Fireside Chat Transcript 8 Apr 2k23

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All right. Hello there.
How you doing, my friends?
Some of you are tired.
My sleep schedule is not exactly totally healed yet.
One more time to do it.
Feeling cute. My killer keeps throwing Monday.
I saw your PowerPike cleanses. I haven't looked at it yet.
But I loaded it up.
Thank you, Dynex. You are magnumonious, as always.
All right. Kick it off.
A lot of you were there, so I don't need to tell you too much.
We did a fantastic job. A fantastic job yesterday.
Or maybe it was two days ago for some of you.
But yesterday for me.
We really...
That was...
From the planning perspective, from our FCs, from our support,
recon, from our procurement, it was a masterclass.
Like, the thing to think about from that fight
is that we had two fleets.
Two fleets tied behind our back.
And it's an incredibly stupid mechanic from CCP
that you just can't count on the number deposit being what the number says it is.
That the number requires infinitely more DPS.
So we had two Typhoon fleets.
One from us and one from B2 shooting the Keepstar the entire time.
So you look at that BR and you say, "Oh, the numbers are kind of even."
But they weren't. We had two whole fleets pushing it.
And then when you look at how close that flight was as far as ISK,
which wasn't even our goal,
it was fantastic. It was fantastic.
We had a pretty...
As far as these fights go, we had a pretty intricate plan.
You can't really be too finicky,
because tie-dye ruins all plans.
But what I've been saying is that we had a really strong plan.
No plan survives first contact with the enemy.
And the fight didn't go to plan, but it went to intention.
And going to intention is really more than...
It was more than enough.
Our guys did a great job. They did a great job.
I've got reports on the FCs.
And pretty much everyone was happy with their FCs.
I've been hearing lots of good things from people who were in their fleets,
messaging me, messaging others, saying, "Hey, this guy did a great job."
And I was happy to fly with him.
Our whole crew put a lot of planning into this.
And this is not...
As she was about to say, this is not a victory parade.
Not done yet.
And it would be a real egg on our face if something we can control
causes us to lose the hull timer.
If the server crashes and we lose it, that would be on CCP.
But if we lose it because we get arrogant, then it's 100% on us.
So I need everyone here for the hull timer 0800 Monday morning.
If that's a holiday for a lot of you, let's finish this thing off.
If they don't show up in the full force, that's fine.
It will go faster. We'll manage the tie-dye. We'll get it done real quick.
And we'll watch that thing blow up. We'll get everyone on the mail.
Yeah, 0800 EVE time.
If it does, if they do come full force, we'll be prepared for it.
And remember, when that Keepstar dies, every capital on it also dies
because they cannot tether up. They cannot dock.
So that will be a thing that we will be keeping in mind the whole time.
If they want to commit capitals, they're wagering them in open space, essentially.
So I need all you guys there. Let us not ruin this on the last part.
I'm not going to celebrate too much.
I'm going to say kudos to the guys for the good plan.
Kudos to the FC for running that. Kudos to Recon.
I will say that if we blow it up and we succeed with our goals for this deployment,
we will definitely have a victory. I'll give a little speech.
We'll have a party. We'll hang out. It'll be fun.
That's one thing that I really--
That's one thing I think we didn't do as well before.
We let our campaigns end with sort of a whimper.
And I want us to go out with a bang and really tie everything up
with a nice little bow.
So if we're successful at finishing everything we want to do,
then we'll rent the party boat.
Someone messaged me in Mumble. I don't read them while I'm doing the fireside.
Please send a message in Elysium.
That is where we send all of our messages.
Will there be a medal? No, we don't do that.
I mean, if your corp wants to do it, I can't stop them.
Yeah, we're going to have slices of pizza. It'll be a lot of fun.
Kool-Aid, slice of pizza, maybe a clown if you're there, Mifune.
Times for us all.
All right.
That's pretty much it.
I didn't want to talk about--
We have a lot of stuff we'll talk about later.
But I don't want to start any dance parties until we are done.
So I want you all there.
Did I sleep yesterday? I slept twice, poorly.
So I'm going to be up for this thing,
and then I'll get my sleep schedule unfucked, and I'll be happy.
The timer is like 0936 or something.
We will form at 0800.
I will see you there at 0800 on Monday.
A lot of you have the day off, so please be there.
Like I said, if they don't go hard, no problem.
We will make it easy as far as we'll handle the tie-dye,
and we'll make it good if they do. We'll go for it.
All right. If you have any questions, I'll answer a few.
I don't want to stay here for too long. I want to let people get to work.
And we're also doing an evac immediately after this fireside.
We're going to get people who have capitals that are totally out of fighters out,
and we're going to get people who have subs in there out.
Please do not move your capitals. Otherwise, we want capitals to stay in system.
That was a huge advantage for us.
The fact that they could not try to hold the gate and keep us out,
they didn't maintain gate control anyway. We took it over.
But that still doesn't matter.
We want to leave our capitals available and in system.
That was huge for us.
Alan, is it over after X-Ray 7 keep or not or future plans?
I will tell you what I said from the start of this deployment.
We are there to remove Pappy, whatever you want to call them, from Pureblind,
from Fade, from Declan. Those are our goals. That is what we're here to do.
There are still systems under their control. There are still I-Hubs.
The Keepstar is sort of the most visible thing. It's a big deal, but it's not the only thing.
So it does not end. The party's not over when that thing blows up, if we do it correctly.
But that is a huge, it is the last giant thing in those systems.
There are still some forts, some other stuff, and still some I-Hubs that need to be taken down.
But after the keep, that is the last major obstacle.
What is the next step for the Keepstar?
The Sov is not something that we have to take down,
but it's something that we will probably look at doing.
The Keepstar is obviously a much bigger deal.
But like I said, it's not the end of the world if we decide not to do that.
Will we go home afterwards?
It's likely. We'll consult with B2. I want to see what they want to do.
The other option would be for us to move up towards Branch and start hitting that.
We are not far from Branch. There's also some stuff in Veno that we could hit.
So it's definitely an option, and we'll discuss it with them.
It's sort of a future plans thing.
So it's definitely something I'm considering.
There are a lot of juicy targets that are not really heavily defended that would be nice to hit.
Will B2 be reset when we go home?
Yes. They are not blues in the sense that they're part of our coalition.
They are blues in the sense that we're friendly with their leadership.
They're friendly with us, but we want to have people to shoot.
So we will not be leaving them blue permanently.
We moved a lot of capitals in.
Anson, if your capital is in DO6H, we can probably get your carrier into X47 during this timer.
What are Fartcopium levels looking like?
Wonderful question.
Last night I said we won the Keepstar because it's Heart over Fart, and I feel that's very true.
If you look on Reddit right now, they're being mostly quiet, but our guys are taking a victory lap.
It's really enjoyable.
I was saying during our ILLUM meeting before this that it's really nice to be able to deliver a victory
because our guys are having so much fun. You guys are really enjoying it.
Elysium's been on fire. Reddit's been on fire. A lot of good feeling.
So I was saying at ILLUM, we do not want to mess this up.
We do not want to mess this up.
We've done really well so far, and we need everyone to take it very seriously
and not just pat themselves on the back.
So I'm really happy with what's going on.
I think that their morale is going to be lower, but getting people with low morale to come to one fight is not hard.
Getting them to fight a whole war is harder, but getting them to one fight is not hard.
Keisha says, "Head to branch and shake the tree."
That's very possible. Their frat is really huge.
They hold way too much space, and splitting up and hitting them from many directions
would be exceedingly easy for us, and they can't defend at all.
So it's definitely a strong possibility.
"What's the stop number for putting more keeps once we leave Pierpont?"
It's a really good question.
So the keepstarter they put up was because they took the X47i hub.
If you'll see, there's been a little frat copium saying that they only were able to take the keepstarter out
because they did it on a holiday.
And the reason they got the keepstarter up is because they took the space on a Chinese holiday.
So copium knows no limits.
B2--well, they weren't even B2 at the time--was smaller then.
Or maybe they just were, but either way, they were smaller, they were less organized, and they had less experience.
So it was easier for a frat to take the space in the EU time zone.
If they attempt to do it again, we will come up.
We will help them destroy another keepstarter if they drop it.
That will be something we're going to say to B2 leadership.
"Hey, if we leave and they try to come back, then we will hit them.
We will come with you. We're your allies in this. We want to..."
And this is something interesting.
We're seeing the birth of a major coalition, and that hasn't happened for a long time in this game.
And you look at the attitude of these guys,
you compare it to the attitude of the last major coalition to be born,
and you say, "Hey, this is something I want to encourage.
I want these kind of people to be leading coalitions in NullSec and not those kind of people."
So we're going to help them become what they can be.
"Gobbins is absorbing a lot of flak. Do you see any escalation from Horde from this loss?"
That would really not be within his character, so I don't think so.
Yes, they are backing a lot of camps out. That makes sense.
They will have to jump them back in for the fight if they want to.
"Brave are making good allies. You're right, Jamie."
"I got no paps in the Typhoon fleet yesterday."
It was not a papless fleet. I think there must have just been a mistake.
Apologies about that. I don't know that it can be fixed,
but we tried to give out like four for that whole fight, so maybe it was an error. Apologies.
Yes, we have that many people our systems get slowed down to.
You know, I mean, you'll just have to hold in your heart that you accomplished something useful
that will be remembered even if you didn't get the most important thing, pap link.
"Any friction from FAT so far regarding pH?"
Yes, I mean, from both sides. Neither of them are very close allies.
For those of you who have been on sports teams, well, actually, this applies to the workplace too.
You've been in a job where people are like, you know, you work with them, but you don't like them.
And even though you keep it professional, it's still not the greatest environment to be in.
And it's the same thing with sports teams, same thing with your places of business.
When you go from a bad environment to a good environment, it's a huge difference.
Even if everyone is being professional, you just feel it, right?
I've always tried to work at places where people bought into whatever it was we were doing.
I don't like working somewhere where no one cares. That's just not me.
I'm the kind of person who, you know, if I'm doing something, I'm doing it to the best of my ability.
And I know a lot of you are like that too. So the frat-ph relationship is like that.
They are colleagues. They work together. They don't really like each other.
In fact, they don't kind of trust each other. That doesn't mean they're going to stop working together.
But it does mean that, you know, when it comes to heart over fart, heart wins.
Lilith, you can join before downtime and leave. Yes, there are things you can docker pad.
I'd rather have someone there half the time than not at all.
Typhoon doctrine, when, Jeremy? Maybe. We're going to do some doctrine changes.
That's just my philosophy. I like to change doctrines, keep people mixed up.
I'd rather run something that's like 5% less efficient, but is different and interesting.
Just so people have new stuff to do. So we'll be looking at doctrine changes.
Depending on how much longer this war goes on, maybe in the war.
If not, when we come home, we'll do some changes as well.
Just like to keep you guys excited, try new things, and give you a taste of everything we can do.
I've been getting more PowerPoint presentations since I mentioned the ProGodLegend one,
or either the Last Fireside or the one before.
So some of the FCs have taken it hard in sending me presentations on that kind of thing.
But I like that. Support your ideas. That's good for me.
I have one doctrine that was a past one that I was just talking about today, and it does a lot of damage.
I kind of want to do it, but I'm worried it's a pipe of trap.
If you've never been pipe of trapped, you might not know what it is, but it can definitely happen.
Typhoon is a lovely looking ship. It's one of my favorites.
They performed incredibly well. After we get this thing done, when we finish the deployment,
I will talk more about the details of what we did at the Fireside.
At that speech, I'll talk more about what happened at the Keepsote Timer.
Let's finish this job first, and then we'll all pat ourselves on the back.
We'll have Mind1 play if he can do it. We'll take a shot together.
We'll pound some cups on the virtual table when we give kudos and add a voice to the people who worked hard.
We'll have a lot of fun, but the first thing first is getting the job done.
Thank you guys very much. Thank you for coming. I really, really appreciate you.
You guys showed up in a huge way. Please show up in a huge way on Monday.
I will see you there. Monday 0800, Monday 0800, Monday 0800.
I will be there. Please be there if you can. See you then.