Fireside Chat Transcript 9 Jan 2k21

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So do you like to actually fish like go out in a lake with a rod?
Uh, it sort of depends like I haven't gone fishing in a in a long ass time, uh, but
Uh, I don't like not like it right imagine be a lot more fun with weed. Uh, the scion goes fishing a lot
All right. So we're gonna we're gonna fuck with puppies guys. We're gonna talk about fish later, uh and trains
Uh, this will be a fish episode of the medicine show for the hobby stuff. Maybe i'll
100 of a translator, but right now I want to fuck with puppies. There are 1100 of you here
1100 of you here on this channel. That's pretty cool. And so I got something for you
well, uh, we have all been
Camping we're going to be talking a lot about the m2 camp. We're going to be talking a lot about 337 hostile titans
That are trapped in m2 and what are the implications of that and more importantly, how do we do it correctly?
One of the first things that the enemy has done is uh,
They have realized that in order to be able to escape the hell camp they are going to need
To work together, which is something that so far trappy has not done a very good job of
I'm going to try to get out of the habit of calling them pasty because they didn't pass
Uh the one time that they probably should have and now they are trappy
So until such time as they are no longer trappy, they will be trappy. So
Uh, let me get this link here
I want to make sure I get this right i'm gonna post this here
You will find a link in elysium it is a link to the trappy discord the new trappy discord
They do not have any esi or anything
Because pandemic horde does not use esi and so they have decided they're they're going to do a consolidated discord for all of trappy
to better enable them to get out and in the
Uh the situation, you know, obviously we need to make sure that we know when they're going to try to get out
And so, uh, we should also be on the discord as well. I think
Uh, we all need to know when the bad guys are trying to do something to him, too
so, please help out the cause by uh, making sure to uh,
Check that out
The black hand sends its regards
And I know that you need permissions to do anything and what have you and now it's just going to be a bunch more work
For the bad guys to figure out who needs to be where
uh, so
Have a little fun with that
Apparently, uh, all that you do is you get to see their pings
So individually you can all start seeing whatever ping they've seen there if they're not doing any chat channels or anything
So congratulations, you now all have a trappy
Relay that you can use personally
You know, that's cool, you know in kingdom of heaven when he has everyone kneel and then says arise a knight, you know
He makes everyone a knight
You had everyone kneel arise a black hand
You are now an agent of the black hand
with your own relay
Welcome to the meta game
All right. So, uh
And oh my god, we've unleashed zanuria in their fucking discord
Excellent your worst scenario work your fucking magic
All right, so, uh, we need to talk about uh, the m2 thing and how we're gonna do this, um
I want people to sort of zoom back here
keep in mind that
And we've been racking our brains for days
We've been trying to get our heads around this thing and because you guys have done a ton of work and got us the intel
uh from just doing uh
a bunch of locator agents and a bunch of kill ward analysis, uh, we have
Come to conclusions that are not just me telling you. Hey guys
They've got 40 percent of their fleet like we can tell you exactly how many titans they have trapped exactly who they are
And in most cases which of our enemies that are trapped are main characters or are alts
And I want you all to keep in mind that in three days. There is going to be the core patch
We're going to be talking about cores a little bit later in the fireside
Because there's some like radio logistic stuff that people who are better qualified than me will be talking about
But the challenge that trappy faces right now is that because uh, particularly on the legacy side
This is less of a thing on the pl and nc.side
um because they are like us and they use alts for supers and titans and stuff
But a lot of the enemy's main characters particularly on the legacy side
Are trapped and having their mains trapped is particularly significant
It doesn't mean that they're not going to be able to handle the core challenge
But it's going to be more difficult if for example
Uh brave newbies might need dunk dinkle to be able to log on and move some stuff around
There's going to be a lot of these directors and other people on their main characters that are trapped in m2
Uh that will need to be able to help out with the logistical and financial challenge
Of the january 12th patch and a lot of those motherfuckers are trapped
That doesn't mean that they're not going to be able to hand out roles or figure out a way around it
It's just that the pain in the ass factor
the uh core problem that these guys are going to face because we killed a bunch of their titans and so their ass broke they're
going to do their shitty little like
bottom grade
Just garbage tier security war bonds
Uh that maybe some people buy some people won't uh, but but it's not just that we have 337
titans trapped
It's that we have 337 titans trapped about 15%
Let's say let's say 10 to 15% of the characters that are trapped are main characters
Which means that those are characters that are not able to go on fleets to fight us
It is characters that are not able to help out with logistics not able to help out with finance not able to help out with
The challenges as long as we are holding them down
These guys finally found real delve and it turns out that through the fucking puppy woodchipper
Once the puppies go through the woodchipper out
The other side of the woodchipper is a fucking bear trap and that is where trappy is now
We're going to fucking keep them there
They are if they want out of this thing. They are going to have to pay a terrible terrible price
Now this is and I want you guys to
Zoom out do the math yourself
337 titans, let's say you ballpark it, you know z kill values 90 billion isk, whatever
But probably sometimes it costs them more to actually source titans compared to us
Whatever the figure you want to put at it
You can do a little bit of napkin math and multiply what you think of the cost of an average pappy titan should be
multiply it by 337 add another 5 trillion or so to take all the super caps and uh super carriers and
Various other shit that they have trapped there
Uh and come up with your own number, but you're going to end up with a figure that's somewhere
north of probably 40 to 45
uh trillion isk trapped in m2
Uh, it turns out that it's way more than 11 t trillion, uh, which was a joke back in the day, but here we are
Uh, we find ourselves in very unusual circumstances here. Uh, we plan to win this war
So far this war has been going in a way that we broadly
Uh foresaw back in july of last year when we first started talking about this that we would gradually grind down the bad guys
To a point that we would bring them to a glorious battle
We would win the glorious battle then we would camp the leftovers and then we would start the process of cleaning up delve and sweeping
up the puppies that broadly has been achieved
the scale of the thing
Is a bit far beyond our best case scenarios to the point that it presents its own challenges and complications, right?
337 titans is a lot of titans to camp which means that we have to handle this thing
Very carefully and with tremendous discipline the enemy has fucked up
Or depending upon your attitude about it. We have murder zone boom so effectively we have owned these guys
so much
uh that
uh, this is
the greatest swing slash blunder slash own zone slash fuck up slash whatever you want to call the m2 situation
There is no precedent for something like this in that. I have been able to find
Uh in competitive online gaming if you guys remember a couple years ago
Progod legend was running around and telling everybody that there was going to be a million dollar battle
Well 45 trillion isk, let's say what a billion is about 100 usd
uh, and on top of that the losses that they suffered in the actual fights at m2
Uh piggles finally got his million dollar battle
It just turns out that million dollars worth of stuff all came out of the fucking trappy side
And the rest of it is fucking trapped under our guns
Yeah, you guys can do the math and figure out however you want. But basically the point is, uh, they are
Comprehensively screwed
And I want to talk about why because I know that there's a lot of screaming on every single
Channel channel that the puppies can get at they're screaming and crying and howling talking about how we're mean and blah blah
They want to blame ccp
They want to say it's the servers
But I want you guys to know
that you
And the command team and everybody that did the work here on the m2 armor
timer the armor timer
Is the reason why we have achieved this incredible victory because for all of the lies of the trappy people saying that the m2 armor
timer was an even thing
Position is everything it was on the m2 timer
That we kicked their asses so hard that they failed to extract from the field before downtime hit and that is why
They have 337 titans trapped. It's not because of ccp. It's not because of the servers
It's not because of all the excuses and all the blaming that they want
They try to say that m2 was an even thing. They try to say that m2 was a wash
We won the position war
Because we owned these motherfuckers
And that is why?
Into armor, no ccp. No server bullshit. No villi fuck up. We owned them
On the armor timer and that is why their shit is trapped
inside the wood chipper
We got the high ground and now we are going to punish them for it
There is a flip side to this guys
This is super important for those of you that were not in the great war that did not get to experience the pr attack hell camp
Uh hell camping is an art unto itself and we will teach you all how to do it
Uh, it is not something we can fuck up though. And the reason I tell you this is that
Basically until these guys get out and we want to make sure it's a long
Time over they get out and we want to make sure that if they do get out they pay a terrible price
a terrible price
These guys have fucked up catastrophically
We have 337 titans of theirs trapped
It's not gonna be a good look if they get them out anytime soon
We're gonna look like a fucking bunch of failures idiots and fuck-ups if these guys get this thing out anytime soon
They have given us the opportunity of a lifetime and it is on us now to not fuck it up
So I know that we're all jacking each other off and back slapping and butt padding and whatever it is
About how great we did and we did great and that's awesome
But we really need to grit our teeth and focus here and not get the hubris because we have 337 titans trapped
And if you think about it, that's almost an uncomfortable number of titans because it means that if we fuck it up really badly
They could lock on 337 times into our faces when we are unprepared and that's a bad look
So we have got to dot our i's and cross our t's this is not anywhere close to over and the fastest way for this
To blow up in our faces and fuck us is to not take the threat that exists in m2 seriously
So we are reconfiguring how we are handling the camp. You've already seen a couple of the moves we've been making
We're going to be talking about some of that now
So the most important thing and normally speaking this would be a thing that we would and
Anything I say involving moving capital ships or super capital ships around anything i'm about to tell you like there's going to be capstorm broadcast
there's going to be
Uh titan level broadcast you guys are going to see like the normal stuff for this
So wait for ops wait for instructions, but basically
We do not need any of our titans to remain in m2, right?
We need those titans to be back in probably I don't know 1dq1 or wherever it is that the broadcasts are going to tell you
to go
uh because
We need to be able to jump into m2 with our dreadnoughts and our titans
So what we're gonna want to do and we're gonna be doing the motions and the arrangements on all of this
Is we are camping into using windrunner ferroxes. They've been working great in terms of keefstar defense and in terms of anti-support
So you've got windrunner ferroxes. Some people are using super trains. That's great, too
faxes and carriers and super carriers and ferroxes and rocks and dictors dictors dictors dictors
All that stays in m2
Titans and dreads we need out of there
We need to move our titans and our dreads out of there
Except for the groups that are doing special team stuff if you're a part of one of the cool kids clubs
You know what i'm talking about?
Uh, but we need to make sure
Sorry tracking ferroxes daca ferroxes, whatever the fuck i'm calling
Basically you you park them on the fucking keefstar. We've used these for our cash fights before
Uh, and they are pretty fucking great
Uh for uh what we're doing here
So the the the hammer the dreads and the titans need to be out of m2 such that we can drop them back into m2
on top of these motherfuckers
And that means after this fireside and once we start getting things moved
We are gonna we're gonna peer pressure you guys like if we see some dumb
Motherfucker ignoring orders and having their titan on the m2 keefstar and trying to camp with it. Uh, we will
Uh yank your fucking chain
Because we cannot afford to fuck this up and it is on us to fuck up
We know where the enemy is. They have a prepared position. We have a position where we can prepare and uh,
I you know, we're not gonna let this opportunity go to waste
We're gonna try as hard as we can to make sure this opportunity does not go to waste
So there are a couple things on top of that
Uh, how do we prevent people reporting kumi's titans in m2 for example, uh, if you are not somebody who should be paying attention to
These things don't run around and try to play space cop
We have an organ like we're if somebody has a titan there that isn't supposed to be there
We will know and we will yell at you
Carriers should be staying in m2 super carrier should be staying in m2
Rocks and pharoxes. We're going to be moving the titans and the dreads out
And it's good we're gonna like ask some questions it's good guys because this is a big complicated shift in the war
There's another big complicated shift in the war. Obviously, we are no longer doing the e3 hell camp
Uh, we are no longer camping the entrance to helms deep. We are camping in two
Because we have m2 helms deep is simply less relevant. Uh, so are gonna be winterizing helms deep basically
It will be there if we need it
Uh, but if you remember correctly in the lord of the rings movies after the helms deep scene where they fight the bad guys off
They do not stay huddled in the fucking fortress. They go out to own bones and that is what we are going to be doing
Uh, and that is our focus
There's gonna be a bunch of questions about jump bridges that I am not qualified to answer but believe me you will be told
by the appropriate people
Somebody is saying it'd be nice to close the trickle down with a more classic gate camp in e3
No, it would not be nice would not be nice
We have I want you guys to fucking get with the program here
Hostile titans trapped
In two bubble camps on a grid we control with a keep star we control with more of our fortizar's going down
Ask yourself what matters more?
Keeping a gate camp on e3
Or holding down
337 fucking hostile passive titans trappy titans because they're not passive anymore. They're fucking trappy. We have them trapped
We're going to keep them there. We're going to do our damnedest to keep them there because fuck these guys
We will never get an opportunity like this again
Now I know that some of you guys are bingo fishing for future plans questions
So i'm seeing some obvious questions that might be future plans involving what are we going to do with t5ci?
What are we going to do with that? Uh, so go ahead and take your free future plans of bingo square
So one of the things let me take a look here at our notes
So what are we expecting in the next bits?
Uh, I want you guys to know that when it comes to camps camps will always get hit at the wrong time
The whole point is that the enemy is going to try to do breakouts when we least expect it
Uh, that is the nature of these things. We will try to get intel as best as we can
Uh, but it is kind of like the era when we saw
Uh, the bad guys dropping keep stars and we asked you guys to you know
Keep eyes on and scream bloody murder in elysium. If you saw the bad guys trying to uh,
Drop a keep star. It's gonna be the same thing here
If there are breakout attempts or anything that looks like a breakout attempt, uh share information in elysium with each other, right?
uh because
Uh, it's on all of us collectively to do our level fucking best to make sure that guys don't get out
Now that doesn't mean that all of our forces are going to be
In m2 as I said, we're going to be moving our titans and our dreadnoughts out because we need those titans and those dreadnoughts
To present a strategic threat, especially because their titans are trapped. We want to keep them there
So we want to keep them held down with our camp
Well, we are able to utilize our titans elsewhere as a threat or just directly
You know waving our dicks in the bad guys faces, whatever we end up deciding to do
Uh, because just like when we took out band of brothers and held them down for a month in
Uh, we we sit on these guys fucking faces and we burn down everything else
They've been doing now
That means that when you see ops going out for things that are not m2
We want you guys going on those ops because we have swept now, uh, the doom clock is down I think to four systems
Uh, we have taken out a tremendous
a tremendous and
obscene a beautiful
Amount of their progress and the time and the effort that the enemy has put into this
All of it is falling apart, but it will only fall apart if we continue to do the work
And this is the biggest challenge
This is the reason why i'm hurfing so many fucking blorps the biggest danger the time that I am most paranoid in eve online
I am at my maximum alert when things are going
Well, because my nightmare which i'm gonna hope is your nightmare as well is to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory
Right now we are winning this thing. We got to play tight
We have the greatest opportunity that we've ever had to turbo fuck
these idiots and
Now it's on us to fuck that up. So please for the love of god in the next few days because here's the thing
This next week or two is the most critical phase of the camp
Holding these guys down initially speaking is the hardest part because they still have will they still have some fight on them
They have not lapsed into that learned helplessness depression
As time goes on our negotiating position gets better
Now why am I saying the negotiation word
I have said a lot of things about uh, this ends in violence not diplomacy
But I also didn't expect to have 337 titans trapped
Now there's a question I can go a couple of different routes we could go fuck them all
No negotiations, no mercy we could do a deal to like let pan fam out
Or we could do something interesting because you know, I kind of I kind of want to camp about 250 titans
That's kind of what i'm thinking
And I also kind of want to see how scared the puppies are and I want to see what the puppies will do
and uh
For some reason i've become very popular recently amongst our our enemies
There are a lot of people that are reaching out to us. So we have to figure out how we are going to handle
All these motherfuckers now. I want to do something that is going to cause as much disruption for the enemies as possible. So
There's going to be one golden ticket
Ticket and they will have to pay a price. It's not going to be faction four desires
Just one one alliance, whichever one pays the highest blood price
Maybe none of them will reach out and test doesn't qualify. By the way test. We've got like 90s. Fuck test
This is for everybody else, right?
Uh, I wouldn't mind unfortunately for these guys. We have so much of their shit trapped
That one golden ticket for not test, uh will probably have to be paid for with I don't know fucking on the keepstar level
Right, like if you these other guys like test has like 90 something titans trapped
The rest of them have like 60 something titans trapped and maybe none of them will reach out to me
But I just think it would be fun to say
We will let one of them out if they pay a sufficient price and we'll do a formal diplomatic deal, but it'll be only one
and it'll be the one that uh
Pays us the highest blood price now
Maybe they'll just all say fuck you and you know
The thing is we have to actually hold the camp guys like this would be really fun
I think it would be hilarious to let one of them out in return for a treaty
And like a whole bunch of shit, maybe some keepstars maybe some faction for desires the good stuff
And then maybe get them all to fight amongst themselves as to how dare you take the deal or whatever
i'm freestyling this because
We've got 337 titans trapped. Nothing like this has ever happened to neve online
But we will not be able to do the whole golden picket prank apple gimmick thing
Uh, unless we hold these motherfuckers there
I think it's probably going to take another couple weeks before they realize how well and truly fucked they are
And then they start negotiating with me
So it's on us to hold these motherfuckers down such that we can waive that golden ticket in the races
And you're welcome. You're welcome to troll them and local about this. Let them know that there is
A path to victory a path to exit with a sufficient blood price for precisely one
Of the hostile alliances that are trapped there
And uh, the reason why there's a few reasons for this it's not just like ha ha prank apple
They have so many titans trapped here that in order to let any of them out
We will have to form up our entire strategic force in case the group that we're trying to let out
Is going to try to fuck us. So essentially what we have to do, uh is go through this big complicated thing
There essentially has got to be a full military mobilization to even let one of these groups out because in case the other ones
Try to get in we need to be able to uh kill them as they try to escape
Uh, if they try to use the uh, somebody else's golden ticket out
So like the actual logistics of letting these guys out are extraordinarily complicated
Uh, which is why we can only do one at a at a practical matter
Like there's just it's too risky for us because we have so many of their shit so much of their shit trapped
It is too risky for us
to even think
About you know, i've been seeing people posting on reddit like let's let pan fam out
Well, we can't let all of pan fam out. We have too many of everybody's titans trapped
It's too much of a risk to us to let an entire block out. So one golden ticket
And in the meantime, we will hold the camp
And see if any of them want to negotiate. Maybe they'll just give me the finger, you know
But I think it'll be fun. We're gonna we're gonna roll with that and see how it goes
But now it's on us to hold the shit down
All righty
I mean dunk is welcome to text me but uh
Keep in mind guys. The uh war in the north was a 40, uh faction for desire deal, uh for us in a treaty to uh,
Say that we're satisfied with the you know, 40 faction for desires or whatever the uh scale
Of how many assets we have trapped here for these 337 titans means that we're talking about. Uh,
It's gonna be a much bigger uh payday than uh, just some faction for desires
And yeah, don't worry we're never gonna deal with test like test is next like we're in this the golden ticket shit does not apply
To test fuck test. I was delighted delighted. Oh my god
So delighted to see that of all the motherfuckers we have trapped in here
All the motherfuckers trapped in m2 number one
Of trappy is test 90 something titans trapped still in m2 number one far and away
And there's one thing I think the entire galaxy can agree upon us and trappy
It's that test blows ass their leadership sucks and then their leadership has helped fuck the entire thing up for the rest of their coalition
Windrunners there you go as you guys can see you guys can see i'm glad you are getting their pings
So you can help make sure they don't do a breakout attempt
I'm sure that they have a brilliant plan there to differentiate members of horde from members of the imperium
Without using esi to prevent us from getting their pings. I mean we already got their pings
But now you guys all get their pings. Uh, welcome to the black hand
It's uh, it's fun
Are we allowed to scam titans and supers out of them by telling them we can extract them but obviously not doing that
Uh, yes, absolutely weapons free on scamming the more of these motherfuckers
You can scam and convince to log on and then get cut down by us the better. Fuck them
We did that that's one of the reasons that we uh, one of the ways we were able to keep ourselves entertained
in uh pr tech was uh scamming idiot puppies and
Uh at one point somebody scammed an entire hostile alliance of puppies like a random unaligned alliance got them to jump to jump
What was at the time in 2009?
Sizable carrier fleet just right cyno'd them right into the bubbles and pr tech and we devoured them
Camps take on a life of their own. They are a lot of fun because you're getting that sort of slot machine intermittent reinforcement of like
Hey, i'm gonna camp. Am I gonna be bored or am I gonna get to like zoot titans today? It's gonna be good
Any update on when war bonds will be handed out casinia are you here to answer any war bond related questions because I don't fucking
You might have to unmute yourself because we're in the fireside channel
Yeah, that involves finding microphone hello everyone, uh, so we are working on that we have to do
Uh a bunch of like auditing and security reviews and make sure there's no nonsense in the bond
But honestly, I expect to be done by the end of the week
Uh, and we will be issuing corporate shares just as soon as we can
So we have a record of everyone
I need to go and through an audit all of the stuff that we've been doing in djs as we've been srp'ing titans
Which has taken the majority of the week, uh, which was really fun. Congratulations
This is like the coolest thing to to get to be part of uh, replacing a three-digit number of titans
And under a week was grand
Uh huge thanks to everyone who invested in our success
Uh, but yeah, we will have shares coming, uh lickety split not within a couple days
But hopefully before the fireside this time next week
All right
Yeah, that has been a huge success and it is a credit to our organization
One of the things that I have learned in the aftermath of m2 because unsurprisingly
The bad guys tend to spring a lot of leaks when we've got our boot on their throat
Everybody wants to lick our asses because they're hoping that we'll let them out
And it's on us to keep our boot on the throat except for whichever one pays the highest blood price
In a decent deal like here's the thing
We're gonna let one of these guys out with a golden ticket
We want to do a fair deal because we don't want to like, you know, treaty of versailles like screw over
The group that we let out we want to come to a fair and reasonable deal
So that they don't end up like hating our guts and wanting for revenge or something
So we're gonna come to something that uh, you guys will get to point to you know
The faction for desire style grid will say hey we got this
And we'll have to do like a fucking warm-up with everybody
It'll let these guys out whoever it is because we have to have everybody on deck to watch them
uh slow out out of the bubbles and kill anybody that is uh
Has not done the deal. Uh, so it's gonna be a whole fucking thing
All right
How could I get involved with keeping bubbles up i'm already seeing holes, uh, so j amazingness
J amazingness himself love to bub is the bubbles are and we are going to be optimizing the bubbles
Uh, we are working on some things involving uh optimal placement
Uh, you are going to see a lot more work going into this camp because again, it's on us to fuck up
Uh, so that is something that we are aware of and it's not something that we're going to be doing
It's something that we are aware of and it's something that we were just having meetings about
But uh, j is the ultimate decision on all things bubble
It is there is a deep
And very satisfying, uh, almost biblical, uh sort of narrative
Loop closing here
Uh, it's like chekhov's gun
Uh, they signaled they remember remember
Trappy started this bubble thing trappy were the ones
That went to ccp and whispered in their ears and asked if they could put a zillion fucking bubbles on a key star grid
And they went and they put
148 or 149 or how many fucking bubbles it was
And surprised us because they got the rules of the game changed behind our back and they didn't announce that to us that was happening
But now we know
It's okay
Thank you trappy for making it obvious and making it well known to everybody that it is perfectly
Okay for us to have tons of fucking bubbles holding them down
And 337 of their titans trapped
It's a lot easier to do that because trappy did the work of getting ccp to change their policy and announce that that we can do
this now
Welcome to delve bitches
What's to stop bad guys from joining the golden ticket alliance to get their stuff out
Our fucking forces and shooting the ones that do
Also the treaty we'll make with the alliance that does get the golden ticket treatment and making sure that that doesn't happen
If we're able to hold the camp all of this the golden ticket thing
All the other jacking ourselves off stuff that we're doing all of it is dependent upon
Relentless focus not taking this victory for granted playing tight
We are ahead but these motherfuckers brought the entire galaxy against us three to one odds
They blew it a hundred and three alliances to find themselves here trapped at our mercy
It is on us
To not fuck this up now
All right
Let me take a look
I gotta make sure there wasn't wasn't anything else in the fire so that it was gonna hurt force about that
I forgot about uh, so I can take some questions here. Uh, there are now
Almost 30. Oh, wow. Okay, 1300 and
1359 people the fireside cool. Um, that's a lot of new black hand agents. I like it
Don't worry about like the stuff about people trying to get out of the treaty
If there even is a treaty we have to get to the point of holding these motherfuckers down and for long enough that one
Of them is willing to purchase
The golden ticket, right if they are not willing to pay the blood price in a treaty to get the golden ticket
Uh, none of that matters. None of that matters
The only thing that matters is holding the fucking camp for long and consistently enough such that we can do the golden ticket gimmick
Uh, and then go from there
You don't need to worry about who is going to get in and who is going to get out
About like if somebody oh a bad guy might infiltrate a titan in there
I understand your concerns, but believe me we're aware and we're watching right?
Uh models train park the miniature wonderland i've actually never been there I would like to visit miniature wonderland, uh, I
Haven't built a model railway. I'm used to calling it a railroad, but i'm doing a british one
So I I haven't built a uh model railroad since college and I figured it would be fun to like as an adult do it
Because you know, it's a long winter here in wisconsin
And the the railway thing is going to be like my reward to myself for uh the end of this war
Uh, so basically on the other side of the war for me is I get to splurge on whatever I want railway wise
uh, which is going to be a
well, I I could go on but
I'll try to keep it to the meta show guys. You guys don't want to be trapped here with me spirited veterans
Uh, I recently just got the uh horse box, uh the new version of uh, one of the 2020 releases, uh
For a horse van from hornby and I got all those imports in uh, just uh within the last three weeks
So i'm good on rolling stock
All right
Cores cores cores are we supposed to talk about cores now?
What's up for hammer
Uh questions are we still accepting more bonds? Uh, no
Uh bonds are done next time that we do war bonds
Uh, you guys suggest that you snap them up and you can you can trade them amongst them yourselves. They are alienable
There's a bunch of complicated stuff that i'm happy that I do not need to understand. We have a fantastic finance team that has
Left us ahead of the rest of the galaxy. We are pretty much the only well capitalized entity currently going into the core patch
Which is fantastic
Yeah, so once we actually issue the
Excuse me in-game corporate shares. The way it works is that the shares are a thing
They're just an eve item you can trade them so you can put them on
S-mart will have a resale thread and what that does is just document the terms of the shares
No one can ever get bullshat about what they're buying. That'll also be in the corp info. You can check it
uh, but that that's supported and we
Expect that the resale market will be hot because hey
We just gave a ton of people these shares and some of them want to be liquid and a lot of people didn't get
Them that wanted or worked around or they're gonna resub in a week because they hear hey things are awesome in delve
Now it's a riot down here come fight and and they want to buy some we'll just have to see but that will be
Available as soon as we actually issue the uh in-game items
So we don't think there's anything that they can do with the existing mechanics like it's just a chair
But the only person in the corp is me and mittens
So there's not like they can't start a vote
There's no way to mess with the share mechanics and in the terms we put the work will happily
Reissue all the shares with a new alt corp like there's no money sitting in the corporation for someone to steal
There's no way for that
We think anyone can do that and we we specifically said the only way to lose your shares
Even if they get sold to a hostile like we'll just keep paying out
It's too much work to deal with but if you fuck with the bond somehow if you manage to find out a way to do that
We will absolutely that will negate your shares
All right
Questions about dtech w I don't really know what to say there. We captured back
We captured back a whole bunch of very important systems
Please do keep going out on regular ops because this war ain't over it ain't anywhere close to over
And one might say that the world will continue for as long as we are able to hold the m2 camp
Even long after everybody else has warmed up. I'll wander it off. They they're really done fucked up here
There are some questions in debate about hitting t5zi and stuff like this. Uh, I I want you guys to know
Just because we're winning doesn't mean that we're suddenly going to start telling you what we're going to hit win
If you see us not hitting t5zi if you see us hitting t5zi if you see us ignoring one constellation in favor of another
We have to play in a very controlled and tight way. Uh, this is not a situation where
You want to just run around and assume that you know, it's gg, right?
The enemy still outnumbers us massively
It just so happens that they outnumbers massively and we have a huge part of their strategic forces trapped
But if they get their shit together and they organize properly and they do a big coordinated kind of thing
These guys are a tremendous threat to us, right?
Uh, it is not anywhere close to over this must be taken incredibly seriously because our enemies are incredibly dangerous
Right. They are very dangerous. We have our gun to the back of their head. We have our boot on their throat
But if we fuck it up
it goes back to uh
Well, I mean, I think we're still gonna be fine. But I just take it seriously. Don't fuck it up. Don't don't no hubris
No fucking hubris
We had a few days of smug
And uh, that's great. And now we're gonna get organized
All right, uh, I think that's gonna be it i'm gonna need to get together and get ready for the meta show the meta show
We're gonna be talking about hobbies and stuff watch for breakout attempts. You guys are now black hand agents. You are all on trappies
shitty little discord
And you're gonna see ops and announcements soon to make sure that we get our titans and our dreads out in an organized way
from m2 out of m2
Carriers, uh, we're gonna be talking about the next phase of the meta show
and uh, we're gonna be talking about the next phase of the meta show
and uh, we're gonna be talking about the next phase of the meta show
and uh, we're gonna be talking about the next phase of the meta show
and uh, we're gonna be talking about the next phase of the meta show
and uh, we're gonna be talking about the next phase of the meta show
and uh, we're gonna be talking about the next phase of the meta show
and uh, we're gonna be talking about the next phase of the meta show