Fireside Chat Transcript 9 May 2k20

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ahead and get started.
Bingo of the day, excellent.
Thank you dude.
So, okay.
So big news, obviously we are deploying the Jeff or GIF or whatever you feel like calling
We are going to be deploying it and announcing exactly what target it's going to be is going
to be next weekend is probably where things kick off.
Obviously we're going to be in a lot of like prep and meetings and figuring things out
during this week and we just got out of a bunch of those planning sessions.
The main thing for you guys to keep in mind is that we know you guys love SACs and we
will be using SACs as one of the main doctrines for this deployment.
And it will, we're looking to make sure that there's fun things to do in each time zone.
We also are going to have a fun little like a skirmish commander doctrine that I think
you guys will get a kick out of.
We're not going to announce that right now because these things are going to have a little
bit of tweaking.
Like we might change the SEC fit a little.
I know that there's very little room in the cargo hold, but we are going to be using SACs
as one of the main doctrines for this, which will kick off next week.
So this should be fun.
Famous last words.
And there is some incipient drama happening across Eve because lots of people are playing
the game because plague.
And yeah, so it's, it's time to start a fight.
That's what we're going to do.
I am not seeing, yeah, it's using typhoons on this deployment.
Right now I can confirm that we are going to be using SAC colleges and beyond that,
wait for further instructions.
There's going to be like posts and broadcasts and fun stuff as we spin this up.
Will Jeff be recruiting for this?
Anybody can join Jeff.
That's sort of like the terror point of it.
Beyond that really, Becca gold just had a meltdown.
We were in the middle of the meeting, which is kind of fun.
So I guess he's like quitting even not running for CSM again.
We're probably going to be mocking him on the meta show.
The meta show today is going to be a fireside style meta show because you know, we're going
to be discussing some of the things that have happened, like the X tech seven fight from
a couple of weeks ago.
But it's going to be like me and brisk and Jay and Billy at shooting the shit.
So we'll probably descend into smack talk and mocking this ridiculous.
I'm not going to throw.
So people have questions.
I mean, that's literally it.
Like we have some, some of the organizations have meetings for after the first, so I'm
doing a quick one today.
We really just have two items.
One Jeff is deploying to like law, law, Mecca.
I have a question.
What's that?
What's that?
Do you think that if you know, Cleveland goblin or a mechanism, like, do you think that's
like a vacuum that these people, there's just has to be one crazy person that has to fill
that vacuum.
It's like the law of conservation of autism or something like that.
There absolutely has to be some crazy unhinged person who, and you know, there's good autism
and there's bad autism.
Obviously we're even online players.
Like we are drawn towards spreadsheets and sort of autistic games, but there is also
the bad autism.
And we see that in a, in dear old America.
Jeff is the a good fleet exploit expeditionary force.
So if you're a newbie, good question.
I'm glad you asked it, dude.
So Jeff is our, Hey, we're not formally deploying the Alliance and the coalition, but we are
totally doing it.
It's like a SIG and a squad but with the full command and control of the Imperium behind
So it's a plausibly deniable, but not really.
But it's basically an excuse for us to go and train new players, people who are interested
in being skirmish commanders.
But one of the things we did on our last Jeff deployment, which was a lot of fun is just
throwing typhoon fleets at everything that moved.
And even if you were a completely new player and you're like, Hey, I really, really liked
See if I can FC, we would be like, here, here's a typhoon, like fight crime, have fun.
And we're going to have something like that lined up for this one too.
So there is going to be like cool, sexy sacrilege doctrine things we're doing, but there's also
going to be a smoke them.
If you got them, you want to learn how to FC.
Here's a bunch of this particular type of ship and just mash it into the bad guys.
And if you lose it, who gives a shit?
So Jeff deployments are a wonderful opportunity for people who are like FC curious to dabble
in being a skirmish commander and see if they enjoy it and not have to worry about people
being mad about them, like losing a fleet in the process, because we are designing these
things, not the sacrilegious, but the other like the skirmish commander line doctrine
we're going to use of this is a smoke them if you got them.
I'm not going to take sides on squads, Kassan, because if I had to take sides at some point,
somebody would ask me to reveal the Delta squad secret, which I will never do.
So it's important to maintain our silence.
Okay, so let's see.
This is one of those things where like Marana wants to go have a meeting and I'm like, okay,
I need to answer questions, but I don't really see too many questions.
Okay, so here's another thing.
We have Vegas in October.
I think that, you know, I should assume that we're still going to do Vegas like October
might as well be a century away as far as the as far as the pandemic crap goes.
But it's so far in the future.
It also means that it's impossible to predict what's going to happen.
I am still assuming that we are doing Vegas.
And if that means that I have to wear like my Mad Max P 100 respirator in order to get
out there by October, I'm just not going to give a shit.
I'm just going to be like, fuck it, which is not healthy and not sensible, but you don't
go to Vegas to be healthy and sensible.
So there you go.
If you're interested in joining Jeff, if you have no idea what Jeff is, or you're just
looking out, thank you, John Hartley for linking that.
I was also highly amused to discover that despite my screaming about communism and Bernie
Sanders on Twitter and stock up that will back a gold considers to me to be alt right.
Which is kind of funny.
To be fair, I did see you turn the frogs gay.
So to be fair.
All right.
Let's see what else we got.
Sorry, guys.
I did a lot of weed last night.
So I had a bit of a weed hangover, which means I'm even sillier than usual.
I got a 3440 by 1440, whatever fancy ultra wide monitor and have been staring at my like,
it's pretty enough to make me like stare at my Titan and one DQ one, which is almost never
happens actually.
But even it's now pretty enough that I'm like, Ooh, because I was playing on these really
shitty ancient monitors.
And I'm like, Oh, wow, this looks really bad ass.
Be very dangerous if I end up like actively playing as opposed to just like metagaming
and politic and constantly.
All righty, let's see.
So yeah, just again, I want to like close the loop on the Vegas stuff.
So as you guys know, hyper Viper has gone through the effort of like securing us a block
of rooms for Vegas before all the pandemic stuff happened.
And Vegas is in October.
And the official policy of the state is that we are going to assume that Vegas is going
to happen and plan accordingly.
So even if that means like road tripping, like if you don't want like, I will probably
road trip to with my girlfriend because it'll be fun to like, go see the mountains and stuff
going from Wisconsin to Vegas.
It'll be like two days.
But you know, you can get there and you don't actually have to be on an airplane to do it
and like driving around is perfectly safe.
You don't have to worry about catching the plague if you stay in your car and are sensible.
So whatevs.
What happens if we get DDoSed while on a Jeff?
Now that is a really good question.
Thank you for asking.
Well, we, the other guys will also be getting DDoSed in the process.
We are pretty used to getting DDoSed and we shoot the bad guys.
That's what we do.
One of the nice things about a Jeff deployment is that because we are creating like skirmish
commander level doctrines that are designed to just be, you know, crunch all you want
and we'll make more.
And the fact that we're rich as shit means that like, oh gee, like we have a fleet out
and maybe we lose it because it gets DDoSed.
Well, we'll be back moments later with another one when things like clear up.
We got DDoSed during X-47.
Like it happens sometimes.
I don't know why it's surprising that I have a girlfriend.
All right.
Let's see what else we got guys.
I think that's going to be about it.
Actually, I think we're in good shape.
So thanks for coming guys.
We are having a quicker fireside this week because there's like meetings and planning
and everybody's got a lot of work.
So make sure you've got sacrilegious ready to go.
We will probably tweak the fit.
There's going to be announcements.
We'll be back in a couple of days.
So thanks for coming guys.
We are having a quicker fireside this week because there's like meetings and planning
and everybody's got a lot of work.
So make sure you've got sacrilegious ready to go.
We will probably tweak the fit.
There's going to be announcements.
Join Jeff if you haven't yet.
And the meta show will start in about 40 minutes.
It's going to be JAmazingness, Villy, myself and Brisk.
And we will be having sort of a casual Saturday where we shoot the shit and probably talk
smack about all that stuff.
Thanks for coming.
And yeah, let's gear up for war guys.
And yeah, let's gear up for war guys.
And yeah, let's gear up for war guys.