Fireside Chat Transcript 8 Jul 2k23

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All right. Hello, hello, hello, hello.
Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi.
Thank you, Apple.
All right, we still have people coming in,
but man, look at this BR. Really good fight.
The Fortizar just loaded and we're still well ahead in the fight,
and they asked their Chinese time zone to stay up real late for the fight,
so we were pretty heavily outnumbered,
and we easily slapped them around on the isk.
They did kill the fort.
It was pretty much always going to die as a hall timer,
so we weren't surprised by that,
but we ended up taking the fight anyway, and we did really good.
We fought them yesterday in Skarkon,
and we put their Skarkon fort into final timer.
Skarkon is in Pachmin.
If you recall, in Pachmin, you cannot anchor any structures,
so if we are able to destroy that, it's just gone forever.
They can't put a new one up,
and we know that's very precious to Goblins,
so it's something we definitely want to hit.
If someone wants to put the timer in the channel, that'd be awesome.
We're going to go there.
I think it's Monday night, if I remember correctly,
but that's something we want everyone to show up to.
So we're going to go for the final timer on that.
We had a fight in Skarkon yesterday, and we slapped them around.
They docked up and waited out their timers and filamented out.
It was a big fight.
Sunday night U.S., Monday morning EVE time.
We'll probably form around 0130, I believe is what we're looking at,
on Sunday night U.S., Monday morning EVE time.
So 0130.
We definitely want max numbers there to blow up that fort.
We also killed, I think, three faxes, and those are irreplaceable.
You cannot get new capitals into Poshvin, so those will never be returned.
Looks like Sniper's got the BR there.
It was a really good fight.
Just to bring you guys back on a little bit of history,
as you might recall, a few months ago, Horde just did Paladins.
They were just a Paladin alliance.
And then we brought in our TFIs, and we smacked the crap out of their Paladins.
We really, like-- 
We made them look foolish.
And then, this might surprise you, Horde started flying TFIs.
And then Horde started coming to our space and dropping on people,
and we started dropping Redeemers on them.
And we did that a bunch of times, very successfully.
And lo and behold, about a month ago, Horde now has a home defense Redeemer doctrine.
So, obviously, this is just in recent memory, like the last few months.
This goes way back.
Horde, you know, like, Gobbins wanted to say "newbies" like we do, or just "bees,"
but he couldn't just copy us and say "bees," so he made up "beans,"
which doesn't even make sense.
So he could say "newbeans" and call Horde "beans" instead of "bees."
They've copied us from day one.
Everything is a copy.
The reason I'm telling you this and giving you the history of it
and showing you how it's happened even the last few months is I'm looking forward
in about, what do you say, a week, ten days, until the Horde Rogue doctrine appears.
It'll be fast, don't worry.
It'll be soon.
Horde will invent-- and by the way, they always say they invented this doctrine.
That's all-- whatever they-- oh, yeah, here's the new game.
Our team, guys, our FC team came up with this brand-new doctrine.
It's Home Defense Redeemers.
Our FC team came up with this brand-new TFI doctrine.
Don't look over there at what the goons are doing.
So I'm waiting for the brand-new Rogue doctrine to come out
in approximately one week to ten days.
If you're ever feeling a little down about your eSpace life,
just remember that you could just be Horde,
just doing what goons did except two years ago.
They've even adopted some of our old toxic culture, and I appreciate that. goons, that's good.
Yeah, Horde is definitely goons at home.
We have goons at home.
So I expect to see the Horde Rogue doctrine fairly soon.
Obviously, you guys are in Rogues, many of you in Rogues,
and you should keep getting into them.
They're a great ship.
Another doctrine update, we are removing Tempests and Apocs
from the TFI fleet.
We've given everyone plenty of time to switch to TFIs,
and we have basically culled many of the original Tempests, Apocs,
and Apoc navies from the last fight.
So there's Genno linking the Tech Fleet doctrine.
So if you lost your Tempest or lost your Apoc,
replace it with a TFI, we are going TFI only,
and we're not going to be SRP-ing Tempests or any of that
any time after today.
I'm sorry, Kachiko, sometimes the doctrine just changes.
You can keep your Apoc navy until we use it again.
Yep, Apoc navies are going. We're going full TFI.
And then obviously if you're not training for Rogues, you should be.
We are using them.
They're very effective, as you've seen in these last few fights.
Very good doctrine.
So they will complement our TFIs and our Le Shaks
as our three battleship doctrines.
So we have Rogues, we have TFIs, Tech Fleet, and we have Le Shaks.
Electric Heat Guns, Super Trains, and whatever our nifty name for TFI is.
Is it worth having our pod for a Rogue?
Yeah, you can get an SM-TAC-703.
That's a shield implant, and you can get a range implant,
which is in the nine slot.
I can't remember the number, the numericals off my head,
but it's pretty easy to get a lot of extra performance
for like $40 million in your pod.
And then make sure that you have a Kieran or a Burst or a Scalpel,
a Logi Frig in your escape bay.
So when you pop, you can help save the fleet as well.
So that's all our doctrine updates, I believe.
Let me grab my agenda here.
Oh, yeah, one more thing about the TFI
is we're considering SRP-ing 1 through 5 amulets.
So that's like the old slave implants.
1 through 5 we've been telling people we're getting them,
and if you do that, you need to have a Tenement Secubus,
which also SRP is your escape pod.
So that's something we'll be doing.
We'll probably be coming up with a formal SRP for that in the next few weeks.
Tenement Secubus, yeah, basically.
What faxes do we need the most?
Whatever one you want to fly.
Generally, Shield or Armor, we take both.
Lift, says Apple Pear, then Lift it will be.
I've got strong opinions on Dreads and Titans,
which we should get.
The other ones are more whatever you want.
I think the only ship that we don't really run at all is the Chimera.
Basically, that's the only ship we're just like, capital ship,
we're just like, nah, we don't need that.
Kohi, you're not going to trigger me with Avatar talk.
I've already talked about that enough.
Have we come to a conclusion on T2 Dreads if they're worth anything?
They're not really worth anything, but we don't really think that.
They're that great.
There are some uses for them.
They're not worthless, but we're not telling guys to train to them.
Train to Faction Dreads.
We always like you to get to Faction Dreads.
What's our Dread preference, guys?
Can I get our Dread preference in here?
Yep, it's Cernitrix, Phoenixes, Phoenix Navy Issues.
And after that, you can do Moros or Revelation, and then Naglfar.
Cernitrix and Phoenixes and Phoenix Navy Issues are definitely our top ones.
Is it worth blinging out rogues and/or running Nirvanas?
Is it worth it in the sense that you'll probably live?
Yeah, sure.
If you want to run Nirvanas, make sure you have a good escape pod,
like I said, that 10-minute execubus.
It's pretty hard if you have the right escape pod to lose your implants.
It can happen, but the chances are much lower than it used to be.
If you have the implants, the likelihood that you live is much higher.
But because of the expense on the Nirvanas, we're not asking people to get the shield implants.
The one you can get is the SM-TAC-703.
That'll give you 3%, and it costs $20 million.
And also, like, the cap--get more cap for the ROC.
Oh, yeah, that's true.
The implants, the more cap you can get, the better.
I think there is a Railgun cap implant, too, actually, if I remember correctly.
There's also a large rail implant. I'd have to look at that.
I need to pull up my PFA, but I don't remember.
In the 9 slot and maybe the 10 slot, I think there might be one in the 10 slot.
I'm not 100% sure on that.
We just ran out of contracts on TFI's Chachaco, but there are more going up if there aren't.
Buy synth mind flood for your ROC. There you go, Sonner.
Okay, so that's pretty much it. We've had a lot of success.
I would say, like, two weeks ago, we got in some brawls, and we didn't trade, like, one-to-one.
We went down a little bit, but we had excellent brawls.
We had good fights, and we were a little bit outnumbered.
And this week, we've done a lot better.
We've been winning pretty much all our fights, and we're expecting over the next week or two to have a lot of action.
So if you guys are interested in getting in some fights, please be around.
Please be watching for timers.
0-1-30 tomorrow, Eve Monday, but U.S. times on Sunday, 0-1-30.
We will be forming up. We have, like, as many of you as there's possible.
That's a really important fort to them.
You can imagine that they're going to show up in big numbers to defend it, so there will be a lot of targets to shoot.
And if you guys show up in big numbers, we will kill it.
Thank you guys for showing up.
That will be all. I'll let you go back to your fleets.
I know we've got a lot of stuff going on, so I'm not going to make this very long today.
Great job out there today, and I will see you next week.