Fireside Chat Transcript 9 Jan 2k22

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Alright boys and girls, we're gonna get started here in a couple minutes. I'm happy to see almost 800 of you all ready to rock.
We have a wild week of EVE Online drama in the best way ahead of us.
We'll be talking about that here in a second when the numbers stabilize.
Alrighty, where do we start?
Where do we start? It has been a wild few days.
Not of my planning or my scheming.
Unfortunately, it's been a wild few days because of this dumb motherfucker, Monto, over on the Serenity of Server who decided that he was gonna come to tranquility and show us how it's done.
So far that has not ended well for him.
Let me stop and begin at the beginning here because events have moved so quickly that there's gonna be people who are gonna be listening to the recording of this fireside that are just tuning in and wondering why the fuck we are so hot to trot
and why there's the whiff of brimstone or grapeshot in the air.
For some reason that is unknown to me, he thought it was gonna be a clever plan and I think that this began when the normal leadership of Army of Mangos was AFK for whatever reason.
Army of Mangos has for years existed and been a sort of D-tier NullSec alliance.
And to be fair to Army of Mangos, the D-tier NullSec alliance is still stronger than say, PraviBloc or stronger than many of the smaller Pappy alliances, right?
So even when we're saying that they're mediocre or they're crap or whatever, they were actually effective enough to hold space and do things.
So there is sort of this gradation of suckage on a continuum amongst our enemies.
Never forget of course that Army of Mangos were Pappys.
But this scenario that we find ourselves in is more because of the PIBC connection on the Serenity server.
So the normal leadership of Army of Mangos is AFK for whatever reason,
Eternity comes calling to finally initiate the blood war that we have been waiting to see happen for months and months and months,
years actually, because that blood war between FRT and AOM was put on hold by both FRT and AOM joining 103 other alliances,
Blue, to become Pappys and come spend a year and a half trying to exterminate us.
We have not forgotten that at all.
So two days ago, I wake up to find out that we own their staging keep star in Artak A as part of a treaty that didn't make any sense to me.
We were going to give them standings until 1700E yesterday, and they were going to move on out.
And it seemed so stupid to me that at first I was just like, "I don't see the angle, I don't get it, I don't understand."
And then a few hours passed, and after some hurfing of blurfs and figuring out what the fuck,
it comes out that there are these firesides or State of the Gunion equivalents from the Serenity Big Boss, this dumb bitch Madton.
I have been told the culturally appropriate insult is to tell him to eat shit, because apparently that's his version of "eat my ass."
He can eat my ass and eat shit, both.
So this dumb motherfucker, I believe, strong-armed Drone Wang, who I believed was the leader of Ranger Regiment,
into an awkward reverse merger into Ranger Regiment, and Montu gave a couple of speeches where he said essentially that they were going to puppet master Ranger Regiment from within.
That they would keep their command structure, that they would still be AOM, that they would still be all PIBC,
and that he had access to the logins for the accounts over there.
It was just a big, complicated, steaming mess of Serenity drama.
Now, this is where I want to talk about Ranger Regiment before we get into some hurfing of blurfs.
There were challenges with Ranger Regiment, but we are not Test Alliance, we are not Pappies.
Even though there were challenges during the war, like, yes, it has come out that they were under sort of a probationary thing,
because during the war there were participation issues, and then after the war we were working with them,
they were very well aware from our developers telling them, like, "Look, you need to get your fleet numbers up, you can't just sit around and do nothing, blah blah blah."
But, and this is a very big but, even in a scenario where we might have been unhappy about certain aspects of their performance during the war,
they were still here. They still actually stuck around. And a lot of them did fight.
And they fought hard, and they fought together with all of us.
So even as we are shitting on Manto, even as we are shitting on, potentially, PIBC for whatever the confusing mess that this is,
I want you to remember that this is the fucking Imperium.
In every scenario, we will always try to do right by our allies. Best possible friend, worst possible enemy.
And so what that means, why I gave them a week of blue standings to get out,
and why I've asked you all to help find good homes for those that are worthy,
is that there are a shitload of entirely worthy, innocent line members in Ranger Regiment.
We will not shit on good people who fought by our side.
So I am happy to see, I am delighted to see, and what I thought originally was going to happen,
before Manto decided to come get his dick chopped off,
was that many of these line members and corporations that were experiencing less than stellar leadership,
either through AOM or through some of the challenges with Ranger Regiment,
that these folks could find good homes with good leaders.
I want to say a bunch of nice things about Gone with Wendy of Dracarys.
Throughout the war, I was incredibly impressed with Dracarys.
They have worked to become an extraordinarily strong Chinese time zone entity,
and I think that a lot of it has to do with Gone with Wendy's leadership.
He takes the business of being an autocrat very seriously.
And so as we see some of these corporations go from Ranger Regiment,
go from Army of Mangos into Dracarys,
know that I have the utmost trust and respect in Gone with Wendy and his leadership.
I have seen him blooded and learning and fighting,
and they fought like motherfuckers,
and they stuck with us through thick and thin over the last two years of nonsense.
And so I want to make sure that everybody here who has nasty things to say
about this dumbass Manto and these motherfuckers and AOM
knows that when it comes to our people, that doesn't cut it.
I expect that there will be sort of a shaking out period.
I do expect that, yes, there are going to be some people who join us
just to try to blue tank and get their shit out,
but I'm really not worried about it.
I think that in the next three months or so,
we will have managed this political and geo-strategic,
what are galacto-strategic position that we're in.
And I think it'll be to the strength and to the good of us and our allies.
I'm very happy with that.
I can't say that I'm happy with some of this other stuff.
I'm more confused, but there are things that are going to make us very happy.
And we're going to get to this whole big announcement thing that I hinted at.
I may take a breath.
So, well, it is actually kind of the precursor to a potential war.
We'll see.
So let's talk about RA and let's talk about the big announcement.
For those of you that haven't been following this drama,
after all of this discussion of Ranger Regiment and Monto and what's happening on Serenity,
yesterday, our treaty expired at 1700 for standings for Armory of Mangos at the Ardhek Aekeapstar.
I went over there and I sent, personally sent 3,277 clones screaming into the void.
And then we yanked all of the modules, all the services, I should say,
and all of the fuel out of the Keepstar.
We did that yesterday in the early afternoon around the time of the Elune meeting.
The reason why I'm telling you specifically when
is because we are going to have a massive fucking mobilization this upcoming weekend.
It's going to be probably between Sunday and Monday, and it may take longer.
This is going to be literally the largest salvage operation in the history of online games.
There has never been a Keepstar that has successfully been abandoned fucked,
and we are going to turn this thing into a fucking loot pinata.
And as far as I can see it, it's going to be like the start of Blade in the blood orgy scene,
because we're going to handle this thing in the same way that we've handled the healing of Mother Delve.
We're going to go there, we're going to lock it down, we're going to blow the fucking Keepstar up,
and then there is going to be a party. A loot party.
A loot party that could possibly last for, depending on how much is in there, more than 24 hours.
No one has ever destroyed a staging Keepstar by abandonment.
So we expect that there is going to be massive server lag.
We expect that there is going to be chaos,
and I expect to have thousands of members of the Imperium involved in this,
because it's basically a big feast, and we are going to consume the strategic strength of AOM
and incorporate it into our own forces. A lot of us are planning this and working on this,
and it's going to be wild.
I need to talk about some of the specifics and what you can expect.
What is abandoning a structure? Why does this matter?
When you remove the fuel from a structure and you do what we've done to it,
it sets off a timer of approximately eight days.
There is some jitter at the end of this, so we cannot tell exactly when it is going to be there.
So sometime Sunday, potentially into Monday, depending upon CCP,
this thing is going to go from low power to abandoned.
We will need to have forces there in advance.
We will need to have people kind of like the M2 camp style, watching it like hawks.
Also because we don't want people who are not allowed out to get out.
It'll be hard for them to get out considering the things that are in there now,
and we've destroyed their clones, but you know what I mean.
I understand that it's been a few months.
I also understand that this is the same organization that camped M2 for two months without ceasing.
So I feel pretty confident in telling you guys that
if it takes between 24 and 36 hours, it is what it is.
I want you to understand if you've ever been on a loot pinata operation before,
we expect at least 3,300 characters worth of loot spew to spew,
and that's just for the people that had their clones there, right?
There could be much more.
We know that there are a certain amount of titans there.
We know that there is a shitload of capitals.
We know that there are citadels there.
So what we are going to do, ladies and gentlemen,
is we are going to dust off the policy that we had during the healing of Mother Delve,
during the Regun Kista, where we went through and we swept all the puppy filth out of our regions,
and we had this thing where it's like if there's a strategic asset,
where it's like there's a cap or a super cap or a titan,
or there's a citadel, basically something that like GSAL wants,
like if there's...
If GSAL tells me that they want us to contract X, Y, and Z to the alliance,
I'm just going to tell you guys to say whatever GSAL wants, right?
But basically what we're going to do,
we're going to nationalize some of the strategic stuff.
We're going to share this bounty, depending on what we get,
and then beyond the level of the super strategic shit,
it's just a fucking party,
because it's going to be too big for us to try to regulate,
and I want you guys to just take their sub caps.
I want you to take their loot.
I want you to enjoy and enjoy the feast.
It's going to be a gigantic fucking party,
and you are all invited to loot everything that you can carry off.
We are going to try to make that looting as easy as possible,
both using town organization.
We are putting Fortizar.
We have at least one Fortizar down.
They're basically setting up a whole supply chain between now and next Sunday
in order to enable us to drink AOM's milkshake.
That is what we are doing here.
We're going to drink their fucking milkshake,
and we're going to have a party while we do it.
No one has ever force abandoned a Keepstar before.
If you are wondering what any of this is,
you may remember that Test was accusing us of,
"We're going to do this to Brave,"
or "Nobody should do deals with us because we might do this kind of thing,"
or what have you.
This is a vulgar display of power.
We have obeyed all of the letters of all of our deals,
and then Manto decided to tell everybody in two consecutive speeches
that they had a plan to fuck us
and expect that we and the Hand did not have agents that speak fluent Mandarin,
even though we have multiple Chinese entities within Gunstorm,
multiple Chinese entities within the Imperium.
This dumb motherfucker decided to make these choices.
So I want to welcome him to tranquility,
to make sure that he has an enjoyable experience on our server,
and we're going to throw a party about it.
A party where all of us will hopefully get fucking ripped.
So we need to work out some of the details, guys,
and this is, again, this opportunity landed in our laps
because of Manto's incompetence and banality,
and so we are taking advantage of the opportunity.
That means that we're going to take some of the things
we've learned from previous Loot Pinata ups,
and we're going to from previous Loot Pinata ups,
and we are going to attempt to scale those up.
There will be mistakes.
There is probably going to be a system
where if you find something really fancy,
like if you're looking through the loot boxes and you find a revenant,
we're probably going to have a thing where we tell you,
you know, report the fancy loot to these four GSOL people,
and they'll make a note of it
because if you find something really, really, really special,
you're not going to want to scream about it on open comms
because we essentially have to extract these assets.
We've got to get them from a field of loot and lag.
We have to get them to our Fortizars,
and we've got to get them out, right,
to do the gigantic sucking sound back to Delve
of all of the strength in these assets.
I want you to understand that in an environment
where a Dreadnought costs what it costs,
an environment where a Titan costs what it costs,
it is far superior, it is always superior,
to take the enemy's strength and add it to your own
than to simply destroy the enemy's strength.
And now Montu has fucked up so badly
that he has given us an extraordinarily
rare strategic opportunity.
I want you guys to remember during the Great Route
when we sent thousands of stunned carp fleeing from Delve
so quickly that it caused a fuel crisis
across the entire galaxy.
I said that was a huge opportunity
to bring all of the galaxy's strength together
and give them a 30% haircut.
And we have still enjoyed the benefits of that to this day.
This is a similar thing.
This is not just, hey guys,
we get a chance to do some drama
and scream and blow up a Keepstar
and get some fun sub caps.
This is an opportunity to take an entity
who was hardcore pappy for a year and a half
and take their carriers and take their Dreadnoughts
and take anything that isn't nailed down
and add it directly to the strength
of the Imperium's fleets.
So it's not just a fun blood orgy.
It's not just a party.
It's for a good cause,
which is taking from the bad guys
and adding it to the strength of the good guys,
not merely destroying what the enemy has,
but adding it to our own
and then using it against other pappies.
Because as we have seen today,
just before this fucking fireside,
which we had to delay because of this,
these fucking pappies are still out there.
I linked an earlier battle report
that didn't have as many goons on it.
We had a later battle report in the ping
that I sent announcing the fireside delay,
but there was 550 fucking pappies.
I saw some reports today that Horde is bluing fire.
Fire, of course, has severance in it.
All of the pappies might be changing their names,
but they are still fucking pappies.
And as we will be demonstrating in our attack A,
there is only one way
which we will respond towards pappies,
which is absolute and utter devastation
whenever and wherever possible.
So we're going to twist the fucking knife.
We are going to take from AOM
and we will use what we take from AOM
against the rest of these fucking pappies.
And we will repeat this process.
If we are able to do this,
the largest salvage operation
in the history of online gaming,
sometime between Sunday and Monday,
depending on when it comes out,
then this will become a format for us.
As I've said, I wanted to become
an awakened empire after the war.
I wanted to become the crisis
and it doesn't get much more crisis
than coming in, locking down a staging keepstar,
force abandoning it,
and then looting everything
they could not evacuate into our fleets
and enriching ourselves through the process.
And yes, this will likely happen
during the DC meetup.
That is unfortunate.
I would suggest that you blame Monto.
This is essentially just how this worked out.
The timing on this is awkward
for people who are going to the DC meet.
I understand that.
This is just how the timers work, right?
It is what it is.
Now we will know and be able to get better estimates
as to how long the operation is going to take
once we get there.
There is a possibility
that I may even call a state of the union
to prepare for this when we get closer to this.
That is how serious this is.
That is how big an opportunity it is.
There has never been a time
where a staging keepstar that had 3277 clones
and at least 19 titans that we knew about
that we could locate,
at least 19 titans are still in that fucking thing.
Who knows?
Who knows what else is in there?
We are going to find out
because we are going to lock that system
the fuck down and annihilate everything
that gets in our way
while we drink their milkshake.
Will we have an opportunity to purchase caps
from GSol at a lower price
than what's in CCB's fucked economy?
Or will they just be strategic reserves?
Or is something still being worked out?
A combination of yeses to all of that.
We don't know what we're going to find.
If there are special case high value things,
we might like,
if we end up looting a Moloch or a Revenant,
we will probably like auction those off
in order to like fund war bond payments
and stuff like that.
We're going to have to see what we get.
It is also possible,
and I want people to understand,
there is a failure scenario here.
There's a failure scenario
of something breaks with a server
or something database-y gets fucky
and the entire system gets lagged to fucking back.
No one has ever done this
to a keepstar on Tranquility before.
So we have to assume that things can and will go wrong.
We have to assume tremendous lag.
I want everybody going into this
understanding that there will be tremendous lag.
And if there isn't, that's great.
We're going to file reinforcement petitions with CZP
to try to get all of the relevant systems,
the reinforcement, the node reinforcement that they need.
But instead of going into this,
hoping for the best,
let's always prepare for the worst,
assume the worst,
plan out the failure scenarios and go accordingly.
So what we find on the field after it pops,
we will take inventory
and we'll figure out what the fuck we're doing
and we will let you know.
But the goal of this is to turn this
into a massive blood orgy party
where all of you get rich at AOM's expense.
And Pancake Wolf, I hope,
ends up actually showered in gifts after this.
Some heroic shit there.
Have I had any communication with fraternity about this?
And if so, how hard are they laughing?
I'm not going to comment on any kind of diplomatic relations
that we are having,
but because like the nature of this FRT AOM thing
was we weren't going to get involved.
We were not going to get involved in this, right?
Like initiative is deploying to Esoteria
to shoot a bunch of people
because there were things happening out there.
And there are still things happening out there,
but kind of like with my policy,
when it comes to getting between Russians fighting Russians,
I don't like to get involved in Russian on Russian conflicts.
And I don't like getting involved
on Chinese on Chinese conflicts either, right?
I just don't believe it's appropriate
to mess around in other people's civil wars.
However, what Monto did was I took it personally.
I'll admit it.
I felt personally disrespected.
I felt, my God, does this guy think
that we're such a bunch of fucking idiots
that we wouldn't notice this D tier metagaming?
And that's what I thought before this dumb ass
spelled out as evil plan,
thinking that we couldn't understand Mandarin, right?
Some D list, like, you know,
even test and Pravi block over here on Tranquility
metagames better than this dumb motherfucker.
So that's how we got involved.
And why am I talking about this
as it relates to a question about FRT?
So there have been options of like,
who camps our tech A and for a while yesterday,
fraternity was camping our tech A
and we actually gave them ACL rights to gun our tech A
to make sure that nobody could escape
while we were asleep, essentially.
As far as I'm concerned, this is, you know,
the FRT AOM thing.
I don't really want, you know,
the Imperium is siding with FRT
or the Imperium is siding with AOM.
Like none of this had anything to do with us.
I wanted to sit back and eat popcorn.
And the explicit idea was if AOM lost that their corpse,
some of them would join the Imperium
and we would sort through the good ones
and say no to the bad ones.
And then that would be that, right?
That's perfectly normal when block wars are won or lost
and an entity disintegrates.
That's normal course of business, right?
But then Montu did this thing and here we are.
So I think FRT is probably happy
that we slit the throats of their hated enemy
and publicly humiliated him.
I don't really think that it's going to be a problem
because my plan on the RA salvage operation
is to throw thousands of fucking Imperium members
at it in an organized fashion
and we will murder anything that gets in our way
or we will lose our spaceships
trying get more spaceships
and then murder whatever gets in our way.
There is no way to do this in a subtle manner.
And so instead of trying to be subtle,
we're just going to go for brute fucking force.
And I think that everybody understands
how this is going to play out.
And if somebody doesn't and they decide
that they want to mess with us, then great.
Question about SIGs and squads being the next step after RA.
The truth is that we were thinking about getting together
for some kind of a potential SIGs and squads
or maybe a Jeff related thing
and having discussions about that
because there are some things that are happening
in the galactic Southeast
that could develop into deployment scenarios.
Those plans have been pushed back by at least one week
because we need to resolve the scenario
with the Artak A keep.
And now the chessboard has been substantially altered,
altered in our favor, which I love.
So it is up to us to secure the bounty of AOM's doom
and consume that strength
at which point we will turn and pivot
and use that against those who oppose us.
What will be happening to the Ranger Regiment structures?
So some of those Ranger Regiment structures
are going to go into,
you know, if a Ranger Regiment corporation
becomes a Dracarys corporation,
those become Dracarys structures, right?
There's only one corporation in Ranger Regiment
that ended up getting a blacklist.
And it's not even a corporation,
it's one individual who is the CEO
that was causing tons of problems during the war.
And that is not reflected on Ranger Regiment as a whole.
That is not reflective on any of this.
It is entirely possible that Drone Wing was meaning very well,
but he is simply a employee of Manto
over on the Serenity server.
And when this dumb motherfucker came over to Tranquility
thinking he could be the big boss,
he fucked everything up for his underlings, essentially.
And that's on him.
And that's why I'm saying, you know,
don't be all blood and fire and anger about Ranger Regiment.
This is about Manto fucking something up.
If Manto had not gotten involved in this,
what we predicted would happen was that Fulcrum,
who is, you know, not very competent,
but Fulcrum had been sort of running things on the AOM side,
we expected that they would lose against FRT,
which they were doing,
and that they would probably break up,
which they were doing,
and that they were going to fold into various entities
across both the Imperium and the wider galaxy, right?
We only wanted maybe 20, 30% of some of these guys.
We'd have to vet them, blah, blah, blah,
depending upon the entity.
But certainly no situation where an extant PIBC command structure
and chain of command would join Ranger Regiment
and just be a plant, a sock puppet, a straw man.
All of the blame for what has happened here
is to be put at the feet of Manto, who can eat shit.
And we will be making him eat shit.
And it's going to be a lot of fun.
Do I expect Pappy to show up like in full force?
God, I hope so.
God, I hope so.
I do expect that if it's a big enough loot plume,
I think that people will turn up
just to sort of see the spectacle or try to fuck with us
if there's a big lag field.
There could be lots of possibilities.
And personally, I want to prepare for overwhelming,
unsubtle, vulgar displays of power and force.
And so that is what we are going to do.
Is there a risk that assets and Ranger Regiment structures
and period basis will meet the same fate
as the Artec AQ*?
No, absolutely not.
We are not going to fuck over Ranger Regiment
as they are going through this highly difficult transition.
Like I've said, I do not hold Drone Wang responsible.
I have some questions about the nature of the structure
between Ranger Regiment and their leadership
and the leadership of PIBC.
But again, whenever there's a scenario
where leadership fucks up, I think that it is bad form.
And it also just leaves a bad taste
and a bad taste in everybody's mouth.
If we are shitty to these guys that even if,
maybe there are some people in Ranger Regiment
that you didn't think did enough
in terms of fighting in the war,
but a lot of them did fight in the war
and they stuck it out, even though it was ugly
and they didn't have to, they could have joined Horde,
they could have joined, they could have gone anywhere.
But even regardless of any of the circumstances,
they were there.
And we were working with them
to improve their fleet numbers, right?
And then Manto woke up one day
and fucked it all up for them.
So I want us to be understanding of that.
I want us to be gentle regarding that.
That doesn't mean that somebody who is,
appears to be a PIBC botter, infiltrator
or something like that
should be rolled out the red carpet for, right?
Like as we are recruiting people,
as we are vetting and understanding
who is who and what is what,
the usual things apply.
I think you can tell from people's kill boards
and just talking to them and using brain cells,
whether somebody was in it for the tribe
and the society and the space empire,
or that they were in it for themselves.
And so that's one of the reasons why I don't mind
groups like AOM breaking up
and then going through the process
of being recruited as corporations or as individuals,
because the way it typically works,
like with what happened when DEDCO broke up,
is the people that are shitheads
are gonna out themselves as shitheads
probably within the first month or so.
And there's this normal sort of three month long
sorting process of,
okay, you have five different corporations
that came up from this one Alliance.
Now they're in three different alliances in the Imperium
and who's cool, who's not.
There's this sorting process
where idiocy is identified and purged
and just the normal course of things.
What was so insane about this was Monto saying openly,
we're gonna keep our same command structure.
I can log into the accounts
of the people leading Ranger Regiment.
Oh, by the way, we've been in charge all this time
and nothing is going to change
'cause we're gonna just join the Imperium this way
after acknowledging that
we weren't accepting new members in the Imperium.
Idiot, idiot, fool.
We're gonna take all of his shit
and rub it in his face forever
until he learns to stay on his fucking server.
Anyway, yes, this Keepstar is an esoteria.
We're talking about a Keepstar in R-TAC-A.
I'm just as confused as you are that it is ours,
but it is the case.
Is this a dinner bell for other people
to show up and eat our lunch?
I hope so.
I hope somebody tries.
I don't think they will,
but if they do, that's great.
I mean, this is a scenario
where we're gonna be spending the next week
laying in supply lines.
Initiative is already deployed nearby.
You guys were out there just a few minutes ago.
The reason this fireside was delayed
was you guys were out there kicking ass within it
and murdering pappies as is good and just.
Any Permahell camp fleet
or we're gonna let only FRT camp.
I got a report earlier that FRT
was not actually on the Keepstar at the moment,
so I would encourage people
that can get out there with Hictors and such
to make sure that it is camped.
I wouldn't say no to a long-term camp there.
I don't think it's necessary for us to do that
for the next eight days,
but I definitely want interested people
to have eyes there to get some Hictors there
and have something going on in that regard.
I thought that FRT would be there nonstop,
but I woke up today and apparently they're not,
so we just need to make sure that there is coverage.
And we are gonna be building up supply lines
and making sure that they're appropriate citadels
and everything along the way to make sure
that we can drink their milkshake appropriately.
Please do bear with us, of course,
because we've never done this before at this scale.
And this is gonna,
we get to do an emergent gameplay, boys and girls.
We're doing an Eve online.
We're doing something that nobody has ever done
at this scale in any video game anywhere.
So please do around, be around for it and turn up for it.
Once we establish the camp, when it gets closer to go time,
like when we're around Saturday, Sunday, Monday,
we're gonna need to keep a permanent watch.
We're gonna need to keep a permanent camp.
We're gonna need to hold control of that system.
And at some point in that jitter time,
there is gonna be a moment
where it goes from low power to abandoned,
at which point we're gonna make sure
that we hear all the blurfs call everybody together,
blow the fucking thing up,
lock the system down, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
And then the reaping will begin.
Will Mind1 be playing for this?
I hope so.
We were making Blade blood orgy jokes about it yesterday.
I don't know if that's gonna be the gimmick
that sticks with it, but absolutely.
Especially considering it's just gonna be a lot of work
going through 3000 plus containers of these guys' shit
and stealing it, liberating it,
whatever the hell you wanna call it.
All right, let me see.
I wanna give some shout outs that are unrelated
to what we're talking about here.
One of the things that has really been awesome
to see is the success of the Locust Fleet organization.
As they have expanded to using not just rock walls,
but using barges and exhumers
and all of the appropriate mining bells and whistles,
we appear to have essentially solved
the how to mine the moon problem at scale.
And so I have a number of shout outs to Donrayo, of course,
to Avid Sensei and to Ragnar for taking the initiative
and really getting out there to lead and grow Locust Fleet.
So our economy does have moon ripping
taking place at scale.
That makes me very happy.
And that's just a really good baseline.
I've also been very happy
with how the Stupid Idiot Fleets have been working out.
And I think everybody's been having fun with those.
So that's awesome.
Are we minting an NFT to memorialize
this momentous occasion?
I saw a tweet the other day that said
that the total population of humans
that had engaged in anything in the NFT shit pile
market was less than 400,000.
And I bet you that half of those
are sock puppets in the first place.
So yeah, as I said in the meta show yesterday,
the state is opposed to NFTs of any kind.
They are a scam.
They are stupid.
And I'm not going to listen to anything
that Hilmar tries to tell me
about why I should care about a fucking NFT.
NFT, this is now perfect for your bingos though.
You can use NFTs in bingo
and make fun of them as much as you want.
Will Monto be banned for admitting account sharing?
I doubt it.
That happened on a speech that a guy on Serenity gave,
and I don't even know if he has a Tranquility account.
We make jokes about how I don't play much EVE Online,
but compared to this guy, I'm fucking Koonmi.
All righty, let me see what else we got.
Can we get Alonze to send this off to mine AOM?
One of the ironies of the Doctor Who stuff
is that my understanding is that the 10th Doctor,
Christopher Eccleston or whatever,
wouldn't have anything to do
with the Doctor Who licensed NFT card game
that the BBC is doing
because he thinks NFTs are shit
and are environmentally damaging
and refuse to have anything to do with the project.
That is a rumor.
I'm not sure because I don't care enough
to actually go source that,
but it sounds about right.
10th is Tenet, so I guess 9th is Eccleston.
Yeah, that guy is such a fucking badass.
Who is taking Mango's space?
Now, that is a very good question.
I want people to understand our policies
when it comes to not taking space we do not need.
This comes up because there are power vacuums
opening up all around us.
There's a power vacuum in Cloud Ring, which is good.
Triumvirate is running for the hills
and we are going to be getting the Jump Ridge network
that we asked for nicely as a result.
They could have just given it to us,
but now they're homeless.
Seems like a common theme.
Cloud Ring is still a floodplain.
Most of the stuff to the east of us here
is definitely a floodplain
and a bunch of Russians want it.
I am not going to get involved in any of that shit
or tell which Russians who wants what space
because we have built tall here in this empire.
I still believe that building tall is the right way to go
and there is currently not much value
in the space in Esoteria.
Now, that doesn't mean that we aren't going to go to war
in that territory,
especially if I keep seeing fleets of like 550
fucking pappy bitches turning up with, you know,
fire and horde potentially bluing each other.
If Elfboy wants to step out here,
I would be delighted to give him the Manto treatment
and I look forward to that
because that bitch still owes me some fudge stripes.
Are we going to keep the eye of terror
through the area though?
I think that in general,
it is wise for us to have a secure
and optimized Jump Ridge network
that allows us to have opportunities in many places.
And there's a distinction between investing in a region
that we think is not worth it
versus having a few places
where we might have Jump Ridges.
Obviously, we're not going to talk about the details
of where, why, or when,
but one of the things that I am extremely happy about
in the post-war rebuilding of Delve
is that as you guys have enjoyed,
we have a far more optimized and sensible bridge network
and that is something that I'm just delighted by
and I don't see a reason to stop doing that.
Okay, I think that is going to be it today, boys and girls.
We have a shitload of work to do.
We have a shitload of work to do.
We have a shitload of work to do.
Make sure that if you can make it,
prepare to clear your schedule sometime in that,
that Saturday into Monday zone,
we will have more details and herf and posts
and possibly even a State of the Union about this.
So stay tuned.
If we are going to State of the Union,
I will probably announce that Thursday, Friday,
but we are going to throw,
potentially, if y'all turn up to get rich at AOM's expense,
we're potentially,
I'm perfectly willing to throw thousands of people at this thing
because you only get an opportunity like this
once every few years
and we're going to fucking maximize that shit.
So thank you for turning up.
Let's get ready.
And hey, if people fuck with us more
and if a pappy fucks with more
and there's turns into a configuration
and a big old conflict, then great.
So I am really, really proud of everyone.
I'm proud of how this has been handled.
I'm proud of how it's playing out.
Please be respectful to anybody who is coming over
from Ranger Regiment or AOM
because that means that they have been vetted
or they are being put through a process of vetting
and just don't be shitty to Ranger Regiment
just because Montu was a shitpack, right?
We have to remove the leadership structure.
We cannot allow PIBC to hijack one of the Imperium's alliances
and just act like that ain't no thing,
but that is not the fault of Ranger Regiment's line members.
Thank you for coming.
And we've got a wild week ahead.
Let's get back out there.