Fireside Chat Transcript 8 Oct 2k22

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Yeah, I had to turn off notifications for people listening to the channel.
The new mumble is, uh, it did a, like a windows pop up with a really annoying ding every time
someone started listening to the channel, which if you guys have not got the new mumble
yet, there's a lot of people listening now.
All right.
We'll give it like one more minute for people to get in.
Then we'll get started.
There you go.
All right, let's go.
What's up guys.
Uh, so, uh, I want to get right into the things.
First thing I want to talk about this week is the beehive.
Um, it is going exceptionally well.
We are one week after launch.
If you do not know, the beehive is our super capital, uh, relaunch for our umbrella.
And, uh, I'm really happy to say that in the first week we have not lost a single member
of the beehive.
So, um, if you like to do home defense, um, if you like to fight our enemies, they are
going to try very hard, uh, come after us.
And, um, uh, so far they have not got anyone, not a single person involved in the beehive.
Um, I'm gonna let Kostya Czech talk about it.
This is very much his baby.
So, um, uh, Kostya, why don't you, uh, give us an update and brag on a little bit?
Hi, Space Friends.
How's it going?
Um, so as Asher mentioned, um, we launched the beehive last Saturday, immediately following
the fighters fireside.
Um, I am exceptionally impressed with how smoothly things are going.
Uh, the individuals who are, have joined beehive, uh, have been doing an excellent job, um,
following the directions and getting saved.
Uh, we've saved a ton of shit, supers, dreads, some carriers, even a marauder.
Um, so I'm very, very happy with that.
Um, we have, however, been losing some capitals who are not members of beehive or not, uh,
actively in comms or following the directions.
So please, please, please, if you want to grab and delve, please, please, please join
the beehive.
The thread has been linked a couple of times.
I'll link it again here in a second.
When I stopped talking, please check it out, join the orcs that are relevant to you.
And if you're not a PVE type person, uh, join the beehive and come drop on dudes with us
in your super facts, dread, Titan, whatever.
It's a lot of fun.
If you've not been able to do this kind of home defense before, it's actually really
It's one of the more fun things in Eve is to actually go out and, uh, in like fight
the people that are trying to drop on our dudes.
So, um, it's a good opportunity to get involved even if you are not a, uh, a person who likes
to go out and crap yourself also for 20 on the fire side, 420 members.
So you know, you can put your weed number in there if you want.
Um, a couple of things I want to mention that I forgot to bring up.
Um, the Alliance did launch a red loop buyback for beacon, which are like the best way to
make Esken also in the year of our Lord 2022.
Uh, so please, if you're looking to get rid of your red loop, check that out.
And also our finance team has asked me to, um, talk about the crab beacon prices in one
Um, obviously we launched a system a week ago and it got goon rushed.
Um, so those beacon prices are quite high.
Uh, I have been told that there are several hundreds of beacons in production.
Um, so you can expect to see those prices come back down in the next week or so, uh,
as well as the tech to fighter market, which, uh, also got goon rushed.
All right, cool.
Thanks for that.
Cause check.
Um, so BI has been going great.
Um, uh, I'm really happy with how it's going.
And you know, it's, it's a great way to make money.
Uh, if you want to get your money instantly, the Alliance red loop buyback program, uh,
is a good way to do it.
And we also helps the Alliance out too.
So it's really a twofer.
Um, all right, next up, I want to throw this out here, uh, next week after the fireside
and immediately after the fireside, there's going to be a, uh, a skirmish commander, a
Thunderdome in a T1 frigates.
That should be pretty fun.
If you're interested in joining next week, uh, that's going to be right after the fireside.
I'll mention it again.
Um, another sort of housekeeping thing is, uh, corpse diplomatic is finishing the recruitment
Um, if you missed it last week, they're looking for people who are interested in becoming
Diplo's, uh, check out that thread.
There's a lot of good info.
I talked about it more last week.
Um, but there's going to be closing up soon.
So if you're thinking about it now is the time.
Um, wait, so that, that thing is two weeks from now.
The, uh, Thunderdome.
All right.
I was told next week.
I got a calendar says two weeks.
All right.
No problem.
Blame sniper Eagle.
Um, and, uh, another housekeeping thing is, uh, tomorrow.
So that's Sunday at 1445.
We will be having a strut up.
I'm linking that there.
Uh, if you can be there tomorrow, 1445, we want good numbers.
It's been a first kind of real strut up for a while.
So, um, we're anticipating a possibly a pretty big fight.
Um, try to get there at 1445 tomorrow, if that's in your time zone.
Um, I've got some, some Sagan squad updates.
Some of them are pretty interesting.
So we have, uh, the parchment SIG, they will be, uh, opening up and, uh, letting like more
people in.
It's something that we have been heard a lot of requests for, um, this week hoard has been
pushing back.
Um, I got to take this call guys.
Uh, can you talk about this or get content unmuted?
Yeah, hang on content.
Let me, all right.
Content you're unmuted.
You're up.
You have to use your normal push to talk.
Hello friends.
Um, so I'm in charge of the parchment SIG.
We have been doing really well the past month.
There's a lot of, um, new content people haven't had access to before, or it has recently pushed
back pretty hard.
Um, they're pretty defensive of what they have going on in parchment.
Uh, the main issue that SIG leadership has identified is that a lot of people aren't
being accepted in a timely manner because demand to get into parchment kind of outstrips
our capacity.
We're trying to avoid the goon rush.
Um, we're launching a new program tomorrow.
UPG proving anybody with a valid application to the parchment SIG will be allowed into
UPG proving, which is essentially just a place to learn about parchment, join some open fleets,
get standings, um, you know, learn from people that have been there for longer.
All it takes is to have an application pending.
Recruiters will be, uh, letting people in.
Um, and then there's a mining opportunities available, uh, right.
That'd be something we're looking into, right?
Mining opportunities galore in parchment as well.
It looks like, um, there's a, it's a pretty good mining out there, like a good way to
make money as well.
So, um, we've got a lot of new ways for you guys to make money.
That has been one of our, our pushes, uh, now that, uh, any kind of war operations are
spinning down for the moment.
So, uh, we have, we've been really hitting this hard and what we're trying to do is we're
trying to, um, um, get, you know, we're trying to keep it so that while you make money, you
can also fight.
I think that's always been something that is important to me.
So we're trying to give you guys opportunities that involve both fighting and making a risk
rather than just doing one or the other.
Um, one thing that we are going to be looking into, so this is sort of future plans and
I'm violating the rules, but we're looking into NPC delve, uh, as a place to focus some
SIG or squad.
Um, and that sort of seemed might be our next big opportunity to both push into, uh, fighting
and making money, uh, and it's sort of something we haven't tapped, but we can look into.
Speaking of SIGs or squads, we have had a, uh, we have had several applications since
I talked about it, um, uh, a little under a month ago.
And we've been talking to those guys.
Um, we should have some news on that hopefully for you next week on the fire side, but there
should be some new SIG and squad ideas along with some of the stuff that you're, we've
already been talking about.
So lots of new opportunities to go out there and have fun and make ISK and enjoy your time
in EVE Online.
Um, one thing that we are focused on in the, uh, in the short to medium term is making,
you know, EVE Online as fun as it can possibly be for you guys.
Um, I think this is a game that many of us really enjoy, but we do worry about the future
and I've seen some signs that there will be actually an uptick.
I'm not ready to talk about those publicly yet, but I think there's actually some good
So, um, I think in the next six months, um, there'll be a couple important moments for
you online where we could see a major uptick in players coming in.
Um, and I want to have us be prepared, offering the best experience to those new players that
we recruit into our Alliance, uh, and our coalition.
Um, and then I think that wraps it up.
Uh, Kosti, did you have anything else you want to talk about with the Beehive?
Uh, no, join the Beehive, lose your capitals for free, don't rat in 1D key.
All right.
Uh, great.
So, um, I'm just going to say it one more time.
We're looking to make your time as enjoyable as possible.
Thank you guys for coming to the fireside.
Uh, we have some pretty exciting announcements, uh, next week, so I hope to see you then.
And, um, I'm going to actually, I'll, I'll give questions.
We haven't done a really long one, so let me do a couple of questions, uh, in Elysium
and I'll answer those now.
Is this still possible to join the Pathfinder SIG?
I believe so, but I don't know.
I think that they're a little, a little on, um, uh, the slow side right now.
Shout out to EU SNS for Karma Fleet straight at the fireside today.
There you go, Alvin.
There's your shout outs.
Um, by the way, every day, or sorry, every meeting guys, I get asked by people, please
promote PI and I just tell them no, and I ended up doing it somehow anyway, like I just
So we always need PI.
Um, I will, I will talk to Merk, uh, Grozerkin, but I don't think he's around right now.
Um, PI, it goes into those crab beacons, for instance, it goes into a lot of stuff we do.
So it is, it is valuable.
Um, I understand it is not the most fun thing to get, but it does have value.
Uh, it is one of those ways that you contribute to the Alliance without being an FC or, or
a paper pusher.
And of course, obviously we are secretly saving up to build the Paladin 10 Keepstar.
You can, uh, message Tudsey about that.
He knows all the details and all the plans.
Um, and that's the person to talk to.
Uh, all right.
Any other questions?
Will we change the logo to the Kirkland brand so we can fly a Kirkland Avatar?
Um, a Kirkland Avatar would be the worst Avatar, which would mean Kirkland would not make it.
Um, the worst, uh, the worst Titan is the Avatar.
If you're looking to get a Titan, please, unless you are just in love with the Avatar
for some reason, do not get, um, do not get an Avatar, get a Leviathan or an Erebus or
a Ragnarok.
All three of those are so much better.
They're so much better than the Avatar.
So buy any of those other three.
Um, if you like the Avatar, then it's fine.
Like it's always like this, even though the Avatar is three fifths of a Titan, it's still
a Titan.
It's really good.
It's a Titan.
The, the, the problem is there are so many of them.
There are so many, uh, Avatars that it ruins the other Avatars, um, because it becomes
really easy to take against them.
And on top of that, their guns suck anyway.
So, um, and they don't have a useful, um, boost.
So really not a good Titan.
That has been my, my weekly Avatar sucks rant.
But I said, if you, if you love it so much, that's the only one you want to get it.
Uh, let me look it through this, all this Avatar propaganda.
Is anything else going on here that I need to address?
Please never follow Erebus again.
I don't want to, I don't want to have to ever read that word again.
Can we form a pure Delve Defense Squad?
That, uh, that is basically what, um, the, uh, the Beehive is.
So join that if you want to do Delve Defense.
What is the Titan order from best to worst?
Um, Leviathan, then a tie between the Rag and the Erebus.
Um, the Rag is probably better as a Titan, but the Erebus is the, has the best boost
by far.
And then, uh, an Avatar at the bend.
Zernitrafits, um, I might have been, I might have dropped the ball and not asked our guys
to do that.
We need to get those up if, uh, if we haven't done that yet.
So I'll, I'll check into that.
What's the right way to run a Crab in a Super?
That is something that the Beehive will show you.
You should go ahead and join that.
What's the best Super?
Um, I don't think there's that big of a difference in Supers.
I mean, there definitely are probably, it's probably the Hell of the Nix, but you know,
the other two have something to recommend them.
Capturing when?
That has not really been on our radar beyond NOX, so probably not in the next month.
We'll, uh, we'll see if we can do something.
Um, it certainly needs to be on our long-term radar, but we are very busy in the leadership
Uh, right now there's been a whole, there's a whole bunch of leadership stuff going on.
So, um, getting that, that training in is probably going to be rough.
I think that's, uh, I think that's about everything.
Okay, guys, thank you so much for coming.
It was enjoyable to chat with you and I will see you next week.
A lot of new stuff for you to do, so get out there and take advantage of the opportunities
we're providing to you.