and getting really high and annoying everybody
Lately because it's been it's been a lot of fun
I've been I've been enjoying the hell out of myself like it's nice to finally get us to this point in the war
I don't want to say hubris stuff and that you know things are not gonna get
Difficult again, but I'm just I'm really happy with the way that you guys have been kicking ass and taking names
Like it is it is
This is this is day credit credit trading dangerously towards a feeling especially for somebody like me
But it's kind of dare
I say it
It's kind of heartwarming to watch the way that you guys leap into fleets to to fucking dunk on these nerds, right?
Like, you know over the course of this world
remember how it was back in the start of this thing how long it took us to you know,
Get people used to dealing with platforms and things like this now I can be like, all right motherfuckers. Here we go
Another day another dollar. Let's man the fucking walls and dunk some puppies do what we got to do
And then when these motherfuckers come at us and they flash for him, you know
We are counter flash forming more than they are flash forming themselves
Like they pinged like four different Alliance sectors of sappy yesterday in order to try to get like
80 munins in a fleet red led by secured house protector with a 20-man jacked up group and a 10-man kiki group and you guys
Just fucking sledgehammer those guys fuck off style
One after the other after the other it was it was beautiful. It's fucking beautiful. I love it
Keep keep doing what you're doing guys. It's working. I love it
Just more of this more of this all of it
And you know, this is another thing like especially when you're dealing with I want to make a note here
This is serious business here for a second
I want to make a note here for people that are in sigs and squads or other irregular groups
as things
You know as there are objectives that may be outside of the 1d q1 constellation
If your squad is going off and doing something with sub caps or something
And you're worried about removing stuff from the defensive area of the 1d q1 constellation
Please just get used to having your carrier and your super carrier all it's active, right?
Like if you if you're part of a secret mission to go do something somewhere and you're like, oh shit
But am I gonna be able to man the walls?
If you can keep your security and your super carrier alts manning the walls while you're doing a sub cap thing elsewhere on some sort
Of secret squirrel thing which may or may not exist
That's awesome, too
like one of the things that's really important in the whole 1d q1 constellation defense concept is
fighter screens and 3d on the
Evie gate and on t5 and 1d q1 so if you are off secret squirreling on something or other if you can make sure that your
Carriers and your super carriers are always there and ready to fire the woodchopper woodchipper when we call for it. We will appreciate it
Shout out to all of our bomber FCS dropping every day
Reminding the puppies that Delva safe. Yes, Delva is perfectly safe
And I want all of our enemies that are listening to this fireside to remember
Everything that I'm saying on a fireside is a lie. Delva is perfectly safe. Please keep on docking your carriers and your orc walls
There is nothing to be worried about at all
Goons worm have been reliably informed by redline 13 or whatever his name is that goons worm is not a threat
So presumably I guess the Imperium as a whole is not a threat and we're contained Delva safe. Please undock your fancy toys
Quirious is also safe. Talk to a friend yesterday. Here's a question from Sora and this is this is the way I love
Talk to her friend yesterday and he mentioned the fact that we don't visually hold space
So we've lost any comments on that kind of thought. I love people that think that I
Think that the you have no space stuff is one of my favorite aspects of this war
if I
Mean I can either do you guys want me to just like shit on this or do you want me to actually just like actually?
Address this I'll do both. I'll address it and then I'll shit on it. Okay, how about that?
You know goons worm
one of the reasons why our enemies always underestimate us is that they believe in a sort of bizarro world vision that they have of
Us because since they haven't been on the inside of the Imperium and the way that we do things differently here
They tend to project their views of themselves on us
So I'll Mecca gold is a great example of this for the years in which rock wall mining at scale was the optimal way to do
You know all Mecca and all that crew were saying that goons are a bunch of harmless crabs and all they want to do is
suck spot all day
the reality throughout our history if any of these people had ever cracked a copy of history of the Great Empires one or two
You find that we will do whatever is optimal in the video game Eve online
To do whatever it is. We need to do in the video game Eve online
So some years that's rock wall mining at scale some years
That's doing whatever the fuck else and as it stands right now
Because the way that CCP has repeatedly nerfed null sec to fuck and back
We're a situation here collectively and I say, you know, this isn't just us
This is this is everybody in null sec as a whole is
Dealing with the fact that CCB scarcity stuff has made a lot of null sec and income generation
which used to be like a real thing suboptimal compared to high sex abyssal or
High-tech mining abyssal's incursion stuff in high sec
There's a whole bunch of things in the wealth generation meta that has moved away from a null sec
So it would be a very different matter if we were two years ago
We were down to our last constellation
but in the current scarcity circumstances where Titans are costing what like north of 250 300 billion isk and like
No SEC has just been repeatedly sledgehammer nerfed
So that that's the that's the other thing is also this was this is how we planned our defense like it doesn't really matter whether
We like it or not. We've decided that we were going to keep our strategic power, right?
Our power really comes from you guys our power comes from the fact that we are bonded to each other as a tribe and that
We keep doing this and we keep playing together. They can't stop us from playing together doesn't really matter where that is
After m2 like I think it's delightful. I think it's you know, if they want to think that they are
Well and truly beating us because we have posted up on the walls of
Constantinople with the biggest Titan and super fleet the galaxy has because we blew we we
Increase the gap between us and them and m2 by blowing up way more of their shit than they blew up of ours
You know if they want to think that the goons are at any moment now gonna go to Saranon
That'll keep them here for a long time
And I think it's to our interest strategically to keep them here for as long as they are willing to get bled out by us
Right, that's one of the reasons why I was talking about this last week about how
T5zi keep star and YZ 9 keep star are going to be the last keep stars that we blow up of theirs
We are not going to touch their golden bridge of retreat
and also
I think that t5zi has done a great deal to help us win this war in the same way that pro god legend has done a
Great deal to help us win this war, right? Like we found out about this were early because of pro god legend
And the lack of tactical distance between us and our enemies in t5zi
Keeps our guys increasingly riled up. It is a massive like it's like a daily
daily tick of
Negative expected value on the enemy side as long as they're in t5zi
So if they're willing to stay here because they think that we are down to our last
Constellation and that they have us right where they want us fucking great because it means that we can dunk more puppies
Okay question here from ranchi, which is apparently they think apparently they think that we are the blue donut now
Can you explain to them?
Can you explain it to them so that maybe when they listen to heart the far side they will figure it out
Also questions about people wanting to buy war bonds just because here's the thing about puppies when they lose it
You know and I know that I I hope that you guys all know
This is it doesn't really fucking matter what they say and what their arguments are like they are
Obviously willing to spin and lie and accuse us of spinning and lying when we have receipts for all the shit that they said
You know
It's just projection that that's what it comes down to at the end of the day. They have literally blued a hundred and three alliances and
Are looking to potentially hire mercenaries in order to get more alliances blue?
To come to try to get us to not play eve online with each other
and they will say whatever dumb shit comes into their little puppy minds and
If they think 103 alliances blue is a reason why we you know
One of the reasons why I love the Serenity Alliance
Please ignore thing that the sappy stuff and all the blue donut stuff is that these same people for years have accused us
all sorts of shit, but particularly us wanting to be a blue donut or serenity or you know setting up winter empires or all the
Sort of stuff that they actually want to do
And if they didn't scream and cry so much about it whenever we called them a blue donut or made a reference to Serenity Alliance
Please ignore
we would find something else that aggravated them because
They have vowed to annihilate us and drive us out of the game. So fuck them and fuck their feelings like who cares?
But it turns out that that is something that genuinely causes so much cognitive dissonance for them because it should
These same people have howled about how blue donut is bad and how goons of the blue donut and then here we are down to
our last constellation posted up on the walls of fucking constantly, you know on the walls of Constantinople waiting for them to come and
They are literally on the soft map a gigantic blue donut and they're telling us that we're the blue donut
That's because they are little bitches that can't face the truth
that's because they have gotten themselves into a situation now where they are realizing that
They spent a year thinking that they would get to this point
They spent a year telling you how much that you sucked telling me how much that I sucked all of this
And they are coming some of them not all of them, but some of them are becoming completely
Because I mean I think a good example of this is dear old Marcus Murphy
Who's my favorite puppy and I hope he doesn't break for a little bit so we can keep him around
But in the case of some of these guys like they have had a hate boner for us for like 15 odd years
Like some of these guys are like old-school Great War loser vets
And they genuinely spent the last year getting us up to the point
To the gates of 1dq1 and I think it's fantastic
I think that the walls of 1dq1 are a situation where it is the worst possible place for
sappy to
Start losing the war
Right like if we had blown these guys the fuck out and we couldn't have because they had three to one numbers on us
Remember there was a time where these people put 3,000 or more dudes in fleets regularly, right? There was a time where
Our enemies who are weakened warriors primarily weakened warriors if you remember
They could get way more numbers on weekends in general than us
And they would get all of their gang together and Saturdays in particular would be one of the worst possible days
I don't know if you guys remember that but at the start of this war
Weekends were kind of scary at the start of this war the enemy could form more than one hack fleet between them on a Saturday night
Yesterday like that was such a mindfuck because I was like I've been getting used to watching us just dumpster these guys night after night
And then last night, I'm like, oh great, you know, look everybody's doing good. Everybody's happy
It's a kill frenzy. We're blowing up so many dudes do do to do wandered off to smoke weed and there I am on my garage
Huffing on my bong and then I'm like, it's a fucking Saturday. It's a fucking Saturday. What is like?
Yesterday they got one of the bigger hack fleets they've had together now again wars not over they could rally
Let's not fuck it up. No hubris, but let's pause for a moment to understand that yesterday was a Saturday fucking night
And they could barely get one hack fleet together under secured house fucking protector
who is I guess just the the the bottom of the barrel FCS that they're finding left to try to do this stuff and
It's just it's stunning so I think that it is bad for them to if they're gonna lose this war
for them to lose it at you know, getting to the walls of 1dq1 and
then just setting themselves on fire screaming about how goons are toxic and how
You know, I'll make a gold and matter all saying that I'm an alt-right figure
It's just it's unpredictable right and this is if you've never been at this part of a hell war before right? So like if you
If you just haven't been in a proper hell war before and this is this is this is your first one
We are finally I mean, I think our guys in general have been having fun, right?
Especially at the line level like you guys have been having fun
Otherwise you wouldn't be here right like we would have lost the moment like if we stopped having fun
You guys would not be getting in fleets and stuff at the leadership level
it can be extremely stressful to have all of the puppies in the galaxy constantly howling for your blood and
Trying to destroy you blah blah blah blah
Because the leadership level like, you know, we have to make sure that we don't lose
So it can be a little bit more stressful upstairs
But I gotta say like we're about to have some fucking fun boys and girls like we are now as things
We keep this boulder moving in the other direction. We keep pushing this downhill back on the sappy Sisyphus
They have no idea
What is coming and I don't even mean that into like? Oh, we're good
You know their stereotype when they'll hear this it could be all goons are gonna go and they're gonna they're gonna grief us and you
Know goons are so toxic
Won't somebody do anything about this God are evil so toxic now that we're losing our Eve is toxic
So, yeah
But like
If you guys remember the Great War like they have no idea how to handle shit like people of rise
They have no idea how to handle shit like piss coach
like the kind of stuff that we're gonna be doing to these guys is the complete outside context problem for them because the
modern Eve puppy that's in sappy is
Really just a weak
version of the puppies that we fought back in the Great War some of them are great war vets and that's great because those tears
are the best tears but
These guys who are already blowing themselves up at the walls of 1d q1 are
Not gonna be able to just handle the dumb shit that we do when we're on offense in a hell war
And we're not there yet. I want to make it very clear. We are not
Anywhere at offense and if we were I would lie about it
Just from the
Faltering of the gates of 1d q1
They're already just exploding themselves. And I think that's hilarious. All right, let me take another question
I've been running my mouth for way too long. Sorry guys
It's a bit of a ramble today because I'm smug. I'm very proud of all the work that you guys have been putting in and
I also have a weed hangover. So, uh,
See question here about a public statement about Vili or PGL is next test is next right? Like it's not about Vili and PGL
They're using test
and also Vili and PGL are
Dirty little bitches who'd probably just be happy to have the attention or something like that. I don't think Vili likes the attention
I do think that pro god enjoys the attention
But that's his problem. There's questions about snuffed out
Here's our policy on mercenary guys mercenaries. And this is just how it goes in general
If pro god is hiring mercenaries against us, then we will shoot them
When they turn up if they don't turn up then we will keep shooting
I mean, it's it's just more meat for the machine right look great
The other thing in general though is is that mercenaries kind of like pro god legend love attention?
and I think that the best thing to do because you know
their potential the rumor is is that they're gonna hire five or six mercenary groups that are gonna come down here and
they will beat the goonies in a way that
the rest of the galaxy has not managed to beat the goonies and
My attitude towards it is that essentially if various mercenary groups and eve online have managed to con pro god legend
into taking their already depleted wallet and
Like, you know, they're they still have an SRP some of the Titans from him to write like test is in deep shit
And if they want to get together and hire mercenaries to come jump into our fighter screens here in 1dq
Then great because that's money that's not gonna go to reimbursing
sappy members so
Wonderful. I mean, I think that in a certain perspective as long as we don't you know fall over and go. Oh gosh, you know
Here here's 40 more guys. Here's a hundred more guys. Here's whatever
As long as we don't piss or shit ourselves and freak out over nothing
I think it's awesome that if they're gonna hire mercenaries
That means that they're gonna not be paying to land members SRP with that fucking ask and you know in general beyond that
There's no reason to like single any particular group out, right? Like there's no reason to say
Oh, it's this mercenary group or oh, it's that mercenary group
What about these guys because one of the things we've noticed over the years is that?
Particularly when groups do try to get involved in L sec wars
They do want some spotlight on like they want us to go like ooh, it's it's these guys
Ooh, they're special and different. Let's post about it. You know, they're just more meat that goes into the fucking wood chipper, right?
It's just more
Rex as far as I'm concerned
And also on top of that
It's not a grudge thing
like we're not gonna we're not gonna be like holding a grudge against any of the mercenary groups that take pro gods money because I'm
Confident that we'll be able to beat them
Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm confident that we'll be able to beat with them
And I think it's a very efficient way of taking money out of tests war wallet, right?
So that's good. All right, that is enough questions for now because I've been running in my mouth for almost 50 minutes
I appreciate you all turning up
I just want to say I'm really fucking proud of all of us like we've been doing a fucking fantastic job
Let's keep this up if we keep going with the effort levels that we have been and we take every
Opportunity we can to punch downward and twist the knife on these bitches now that we have them shook. They are shook
It is important that they stay shook keep making them shook. You can smell the fear on these motherfuckers and that's good for us
The system is working. I love it. Keep it up. Let's get back out there and I will see you tonight if I
It's not an if it's a it's a win. I will see you tonight for our badger on adventure
Thanks for coming!